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What Most Men Have Forgotten by Brendan Corbett

What Most Men Have Forgotten by Brendan Corbett

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Published by Brendan Corbett
A free ebook outlining the true nature of man. It's an initiation most moden men miss out on and they never know the inner instinct and nature that resides within us.
A free ebook outlining the true nature of man. It's an initiation most moden men miss out on and they never know the inner instinct and nature that resides within us.

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Published by: Brendan Corbett on Sep 14, 2010
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You ever noticed how people who believe in
Creationism look really un-evolved? You ever noticed
that? Eyes real close together, eyebrow ridges, big
furry hands and feet. "I believe God created me in one
day" Yeah, looks like He rushed it.
- Bill Hicks

I don’t know your beliefs or where you stand on evolution versus
creation. One of the biggest debates in the world revolves around the
creation of the life and the universe. We can find proof of evolution
through all the fossils and found artefacts, but you can also argue- What
made it all happen?

The debate about evolution and creation doesn’t interest me. To me

it all appears to go around in circles with more theories and more ideas
being added and questioned. It would be a waste of time.

So, for the sake of this book, I am going to ignore the idea of creation
in terms of religious beliefs and all that goes with them, and focus all of
my attention on EVOLUTION.

I apologise if this theory contradicts your beliefs, but I intend on using
evolution as a way of illustrating how man has progressed and adapted
over time. I want to illustrate man’s natural instincts and look at how we
interacted and developed over time. I do this because it teaches us a

Evolution Versus Creation


valuable lesson in what goes on at a deeper level.


Before I continue though, I must point out I am no scientist. My
research is all based on documented evidence, theories, history as we
know it, and my own observations. I do not concern myself too much
with science and archaeology because we are never truly sure of our

There are too many questions and blank spaces. Whenever a

discovery is made, it’s not long after it that another one is found, which

then shifts our idea of the time scale back a few thousand years.

So I chose not to pry too much into the science and history of
evolution. I was wading in waters way too deep. I’m not concerned
about every individual culture’s history.

All I wanted was a general idea which made sense to me and was
possible to work with. I’m sure most of you will be glad to know this is
not another book going into detail about the physical structure and
biology of humans.

We just want the essential qualities of our instincts and


I don’t believe in God (shock horror). It’s a blunt statement, but I

want you to understand the belief I am coming from. This is not written
to make any converts, and I’m not even hinting at starting a debate into
which religions are right and which are wrong.

Evolution Versus Creation


I want to state where I stand on this matter because I DO believe
there is a SOURCE which keeps everything evolving and working in

order. Maybe it’s not a perfect order since man tampered with it all, but

if you look on a global and universal scale- such as the way in which
everything in life, including the formation of the planets sun and stars,
then begin to notice it is truly amazing and yet so difficult to

If you ask me how I exist today, I would say it is a consequence of
evolution. You can look at our biology and physical characteristics and
notice the differences over time. But I also believe that same source (or
life force) which allows me to interact with the world and ‘feel alive’ is
what allows it all to keep going.

Where did that source come from? It’s the infamous question, so
obviously I’m not at liberty to say. I just have faith it exists because I see
it all around me on a daily basis. I don’t pay any attention to religion
because I believe they are man made. Don’t get me wrong, I respect

religions, but to me it is all different interpretations of the same source
which I believe in anyway.

This is the last you will hear of God, religions and creation throughout
this book. Even though the theory of creation is tied in with evolution, I
don’t think it will be useful for the aim of this book, which is to identify
the nature of man- not as a special creation, but as an evolved species.

There is a source (or life force) which keeps everything
going. You can call it God if you wish, but the main
principle is to elaborate on the idea of evolution so that we
can understand our true nature and instincts.


All of the top scientists and archaeologists are constantly in search
for new evidence to show our history. And there is an abundance of

Evolution Versus Creation


history to support that TIME far exceeds the creation of man. We are
simply a spec which came along and developed into who we are today.

We were not born complete. Thousands of years ago, we did not
come out of the womb with the ability to think and speak. Even now we
are still born prematurely. Due to the evolution of our expanding
intelligence, the head is too big to fit through the birth canal, so we have
to be born before we exceed a certain size. This results in us coming out
and spending months learning the skills to walking, talking and
interacting with the world.

You won’t see much of this in the animal world. A newborn animal in
the wild often learns the ability to walk in a matter of hours or days- not
weeks and months. It has to otherwise the predators orbiting will come
snatch it up.

It’s natural selection- the strong and quick learners
surpass the weak.

So what is the theory of evolution?


Let’s relate to it in terms of man. We did not have the skills we have

today. We did not have the luxury of the civilised world we have now.

Look at health. Imagine having to travel through unknown territory

and coming across a poisonous spider. You don’t know it’s lurking

around there, so you end up getting bitten. Nowadays you can get
rushed to hospital and given some anti-venom. But one bite in those
days, and that’s it- you’re dead. We soon learned an INSTINCT to be
apprehensive about spiders and snakes.

It’s hard to think life could have been so fragile. Even women faced
possible death through childbirth, and that was still even happening in
the 1800’s. That’s not so long ago when you think about it.

Evolution Versus Creation



Even though childbirth became difficult and often life-threatening,
did that stop men and women from trying to reproduce? Hell no. They
probably humped like bunny rabbits in every bush around. If we had

stopped having sex, then we wouldn’t be around today. Our human

species would have stopped.

But this proves to us an underlying nature. We have an unconscious
instinct which is at the root of all species- the desire to carry on our
genes, even when death could be a constant risk.

Life is fragile for every species. If a mother doesn’t protect her eggs
out in the wild, a predator will come and whisk them away before they
even hatch. If the prey doesn’t run faster than the predator on a certain
day- it’s dead. A wildebeest could be eating by the wrong river at the
wrong time, and then it’s eaten alive by an alligator hiding beneath the


This is the main key to evolution…


Every living species has an instinct to survive and prolong death.
However, some species are not always equipped with the ability to
defend. In this case, they learn how to hide/disguise themselves or to
run like hell- evolving stronger back legs to propel away from danger.


Nature can be seen as cruel. We can look at nature programs and see
a herd of lions preying on the defenceless gazelle. It tries to escape and

it gets caught. It’s slammed down onto the ground and eaten alive.

Graphic? No doubt. And we often feel sorry for the gazelle being
killed for a healthy snack. But this quote defines it best:

Evolution Versus Creation


Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.
It knows that it must outrun the fastest lion or it will
be killed.
Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.
It knows that it must out run the slowest gazelle or
it will starve.
It does not matter whether you are a lion or gazelle.

When the sun comes up…you had better be running.

We feel sympathy for the gazelle or any other animal when they are
taken down in this way. But you could also feel the same way when you
see a pride of lions with baby cubs starving under the trees. Something
inside of you just wants to help, but it’s not something a Happy Meal
from McDonalds can sort out.

And isn’t this the survival instinct which causes the majority of crime?
Some man needs to eat, so he steals some food. A guy can’t pay his way
and buy amenities, so he breaks in or mugs somebody for their money.
A guy saw his wife cheating and destroying what he had, so he goes and
beats up (or kills) the man she cheated with. Somebody’s social status is
at stake, so they threaten or blackmail people involved and protecting
their status.

I am not justifying the behaviour by any means. I am purely making
an observation to point out survival instincts in the modern world.

The bottom line is man had to go through this reality where life could
end at any moment. To ensure life lasted as long as possible, we had to
EVOLVE and ADAPT by learning new skills. Our anatomy changed to
compensate for the environments and climates we faced. Instinctively,
we felt aggression to be protective of what was ours. Instinctively, we
felt compulsions to survive.

I’m sure you have heard the theory of man evolving from apes. If
that’s the case, then you can picture how we used to be at our most
basic. It’s a big leap of the imagination to visualise us reaching the level

Evolution Versus Creation


of sophistication we are at today, but nevertheless, it is one we went

Now, I want to point something else out to you…


So what happened to all of these old instincts of ours? I highly doubt
we were reset every time we were born. If so, we would constantly be
entering the unknown terrains without being apprehensive about
spiders. We would not be turned away by certain smells and visual

I use spiders as an example because they are a common fear to us
even today. We don’t know why they are, yet most people have a gut
reaction to spiders. Where does it come from? You may never have seen
a spider in your life.

Paul D. Maclean suggested a concept concerning our TRIUNE BRAIN.
To simplify it, imagine the brain in layers. Throughout our evolution, our
brains have been ADDED ON TO as we have developed. This means that
the previous instincts are still evident within us- but not as

This is the point I am going to elaborate on throughout PART ONE. I
want you to think about all of the learning man has experienced
throughout time. Think about the traits man will have needed to have in
order to survive. Think about the kinds of challenges man will have had
to go through and adapt to.

All of these things come together to form our nature and instincts.

Imagine the anger you feel when somebody is trying to take your girl

or chatting her up. Imagine the ‘fight or flight’ you feel to lash out when

somebody backs you up in a corner. Imagine the protective nature you
feel when somebody close to you is being hurt. Imagine the gut
attraction and lack of control you sometimes feel for the girl who
exhibits all the right qualities.

Evolution Versus Creation


We don’t live by the same “survival rules” anymore, but by
looking at how our instinctive drives ensured our survival
in the past, and how they became innate- we can become
subjective to our emotional triggers and develop more

We can also use these traits and instincts right now when we align
with them and understand them. Survival in today’s world maybe
different from being in the wild, but success still relies on the same

So now, let’s go deeper into our nature and observe the

characteristics which separated the weak from the strong, the leaders
from the followers, and the survivors from the prey.

Our instincts and nature do not go away. The parts of the
brain which learnt them are still just another layer deep
inside us. We have come from the most basic and
primitive species, to the sophisticated intelligence we are
today. To reach this stage we have needed to adapt. This
is what made us survive and expand.


Which ever theory you buy in to- it still involves nature playing a part.
The key for any living thing has been survival, even plants. In the animal
kingdom life is still very fragile, and this was once our reality.

Our greatest asset to our success and survival has been our ability to
adapt and create. We then developed social strategies so that we could
prolong our overall lifespan and expand as a species.

Believing in evolution and the TRIUNE brain theories, we begin to
approach our nature by learning how we once were.

Evolution Versus Creation


Life and death was a competition, and throughout time man has
relied on his instinctive nature to come out on top. Today, this may be
seen in a negative way, but it still inside of every man.

The natural drives which made a man successful during primitive
times can still be applied today.

Instead of achieving survival success, we achieve today’s
perception of success- money, leadership, relationships,

social status, freedom…and all of the other ideas of what

makes a man successful.

What Is A Real Man?


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