Slide 1 Looking at the introductionAs we all know the Pancreas is located in the abdomen just below the stomach

and adjacent to the duodenum. One of the most important organ as it plays a role in digestion and sugar metabolism. Slide 2 Pancreas is divided into two different glands called the endocrine and the exocrine glands. Endocrine gland is made of millions of cell clusters called the islets of langerhans. There is also a dense network of capillaries and these capillaries of the islets are in direct contact with the blood vessels. The islet cells release insulin into blood through these capillaries that helps in maintaining the sugar level in the body.

Slide 6 The reason for pancreatic cancer to be so deadly is because of the many complications that are associated with it. One such complication that is associated with pancreatic cancer is diabetes Diabetes is the increase in blood sugar level in the body and insulin plays a significant role in maintaining this bold sugar level. Endocrine glands of the pancreas and the islet cells are responsible for secreting insulin into the blood vessels. It was observed that in 80% of the patients with pancreatic cancers, there was a high level of glucose intolerance. This is because when there is a tumor development on the pancreas, islet cell mass gets damaged and the total volume of islets cells may drastically reduce. This reduced volume leads to the release of very little insulin. This decrease in the concentrations of insulin may lead to blockage of various signaling pathways associated with insulin that are responsible for maintaining the glucose level in the body. The most important of these components, glycogen synthase activity is reduced. This glycogen synthase is an enzyme activated by insulin and converts glucose to glycogen immediately after a meal and thus helps in releasing energy.

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