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filipiniana clásica
Classic works of literature and Filipiniana in new electronic editions, featuring informative annotations, hyperlinks to additional sources, and introductory essays by renowned experts in the field

Canonical Literature
The most famous and enduring masterpieces of Philippine fiction and non-fiction enriched with new prefatory material and hyperlinks.
Florante at Laura
by Francisco Baltazar, with an introduction by Bienvenido Lumbera

ISBN 978-9710538256 P200 US $3.99
The Social Cancer (Noli Me Tangere)
by José Rizal, translated by Charles Derbyshire

questions whether social change can be best achieved through reform or revolution. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538317 P250 US $4.99
Doctrina Christiana
edited by Edwin Wolf

This defining hallmark of Philippine literature is at once a sweeping metrical romance about two pairs of lovers, one Christian and one Muslim, and an allegory on the condition of the Philippines under Spanish colonial rule. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538232 P150 US $2.99
Urbana at Felisa
by Modesto de Castro, with an introduction by Soledad Reyes

Arguably the most historically significant Philippine novel, this is José Rizal’s critique of social, cultural and religious life in the nineteenth century Philippines, through the story of Crisostomo Ibarra, an idealist reformer returning to his rural hometown after years of studying in Europe. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538539 P250 US $4.99
The Reign of Greed (El Filibusterismo)
by José Rizal, translated by Charles Derbyshire

This first book printed in the Philippines, composed of prayers in Spanish and Tagalog, was published in 1593, and used as a tool by the Spaniards to propagate the Catholic faith. 2010 ISBN 9789719398530 P100 US $1.99

Folklore Collections and Metrical Romances
For centuries, tales of fantastic creatures, heroes, and villains have endured in the country’s popular imagination. Filipinos eagerly adopted the Spanish metrical romance and its European trappings, though always tinged with their own cultural flavor. With the coming of the Americans, scholars gathered folk tales and legends as anthropological studies.

This classic book of morals and feminine conduct gave its lessons in epistolary style through the fictional correspondences between two sisters living separately in the city and the country. 2010

Continuing the stor y of Crisostomo Ibarra, now an embittered crusader named Simoun, this sequel to Noli Me Tangere proffers a darker and bleaker outlook on the political and social situation in the Philippines and


filipiniana clásica
Filipino Popular Tales
collected and annotated by Dean S. Fansler

This touchstone in scholarship on Philippine folklore features variations of familiar fables such as “The Monkey and the Turtle” and lesserknown heroic and humorous tales evoking classics like The Beauty and the Beast and Cint derella. The 82 tales in the anthology are enriched by comparative notes that contextualize Filipino stories within Oriental and Western folkloric traditions. 2010 ISBN 9789710538140 P300 US $5.99
Philippine Folk Tales
collected by Mabel Cook Cole

of a world where gods create humans out of reeds, betel-nuts or skin; the quarrels of animals shape the laws of nature; and men and women entangle with enchantments that usher them to their destiny or their doom. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538157 P300 US $5.99
Philippine Folklore Stories
collected by John Maurice Miller

princes who set out to capture a mysterious bird whose magical song can cure their ailing father. 2010 ISBN 9789710538225 P200 US $3.99
Bernardo Carpio

This collection of sixty-one native myths and legends was gathered by Mabel Cook Cole while spending four years with various tribes of the Philippines. The annotated stories offer a glimpse

This collection of fourteen stories from all over the Philippines showcases tales in poetry and prose, in scales domestic and epic, and with influences both Christian and pagan. 2010 ISBN 9789710538249 P300 US $5.99
Ibong Adarna

This corrido inspired the legend of Bernardo Carpio, a hero with superhuman strength who, according to folk belief, will return to save the country at its hour of greatest need. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538249 P200 US $3.99
Duque Almanzor

One of the oldest and most popular metrical romances in the Philippines narrates the adventures of three

This awit centers on the Moorish Duke Almanzor, who converts into the Christian faith to marry the Christian girl Maria, then nearly loses his bride when he strikes a wager with a villain regarding her chastity. 2010 ISBN 9789710538249 P150 US $2.99


Prinsesa Florentina

The virtuous Florentina triumphs against all odds despite being condemned to death twice, first by her lustful father and then her jealous mother-in-law. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538249 P150 US $2.99
Rogeria at Felizardo

agendas of their time, give Filipinos an invaluable window into their past and remain relevant as objects of study.
Adventures in the Philippines
by Paul de la Gironière

978-9710538324 P300 US $5.99
Travels in the Philippines
by Feodor Jagor

A young woman disguises herself as a male soldier to be with her fugitive lover, then spitefully positions herself as his rival when she learns that he is enamored with another princess. 2010 ISBN 9789710538249 P150 US $2.99

A French naval surgeon wrote this memoir of his twentyyear residency in the Philippines. It has since become a popular work of travel literature and one of the most indispensable resources on nineteenth-century Philippines. 2010 ISBN 9789710538317 P300 US $5.99
Recollections of Manilla and the Philippines
by Robert Macmicking

This chronicle of a German scientist’s travels through the country in 1859 and 1860 has been cited as an instrumental influence in shaping José Rizal’s ideas about the Philippines. 2010 ISBN 9789710538331 P300 US $5.99
Philippine Life in Town and Country
by James A. LeRoy

Travelogues and Memoirs
The earliest accounts of Philippine life and customs came through the eyes of outsiders: adventurers, officials, scientists, teachers, and others. Their accounts, though filtered through the cultural biases and colonial

This sharp and appreciative portrait of Manila shows its burgeoning economic and cultural life in the mid-nineteenth century as seen through the eyes of a British esquire. 2010 ISBN

This travel book, one of the best accounts of the Philippines at the turn of the twentieth century, contains sensitive descriptions and analysis of Philippine ethnography, racial differences, religion, education, culture and development. 2010 ISBN 9789710538249 P300 US $5.99


A Visit to the Philippine Islands
by John Bowring

British Hong Kong Governor John Bowring evaluates the military, ecclesiastical and educational systems of the Philippines, and compares its different races, languages, natural resources and native produce. A account is included of Bowring’s visit to the house of José Rizal’s uncle in Biñan, Laguna. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538881 P300 US $5.99
The Head Hunters of Northern Luzon
by Cornélis de Witt Willcox

chronicles his mission in the Philippines in the early 1900s, lauding what the Americans had accomplished in the islands. 2010 ISBN 9789710538324 P300 US $5.99
A Woman’s Impressions of the Philippines
by Mary Helen Fee

European sojourns, exile, imprisonment, death and the effect of his martyrdom on the fight for Filipino independence. 2010 ISBN 9789710538553 P200 US $3.99

Historical Fiction
Rediscover Philippine history through stories of adventure and conflict woven around critical figures and momentous events of the times, from Magellan’s arrival in the Philippines to the PhilippineAmerican War.
The Woman with a Stone Heart: A Romance of the Philippine War
by Oscar William Coursey

An American military officer chronicles his tour through the mountain provinces of northern Luzon, offering his commentary on the customs and culture of the Ifugao people. 2010 ISBN

This rich travel diary is a firsthand account of the founding days of the American public school system, told from the perspective of an American teacher who shares her insights on Filipino customs and character, and compares these vis-a-vis American cultural, societal and political values. 2010 ISBN 9789710538324 P300 US $5.99
A Woman’s Journey Through the Philippines
by Florence Kimball Russell

978-9710538171 P300 US $5.99
Yesterdays in the Philippines
by Joseph Earle Stevens

An American gives an account of his two-year sojourn in Manila, featuring his impressions of its scenery, climate, manners and customs, concluding with the endorsement that Manila is the new Mecca on the world map. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538324 P300 US $5.99
The Philippines and the Far East
by Homer C. Stuntz

This account follows the journey of a woman who traveled around the Philippines aboard a cable ship, and visited a number of provinces from Dumaguete all the way to Sulu. 2010 ISBN 9789710538324 P300 US $5.99

Marie Sampalit joins the Philippine-American War and plays a pivotal role in the campaigns against Gen. Henry Lawton after she resolves to avenge the death of her fiance, a soldier executed by the Americans. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538324 P200 US $3.99
The Friar’s Daughter: A Story of American Occupation in the Philippines
by Charles Lincoln Phifer

Classic works of Filipiniana paint vivid life portraits of significant figures in Philippine history.
Lineage, Life and Labors of Dr. José Rizal
by Austin C. Craig

A Protestant preacher

This landmark biography of the Philippine national hero highlights his Chinese ancestry, childhood influences,

The events of the Philippine Revolution are rendered in fictional light and told through the stories of Camillo Saguanaldo, the insurrectionist leader; Ambrosia Lonzello, the daughter of a bishop of Manila; and Mrs. Rizal, widow of the Philippine patriot. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538324 P200 US $3.99


Romance and Adventure in Old Manila
by Percy A. Hill, edited by Walter Robb

These historical writings chronicle notable events, individuals and other information concerning Philippine society from the points of view of foreigners.
The Philippine Islands
by John Foreman

An Historical View of the Philippine Islands
by Joaquín Martínez Zuñiga

This 29-stor y collection weaves embellished yet engrossing narratives around historical events including the development of the galleon trade and the establishment of Intramuros and the parian, as well as the lives of historical personages such as the assassinated governorgeneral Fernando Manuel de Bustillo Bustamante Rueda, and Juan de Salcedo, the last conquistador. 2010 ISBN 9789710538904 P250 US $4.99
The Story of Magellan and the Discovery of the Philippines
by Hezekiah Butterworth

This profile of the famed navigator Ferdinand Magellan relates the details of his historic attempt to circumnavigate the world. 2010 ISBN 9789710538324 P300 US $5.99

This encyclopedic account of the history, politics and commerce of the Philippines begins with the arrival of the Spanish colonizers in 1521 and takes particular note of developments in the years since the publication of other seminal works, including the revolution against Spain and subsequent establishment of an American imperialist government. Also notable are the author’s own analyses, such as his assertion that the success of a revolution by native Filipinos is highly dependent on assistance from creoles and foreigners.

Apart from providing detailed accounts of the administrations of several governorgenerals of Manila, this first of two volumes, originally published in Spanish in 1803, traces the Malay origins of the various Filipino languages and gives various insights into the colonizers’ view of Filipinos, notably the perceived indulgence and indolence. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538324 P300 US $5.99
State of the Philippines in 1810
by Tomás de Comyn

The author details the political and economic workings in and of the Philippines under the Spanish administration, frankly assessing the weaknesses in its production and trade mechanisms, and describing the damage caused

filipiniana clásica


by the attacks of Muslim pirates on the colony. So comprehensive was Comyn’s book that for years after its publication, state authorities used it as a guideline in creating and modifying administrative policies. 2010 ISBN 9789710538898 P350 US $6.99
Medicinal Plants of the Philippines
by Trinidad Pardo de Tavera

Published in 1892, this pioneering scientific work is a veritable encyclopedia of the types and uses of medicinal plants in the Philippines. Pardo de Tavera’s meticulous research and documentation make this a fascinating look at the medicinal practices of our ancestors, as well as a valuable resource for botanical study, with description of over 150 native plant species. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538324 P300 US $5.99

provide the English-speaking world with information about the United States’ new colony. The resulting compendium— comprised of more than 1,400 government documents, letters, manuscripts and archival material—is a striking example of history “told from above.” Hounded by controversy from its inception and the subject of an exhaustive re-appraisal by contemporary scholars critical of its canonical status, the scope of The Philippine Islands still remains s unmatched. However, it is also a significant example of how the history of the Philippines under Spain was selectively filtered to advance the cause of American colonial propaganda. 2010 P400 (per volume) US $7.99 (per volume) Vol.1 Magellan’s Voyage and the Treaty of Tordesillas ISBN 978-9710538164 Vol.2 Expeditions of Loaisa, Saavedra, Villalobos and Legazpi Vol.3 Legazpi’s Death and the Founding of Manila ISBN 978-9710538362 Vol.4 Founding of the Monasteries ISBN 978-9710538379 Vol.5 Loarca’s Relacion and the Founding of the Audiencia ISBN 978-9710181223 Vol.6 The Kingdom of the China and the Philippines ISBN 978-9710181230

Vol.7 Native Conspiracy and Tribute Collection ISBN 978-9710181247 Vol.8 Fortification of Manila and Early Relations with Japan ISBN 978-9710181254 Vol.9 Expedition to Cambodia and Pacification of Mindanao ISBN 978-9710181261 Vo l . 1 0 R e c o m m e n d a tions for Reform ISBN 978-9710181278 Vol.11 Oliver van Noordt’s Attack on Luzon ISBN 978-9710181285 Vol.12 Sangley Insurrection and Chirino’s Relacion ISBN 978-9710181292 Vol.13 Chirino’s Relacion Concluded ISBN 978-9710181308 Vol.14 Terrenate Expedition and Missionary Passage ISBN 978-9710181315 Vol.15 Morga’s Sucesos de Las Islas Filipinas ISBN 978-9710181322 Vol.16 Conquista de las ISBN Islas Malucas 978-9710181339 Vol.17 Foundation of the College of Santo Tomas ISBN 978-9710181346 Vol.18 Shipbuilding and Trade ISBN 978-9710181353 Vol.19 Compulsory Service

and De los Rios Coronel’s Memoria y Relacion ISBN 978-9710181360 Vol.20 Expedition to the Mines of the Igorrotes ISBN 978-9710181377 Vol.21 Early Recollect Missions ISBN 978-9710181384 Vol.22 Royal Festivities and Laws on the Sangleys ISBN 978-9710181391 Vol.23 De Medina’s History of the Augustinian Order ISBN 978-9710181407 Vol.24 De Medina’s History of the Augustinian Order Concluded ISBN 978-9710181414 Vol.25 Portuguese Trade and the Extension of Encomiendas ISBN 978-9710181421 Vol.26 First Year of Corcuera’s Governsorship ISBN 978-9710181438 Vo l . 2 7 Co rc u e ra’s Co n quest of Mindanao ISBN 978-9710181445 Vol.28 Relig ious Conditions in the Islands ISBN 978-9710181452 Vol.29 Victories Against the Moros ISBN 978-9710181469 Vol.30 Commerce with Mexico and Historia de la Provincia del Sancto Rosario ISBN 978-9710181476

Blair and Robertson’s The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898
by Emma Helen Blair and James Robertson, with an introduction by Gloria Cano

The 55-volume set of The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 is one of the largest collections of primary sources on the history of the Philippines under Spanish colonial rule. Compiled, translated, edited and annotated by Emma Helen Blair and James Robertson under the commission of the American colonial government, the collection was first printed in 1909 to


nobelang tagalog
These rare and littlestudied works by the country’s foremost fictionists of the early twentieth century onward give us a window into the lives, hopes, dreams, and hardships of Filipinos in the American colonial era

by Pedro Paterno

The first novel written by a y Filipino, Ninay features native rituals and traditions especially by using the pasiyam, or nine-day novena for the dead, as a framework for its narrative about the lovers Ninay, Carlos, Loleng and Berto. 2010 ISBN 9789710538300 P300 US $5.99
Ang Magmamani
by Teofilo Sauco

of her dreams fall in love with her. 2010 ISBN 9789710538287 P300 US $5.99
Ang Singsing ng Dalagang Marmol
by Isabelo de los Reyes

novel controversially asserts the colonial prejudice that education is not for the indigent Filipino. 2010 ISBN 9789710538591 P300 US $5.99
Luha ng Babae
by Mamerto Hilario

One of the first historical novels written in the twentieth century, this tells the story of a colonel and his lover, who are torn apart by the Filipino-American War. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538188 P300 US $5.99
Maring: Dangal at Lakas
by Aurelio Tolentino

This novel follows the boundless sorrows and sacrifices a young woman goes through in the name of her first and only love, a womanizer and a gambler. 2010 ISBN 9789710538607 P300 US $5.99
Mga Anak-Bukid
by Rosauro Almario

This popular novel from the 1930s is about two women who, unaware that they are mother and daughter, fall in love with the same man. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538348 P300 US $5.99
Ang Mestisa: Unang Bahagi at Ikalawang Bahagi
by Engracio Valmonte

Featuring one of the exemplary heroines of Philippine literature, this novel, first published in 1908, is the story of a strong-willed woman who finds love, loses it, then finds it again. 2010 ISBN 9789710538355 P300 US $5.99
Si Tandang Bacio Macunat
by Miguel Lucio y Bustamante

This is a story of how those raised in the American pensionado system undermine traditional Filipino mores and values and antagonize those who uphold them. 2010 ISBN 9789710538300 P300 US $5.99
Hiwaga ng Puso
by Carlos Ronquillo

This novel in two parts is a story of a self-centered and love-stricken mestiza’s endeavors to make the man

Written by a Spanish friar, this

T h i s s t o r y t e l l s o f o rphaned colegiala Concepcion Reyes’s life, love and


hardships—particularly the abuses perpetrated by her confessor, Padre Blas—all set against the backdrop of the Philippine Revolution. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538706 P300 US $5.99
Ang Tala sa Panghulo
by Patricio Mariano

Busabos ng Palad
by Faustino Aguilar

A young girl with a golden heart who is forced into prostitution, but is rescued by her former sweetheart and given another chance at love. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538591 P300 US $5.99
Nangalunod sa Katihan
by Faustino Aguilar

different marriages. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538300 P300 US $5.99
by Faustino Aguilar

Berta, a simple, hardworking country lass, meets Luciano, a painter from the city, in a fortunate accident which ushers her down the road to meeting her fortune and discovering her past. 2010 ISBN 9789710538669 P300 US $5.99
Sa Ngalan ng Diyos
by Faustino Aguilar

The injustices suffered by the lovers Pedro and Luisa at the hands of the greedy landlord Don Hasinto form the plot of this engaging story of love, revenge, class conflict, oppression and hope. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538677 P300 US $5.99
Nena at Neneng
by Valerio Hernandez-Peña

This pioneering work of social realism set in early twentieth-century Manila recounts how a labor leader’s life is derailed by the exploitations of the mestizo class. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538683 P300 US $5.99
Miminsan Akong Umibig
by Valeriano Hernandez Peña

nobelang tagalog

This controversial novel published in 1911 depicts how greedy and manipulative priests take advantage of the naïve piety of a wealthy young heiress. 2010 ISBN 9789710538621 P300 US $5.99

This novel, the first to be published in the Tagalog language, set the standard for the didactic tradition in Tagalog novels. It recounts the lives of two childhood friends who find themselves in drastically

Also titled Kasaysayan ng Mag-inang Mahirap, this classic narrates the fortunes of a young woman as she tries to find happiness in love and relationships amidst the hardships of her and her mother’s impoverished life. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538621 P300 US $5.99
Hatol ng Panahon
by Valeriano Hernandez-Peña

Sequel to Miminsan Akong

Umibig, this didactic novel pits the struggles of an impoverished factory worker against the crimes of her selfish employer. 2010 ISBN 9789710538652 P300 US $5.99
Andrea Liwaswas
by Roman Reyes

Bulaklak ng Kalumpang
by Roman Reyes

Condemning the Westernization of the Filipino woman, this novel details the repercussions faced by Andrea Liwaswas after she renounces the traditional Filipino values of love, marriage and friendship. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538300 P300 US $5.99
Ang Mga Anak Dalita
by Patricio Mariano

This is the first novel in a trilogy following the lives of Geleng, Yeyeng, Serafin, Ismael, Tale and Bindoy, who are all bound to each other by love, secrets, poverty and deception. This first book introduces Geleng, a woman with the combined qualities of Maria Clara, Urbana, Felisa and Ninay, and her stormy relationship with her mother, Sanang. 2010 ISBN 9789710538300 P300 US $5.99
Wakas ng Pagtitiis
by Roman Reyes

The last installment in Roman Reyes’s trilogy, this novel shifts settings from the barrio to the city as it turns to the story of Ismael and Geleng. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538713 P300 US $5.99
Huag Acong Salingin Nino Man (Noli Me Tangere)
by José Rizal, translated by Pascual Poblete

Written by famous pundit and Tagalog journalist Patricio Mariano, this novel in poem form is set against the industrial upheaval in early twentieth-century Manila. It deals with the struggles of the oppressed working class. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538638 P300 US $5.99

The sequel to Reyes’s Bulaklak ng Kalumpang chronicles g the relationship of Serafin and Yeyeng, which is complicated when Serafin is arrested for dodging military duty then deployed to fight in Jolo. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538690 P300 US $5.99
Hinagpis at Ligaya
by Roman Reyes

This is the first Tagalog translation of José Rizal’s masterful and influential critique of the social, cultural and religious life in the nineteenth century Philippines. 2010 ISBN 9789710538300 P200 US $3.99
El Filibusterismo
by José Rizal, translated by Patricio Mariano

The second installment of Jose Rizal’s masterwork, originally written in Spanish, is rendered in its earliest Tagalog translation. 2010 ISBN 9789710538300 P200 US $3.99


arte filipino
The biographical and analytical essays that make up Vibal Foundation’s stunning art book series, now available in convenient electronic format. Written by top scholars and critics in their fields, these are brought to life with drawings, paintings, photographs and other evocative visuals

From The Life and Art of Botong Francisco
Botong Francisco: A Short Life
by D.M. Reyes

This short narration of the life and work of Carlos “Botong” Francisco is situated in the context of his family, friends, colleagues and other people around him. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538386 P200 US $3.99
Botong, Edades, and Ocampo: The Triumvirate of Modern Philippine Art
by Alice G. Guillermo

“Botong” Francisco’s art explores the discourse of the urban vs. the rural, studying his work in the context of his hometown, Angono. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538416 P200 US $3.99

oeuvre as arguments in favor of the legitimacy of komiks as s an art form. 2010 ISBN 9789710538430 P200 US $3.99
Francisco Coching and Tagalog Novels
by Soledad S. Reyes

From The Life and Art of Francisco Coching
Francisco Coching: A Short Life
by D.M. Reyes

The collaborations of Victorio Edades, Carlos “Botong” Francisco and Galo Ocampo—their backgrounds, their coming together, and the implications of their joint work on Philippine modern art and their future individual projects—are accounted here in full detail. 2010 ISBN 9789710538393 P200 US $3.99
Philippine History in the Murals of Botong Francisco
by Roberto G. Paulino

Francisco Coching’s life is explored here in several short episodes, including anecdotes of his upbringing and how Coching found inspiration for his work in artists and writers around him, and even in events in his own life. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538423 P200 US $3.99
The Visual Art of Francisco Coching
by Alice G. Guillermo

This essay argues that Francisco Coching’s body of work is not merely “low art”, as the komiks genre is commonly perceived by the academe, but rather draws from the larger tradition of the Filipino novel. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538447 P200 US $3.99
Filming the Komiks of Francisco Coching
bu Justino Dormiendo

This overview of the work of Francisco Coching highlights the themes, styles, social commentary and sense of nationalism asserted in his

The many komiks written and s illustrated by Francisco Coching and adapted into film are recounted here, situated within the events that occurred in the film industry at the time, while discussing how Coching applied his narrative and visual techniques to cinema. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538454 P200 US $3.99

This essay discusses the individual hero as the focal point of Botong Francisco’s historical murals, and his contribution to the creation of a malecentric view of history. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538409 P200 US $3.99
Botong in Angono: Hometown as Subversion
by Ino M. Manalo

This reading into Carlos


academica filipina
Enhanced digital versions of Vibal Foundation’s thought-provoking line of critical anthologies and academic books, as well as other pioneering scholarly works never before released in electronic format, each annotated with hyperlinks to relevant sources and areas of further study

Sanghiyang sa Mundo ng Internet
by Rhoderick Nuncio

Our experience of the Internet in both the “real” and “virtual” arena is explored in this book as a site for cultural and ideological exchange. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538201 P400 US $7.99
Mabathalang Pag-aaral: Ang Pagteteolohiya ng Pilipino
by José de Mesa

translations, and selected for their quality and literary significance as well as their unique and distinctive Bikol identity. 2010 ISBN 9789710538263 P400 US $7.99
Filipino Religious Consciousness
by Sylvia Palugod

This book is an exploration of how Filipinos experience God in a manner unique and distinct from Westernized theological influences, and how they relate these experiences to their everyday lives. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538218 P400 US $7.99
Maharang, Mahamis na Literatura sa mga Tataramon na Bikol
by Paz Verdades-Santos

Through this book, we obtain a glimpse of the Filipino’s spiritual mindset and conception of God, the cosmos, this life and the next. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538195 P400 US $7.99

From More Pinay Than We Admit
Moro Women During the Colonial Period
by Carmen Abubakar

Some of the finest literature in Bikolano is sampled here, accompanied with English

This essay sheds light on the status, life and cultural folkways of the Moro woman during the Spanish colonial period, refuting the common notion that the Moro woman was secluded and oppressed. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99


academica filipina

Filipino Women and Political Engagement
by Belinda Aquino

Working Women in Nineteenth-Century Manila
by Maria Luisa Camagay

Filipina Artists in the Fine Arts
by Flaudette May V. Datuin

The author traces the history of the Filipina’s attempts to assert her place in the Philippine political and social spheres. 2010 ISBN 9789710538737 P200 US $3.99
Women of Ilocos in the Revolutionary Era
by Digna Balangue Apilado

The various entrepreneurial endeavors of Filipinas in nineteenth-century Manila prove that they were active and enterprising participants in the urban economy. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538775 P200 US $3.99
Roots of Feminist Thought in the Philippines
by Lilia Quindoza-Santiago

The development of the woman’s role and image in the history of Philippine art, from muse to creator, model to artmaker, is described here. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538812 P200 US $3.99
Female Work Representation in Contemporary Films
by Rolando Tolentino

This history fills in the gaps of the Philippine Revolution by featuring Filipinas as actors, fighters and decision-makers during this critical period. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538744 P200 US $3.99
Salud Algabre, Revolutionary
by Thelma B. Kintanar and Carina C. David with an interview by Isagani R. Medina

This essay explains the importance of thriving feminist thought in a continuously patriarchal Filipino society. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538782 P200 US $3.99
Avoiding Conception in the Nineteenth Century
by Maria Luisa Camagay

This essay shows the changes in the portrayal of female overseas workers in Filipino films from the 1980s to the 2000s. 2010 ISBN 9789710538829 P200 US $3.99
Filipino Women Writing in English
by Edna Zapanta-Manlapaz

The life of the freedom fighter Salud Algabre, the only female member of the Sakdal peasant rebel movement against the American colonial government in the 1930s, is recounted for the first time through personal interviews and reminiscences. 2010 ISBN 9789710538751 P200 US $3.99
The Last Hacendera: Doña Teresa de la Paz
by Luciano P.R. Santiago

This essay describes the means by which women in the nineteenth-century Philippines expressed their sexuality despite restrictive colonial standards and prescriptions. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538799 P200 US $3.99
The Filipina in the Japanese Male Gaze
by Johanna O. Zulueta

The author discusses the radical change of focus in women’s writings, from traditional and conservative topics to liberal and erotic themes in contemporary times. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538836 P200 US $3.99
The Querida in Cebuano Fiction
by Hope Sabanpan-Yu

This chronicle of the life of prominent hacendera Doña Teresa de la Paz shows the persistence of Filipino elites in the Spanish and Americansponsored Philippine society. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538768 P200 US $3.99

This exploration of the sexualization and racialization of women from third world countries focuses on the figure of the Filipina japayuki working in patriarchal Japanese society. 2010 ISBN 9789710538805 P200 US $3.99

The author discusses the evolution of the image and concept of the querida or mistress a through different historical periods of the Philippines. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538843 P200 US $3.99
The Wild Woman in Philippine Novels
by Leonora M. Fajutagana


This discussion contextualizes the emergence of the wild woman archetype in contemporary Philippine novels and its evolution from the traditional archetypes of Maria Clara and the Mater Dolorosa. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538850 P200 US $3.99
The Value of Recogimiento in Urbana and Feliza
by Marya Svetlana Camacho

The Transformation of Islamic Manila
by Julkipli M. Wadi

The life and legacy of Rajah Sulayman as a statesman, freedom fighter and martyr in the face of the Spanish conquest of Manila is examined here in depth. 2010 ISBN 9789710538720 P200 US $3.99
The Filipinization of Christianity
by Fernando N. Zialcita

The author interprets the concept of recogimiento in Urbana at Felisa and how it influenced models of feminine virtue in the Philippines. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538867 P200 US $3.99
Making Women Visible in History
by Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo

This examination of indigenous beliefs and practices shows how their interaction with Christianity transformed both belief systems and molded Philippine society. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99
Filipinos Soldiers During the Dutch Wars
by José Eugenio Borao Mateo

This analysis shows the methodologies and perspectives in women’s studies that can be utilized to successfully highlight the woman in history. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538874 P200 US $3.99

From More Hispanic Than We Admit
Iberian-Asian Relations Before Magellan
by Isaac Donoso Jiménez

The alliances formed between Spanish and Filipino military throughout Philippine colonial history are explored in this essay, especially the progressive enlistment of Filipino soldiers in the Spanish army during the Dutch Wars. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99
Baroque and Revolt in Bohol
by Regalado Trota José

The migration of the Iberians from Al-Andalus to the Far East and the present-day Philippine archipelago predates the journey of Ferdinand Magellan. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99

This essay discusses the ardent religiosity of Boholanos as manifested in local Baroque art, alongside the province’s history of anti-colonialist struggle. 2010 ISBN 9789710538720 P200 US $3.99


Women’s Education in Spanish Colonial Philippines
by Marya Svetlana T. Camacho

The evolution of indigenous female roles and values are examined in the light of the Spanish Catholic feminine ideal that was institutionally introduced during the colonial period. 2010 ISBN 9789710538720 P200 US $3.99
Governmentality and Colonial Meaning
by Julián Go

Wenceslao Retana’s stature and emergence as one of the most consummate researchers on Philippine history and culture is explored in this work. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99
“Malayness” and Civilizational Discourse
by Resil B. Mojares

those who have excelled in and continue this tradition. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99
Asia and the West: A Universal Perspective
by Pedro Aullón de Haro

This essay analyzes the condition of government and politics in the Philippines during the late nineteenth-century. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99
Mexican Money in the Philippines
by Celestina P. Boncan

This analysis focuses on the discourses that emerged during the Spanish colonial era dealing with the Malay identity and hybrid, multiracial character of the Filipinos. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99
Hispanic Strains in Philippine Modern Art
by Reuben R. Cañete

The relationship between east (Asia) and west (Europe and America) is discussed in terms of the global future and ideals of universality. 2010 ISBN 978-9710181162

The author traces the development of the Philippine peso and the role of Mexican currency in establishing the Philippine monetary unit. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P200 US $3.99
Rizal and the Writing of Philippine History
by Ambeth R. Ocampo

This essay examines the considerable Spanish influences present in contemporary Philippine artistic style and technique. 2010 ISBN 9789710538720 P200 US $3.99
The Battle of Hegemony in Tagalog Cinema
by Nick Deocampo

This exploration of Rizal’s views on Philippine history centers around his attempt to write about the country’s roots and culture through the eyes of a native. 2010 ISBN 9789710538720 P200 US $3.99
Retana Revisited: A Historical Assessment
by Gloria Cano

Hispanic culture had lasting effects on the style of Tagalog cinema, as seen in the clash among Hispanic, American and rising Filipino national hegemonies on the silver screen. 2010 ISBN 9789710538720 P200 US $3.99
Contemporary HispanoPhilippine Literature
by Andrea Gallo

The long history of Filipinos writing in Spanish is discussed, with a description of

Fresh, quirky and unique fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, served up with a modern twist by writers both new and experienced

Touched by an Angel
by Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

Based on the blog of the same name, Touched by an Angel chronicles Noemi Lardizabal-Dado’s journey from the deepest grief at the accidental drowning of her six-year-old son towards acceptance and her new life as an advocate for bereaved families. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538720 P500 US $9.99

with the insight and humor of Myrna Co, who believes that In Another Dress is a collection “age is an opportunity, no less of one woman’s alternate- than youth itself, though in ly heartwarming and heart- another dress.” tugging anecdotes from a life she has lived well—and is in- The Kobayashi-Maru tent on still living to the full- of Love est. From reminiscences about by Carljoe Javier lost dreams and youth to re- With this collection of wry, flections on the joys and grac- pop-culture tinged personal es of growing old, each arti- essays on life, love and heartcle in this collection sparkles break, the author leaves you wondering: In relationships, can there be such thing as the “no-win scenario”? 2010 P200 US $3.99
by Myrna Co

In Another Dress

El Bimbo Variations
by Adam David

The opening line of a classic Eraserheads song is reimagined ninety-nine ways, both silly and sublime. 2010 P150 US $2.99
Dirty Pop Machines
by Vlad Gonzales

2010 P150 US $2.99
edited by Edgar Calabia Samar

Jerry B. Gracio, Editor

A collection of twenty-five h poems celebrating the 25th anniversary of LIRA (Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika at Anyo), the premier association of poets in Filipino.
edited by Jerry Gracio

Edgar Calabia Samar

Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo

Giancarlo Lauro C. Abrahan V Mariane A.R.T. Abuan Noel Fortun Berlin Gablan Mikael Gallego Ezzard Gilbang Phillip Kimpo Jr. Erwin C. Lareza Vivian N. Limpin Kiko Monteseña Deborah Rosalind D. Nieto Louie Jon A. Sanchez Lee G. Sepe Beverly Siy Betty Uy-Regala Enrique Villasis

. . . . . .. . .

The second of four chapbooks celebrating the 25th anniversary of LIRA with twenty-five poems from some of the country’s premier poets in Filipino.


pinoy romansa
Delectable samplings of a much-loved but little-appreciated genre of Philippine literature
Love Me Today, Hate Me Tomorrow
by Cherie Mendoza

Crossing The Line
by Rey-Vil Sapar

Lumayo si Simounne kahit mahal niya si Hennand, dahil nabuntis ng binata si Myra. Muli silang nagkita matapos ang pitong taon, ngunit ngayo’y nakapagitan naman sa kanila si Emma. Wala na bang pag-asa? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Waiting Still
by Amber Rainne

Dahil pinipilit magpakasal sa kababata, tumakas si Robyn at nagtago sa isang isla sa Romblon. Akalain ba niyang doon niya makikita ang nais niyang pakasalan? Iyon nga lang, mukhang galit ito sa mundo... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Runaway Heart
by Martinna Bianca

nagpahypnotize para iseduce ang isang lalaki. Sumablay pa ang hypnotism at kay Rebecca tumama... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Need To Be Next To You
by Martinna Bianca

Ayaw nang magmahal ni Luna; nais lamang niya makaganti sa lalaking sumugat sa kanyang puso. Ngunit nang magkita silang muli, tila nabago ang ihip ng hangin. Magmamahal ba siyang muli... sa lalaking ito? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Kailan Naging Tama Ang Mali?
by Jhune Lauro

Nate-turn off si Jiggs kapag babae ang unang nagbibigay ng motibo o tahasang nanliligaw, kaya’t binara niya si Nicole. Pero bakit nang lubayan na siya nito ay siya naman ito ngayong hahabul-habol? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Dear Cherry
by Amber Rainne

Nang hindi sinasadyang nailigtas ni Paula ang buhay ng mayamang si Alexander Villareal, doon na gumulo ang tahimik niyang buhay. Hinabol na siya ng hitman at pulis, tinuruan pa siya ni Alex na umibig! 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Untamed Love
by Martinna Bianca

Bigo sa pag-ibig si Valerie kaya nagbakasyon sa Rancho Monteclaro, pag-aari ng first love ngunit kaaway niyang mortal na si Jacob. Bakit galit si Jacob na nagkakalapit sila ng pinsan nitong si Arthur? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Loving Lyon
by Martinna Bianca

After so many years, tumibok muli ang puso ni Myrabelle kay Jeremy. Pero may malaking problema. Childhood friend pala ito ni Grehan, ang lalaking nakadisgrasya sa kanya limang taon na ang nakaraan... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
I Love U, Miss MVP
by Jenny Lampaz

Tila aso’t pusa sina Cherry at Randy sa unang pagkikita pa lamang, ngunit ang inisan ay naging tuksuhan hanggang sa magkailangan. Di man nila kapwa aminin, batid nilang pag-ibig ay hindi napipigilan. 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Loving Neighbor Linus
by Amaiea

Nagpanggap si Joan na kasintahan ni Desiree para layuan ito ni Louie, na nainsulto at isang tomboy ang kanyang kapalit. Lahat ay gagawin ni Louie para mabawi si Desiree, kahit pa ang paibigin si Joan...2010 P40 US ¢.99

Walang panahon si Nikki para sa lalaki. Ngunit niloloko yata siya ng kapalaran at mula nang nakilala niya ang kapitbahay na si Linus, tila isang kabute na sumusulpot na lang ito bigla kung nasaan siya. 2010 P40 US ¢.99
He Loves Me, He Love Me Not
by Amaiea

Umuwi si Allysa sa San Luis upang iwasan ang taong nagnanais manggulo sa nalalapit niyang kasal. Dito niya nakilala si Rian, ang taga-lungsod na sinagip niya mula sa pagkalunod. Hindi niya maikaila ang atraksyong nararamdaman para sa binata, hanggang magsalo sila sa isang gabing hindi niya makalimutan. Nang umalis si Rian, nangako itong babalik. Subalit sa pagbabalik nito, natuklasan niyang ito ang taong nakatakdang sumira sa lahat ng pangarap niya. 2010 P40 US ¢.99
My Favorite Mistake
by Martinna Bianca

Dahil in love sa kanyang boss na si Lyon Ponteveras, sumama si Lexie nang magresign ito sa trabaho upang magtayo ng negosyo. Hindi na nga sila makakuha ng puhunan, bakit nag-aalok pa si Lyon ng kasal? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Sweet Possession
by Martinna Bianca

Kailangang mabawi ni Megumi ang nawawalang kuwintas ng pamilya niya. Ngunit ipagbibili lang ito ng may-ari kapag tinalo niya ito sa archery. Kung hindi, higit pa sa kuwintas ang mawawala kay Megumi... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
If The Shoe Fits
by Martinna Bianca

Ayaw ni Rebecca sa “sugar” at yun ang tawag sa kanya ng ex niya. Ginawa pang password ng kaibigan niyang

Malas para kay Tiffany ang Neville Shoes. Nagkapaltos na nga siya, hindi pa siya nainterview sa trabaho, muntik pa siyang masagasaan ng isang aroganteng driver... na Presidente pala ng Neville Shoes. 2010 P40 US ¢.99

Phoenix’s Heart
by Martinna Bianca

Mortal na magkaaway sina Phoenix at Vance. Ang huli ay ampon ng kanyang Tito Mauricio. Tumindi ang gusot sa pagitan ng dalawa nang mabasa nila ang laman ng testamento ng tiyuhin. Ayon sa nakasulat dito, ang sinuman sa kanila na siyang mauunang makapagbigay ng apo sa matanda sa loob ng isang taon ang siyang magiging tagapagmana ng kayamanang maiiwan nito. Isinugal ni Phoenix ang lahat upang maipanalo ang laban. Ngunit nang abot-kamay na lang ang tagumpay, heto si Vance at inaangkin ang bata bilang kanyang anak. 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Ang Astig At Ang Engot
by Clarisse M. Caysip

Hindi malaman ng investigative journalist na si Eyell kung paano itatama ang isa sa pinakamalaking pagkakamaling nagawa niya sa kanyang buhay: ang sirain ang kasal ng isang estranghero. Hindi naman kayang patawarin ni Noi ang aanga-angang babaing humadlang sa kanyang kasal. Paano tatakasan ni Eyell ang galit ni Noi kung nakatakda niya itong makasama sa isa sa kanyang mga assignments? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Love For Sale
by Luisa Villafuerte

Hindi kasali ang pag-ibig sa mga priorities ni Avril. Dahil ang isip niya ay nakatuon sa


kung paano babalikatin ang responsibilidad na iniwan ng kanyang ama na may iba ng pamilya. D umating ang isang Remo sa kanyang mundo. Si Remo na nakatakdang palambutin ang kanyang puso. Magtagpo nga kaya ang mga damdaming sa simula’t simula’y lihim nang may pagtatangi sa isa’t isa? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Paraiso 1: Angela
by Maia Jose

sa isa’t isa. Kailangan silang ikasal para masagip ang kabuhayan nina Bea at gumaling ang ama nito. Magkakabistuhan na ba? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Paraiso 3: Gabriel
by Maia Jose

pangarap na iyon ay sabaysabay na gumuho ng makilala niya at mapalapit sa kanyang puso si Rafael. 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Once Upon A Crazy Love 1: Xandra With An Ex
by Josie Aventurado

Sa Jardin Paraiso nagkakilala’t lihim na nag-ibigan sina Danilo at Angela. Akala ni Angela, pangarap ang mas mahalaga kay Danilo, na akala nama’y hindi ito bagay sa mayamang dalaga. Paano ang pag-ibig? 2010 ISBN 9789710181780 P40 US ¢.99
Paraiso 2: Mikael
by Maia Jose

Umuwi si Nina ng bansa upang patunayang wala na siyang pag-ibig para kay Gabriel. Pero paano niya magagawa iyon e lalo pa yata siyang nai-inlove sa kababata? Siya namang balik ng first love ng binata... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Paraiso 4: Rafael
by Maia Jose

Ikakasal na si Xandra kay Justin nang ma-in love ang dalaga kay Brendo, bartender sa isang luxury liner. Nagpanggap siyang mahirap para makalapit dito. Ngunit hindi lang pala siya ang nagbabalatkayo... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Once Upon A Crazy Love 2: Justin With A Broken Heart
by Josie Aventurado

Tila aso’t pusa ang magkinakapatid na Mikael at Bea, pero lihim palang in love

Pangarap ni Reina na maging mayaman at matagumpay. Ngunit nakapaloob din sa pangarap na iyon ang mithiing maibigay ang seguridad ng kanyang magiging mga anak. Kaya naghanap siya ng lalaking pakakasalan hindi batay sa kanyang emosyon kundi sa pinansyal na kakayahan nito.Subalit ang lahat nang

Isang babae lamang ang sinasamba ni Justin, si Xandra; ang kanyang mga kinalaro, marami na. Ngunit nang talikuran siya ni Xandra, di lang puso ni Justin ang nadurog, kundi pati kakayahan niya sa kama! 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Once Upon A Crazy Love 3: Shasta’s Secret
by Josie Aventurado

Na-in love si Shasta kay Justin na mahal nama’y si Xandra. May nasumpungan pa siyang delikadong lihim kaya ngayo’y ikakasal siya sa isang matandang milyonaryo. Nasaan na ang nais niyang simpleng buhay? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Heartthrobs 1: Te Quiero Mucho
by Josie Aventurado

Pa g k a t a p o s m a s a w i s a


pag-ibig, nagmigrate si Sheena sa Amerika at nakilala ang Latinong si Patrick na katulad ng mga bida sa gusto niyang Mexican telenovela. Totoo ba ito? Hindi kaya bigla itong mawala? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Heartthrobs 2: The Right Mr. Wrong
by Josie Aventurado

paano kung ito ang magpapabagsak ng career ng mahal niya? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Asian Hearts 3: My Wedding Prince
by Glady Gimena

US ¢.99
Asian Hearts 6: Rain, Rain, Go Away...
by Glady E. Gimena

Ang paghahanap kay Mr. R i g h t ay h i n d i m a d a l i . Maraming kababaihan ang gumugugol ng di birong panahon upang hanapin ang lalaking matatawag na other half ng kanilang puso. Isa si Jennilou na di pinalad matagpuan ang lalaking para sa kanya. Lagi na lamang si Mr. Wrong ang dumarating. Pero sadyang hindi siya marunong magtanda. Tuloy pa rin ang walang kapagurang paghahanap. 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Asian Hearts 1: No Ordinary Love
by Glady Gimena

“My princess,” tawag ni Sid sa kababatang si Cindyrella na nangangarap makatagpo ng Prince Charming. Tila natupad ang pangarap ni Cindy at nakilala nito si Darren Wong sa Hong Kong. Paano naman si Sid? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Asian Hearts 4: When We Touch
by Glady Gimena

Gustong makilala ni Rain ang kanyang sarili. Ngunit sa paghahanap na iyon ay kasabay niyang natagpuan ang isang dakilang pag-ibig sa katauhan ni Czar. Doon nagsimula ang problemang naging daan upang mahati ang kanyang puso at damdamin. Paano si Henry? Paano ang nalalapit nilang pagpapakasal? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Casa Blanco 1: My Black Beauty
by Gillian Marcelino

Hindi pangkaraniwan ang pagkakakilala nina Meilin at Jao, ngunit nagkahiwalay din sila. Pagkalipas ng maraming taon, nakilala ni Meilin si Andrei. Ito na ba ang lalaking papalit kay Jao sa puso niya? 2010 ISBN 978-97xxxxxxxx P40 US ¢.99
Asian Hearts 5: When Jenki Meets Lacey
by Glady E. Gimena

Nabighani si Xander Blanco sa morenang si Laura kahit bawal sa mestiso niyang pamilya ang mag-asawa ng kayumanggi. Pilit niyang nilalabanan ang nararamdaman, ngunit natukso siya sa mga labi ng dalaga... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Casa Blanco 2: The Intruder
by Gillian Marcelino

Ano’ng kinalaman kay Dana ng misteryosong lalaking Chinese na ayaw patahimikin ang kanyang mga panaginip? Ngayong dadalhin siya ng trabaho sa Forbidden City sa Beijing, ano’ng naghihintay sa kanya doon? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Asian Hearts 2: Meet Jenki
by Glady Gimena

Isinama si Paula ng amo sa Korea para alagaan ang “anak” na si Jenki. Nakakilala na nga siya ng gwapong artista, siya mismo’y sumikat pa. Ngunit

Kinaiinggitan ni Belle ang alagang pusa, si Jenki. Paano nama’y natagpuan na nito ang kanyang soulmate na siyang magiging ina ng kanyang mga kuting. Mabuti pa nga si Jenki at nakilala si Lacey. Ito ang sosyalerang pusa na nakatakdang maging ina ng kanyang mga anak. Wala ring kamalaymalay si Belle na ang nakatakda niyang maging soulmate sa Japan ay walang iba kundi si Jiro, ang gwapong singkit na lalaki na may karay-karay na magandang babae. 2010 P40

Parehong naakit si Mark Blanco sa muchacha na si Aya at sa nakamaskarang si Mystery Jewel. Naniwala si Aya na kahit sino ay hindi maaangkin si Mark. Suntok sa buwan ba ang damdamin niya para sa binata? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Casa Blanco 3: The Untamed
by Gillian Marcelino

Horse King ang tawag kay Dave Blanco sapagkat napapaamo niya kahit ang


pinakamabangis na kabayo. Isa lang ang hindi niya kayang paamuin: ang mailap na si Lavinia Guingona, na naiiba sa karaniwan... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Casa Blanco 4: The Survivor
by Gillian Marcelino

Solteras 2: Dyrona... Kaya Mo Ba Ang Hamon?
by Gilda Olvidado

Napabayaan ni Maria Cristina ang mahal na asong si Hachie para sagipin ang buhay ng kaaway niyang si Azcur. Pagsisihan man niya, bakit wari’y wala nang saysay ang kanyang buhay kundi niya ito nasagip? 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Solteras 1: Jasmine... Kaya Mo Ba Ang Pangarap?
by Gilda Olvidado

Nalito ang puso ni Jasmine ng isang Adam Crisologo, na hindi niya kapantay kung estado ang pag-uusapan. Dahil kay Adam, naging kalaban niya ang isang anak mayaman, at inabot niya’y higit pa sa kalbaryo. 2010 P40 US ¢.99

She is the worst... sabi ng karamihan. Si Dyrona Soliman na ang pinaka-spoiled at pinakamaldita sa lahat ng mayayaman sa mundo. This could be an exaggeration. But perhaps it’s true. Kaya nga siguro mailap sa kanya ang puso ni Nico Lichauco, the ultimate ideal man na pwedeng-pwedeng ipalit ni Dyrona sa dating nobyong si Adam. Akala ni Dyrona, kaya niya ang hamon na puso ni Nico ang nakataya. Pero ang hamon na ibinigay sa kanya ng kapalaran ay hamon ng buhay... na kapag natalo siya ay mawawala ang lahat... lalong-lalo na si Nico Lichauco. 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Solteras 3: KC... Guhit Nga Ba Ng Kapalaran?
by Gilda Olvidado

panggitna lamang. Tuktok ang gusto niyang marating. Kaya nang para siyang naiin-love kay Troy, na guwapo nga at matalino pero mayari lamang ng isang maliit at bulok na radio station, idineklara niya kaagad sa sarili that Troy is not her man. Pero itong rugged na si Troy ay kaya siyang akitin nang walang kahirap-hirap... and then she discovered his secret, his deep and fascinating secret... 2010 P40 US ¢.99
Solteras 4: Lulu... May Tama Ba Sa Mali?
by Gilda Olvidado

Para kay KC, na hindi mayaman at hindi rin mahirap, siya ay hindi dapat maging

Mali ang pagpayag ni Lulu na kunwari ay makipag-live in sa fishing magnate na si Aaron. Mali ang isuko niya rito ang lahat dahil ni hindi niya ito boyfriend. Pero nang umibig siya kay Aaron kahit ibang babae ang gustong pakasalan nito, saka niya natuklasan na posible ngang may tama sa mali. 2010 P40 US ¢.99


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The Promise of Nalandangan

homeland by invaders, then taxed by the datu of Maguindanao. Led by their skillful and cunning leader Agyu, the Manobos board a magical ship and finally settle in the land of Nalandangan, where they build their own paradise.
Kata-Kata: The Search for Ma’ajarat-Tornorka

his own. She transforms into a beautiful maiden and Tulalang asks for her hand in marriage. He discovers that she is the daughter of the Sun and the Moon, and they travel to the heavens so that he may meet her parents.
Aliguyon at Pumbakhayon: The Warrior Heroes of the Ifugao

The most heartwarming, helpful and hilarious advice from the online love columnist Lady S is gathered here in one sensational, sultry and snarky e-book.
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The Kata-Kata is oral literature from Tawi-tawi which, when sung, is said to have the power to heal the sick. This excerpt, retold by Eugene Evasco, tells of the adventures of a datu who seeks the hand of a beautiful maiden. The maiden bears him a child, but dies giving birth. The boy, seeing his father’s grief, then journeys to the land of the dead in search of his mother.
Tulalang’s Journey to the Sun and Moon

Young Aliguyon of Hannanga dreams of becoming a great warrior. After failing to convince his son to change his mind, Aliguyon’s father agrees to train him in the art of combat. After passing his father’s test, the young man sets off with an army in search of adventure. He meets Pumbakhayon, and they engage in an epic, three-year-long battle, which ends in a truce.

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This book is a retelling of the South Mindanao epic Ulahingan. It chronicles the hardships of the Manobo tribe as they are forced out of their

An ordinary but kindly young man named Tulalang finds a crying baby in the middle of the woods and adopts her as



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Lolo José: An Intimate and Illustrated Portrait of José Rizal 2nd ed.
Asunción López Bantug With a preface by Nick Joaquín

264 pages P2,900 US $75 (hardbound) Old Manila 2nd ed.
Carlos Quirino Edited by Ma. Eloisa P. de Castro

The Life and Art of Botong Francisco
Patrick D. Flores, Alice Guillermo, Ino M. Manalo, Roberto G. Paulino, and D.M. Reyes Edited by Patrick D. Flores

José Rizal’s grandniece writes the vivid life story of the National Hero as culled from family lore, lavishly illustrated with more than 300 historical photos and images, along with a complete bibliography, illustrated chronology, and genealogy. 2008 ISBN 978-9719398530 254 pages P2,000 US $52 (hardbound) Philippine Cartography 3rd ed.
Carlos Quirino Edited by Leovino Ma. Garcia

Quirino’s evocative essays chart the changing nature of Manila and its inhabitants, from the early fourteenth century through the end of Spanish rule. This new edition is enriched with maps, postcards, engravings, sketches and photographs. Forthcoming 2011. US $75 Intramuros de Manila 2nd ed.
Pedro Ortiz Armengol Edited by Jose Victor Torres

National Artist and hometown hero Carlos “Botong” Francisco was renowned for his large-scale mural paintings and his work with the movie industry. Essays by prominent scholars are accompanied by an extensive selection of his paintings, sketches, and costume designs, photographs and film stills. 2009 ISBN 9789710538041 258 pages P2,700 US $70 (hardbound) The Life and Art of Francisco Coching
Patrick D. Flores, Justino Dormiendo, Alice Guillermo, D.M. Reyes, and Soledad Reyes Edited by Patrick D. Flores

The Philippines as a concept was given form over the centuries by cartographers from diverse cultures and times. This new edition of National Artist for Historical Literature Carlos Quirino’s classic contains more than 120 maps, a comprehensive bibliography of Philippine maps and an introduction by map collector Dr. Leovino Ma. Garcia. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538034

The walled city of Intramuros has remained for centuries as an embodiment of the colonial heritage of the Philippines. This in-depth and illustrated history follows the city from its founding by the Spaniards, all the way to the turmoil and sweeping changes of the American era. Forthcoming 2011. US $70

A born storyteller, Francisco V. Coching created komiks that transformed ordinary lives into vivid adventures and nurtured a generation of readers. Biographical accounts and discussions of


Edited by Maria Luisa T. Camagay

his work are woven into a concise narrative, illuminated with komiks excerpts, covers, and illustrations. 2009 ISBN 978-9710538126 234 pages P2,300 US $66 (hardbound) The Life, Art and Times of Damian Domingo
Luciano P.R. Santiago

book explores the influences that shaped his art, with a comprehensive gallery of his extant works as well as archival photographs of his lost masterpieces. Forthcoming 2010. P3000 US $78 The Art of Duddley Diaz
Alice Guillermo

the startling truth behind his identity. 2009 ISBN 978-9710538027 177 pages P600 US $25 (softbound) More Hispanic Than We Admit
Edited by Isaac Donoso With a foreword by Reynaldo C. Ileto

An era-defining artist known for his costume albums and religious paintings, Damián Domingo was the first Filipino master of the portrait, a pioneer art teacher, and director of the first Philippine art academy. This book is the first full-length documentary biography of a Filipino master before Luna or Hidalgo. Forthcoming 2010. ISBN 978-9710538133 P2500 US $68 224 pages Estilo Tampinco
Santiago Albano Pilar

Duddley Diaz has defied categorization, with sculptures that challenge notions of identity, sexuality, culture, and history. This book follows his development from a child prodigy, fashioning santos from sardine cans, to the monumental San Lorenzo Ruiz and enthroned goddesses of his maturity. 2009 ISBN 978-9710538096 116 pages P1,500 US $35 (softbound) El Indio
Francisco Coching

These scholarly essays provokes discussion on the fascinating and sometimes uneasy hybridity that is the Philippines. Spanning an eclectic range of disciplines, the book recuperates our Hispanic past and inspires a continued and lasting engagement with Hispanic Philippine studies. 2008 ISBN 978-9710538003 424 pages P800 US $28 (hardbound) More Pinay Than We Admit
Edited by Maria Luisa T. Camagay With a foreword by Carolyn Sobritchea

Silang, the housewife and the politician, the artist and the OFW, the dalagang bukid and the wild woman. These essays explore how even in the face of prejudice and injustice, women have exerted their agency and shaped the world we live in. 2010 ISBN 978-9710538126 376 pages P800 US $28 (hardbound) More American Than We Admit
Edited by Julian Go

Master sculptor Isabelo Tampinco infused his carvings with native motifs, a distinctly Filipino style which would come to be known by his name. This

Serialized in 1953, Francisco Coching’s komiks masterpiece is now restored and collected in its entirety. A young mestizo travels to the Philippines where he finds conflict, injustice, love, and

America’s comparatively brief colonial stint in the Philippines enacted radical changes whose impact continues to be felt today. This anthology addresses how the colonial ambitions and ideals of the United States were encountered and interpreted by their Filipino subjects, often in ways that neither could expect or fully appreciate. Forthcoming 2010. US $28

Today’s Filipina exists in a continuing discourse with Maria Clara and Gabriela

about the authors
Vibal Foundation print and electronic books are written and edited by some of the best Filipino authors and scholars from a range of fields: literature, media, art, history, blogging, and romance

Carmen Abubakar is the current dean of the Institute of Islamic Studies of the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She has published several articles on Philippine Muslim oral traditions. Faustino Aguilar was a Filipino novelist and journalist, and the editor of the periodical Taliba. He wrote novels in the social realist vein, including Busabos ng Palad (1909), d Sa Ngalan ng Dios (1911), and s Pinaglahuan (1907). Belinda Aquino is the founding director of the International Center for Philippine Studies at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. Pedro Aullón de Haro is a leading authority on aesthetics and criticism and has authored Teoria de la critica literaria and La Obra poetica de Gil de Biedma. Francisco Baltazar was the preeminent poet of the Tagalog language and author of the literary masterpiece Florante at Laura. He wrote countless poems, songs, and dramas, including Mahomet at Constanza (1841), Almanzor y Rosalina, and Orosman at Zafira. He also wrote a grammatical treatise El Ensayo de Gramatica HispanoTagala. Born in Bigaa, Bulacan, Baltazar is otherwise known as Francisco Balagtas. Emma Helen Blair w a s an Amer ican histor ian,

journalist, translator, and editor. Fluent in Spanish and French, she joined the staff of the Wisconsin Historical Society then later served as an assistant to the historian Reuben Gold Thwaites, working with him on Jesuit Relations. Aside from collaborating with James Robertson on The Philippine Islands, 14931898, Blair also translated and edited documents for The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi Valley. Celestina P. Boncan is coauthor of The Filipino Saga: History as Social Change and has published papers on Philippine history, society and economy. Marya Svetlana Camacho is the current chair of the Department of History of the University of Asia and the Pacific. She has published works on women in the Spanish colonial era. Maria Luisa Camagay is a professor and former chair of the Department of History at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She is currently director of the UP Press. Gloria Cano is professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Her article “Blair and Robertson’s The Philippine Islands, 14931898: Scholarship or Imperialist Propaganda?” was published in the March 2008 issue of Philippine Studies.

Reuben R. Cañete is a professor in the Department of Art Studies at the University of the Philippines. Cañete specializes in Philippine architecture and aesthetics and has curated several expositions. Myrna Co used to work as a technical writer and publications officer for a university. Retirement led her to a second career in blogging, freelance writing for newspapers, and, lately, editing an online magazine channel on Filipino lifestyle Buhay Pinoy. Mabel Cook Cole was an American anthropologist and editor. After spending four years among the ethnic tribes of the Philippines, she compiled and annotated Philippine Folk Tales, which was published in 1916. Tomas de Comyn was a Spanish writer who lived in Manila during the nineteenth century. He was also an official of the Compania Real de Filipinas. Oscar William Coursey served as a United States Army volunteer in the Philippines during the American period. He wrote History and Geography of the Philippine Islands (1903) and The Philippines and Filipinos (1914). Austin C. Craig was an American historian. He wrote pioneering biographies on José Rizal: The Story of José Rizal and Lineage, Life and Labors


of José Rizal. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado maintains an award-winning personal blog at She is the editor of Blog Watch, a bloggers’ initiative for citizen journalism, and is the features editor of The Philippine Online Chronicles. Flaudette May V. Datuin teaches at the Art Studies Department of the University of the Philippines in Diliman and is co-founding editor of Ctrl+P, a journal on Philippine and international contemporary art and culture. Adam David is the author of Texticles, Crows & Rages, Bikini Idolatry, and The El Bimbo Variations. He is co-founder of the independent press the Youth and Beauty Brigade. Carina C. David is a former chairperson of the Civil Service Commission of the Philippines. She is the composer and guitarist of female musician duo Inang Laya. Modesto de Castro was considered one of the greater writers of the early eighteenth century. As a member of the clergy, he was known to give political sermons that later were compiled and published as Platicas Doctrinales. His most popular work is Urbana at Felisa, a book of golden rules, good manners and right conduct, written in the style of an epistolary novel.

José de Mesa is a University Fellow of De La Salle University and a professor of theology at the Inter-Congregational Theological Center, Quezon City. His most recent works include Why Theology is Never Far from Home and Bakas. e Paul de la Gironière was a French traveler who lived in the Philippines and wrote Vingt annes aux Philippines (Twenty Years in the Philippines), an account of his stay in the country. He arrived in the Philippines in 1820 and established the Jala-Jala hacienda in Morong, Rizal. Nick Deocampo is a multiawarded film director and historian of Philippine cinema. He authored Cine, a history of Philippine film. Isabelo de los Reyes was a prominent Filipino writer, politician, labor activist, and founder of the Philippine Independent Church or Aglipayan Church. He won early acclaim for his manuscript on folkloric studies, El folk-lore filipino, and founded El Ilocano, the first vernacular newspaper in the Philippines. Justino Dormiendo has written extensively on film, visual arts and culture for the last thirty years. He was former chairman and founding member of the Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino. Leonora M. Fajutagana is the current chair of the

Humanities Department of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, where she teaches courses on literature and critical theory. Dean S. Fansler was an Amerr ican professor and editor. He was one of the famous early teachers of English in the Philippines. He also published an anthology of folktales, Filipino Popular Tales, in 1921. Patrick D. Flores is a professor of art theory and criticism at the University of the Philippines. He actively contributes critical essays on Philippine art and film and has mounted several successful exhibits. He is currently curator of the UP Vargas Museum. John Foreman was an English author who lived in the Philippines in the 19th century. He wrote the monumental The Philippine Islands as well as several articles on the Philippine Revolution. Si Glady Gimena ay isang guro sa Filipino sa Global City Innovative College. Siya ay naging komiks writer, scriptwriter sa TV at romance novelist mula taong 1993 hanggang sa kasalukuyan. Julian Go is a professor of sociology at Boston University. He recently published American Empire and the Politics of Meaning: Power, Culture, and US Colonialism in Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

Alice G. Guillermo is a respected researcher, art critic and professor with numerous writings on visual arts in the Philippines, including her most recent book Diosdado M. Lorenzo: Art Rebel to Legend (2009). d Valerio Hernandez-Pena was a Filipino novelist considered to be the “Father of the Tagalog Novel.”This distinction was accorded to him because his masterpiece Nena at Neneng (1905) was the first novg el ever to be published in the Tagalog vernacular. Percy A. Hill was an American writer born in the Philippines. He wrote Romance and Adventure in Old Manila in 1937. Feodor Jagor was a German ethnographer who traveled to the Philippines in the nineteenth century to collect for the Berlin Museum. In 1873, he published Reisen in den Philippinen (Travels in the Philippines). Carl Javier has authored three books, And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth, Geek Tragedies, and The Kobayashi Maru of Love. At present he is associate features editor of The Philippine Online Chronicles. Isaac Donoso Jiménez obtained degrees in philology and the humanities from the University of Alicante, Spain. A long-time resident of Manila, Donoso completed his


master’s degree in Islamic Studies at the University of the Philippines. Maia Jose ang pen name ni Tessa Cruz San Diego. Nakapagsulat siya ng halos 100 nobelang popular sa mainstream romance, teen romance at fantasy romance. Regalado Trota José is a specialist on Philippine bibliography and Philippine sacred art and architecture. Among his books are Simbahan: Church Art in Colonial Philippines 1565-1898 and Impreso: Philippine Imprints, 1593-1811. Thelma B. Kintanar is professor emeritus of English and Comparative Literature at the University of the Philippines. She is the author and editor of the UP Cultural Dictionary for Filipinos. Miguel Lucio y Bustamante was a Spanish friar of the Franciscan order who regularly wrote articles for La Voz de España. In authoring the novel Si Tandang Basio Macunat, he became one of the very t few friars in the Spanish colonial Philippines who managed to write literary pieces in Tagalog. Robert Macmicking was a British esquire who lived in the Philippines from 1848 to 1850. He is the ancestor of Lt. Col. Joseph McMicking, the husband of Mercedes Zobel, and one of the

pioneering leaders of the Ayala Corporation. Ino M. Manalo was former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. He is also an award-winning short story and essay writer. Patricio Mariano was a Filipino author, poet, journalist and translator. He wrote several Tagalog novels, including Ang Mga Anak Dalita and Ang Tala sa Panghulo, but is best known for his Tagalog translation of José Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere. José Eugenio Borao Mateo is an authority on historical relations between Spain and Taiwan during the Spanish presence on the island (16261642). He is currently teaching Spanish language and culture at National Taiwan University. John Maurice Miller was the compiler and editor of Philippine Folklore Stories, published in 1904, and the author of The Workingman’s Paradise: An Australian Labor Novel, published in 1892. Resil B. Mojares is the founding director of the University of San Carlos Cebuano Studies Center. He has authored several landmark books such as Theater in Society, Society in Theater and Brains of the Nation: Pedro Paterno, T.H. Pardo de Tavera, Isabelo de los Reyes and the Production of Modern Knowledge.

Rhoderick Nuncio is the director of Graduate Programs, Research and Publication of the College of Liberal Arts of De La Salle University-Manila. He is the author of several essays on literary criticism. Ambeth R. Ocampo is a professor of history at the Ateneo de Manila University. He is known for his writings about Jose Rizal and for his column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. He became Chairman of the National Historical Commission in 2002. Si Gilda Olvidado ang may akda ng mga nobelang Sinasamba Kita, Bakit Kay Tagal Ng Sandali, Babangon Ako’t Dudurugin Kita, at iba pa. Nagkamit siya ng tagumpay sa FAMAS sa kanyang nobelang Saan Nagtatago ang Pag-ibig. Sylvia Palugod is a freelance researcher and writer. She is the author of Toward the Abundant Life (2008) and e co-author of Joy in the Morning: A Story of Lives Turned Around. Trinidad Pardo de Tavera was a Filipino physician, scholar, bibliophile and bibliographer. He was also a member of the Philippine Commission and founder of the Federal Party. In 1884, he wrote Medicinal Plants of the Philippines. Pedro Paterno was a propagandist, politician, historian, composer, and writer. He


wrote Sampaguita y Poesias Varias (1880), the first collection of Filipino poems published in Spanish, and Ninay (1885), the first Filipino novel. Roberto G. Paulino is an assistant professor at the Department of Art Studies at the University of the Philippines. He has written on art for the Philippine Star and the Metr ropolitan Museum of Manila. Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo is a professor at the College of Social Work and Community Development of the University of the Philippines. She has authored several publications on the role of women in the economy. James Alexander Robertson was an American scholar, translator and bibliographer. Aside from editing The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898, Robertson served as the first editor of the Hispanic American Historical Review and as the w director of the National Library of the Philippines from 1910 to 1916. D.M. Reyes is a professor of literature at the Ateneo de Manila University. Promising Light, his book of poems, was t published in 2008. Roman Reyes is considered one of the most important Filipino writers in the early history of Tagalog novels. Dubbed the “Father of Realism,” he wrote the landmark trilogy Bulaklak ng

Kalumpang, Wakas ng Pagtitiis and Hinagpis at Ligaya. Soledad S. Reyes is one of the country’s most distinguished scholars of Philippine popular culture. She is the author of the landmark Nobelang Tagalog 1905-1975: Tradisyon at Modernismo. She teaches at the Ateneo de Manila University. Carlos Ronquillo served as a major to General Emilio Aguinaldo during the Philippine Revolution. His works include Ilang Talata Tungkol sa Paghihimagsik nang 1896-97 and 7 Ang ABC... nang mamamayang Filipino. He was a noted member of the Akademya ng Wikang Tagalog. Hope Sabanpan-Yu is a poet and short story writer with several published collections of poetry in English and Cebuano. She currently teaches literature at the University of San Carlos. Si Edgar Calabia Samar ay isang premyadong manunulat. May-akda siya ng mga aklat na Pag-aabang sa Kundiman: Isang Tulambuhay at Walong Diwata ng Pagkahulog. g Luciano P.R. Santiago is a doctor by profession. He writes articles and books on Philippine history, arts and culture, and has received the Manila Critics Circle’s National Book Awards for both art and history.

Teofilo Sauco was a Filipino author of several novels and collections of short stories and poetry, including Edelmira and Eva. His novel Ang Magmamani was conferred the grand prize by the prestigious literary magazine Liwayway in 1924. y Aurelio Tolentino was a dramatist, novelist and orator in Spanish, Tagalog and Pampango who was considered one of the giants of early twentieth-century Philippine literature. His works include Kahapon and Buhok ni Ester. A former member of the Katipunan, Tolentino also served as an editor for various publications, among them La Patria, El Liberal and Ing Emangabisan. Rolando Tolentino is dean of the College of Mass Communications, UP Diliman. He has written numerous articles on Philippine cinema, literature, and pop culture. Engracio Valmonte was a prolific Filipino writer during the early decades of the twentieth century. His works include the novels Ang Mestisa, Mga Hiyas ng Pag-Ibig, and the poetry collection Sa harap ng bangkay ni Patricio Mariano. Paz Verdades Santos is a professor of literature at the Ateneo de Naga University. She is the author of Hagkus: Twentieth Century Bikol Women Writers.

Julkipli M. Wadi is co-editor of Philippine External Relations: A Centennial Vista and author of several papers and conferences on political relations and Islamic thought. Edwin Wolf served as librarf ian emeritus in the Library Company of Philadelphia from 1953 to 1984. It was during his stint in this library that he wrote his introductory essay for the facsimile copy of Doctrina Christiana published a in 1947. Cornélis de Witt Willcox was a lieutenant colonel of the U.S. Army, professor of modern languages at West Point, and a scholar in Philippine studies. Willcox served as an army officer at Manila from 1908 to 1910 Edna Zapanta-Manlapaz is cofounder and executive director of the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings. She has authored several books on Philippine literature. Fernando N. Zialcita is proa fessor of cultural anthropology at the Ateneo de Manila University. He is the author of Authentic Though Not Exotic: Essays on Filipino Identity. Johanna O. Zulueta has puba lished articles on OkinawaFilipino and Chinese-Filipino identities.

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