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103_Final_Exam_Fall_08-09 (1)

103_Final_Exam_Fall_08-09 (1)

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PHYSICS 103 Final Exam TIME: 90 minutes February 8, 2009 DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM BEFORE YOU ARE

TOLD TO BEGIN NAME & ID Number ________________________________________________ A B TOTAL Grading

Useful information g = 9.8 m/s2; Circumference of a circle of radius R = 2π R. Part A ( 60 %) Circle ONE answer. 1. Two objects with masses m1 and m2 have equal kinetic energy. How do the magnitudes of their momenta compare? (a) p1 < p2 (b) p1 = p2 (c) p1 > p2 (d) not enough information is given

2. A Ferris wheel, rotating initially at an angular speed of 0.50 rad/s, accelerates over a 7.0s interval at a rate of 0.040 rad/s2. What is its angular speed after this 7-s interval? a. 0.78 rad/s b 0.20 rad/s c 0.30 rad/s d 0.46 rad/s 3. A speed boat requires 80 kW to move at a constant speed of 15 m/s. What is the resistive force of the water at this speed? a. 2 700 N b. 5 300 N c. 6 500 N d. 7 700 N
1 Score:________

Check if solution is continued on the back.

Check if solution is continued on the back. 2 Score:________ .

80 m/s b. twice as far from the center of the circular platform as Chuck.0.0) m. Andrea rides on a horse at the outer rim of the circular platform. 3 Score:________ . and 6. -3.00 g. A miniature spring-loaded.0.4) m 7.0 m/s d. Andrea’s angular speed is (a) twice Chuck’s (b) the same as Chuck’s (c) half of Chuck’s (d) impossible to determine.0.0 m/s Check if solution is continued on the back. When the merry-go-round is rotating at a constant angular speed. With the system initially at rest.4. 11. the radio controlled trigger releases the bullet causing the puck and empty gun to move with a speed of 0.0) m.4. The gun’s bullet has a mass of 5. who rides on an inner horse. (1.0) m. (-1. 6. 0. radio-controlled gun is mounted on an air puck. 4. An object initially at rest explodes. Part 3 will have a final speed of: Part 2 a) ( 2 )v b) v/2 c) v / 2 d) 2v Part 1 Part 3 6. disintegrating into three parts of equal mass. 12. 4. Masses are distributed in the xy-plane as follows: 10 kg at (2. 3. -1.5 m/s c. Andrea and Chuck are riding horses on a merry-go-round.500 m/s.4.9) m d.9. (3. 3.9. 5. 1. and the velocity vectors v1 and v2 are perpendicular to each other. 48.4) m c. (-3.0 kg at (0. Where would a 20-kg mass need to be positioned so that the center of gravity of the resulting four mass system would be at the origin? a. What is the bullet’s speed? a. Parts 1 and 2 have the same final speed v.9) m b. and the gun and puck have a combined mass of 120 g.0 kg at (2.

8 310 N 11. b The block that went straight down.0-s interval.30-m-radius automobile tire accelerates from rest at a constant 2. Two blocks are released from the top of a building.1 c.0 b. 320 m b. 4 Score:________ . vector B is 4. What is the   magnitude of the resultant when vectors A and B are added? a. A professional skier reaches a speed of 56 m/s on a 30° ski slope. What is the tangential component of acceleration for a point on the outer edge of the tire during the 5-s interval? a.8. c The block that went down the ramp. Ignoring friction. Cable 1 applies a horizontal force to the right of the object and has a tension. One falls straight down while the other slides down a smooth ramp. 3 340 N d.0 rad/s2 over a 5. 160 m c. 640 m   Check if solution is continued on the back.7 12. what was the minimum distance along the slope the skier would have had to travel. 7. If all friction is ignored. Insufficient information to work the problem. T1. 6 640 N c.7 d. A 5 000-N weight is suspended in equilibrium by two cables.0 units in length and points along the positive x-axis. 6. 0.60 m/s2 c 6. 10. A 0. 110 m d. Find T2.7 m/s2 d. d. which one is moving faster when it reaches the bottom? a They both will have the same speed. 4 000 N b.0 units in length and points along a direction 150° from the positive x-axis. 33 m/s2 b 0. T2.0° to the negative x axis and has a tension. 4. 2. Vector A is 3. Cable 2 applies a force upward and to the left at an angle of 37.30 m/s2 9. a. starting from rest? a.

Part B.Problems (40 %) BE NEAT 1. F. Puck B is four times as massive as puck A. The diagram below depicts two pucks on a frictionless table. 5 Score:________ . the pucks are pushed across the table by two equal forces. Starting from rest.Which puck reaches the finish line first? c.Compare the kinetic energies of A and B upon Finish reaching the finish line? F A m F 4m B b.Which puck has the greater momentum upon reaching the finish line? Check if solution is continued on the back. a.

2. A ball is rolled horizontally off a table with an initial speed of 0.8 m/s2 and air resistance is negligible) Check if solution is continued on the back. A stopwatch measures the ball’s trajectory time from table to the floor to be 0. 6 Score:________ . What is the height of the table? (g = 9.30 s.24 m/s..

Check if solution is continued on the back. Calculate the coefficient of static friction between the block and the incline. 7 Score:________ . A 100-N block is motionless a 30° incline.3.

If the coefficient of sliding friction is 0. find the tension in the string.0-kg block sliding on a flat table.4.0-kg hanging weight is connected by a string over a pulley to a 5. 8 Score:________ . 5 kg T T Check if solution is continued on the back. A 9.20.

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