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Book Review Nishant

Book Review Nishant

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Published by: nishantjims223290 on Sep 14, 2010
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By Neil rackham

Presented by:Nishant anand Roll-87,sec-V B

he got the degree in experimental psychological from sheffield university.About the author ‡ Neil Rackham is known throughout the world as a speaker.XEROX and citi group.  Rackham has worked closely with sales forces for companies such as IBM. writer. and seminal thinker on sales and marketing issues.  Neil rackham born in england. . grew up in the jungle of borneo .

The book review. At the same time.." It is certainly appropriate to use effective questioning to better understand your customers¶ needs. ‡ SPIN Selling is especially pertinent to those sellers whose primary focus is non-commodity (more complex) sales. ‡ Mr. Rackham suggests that by using the SPIN questions will "get your customers to feel a genuine need for your product... if you increase your level of trust with customers (trust factor). you're much more likely to uncover the "true needs" that are important to them. .

. ‡ he states that almost every sales call progresses through four distinct stages: ‡ Preliminaries ± the warming up events at the start of the call ‡ Investigating ± finding out facts.Contd . and needs ‡ Demonstrating Capability ± showing that you¶ve got something worthwhile to offer ‡ Obtaining Commitment ± gaining an agreement to proceed to a further stage of the sale . information.

issues and problems. Are you satisfied with your current equipment? Do you have reliability problems? . What equipment do you use now? How long have you been in this position? ‡ Problem Questions ± Used to identify dissatisfaction.The SPIN model includes: ‡ Situation Questions ± Used to identify the customer's current situation.

. ‡ Implication Questions ± Used to identify the consequences. ramifications or impact of customer problems. . How have the reliability problems impacted your maintenance costs? Has this impacted your overall profitability.Contd .

Praise for this book ‡ This book should be essential reading for everyone involved in selling or managing sales functions-a welcome.well researched treatised on selling. journal of marketing selling .

.Industry and commerce .‡ The first book to specifically examine the major sale-the high value product or service-by researching successful sales calls as they happen in the field.

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