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Water Jet Propulsion

Water Jet Propulsion

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Published by: sureshn_tpt5032 on Sep 15, 2010
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In the preceding two chapters the waterjet inlet and the mixed-flow pump
were analysed separately. In this chapter the complete waterjet installation is
considered. Results are presented of the numerical analysis of such a
propulsion system on full scale. An analysis is made of the overall
performance indicators, like volume flow rate, thrust and power. Comparisons
are made with performance prediction and selection software of Wärtsilä
Propulsion Netherlands (WPNL-select). This software is partially based on
semi-empirical relations, which are tuned to the performance of the
propulsion systems in the currently sailing fleet.

A detailed analysis of the streamtube will reveal some new insights into the
forces acting on the installation in both vertical and axial direction.

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