SEM III : Energy, Ecology, Enviroment & Society Network Analysis Electronics OOP Methodology Computer Programming- III SEM V Data Communication Operating System Data Base Management System Computer Graphics & Multimedia Theory of Computation Computer Programming V (Hardware Lab.) SEM VII Complier Design Artificial Intelligence Simulation & Modeling ELECTIVE-I Network Management Advance Computer Architecture Software Project Management

Applications .ELECTIVE-II Network Security CAD of Digital Systems Fuzzy Logic for Engg.

Theory of Computation Zacker .Prin of Enviromental Scien Sudhakar . Millman Halkias .DBMS Concepts.Computer Graphics & Multimedia (New) . Godbole . Donovan .Schaum Series John C.Electric Circuits (Schaum's) Salivahanan .Operating Systems Korth . Cunningham .Visual C++.Simulation & Modelling 3/e (New) Fourozan .Advanced Computer Architecture Hughes .System Programming Rich & Knight . Rogers . Khan .Comp Graphics.EDC (New). Deshpande .EDC 2/e(New) Balagurusamy .Visual Basic 6 Fourozan .EDC.PC Hardware ( Complete Reference) Dhamdhere .Martin .Schaum Series (New) Sinha .ODD SEM LISTING COMP SCIENCE Benny Joseph . Cornell . Nahvi .TCP/IP Protocol Suite Kia Hwang .OOPS with C++ John Mueller . Mata Toledo .Circuits & Network Analysis 3/e (New).Artificial Intelligence Law & Kelton .System Programming & Operating Systems 2/e . Plastock .Software Project Management .Enviromental Studies.Operating Systems 2/e (New).Data Comm & Networking 2/e Dhamdhere .Non Conventional Sources of Energy.

Fourozan.Crypt & Net Sec (New) Atul Kahate . Razavi .Crypt & Network Security 2/e (New) .CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits. Kang . Complete Ref .Network Securit Brown -Funda of Digital Logic with VHDL Design.Design of Analog CMOS I .

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