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Š ´Layers or groups of SIMILAR cells with a COMMON function.µ A group of closely associated cells that perform related functions and are similar in structure. Š .

Types of tissues 1) PLANT TISSUES .

ANIMAL TISSUES Epithelial tissue Connective tissue Muscular tissue Nervous tissue .TYPE OF TISSUES CONTD 2).




Function-the main function of meristematic tissue is to continuously form a number of new cells.polygonal or rectangular in shape.MERISTEMATIC TISSUE 1. 2. Each meristematic cell contains dense or abundant cytoplasm & a single large nucleus. 5. Occurrence-Meristematic tissues are growth tissues & are found in those regions of the plant that grow. The meristematic cells may be spherical. The meristematic cells contain few vacuoles or no vacuoles at all. . 4. These cells show the following characteristics: The cells of meristematic tissue are similar in structure & have thin cellulose cell walls. 3. According to their position in the plant. Nature-cells of meristems divide continuously & help in increasing the length girth of the plant. lateral & intercalary. meristems are apical. The meristematic cells are compactly arranged & do not contain any intercellular space between them.oval.

mineral salts(nutrients) & food material to various parts of plant body.Permanent tissues are classified into two-simple & complex.Complex tissues are of following two types : Xylem or wood Phloem or bast Xylem & phloem are both conducting tissues & also known as vascular tissues. III. I.PERMANENT TISSUE Š Š I.these tissues are all made of one type of cells. .All these co-ordinate to perform a common function. Simple permanent tissue-these tissues are composed of cells which are structurally & functionally similar. II. II.together both of them constitute vascular bundles.Complex tissues transport water. These tissues derived from the meristematic tissues but their cells have lost the power of division & have attained their definite forms.They are of three typesParenchyma Collenchyma Sclerenchyma Complex permanent tissue-the complex tissues consist of more than one type of cells.Thus.


Named by: ƒ Cell shape ƒ Other characteristics of the cells. Cuboidal. Characterized by: ƒ Cells tightly junked together ƒ The presence of a cell secretion called the basement membrane membrane. Squamous. and Columnar Squamous. and protects other tissues and organs. Cuboidal .Š Š Š Š Lines. covers.

Gel. Tissue protects and supports.Š Š Š Š Characterized by the cells widely separated from each other in a matrix that is produced by the cells. Gum or solid ƒ Fibers Non-elastic (= white or Collagen) Elastic (= yellow fibers) Types of Connective tissue . Cell Matrix composed of two regions ƒ Ground Liquid (sol).

voluntary) Parallel elongated cells (fibers) multinucleated and each cell is the length of the muscle. involuntary) Cells are long and tapered. ƒ Skeletal Muscle (Striated. ƒ Cardiac Muscle Intercalated disc Myogenic branched . Dark meat Slow twitch. Light meat. Organized into sheets of muscle. fast twitch muscle ƒ Smooth Muscle (Visceral.Š Tissue with cells having fibers specialized for contraction.

Š Š Cells specialized to polarize and depolarize. Cell is a neuron .

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