Architectural Design and Planning .

Behavioral Objectives  Concluding this lesson students will be able to: ‡ Demonstrate techniques for drafting and labeling architectural drawings ‡ Demonstrate correctly the different parts of all sets of plans ‡ Produce a set of plans that they design on their own .

Types of Design D Floor Plans Plot Plans D D Utility Plans D Elevation Plans .

Floor Plans  Floor Plans show: ‡ Room size ‡ Room Layout  Floor plans also show potential buyers what the layout of their home will be .

Floor Plans Actual Floor Plan .

Plot Plans  Plot Plans Show: ‡ Orientation of the residence ‡ Approximate size of the house ‡ Property Lines ‡ Setbacks ‡ Possibly the layout of the roof .

Plot Plans Plot Plan .

Utility Plans  Utility Plans show: ‡ H/VAC systems ‡ Plumbing systems ‡ Electricity systems .

Elevation Plans  Elevation Plans show: ‡ Floor Levels ‡ Grade Lines ‡ Window and door heights ‡ Roof slopes ‡ Kinds of materials on walls and roofs .

com .Elevation Plans Elevation View eplans.

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