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What Are Ferdinand Marcos

What Are Ferdinand Marcos

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Published by: bluman2000ph on Sep 15, 2010
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What are ferdinandmarcos' achievements in the philippines?

In: Ferdinand Magellan [Edit categories] Man of the Year The Man Who Always Wanted To Be First Now Occupies the Highest Post In the Land. Will He Be "First" Among Our Country's Presidents? By Napoleon G. Rama Staff Member TO BE on top and to stay at the top has been Ferdinand Edralin Marcos' lifetime dream. In school, he was always at the head of his class; in the bar examinations, he was top-notcher; during the war years, he was, according to army records, the bravest among the brave, the most be-medaled soldier; in the House of Representatives, he was minority floor leader; in the Senate, he was the Senate President; in the Liberal Party, he was party president; in the Nacionalista Party, he was standard-bearer; in Ilocandia, of course, he is the supreme political leader. Today he occupies the highest post in the nation. He is President of the Republic of the Philippines. Since boyhood, he has been striving for the top with the soaring ambition and nerve of a pole-vault champion. It was not merely the natural gift of a superior intellect that made him Numero Uno wherever he went. Nor was Lady Luck the primary factor. In Philippine politics, there are other politicos brighter and on the whole luckier than he. But Ferdinand E. Marcos has other attributes more effective and rewarding than just brains-a will of steel, unflinching resolve and a passion for planning, planning, planning. It seems nothing ever happens to Ferdinand E. Marcos without his knowledge and consent. In politics at least, everything that has happened to him he knew beforehand: he had planned and prepared for it. (His biographer, Hartzell Spence, would dramatize the point by suggesting, albeit half-seriously, that Marcos had something to do with the timing of his entry into the world. "Ferdinand Edralin Marcos," wrote Spence in the opening sentence of his worshipful book, For Every Tear A Victory, "was in such a hurry to be born that his father, who was only eighteen years old himself, had to act as midwife. In fact, young Ferdinand scarcely waited for his parents to graduate from normal school before he put in his appearance, thus bringing to light a secret marriage.") But to separate fable from fact, no politician has assiduously made a fetish of preparing for his political career years in advance. Marcos charted his political course from the House of Representatives to the Senate, to the presidency of the LP and, finally, to the presidency of the Republic. Every political move by Marcos has been a conscious, calculated maneuver, executed according to a meticulous, carefully-studied plan. Regarding the presidency, he didn't only draw up a master plan, he also had a timetable with such specifics as when he would become president. Ilocanos now recall how, years back, Marcos, without batting an eyelash, would assure them in the town plazas that he would give them a president in 1965. He did. Few presidents can boast of a perfect score on their entire political careers. President Marcos is one of them. Never has he suffered anything that might amount to a political setback. He has never lost an election. From the start his career has been one continuous climb, at turns smooth or rough, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but always upward. Not once in his entire career as parliamentarian in both chambers of Congress, one now recalls, was Marcos ever caught unprepared in a debate or in a floor maneuver during the periodic power struggles. In a TV debate with the country's sharpest debater, Arturo Tolentino, on Harry Stonehill's deportation-a topic heavily loaded in favor of the opposition then-Marcos, as president of the LP, ably held his ground, turned expected disaster into a creditable defense of the LP's precarious position-thanks to a cool intellect, eloquence, and intensive research and preparation.

Ilocos Norte to Don Mariano Marcos and JosefaEdralin. Corazon Aquino. graft and corruption. 1989 6th President of the Third Republic of the Philippines First President of the Fourth Republic of the Philippines (Term: December 30. The greatest achievement of the Marcos presidency was in the field of infrastructure development and international diplomacy. Marcos died on September 28. Let us not just mourn them. on August 21. He was born on September 11. His first term saw a number of socio-economic development programs aimed at improving the national economy and raised the livelihood standards of the Filipinos. he placed the whole country under Martial Law which eventually saw a disciplined society although his political enemies were jailed or killed and abuses by the military and his cronies were rampant.Ferdinand Marcos Born: September 11.Imee. 1983 was the turning point for the end of the Marcos dictatorship. 1917 Died: September 28. Imelda and Ferdinand Jr. President Ferdinand Marcos fled to Hawaii together with his wife Imelda and their children .February 25. He was a member of the House of Representatives and the Philippine Senate and claimed to be a decorated guerrilla leader during the war. a deteriorating economy." Ferdinand Marcos became president on December 30. A break down in peace and order. The assassination of Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. . He won again as president in the controversial snap election of 1986 against Ninoy's widow. 1986) Vice Presidents: Fernando Lopez and Arturo Tolentino There are many things we do not want about the world. 1965 . Alarmed. 1969 but was rocked by violent student demonstrations. and communists and subversive elements grew in number during these period. He won his second term on November 11. This led to the bloodless revolution in Edsa called the "People Power Revolution" which ousted him. 1965. 1989. Let us change them. Not long after. 1917 in Sarrat.

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