August 6, 2010 Soriano Construction Company 1103 Miguel Street, Piles, Makati Philippines 851-43-44 Mr. Gabby D.

Untalan Chief Executive Officer San Agustin Supermarket 1001 Dona Soledad, Don Bosco, Paranaque Dear Mr. Untalan: I write a letter to inform you of the ongoing development in the construction of the San Agustin Supermarket. Included with this letter is the progress report of the project from the past four months of the construction up to the present. We also estimated the project accomplishment for the next two months. In line with this, we included the tables, graphs and pictures of the project to support the details for the progress report. We are confident in our ability to finish this project efficiently. Should you have any questions, feel free to call the number above at any time. Thank you. Very truly yours,

Engr. Joseph M. Pasag

If you will allow us. we can say that our company can finish five stalls per month. Parts of the ground floor which are constructed include the following: • • • • Supermarket Food Court Appliance Center Bowling Center Construction of the Business Center. Therefore. we made it to six by six stall measurement as you have instructed us to do. You could refer to Appendix – A of this report for further details. The stall for National Bookstore will be our next target to be accomplished. . We will inform you of any progress in the near future. five stall capacities are done since last month or approximately thirty days. Surplus and Fitness First as of now are finished already.Construction of San Agustin Supermarket Progress Report: June – July 2010 In our letter dated July 6. I have also included several pictures for your convenience. We will assure you that this project will run smoothly. We would like to inform you that unfinished parts of the ground floor which are the Business Center. we included an additional space in the Upper Ground Floor for the Department Store. this will cause a drastic increase in the cost of the project. construction of the Upper Ground Floor had already started. As a reply to your request last month. You could refer to Appendix – B to check for the floor plan of this project. we could fasten this process by adding more workers. Instead of four by four stall measurement. we can assure you that another five stalls will be finished. In one month time. As you already know. On the other hand. As of now. 2010 we reported that the Ground Floor of the San Agustin Supermarket is already finished. So far. no problems or other things that will slow the speed of construction had been encountered. Surplus and Fitness First was also in line to be accomplished.

000 Pesos 70. 000 Pesos 60. 000 Pesos 100. 000 Pesos Area Distribution for Ground Floor of San Agustin Supermarket 9% 4% 21% 26% 18% 4% 18% S uperm arket Departm t S en tore F oodC ourt Applia C nce enter B owlin C g enter S urplus B ines C us s enter . 000 Pesos 130.Appendix A Figures on the Worker Cost of the Project Number of Workers Twelve Thirteen Ten Eight Ten Seven Six Work Assignment Department Store Supermarket Food Court Appliance Center Bowling Center Surplus Business Center Amount of Days Completed Six Seven Five Four Five Four Three Cost 120. 000 Pesos 80. 000 Pesos 100.

Appendix B Floor Plan of San Agustin Supermarket .

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