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Example of a Maid of Honor Wedding Speech
By Stacy Craig, Wedding Speeches Guide on ExtraFindouts.Com
Good afternoon to all of you, I’m honored to be a part of this very special occasion. By the way my name is Cecily Morrison. I am the bride’s maid of honor and I was asked by my beloved best friend to do a little speech for her. Since I love her so much, I would do it despite my great fear of public speaking. Anyway, enough about me, we are all here today because of the wedding of the century- the union of the two most romantic people I know, Anna and Ricardo. I have known Anna ever since we were in kindergarten. She was still wearing pigtails back then. (Laughs) She was such a cute little girl that there was no doubt in my mind that she would have lots of suitors when we grew up. I remember that all the girls in my class always talked about how beautiful her long raven hair was. She was very popular during high school and sure enough there were a lot of cute boys lining up for her to be her prom date. But weirdly she was not really interested in any of those young men who invited her and courted her. I asked her once why she is not interested in any boys. Her answer? “There is just no spark…” I never thought of her as someone who believed in love at first sight so I just laughed it off at that time. But after high school graduation, she still had no boyfriend! I started to think ‘why’- not only because she still had no boyfriend but also because she had just a few male friends. Out of concern I asked her again, “Sis? Are you really that picky?” she just smiled and said, “When I see him, I’ll know.” I even started to doubt her sexuality because it was taking her so LONG! (Dramatic gesture) Until a few years later, she and I went into this Spanish style coffee shop that we regularly hung out at after work. We sat in the bar and ordered our usual drinks. We were chatting the afternoon away when suddenly the barista came with our orders. You see the first barista that attended to us was average looking, so we did not pay much attention to him. However, the second one that came with our orders was this dashing young lad who was not very familiar to us. Guess who? (Looks at the groom) Anna looked at me like she just saw a movie star. From then on, we, or should I say, she became a regular fixture in the coffee shop even on weekends. It was not very difficult to get that they already had something special after a few months of regular “visitation”. I knew that it was only a matter of time Competent and Compact How-To’s 1

Wedding Speeches Guide on ExtraFindouts.Com before something serious happened between the two. And I predicted right. After about two years of regularly seeing each other, Ricardo proposed to my best friend. Later he opened his own business, and he is a successful businessman now. And here we are. I’m just so glad that Anna found the love of her life. You know what? Knowing their story makes me realize that it is never too late to fall in love. Why, we all thought that she was never getting married. Both of us were already making plans about staying together in one house to take care of each other if we both grew old single. But sadly she left me alone. (Laughs) But seriously, (looks at the bride) I am very happy for you. You deserve all the happiness that you have right now. (Looks at the groom) I just hope that you take care of my best friend because she does not deserve to get hurt. On a lighter note, I would like to wish the newlyweds the greatest love that they might find with each other. May the fire of your romance never die. God bless and may you have many children that can share in your happiness. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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