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Marketing world girds for an 'uneven' recovery
Inside the black box: What big
brands are spending on Google

Failingtomeet spending
promisesmadeas partof
deal toacquire Razorfish
• BY KUNUR PATELkpolel'lJadage,com
Publicis is
falling short
on ad pact
with Msoft
PUBLI CI S GROUPE 15 having trouble
m,"'ting its m,'liia-,pending mmmit-
m''I11 to Microsoft. according 10 scvcral
familiar with Ih" ,itualion. The
thud-largest egcncy-holdmg company
"'flt<:rt'l:l into th.., comme,cial agrt't.'TTlent
last summ", when it bought digital
ab"-'fl"Y R.'w,fi,h f",m Microsofl, Exc'CS
put at N amupk hun-
drcd million doliars
annually for ad
Publicis, JXllt'rlI 10 m..'llia ab'l'no<'S
Starcom M,'liiav," t Group and Zo:nith
Optim<'Ilia, could faa' a penalty if it fails
thi, yea, lO m,'Ct th,- 'f"-'nding level,
committed to Microsoft s earch and dis-
play, Such a f"-'nalty would ostc'o.ibly
up the (ash commitment On the
Ralmfi.h ,ale, though iI' s uncle-Jr if
Microsoft will 01'1 to levy such a hcfey
f..", on oneof it, bi&,,,-,,t cu,tomeT'>,
ciclly when MilTOSOfl was tasked with
providing quality inv"'fl tOJ)' on its "'fld
of deal.
Publicis acquired Ra7<lrfi,h for
S2S6.!l million in cash, totali ng
million, induding Stock. Acwrding to
dosc to
Morgan Smnl,'y, rhc bank re'Pre-scm-
Why wecan't
expectsenr to
save the economy
oSee ' ,Z3
sll1JQQling 10
oSee ' ,3
$3.59 MILLION 1-
spent byBP ettre
heighlof thespill
SIO Nl lllON
o<po;. "" J' J' ".'" J' ... J'

from2,9% in luly, but it wi ll "" lough",
for Mailers to keep up growth starting
this m,mth as they face tougher mmps.
Ehmmouon of government stimulus
p"'gram, sent existing hom.." .all" la"
month to a low, and u.s.aUIn-
motive salt'S fell h.,low a million, the
sl"'.... ,,1 mont h in 2ll But
bright here-if there is on.. '-is the
S<.'<:Iot has a lot less to hu"
bltwler <'CImomy than in the P.1St,
See 00\I8Ll DIP on Page23
IaJl!CIm!!!I What biQ brandsspent inJune
See &OO/i Ll 00 Page 20
"x!c'fld..'li f"-'riod of low gmwth, high
un<.'ll1ployml'lll and more conservative
'f"-'nding p. l tlem. for years into th"
future. And big developing markets such
a, Olina and India, whichgnow robu,tly
right Ihrough nu'%ioo, may beon
brink of ,lower b",,,.th,
Th,- ,'lit,,,-'li up a
ten th of a p'rim 109,6%, bUI job growth
data for and luly was
upward, K.,l1lar R,' tail
Walman, grc'w 3.4% last momh, up
SJ6 million in the month of June alone,
,,(cording to an internal Coogle ducu-
mem obtai n,,, by Advertising Thor
push<.'d SP into the' upp"r echelon of
scarch advertisers, in a league with
ExI"-";3, which spent at h151 $5.9 million
in Am""on, which ' p'-'fll at 1m>!
SS.8 million, and cftay, which spent at
lm,t $4.2 million,
This is a signifi<:ant outlay, even for
Br, which 'p'-'fll $94 million on adv..w,-
ingin 2((l'!, andS7S.?million in first
. ix months of 2010 (excl uding
Lifts inspending. jobs,salesquell double-dip recessionfcar-c-burwobbli ngliesahead
A SPATE O F ac r t r a-thcn-cxpcct..-d
reportson consumer spending. jobs and
retail salt" b.t w..",k appea"-'li to an
off many fears of a doubk-dip
That', gmd n,'Wi.
nut-so-gmd m'Wi is thm,
th,- n"tumof t'-rid gross domNic prod-
oct growlh late last y<'Jr, s ome mar-
,uch a. Pro.. .,,,, &:Gambl" Co.and
Tmb"-'! Corp. seem to be girding for an
FromBP's boost in June toAT&T'smassiveiPhonc
outl ay, internaldocrevealswhat marketersdroponsearch
I\[lOK( liP cou ro STEM the oil gu,k,
m rhc bottom of thc Gulf of M"xiro, it
unleashed $100 million in ad spending,
Im),'I'lyon network TV, to sternthedarn-
age 10 i15 image, But it also stan ed
spending hcovily where it had never
spent much before; buying ads in
('.nogle's search results.
IInw much did SP spend 0" smrdl?
In I""" months, SP went from spcnding
vcry little on "-'an:h ad",rrising---<lbou!
557,fXXl a month----to b<.Ullning OIle of
Gmgle's top advcrti...,rs, dropping nmrly
Sl<lVlJ loc Holid<l y
Inn and loollChed
ertst Kyle Andrews
inaglobal adpush,
TH E IlE...TlI OJ' TIlE II"IGI,E has been
gr<-atly ..'X.l!:h,,-' rate'li, But for awhile. il
was understandable if you needed to
ch..xkits pul.....,
In 2(n-ls, tlt'nd of liCl.'I1si ng
P''P songs (Tom the '6/).;, 70s and'SOsin
of clt'ating an "riginal 30-;0:mnd
branded mdody pick..-d up a lot of
FromLcd Z:ppclinand Lou
Reed to Bnb Dylan and Paul Meu rtncy,
no major ani' t was ab"ve Imding his
music tosell <:ats, wal(h,,,, col-
f"", Mmnwhile, a whole crop of indie
bands ,di,'ll on the likt" of Apple.
G>tlv<'TS<' and Bud Light to hdp launch
singlt" and create ....venue SI....-ams
in hcu of dwindling album ", I,'S,
But today' want original
SeeJINGLESon PilQe'll
o Reacllhe
slocyon ' ,4
Fron what'supwijh"ldonosleuthingout "CSJ" towhyyou
walchwhenyou watch. Ad Age anseecs yourfallTV questions.
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2 Septembe r 6, 2010 I Adver!isinQ Age
Your guide to
fromAd Ageand

little ljilme jumps
across multiple
platforms to
become testsener.
-lime gets
ID 1m IIIJ 1m
I)Jr reportertags ff()mNissan's Leaf DarrylOMargues Want 10mowwhy
alongal ooeof toBMW's t.Iel)ac it y, lhal lhe capabilities censurers ilJOQ(e
alook attheefforts tlec kis asovensed you? David Gfrelak
Uncensored dri vil'M) tOffiilrketthelatest as is useless in says because
eventscaptairled by crop ottteeeerest reeueeess you don't consider
Jacktdortoo. '0; pitches. their interests,
years of neglect
Without marketinginvestment, No. 2carbonated-bcvcmgccatcgoryhaslost market share,volume
Marketingefforts focus on loyal usersandrequire
utnemvestmeot, for example, last veer. il sent
b'eroed BrewB60 kits tobloQgers meoveoce 01
fathe r's Day. Thebrandranks erorcnetco25
catbonatedso1l (!rinks, at number 2t.
o;stritlutedoationally,thisgrapefruit soda is adually
preparing fora "biq marketing push," according te e
spokeswoman.LaullChing before theendof tre
year:, it will illClLtde radio ercoot-or-rore on the
West wejl asa ccrpackaging partnership
withJose Cuervo. Apackaging redesign eetso
planr.ed. The brandranksamongtretcczs
carbonatedsott drinks, at number 25.
OWNER: rerecc
ThoughTabwasthecompany'sfirst SUQar-free cola,
its decline beganwith the mtronctoo 01 Diet Cokein
1982. Loyalistscan still find Tabinselectmarkets-
oneof oureditorsrecentlysnagqedoneat a Stop&
Shop in NewJersey-thouQhthereresrrt beenany
marketing behind the brandsincefheearly199Os.
OWllER: cccecce
OWNER: Dr Pepper 50appleGroup
Originallya die!. grapefruil'flavoredsoda,it now
comes inflavors rangingfromblackcherryto citrus
lime to peach.The last marketingeffort behind the
brandwasin2005, whenrresce receiveda
makeover, involving newpackaging graphics. At
the time, marketing fromCampbell- Mithun
positioned the brandas a"un>Quelysophistcater'
OWMER: cccecoe
DWllEt Coca-Cora
Thetxendhasn't beenadvertised since treeerfv
199Os, bul inDecember, Mull. Portlandwas brOUQht
onboard. This summernewretropackaging tecen
hilt ing arid out-(If-home. radioarid digital ads
are on tap.Distribution isalsobeingexpanded from
theMK:f west andSoutheast tothe Northwestand
It'sbeenyears socecooscrers haveseenmuchmarket ing lromire
lemon-lime brands. Likewise, venerable brandsseen as rresce MUQ Root
Beer andTabhaveskirted most consumers' radarslor aWhile.
Realist kally. these brandswon'l be t-e feo;:ipients ofmajor marketing
fundS anyt imesoon-trcecnMello veuceod Squirtare
actually poised toreo; some alleotion-tlut that can't
stop usfromhoping.
See UMON UMEOIl Page 20
IT tv RNS OUT Tun if you markt-
ing. you hurt "11.'S,
For y,"'n: soda. have Iall"
gui"h,'<l while cob line extension" and
emerging calegories energy
drinks and enhanced waters twk pnw-
d""CI', Now, Sier", lUI' and Sprite
are all poised to bendit froman influxof
marketingdot!an: their owrwn: ""h I<>
prop up the second-largest ca rbonated-
sofr-dnnk Cltl'gl'ry and target
....ho may be sU><l.'!'tible to a soda that at
1m>! ",-,,-ms lightl"- and healthier.
Since2005, marlu."ling inv,;,;tment has
dwindled for Sprite and Sieml Mist, thl'
No 1 and No. 2 sodas in the CltC'gOry,
n.'Sp<uivdy, E.1ch brand slashed mens-
urcd m,'<lia by about 80%. [n
'uin. Coot-Cola's Sprite Sl"'nt j u"t 58.6
million, while Sierra :viiS!
sl"'nt $9,4 miltiun, am,rJing til
:vI,-.,jia. That =k,'S it • pour "'-umd
cousinto 001.1; In 200'l, brand Cokespent
$2.>4 million, while P'l"i nwived $136
million in mea sured media. alUlnJing to
Ad Ag.. 100 Leading National
Advcrnscrs report.
And dlui nl..t, the lemon-
lime category, which a'Ulunt5 for mugh-
Iy 10% uf the $74 billioncamonatl-.,j
drink marlu."l, has grJdually lost marh"l
share and voluml', Ir shed 160 milliun
Cl:;CS bet....wn 2fXXl and 2OJ9, according
10 lk""''TJ,,'I' Di".....t .
"A,'"ITI» the ,"'tc'gOry, in....'Slment h.1d
d.:dinl'<l signifi amtly, It's a function of
mirroring what comp<'liton: arc doing
Growth market as progressive schools push green agenda
Green\\hrks, SeventhGenerationandotherscrop uponstudents' supply lists
• BYJACKNEFF jrlf.'fl@adaqecom
W il EN STUI>J: NTS ARRIVll) at PS 107 in
B",uklyn' s Slupl' neighborhmd
year, their WI.' ...... to
pnwide a "tridosan -fre...'" liquid hand
soap, citing the
found in many such soaps is an
"cnd''''rine Rather than
"regular disinfccmnr wip<'S" from the
like'S of C1"mx or Ly",,1 with a of
what the schoolcalls "burrnful bi",id,'S,N
the k'lter !lrl'l.'Il'''- fmm
Crccn Works (another ClofOx brand) or
S,:venth Generation.
AI",,, on the lis!, 5O' t1t by the ugn.'I'n
commitlc'l''' of the Parem/ Tea,h,r
Association, Me fragrance-ftl'\.' baby
wip<'S, with water-based ink, "low
odor" dry-eras<' markers and Elmer glue
>licks. which it >aid "dcm'( amtain hanll-
ful ingn.'<lients,"
While a rebtively new tn.'Ild for
students to be asked to contribute clean-
ing in addition to the
books aod I"'txils, it' s an even newer
trend for to be picky about the
brands. While Park Slope may be ahead
of the national curve in gn.'CIl scnsibili-
tic'S, the concerns of its " gn'l.'tt cmllmit-
tw" don't appear to be isobtc'<l. Some
othl'T N,'w Y"rk public sch,x,l", joinl'l!
under the banner of Grecn NYC
and the national GTI.'I'tt Schools
year b...,&,n On. " lating a liS! of gn.... 'Il
Picking up on gmwing inten.'St in
schools, Seventh Ccncration has market-
cd around back-to-school time ye"r.
I\ S part of lliat, it commissioned a study
See GREEMSUPPl[ES 1)11 Page 22
TEENSTURNING GREEN: The Ssn Francisco-area student group is workinqOIl
an -ecCl"jaMoria[ coseret of eco-frieOOly producls schools can stock.
Scan: worldmags® Scan: worldmags®
Ad,e rt;sir><j Age I Septemoor 6. 20tO 3
C .,,_f__
SOO\cripliQ<1 & cwy salts H88-288-S900
MYertilflQ (212) 21CHlZ46,
lib.-M'j """"'"' (312) 649-5329
Nu n OfrtCES:
I¥wYori. (212) 210-0I0O,
Chic""" (312) I'>l9-52OO,
(01794-1ZH 161
The$4 billion select Burger Kinq to
3G Managemen last wee!<
ooeso1rreen IIipfor MeDonald's
cosncoesthe No. 1burgerchain.
But itcreseots aoopportunityto
steal backat least soreot tre ve-e
ceoed in tre pest coup;eof years10
theGolden arcreseswell asrest-
feeders li ke Wendy's,SubWayand
Domino's.Provided 3Gplays its
cards right. the rrove tcteeetre
chain privateJorthesecond timethis
decade (and for double treamouot a
trioor privateequity investorspaid
for BK in20(2) could ailow BK's
management aodfranchisees10
stcorrettor aboutWallStreet and
tocosco innovat ive jYodoxt
ofJe.-inqs andoegver moreerteceve
marke\inq, restaurantanalystssay.
ns imagestill bruised bydrrver
complaints atcot unintended
accelerafionToyota DMsion has

messeoeand shift thefocus fosafely
ina bigway, topexecutives saidlast
week. Toyola MotorSaiesU'sA's
overallsaleslell34%ioAugust aod
aredown 1%for theye<J(. E
thaiconsumers havedoubts
about thesaJetyand 01 Teyot a
vehicles. sorreautoreker isp1anninq
anadblitztocounter that ceceotco.
"Whaf we'redea'nq sa
perception issue.andbrand
saidBobearter. ToyotaDMsion
U l'lt tNT5: ror of 'ncloot.,"
.,tkIt>. <OOI"t ll' rlghl'. R....
....... __R......... _R_... _....R
"'-"'·_f "" __
'_h""' .... _ ,..,.""-."....
.....-._,,"""''',., _R
.......... - ''''''''''''''".. ..
, ,, "' ...... " _ "" ......." """"
.<t' _ .." _ _ ......-...
.................. ',_ _-"'"
.............. ",",-",...,._", >."."''' ",'
..""""',...... _-.....,,, -
W..I.oo. OI' "",." "-' R C o-_ _ .......
.. __ + .. R
........ _._ 1I"e-._.
,_..... __,.....D ... _
__e-_,", ""'IlL""" ......
.......... ....-..... -..-.......,,-'
....., '" "'"""" IlL
......- --o..... "'N......,..
",..."." """ _.,.,."","."",-
care reformand
debate, that suck
o formoreoohow
tile ecooomv is
affectiOQ Adland,
Judy Shapiroargues that
while lhere'sa whole lot of
righleous indignatiOn(We(
thesubject. the ideaofnet
neutrality steseoona

detailsabout his
marketiOQ plansQOiOQ
forward. They iocltxle
more bl"and stcoes and
fewersales frenzies,
th"t could hew been delivered at any
time in his p«'Sidency.
It's a faet that Oooma inhe'rilexl the
worst l'('(lOomy since the G",al
D.:pn. 'Ssion and there's no quid.. or
e"'sy way out , Bur it's stunning how
he's stnlggled to articulate a clear path
toward Tl,(,()wry and a sustainable
futul<', "'SIJ'.'cially when one considers
the communications prowe'Ss he
show.. '" as a candidate.
The admimseranon's m''SS.1g<.' on
the mosl importa'" issue to "lters has
gotten lost. smothered by lengthy, all-
<'llmmpassing and ranmrous policy
pushes. such as health-carereformand
the energy d<-rule, that suck the oxy-
w:nout of the nation's politics, And on
top of that stratl'gic choin.' to work an
ag<.'1lda in the administration's first
year instmd of focus, as Pn'Sid''llt Bill
Clintondid ill his first year, on jobc.-.:--
mion, rh... Oooma administration h.1S
found it difficult to e'xplain what it's
done' or where it's w,ing.
"When you'", the pn'Sident, 1J'."'Ple
want to hear nbout rhe road aheadand
whe", we'", going fmm here," said
Don Ba,'r, Burson-Marsteller
Worldwide "in.' chairman and former
Whit,' HouS<.' rommunil"ations din.'<:1ot
onder P"",ident Clinton, "They w"nt
to know: This is how we build a
See OBAMAon PaQe 23
The Uni versityofKemucky
hasplaoledQiaot. wcooen
palmers-liketiletabs in
Facebook Places-oo as
students tocheck in. Why?

BACK IN JUNt . the Ooomaadministra-
tion declared thaI a "summer of ro.:rn:-
ery" at hand assomeconstruction
pmje'<:1s fundexl by the stimulus bill
fXlS"xI 19 months Ixfure' fin.111y gOl
underway. He end.. xl the summer on a
darker rotc. in a prime-time address
fmm the 0.'.11 Offin.' thaI uS<.xl 50me
grim rhetoric to describe the state of
Ihe e'('(",omy.
Hm-;nt-in properly sober fashion
andsa ns flight suil--<:ledaro:l the warin
lraq ov.. 't, Burack Obama indicated a
shift to the<'<unomyas hisn.'ntral issue,
n.lcrencing a "time of great unCl'rtain-
Iy," a "klOg andpainful "-'C<'SSioo, " l"-...'ll
sU&,"'5ting "a futureofbstingIJ'.\IOC and
klOg-rerm pm5periry seemIxymd
our n.\lCh" As for how to n.'gain thaI
prusp..'Jity, he pointlxl out w" n<...-d '"
endd...,,,,nJ..'llo.' Oil niL ineT<.\Isc exports,
jom!",mn innovmi,m. and improve th...
Thc Am,'ri"," public, faced ,,;th
ne'giltivc indicalors on Ihe unemploy-
mml and housing fronts. not to men-
li,m th... stock indi=, n,,""-'" a mnfi-
bluopnnr. Instead.
fmm P"",id<'llt Oooma. il got a grim
portrait of the e'COnOinic landscal'" £01-
low\. xl by a mte recitation of non-spe-
cific and famil iar-sounding solutions
Not-50-smooth talking:
Obama mangles message

when it comes toeconomy,AdAge's Market erof thc'rear
lackscommunicationsprowess hehada.. candidate
Holding cos. clean
house, consolidate
agencies to gain
efficiency, scale
Improved business outlook
createsideal timetoevaluate
Blockbuster isrolling out
interesting adsinlesl
manets, Mille
companymav runoul of
moneyandtime befOfe it
has chance to work.
'nus Sl;MMrR, holding compa-
nics kept busy with a bit of housekeep-
Omnicom Group, wrr, lntcrpublic
Group of C,I!' . and MDC Partners in the
past few months hcve ull strccmhncd
the numbo"r of indi,iduJI shop' and
agency siUing uncl.. -, the ,."me
umbrdla-sWl..,ping und,',-perf",ming
enliti,'S under their stronger siblings
and combining "!\"ncil-'; 10 create scale
and expand footprint . And
it's nol OVI'T: <-'"Eo,; of these mmp.1nies
and observc-'" say there's more to rome
this y<.'ar.
Why now? #[f it's nO! dear it's a r bl-
form you want to haw, " it's a gond tim"
to decide til eliminale thO! pmperty, said
one analyst whocovers the SP.lCC and did
not wish til be named. Ill' nm<'" that
because business is rebounding, the tim-
ing might lx, linhxl to holding compa-
nie'5 "1\. ...........·aluating what the right num-
ber of operating units a,,-' and the' [what
the right amount of) scale is to serve
latb'" diems."
wpp and Inte''Public de,<;line-d to
comment. and Omnicom could not be
reache"'. But a number of scnior indus-
try ex<'<"Utiv,'5 sUAA''St,x110 Ad Ag" the
timing of such mOVe'5 is linhxl at least
fXlnly to the' ,'COnomy. A, the industry
climbs out of last years de"'p ""-"'S-
sion-ecnd tries to avoid slipping into a
double dip ("'-'" rdatexl story, P. 1)--
egcncics haw seen the Ix,""fits of being
moT<.' effici<,nt.
After ye\lrs of sagging peMonnann.'
from its brand. Omnia"" in
July finally announC\.xI it was oollap,;ing
th.. ChiGlgo offiCl' of rh.. digiml a!\"ncy
into E-Graphic, Worldwide, TIlWA's
glob.11 production scrvi= arm. It's
understood that AgeneyeTlIll OUlt"lSts
globally will fall into the TIlWA n<'twork
down the rnad.
Alsothis summer; the' ""rid's larh"'St
holding OOlllpany, WPP, merge'" "''' of
its health-care wntun.'S. Cormronf-lcehh
and Ogilvy Ilmlthworld. Thar create'"
what Ad Age's l\1taCcntet ronks as the
world's third-largt.'5t hmlth-Gll<' a!\"ocy
n.. 'tWOrk, giving Conunonf-lcalth, which
100 LATE 10 HELP
Scan: worldmags® Scan: worldmags®
Foxis counting on
more pitch-
perfect success

winning dramedy.
See rmtv 011 Page Zl
cnccs that onec flocked to now--eancelcxl
sc"';al, like ABC's "L."t" and Fox's N24.
In an erawhere m'lSt foI ks sc",m to prefer
",ul 01' hour-long pf<lCl'<lurnl dramas
that wrap their plodinc'S "ithin 4O--<Jdd
minute'S (the' r csr of the' timc i. for com-
NBC's gamble is an intrif, 'Uing
one. nyou·1l.' curious: Onc ''f'iSl xk for
"The E""nt" fmtun'S a riveting im"!,'C of
a Ionc pilot ina small pla",' about mmake
a bc",line for the pn'Sidc'llt of the Unitc-d
Stat", a. he tries to hunk...r down in his
official caT.
Howwil lc:l'larqes affect CBS's " CSI"
franchi se?
This trio of p"'gram, "''TTlain' a reliable
perfonner for CBS, but the' Ill'tWOfk h;)s
m",,-x1 nV<:l of rh... shows-"CSl Miami"
and "CSI: Nc'W York"--{O nl'W night>.
Smrting in the' fal l "Miami" move'S to
Sundays fmm Mondays while #Nl'W
York" mo",,,,, to Fridays from
Wdnesdays. Meanwhile, "CSI,Nstill a
It'll program withcnvablc raring>. isgc'l-
ting on in ymrs. A risk? CBS eXl'ruti\lC'S
havesaidth''Y're ",ing NCSI"'s fl'lflUlari-
ty w ,hore up ", her night>.
Do we like to wat ehTVon Fridays?
For ""my years, Friday ha. been the
night on which nern'orb positionl-d
undc-rpt."rfonning programs or a plac'\' to
,rick sht",'S ner..",ks b<.'lil"'-'Il w<.'TI' on
their last Ie'g>. Why? Well, everylxJdy
"",,-king f<>r till' w<.'Ch'11d so the'Y
we""''l1't at h,,,ne watching TV whm it
finally carne aruund,The'Sl'<bys. m.lnyof
us fl",l luck" if we can afford a flu-SCTl'<-'Il
TVand a rnbl,' l-Kxlk"p. And "",'re stay-
ing home to w"tch thr>sc thingson whim
we , pmt so mum moncy.
With that in mind many big nc'T-
works are lomling up Friday with highc'T-
quality fare, whl'Ther', a "'I' drama
star ring Tom Selleck (CBS's "Blue
This seasotfscrop
ofnew prcqrams
includes (from
Slar: CW's
"The Event" aod
Do TVviewers st ili have II yen for complex
"flliqm;ll" $hawS that require them t o
watch everyepl sode with IiQorous
NBC will find out soonerthan m ost. The
nenV<lTk srill in the midst of trying to
right it> ratings "",..-s, is launching a one-
h",,, drama calk'll "The EVl'1lt
N its
executives believe wi ll attract thoseaudi-
nontradition,,1 f".hion, it h". be.... ",ne
elmr t<> m.lny in the indu,try that relying
on g""d old Nic!sen mtings----Tl'gUlar or
comrncmal-cdocs n·t always .how till'
full range of who's watching shows such
as "Cossip GinN or NLife Uncxp<'Ct<.x1."
Ad""rti...'T inten'St in the CVV's mm-
bincd pack"b'C Ntl'\' me' ndously
TlX'Ci,,--d" during the upfmnt. said Rob
Tu(k ex... " vfvncevork sales at the OV,
and the net"mk has Nmntinuc-d W h"v"
the same success in the fourth-quarter
scatter marh'TpI,.,l;. " Now the
question: If edvcrtiscrs want moreof this
flllmtheCV\I, will thl'" sc",k it flllmorher
Is soc.,1med., doi llQanythillQ for TV?
Wc·fl' nor .un.'. The'Tl' h.1W lx'Cn some
intriguing experiml'1lt> in the past year,
including Fox' s effort to run an on-SCTl'<.'11
fc....-d of Twitter duri ng
e'f'iSlxl,'S of NGlcv" and "Fringt',N and
NBC's TlX'Cnt inC'Olplmtion of rn,-,<-'TS
during it> broedcasr of thc Emmy award>.
Our take is th"t TV appmrs to b<.'
doing more f'lT Twittl'T. Faccb ook end
orhe'T venUl'S than the,.. are
doing fot TV programs. all hype ubout
social bUl.z gmeraring highc'T rarillb'S for
TV showsa,ide. People love to chat about
the'ir fa'''rite , hows, but the,.. may not
love sc'(ing that samechat aC'TflS6the bot-
mm of the' SCTl'Cn while' watching those
same crnne'llil'S and dram;)s. Li!<c'Wi...., Sllulllis funny on Twitter (If in an
upd.1lC may fall flat when j"mmd
inw a he' awards-showbnadcasr.
Will Fox's "American Idol" continueas
Yc:>-for now. The ,how i, ,rill 'U('('CSl;-
fut but it is agi ng, and lingering qwstions
"ver the Iinl'Up "f judge'S for next sc';]son
an'-fl' t helping the n<'(work make it> C.I"".
You can. riUcxpcu w bring in the'
ma>S<. 'S, but the show has lost smne
steam. Fox dmrly wants to h'<.'P st"king
it> fi ..... 'S until it C.ln dc'lennine h'Il\' suc"
ccssful dl'parrexl h",t Simon Cm"dl's NX
Fae,,,r" will b<.' in the fall of 201 t ---Qnd
Ad Age fl ipsthroughthenetworks' biggest issues, shake-upsand challenges
Will CW's exper'.,K'lot withmlxlnq online
views and TV ratlnqs traction?
If. l'11ri tcly possible. Thc network has
bc'gUn offeringadvertisers pack.l
of ad
inventory across TV airings and online
,tn';]ms of it> pmgram,. As me,re fa ns
chorl\iC lO waten f"wlrite progmms in a
WorldMal!S® - Dil!ifal Mal!azines
GET KEA"" IUR a barrage of promotions
for nl'W fall TV pn'b'ffims. BIIt
goingon behind the scenes might be just
as worth wmching, Though it still
"'''-'1n like summer, the CV\I is s"t this
we",k to b ll",h seasons of "';fj2 lO
start programs sum as "Hellcats." NBCis
preparing to open what it hop... 'S"ill lx a
Ill'Wmapter " i th lnu.zeci-at-lUt programs
induding "Th" Event" and
NUmlemlV<.'T'S." CBS i, at-lUt to mil out
someof thc'most-anticipated programs of
the sc';]son, including J n'vamp of
NHawaii Fivc-O" and a saucily-tirll'll .it-
COm ",Ue'll " $II'! My Dad 5.1YS." Fox ha,
it> ey e on a "DalbsN-style oil-and-om-
man dram.l ",Illxl "Lonc Smr,N
Underneath aUthe hmpb, however,
smnd any number of imri!,>uing chal-
lenb'l'S the TVnetworks must faCl;, some
lI'lo>'<.'The'T, s ome on thei r ,,,,n. What all.'
they' Below. Ac! A<,'C teUs you what to
watch out for a>rhc TVsea son
gl'TS out of the St.llting blocks.
Drama! Intrigue! celebrity! What you
should know about the fall TV season
", .-"-....
4 Septembe r 6. 2010 I AdvertisinQ Age
WIllI THE'foUl ILY':
COO:: killlJ in10
has its privileQes.
tobe awin-winfor 'IV
viewersand networks
YOU CAS NOW che'Ck in I<> TV ,hows
hk,.' vou am to vour corner bar. But
whm;, a chl'Ck-in' worth I<> networks if
they am't sendviewers buyone, h'Ct one
free happy-h"ur sp<'Cials?
The new b......... -d of che'Ck-in al'ps aim
I<> rakc th... b<.'havi"r madc pupular by
Foursquarl""""':n ,hart, tapping a butlnn
to say, "I' m he'I'\' N_ to cnt,'rtainml'l1t
pmpenil'S like TV ,how,. movi", and
cvcn books, Just likc location apps, thc
list of chl'Ck-in start-ups for mntent is
already long; Miso, Philo, Starling and
GerClue have ' n.lgf,'lxl dc';]ls with mcelia
companies a. a means to cross-promote,
build brand, and rewardloyal vil",·ers.
CerCloo. which report. 200,(0.) total
chl'Ck-in' per day, will be launching a
program with Fox where the network
will pmmotc new
seri es to "ic'Wers of
its cxisting shows.
Vil""ers that che'Ck-
in to thc popular
series NG!ce" will
ge' t notiU'S on its
new mmedy

Nl\aising Hopc.N
while "iewers of
NB<lIlC'S" will gcr an
alert on the new
drama " Lone Star,N
When fans che'Ck in
and unlock stickers
(an inecntive e'qui,,-
aknt to Foursquare' s badge) for existing
shows, ehcy am "am an additional stick-
er for watchinga traikr for a ne'W seric'S.
The'Sl' apps arc also shaping into loy-
alty programs where networks can
n.'Ward rhcir sup<'T fans. "Chl'Cking in is
a rep<'Titivc b<.'havior that demonstratl'S
continuity." said Alcx lskold, G,'TGluc
founder-CEO. "I em like 'True Blood'
on Feccb ook or [ ran chcx.k in to 'Truc
Bhxl' every Sunday night, religiously.
It demonstrates I'm a bcrrcr fan that just
who Lih'S."
HEO has usc-d C.erGlue more thao
Olhe'r 'ervia.'Sthat it's tl'Stlxl, including
Tunerfish and'n. lts chc'Ck-in
programs, for shows such as
"Entourage" and "Hung," are primarily
h.,dgc-bas,..,<l and focus on I'\'warding
chc'Ck-in b<.'hav;or or watching at a ecr-
"Rewarding brand ambassadors is a
ke'y rompom'nt of our social-media
stra,,-'gy and this isone way wedo that,N
said 5.lbrina Caluori, HBO director-
markc'Ting and social mc-dia. "Rewards
can be as . implc as holding som<'!".x1y
up in an cxahl-d po' ition nr re-rn·""ting
from the official 'Trw Blood' Twitter
See IY CHlCl-IMS on PaQe Zl
before you
that show
Scan: worldmags® Scan: worldmags®
Scan: worldmags® Scan: worldmags®
6 September 6. 2010 IAdverti sinQ Aqe
PopCap'sviral gamecontinuesto rackupdownloads
acrossplatforms despitea marketingbudget of$35,000
'Plants vs. Zombies'
menace spreads
through populace
nmgiving tmmuch away," Mr, Rmholtz
said. "Th<'n' hove nc"" been over 5 mil-
lion vil,\-,{<; of 'Z<,mhie'S on my Lawn.' It
was viral out of the gate.
The fil'S1 game bOWl'<:l in />-by 2(X)9,
foIl'lV>'e"j by n'1ail PC and MacVI.'l'Sions in
Au;,'U>l th.1t y..-ar, thm the iPhone appin
Fcbroary and ipad aPl' in April. But Mr.
R'>lholz said itonly nx"" 30 Ibys from thl.'
initial bunm for PopCap 1O"''C ithada hit,
andtIllx'gin planning fur mhl'T plmfonns.
Manyfans havehelpt."j the cau.., with
sp<mmnl'OUS and enthusmsnc promotion
of the game. Ae"!nl'S loel McHale and
Oliver Plath 3pp<.':In'<:l se".,rmdyon "late
Night "ilh Jimmy Falion
within 1\lCCk.
of ..'Jch O1h..'T end both confes sed addic-
tion, to I\·Znn the iPad. A.mall alllagc'
industry of hon1C""atlc go:"' s hassprung
up on the inteJn<.'! humatti,t,;' paintings,
...-ulptun'S;",d plushie., of the cberectcrs
11> hand-p.1int<"j T-.him and cwamic
bwn omam<'flts, Fans have knit PVZ
' ''''-'ilters. rn.-atd owng,,'\'lingennis
andbaked PvZ birthday cak..'S.
C"'iltiVl.' marketing. howl'VI.'T, a mtin-
ue'S, Wilh things like
invill'S11> 3 parry pnmi..'TI.' in spring. and
PvZ 7.ombie bn-akd.1occl'S at the elllranoc
III E3 this past luOl', (A was r oo
expt.'fl.ive for the mark<'ling budge'!. )
POpC1p has also branched out illln
traditional, with ads for the
Xbox game" in magazine" incl uding
Wi""j and PCWorld, andwill doin-store
retail marketing with channel partners.
A, for that initial 535,0))1 It was mOll'
than <.'"I1ough for launch. Mr. Rotholt'"
said he thinks his lmm Imly "pt.'fll about
522,{(1), Nincluding the"ineNto toost its
, um'SS.
,'l;nne. I <.mIkin't fll'1 to w'll pbying.
or coming up with all kind, of ide-a•."
But the fe'eling wasn' t echoed
lhroughout the company. In f3et, I\'Z
was seen as a bit too diffcn:nt, a bit too
""0' initi3Uylow, hence
lhe small all",;:.uio" for mark'!in!\-
So Ix'gan the [n,<it, 'l.'t markc'ling. rvz
launche-d with a sile lakover of
rOpC1p.CIlmonApril t 2009, which ge'll-
<'T:ltl'<:l pn'S, aboul wh<'!h<'T it was a joke
or not 3nd continued with rrorc online
amle'fll, including loth of lhe
game and an origin31 >r'<lOfy Zombie
lemp offi"-"",,,,,ker ..,tie'S; a "Z<xnbatar"
that zornbic-iz..'<:1 users' pmfi1e pictures,
and the po,ting of the NZ<>mbi<'S on Your
lawn" original song3nd \'Kko that is the
payoff fur winning lhe game.
NWe hadtnamviocc C>\-wge [Fan. the
&1mem-awr] that it 3gOldmov\.' and
Xbox 360.Xbol Live
Arcade aoo Ninlendo
bee diddsdoscthat when the f\·Z il'hone
app debut<"j in F,obruary, it ,old 3lX),{O)
mpie'S to roke- in 51 million in just nine
d1YS, .etting an App Store n",,,,l ar the
time. Last W<.'\-k. thegame was still No. 20
intheiI'h<me App Ston'.Tho' iPad I\·Z 3pp
W3S, and still is, f"'lun'<:l OIl iPJd demo
unit,; in3113000fApple's n't.1il stun'S, said
PopC.ap VP-Marketing IX'fl Rorho,ltz.
UniqUl' content. positiVI.' word-of-
mOUlh and l",i,h In<.'<:Iia rovcro,,'" of lhe
gam.., has been behind it,; succes s. 1Mso
ha, "xne rn.-ative markc'ling__n>alivein
part out of necessity. because the initi31
marh'ling budg..'! WJ<; only535,O:Xl.
"This game was the ultimate gift a
mark,'ling "'-l"'rtrnmt ((luld ge'!, N Mr.
Rothol17. said. "It's an ultra-high quality
gam<' that' s ina..'<:Iibly fun and ha,
extn'lne kvel. of dl-,pth.. .. My markr.'1-
ing del"'rtrnl'fll was smittm with lhe
Til E P<'w<''T of
znmbie'. Inthi, case, pbnt,; 3nd znmbi<'S.
"Plant> \IS. Zombk'S,N with its unusu-
31 ((lmbiMtion of pl3nt,;
3nd n01-lrlO-SClry cntorm zombie'S, h3s
qllidJy b ecom e a hug<' hit for rasual
game publisher PopC.ap--<md it's about
The quirky Slral<'b'Y challeng<' lhal
Ix'gan as a downloedablc PC game "ill
bunm as an Xbox .'Wl l<'1ail game and
Xbox Live ArruJ..' downloedablc game
this momh, and will be available for
Nintcndo OSearly next Y<."\lr.
PopCap, whimalso make'S
:;aid r"zis the faSl<'St -seiling game in the
mmpany's hi,tory, ""ith toml, "in the
millions of unit>" acro!'6 all plalfoOTIs.
YoungMarcus Rivers is thefaceof awinningefforttoattract 12-to-14-year-olds
""'ARCUS oov'r PLAY T1IAr.
Marcus Rivers, Sony PlaySteuon's
,mack-lalking fmm man for its hand-
held PSI' de\'ioc, n:fcrring to mobile-
In online videus and TV ad., the
1<.'<'Jt.1O'I' M3tcu. or anmh..'T actor holds an
iI'h<me up to the camera and lhen pro-
reeds to blast appgam..'S. Marcusallis rh..,
Wa'le·ba,ket game app, for example,
adding. Nit should1 been
calle'<:l W;l.tin' my thn'C minUle'S cuz I'll
ne'VI.'T ,,'l'1 thnt time beck-c-or wastin' my
ma0l.1" h. 1rd-mme'<:l money." Inancllhl.'r,
he d erides the gamo [tN by saying.
"Allyoudoi, thisbutton for a, long
as you can because that'. your punish-
mmt for dumb l'fl,,,,gh to buy this
And in ancliher he' bcshcs the
phoneir>d f"ilh: "ThaIain'! builtfur big-
boy g;lme'S, lhar's built for texting your
gmndm3 and allling your girl."
The tagline for the dfort i. NSt..'p Up
YmlrG.1me," andthat's what Sony
hoping lhe marh'!ing will do for PSI', a
No. 2 in the tmdition31
handheld gaming marh'! to its main
CIlrl1p<.'litnr, Nintcndo OS. Th..-re haw
Ix'\'fl mon: than 17 million PSI'<; and 43
million OSunit,; sold to ,l111', alUlrdingto
But ..'ven more pll.'SSing is the
titinn Stmyand Nim,'fl'lo bmhfae"" fmm
the mar"''1, particularly
Apple. L1st y<-ar, iPhon<' OS gaml'S
grablx'<:l a 19% slum: of t0131 portabk
,'l;Hn..'S ",!tware n'"Ve'flue', up fonn 5% in
2{)l8--mo,t1yallhe<'»pen..,of lhe lradi-
tional hand-hI.'kls. PSI' fen from 320% to
11% of",!twa", o.'VI.'Ooe, while OS
d",l'p,,'<:I from 75%to 70%, ascakularcd
by 3pp analyst finn Flurry. "In the
mobile-phone 'pae"", the bt&,'l'St compt.'li-
tir:m i. fnr time and mon..y Everytme
ne'\-.:I. a mobile phone (bUl) a game
machine is a luxury. On II'll of tlull. the
prio. 'S fur mobile-phone game'S arc wry
ch"'lp; S'I.'l'l would be3 pnmiumgame-
lhcre i. 0l.1jor mmp..'!ition for mnsuJn<.'T
time' and money JcrIlSS all platfo"ns,"
said DavidCole, analysl DFC Intellih'l'floc,
"They need to beworried about any com-
pt.'ling d<'vice fur am,umer time and
mnney--phones, irad comp..'1ing
Since SonV's latest
PSP campaignwith
trash--talkinq Marcus

Thompson) began in
mid-June.sales tor
thehand-held gaming
deviCe have climbed
20%each week,
de'vio.'S, console systems etc."
Stmyi. hoping Marcus' fo.'Sh faocand
smaTl-aIc-.:k eteeudc will alllJl-':Il to its
n'\i ",,-d 131b"-'! 3udieocc of 12-w-l4-y..-ar-
old., Re'SCann last year sh"",c"j Stmythat
its 3udimCl' h,1d gottm young quidJY'
frnn an awl1lf,'I' J.f,'I' nf 28when the PSI'
bunchl'll in 2005 down w the mid-teen
age'S by 2009, said John Koller, din'l"1or-
hardware mark.'ling at Sony Comput..'T
Entertainment America.
"WI'Silwthe [mwl primeWlb'l'1 as 12-
1O-I4-ymr-olds who areh'Taduating f"xn
devices liketheOSand1'VI.'Jt th..' Leapsrcr.
but before theyre getting inm mn",le
gaming or ca rrying .1oartphon<'S,u he
said, "We ,,-ally want<"j ",",<,,"e aspira-
tional for them, .. . We came up with
Marcus RiveT<;, a knc,w-it-all PSI' gamer
who' s paSSiONlW about the brand and
about why the PSI' i, bett<'T for&1ming.
"[ thought Sony rnedc a mistake in
nm mrg<'!ing that 12-to-14-year-old
audience ,...rlyon," said Mr. Cole."The""
are WnSUmeT<; I'K,king for a mobile
"'-"iCl', and inmany cases th..')' don't have
mobile pho>nl'S or h3w "'-'I)' n.'Stricn\t
mobile phone'S. So, it loah'S ..,n.."
(OOt) the qU<.'Stir: mis, are theyI<K, l1te?"
St, far, the adsan: working. ao;ording
to Mr. Kolb, whonoted Ih31 the rate of
';'1b ,inc.." lhe campaign 1x'b'Un in mid-
lum' h,1V1.' dnnbcd 20% higher each
I,,-'Ck P1.1nning fur mon: Marcus ads i.
alrc...dy und er way,
Along "ilh thl.' nlW ,poke'Skid, Stmy
is also trying to appcc] to younger
t<'\'fl_nd th<ir parent,; who, .till ho,ld
the purse strings-with it> lune-
announo."j PSI' fa,,,ritl'S, a of
game'S at S9.9'l ea ch. Then:are cum:ntly
3lxlUt 25 title, in thr:' wlk'l"lir:m, Wilh d.1S-
sics and p"'1<'Cn-friendly title'S such ;IS
"Burnout lc'b'l'nds" and"Sims,N
The PSI' campaign, creal,-d with
P1.1yS13ti<>n Jt,'l.'flcy D<.'Ursch, LA, is a
mostly TV me'<:lia dfon, bUI inclu"'-'S an
online vidl'U romp<m''flt and SllIO<.' onbn..,
adwrtising fmruring Marcu•. The me'<:lia
buy includes ahcrnoon tim" slors and
'pon" and ha, h.'\'fl particularly sum'S>-
ful on Vi,1rom channels sumas MTVand
Nick al Nile. n""" buys are a del"'mlre
for traditional PSpTV, which hadfocu sc'<:1
,m TV;lnd prime time w lalb"-'!
the mid-20s lTO\','d,
Scan: worldmags® Scan: worldmags®
....... ...
On Au gust 11 , nearly 1,000 industry execut ives paid
tr ibute to Adverti sin g Age' s Women to Wat ch at an
awards lunch eon in NewYork City.

AO\" OTl I .. O
Of .... YO H
In with
1 Honoree Kirsten Flanik,EVI' Senior Account Di rector. BBDG, Hew yolt SUlanne Mars:Osher HaDerman, Malt John Osborn. aBOG: Sara Beth Shrager.Mallei Entertainment 2 Lil Sa rachek
Blacker and Allison Afo'en, VP/Publ i,her, AQe 3 HaRom Melissa RichardsPerson, Senior Diredor,Advertising and Promotions,Papa John'sand Oanya Proud. Senior Manager U.s. Media
Re lations, McDonald's4 Honoree OanielleParis. Director'Praduct Innovation and Development MenuManagement. and Deborah McDaniel, McDonald's 5 taurenWiener, Vice President. Meredith
Inlerolctiveand NancyWeber.SVP. eMD,MeredithNational Media Group 6 Dana McCol'lie: Honoree Laura McCorvie.$VP ConsumerGrowth and Shopper Markeling,Kraft Foods;Jamie OePeau,nU' CRH:
AnnBil lock,AU Advisors: Leslie reichgraeber,PepsiCo 7 PeteRoper. Senior Director, Digital,Adverlisil1/j Age HOIWree Janet salis,EVP MediaSales. Mariha Stewart living Omnimedil leslieDance,
Kodat:Jackie Ghedine, ManagingDirector, Sales,AdVertisil1/j Age 8 KimMartin, President and General Manager,WEtv' Wedding Central 9 This year's honorees discuss the secrets of theirsuccess
10 BACKROW(l TO R) KimMartin, President and General Manager,WEtv ,Wedding Central: Nancy Weber,SVP,CMO,Meretlith Nalional Media Group:Maureen S11llivan,SeniorVi et Presidelll of
Brand, and Partnerships, AOl Christine Mau,Brand Des ign Director, Kimberty-tIar1;:Sarah RobbO'Hagan,CMO,Gatorade; Beth Waxman'Arteta,Global Business Director, JWT; Jilllel Balis,EVPMediaSales,
Martha Siewari living Omnimedil KarenSauder, ManagingDirector. Chicago, DraflFCB: Joan lewis, SVPConsumer &Market Knowl edge, Procter' liaaible; Melissa RictlardsPefSOfl,SeniorDirector
Advertising and Promotions, Papa John's; laura McCorvie, SVP Consumer Growth and Shopper Marketing, Kraft Foods:Allison Arden, VP/Publ isher',Adrtftisil1/j Abbey AdYeffising
Age: FRONTROW (llOR) Joan Gillman, President TWC MediaSa les,Time Warner Cable:Chr ist ine Fruechte,President and CEO, Colle ' McVoy: Sa ra Ohriall,Virectllf'of R&Il. BoIInier KdenF1aQik,
EVP Senior Account Director,BBDD, New lOlt TaraComonte,COO!CFO, Mediabrands:liz Dolan: Danielle Paris, and MenuManagement McDonald's USA:AmV
Curlis'Mclntyre, SVP Marketing.DId Navy 11 Sarah landsman, Pete Brace,and Honoree Sa rah Robb O'Hagon,CMO, Gatorade '

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8 Septembe r 6, 2010 I AdvertisinQ Aqe WorldMags® - Digifal Magazines
Ad Age spends aday with Hyundai-yes, Hyundai
Our reporter tagsalongonautomakcr's Uncensoreddrivingevent and watches theconvertsroll in
Aleamcaplail1ed by
Jackt.Iortl)rl makes
the complicated
undertakirlQ look


:vis. Kumpis SJ id she has ",-'Co am-
somers. at other tour StilI'S, jump out of
Sonatas and d, im they were to
purchase OOl" that wry dty ,
\Nhik that didn't h, ppc'll on this day,
at least not in the first few hours of the
l'\ll'lll, it wos dcm that theexperil'1la.' had
shifted the mindsct of some
of those in a11l'lldancc,
lad, :vIorton estimates that nearly
1.(X)) pc...'f'Ieanl'J1&'xl the l'\ll'llt O\fl.'T the
" 'l'l"k<'lld. The Iinl'S for the test dri,,-'S
weI'<.' fuJi and most uf those who
dm...e the..-a1'S wel'L' 1O g<'l onlinefor
the virkx) car and 1.t lk the experi-
enl'l". Copil'S of vide...» "'-'llt to
rhcm and Hyundai also cdtrs the v:i,kx>s
for. rwl it P'»t> on its Facebmk
(Soml" of the hltJgl' the'Y cornpil-
iog thistour ,vill event uallyb., u",-xl
in future('Orlllnercials. but for nowit isall
b.,i ngp»tcxl 00 Faa.u .,k. Simibr fm taW
used in prior TV spots came fmma wry
sm.11 mall Inur llyund, i did for 501'1.11.'
earlier in the vcar.]
One a mple waitiog on line In ,h,.){"
vide'll said: should do this
muTSl' out>ide th,';r dl'Jler,hips and
thl'Y """,ldsell a Ulr l'\'erytime
Mike, a Toy,){a owner
who wa, waiting to make a vidl'll
"h:ml the ,'Xpr'Til'J1CC. ""id he is in the'
markt fur a oew..-ar but de\llerships
and Iikr'S the "1"w-ke'Y" of
the Un",n,,),,-xl C\ll'TIt.
Hl' said his 12-Yl""r-old Ctmry is in
the shop l'\'<.'I)' orhc'T ,wek and that the
t,'St drive hejust finished is forci nghimto
"'<'I,"sider his longstanding alilWana.' to
Toyota. "l\fter this and all the issues
Toyou has had. 1am seriou,ly amside'T-
ing purchasinga Hyundai n<"".N
Of PWll
NLllBER{fMillS 00i
Of C111[S IHE
!DUi ISHilliNG
Cabrera n'Cllkd do what one excited
attendee did on the tour Slast SlUp didand
make upa " lOg the driving experi-
cnce the'Y just had.
Under fomler marketing mid loel
Ewanick and his No.2 Chris p,' ny. bot h
of whom de'GImpcxl to General
Motors, Hyundai gained st''am in the
,uto ,,,,,rid with dl'\lCr ,dvertising. a
mlxlia stnll<'llY to buy big-event pro-
gmmming like the Super Bowl ,nd "
groundbl'L'aking BUj'<. '1" s Assurance pro-
gmm that .1I0,,",-xl COnsumers1<> l'L'tum a
nl'W Hyundai if they I,»t their ino;ome.
Bill Monique Morin Kumpi s.llyundt i's
manager-experiential marketing alld
Stratlwe ...t id there' s no substi-
tute for g<'1'ting behind the whl'l.'L
"Admmpaigns tella story but there's
n",hiog thel'L' for a ron,umer to touch
and h....!. " she said, "The h'y is b ting
ron,u lllers draw their own l, ,,,dusinn,
but to do that they need to haw the'
Hyundai experience. This is beyond
tents and cones. With wl"rything the)'
GIll do hel'L' it bc'ffiml'S ' 1'1 experieo<x . nd
the more we em get th.. nn driving our
Glrs . nd telling th,ir friends about us.
the better. N
and in ronditionsyou '''lO't get
in a test with a dl'ak'r, No one is in
SJb mode hl,l'L' forcing to signor
Of murse, the ide" iso't just to am-
surncrs experim<'t.' the cars but to r'\'UO-
gelize about the'01, and II j,mdai gives
them of ways to do that. Aftet the
l<'St dri,'<.'S, thl'Y al'L' mmu"'b"xltll Ii"b'l'r
in a gbming white loul\','C under a hUb'C
lI yundai-bmndlxl tent . nd li sten to
music. drink Smrbucks frnppulunns and
usciradsavaibbletil th,..-n--hopefullytil
spn'ad the gospel about Hyundai
-rs, plOCl' is winxl to k'1 ronsumers
tell their focnds about the \'Xperil'lll'l",N
SJid ]aim<' Glbn'l1l. ffi'arive dinxtm at
lack Monon and dl'Sii,'ller of the Spal'l"
'The loaded wi th Twim'r and
FOCI'oook, , nd you em chl'Ck in on
Foursqmll'L' when you g<'1 here. Wr' Sl'l
this up so thc'Y will hang ,round,. lJlk til
uS and other consumers about Hyundai.
have. [frnppumnol .nd listl'll to music
afecr they test drive the GIl'S."
They am also take a k'Ss priv. te
apprr>;lm by entering a Snnata l'quippo.x1
with. vide..., Glmem, when' the'Y GIn dose
the door and rave, romplain. or, as Mr,
• BYMICHAELBUSH mbWl@adage,oom
DLSPlTE A COOL and bn-c'zy Friday
morning in late Augu,t, BlakeKanickij i,
working up a sweat M' he scrubs a
floor in the parking 1m of
Citizens Bank Ballpark on his hands and
knl"' 'S, #Gcninga b'{KJd d.'yi, the hardl'St
said the' projcce manager for Jack
Monon, in between laboring to remove
SCllff marks left by past visitors end
in,trucring local union laburers layinga
rubbcrvcd fl oor. the pc'OJ'le
the proCl'SS is easy,N
Aod in the So-person tl",m he's
chon"'Jgrnphing on behalfof Imerpublic
Group of Cos.' experiential marketing
is making it I'K, k d''Cl'Prively
,imple to tum one of the >!adium', main
parking lots imo the fourth ,tOP On the'
lO---<:i ty #Hyundai Un",n",,,-"N
lOur, This 1<1\ of thl' tour, held at the'
home of the Phibddphia Phillil'S and its
to tum locals imo Hyundti
fan, by puning thc'I'll b.,hind the whc...,1
of a Hyundai Sonata. Toyota Camry or
HondJ A{'cord, uki ng thc'l'll through
their paces with a roUTS(' romi,t;ng of
hairpi n turns, ''\la,ive maoeuvers. high-
spc...-d straightawJys aod rondition, that
mimic icy",,,ds,
u'SS thon U hours lxfore ronsumc'l'S
sun showing up, the' SU'J1e dOl'Sn't I'K,k
like mudl of anything. The to-do li,t,
which must be romplc'llxl by the end of
the day, indude'S: unloading twoUlr Ulr-
ril'TS andtwo Hyunrb i-wrnpprxl shipping
ronui ners filk.J with furniture, fl<X>ri ng
and ekxtnmics; enxting tents: Sl'CUring
electricity; an{' horing the tem, with
wri ghts; putting up Hyund,'i ,igns and
buildiog In d , bor"te driving amr",
using 14 professional drivers from
PnU' Km Dynamics [nternJri,mal . pm-
duccr of automotive cxpcncnnal-rnar-
kc'ling p">grnm" Th. t .Iooe involve'S
laying out more ronl'S than it
"'-.....-ns p",ible to count.
As :vi r. Ka nickij and his lack Morton
cuh.,m, D.ln Beilke. another projlxt man-
agcrandtour IronJ-f,,<:r Art Han""" ,hut-
ticback and forrhlx'tWl...n rhc main swg-
iog an'" Clrrying boxl'S or mJneuvering
forklifts. 0<-.: McKinney, head of the I'DI
team. ,lowly dri\fl.'S a Ulr thmugh the
COUTS(' , Via walki....mlkie. he instrults his
team til ronc'S in order to
rrckc the turns righl<'r or the turning cir-
de, whel'L' m",umers will tc'St the ClrS
turning rndius, a tad smaller. I'DI ,iriwl'S
will . {'company mnsumers while thl'Y
dri w the course.
Mr, McKinney, who h" "" rlu.xl " a
ronsultant and stunt driver in a
Holl)""KJd fi lm and in TV
has been doi ng these pmgrJIllS with
llyundai for the pasr sixyt'JrsandSJid he
wilnl'S"'-xl firsthand the illlr"lt thc""
eventsh.tve on consumers and the brand,
"Whm I first >lanlxl v><>rking ,vith
Hyundai it was dear that consumers just
thought of Hyundai a,. thmwaway Clr
andone that the)' didn't give any serious
m"sidern ti,m to, Nhe $" id while tc'St driv-
ing the course. "I have seenthat ]X'Kl>p-
tion mange II'Ll de'gn...", over the yl'Jrs,
And in my opiniorl, it's things like this
thaI are n"'p msible for that. Consumers
Uln dri ve theseOIl'S in a bcsslc-Ircc envi -
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friendly aulO brJnds, some indepcndenl and some b."kc..J by
the bigcarmakers. H,'r<" s whm you nccdro know ab01l1 who's
in the mark.. "'!ing :;cal al St.'Ven "f th.. 'SC O:lInpani<.'5 and how
they'T<..' positi.mingrhcmsclv..'510 consumers,
• IlY RUPAL rparekh@iJddgemm
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companies aredrivinghometheir marketing mes..o;;age toconsumers
Green-car marketers
revvin up in race for
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P'OIlram 60<0<1 (w"" anSllO 10\1' 10:301>. Primo OoI ' S" aP'llp)

sevec assaes
arole retook onetter astintas
chairman-CEO 01 RollsRoyce Motor
cers. H..'salsoaoretsne managing
director of LarldRover vences.
GSO&MIdea City, Austin, T..xas
Joel the
circles treseoavs,
Alongtime car
). QUY, hewas
brCll.>;lht inat General Motorsin
May- afteraseoer-seot stintat
Nissa" arldalewhigh'profile years
a1 Hyurtdai.
Goodby Silverstein&Partners, San
wit h 20 en-new episodes
A&E's critically acclaimed
"Hoarders," t he rest and
mcst-wetched series
about people struggling
with extreme hoarding,
retu rns lor a third s..eson
on Mondays at 9PM ET/ PT,
POSITIONING BMWw<lntsitsen-eectrk Beemer to
beknownlor beingtheontyor.e
made usingcarbon (it uses what it
callsaCfRP, carbon Iibe-rentcecec
plastic),making lighterthan
cooventcoat cars arldotherelectric
vehkles. It'salsoemphasizing
sustaioabilitynot just inthecal; txrt
thrCll.>;lhoul itssuppiychainaswell.
"Acar first arldelectric second." in
thewordsof Mr,Ewanick, The VoU
will trytoshowconsumers thatit is
durable arc retebe-ece 10go 40
milesexclusively onbatterybefore a
qasgeneratorcantake over for300
more miles until thebalt""" needs
arotrer cterce.
Each ..pisod.. 01 th is qrourobr..aking series follows two
dillerent people whose inability to let qo 01 their belonQings
is so out 01 cont rol that they are on the verge of personal
disaster, In season t hree 01 "Hoarders: ' the stakes COUldn't
be hlqher as the people profiled are faced wit h lile-chanQing
ccnsequences, " Hoarders'' not only captures tne drama as
experts work to put each hoarder on the road to recovery but
also highliQht s the individual's cneuences and triumphs.
Mondays at 9PM ET/PT
Whilelormal advertisinglor thiscar
isstill downtheroad- BMWisn't
brinqinqitsMeQ<lCitytomarket till
201J- thecarmaker isalready
buildinqbuzz aroorld its
commitment tobringingazero-
emissioncarintourban markets.
beentestinqprototype ""l'Ctrk cars,
randomlychoosing consumers to
dnveall-ell'CtricMini Coopers arc
soon aBMWseries l car, arldaskinq
themioreooet tlackl irldinqs, Asthe
Officialautomotivesecoscc for the
London Olympics 2012. ireree
speculation that BMWwill usetret
as astecetolormallylaurlCh the
Aso-secoorteaserad becen
runninginseect markets inJuly
that was completelysilent.showinq
acardrivingatonq thehighwily
thistext: "listen, That'stresocrcor
Breathtaking. isn't Whenafull
campaignbows thislall, wili likety
playupVolt'sgasqenerator, thereby
subtlyattackingLeaf arldotherpure
electric vehicles byportrayinq them
esceuse foranxietyarrcoq
• •
• •
• •
• •
• •
• •
••• • ••
SOCIIJ.IIEDIA Nodedkatedrecebooc ceceso-
Twi tter feeds forthe arld
solar any social-media discussion
epoeers onUti' BMWGroup
recebooe PilQE', whk hhas more
than laoool ans.
rececoocVOlt has nearly40,000
fans; itsTwitter paqe @ChevyVolthas
nearly 5.000followers, GMalso
created arncrosne called Chevy
VOltagethat callsitself the"official
social rtl'lwor1I oftheVolt." housinq a
bIoQ, videosaod photos.
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wi thout emitting
Reliable and dtlfable
s toetrewtest
describes this car.
Greenmachine has
affordabililyon fts
see carmakersays.
Braro:l considers itsen
aleader in eeorc-
Adverli.inQAQe ISeptember 6, 2010 "

Aul OOlilkerwantsto
be knownas premium
plug'in hybrid.
Beemeris made of
Thissedan is
epectedtorerqe J20
miles perctaree.
h4ir;hae1 locI!, the
Ducali North
America. joinedas
held senior marketingroles at
Honda Motor Europeand TriumDh
hasn't nameda
headmarketer, but
rcoroer Eion
Musk isoneofthe
most hiQh-orofile
exe<s inthegreen autoworld, arxl
former YooTUbeexecutiveRicardo
Reyes handles global
communicalions rone concerw
Jon Bnlnr;he<!u
wasnamed VP--
of JoelEwanick's
abupt oerecucn
toGeneral Motors. BeIorethat. Mr.
Brancheau wasdiredor-vlobal
M...-tl EuIOOi"q is
global vr-sees
(OJ markeliogat
' isker. She was
post last year after
serving as ccesceot-cto of aeseen
NorthAmerica forayear, ero teioe
lhat wasesec vp-seeseod
markeliogat .ecoer NorthAmerica,
JlI(:kson, a
marketer who's
heldposit ions at
F'epsiCoarJd Coon;
Brewing, and meoe hisrna<i< inthe
eutoworld between 2000and 2fXJ7
at GM NorthAmerica.
Pefeira&O'Dell, San Francisco lambesis, Carlsbad. Calif, TBWA!Chiaf/Oay.l osAngeles Aqency unclear as of presslime
Ease. rreseoteMCMl ica, ceut-cesec
firm's marketing stretecv will eeo
one-<ommerce. Pre-sales
hiliit' bequnonitsweosne fOf the
CODA sedan, atoor-Ooor. five-
passenger oatterveectoc whic
that isexpecled loranqe120 miles
percnarce, Thefirst modelswill be
delivered inCalifornia laterthisY\'<Ir.
luxury. Fiskerwantstoteseenes
tre premiumpll!lj-inhybrid. Its
KarmamocleI wasde$iQned I:1y
Henrik Fisker, whohas rercecee
models for BMWand AstonMartin.
Abase model ofireKarmacosts
$87,900, andatcc-e-ue-sre
version has upholstery made of
bamboo rstberthanleather,
Complelely green andaffordable.
Thececeeslimaled torelail for
wrth Volt's oriciogol $33,500.11 is
solely eject roc arxl runsonbattery.
Sports CarThetesta Roadster-
whichhas sold inat least 28
cocntres-at anestimated
$100.000, issaid 10acceleratefrom
Oto60 inless thantcor seccocs but
produces noemission. owoerscan
call upon a"servceranger" tomake
ahouse call foranyreces s,
Experience. Thinkoescntesthe
brandasaleader inelect ric-vehlcIe
te<hnolOQy backed I:1y nearly20
year.; of research, andScandinavian
rootsthat haW!qiven rta
"suslainabllily" rreoset, The
carmaker says it'sthefirst01 itskirxl
10wincenrorcoean ra;lulatory
SOme eooeccoscotococ work-
billboards that mimic tombstones
setupet ces-sretco pumps-howe
alreadybeen int he marketplace
fromaprioraoency. Goodness
digital executions arelikel ytobeg;n
thismoothfromPerl.'ira &O'Dell. An
e-Comroercesite Os tclunchinq soon.
aridoutreach will beacombination
of PRand events.
IlscampaiQn "Pure Driving Passion"
I"('(:enl lybecan viaaeebsiteIhal
shows irTlaQeSof the
Karma I:1y lashion photographer
Miles Aldridge. AcampaiQn lrom
t erntesn willlikely halll!more ofa
fashion tavout thancar-ad teerto rt
since lambesisworks rrosuvwrth
clothingarxl;ewelry brands such as
seeeeoc tecort
Withplanstobeontheroad this
De(:ember, tre leaf has beenearly
tomarketing. It had apush around
theOlymQics inVaOCOUlll!r, andhas
chosen seve-erercc-oe France-
winniogcyclisl lanceArmslroogas
itsofficial spokesman.He's been
emphasizes thecar as " Innovation
for tre plaJ1(>\; ioncenco forall."
The Leal recent lybrokerts Iirst
eutorrctilll! iAd00AQple'stocrth-
for Nissao across mJlliplevences is
slated lobreak thismonth,and new
leal commercials willbeore
testa eoeoster has soldsome1,200
cers withlittleinlhe wayol
treoitional advertising, striking
TagHeuer, for whoch it creeteda
customTag carandappearancesat
carraces arxlelll!non"ThePriceis
Right"onwhichit was aprize. More
traditional advertisingwill likel y
come soon, since thePalo Allo,
calit-based company W('nt public
thissummer andTesla's ModelS. its
tour-coo- sedan, isexpected tobe
Eventsarxl partnerships haW! been
astrategyinEurope, whereCEO
RichardCanny has held public
speeches onEart hDay. Thinkalso
partnered withtheBBC tocreatee
documentary aboulthenrst eectre
drivearound Europecalled "B8C
Electric: Drive," TheOslo. Norway--
basedcompany isbuildingrtsIirst
U.s. factory inmceoeto
start comiogoff tre assemblylinein
20n Because rt wantstosenre rest
U.s. sIlipments 10car"Shariog firms
andforcorporate use, eosoess-tc-
business marketing is tobee
playfor Think inthecoming months.
COda has aocccalled"Clearinq the
Air" and a YouTubechannei wrth
several explanatory videos. The
eccoeAutomal illl! feed onTwiller
has etoct atOClOfoilowers. It
appearslostill beworkiog00an
official recetooc page.
irvine. calif. -teseo FisI<er has moreUl1In
2fJ(XJ Twitter folowefs buf ccesrt
seemtousetteeed frequenlly. An
otfidal receecoe pagehasmorettan
1,DDD fans, andacecceted tlio:;lhas
ceeoset UDtJo,Iaoenlhusiasl
unaffihated with treCornp:rly.
TheNissanLeal rasrrore than
S.ooolollowers onTwitterat
chat withexperts.
Has morethan12,000toIlowerson
TWitterat @TeslaMotors, andnearly
20,000fansonrecetook forthe
Facebool< pagewithnearly scorers
andaTwitterpage,@think_l'I'. with
more than1,600followers.
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major mar1let
recscc traoo
SOrry, I just thinkthisisanother dumbideathat will cetsome
attentionlor awhilealld then it will lade away. Really. achief
listeningoff icer?Isn't thisaSlgn of howtar off the mark
businesses are,thai we'regelting excitedbecause
companiesarelisteninq?Shooldn't good companies
havebeenlisl ening? Andshouldn't everyonelisl en?
Alldwhat trereu isthe marketingdepartmeot dOiflQ il
theYre not listeningtocustorrers? NowooderCMOS havean
IS-month tenure. Lastly,don't these companies have customer
servicedepartments wholistentocustorersday1orli;J?
I'mnot buyiflQtnees a new,deeIlchanqe tohowbusinesses
conduct irernseves,
froma perspective(how mentions. how
many ronoee-s. how positiveor negativereactcos are
wegett ing, etc). Thisarticleisdealingwilh the
aspect of listening.It may betime1:onsuming alldcostly,but
What shooldbenoted, too, isthat the tact that this is
unstructured datamakesthe data-minioqdifferent aswell.
Trentiooal data'minioqismore focused on quant net ive,
whilethis tailsonthe more quantitetfveanalyt area
because of its unstructurednature.
Manycompaniesforget thevalueof just listeningto social
media. When we trainadeoerces on sooar-mece marketing,
oneof the thiflQs lhat we alwaysercoureceisto start with
Some companies ereresnent to jumpinto social media
(especially thoseinhiqhiyreoutatec industries), but evenjust
listeningcanbeacreet start.
Even some of the most activecompanies on social media
havenot yet mastered the art 01 listening-takioqcommenls
sod mentions, interpreting themaodchanneliflQthem
Fantastic: post arc aqreat area to bringattention to!
Kodak'sBethLaPierrestatesthat 'weoootcenso-ue
commentsorvideos people createaboutoorcompany,"yet
sheoetenmreswhat of data_. what's
important.who goes to, what weight it' sgiven, etc.This
inllOlves some sortof subjectivity, which eeoe tecto tormof
censorship. Given thata"cbief lislener" would iensomewhere
underthemarketingumo-eee. thiscoold lead tosomecconcts
01 interest. After all,you don't have toloak lar toseetwo
different cooclusions drawnfromthesameset of data.
petepsot more use wouldbea"chief eccreceic-whose
roeisnot tointerpret (oreven sort)thedata,butjust makeit
eeneeeto wtlomeIIer wouldliketosee it. Then each
department cooldO\Ierlay theoatatot heirsrectcinitiatives
o 0010
F?£' -reeasccUp f(J(RevleWAfter
24 Ye;matTracyLocke, ff
( I)
R£:'·ChiefLi5/eners' USe Tecllnoloqylo Tradr, SOrtCompany
Wow, what a tentesnc opportunity. I'll bet irere ere hundreds
of ecerces that wouldjumpat tnecoportunltv to worll with
racesco, an iconicbrandandahousehold name.
I will alwaysremember 'rebasco's marketinglor the
excellent ly writtenprint campaigns ut ilizinqthe iconiclabel
slyle. andof coursetheexploding mosqeto spot fromseveral
yearsback.But,whileit maytecreat to be rostajnc.
consumersthesedaysarechanging mediahabitsfaster
tnan Ladycecechangesher ooUits. The recesccbrand
needs ajolt lntct nezut century. Forexample, their Twitter
pecehas2,049 followers. Forabraodof that stature, that's
shameful. can they beout01 thingsto say?Whyareso lew
people listenioq?
Look at what an adcampalgn tiedin with
soo:ial mediadidfor theOldSpice ereoo, It not only revitalized
ire brerd, it grewire entirecategory.
With that inmind,I think tetescoccua be duetor a
creroeof direction. Tt-.ey need to cet withthe times,andwith
lowbudgetslor anationer campaigl\ they are
probablybetter off to finda"'hot shop" that will eat, steep and
livetheir brand.
I'vebeenrecentl y pondering, "Howmanycompanies are
'really' listeningto their COflSumerson scce mediavs. sayinq
that theydo?"
Theterm"'brand morutonnq on SM"' hasbecomeso
widespread that it's become acliche. It's just
somelhingthai aorerc saysto seemlikeirevre techsavvy,
hip,eccesutse, etc. Even ifthey do monitor, theydo it more
This shouldn'tcCMTle as asurprise to but it seems that
when amarketer stopsmarketing, sales tendtodrop.
That'sthelesson toqIe<on fromooserv;ngthelemorHirne-soo:la
categoryover thepast 10years. Foranymmter of reasons, the
rrwsetes De!lindthebiggest breocsinthesector pulled bockon
marlleting-almost eonrelyinsomeplaces. Predictably, sales
dropped off.
Or, moreaccurately,salesdropped offmorethantheydid for
other' cetooetedsoft drinks.Obviously, trereareotherchallenges
facing thecarbonatect-soft'(lrinksector asawhole. Inacoontry
tryinqtocere to termswithanobesityepil:lemic. soft drinkslarded
asoneof thekeyvillains. Even \\lithout
heaRhissues. trends havebeen learing
towardnoncarbonated beveragesand
SOthemajor players. inten! onshoring
uptheir maincola breocs.turnedoff the
fTIo'101Ietingtaptor Iemon-limebrands such as
Spnte. Mist enouqn
theyallseemed toreecnthesame
conclusionat etoct thesametime, oerteos
liguringd'Seasier tocut bockspendOnq
everyoneetseiswitt'OrawingI romthefield

Soce2005. mar1<et inginvestmenthas dwindled for Spriteand
Sierra Mist theNo. land No. 2in thecateqory, Each
slashed measured media spendingbyabout80%. During that time,
lhecateqoryshed 16Omillioncases befweeo2000and2.lX8,
according toBeveraqeooest,
There'snopointiI1throwing (,jOOCI moneyafterabadprcd.d, but
thefact remains that thelemorHimesector eccooots for rouqhly
10%of the$74billioncarbonaIed-soft-(lrinkmarl<et. That 'sabiQ
Most mifllHloggling is missed byanyoflhemajor
cetecswdhSpriteQOingsileo1. Sierra Misl comreve
stceo majorrrerketshareit thePepsiCo brand had kluochedan
aooressi';e marl<eting campaign.
Pepsi, CO<:a-CoIa co.ere Dr Pepper SnappleGroup. which
markets7Up. ha'veCCMTle totheirsensesandaregettingbackintothe
marl<eting fray. But insomerespects. they'reQOing to ha've tostart
buildinqthesebrands fromscretcnTherecould besomeupside to
that.but such short-sKjhledcyclical thinkinqshouldbeeeooeo.
Fora rrerset that promises retreshrrle!11. thethlnkinqhere has
beenanylhOnq but.
Accardingtoocr reaoers. AppleisQo<ng to takeabiteoct of theQilmingcateqory. Themajordytl1O\.l(jht the
iPhone(and other smartpllones)will hurt devicessuchassony'sPSPandtheNintenclo Os.
e MOO l En 's
The iOSpiatformoffersbetter
choiceandbetter priciflJ
except buttons. Thischoice
cCXJldn't beclearer. Appleison
theroad Iofinallyofferthefirst
beat Nintenddsdominance.
Theyjust doo'tknowityet!
iPadandiA"1oneOOflJ a
fresh interfacefor
interactiCXl in games.
lfSooy issmart it'

with all thetriQgersand
oonlrol sticks.lf it......ere
me, I'dlicensetheDroid
The realwinnerswill be
thosethal write titlesfor
and allowforanonline
experiera!1:tlat allows
to retrievesaved games

-I.lDllICBJ,l lEY
typicallydon't last as
rTXlbilepIlones isilCJ ing
doNr\ theonlyttliflJ

isthepublishiflJ ofthose
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Adverl i.inQ AQe ISeptember 6, 2010 15

... Readnat AdAlIw lI
2. Movie Posters We like 3. Kl'epan£yeonl he llack
4. MusH weet TV:APost-
£mmy Scorecard
5, GooQleMapsGelsanAd
Unit Your loQoHere

ta _

..... _
""lOll " """'"
lWICEWiN Idi1a_


IWl'l' K.I VCllAIH """"" GLDIK.I sctJI!'/ _
Wl.UlM" Ml)IlR(l'II PAl'll WIIS
KATH'IIIDIIl' C<rIo. _ _ PAll OAl!'Lll ilWl__
GoD. CllAIHJRf rxnti8'('f//![yW13} MIlS. G.D.CllAIHA __IWII-/996J
_ _ lIoI:I!6>I_
WonM_ em.r-_
- Sylm""'-"""'"

Kot. _
Noil'I .... c...l illo .......lO"'-
JIlIrlLaMoou _._ __.
-- -
Ktn_"" Jlo>o;w>.) _
_llouiltItrt\< _
Ms Gt«Qloois _
lAonlWentz I,..
Eomo.... fJIW.l<nl»

I'.Ml Brown

_ ...llontsoo _lhciII}IJ
Je<riltr lloonoy I.
8obGlotitld ........
JatkNolf_ Ili _

All AGE mrs

_Sr¥lo" IUIo .......I</mmIr--.....__'"-_
_"""""lm"-(t:br;:"""""' ,.....

_lHrmOnIII ([)iqbIHjI
E«iuId L..(ll!,Jl\I'l -"""0111

KInlrPrt ti

___ _ _ "I<"J
Pori! !opno!
......... G«......M_
JtnJ1iftr Olill !l«<tY.o1_

PoI. Roper i',_"ill6
8riItonI'Pori! .........__
...._ _ 0:--1_
KInn[qoll __.-.l't'!'"....
-.. It Slltwo __.-.l't'!'""'" .,-.. ..... _
Chrit llor.....ottJ__
'" Amo6osf.Wl __C<r:I' '''''''
DMlT_ SonII"""" ..... __
l«fl>ol le.lZi [_
.lm-CIJIotile tl&l'
... i'.__
DMl 8onll... """ tat""'__ Kot. __
c..doc. ..t
daling.) Showsome work-preferably
withoutslides. BriOQupabrowser, and
showsomethingrecent and/orlive-that's
thechallenqesthat were overcoreeod
trecoas that were mel.Howdidyouwork
Challenges? Howisthisrelevant tothe
andideas for soutcos.
We'veused thisformatinahandful of
new-clientmeetingsandfound it
refreshing,Theformal ledtomoretwo-
wayconversetcos than apresentation
decktypicallydoes. arid everyone leaves
trercomwithabetter feeliOQ for who
they'vejust met.Ibelieveit alsoleads to
lasterconversations about business.
Want togive it atry?Leave yourdeck
at home for yournextnew-<:Iient rreetmq,
business leaders areincreasirlQly down
ontheooemeAdministration aridthe
Democrete ecerce(increase taxes,
increasetheseeof government.driveup
reeence-ecosrs. tonsor beeitb-cere
contusion, raceto wrrte lotsof
regulationsthat reallyslowsmall
businesses down, cere-to theunions and
businesses). CEOs foo lt isimprudent to
SO thebigcorporationsarehcHdinq
backbecauseof confusion and
uncertainty, andthefederal covernmeot
isintent ongellingblgger aridmore
bureaucratic,Consumers, cillJQht inthe
middle, arekeepingtheirwalletsand
pursessnapced shut. andthat'sprobably
not going tochange anytimeSOOI\
AsI saidtheother week. export
rrer ketserestartingtolookpretty good
toU.S. corporations. Andthenicethinq is,
alreadybeeninvented. Marketerscan
even envisioned bythird·wortd
consumersbut used as stapies byU.s.
consumers. SOtheus. wouldserve as
onegigantic test market for wherethe
real salespotential is:inAsia andAfrica.
If corporationsneed tobereinvented,
thensodoes marketing.AsMr.Murray
said. "chanqe, innovation, adaptabilityall
havetobecome orders01 theday."
o Darryl OMis the pesceotctHumongo.
bu$lness). Aslidefilled withimpressive
Iogosot companiestheagencyres core
services, provinqtrat theagencycando
anythinqIrommediastra1eQVto pilot inq
smallaircraft. Aslide withTwitter,
Facebool< andothersoclal·medialogos.
I'dbet thatclientsarejustastiredof
viewirlQ themas eceoceserepresenting
them. It you'reontheclient side, doyou
What if wejust eliminated thedeck
takeplace:Exchange not onty
pleasantries, blJ!talkaboutthe people
intheroom. oevcte10 minutestosharing
arealoverviewof thepeople vco're
intrOdUCirlQ andmeeting. (Thinkspeed
best corporate managers havebecome,
inasense, erenes of thecorpo-ation.
"Thereasonsfor thisareclear
enouqh. Corporationsarebureeucrets
funclamental tendencyistowardsell-
perpetuation. They are,almost by
definition. resistant tocreree, They were
designedandtasked,not with reinforcinq
market forces, blJ! withsupplantiOQ aod
even resrsurc themarket."
Sowbatdowehave? Two
immoveableobjects-the big corporation
andtheevenbiQQer U.s. QOVernment,
bothloaded with bureeocratc caution
arc inertia-tryinq tocope withthe
blQQest recession since theGreat
Depression. Not averyQOOd combination
tOQett hillQSgoinq again,
I eXChaOQed emails recently withan
proceedinq.He toldmetrettne big
brands have maintained mostof the<r
revenue, drivencostsdown$lgnificanll y
"aodaresrttiOQ ondecent profits, They
arespeodinqneeded marketingdollarsto
keepsales upandprices strong.But inthe
last fewmonths theyhave grownmore
caut iousabout futureinvestments. It is
cool to be cautious again. [ veryCEOsees
acloudy couple of yearswithat least
some ooereoe risks.
"There arenojobs beiOQ created.
Most of thestimulusdollarswent to
protectpublic-sector jobsor to pave or
repave roads.Consumersarestill leaninq
towardpullingI:lackwheretheycan. And
rd betthatcentserejcst astired of
presenting themIfvorreootreoeot
side,do'PJ need thisformality?
Isthemarketinqrcrctcn staoding inthe
wayof inflOll ation?
The marketinq mantra has always
been tccveue customerwhat he or she
wants, bot that approach prettymuch
precludes givinq consumers thinqs they
don't knowtheywant or havenlthooght
of. Aodaremarketers somet imes "held
captive bytheircustomers"-procl aiming
t heyocrrt want animprovement or new
technolOQY because it wooldbetoo
disruptivetothe<r normal behavior?
Inothef worets. marketers can read
theirbusiness correcttv-essessirq what
customers want or corrt- endstill miss.
InastUdyof thedise-driveinoustry
that appliestoall marketers, Clayton
Christensen wroteinhis book"The
rorcveto-s Dilemma"that the
established firmswere"aggressi ve,
innovativeandcustorrer-sensit ivein
theirapproaches tosustammq
iroovations of every sort."
But theycouldn't keepit up."fiodinq
newapplicationsaodmarketstor these
newproductsseemto ceeceoebevuet
each ot these tirmsexhibitedonce, upon
entry,andthenapparently was as
it theleadiOQli rmswereheldcaptiveby
theircustomers, enabliOQattackinq
entrant firmstotoppletheincumbent
industry leaders eechtimeadisruptive
The fundamental protMem. as Alan
MurraywroteinThe Wall Street Journal.
isthat therrooerncorpo-atcnmight
haveoutlived itsusetulness. Hesays "the
Since ouragency wasacquired, we've
been meet ingwrthmore1ar<:Je brand
teams than evertetoreoco- agency's
history. Thiss ewesome.Butthere's
somethingthat I'venoticed theyall share
intheeuectet ionsdepartment:the
capabi litiesdeck.
weused tc beveemotteat ooragency
proclaiminq, 'wecoot oooecks,' Andtor
themostpart,we'renot veryoeck-ceotoc.
We'veavoided theZOQ-sIoe
presentations that you see larger
agenc;es usetopresent everythinq trom
capabl uest0strategicinitiatives to
concepts.We'dmuch rathershareareal
conversation insteed of bullet points.
I don'tthinkclientsIikedecksanymore
than weoo.rveseeootrer agencies
present their decks. andtheyprettymuch
allcontainireexectsamethirlQ: Ashoo
teaturingtheagencymoltoor philosophy
thai positionstremesccotaridfunto
workwith(or serious aridallabout your
We can't moveforward if cautious
marketers standin way of innovation
Kill the capabilitiesdeck and
have anhonest conversation
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16 September 6, 2010 IAdvertising Age
K<!f1 Wheilton,
Do you havesarnelhirKj tosay? Send lettersandcorrections
or toAdvertisirlgAge, Viewpoint.7nThirdAve. NewYorI<. NY10017. Please letters
Why consumers don't
want to talk to you
Digging through pilesof data-and
listening-can lead to newinsights
C> David Grzelakis executive direclor 01 behaviOral brand planninq
Spending lime
n homes, in
soes. nuereer
rreneters, You're
withthe realities
isn't inlerestingto
product reviews. Marketerswithrelevant
products orservicesshCOJldtake
advantaqe01 field experts' expertise by
providinq theminformation aocl p ccocts
utecesters aremillennial moms who
arealways connected arc
communicat ing. They shareeverythirKj
viasocial media, mixirlg play--by-play
updates usetcncseccot whereto
fiocl thebest stror leror cetecrpair01
blackpantsonsale,Ail houghthey
crcncetonsof seeminglyli<;lhter content,
trenextennve networks depend onthem
for relevant ecvcearldproduct
recommendations ona wide varietyof
topics. Tol'fIQ<lQe them, marketers should
use social tacticsSUCh asvotinqor
creatingproduct wishiiststogenerate
bunerobraocl mentions.
Whetheryou'rereachirKj moms, dog
oversor baseballIans. theidea isstill the
same: DiQijiJll) deeper intoyourdatato
lioclout what really makesyouraudience
specificand personal waythat will
activatethemtospread thelovefor your
brand. UocIerstandinq these nuances will
lnsqht tc action,
exemplary closers. Inabiqcity witha
huge immi<;l rant population, onecan
witness thesheer powerof alivirlg
breathingSOCial networkIcuooed on
helpOngeecn other for thebettermentot
thewhole.Person A, inneed of aservice,
calls Person B, whorefershimto Person
Cand, boom,aconnection ismade. Arid
thisconnectionistrusted, because all
parties involved respect thecommunity
and recognize that their reme isatlached
to thee-nt iretransaction.
At thecoreof thisanalogyseccocect
evenmore fundamental: dialogue. AocI
dialoguedoeso'ttranspirewhen we get
caUljht upinthecomfort of theexcuses
listedabove, thecomfort that adigitat
world provides,aocl wejust get toodamn
Talktosomebody. Startthe«ccessor
closing. nmay not be immediate,but will
payout inthe IonQ fUn.
C> Tl/\il SharkeV is theCMrman01 BabytentEf.
Q AnthonyDel Monteisfounderand
pi'esident 01 Sql!eakyWheel Media,New
York. AIonl1E!r versionoflhiscanbe
found at &dAIle
enter intoadialogue withnot onlythe
braocl director lor Company Xbut more
importantly yourhairdresser, snack,
deliveryguyor neighbor. Why these
people, too?Because theyallhave
somethingtccconccte that eithercan
linkyou to yournext account. or at least
provide youwiththeinsight and
intelligenceonwhat makes themtick-
wnchcen inadvertentfy linktoyour next
We all knowtratcuv, theonewho
says "yeah, we'llhookup:' "call me:'
" Facebook me..... yada, valla. thennada.
If you commit toa meeting, acall.or a
follow-up, makeit happen, aocl makeit
benefKialforbothparties. toftenusethe
example01 immigrant communit ies{l'm
first generationon oneside, second on
theother) asthebestreferenceof
thereal insight seoeecee todq deeper
arldask why,What arethese moms
OOrKj? WhyaretheyshariOQ? Howare
theydifferenttromeectr other?AocI then,
whatdoes ailmean for ourusers. our
clients. erccorbusiness?
Tcosttreseanswers, weccooocted a
segmentationstLJdy ere Ie<Irnedthat
momswouse sociat mediarequlafly
oco't alluse it intreserre way, oordo they
wield thesameamoont of influence. In
fact. wetorrctnat 18%01 social moms
account for78%of theinfluence.The
80/20 rulenever fails!
But for BabyCenter andmanyol our
Clients. thebiQQe5t a-ha isthat mom
bklQQefS. whom'Nfl koowarepowerfut
of socetmoms wtoereersc veryactive
and namely "fieldexperts"and
"Iilecasters." Thisdiscoveryapens UPa
host 010PP0rl unitiesforour clientsto
experts areyouJll) brt
experienced stay-at-home moms whOuse
social medtatoshare advice, usually
focused onaspecificarea or challenge 01
parenting(i.e.raising twins. breastleeding
or carirKj l or aspeciaj-needschild).
Becauseof their specialized koowiedije,
largenetworks 01 rrcms oeoeroco them
for expertise, support aoc in-depth
Ilyoudidarealislic assessment you
couldtrace backarnajorityof yr:xx
successtoatew-conversations. Not
theones that dosedthedeal-the
onesbased on intellectual curiosity.
Withtheinsaneamount of dataout there,
irstemptinq toskipthehuman element
altogether aod relysolely onstatistics. But
perlormance rretocsecoecan'ttell you
wh<!t motivatesyoureccercetcstert a
coo. share avoeocr postabouttheir
breakl ast onFscetooe.Aridit can't tell
youtheexact point whennrst-umerrcms
reatizetheir newlittlebuoclleol joy means
a54% increase iniauoclry,leavirlgthem
runnjOQ totheapoi iance store. These are
thetypes of insights that result froma
consistent two-waydialogue withan
eodenceove- aIonQperiodoftime.
True, actionable insights allowyouto
00 threethings: 1. uoclerstarld thehearts
arc mioclsof yourconsumers; 2,pinpoint
thekeyinflection points when thel"re
talkinqabout yourtw-arJCl: and3. activate
themtoamplifyyourrressece by
appealingtowhat motivatesthemto
Whenyoucan gel tetrasIevei01
specificity, you'recertaintoieerna few
newdetails about youreoaercetret
could completely changethewayyou
communicate them.
Whilepullinqtogether our "21st
Century Mom yea<", we
learned that inthepastthreeveers, the
number 01moms whouse social media
reqularlyhas increased bynearly6OO%.
tret'sefantastic datapoint.But, tc oettc
I recent lytoldmymarketirKj director that
I'dtakearreetmq withKimJOrlg II.Well.I
can't.He's not seelOQpeople right now,
aocl heseeeaeeepretty cruel bastard
anyway, so maybe not. But what Imeant
wasthat I amintellectuallycuriousabout
people. All people.
This isapretty QOOd trait fora
saiesperson.entrepreneuror agency head
tohave. I'mpositiveit has helped rreeec
myaqeocythfOUljh QOOd urreserc bad.
rrnsure if yousat backand dida
reesstc assessment olyour books,you
would beabletotracebackamajorityof
yoursuccess toahandfulof conversations.
No.nottheooesthat closed thedeal. I'm
talkirig about theonesthat helpedyouget
tothat final conversation. theonesthat
werebasedonyour intellectualcuriosity,
Point being: If youdidnl beveftese
convos. youwould never havebeen ina
that came(lown theroad.
Today it'seasier toconnectthanit
was ayearaqo, aocl worldsbeyond where
it was 10years ago.Facebook. Linkedln,
blogs, 1M, email. They areall vehicles to
All thoseconnectionsare
useless without real conversation
a eet Jack,Hehas anabidinginterest insoy
proteinisolate,Orcarob-wedgum,Or high-
oleic sunflower041. Andcan'htoptalking
about any01 il.
Jackjust met Jill, Yet Jill isedginq away
fromJackat thegalleryopening. Or
"unmendinq' himonFecetcck.
Andweooot blameJill.
Yet. thisispreciselytheopeniOQQilmbit used bymany
marketerstryiOQ toerqage people. Thisseu-eoscrtec
approach isincompatible basic human nature.AndthisshCOJld
comeas nosurprise,as tse'so incompatiblewithcommon sense.
Yet. it's atrapbrands fall intotooollen, obsessinq over the
minutiae01whatseparatesthemfromother oreocs withina
particutar cateqory,
When wethinkof brands as inaparticular ceteqorv.
weimmediately limit therole of brands withint helives of
consumers. However, when wethinkof our brandwithinthe
context of consumer culture, weopenupabrandtoen erdess
sourceof inSpOrat ionandfodder for meaninqful,relationship-
Spendingtimewithconsumers-t mean, reallyspendinglime
withconsumers. inhomes. instores. inthe
reatwortd-is etten aqood wake-upca!l for
marketers, vou're torceoto ceetwiththe
realitiesof wret isandisn't interestingto
people.Unfortunately, yourealize that a
lot of what wefocus onasmarketersisn't
that interesting.
Asacultural anthropoiogist.I'vespent
countless hoursinpeople's homes.
I gointokitchensandlookinoentrteserc
retrc e at0fS inarelentlesssearch l or
cues andunspoken evceocect what
peoplereally want. not what theysay they
want.rt's incrediblydifficult for peopleto
artcuate whycertainproduct benefits
drovethemto purchase.
Inalmost f"Iery instance. oecoe resist
aoeecotsoaoe aroundaproduct's
benefits. They simplydon't want to talk
about theproduct. theingredientsor
what thoseingredientsdidor didn't do.
However, after thousandsof hOUfS 01
research, I'velearnedwhat people don't mindat all andnever
onceresist or get tired01 talkinq about is... themselves.
Consumers are, after all, people. Theye-ngage with thingsand
productsthat areinterestirlgandmeaninqful to them.tnorder to
get beyond theuninteresting and, oil entimes, urorrterentiatinq
tccusco product features, marketersmust positiontheir brand
not withinacateqory,but withinconsumer culture.
Themost obvious example isNike. It isn't just anathletic shoe.
It connects withconsumer culture around theidea of "sport,"
andsotodayit's shoes, shirts, goll clubs. basketballs, skateljear's acontent producerhelpinqrunnersmaptheir
routesandhelpinqorganize plCkupbasketball lj<lmes mcaes
across thecountry. Ni kehas become abrand people want to
interact with.
Toinvitethetypeot interactionthat can leadtomutually
e-nrichiOQ relationships. brandsaocl marketers need to work from
theoutsidein,Because today, with theprolilerationof brands in
themarket. consumers don't just choose thebest or cheapest
whenit comes toconsumption.Theychoose o-enos for the
meaning theyrepresent .
Solet'stry thisagain:Jack, meetJill. She isahealth-
consciouseoclurance runner. She especially likes hillclimbing.
Youdo, too. Why don't youaskher about it?
Nowthat souocls likethestart 01 aninterestiOQ conversat ion.
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Advertising Age I September 6, 2010 11
Edited by
An"" Bilskin,
for lhe latest news on the cominqsandgoingsof l helopnamesinadVertising,
marf\eti ng andmedia, don't forQel to foliow People& Playerson
Che ck out Talenrworks online for t hese and more of (he best jobs
available in (he business. wwwadage.convralemworks
Staples. Inc.
Director Corporate Buyingst rat egy
The Director, Corporate Buyinq Strateqy will set the oV€'rall 5t rat eqy and lead our annual 5uw lier ne<;lotiation
processfor Nort h America. While workinq closely with senior merchandisinq le.ldership, t his team will deV€'iop and
set aggressiV€' cost savings targets. and establish a processand cadenceto drive the merchandising teams to a
successful and ti mely completion. further, thi5 team will provide tools. a""lytics and in5ight to suPport the devel-
opment and execution of suwlier negotiation strateqies. Stronq knowledge of merchandising, finance and supply
chain is nece5sary. Thi5 position will require signiticant independent thought and action. and will interact wrth the
merchandisinq t eams from all Nort h American business units. Major responsibilities: Lead a team of analyst s to
provide the tools, data, analyses. and i nsight which will lead to cost reductions. Work closely wit h VP. Merch Ops,
and senior merchandisil>Q leadership to deV€'iop and eseecte supplier negotiation strategies nece5saryto deliver
product C05t reduct ions. EHect iV€'ly managethePMDfor thi5complex project acrossall Nort h American sawS, and
related funct ional areaS. Primary Responsibilities: Work closely with senior merchandisinq leadership to develop
and eseeute 5upplier negotiation strateqies necessary to deliver product cost reduction5; Lead deV€'lopment 01
annual strateqic directi on; Set aggressiV€' t argets: Identif y, Quantify, andpriorit ize opportunitie5; Ctlallenqe the ste-
t us QUO through fresh insight and analytlcs. for full postlnq, pleasevisit http://adage.comltalentworks/.
AutoZone, Inc.
Manager. Retail E-Commerce
TheRetail E·CommerceMaflilQer oversees the strateqy.development andall processes associatedwit h AutoZone's
Retail E"'Commerce act ivities. The position hil5 Pf,L reSporlsibil ity for the Retail E"Commerce bU5i ness. The Retail
E-Commerce Manager will work cross-functional ly to deliver enhancements to and drive sales through Work Activrties: Help5drlV€' AuloZone's Retail E-ccmrrerce strategy; Leverages of azc
e""Commen;e and current site capabilities to drive incremental sales through the e""Commerce Identifie5
new functionamy enhancements and develops business case for presentation to senior management: Oversees
deV€'lopment efforts and helps drive technology design decisions wit h an under5tandiI>Q 01 strategic bu5iness
needs; Interacts with multipl e departments duri nq dewlopment and project launch to ensure a successful impl....
mentation; Manages t he day t o day activities of runninq a large-scale web site. Educational!Work
Experience: Experience1\ 7 Plus Years: Retail E-cee-eeree P&L resporl5ibi lrty with demon5trated history of eever-
opinq strat eqy. Must also have a demonstrat ed hist ory of dri vil>Q sales through improvements to conwrsion and
other key metrics as well as through improvements t o srte functionality; Experience managinq mulliple vendors,
3rd part y systems. proce5ses and projects is reqUired, Experience working wit h ATG, tncece and other leadinq E-
Commerce applicaHons is st rongly preferred. for full POStinq, please visit talentworks/.
Director, National Television Invest ment
The Director, National Television Investment is responsible for all National TV investments In Network, CaDle and
Syndication, TheDirector is responsible for providil>Q leadership,guidanceand strateqic direction wit hin the media
grouP, which will ult imately result i n outst andinq results for the cl ientI5). In addition, the Director overseesmanag'
ing the career paths of his/her staff. Management: Assist the Managinq Director with group budgets, both Internal
(salaries, raises, etc.j and external (client budgets with 5taHiI>Q ramifications); En5ure solid client relation5hips:
Assi5t the Managk.g Director with businessdocuments and pre5entati ons: Dversee5the negotiation, presentation,
and implementation of national t elevision on net won., cableand syndication; Superviseand coordinate the eHorts
andworkflowof the account t eam(5); Monrtor andguide thepurchaseof national TVin specific instances/5ituations:
Communicate with account leadership across the DMDStrateqy t eams and the other media investment t eams
(Print, Dlgrtal. Local Media and ODH); Manage the quarterly/annual compilation of client spendingprojections, and
coordinate with the Directors of Finance tor the respective hub; staff, overseelconduct pertormance ever-
uation5, provKle salary recommendations, and toster employees' development. Strateqy and Plan Development:
Oversee planningcosts en5urinq the most current marketplace Intelligence Is beingapplied; Direct the team to ful-
fill the Checkmate approach and participate in Checkmate sessions. Work wrth colleagues in Strategy and/or the
Strateqic BusinessUnits. or independently, in each of the phil ses: Understand 1\ provide insights into consumer5,
brand, product and media; Design n ident ify behaviors. barriers, drivers and apertures; develop communication
strateqies: Create n create specitic tanqible executional ideas: Capitalize n bril>Q activity schedule to lile; encom-
pass negot iat ion st rategies
' 0'
implement atio n
,", buy.
full p<Isting, please vi si t
Customer Relat ionship Management Program Manager
DevelOps. executes. and managesCU510mer Relationship Management (CRM) marf\eting activities in an organiza-
tion. i ocludinqcommunicati on st rateqies. campaignmaflilQement, and a""lyt ics. Resporlsible for definlnq and deliv-
ering funct ional requirements In tile CRM, and servicl nq strateqies. Consurts and manages In response handlinq,
campaign trackinq, follow'uP, and automated lead nurturinq management, document s. and implement5
aut omated marketinq processeswithi n CRMwith emphasis on maximizing the effi ciency and effect iveness of Cam-
paign operations and lead generation, nurturing and retention eHorts. Acts as a leader In art iculating business
reqUirement5, new processes. resolvinq conflicts. etc, Applie5dat abase marketinq 5kills toward5 dei iver-
il>Q t al1jeted customer marf\etinq campaigns.Ensure the implement ation a. well as theunderlyinq processChanqes
arecomplete andthe Impact s are quantified and understood. Consultswith andadvisesthe Marketing team oncus-
tomer and marketil>Q history data, campaignaudiences. and best approachto achievil>Q marketil>Q goals durinq the
campaign planninq process. Guides resolution of conflict s in messaqinq or targetinq st rateqy. Analyzes campaign
results and historic data to provide assessment of campaign effectiveness and ut ilizes Insight gainedto Influence
future campaign 5trateqie5, Accountable for beil>Q the ultimate subject matter e. pert for CRM/Sales/Servicing
aspect s of the program. Plans and identi fies policy, process chanqes. customer impact and communication needs
as well as Internal t rainlnq requirements t o address these changes. fac ilitate development and Implementation of
newproce5s. procedure andPOlicie510improvecustomer service, wstcmer lifecyde management or seiesprocess
effecti V€'ness. Idenmi es solut ionst o unusual andcomplex problems r"'lui rinq inqenuity, or innovatiw t hinking. f or
full P05tinq, pleasevisit worlls/ .

c........ Comm"nlty_Lite.
Nell Cleary hasjoined Allen&Gerritsenas YP--director,
auderce intelligenceand brand-planninggroup. Most
recently, Mr. oeerv reer tre ccsaonof Vp--planniflQ
director et Leo Burnett Chicago, overseerq brandand
posrtioninqdevelopment for Hallmark. Priorto
Hallmark hi' spent three veersdeV€'ioping brandand
posrtioninqfor samsunqElectronics' global andU.s.
business. Healsoworked on McDonald's kidsand tween
initiat ives. Rayt heon's Math MovesUinitiativeand
Tara GreqsonhasjoinedMashant ucket peqoot Gaming
Enterprises<15 VP'brandslrateqy for roewccos Resort
CasinoandMGMGrandat rox-oocs. Ms.Gregson
brirqsalmost 15 \'Mrsof m3rke\inqexperience to ller
newrole. Most rel;enlly, shl' servedasassistant YP--
m3rketing eroconmoncetcos for M&TBank,
headquartered in Buffalo, N.Y.
ScottreoehilspromotedKimWellsto chiefmarketinq
officer. M$.Wells most recently served asScottrece's
director-br,mdilllj af1d website marketiog. Sheled the
firm'srebt"anding effort last November. which induded
the new"GetInvested" tilCl linearJd "Don't Go" TV
campaign. M$.Wells has more than 22yearsoftcsmess
development endmcrketiJlllexperience,inch.xlir1ljmore
thanlOyearsof leadirog ooline market ingstrategies in
the financial"Services industry.
Mars Adve.-tisinq hasadded Lorrie BooneandNick
St oyanoff to itsSoothfiekf,Mich. team. Ms.Boone, the
newd«ecto -strateqicplanning,comesto the shopper-
m3rf\etingfirm from Powerpad, whereshl' servedasa
strategic planneron accounts suchasIKEA, Capital One,
TheWeal her Channel,General MillsandSony. Mr.
Stoyanoff ,whohas beenappointedsenior VP--
communications planning,waspreviouslyet AOL
Advert ising, whereheled afeamof digital strateosts
from four AOL officesand workedwit hsuchcneotses
Campbell's. Purina,Tarqet,GMandford.
MonQ Rayhas been ""med exec VP-<onsumer
marlleting atccooe Nast, star nnq sept.zn Ms.Raypm
CCMlCle fromTime Inc. whereshe ledthecompany's
oac-ccoten! strateqv assenior vc-coccceatedigital
development. She joinedTime Inc. in1992and held a
numberofsenior ocsncos withintreconparw, Priorto
her most recent role. she wasVP-general manager lor
Enle!1ainment WeeklyarldEW,com.
HeinekenUSAhaspromotedKherl HollandTillman
tovp-treoe marketing andsalesstrategyand Colin
West cott-PItt to VP-!narkelirlCl for DosEqul5.
Newcastleand Amslelliqht. Ms. Tillm3njoinedfhe beer
importer in2007 <15 YPro-tre Amstel Lighl andoos
Equis brands.Sincethen.sheadded the Newcastle
Brown brandto her port fcoio m3naQe1T1efll. Inher
newrole, shewill focusondeliveringa "brand-centric"
view01 t he He;nekenUSAportfolioIl'lro\.I(,l hi nteqrateo
commercial streteqvandconsumer-iosight based
planning. Mr.Westcott -Pitt. whoislakingover Ms.
Tiuren's previousres.ponslbilitles, joinedHeirtel\en USA
in2009<15 branddirectorof Brown Ke
hasspent muchof recereerintheadull-beverage
indusfryina ranqeof m3rketinq positionsinthe UKand
Barkley hashired Don McKinney asChief ideaofficer.
Before coming t o t heindependent agency, Mr,
McKinney workedasexecunvecreative erector and
director of digital development at Grey, New York.
Throughout hiscareer, hehasguided creative and
diqital work on brands incl<Jdi nq Adidas. PlayStation,
Cadillac. T Infiniti and Pontiac. Hewas also
responsiblefor workon Nissan, includiflQ writinq the
global tagline "Shift." Addil ionally, Mr. McKinney-led
the launchof diqital depart menl sat ChiatDay and
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I8 September 6, 2010 I Adver tising Age
Edited by
Want mareCMOStrateqy?sucscriDe rowfor aroundup01keyaoalysis,insqnt.oplniorl
and perspective011 marketioq sirateqy 'or marketiOCj leaders OOivered to'(OUr iobo.
eachmonth. Sign upat AdAqe.comlcmost rateqy
SeniorVP-markctingspurs growth for
paper-productsbrand usinggreen roots
First was understandingtheconsumer
insightsonthe business. Fromtherewe
hadsomespecific insight,whichwas
that consumersingeneral want tohelp
theenvironment but don't knowhow.
MARCAl WAS PER II APS the g,,-"' ne'St
brandnoboclr had heardof for its 51).
plus yrurs 0 life. Then the Ne,", krsc-y-
bcscd maker of value-priced tissue prod-
uctswe'llt bankrupt andWJS purma5l.'li by
Highland Capital Manag.:ment in 2mi!.
MJ Jolda, a vc'lenm of Philip Morris,
Rc'Ci<iu Ikndtis<:r and Pinnacle Foods,
ioim'li thecompany from Ne'Stle"s Gerber
in 2«l'l, pa" of the te\lm brought in to
rum around the brand and the business.
And the s<:nior VP-marketing, who
n:portS 10 <..'"ED Shawn L.'Ilc'fJTl.1n found
buric'li tn"";u,,, in the 100% "-"'Y-
dcd Marcel usc'S to make its prod-
ucts. "The am'pmy had go"" bankrupt
and w.lS nnw privately hdd" she' said.
"We we", l..,king [atl, where do "'" take
the brand1 I knewthey had some grwn
background and but unk'Ss you
knew the brand and had looked at the
packaging, you amldn'l n\llly discern
Wilh sale'S of Ie..., than SSOO million
Marca] is dwarfed by such multibill ion-
dollar behemoths as Pmaer lit Gamble
Co" Kimberly-Clerk Corp. and Koch
Indumil'S' Gmrgia-Pacifie Corp. BlIt ii'S
the hme)Wcight in the 100% ,,-'C)'cle'li
wib paper and f"per-wwd 5I.'gIllent,
where the compl"lition coml'S from
Sewnth Gl'Oemtion. privateLlabel pmd-
ucs fmm Tracer Joe's and Walm;,", and
other rcgi,mal players.
Ms. !olda disc--nve,,-'li that most (On-
sume'T'S would bkc'" buy gree ner tissue.
but they don't wam to [Xly mo", for it,
and the')' often hadlittle' idea that Marcil
was 100% n'<'ydc'li. So, 100 days into her
job. she' had a plan in p1'Kl.' to relaunch
Ihe brand as MalGll Small Stel", still
value-priced but with new ydk,w-and-
g,,-,<,n [Xlckagi ng. alongwith $30 million
in annual TV, print, coupon and other
marketingsupport, the likes of which the
ronl[Xlny had nl'Ver sc",n befol'('. "The'l'('
wasn't as much of a foaJs on marke'ling
and branding at thecnmpany prinr 10 our
mming in," shesaid. "The'le was very lit-
tle marketing spending. The'Tl.' was nnt
n\lIly a unific'li apprmch in how Ihey
we't1t to market," the result she said nf
prior manageme'nt being focu5l.'li On
turning OUt volume for value.
Maroll now wmks with a hosr of
ag<:ncie'S incl uding DIY Pa"ners, l"ew
York; Consumer Dynamics, Ne'w York
which works On marlu."ling stratcllY;
Topspin Group. Prina.'1,m, N./.. for ron-
sumer prolllotion; Zunda Group,
Norwalk Conn.; Schupp Co.. SI. louis,
for me'liia; 360 Public Rdotions, Boslon,
for PR; and e>City Inte'ractivc,
Philaddphia, fmdigitaL
A year after its Ea rth Day 200'J
",launch, Marcal sales were up 15% and
Mail climbed from eround
40% to a"mnd 50% of the Ms.
Jolda said.
Inan intcmwwith Ad1\."" Ms.
e'plaine'li why "Iight"-green 010-
, uITK'T5--those who
amside'r the e't1\i -
rcnmcnml im[Xlct
important, but give
as much or more
",,-'iglu to fae-
tors such as price
and an apprul to
,",lue, akmg with emi"mmemal <lmeTITl,
are trulkinga ,1iffc'n'llC'C for Mercal.
What steps did youtake to reposition the
Wedida lot of n"'-\l rch, but we had to do
it wry quickly. Within my s-ercodays
hel'(' w<: aggn....,ivd y talh'li with ron-
sumers, announced J plan w rela unch
and the'll l<" k the plan to the national
sale.. me",ting. firsl was understanding
the' amsumef insights on Ihe business
From there we' had s ome wry splufic
insight, whim was thai consumers in
l,,<'ne'Tal want to do gmd and hdp the
environment but they simply don' t
know how. The brand's was
green and had bwn since the 1950s. It's
probably one of the oldest green brands
olll the",. We' ve since lakl'O the Marcal
Small Steps brand and relaunched the
e'lllire ponfolio. Insrmd of a "alue posi-
tioning. it'. now"gn. 'C'11 without rompru-
mis<:." We'", not We're giving
you g.,xl value at a gt,xl prie'C. which
"-\Illy de'livcd from of the am-
sumcr insights w<: gleaned .
Consumc'T'S told us everyone should
be'doing the right thing.The'}' were push-
ingback and saying rhatall brands. hould
be' green. If green is sogmd brands that
an' doing hann to Ihe envinmml'Ot
should be' a>sting us mol'(' and gn.'C't1
Every ellnSUme'T should for the hl\llth
of tile' environme'Ot, be driving a Prius.
Butit's l<"expensive. The' ycan't afford it.
You didn't 9" after the ' 'dari<-qrH'll''
conSUlllel'S. Why?
Dark-g"-,,,n ronsume'T'S [Ihosewho try to
always buy based on environmental or
sustainability faaors] a", aboul 15% 10
20% of the population. The majority of
mnsume'T'S a", light g"-,,,n, 60%.
And then the browns [those who don't
prioritize sustainabilily in purma5l.'S1a,,-'
the "-'SI.
HowdidyOlJ Imptement t he strateqv?
We introdua.'li il to the marker on Earth
Day 2009. We've highlighted the per-
forrrmncc aspl'CI with the new[Xlckaging.
We've introduced a full plan
behind the' brand. We have ad",,"ising.
mc'liia, publie-rebliom support. We had
a markc'ling pbn. We hmi retailer tie-ins.
And we're just now gc'lting intn
media which is something we think w<:
can levern!,,,, !,,<ring forward.
We'", just gc'lting our toe'S in the water.
We'", m"'''-'1ing. We' re out on facclx."k,
We don't "-\lllv haw a lot of results yet
10 talk ahml. I do f eel that's
"'" can get a lot of tbcsc pas-
si, mate to h:gin to talk to uS
Thew are a 1<>1 of pc"->ple who h,l ]1<1S-
sionalely alx.,ut cutting down tn'C'S.
Grwn[X'Jl\' and Kirnb,:rly-<.. 1ark finally
h.,ve callc'li a truce, but theyre after the
consumerbrands 10 ch.lngc their ways.
It's anawfully tough business to be In as
a small player, Isn't It?
It is. One of the messages "",'ve been try-
ing 10 !,'<'1 tlinmgh in Ihe me'liia is Ihat
'JS% of the make'Sits paper by
r. Developyoo-firsl
KXl-d<ly plan<nd

Z. Ulldefsl<nd yoor
«nrenoi and
CClllSlJfTlef: clevelo;>
insightstret Qive
yoo acompet itive
I. Alignwrth VOO' CEO
Ill'a ivi nglhe
Dismantle silos ltlal

t Contl1lOlllytesl
differeol ectcstc
what I'I1O'ieSthe
5. Thinkabout how
yoorbr<nd affects
lromcradle to
o formore
marketing execs,

culling down t"-'C'S and a", "-'ally only
still made from recycled pepcr. For most
pc"->ple, what batli rissue is made of is
dearl y not top of mind. So "",' re t rying
10 fais<: awa"-'lle"" thai you are rutting
down trees ccch and every time you
(m"se I<> us<: one of ,mr a1mp<'IilOrs.
This year, we put an "emi mnme'lltal
faas" pand on the f"ekaging I<> call out
that we' l'(' 100% nxvclcd Some of our
mrnpl'litors have mme out with 40%
produa. And ]00% is always
berrer than 40%. We call out that we
don't usc any t"-'C'S. We don't use any
chlorine blc'am or dyl'S.
Howwill t ile FTC's updatedGreenGuide
definitionsalfect Marta! and9rH'll
I'm m>ping the ne'l effeas will be stan-
dardi,.1ti,," end t ransparency. They are
imertwine><l and vital if Ihe", is to be a
healthy l1e' \t phase of environmental
amsume";sm, and why we rea'lldy u"k
thestep of placing anl'Ovimnmental feces
[Xlnd '10 l'Very pack.
Howdo you me.asure ROI?
With e'Verything in markc'ling, you
always have to gt) in and defend what
you spend. So, ye'S, we I,,,kat our syndi-
am'li d1ta where w<: have ir. Because
we'l'(' also in imp"wcment and
office, whe'n' ,,\' don't haw data. W<: have
10 us<: industry "-1"'"s or fae'tory data
that our giveus.
We use attitudinal "-"'-'areh in s<>me
cases because that'. how"", can best
measu", ir. But we have to measu", it,
bexausc at the end of the dev W<: need to
defmd Ihe money I'm askinS for and 1'1<'
alsoWant tobeefficient in howwe' spend.
Ultimatelydoyouthlnkt ile bkNer
br ands witl take notice and CJet Into thls
I'm not sure all the brands are ime'Te'Src"t
longer tenn in jumping imo the fmy.
Obviou,ly, we're not going to beniive
and say the' y CIluldn't.
What keeps youup at night?
H'IDl'Stly. I thinkabout the' enviwnml'11t,
andit sicke'lls me what we'", dtring in the
Gulf. But for me it's that we' as a society
a", still rutting downtn'C'S fors<>me'lhing
we don't need to.
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AdvertisinQ AQe ISeptember G, 2010 19
Liodicecontinueshisseriesbylooki ngat
thepeople and ideasthatchangedour lives

Rav Kroc


Wi nfrey
nation, Others arc p<.'Oplc who
our fn.'l'li"ms "od laws, And
ar.: brands t !wl aff,...ned how
WI' <'J!, shop and P.1S" our time.
Each was on", an rdcc that has
grown into a national-and in
Social media is the lastest-QrowinQ
seqmenl of i nt eracti ve marketlnq and the auto indust r y is )umpinQ
in lor the ride. The auto Industrv will speod about $1.2 billicm Ihis
year on some lorm 01 social media adverlisinQ. So how Can local auto
dealers lap Inlo social networks? And il they do, will il lead t o more
sales? This whit e paper provides dealers wit h a blueprlnl lor how 10
qet started. and provides case stUdies 01 social net work campaiqns.
U'OK'''C. at American culture
throughout history, iamic im.1""-,,
come to mind. Some arc turning
poims in history, forming our
Theshowman crealec sore ottremost sersational
promotional stuntsoft he19thceolury. Barnumstole a
place inthemarketinghallol famebystaginq outrageous
hoaxes, thrOlXJhwtlK:h he droveaudiences10his
American MLlSeUmandcapluredlheilTl/lQinahon ottte
country. Barnumt ookacocntrysttII susoccosof
spectacles arxlhad shed itsconservatism; scholars
credit himwithspuninqAmeri<:dto l.'fTlDrace scecteos,
many ClI>es, gIobal--fo...."1;' to be
....'(kon<'Ii with. (kIn", a....' 10
pks of these and thdr ideas
that have gmwn far b<>y"nd cxpo.'(-
In1954, Ray«roc had the of oeenoc the
McDonald's W€' knowtoday. Hecameacrossa restaurant
run bybrothers DickandM.x;McDonald, andinspiredby
the speed aooefficiencywith whir hthey servedburgers,
triesandbeverages.hesoldhlsideaot takiOll the
restaurant retcowoetctren, McDonald's went onto
becomethelargest test-toed chainin the worldbecause
of xrcc'ssolid suppller partnershipsaooirercrase model.
.... _,.....
"..-- ,,--
., ..,
Movinq the Mel al: HowAutomolive Dealers
Can Take AdvantaQe 01 Social Media
A joint white paper from Ad AQe Insiqhts
and Automotive News Qives dealers a
blueprint lor how to use social media and
case sludies 01 campalQns.
In1858, R.H. Maevlaunchedasmall,"tancy" orvcccos
stcee.jtsentsern wasarrerro-etse redstar,SOOJrCed
from thetatt ooMao: y go! asayooflQsailor. this
store, Macyattempted newtactics. InsteadofhaqgliflQ.
hepresentedcustomers withclearly markedpricesand
ao:tively advertisedthem. Thesepracticesledto S36
million in sales by1918. Six yWrs later, M.x;y'sHerald
SqlJilreexpandedto becomethe "Wood'sLargest
Watt Disneycrwted hisf;rst srortsmthe19ZQs.ln1928, he
wonover the publicwithMickeyMousein Steamboat
Willie. When heotrocuceccocr andprodllCed teetoresm
the193Os, hisstudioskyrocketedinto ByWorld
WarIIthe federal QOVernmeo\ noticedthe positiveeffect
lilmshad 00 Ameri<:dn moraleandcont racted
themtocreete cartoonslor the war eflort.ln1954, hewas
oneof thelirst to introduceIulh:oIor programmingto TV.
In1976, SteveJobs andSteveWozniakset cccceetcos
intre.ooslami lyga.-aqeforApple. whichsoonbeganto
sell someof the first personal computers.In1985, Jobs left
thecompanylor adecade,creatilllj tesowncornpcte-
company. NeXT,and formilllj Pixar. He retwred in1996
andsooncecerereeccr ooceecen, rtecoroew
producedasoccesstoureot productsthat has
changedthe media, roosicandcomputer industlies.
Withinaoeceoe. thecateriflQbusiness that Martha
Stewart beganinherlarmhouse'sbasemeol in1976was
billingceletw"ityClients and"",kingmorethan$1 million,
andshe had published aseries ofcestsenilllj Iifesty1e
guides.Intheete 1980sandearly1990sStewart's
personal famecontiflUl'dto flourish TVappearances,
Krnart consuttilllj andthe MarthaStewart Livilllj brand.
Todayit'san mnic imageol femaleentrepreneurship.
The"MTVGeneration"resulted fromthe programming
enotsorRobertPittman,whobeganshapingconlent tor
the MusicTeievisioncablenetwor1l in1981. Withhs unique
blendof andresearchsawy, Pillman
mo4ded abraoothatclickedwiththe youth of theday.MTV
stoodcut fromthetraditional networksandbecame the
most profitablecablenetWOl1<of thetime. tt has srce
expandedto MTVNetworks,whichoperatesinmore than
In1945, $10,000 loanfrom histather,samWal ton
bought aIranchiSl'd variety store. Heexperimented with
practiceslikelcJnger hours. buviOll inventory inlaroe
aooofferfngabroadassortment of QOOJs at
ooccet prices. l ive-and-dime storeWalton et€'I'
opened, heput ctece-octcccotersreerthe eut having
consumerspayfor everythinqat once.It was the
rccrceuoo forhisl irst waimart in1962.
Cprah Winfrey had herl irst Qlimpseof lameasatalk"'Show
hostinBaKimore ill 1976.She wonnational
aooher supportilllj role in"TheColor PtIrple."The
synclicated"Cprah Winl reyS/low"launclledin1986and
tecerreeoeeosteotM. Cprahco-foondedtheOxygen
chal1l1O?l andwdllaunchthe Cpran Winfrey Network inzon.
Cprahalsohas had success inpublishing aoophilanthropy.
After several yearsspentwor1liflQ withiooustrial jobs,
HenryFordbuilt hisfirst self-prnpelledcarriagein IS%.
Seven yearslater. tetcnredtre FordMotor Co.
$28,000.andin1908, thecompany producedtheModel T.
ttecer sold 15,5OO,ooointhe U.S.alooeoverthenext 19
yearsbecauseof Ford'sassembly1ineapproach to mass
productionandthe lowcost.HerevolutionizedAmerica
with the Moden.
An abundance 01 channels and QrowinQ number 01 devices are
makinQconlent creation and distribution mOrecomplicated. At the
same time, technolo'ly has enabled 10 a'l'lreqate their
own audiences and communit ies and en'la'le Ihem di rectly, leavin'l
a'lencies and media companies to wonder how t hey play in Ihat
qame. Thi s issue will explore paid, owned and earned media in a
comprehensive edition dedicated to the evolution 01 media.
PUBLISHES; September 27, 2010
J.cklt Gl\eodl nt It 212.210.0725 or )Qhedlnelhdl Qe,com
The Media Vanquard Awards (MVAs) seek
to recOllnlze the efforts 01 publishers and
broadcasters thai are IlndlnQ innovative,
technoloQy-driven means to extend their
Iranchises, connect with audiences in newways
Z010 and celebrate the innovative ways purveyors
VANGUARD AWARDS 01 content have relhouQht their strate'lles lor
reachln'l audiences as Ihe internet and mobi le
t echnoloqies have rapidly Iranslormed consumer expectalions.
The 'loal 01 t he MVAs Is t o not only hi'lhliqht Innovalion across
e wi de ranqe of morphinq and conver'linQ media platforms
(includinQ websites, media, bloqs, mobile and apps.
web video, audio, etc.), but to produce an essential and insplrinq
compendium of media innovation-a yearbook of stllte·of.!he"arl
media circa 2010.
C Bob Liodiceis thepresident ctooItheANA(Associationof National This is theei<)'lthinaseries0110CorumRSbeifllJ
ncelebrill iOO oflheANA'sOOhanniversary.
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ZO September G, 2010 I Advertising Age
andof <""rybody faced with difkr -
cnt priorities," said Kristina
Ma"b,<'lsd",f, VP-nalUml and fLmllro
sodas at PcpstCo. "But at the end of the
d1y, is s<umd-Ia'S'-'St
[corbonat<x1-:;.oft -drinkl category, and
CSDs all' the 1a'S'-'St OCWffit,'I' Gt1<'gory.
When you look at it that way, why
wouldn't you focus ,m Icm,m-limc'l"
PepsiCo, along with <;ompc'1ilOrs
Coca-Cola andDr P,w'r SnappleGmup,
all "-,,m to have <"Ol1le to that conelusion.
In the coming WI.'<.'ks. Ix>lh Si,'mt Mist
and Dr P<l'P"r Snapple Croup's 7Upwill
introduce new fonnula,. gmphics and
adverti'ing. Andbothbmnd, saytheyare
cramming a y<'Jr's worth of inves t ment
into the nc'Xt few month,.
m<'Jnwhile, leuncbcd its Arst
nC'WGtmFUign in four y""rs mrlier Ihis
year. Inthe first halfof 2010, Sp<'111
$7.7 milli,m on ml'<lia. nmrly
matching what it 'pent for all of 20.)9.
"Whl'O you'll' doing lin<.'
they takea lot of a11ention, bottler fO(llS,
shelf SfXl'OC, «olcr SJ"llOC, and in must
(lI""', they have not gcnc'ratcxl su'taincxl
growth. It"s been Ixun.. splat." said lohn
Simer, cxlitor and publi,her at Be""",I,'<'
Digc'Sl. "Th,' mum to focus on roll' lcar-
bOnal<x1 soft drinkl b"' nd, in North
America is buthsmart andoverdue."
In addirion to focu,ing un the lemon-
lime category OC'ClUSC of its size. cxccu-
riVl'S point to other In'nd, 'purring
investment. They say lighter, dearer
sodas arc bysometo behc",lth-
ier, making it an opportune time to go
aher Cllnsuml'TS who may haw
away fromsoh drink, for hc",lth IUlSOnS.
And Ms. also pninllxl mn
that lemon-lime sodas are popular with
the fast-growing IlisJ"lnic population.
Pcl'SiCo is d iminJling SieTT:l Mist in
fa ...or of Sic'm1 Mist Naruml. which is
' w"....'1encxl with sugar instmd of high-
fructose rom syrup. Di<'! Sil'mt Mist will
amti nue to use flFCS, The move, whim
has been in the works for ebooe 18
m<mths, is lW1J-fold. Rl'SC'Jrch shrm'-'<I
that brand loyalty in the lemon-lime cat-
l'gl'ry isk,w,-"than it i, in thecola Gtt<'gIJ-
ry, And the natural food and OC""rah'<'
Gttl'l,"-'ry isc'Xplnding.
"There's nOt a stmng n.",son to choose
one Ilemon-li1Tl<'1 brnnd o\'er another....
And whc'fl we asked COn,umc'l'5 what
would 1l'-<'OH-1h'l' them in suda. ''''1Ima!"
was the No.1 ronc'-'P!," Ms. Mant, '<'lsdorf
"1id, "The n"rionofa mainstn.'Jm lemon-
lime soda felt likea hut,'l' territory."
Ms. Mangelsdurf expc'<"ts the shih will
make SieTT:l Mi't "extn.'1udy a>nlp<'1i-
rive" with adding thnt the brand
shouldmsilyex",,'<1 irspnviou, p<",k p<'r-
formance Agun"- (According to
Be""rn,,'I' D4,'<'St, Spriteism<,n' than four
time'S la'l,'l'f than Sic'1"ra Mist, with a
5.5% share in 2(X)9 CtHnFUn.J. to
Mist's 1.3%shan' and 7lJp', 1% ,hare).
Gmdby. Silverst<;n h. Partnerscreated
SieTT:l Mist's ",'VII grapnics, as well a, the
GtmJ"lign. ",him breaks s..'J'!' 20. It will
include 15-and30--,,-wnd spots, as wdl a,
digital radio, print and,"'t.,uf-home.
Spriteand7Up rontainHFCS, though
the fOI111<'1" also markers Gn'<.'Tl
which U"-'S Truvia, a '"""!Ural'"
7Up, ,,>0, is increlSing its in\"'Sl1n<'01.
Ju""than R,'b'l'fS, brandmanager for 7lJp,
"'id in tho.' lest four months of this year,
the b"'nd will be sp<'l1ding what it ,\,ol ild
nonnally spl'fld in a full >,-"'r. According
to K., ma r Mcxlia. 7lJp sp<'flt about $25
mill..-m un measured mcxlia in 21 Xl'l,

f\aI.Q; wI1ich
acNertised as
and t.pjated
thefirst time
out itsfIrSt

. Y'"
as cxiqinal

said Ms.
Kantar Media.
search), according to Kamar Mc..:lia.
Search advertisers Only J"ly when their
ads COnven or ge'l a click, and in lun" the
crisis "'a, still al full -boil driving clicks
un BP's ads. But if BP ke')ll sp<'Oding at
this Me, search would'veoc'(Otl1c'onc'of
irs bigger ad\'ertising by the
end of thc' y<",r, up there with nc'!work,.
cable ur sput lV.
While lhe search-Sp<'Oding dOl'\lml'Ot
obramcd by Ad\",rtising Age is not a
c",uplc'!e list of adverti"-'rs un
the accuracy of its d1t.1 was v<'rifi,x1 by
multiple 'ou= ""ith din'<1 knowlcxlf:"
of spendingI,,,,-,Is, If s a n.'V<'aling (T(lSS-
,,-'C'1ion uf Gmgle's businc'Ss that giVl'S
some daTity to ooe of the most opaque
an",s of adspending. and the li£.-bhxl "f
many Amc'rican businesses.
BI'"s inrn.'Jse under"un.'Sh"w impor-
tant Google has become fOf nl'utation
tTl.1nag,m''Ot. and in the banle for public
opinion. In the wake of lhe spill,
wasa narumlfirst stop for
infonnation, and BPbought upcII"'l'fls of
keywords associated with the disaster
such as -en spillN "bk," '"top kill" and
Nliw £.'<.'<1" as it 'i'x1 for clicks with news
stories, image'S of oilcxl wildliteand plain-
tiffanomeys trollingfor clients,
"Ctx'llie has ocullue the TCl1lme "m-
rrol for the world; it's the first stop. not
TV,N said Will Margiluff, CEO of
lnnovarion Interactive, a unit of Dcnsru.
NM"n' than any mher mlxlia, that ml'S--
saging is rcqu.. 'Stcd; people are s<'eking
BP's ans"",rs "UI as oppo"-'<I 10 wairing
to be told."
st<"'p accc1eratioo of spc'Oding
indiCl1<'S BP optcxl for '"bmad match
keywords, ml'Jning many combmarons
of "oil" or Nspill" would lrigger a BP
search ad. BP also Ix,,,ghl ,idl'" scarrh
ads, whichdirood surfers to BP vidc'OS.
BPdcclmcdro Ctlt11ment for this slOry.
&'Gluse it contmls 65% of U.S.
searches. Coogle's complex algorithms
more than any mher fuctor
what information issurfoccd On the w<,b.
GrxJgje kc'<.l'S a tight lid On irstc"hnology
to keel' people from !l"mingthe syS1<'l11.
Similarly. "-'Jrch ad, arc a black lx,><; any-
one (lin buy an ad on Google, but it is
ing Micmsoft in its sale of Rawrfi,h,
asked f", m<'<Iia mmmitments ''qual til
or gn'ater than the Clsh <;omprmem.
The Iubhcis-Microsoft deal isjust one
exampleof h,m' the upfmnt model natiw
to TVbuying has started to pr,n over to
digital. Bur it al", rai,,-'S "-....-eral ques-
tions: Docs the model of guarantwing
dient dnllars in lump sum, work in digi-
tal media. ",hen' adsp<'flding isstill ruled
by qua""r-l\J-qua""r and mmJ"lratiwly
tillY budge'tsl Add in looming penaltil'S,
andall' diems' oc'St inj<''f'llrdy?
Executives familiar wilh holding-
mmJ"lny-I,,,,c1 m"lia spendin!,: estimarc
$140millionwould bec'asy for Publicis to
spc'Od on display and s<'Jrch sp<'Oding
with Micmsoft. Bur sums north of$2oo
million would bea strowe,
In anc'Coote, n'lay<x1 by ">mc'one
fmniliar with the n'btionship, an age'Ory
buyer for Publici,' Vivaki r""'ntly
scrambled til spend last-minute
with Microsoft Nanywhen' that's a
decent fil" because the teem"'as short of
E,,-'O if il is struwing to mc'<.'1 that
Alookat$5740/ se<lrch spenditlQ
t;oo AO'/(RlISERS
spent between $KlK
o Imr S;oo.OOO- SIOO.OOO- $10.000-
SI mill ioN $I million
\'ery hard t<> knowhowmuchanyone,
alone rorporate AmcriCl, spends then' .
Th,' exccpti'>n '" thm is when Grx>gle
,U11' its sab pitch. "The primary tactic
G<x>gle usc'S 10 inlTC"asc ad budt,'<'ls is to
,how thc'1Tl what others in C1t,'gI'ry
are sp<'Oding a>nlJ"lnxl to wh"t they're
'pending." said KC'\i n Ryan, CEO of
Motrviry Marketing, a scarch-adwrns-
Our review of 5574 million of
G<x>gle's U.S, billings owr the Am half
of 2010,hows plenty of global <;orpora·
ti,m, sp<'Oding mi1li'ms c'Jch month On
search adwrtising,. a, wocll as a gn'at
many hu!-.'I' mrpo"'rions thaI speod very
little, ifanything. at all On "-,,,rch
"We can't mmment On these figures
because wehawn't "-'en the document in
qUl'Stion or determined what thesenum-
bers nl'n':\<'nt,N said Dennis W,xxlside,
vr of Goc.'llie Amc'riGt, Opcrmions,
'"We'n' now hlking into the prlSSibility
that someoneimproperly disclosed confi-
dmtial infomlJtionalx,utour dimts, and
l-vl will takeall appropriate action."
At the rime of the rig explosion in
April. BP barely registered un Goo'!llc.
bul neither did its big-oil p<"'rs; Exx,m
Mobile, the wor!d's la'1.'<'St cnrporotion
goal, Publicis issaid to bespc'Oding signif-
iC.lOlly lOOn' with Microsoft yc",r-o\'er-
"We an' veryplea,,-x1 with lhecurrent
stall' of our n'lationship wilh Publicis."
said Carolyn Everson, head of
Mi<.TOSOh's global advertising sales, in a
,tatc'fllC'fll. '"Our t<'ams an' w"rking wdl
tI'b"-'1hel'. n. We arc confident that the
fruit this n'lation,hipisoc'ginning to oc'ar
today will rontinue through the end of
the yl",r and wdl into the futun' . As far
as we're <nt""m<'d. it's full st<'J1ll ahl'Jd."
'"Our partoership with MimlSoh has
all<>Wl.'d us to deliver such bendits 10
clients as advamah'<'llUS pricing and first-
mo\'er"I'P"rtunitil'S 10 FUrticiFUtc mnew
conrenr and invenwry," "1id a vi\'aki
'pr,kc'Swoman in a statement
In a quick analysis. Publicis clients do
nm dominate ComScnrc's li' t of top
Mi<.TOSOh display advertisers in thesec-
olld quarter. Micmsoft', online advertis-
ing revenue increased 8% year-owr-
ymr to51.9 for the ycar endingin
June. reflecting high.,t search and dis-
pl.1y-adverti'ing n'\,enue,
One recent "'-'01 thatcould help Pubhcis
n-arn its g""ls with Mim"'," is Starcnrn
M.. Group's just-inkexl four-yc",r
by markc'1 C1p, spent just $l.3,(XXl ,m
search ads in [une.
By mmJ"lri"m. uoe uf Grx'llle's t<>p
advertisers tlull munth, AT&T Mobile,
spent mon' than 58 millirm cm AdWord,
in Juoe, a biglllonth for the ",mFUny,
whim was supporting the bunch of
iPhone4. (AT&Tis lhe third-Iarg<.'St U,S.
adwrtiscr. according to Ad Agc'
it sp<'flt $2.8 billion on meas-
unxl mc'llia---<tlmu" $1.3 billion On tv
alon,'--in 2OH. The romJ"lny c1c-.;lincxl
10 comml'Ot on irs search spc'flding.)
Other big Junespenders includcxl Apollo
Gmup. the company behind The
Universityof Phoenix, online t",wl site
Expcxlia. el>ay and Ama7.on which all
'pent O'"l" 55 million apiece On <;mrch.
The dataobeamcd byAd A;,'C mdodcs
hUb'C b"'nds ,um as GM, Walt Di' ney,
Eastman Kodlkaod BMW, ",hichappear
to haw sp<'flt k'Ss than $5()l,(Ul in June.
Tcch rival Apple sp<'Ot JUSt under $1 mil-
lion on s<'Jrch during the month,. as did
d'ip maker Intel
Am,mgGrxJgje's sp<'O"'-'TS an.'
bUsin<'S"", that depend un "-,,,rch lraffie,.
including these that resell AdWords or
simply buy Coogle traffic to n':\<'l1 t<>
their own adwrtisc'T's, including Hungry
Machine, whim doc'S businc"" under the
name Uving 5o<;al. which spent 52.4
milli<m in June, and Ye1k""f"'gc'S.mrn,.
whichspent $1.2million.
At, a snapshot, it's al", n'1Tlarkable
that Goo'llle's biggest advertisers, big
m<mthly spenders like AT&T. Apollo
Gmup and AmalOn, individually
occuuntlxl for k'Ss than 1% of Gmgle's
U.s. n'VCllue in June. The lOP 10adwr-
tiscrs in thc' document mlll'<1ivcly
account<x1 for JUSt 5% of Go,'ll!c's U.S.
n.'VCIlue during the month.
Thc ",-Ulllnts listcxl an' distributed
bmadly in terms of spc'flding levels. The
document show, 47 adwnisers that
spent more than $1 million in lune; 71
that sp<'flt OC'1\'Wn S5o:l,o:xl and$1 mil-
lion, and 357 that spent between
$loo,(XXl andS5o:l,(X)), Th"", an' din'<1-
billed CUStl>nl<'TS only, not the many
thousands of ,tTI.,ll sell-serve adwrti,,-'TS
that make up Coogle's long tail. a key
in its $n billionglobal annu-
al rc....'cnuc.
$100 millirm "'-",1 with the' production
<;omJ"lny IknnanBraun, which hold,
MSNptupc'Tri<'S in itspr,rtfolio, Ikrm.1n is
f('Sprmsible for lW'o MSN propertic'S,
Won"'-'rwatl and Gin, and plans for an
MSNBC po/itiClI site are also underway.
While the Microsof ti,'-in likely S"'-'<.'1-
encxl the dm!, and 1lc'1TTl., n are
said to have a IOOf,"Standing n'larion,hip
that prc-d,tcxlthe comminuent.
The so-called Strategic Alliance
AgT<'<.'TTlent OC'tWl"'n Publicis and
Mi<.TOSOh was "-'1 in play at the Cenncs
Ad'"l'Trising Festi\'al in 2OH, just
oc'fon' Publici, Gmupe announuxl it
would acquin' Razurfish. Micro",h
boughl lhe agenc)' as J"lrt of aQuantive,
whith it acquin.x1 in 2007for $5.9billion.
Thc rommct<ial agn"ment was thcn
intmdun'<l at thc' Ramrfish acquisirion.
In a pn.'SC'Otation to i",,-'Stors, Publici'
Gmupe CEO M'luriCC levy announc...x1
that Publici, agn'--.J. to "aggn'gate ",1-
urnc purchasc'S" in Mi<.TOSOh search and
di'play in exchaOf, 'l' for fa"'rable ratc'S as
pert of the Ave-y<'ar agreement.
In tum, Micmsoh agr<'---.cJ W"'nrinue
its agency n'lationshipwith Razorfish for
a minimuml,'lJa"'ntc....x1 £.'e for the du",-
tionof the agreement
Scan: worldmags® Scan: worldmags®
FAllTV r.....
a 1<,&11drama ft':lNring Jimmy
Smits (NBC's "Oulla,,>"') or a new legal
showsporting DaM o..'lany as a mou rn-
,urglxm-turnl'<l-medical exammer
(ABCs NIl<1<lyof r".,f"). EWll the <-\.\I is
getting in on the game by ending irs prac-
tire of shov>ing of N Amend s
Next Top Mod,j" on Friday nights. Fox
may 1>..' bcckmg the trend: "Human
Ta'1'<.'l" and "GlXld Guys, " slat<.-d to rum
up on that ll<'tWOrk on Frida ys, arc k'Ss..-
buny ..ffai ts.
Howstablels ABC'sfal schedule?
Byn-placing fnnncr ABC Entcltainmcnt
chid Stl·Ph..'l1 Mcrlwmm in July. jllS!
"",d,s ;lft.... >elling it5 1l1"W fall schedule w
advertiso.'rs. ABC is sign. 11ing that "'''ry-
thing i, up for grabs. Mr. McPherson',
fI·pl3<'J1t, Paul u.." Irom ABC
Family, whe", he built a 'table of bUl.zy
programs aimedat the young-teen ruche,
i.e. "The s..Ul>( life of the American
T<.'l'J13j., ,,,'r
and "Kyle XV," this
amid m",n for new ABC fo", ,uch a,
(Uml-dy "Mr. or cop Mow
1-ll--7" is anyonc', gucs5. M r.
La> willlikdy be hlking for ways10 bol-
'tcr ABC's aging hilS, "Oesperate
lIouS<.'w;ws" and "(;"1" , Anillnrny,»
and lO brmdcn the appm! of critical
favorite "Modem
WhatchanQes will Comcast Plrt Intoplace
OI'IU It finalizesIt$ plfthaseof a majority
stakeofNBC Universal?
Thi, deal l,mg in coming. i, ,till ,btl'l! to
take pbl>:' scm1l'tin1l' around the end of
2010, Ona' cumbinl'<i the Ill"W mmf"'ny
"ill add cable ch.lnnd, suchas NE!" and
"Vs." to itsstable. andbeabk' to draw'ID
Comca' !'s va't ",ach and emerging
rouch-pOTato t,'Chnology (vid,'O-on-
ocmand, f'>ssible intera,'tiw pnHnotiOllS)
anduS<.' itsTVn''lWIlrks to influerKe nlW
TV-Winching behavior. Will Comcast be
happy "ith the' pcrf.'nThlna'of hflli1<b"t -
network l"BC? Andwill the 1ll'W ""ncrs
want to rinkcr with NBC Universal's
manat, "-'ffl<.'nt or op.""rion,? We'lilikdy
g<.:t the ansWI'1"S to those questionssome-
timein 2011.
ABC family,wI1ere
aimed al VOOI1Q
handle. When a fan t'nm"'" in behavior
that hdps us sp",ad the word, we try to
enmum!,"" that behavim."
Thew mnteot-sl"-u fk apps arc still
\(Xl for Kristin Fmnk !",neml
manager for MTV and VHt Digital.
Sht' says Twiner or which
r",,,ntly a'ljuin-d che-d:-in-to-anything
s<' lVia' lIot Potato, would make mo",
sense for TV check-ins bo.'Gluse they
haw thl' 1.,\,..1 of users that better match
the mass audiences of TV. "Tk big
qm'Sti"n is who ends up being able to
ham,,,, the main't",am, N,he ,aid. n[
don' t knowif it's realistic that I"-'<.)ple a",
going to go to 5<.t'1rate pmdutts l<> do
that "
While MTV has launcht'l! a number
of che'Ck-in programs with Four>qua""
which rt'P',m 3 million users. the net-
work has not Y''1expcrimente'll with the
chl'Ck-in apps sl"-uficatly for TV.
To date, MTV', program, have
f"cus<'l! on I'Xte'J1ding nmrent int" the
real world rather lhan kwping the
chec k-in what's on scree n. A
"""ntly Iaunch,'l! program for il' Vid,,,,
Music Awatds giws a Moonm,m badg<'
1<> users lhat check in to mu, ic wnues,
with a chana' 1<> win tickers l<> the
"Social medic. in general, certainly
ha, it, marketingopportunities with lhe
right messaging." M. . Frank said,
adding that MTV ha, dt'Cid,'<! 10 5<. 1"'-
rate social-media outreach groups fmm
Il.dvert isinQAQe I September 6, 2010 11
marketing, "The diffe",nce i, thal we
create content and editorialize thing>,
It', a further way to extend our pm-
gramming rccch."
Gt'lGlue', Me. I,koldal,o 5<. .." check-
in a, window into the "ta ste
gmph of entertainment,NNThink
the aggn..'g;Jle information on how I"-Y>-
pIe con, uming emertJinme'J1t," he
said. "How many !'l-xlp1c art' ",ading a
boxlk Sl'<.'ing a a'rtJin movie? What
arc lhe f"'tlern, thal em emerge when
you look at fans of ' Tnll' BloodT
Though, at thi, point, HBO' s
Caluon said she s een any
GetGlue data that', newto her.
One coming sociel media for TV apI',
Starling. i, Ie" amCCrIll'l! with the
check-in ah0ll':thcr. Cofounders Kevin
Slavin and Kenny Miller a", betting
tluJl check-InaPI'S will be Inn", thanjust
marketing de"ices. Out in October,
Starling will concentrate on ext,' nding
TVprogramming int<> me'llia,
NTrying to treat a TV ewnt as if it we",
a Starhuck> and gi,ing l:""ig.'S for
ing lhrnugh the d,x>r i, mi'understand-
ing a TV show is about," Me,
Miller said. That n-a s<ming will alS<l 5<. '<.'
networks' advertisers extend into social
m,'l!ia, l<Xl. "The", are interesting new
opportuniti,,, to .'mpower networks to
find n,'\v ad dollars in lhi, ,pace," Me.
Miner a,id.'Il. though hedeclined to pro-
vide any 'I"-ufics. "Not only are we
innovating on the user experience.
we're aI,,, innovating ad-,upportex:l

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ZZ September G, 2010 I Advertising Age
JINGlES ,.. ' .I
music fm ml""'h"'"
That'sone nWOl1 brand; and 00 U<,'<.'fI-
cie" arc nUi""wring. and in many Cl"'-"
relaund>ing. the a" of the iinglc--from
Fann's num Nintl'ndo-fi,xl 8-bit
I'l'll",k"of itsdassc "Like agood llI.'ighbnr,
Fann isIhen'" W Expcn.ln's qu,.. t W
find a n,w band to s-ing its "Fn'C (.wil
Sa,re" song 10 Mefirnakt's uft-updoll-d
u\u." on its NI'm Lovin' It" tagline.
It's also why original !X'P thaI
d"uble as ads ()fl lhe rise, it's
Coowr;c pairing hip-hop up-and-com,,,
Kid Cudi "'ith memkrs "f
bends Vampire weekend and &"t Coast
fur an "riginal single:Summertime";
online--J,'ring siteZoosk n'lTUiting mppcrs
flu Rida andT-Pain fm the fully bronek'll
; or Gatorade lapping hip-hop
producer Da"id R,nlll'T m pc'll lhe' rocka-
billv tunc for its (\Im.'fIt "R,mution"
ClmJX1ign, And Tommy llilfigc'T is alx>uI
In laund> loud. its firsl majc'" frugron,'C
ClmJX1iWJ in Y'-",rs, " i lh an "rigin.l1song
by Bri lish oond till' TingTings
wrim'll sp..'lifiGtlly for the 00,
In f"'1, musk was Iheonly produ<:tion
CltlW'ry that saw an incTl'aS<' in
lasl ymr, ac"L'Ording to a 2010 sludy fnHn
the 4A's; the Association of Mu,ic
Pmduo.' rs (AMP) I'l 'P'JnLU 78% of ils
members' income came from original
music \IS. 22% fromlicensed musk and
arrangements in a spring2010 survey.
NIt "'-"-ms like Ihe cyde is ebbing
slightly, and it n",y be less popular 10
align yourself with a majm supc"..,lar:
said Elizal",:1h Myers, pn",idc"l11 of AMP
and co-founder uf Tri",'TS Myl'l"; Music.
She it couldbea n-fkC1ion of the
economic mo.Jd-,riginal music fccls
mon: simpleand n'al And, she ",id, "in
America. the clients lilu.' W o"n that
ide"l1lily thaI come'" wilh original music."
Jock Livc""'Y, co-founder of bicoasral
music house DuOl,me, agn. ....'" Ihat origi-
nal music conwys more honesty.
"\Vhe...he'T consciously or nOl, to viewers
[licensing music] a krtlc manipula-
tiw, like you're jusl kind of n"l1ting
somethingI" wow me," he snd.
A h'rmving numoc'T of advcnisers an:
n:in"csling in and n"inwnting theiro"'"
jingle", for a Ill'W generation. lason
P<:terson, executive cn:aliw din.'elnr for
Imerpublic's Translatiun, which has
worked wilh and State
Fann, said brands MC stltning w n.'alizl'
Ihe in""luablc ''<juily thaI aHTI,,,, wilh a
n.'al!,,'nil.,ble jingle.
"Takingsom....hing newand inhen:m
to their brand, ",hich has a deep SO" of
meaning. and making il ",levant and
intenMing and bringing that into popu-
lar culmn: is a bigtask in ilself," he ", id,
But 10 many a).,'<'ll')' CW''S, such a,
M<Cann's Mike Boris, senim VP-exe-ru-
ti\'C music produCe'r, it doc"n't matter
wh''Iher Ihe music is writll"l1
for Ihe camJX1ign or if it', an exi>ting
song th.l1 lusn't n.u"ivcu national expo-
surc-ces l'mg as it's a gmd 'Tl\ltivc fit,
artisls wil11L'Od their musicandoCGlsion-
ally Iheir lik,"I1''''s to an ad campai).,'ll .
Ny,,,,rs ago it was sdhng oul-ro",
we call il selling in," Mr. Boris "'id. The
pitch? A major,pOl Gin g<'1 you the kind
of playnali,mal radio du,"n't anymon:.
&'ginning in 2lXlH, majclT ad ag<'Oei,,,
and brands h.we OC'L'Il glring to
lengths I" associate themselves wilhorig-
inal musicandartiSI dc,,'dopml'llt. Ill"",'
Euro RSCG ocquircd indic music label
Thdlours in a bid to c"Ll blish rn:diblc
n:lationships be1wwn brands and a"i,15.
Also that year, PepsiCo's Mtn Dcw
fom"u Gn.'L'Il Label Snood. an imprint
Ih.l t n,1<"'",-xl nl'l'>' songs ftumindie lxmds
,ud, as Mall &. Kim andTheC.o,,1 Kid,;.
Mon: n'CL'lllly, [nterpublic Cn",p of
Cos.' M,{".ann Erickson fom"-d an in-
houS<' record label SlayU :'-1usi(, on
behalf of Holiday Inn. The label's first
single, "You Always Make Me Smile'"
by up-and-coming
Kyle' Andn.'ws, is fcarurcd in Holiday
Inn's new gloool campaign and is avail-
able on Henes and 'roufubc.
AndTRWNChial/Day isnrgani7jng
new-music showcases this month in
marh-t s sum as li", An!, ,,-i ,,, to h"'" bU7z
bends in front of CI"L'ati\'C directors and
clil"l1rs. It alsu (I,ml" downto l'con'>ntics,
Ucen,ing song, fnlln k"'ser-kn""'n or
nlW b-lnds am ran!-,,,, fmm $IO,(X() to
S75,O::O, depending on ",h,...her the ad
airsonly onTVor online, ",hil,' the priCe'
tag for beller-kno",n artists com,,,, in at
$200,OCO to 53OO,OCO, Thl'll there a",
me'g:l-anists like Lcd Z."pf',lin, I.-Iadunna
and the Rolling 5101'1''', who often cost
up",an:! of$1 million for one song
Of course, rrore din'el relation,hips
belween agencics, brands and artisls
rncens less "I'P',rtuniri,,,, forthe de,licarcu
jingle hou",,, and music-pmlu<tion a>nt-
panics to booktraditional ad gig:;, SO many
of themarediversifying n"Ume",
Inadditi<m to I'Lxnn!ing scmg5 for
fur mark''1ers including Palm. pacifico
Bwr and H,,,,,,k...t-Pockan:l, Black Iris, an
indie-musich"uS<' baso.u in theSilver Llke
ncighborh""d of Los Angeb, 1'L'Cl'lldy
comp1c'lcxl the score fur a videx' gameand
also has a fledgling s-ingl,,,, label thaI jusl
siWJ'u adistrib,tiondc'alw release 7-inch
vinyl 1'l'U,rds and digilal downkods wilh
Sony's RED Music,
Similarly, DUOtlHle has 1x.'L'1l adding
originl! scores forindic films no";,,w York
I L"ve You"land Glble TVshows (AMes
"Rubcon" History', NS"""mp r''OpIe
ils die'lll list llI'Xt 10 origi",,] jingle" fur
R,,,1nn. Martini &. Maxwell Hou,,-,
InlL'Tnati"nalandV,'Ti7'<Hl Wini l'SS, thel,t-
tel' of ",hich fJnlOLl,ly n.1'U'l'IIlU t ' Big
jingk' this spring W pnm","' its vn
n.xhnlol'LU ,'lGm<"'1';l!,'C,
The line between mmmemll comcnr
and on cnnrinlll" to blur A1eX.lndn: Sap,
a O...fEum's The;Houn;, said thernming
I">il'll for him ",a,; w.... "11 [\'C'T Glbriei
''O"..'T lou R"'u's NThl' r.",w f
the Hmrl,." a "Hlg lhe one'time Vel ...
Und''Tground frnntman WWte for
Cartier's Low Colkx:tKm.
NIt's all about quality. It's about the
fighl oc'!wl'Cn music-producrion compa-
nics making musicJUSt for adwrtisingor
ha"ingclil'llts ClH11e illlo Ihe n'U>rd arm-
I"'ny withIhe right conn''elion" n he",id,
single isleatllfed
in HoIidi1y Inn'S
global campaign,
of 40:1 pan."I1IS and30J "hml teachers on
the subj,'eI, finding 60% of teachers
n'<jUl"l JX1n:nts <lemale disi nfcuing wil"-"
forthe da,;srocH11 and onaverage usedis-
infcuing produClS on high-cuntaCl an"'s
sud, a, doorknobs daily, But 82% say
Ihey fmr anergil", skinirrirati,m or aSlh-
ma may l'l"Ull fnH11 useof d''aning pntd-
ucts at
J\;,'l'dk'SS 10 ",y, Seventh C""I1eralion
11.15 a solution 10 thc' problc'l1t, highlight-
cdby a IxJdH'}-sch",,1 kil of irs produ<:t,
and an "",u-friendly" oorkpack. The kit
and backl"'ck arc distribuILu Ihmugh
hundreds of mostly mommy bl''!if,'<'1";
Ihmugh the MyBlogSl"'rk nl'lwmk and
a listing of "hl\llthy tips" available on
I' sill' for Parent
Teacher Organi7.alions---including
switdting w disinfluants that have Nno
ind... )rair pnlluranlS."
S<.''''''llth Genc'Tilli,m also j,>im'li "ith
Stonyfidd Farm to spnn,,'r oock-tn--
schml ,-duGlti,m cwnts al;out Nho'" w
have a healthier sch",,1 year" for I,co.)
Pro,; around the mumry this reu- cech
'''''I''-u'u to n\lch 100 10 .'iXl l"'n:nlS,
a,,,,rding to Wolp'-''', brand
educalion director for Seventh
Gcn.'ntti,m, The movement isn't JUSt
limileU to primary sch,x,l" IL""hets m
parent" either.
Meth,td, markc-t er of nalural and
botanical dcarung products, recently sup-
plied inh'TLuimt infunnation w a San
Francisco Bay 1\ 1''-''1 stude'llt group, Tecns
Tuming Gn"-'ll (ll',
whid, is working on cn:ating an "ceo-
11.15 a Slrong <l<,m'''ticpresence- access til
Ogilvy Healrhwmld's sprawling f<Xll-
primin 33coumri,'S.
Ime'Public Group of Cos. appc'ars
incTl'Jsingly octiwin thi' area. In thespan
of rem w""ks in August,
Dailey &. A,;so:":i<1l..,, wa,; aligned with
o-erca inabidlostl'L,%'!hm lhe
"ffjre cgcrcy by giving it 0CCl'$ to ,'US-
tl>m''T-n:brionship marh1ing ""der and
large g1nb.r1 n,........nrk Draft . Around the
""me lime, Campbell- Mithun,
annoul1Q.U it <'><>Llld absorb
the 5O-p'-'ffi1tl kJGtl uffiCe' of digiLl1 llgl"OC}'
MRM---a d,x:ision C.ampbell -Milhun
CEO SIl'VC Wcolt"'nlx'Tg said was drivL'll
by acomfort kvel wilh MRM fmmwork·
ing,m shared ilLulUnrs O\x'T the ymrs.
Unilingat,'I'neic" underIhe", me hold· isgcnc'rJlIy 1.'Ss thomy than
othcr adbnd mergers, typiGllly sJX1rking
fc...... client conflicts and many more syn-
ergic"', Ca"'-' in I",im: Ihl' VI'PP move,
SinCe' bothof those health a).,'<'ll,i,,, scrv-
iCe' Novartis, I'fizerandGlaxoSmithKlinc,
it madefora sm,x>lh,,, process.
By far, thc' a!-,,,-'llC)' umbn:]]a h'fOUp
leading the streamlining Irend is
Tmunt,}-oo",-'Ii Panners. In July,
MDC's premien: agen,)' brand. Crispin
Poner & Bt,gusky, absorbed sibling
agency Zig, a wdl-km".'ll C.anadian·
shop, and rebrandcd it CPB Canada. The
same momh, Kirshenooum Bond
Scnecel &. Pa"nc'l";, ,11'1 the heels of gob-
bling up Albma-b-l"'-u sibling Flel<her-
Martin, absorbed multicultural shop
Askcu about the moves. MDC CEO
Miles Nadal", id, flIt isdefinitely aro.,ler-
ating. "
NThe changing mluia landscape
means a lotof fim" arc looki ng for a"is·
Theadditionof cleaning supplies
to oacs-tc-scnootustshas been
growing for yearsbecause of
fearsabout the H1N1 virus and
germs. Asaresult, the season has
become important to marketers.
ianitori"! c1osc... " lisl of ea}-friendly pntd-
U<1S lhal schmls mn SIOCk.
The addition of cleaning suppli,'S to
oock-to-schml lisls has be..... n growing
for ymrs as fin<lncially strappedschools
"'ughl donalions from I"'renlS oc'CJuse
of fears about the HIN1 virus and
germs, and as such Clomx Co. and
Rcckin Bcnckiscrs Lysol workc'li hard
and successfully gOI their brands on
lists, As a result the season bas become
incn:asingly important to markelers,
M" Wolpen said.
One diffcn:ncc this yl"'r isa""ilability
ofstrongergn. ..... n-.."'ition'u alrcmanvcs.
Sc..-elllh GL'll''Tarion in lanuary bunch,x!
a linc of bUlanical di,inf'''-1ant> and wipc",
registeTl'li ",ith the Environmental
Prol''elion Agen<y lhal claim 10 kill
99.9% of germs- jusl as Clorox and Lysol
products do. M"h,td launch,u a similar
lim' of disinfluing prodll<"tS and hand
"'nitizers last m"nt h,
So far, with some ex(\'!'tions like PS
107, S<.'vcnth Generalion hasn'l had
much SUCCl'SS getting it> brand listed on
supply lisls fmm Imchers or 1'T0s y,-t,
said M" wolpcrr. "Based on we did
lasl Y'-\lr, our focus for nc'xI YC\lr willlx.'
I" increase o<'Crall awan:n,,,, [among
I"'n'llIS, IC\lchers and 1'T0s] about our
product availability," she "'id.
NILES NADAt: The CEOofMOC says moredieols
eelool<ing townsolidale ee number 01
partnersthey do business wrth.
encc in ,ocial m,uia, invcsunent in l,,,h-
noloh'Y and pure SGIk" Mr. Nad.ll said.
"Oiems a", looking to consolidate the
number of partners Ihey do business
with, and you nex.-dto h.we the
and scale."
Nadal de'lliLU Ihat MDC' s com-
bining egcnocs was linked to a """'lltial
",Ie of the holding company down the
IUld but pointcxl cut that r<lDC this yc",r
has built whal it calls as a "shanu servic-
cs group" 10 identify It"'''' of these
''P..,nuniril'" evilhin irs ..,rtfolio,
Said Mr, Nadal ' Tbcrc's a lot of bril -
Klntly talented firms that a", h'TL'at .11
",hat lh,'Y <l<' but cuuld benefit from big-
!,"-'T plmfomts" and. ,m the flip side, rhc
bigger finns benefil fromnmo", d'1"h of
ralcnr and morebench Sl"'I'I!,'lh."
"You'll "'-..... our bi&,""'t pbtfonns
exp.:md t,'<"'8mphiGilly and in thc"ir "ffc'T-
ings. 11'10'" tOOHTIe, and Ihl' n'J-
scm why i, thar it's provcn that P'-"'Ple
can have the"ir Glke and '-"II it, 100; Ih,'y
Gin have their ''lltrcpl'L'nurial DNA but
Ihe n'S<rurces of a bi&,"-'T organi7"rion.
We'n: ",orking on thn... or four lnOre
[dmls)lhal [ Ihink are going to be really
exciling. "
Scan: worldmags® Scan: worldmags®
Adverti.illQAQe I September 6, 20tO Z3
Alter31 withtilemotorCycle Cl)mpany, theagencymade anunusual move fl)"" ashop and resigned its client FI)"" moreon(hiS story, QO10AllAIje.COlI.
rom!"'nil'S likely t<> fare
well at ka' t thmugh year c'1ld. Edwaol
Awrino, media industry at
Bcnehmark c«. "'-"-'5 smmg TV dC'1l1and,
in !"' rt from p<,litical buying.. and some
,pilling into Ihe p"'1-deaion
period dUl' to "crowding out" from
hmvy dc'cti,m sf'l'llding. Demand fmm
chcnts hos spreadw.:11 beyonda rebound-
ingauto indu,try, he said, though visibil-
ity beyond 2010remains "limited."
Globally, it's oc,<'" haol t" tell Ihet<'
has been a n'O.'5,i<m in dl'Velopi ng mar-
kets such China, India and Brazil . But
ma,kc'1ers ea!l",ly cashing in on the
"p!",mmitil'S havc made markc'1s,
such as pad",ge goods, muc-n more rom-
and prin"foruS<...J.
One ,", om,umer !",ckage'-gnxl,
l' XerutiW pn"lills wntin ul..J glU\\l h for
dc",'doping markc'1' over Ihe next fiw to
10 y<-ars, but at slow..t ro ll'5. [n,lia n'a..'llt-
Iyjnine..J China in ",i,ing inter""l mt<.'5 to
wol off glU\\th and avoid inflalion. he
norexl. And risingor stabilizing mmm,x1-
ity ptio.'S l"Cluld foll:C a rebound in pncing
{)[ "ff on pmm"tion globally in
the next yl'ar, he said.
Wn'lt e" from 1""e,," reports.
o Fortile full versionofthisstory. go to AdAqt.COlI
OBAMA "" ' 3
dynamic America that's built on gmwth
and opportunity and jobs:
Me. all']' ",id the key to ""'55uting
Americans about an l'COnOlnic future is
being 'f'lufic initi. ,tivl'S-\\';th"ut
bei ng", sf'lufic tfl.,t the administrotion
opens i,,"-'lf to anack
Dbama ,nmmilll..J that ermr of being
""l'JS!,,-ufic whl'1l he promiS<.xl the stimu-
lus bill "'lllld kc'<l' the une'lllplnymc'flt
around 8%. Today it's ;]I 9.5%.
"nl.1l wa, a ""'tc);ic mi55tcl': said Jay
Cost who until lnsew<.'<'k wrotethe Hol'Sl'
Ra"" blog for Rml Omr Politia; and is
no", headed to thl' WCl'k1y Standard.
On one hand, the admini",,,,tio,, has
stumbled whl'll it comes to highlighting
the tangible auumplishments thaI have
(XIOle out of stimulus sf'l-nding. Can you
idl'lltify a 'f'l",f;c ()[ programthat it's
m>;1ll'<i? A lccd from a June Nl'w York
Timl'S story "" id it "The shovels "re
finally "",dy. But is any<me !",yingattc'll-
On Ihe nthe' hand, Ob-, ma has a haol
timl' artiCUk'ting a vision for m:owry.
There' s a f'l'S,imi'tic 'treak running
thT<lllgh Amenl."n l'COnomic thinking
right "'M', with quc'Stit>o' askcxl "'''
only abo"t a doubll--dip n'Cl.'SSinn. but
al", a Japan-' tyl.. kl51 dc'Clde. CnlUndle'SS
optimismisgoingto be tough to.1l''''1I1d
of Ihe Anll'rican ...
lore Sullivan, vice chairman-globe]
public affairs at PR firm Eddman, callcxl
the rommunications strategy SO for a
"pil'O..'mml" and p<,;nt<xlto two
initiatives announn'<.l in the IVSt n"mth
or so that don' l add up \{) mum. An ini-
tiative dc'5ignc'<.l to buoy the muntry's
m.,nuf"cruringbase, dubbed
"Making It in Ameri<:a,N was fnllowc'<.l by
rhc announcement of a smell-business
pu, h lhat hinge'S <m a lending bill now
sruck in a o'ngrl'SSion.,1 gridlock.
"looking at Ihis as a "mer, Ihe !"'ns
don't add up to anything." ",i,l Mr.
Sullivan. " H .. ' , lUll d<ring hi, equivall'llt
of theContract WithAme'lica-gi,';ngus
asix-p<,int planand sayingIhisi, what it's
goingto take, and thisiswhat it's goingto
deliver us."
There's littledoubt kft this will take a
toll ,m the o..'l!l'>:nIts in the midterm
e1l'<lion" with most o/>servers assuming
the party w.;11 loS<.' the HouS<.' of
In thinkingab",n howobama, whose
aPrnwal raling ha, shppcxl lO a I,M' of
43%, might recowr from Ihis, C1in,,>o's
firsl lenn OHnc'S up often.
In 1m o..mocl1us Inst Cnngrl'SS to a
Rel'ublican Patty Ihal wa, ,urging <m Ihe
Contract With Amenca platfonn built on
an ''PP'l5iti,m '" sf'l'llding.
Mr. Cost al},'Ul'S those mi,itl'nn losses
kept Clinton on his hc,<,ls until h.. dug in
on a Rl1lllblican attempt to n'<.lure the
sf'l,<xl al which Ul5ts wen' ris-
ing. In 1996, having <.'I1trendlc'<.l himself
as th.. rentn,t he Tt'ally was. Oint"n won
n---.:kCli,m handily.
"Oin",n w"s "bl.. '" lk, Ihal lx'Cluse
he wa, able 10attirulale a nc'w vi,i,m of
his pn'Sidc'llry, " ",id Mr. Cost. "h ml'ant
,nmc'1hing diffen'1lt in 1995 than it didin
1993. The White HouSl' is fonun-,tl' in
thatlhe wtiting i, on the wall. [t's obvious
thl' Rl'f'Ublicans are going to do ,wll and
it giVl'5 Ih.. ptl.'Sidc'llt lime to mull 'wc']'
how we're going to p'"ition oul'Sl'lves in
2011 and 2012."
Andwho, a few Yl'arsago, """Id have
thought Obama ",,,, whl'll it
<;oml'S lO c'><pn'SSing visum?

SiJ\Ii"'qs rate. rd
I 1
22%of total (4%lesslhanthe
comparable halfof boomers did in1999). Even
youioclude thecoer seqrnent 01Generation Y
(age 25-34), you still onlytotal38%ofspendiOQ.
Whyis that a problem?
The problemisthatthesetwoageQroups. even
when ccrobined, have2.4milion fewerhouseholds
thannetocerersco, At a limewhentheeconomy
reecsuentcstec coaosceocusoutol the
recession. theysimplylackthehorsepower10do so.
The2009 unemployment rate wililactor in as
well. Thetwoage groopswit hthe highest
unemploymenl rates are zs-tc-34 at9.9%(those
comiOQ out ofcollegefrom25 tozsere at10.6%)
and351044 at 7.9%. SO theagegroopthat
should becomiOQIntotheirearniOQ prime is
ostesd cot ofworkata veryhighrate.
Let's Iookat anotherway.In199a the25-to-
44(Ceo Xandlateboomers}se<:jment cctesrred
theastc-easeoreot (boomersand pre-boomers)
by$426billion.lf W(' Iookat thosesameage rarqes
in2008-nowCeo Xers andoldermillennials vs.tte
boomers, the boornersarepullinq io5535 billion
morethantheiryounger coooteperts.SOlhe
boomers arestilldrMOQlhegrowth.
Is trerea silver lini ooinlhere? Anywhere?Yes.
aillhelaikaboul howbig the boomer
generation is, andhowthemillennials are hardto
liQureoot wecnen lorget tnettre millenfilals
actually oct numbertheccorers.For thenext
severalyears.W("II havefewerhouseholds io the
peakspendiOQyear>, buteventually the
mlliellnials- all 85 million01 them-will Howin.
....TT CI....OOW:,
for the pastlewdecades, bil byboomers have
driventteeccoonc growth in theU.S.Andthere
arealot 01 them, incase you didn·t krow.correct
Censusdata prttbe numberof boomers at just
uooer 80 million, or a touchovercre-tnlru of all
adults. HoW('V('f,they're nowmoviOQ ototre
ooe-ccoot, andtrosetousocot spendnearlyas
much. In I999the boomers werebetween the
ages 01 35and54. Their generation accoontedfor
42%of households, 53%of all prelaxincOll'le and
justoverhall ofall speodlnq In theU.S.-$2t rillion.
In 2008, theccorees haveIT'IOVed into the45·
t0"64 ecereoce. They ecccoot lor 44%01
totalspendiOQand 46% of IncOll'le.
Theboomers, despitetheirsuperior
areS-hiftiOQ iolothe65-ero-oce- agegroop,which
typicallyeccooots for jusl l4%ofspendi00,astheir
mortgaqesget paidoff , their chlidrell lT'lOVe out
andtheir expensesdecrease.WMe Ihis agegroop
generallyspends money onbig-tickel 'tens li ke
secondhomes, withthe recession Mtioo their
40tKs as trevwereetcot toretire, manyare
forQOioo thoseexpenses andcontinuioo towork.
That lurther hoses theceo xersbecauseso
maovcarrt moveupintolhe highe!'payiOQjobs.
Tammy Erickson, eutrcr01 a recent book on
Ceo xe-s, "What 'Sllext cenX: ' says,"(Ceo XI
really haveoctteo theShOrt endof thestickfrom a
moneta.-yslandpoinl. RiQht rowat the recession,
the bulk01 tenXis inbothlheirpeakincOll'leand
peakspendiOQ years 01 Yoor peak«core is
beiOQ li mrtedata limewtlen you'd want 10be
maximlzinqil. Andyour peakspendiOQ is
occurriOQat the timewhenyou'releastlikely10
have alot 01 oecretcoervincome."
Generation X, meanwhile,accoonts for just
thTllwing in the t\1wd. WPPCEO M"rrin
Sorrell who tended to be blum aboUI
proSp<'ClShe'ading inrorhe n'a..'Ssion.
is ",unding no abnn, of a doubledip. [n
an inve'5wr call last mllOth.. he ", iddiems
haw n-alized "the world wa,n't going lO
end" and are "starting to 10<Jk fnrl'.!"'n-
5Ion. "
"I hevcn'e witnessed any fourth-
qualtl'r l'lltb-leks or mid fe,<,t: said Phil
CowdelL North American CEO of
WPP's MindShare, [[I , till "'-'<' ceo-
pieinvl'5ting inbuildi ng brondsand driv-
ing lc-ads."
Othe' agency ,hids are al", relatively
bullish. "Our shorr-rerm p,,*'cti,lOS do
not show moderotinn, in the fao: of
thc prl'SS mlkingabout a d,",bl.. dip," ", id
Tom Harri",n, chairman-CEO of
Omnicom Cnll'p's Diwrsifi l'<.l Agl'llCY
SeTVio.'S gmup, whosaidhi, gmup i,5O..'<'-
ing dn"ble-,ligit growth in 2010.
But Davc Senay, global CEO of
Omniom's F1cishman-Hillard, ",id thl'
O>05O..'ll'"S of "b'l'ncy hC'ads in the PR
industry is for a "s<' '<"Cl nd-half softl'nin""
whkh may be a haroinge']' of a k>oge']' -
tenn trough: A double-dip n'a..'Ssion is
"a tl.-al possibiliry."
mn'trurooo has f"lIm as a
shareof us. CDPand u.s.",,{umaker>,
while pmducing k'S" a", mo", profitable
than during the- peak of the ,wnomic
<'XJXl nsi,m as they Tl'Strumom,1 for a
sm"llcr marh'!, In.king furth,·, wynffs
On the other hand, whik manuf,,-
turio!,: b"",dly has 1x"'J1 amooS the
bi&,'<.'S1 growth dri ver> in the US., much
of that has 1x'l.'11 fueled by wbuilding
if"'''nl"ri,,,. That em', hst if the inWnlO"
ri l'S don't ",II. Pro<:fff & Camblc Co,
Chairman-CEO Bob McDonald summed
up th" muddled nutlwk of many mar-
h'!"rs in an ""mings mnfl,,,,ncc GIll 10"
monlh whcn he said he doesn't CXIJI.'Ct a
blll add,.,j, "] think
the' oomnmk m.:overy in the United
States will he UI1,......'11 ,N
In an app"rcnt adjustml'1l! to mo.....
Clm,.,rvati", l'Xf"-'Oatitms for the nexl
thn:.: years, P&G in recent months has
its top-linc b'TIlWlh tMb"-'1S for
,..nior and will ,ompensale
them00S<.'<.1 on how they do vs. thecom-
petilion ,alher Ihan vs. an absolute
gl'llwlh U1},'I't. And while P&G edded S1
billion oo,k In il5 ad spendingfor the fis-
cal year ..ndcd lunc 3O---<l 13%
inC"K';l5O..'-iI's pl1nning more mode'l , in-
glc-digir growth for ad spending in linc
with ",ie'S gnMlh Ihi, ymr.
Consumer Edgc Research, in its
monthly poll of 2,5(X) mn,umerS !a,t
month.. fouodimprovedoutlookfor bust-
nl'SS conditions and hou,..hold income
and an """",11 n'bound in <;OIl,umc, ,..n-
timent afler two momhs of , h,,'P
dl",linc'5. Yct um,umcrs said they pbn In
shift In discounu'rs, buy lower-pria.'Ii
b",nd>, wail for sak-.,;, !"'y down debt and
lohn Gerzema,chiefin,ightsoffi"", of
Y&R and author of rhc
li,h..d "Spend Shift,N""" a perman..nt
move toward more conservative spend-
ing !",llc'TTl'. "Thi, i,n't a n..w normal "
heseid. "It' s an oldnorma]. It wasonly in
Ih.. mid-19805 Ihat ".., .rancxl lO go flOm
;;aving 10% of our income to a negative
savings ",Ie. I'dalmost argue the !"'st few
decades were the anomaly. We' re goiog
bad< In a more practical wayof spending.
whc''-': w.: don't have access to the ;;ame
amoum of ere..tit."
M,. ("">C17-cma call, it a , hift to a
"debit" ,,>cil'1y from a "m..lit" ,,>cil'1y,
and ,ome n'tailers are , hifting gears to
"ddn'SS consumers who pn'fer 1O sf'l'lld
more frugallyor operal" on ca,h. Targc'1
m'xt month willlx'gin pushing its nl'W
5% n'waol, programthaI giV<.'5 , hoppers
5% off when they uS<' either a Tal},"-'1
cn.'<iit or debil Glrd, and Kohl', is adding
S20 milli<m to its marketing buo:4, ...'1 to
position itself as "th.. smartl'Sl d"ri"" fm
a cautious <;OIlsumc'T:
But markelers bmadly are for flOm
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