Physics in Medicine (PX308

Suggested Books and Other Resources. No one book covers the whole course. All the books are in the University library and you are recommended to look at a variety of texts for background reading. The ones in bold italics are key references for the course. Title The Physics of Medical Imaging Physics for Diagnostic radiology Medical Imaging Physics Imaging Systems for Medical Diagnostics Ultrasound in medicine Physics and radiobiology of nuclear medicine Clinical Nuclear Medicine Radiotherapy physics: in practice Radiation Therapy Physics Ultrasound Physics and Instrumentation Basic Clinical Radiobiology Principles of Radiographic Imaging Practical Radiotherapy: Physics and Equipment, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering,. The Biomedical engineering handbook Electrodes and the measurement of bioelectric events. Functional brain imaging Physiological basis of Medical Practice Physics for Medical Imaging Walter and Miller's textbook of radiotherapy

Author Ed. S. Webb P.P. Dendy, B. Heaton,. W.R. Hendee and E. Ritentour Erich Krestel F. Duck Gopal B. Saha Maisey, Britton and Gilday Ed. J.R. Williams and D.I. Thwaites Hendee and Ibbott Hykes, Hendrick and Starchmann Gordon Steele R. Carlton and A. Adler P Cherry and A Duxbury BH Brown et. al., Joseph D. Bronzino (Ed) Geddes, L. A William W. Orrison Jr...[et al.]. John B West Farr and Allisy-Roberts Bomford et al

Publisher IOPP Institute of Physics Pub. Wiley Siemens IOPP Springer Chapman and H all Oxford University Press Mosby Mosby Arnold Delmar Greenwich Medical Media. Institute of Physics Publishing CRC Press in cooperation with IEEE Wiley-Interscience Mosby, Williams and Wilkins W.B. Saunders Churchill Livingstone

Date 1988 1999. 2002 1990 1998 2001 1991 2000 1996 1992 1997 1996 1998 1998 1995/2000 1972 1995 1990 1997 1993

ISBN 0852743610 0750305908 0471382264 3800915642 0750305932 3540950214 0412751801 019262878X 0801680999 0815142463 0340700203 082736864x 1900151065 075030367 0849383463 047129490x 0815165099 0683094157 0702017701 0443028737

Library Cat. No. RC 78.P4 R 895.D3 RC78.H3 RC 78.I6 RC 78.785.U8 R 895.S2 RC 78.768.C5 R 895.R2 RM 849.H3 qto RC 78.785.H3 RM849B2 RC 78.C2 RM 849.P7 R 895.M3 R 900.B4 QH 324.G3 qto RC 386.5.F8 QP 34 B3 RC78 F2 RM 849 B6

Physics in Medicine (PX308) 25/10/05 .

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