TUBERCULOSIS Mycobacterium Tubercle Bacilli

Transmitted thru LYMP KIDNEY,BONES,CEREBRAL CORTEX, ALVEO SYSTEM LYMP SYSTEM LI INFLAMMATORY REACTION Phagocytesneutrophils,macrophag es,TB specific lymphocytes(lyse the bacilli & normal cell)

Accumulation of exudates Granulomas (fibrous tissue in alveoli mass) Bronchopneumo nia Necrosis (CHESSY GHON TUBERCLE Scar Bacteria is dormant RELEASE CHESSY MATERIAL IN BRONCHI Possible activation Reason: Compromise person



 LOW GRADE FEVER  COUGH (NON PRODUCTIVE MUCOPURULENT)  NIGHT SWEAT  FATIGUE  WEIGHT LOSS  HEMOPTYSIS DIAGNOSTIC TEST  X-RAY  PRESENCE AND EXTENT OF THE DISEASE  ACID FAST BACILLI  SPUTUM CULTURE  TUBERCULIN SKIN TEST- (MANTOUX TEST)-to determine whether the pt. has been infected with the TB bacillus. PPD-purified protein derivative -intradermal (4 inches below the elbow), 26-27 G needle, intermediate strength PPD -result read within 48-72hours

-induration risk o-4 mm not significant 5 and above significant in person who considered to be at .

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