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Agnit II AT

Agnit II AT

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Published by: cheenu on Sep 14, 2010
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Agnit II AT

Arun S Viswakarma© Agni-IIAT . Length (m) 20 Max Diameter (m) 1.2 Launch Weight - kg (Including Payload) 2 7,000 Propellant Solid (HTPB/AP/AI) Number of Stages 2.5 Payload - kg 300 - 1,000 Range (Payload) 4,000 km (1,500 kg) CEP Accuracy 20 meters (estimated)

The Agni-II was a quick and proven design, albeit of 1980s vintage. The Agni-IIAT is the result of a CIP (Continuous Improvement Program) with Agni-II. Different reports indicate India developing a more advanced technology (AT) version of Agni-II[82] putting into use, state-of-the-art technologies to significantly improve the Agni-II performance[83] as well as to adapt it to the newer and lighter nuclear payload, that was proven by the Pokharan-II series of nuclear tests[84]. The new propulsion system could greatly increase the missile's range to 4000 km (1500 kg payload) and potentially to ICBM range for lighter payload. The Agni-IIAT is likely to incorporate the following changes: y y y A larger diameter booster stage made of stronger 250-Marging steel, improving fuel loading and fuel mass-fraction (~0.88). Lightweight carbon composite motor casing[85, 86] for the second stage, instead of steel casing, improving its mass-fraction (~0.92). Lighter, tougher and higher (beta) RV, with all carbon composite re-entry heatshield, multi directional carbon re-entry nose tip and control surfaces[87]. Very likely a unary version of the Agni-III's RV Mk-4.

We refer to this postulated configuration as Agni-IIAT that would be validated when it is tested sometime in the future[88]. However this paper gives an insight to potency of such technological improvement. Comparative Line drawing of Agni-II and Agni-IIAT
[Image © Arun Vishwakarma]

New improved 1.2m diameter rocket case of maraging steel being handed over to M. Natarajan
[Source: The HINDU, 10-Nov-06]

Composite casing of Agni-II's second stage

2 meter diameter[92. Hyderabad] Description After Agni-II development DRDO has reported major success in developing superior subsystems ranging from newer higher performance RV. but qualitative improvements in propulsion and warhead significantly improves its range and effectiveness.88 ____ 0.600 Kgf ____ 42. The new missile's form factor is almost same as the Agni-II. similar to RV-MK4 of Agni-III & Agni-III++. centered around India for assured access to space based precision navigation.400 Kgf -(Burn Time)____ (58 seconds) ____ (35 seconds) .88).82 Thrust @ Vacuum ____ 78. thus capable of greater re-entry velocity[91. Propulsion First Stage: A new 1. Agni-IIAT Configuration Agni-IIAT Stage 1_____ Agni-IIAT Stage 2 _____ PBV/HAM _____ RV Gross Mass ____ 20.000 kg ____ 6.600 kg ____ 5. Approximately 12 meter long and 20 tonne mass Second Stage: Lightweight filament wound carbon composite motor casing[93.A] booster case made of 250-Maraging steel with improved chamber pressure and fuel mass-fraction (estimated 0. The new RV smaller in diameter & length but higher (beta) compared to the RV of Agni-I/II.180 kg Empty Mass ____ 2.90 . lighter casing of second stage and booster case made of stronger Maraging steel.580 Kgf Thrust @ Sea Level____ 70.400 kg ____ 600 kg ____ 20 . the new lightweight composites can withstand temperatures of up to 6. Manoeuvring Re-Entry Vehicle: New lighter and tougher RV.90 ____ 0.0. with all carbon composite re-entry heat shield with multi directional carbon re-entry nose tip and control surfaces.92[95]).400 kg ____ 40 .000º centigrade.000 kg ____ 220 kg ____ 50 kg Fuel Mass ____ 17. 92]. India and Russia are working together on the development and launch of a new generation of Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONESS) that will be operational by 2007[89].50 kg Fuel-Mass-Ratio[96]____ 0.[Image : Advanced Systems Laboratory. Accuracy of this longer range missile is augmented by space based precision navigation system. 94] for Stage-II with improved fuel mass-fraction (estimated between 0. India is also building its own IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System)[90] covering 35% of earth surface.

2 meter ____ 1.0 meters .Length ____ 12 meters ____ 4. Case Material 250-Maraging Steel ____ Filament wound composite material ____ All Carbon Composite .2 meter ____ 1.6 meters Diameter ____ 1.8 meters ____ 2.

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