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What Most Men Have Forgotten by Brendan Corbett

What Most Men Have Forgotten by Brendan Corbett

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Published by Brendan Corbett
A free ebook outlining the true nature of man. It's an initiation most moden men miss out on and they never know the inner instinct and nature that resides within us.
A free ebook outlining the true nature of man. It's an initiation most moden men miss out on and they never know the inner instinct and nature that resides within us.

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Published by: Brendan Corbett on Sep 14, 2010
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Living with this new identity may be a complete turn around to how
you have always been. As well as the world’s methods of influencing
you, you also have your biggest influence of all- the social perception of

Your family and friends know you and they accept your
personality/character. In other words, they know your status and place
in the pack. When you start to change, they may feel as though it could
be affecting their own status- and they may try to pin you back down.

Having said that, it could mean they are doing it for your own
protection. In their minds they see it as you trying too hard to become

something you’re not. Others may think you are getting too big for your

boots and they feel threatened by it.

My point is this- you may get a lot of judgements thrown at you. And
just like the conditioning you have experienced throughout your life,
these may cause you to slip back into your old ways. You were safe from
ridicule and criticism then.

But this is something you must face and accept. It is the
sign that you are becoming a leader in your own life. You
are becoming your own man.

Living With It Every Day


You are breaking away from the cell you have confined yourself in.
Now, whatever judgements you may face- you just have to accept these
and take them like a man. You don’t have to prove you are right or show
your need to change. You respect their opinions, and continue on
becoming how you want to be.

This is not something you should be fearful of- it’s something you
should embrace. It means you are changing and people are noticing it.
You must be doing something right.

Just keep on reminding yourself that you are hurting nobody. You are
working towards being a well balanced man. You bring no harm to
anybody, and you are not stepping on people and killing their self-
esteem. If anything, you are becoming somebody they can eventually
look up to.

It requires you to be stubborn and sometimes a bit selfish. People

may offer you “emotional blackmail” and say the way you are changing

is making them feel bad. You just have to remain aligned and confident.

The reason I am saying this to you is because it will be the biggest
influencer of your identity shift. You will be acting and behaving in new
ways. Some people may not accept it- but you can’t let this be enough
reason to slip you back.

Be conscious of it, accept it, and let it blow over your head. Keep on
doing what you are doing with the new challenges and experiences. Let
your best guy friends seeing you go up to the girls when once you would
have stood there like a lemon. Let your boss hear you wanting to go for
that new job, or your peers having to accept you are quitting your job to
start your own business.

Whatever it is you want to achieve- I do not know. All I know is if it is
fuelled by this new identity of being a man- you will accomplish it.

Living With It Every Day


Social Influence is often the biggest reason why we slip
back. Our pack may not appreciate the changes we are
making. But we have to accept them and keep on doing
what we are doing.

Then, there is another mental drive which will help you live out this
new identity on a day-to-day basis.


If you are insecure, timid and shy- then you are bound to be a person
who turns away from competition and a challenge. You will think to
yourself, “What is the point? It’s not worth it”. You will look at other
guys and think you have no chance against them.

You seriously need to learn how to assert yourself and have the
attitude of a winner if you want to be consistent with your identity.
Once again, this trait is stained with being egotistical and arrogant. But
you should feel as though you are ALLOWED to and you DESERVE to at
least go for something and achieve it.

It is a sign of confidence in the highest extreme. It is only arrogant if
the man expresses it in a way that he is better than everybody else. It is

not arrogant if he just says, “I feel like I can get it”.

I mean, imagine two guys who have read this book- and they both
have the identity of a man and they are going for the same job. Only one
of them can get it. Or if they both want the same girl- only one of them
can get her.

This is where you must learn to love competition- otherwise you will
lower the expectations of yourself, or you will downplay the job/girl and

say “Nah, I don’t really want it.”.

Living With It Every Day


Just go for it. Do not fear losing or feeling inferior to any
other man.

Reframe everything you do as competition or a challenge- but make
it a personal one. If you go for it and lose, it doesn’t prove any other
man is better than you. You just know now where you need to improve.

Competition is all about how nature intended it to be. The weak
genes get faded out while the strong genes flourish. These are the ones
which get the best and most out of life.

And I will say it again- it is not about being the alpha male over any
other guy. You are choosing the wrong battle. It should be a personal

So try and get that job against the guy who is feeling competitive. Go
and approach the girl even though you see another guy trying it on with
her or looking like he wants her too.

Don’t ever back down to the belief of being inferior. You deserve it

just as much as any other man. As long as you remain balanced and
respectable by not taking your competitive nature to a dark place-
resorting to aggression and jealousy etc- then it will be okay.

Learn to love competition and challenge. Don’t pass
something off for the wrong reasons. A man must thrive
on competition and challenge so that he empowers
himself through achievement- whether he loses or wins,
he knows he tried it.


Staying aligned with your identity may be a stretch for you at first.
You will be making a lot of changes with yourself and your life, so along
with it you must accept changes by other people.

Living With It Every Day


A man is secure enough in himself to accept any criticisms or
judgements. It goes back to the definition of him being so comfortable
and secure in himself- that he only goes by his own internal reference.
Sure, he is conscious and acknowledges other peoples opinions, and he
handles them respectfully- but he doesn’t feel like he must alter and
change himself for the sake of others. He knows deep down he has other

people’s best interest at heart too.

As well at this, a man must learn to love competition and a challenge.
It is how we were designed to be. If not, we would have gladly handed
anything we had over to those who challenged us for it. We would be
supplicating to the bullies of the world.

Be assertive towards yourself and know that you deserve it just as
much as any other man. Rather than it being a part of your dark side,
you frame it as a personal challenge for yourself to improve. You want to
see how far you can go and what you can achieve. You want to empower
yourself with a feeling of accomplishment.

Never back down through feeling inferior or not worth it. And never
back down for perceiving somebody better than you. I do not mean in
fighting terms, I mean in life terms. Life is all about competition.
Eventually, you will face somebody wanting what you want- and only
one person can get it.

If you want to be that man- then step up and go for it. Do not
apologise for it or just hand it over willingly. Have some fight inside of
you, and as long as you remain balanced- nobody can fault you for it.

It is the sign of a driven man who can admit his losses. Not many of
us can do this gracefully. But if you can, you will get nothing but respect.

A Final Word


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