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35940318 Percubaan Upsr 2010 Bi Selangor

35940318 Percubaan Upsr 2010 Bi Selangor

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Published by: Halilah Rodziah San on Sep 15, 2010
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BAHASA INGGERIS Kertas 1 50 minit

1 . Kertas soalan ini mengandungi 40 soalan. 2. 3.
Jawab semta soalan. Tiapliap soalan diilruti oleh empatpilihan jo,vapan, iaitu A',8, C danD. Bagi setiap soalan, pilih satu jawapan sahaja. Hitamkan jawapan kamu pada kertas jawapan obj ektif yang disediakan. Jika kamu hendak menukar jowapan, padamkan tanda yang telah dibuat. Kemudian hitamkan j awapan yang baru.



,l .tt A

Kertas soalan ini mengandungi16 halamanbercetak 014/1 e 2010 HaL Cipta Majlis Guru BesarNegeri Seimgor [Lihat sebelahl SULIT

B C D waitress stewardess SLTLIT .n\r \r. Look over there! The nare and its field.'a1ter in at the famouschickenrice restauranl Bangi. ayat yangterbaikuntukmelengknpkan beikut Pitih perkataan 1 l. useda The two boy scouts A tt to coliect water from the stream tray basket bucket knapsack are galloping happiiy aroundthe C D J.IT Questions1 .SLII.p-f 1^ ihP 014ll to make a report about his missing car. A B C D lamb foal calf kid 4. Q.{.4 the the Choose best word'tocomplete sentence. A B C D fire station police station petrol statron railway station 2. My aunt works as a A porter \.

Dtuaim is helping (5) to neatly on the shelf.l-.gkai 0I4 ll Shashaand her sister Duraini are cleaning their bedroom. A .7 ihe to fie Choose bestphrase compleLe paragreph.ith the toys C D arrangethe1Ido11s put the teddy bears SLiLIT . 7) 5. ( . perenggcLn dengan betul.SULIT 5 Questions .in d rha r^u'Fl c fnldin o the drecqec C D h enoin o the clnrheq ironing their bedsheets 6. katayangterbaik unrukmelengkapkan Pilih ran. Their room looks (6) beautiful with a vase of roses of dreirbedroom. A l-pen rhcir nalc play u. Shasha is in the cupboard.

Z)**ru Mr Wong is feeding his daughterat the table' B C D Mr Wong and his fami11'arehavrng therr dlmer' Mrs Wong is preparing dinner for her family' Mrs Wong is setting the table for dimer' SfTLIT .SU]-IT '7. Lihat gambar denganteliti. Pitlh jatuapan yang terbaik . E.10 Study the pictures carefullY.r table the besrde door 014/1 Questions 8 . Then choosethe best answer. B C D at the comer in the centre the nea.

A The fishmonger is weighing tire fish. Pn Mazidah and her daughterare at a fruit stall C D Lina is holding somefruits and vegetables. B C D i0. A few people are boarding the bus. The people are sitting on the floor at the bus stop' A boy is holdirg a racquet. Pn Fazleen is choosrnga fish to buy. SLiLIT .SULIT 014tI 9 The pupils are waiting at the bus stop.

it's m1'favourite juice. I'm cn thirsfv A B C n Yes.00. I'11take one. Yes. I'11cut it for you. shall we stop for a drink? What would you like to eat? I enjoy the hot weather. Thank you. I'11put the plates in the sink. SULIT . tlere're too many dirty plates.I do mind. PiJihja:rtapan 011/1 A R Of course. yangterbaik bagi situasidalamgambar. there's no restaurantaround here. No. N4um. Thanks. Yes.15 to rhe Choose bestanswer fir rhe"ituationshownrn thepicture. B C D I boughtit for RM2.STLIT 11 Questions . I'm happy to help you. C D It's hot today.

Amin. R W-i11 dressfit her? this Don't you think it's too expensive? We'I1buy this one for mum's birthday. Pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk melengkapkan Amm : Where is the bridge ? Badrul :Walk A B C T) 16. eat Please healthyfood. the footpath until you see it. son. Arif? What areyou eating.SLTLIT M 0r4t\ I'm sureshewi1i.20 Choosethe best answerto complete the sentences. C D A B C D Where did you buy that r You mustn'teatjunk food. over along above thrnr r oh SI-. I hope mum will like this. Questions 16 .ILIT . ayat-ayat yang berikut.

SULIT . The Sri SelasihReadirg Societ.Encik Rafik her birthday.v members teller. B C D Any / a few A l^+ / -^-. senl a bouquet of carnationsto his wife for B C D i9 send sends sending we met yesterdayis waiting for you at the office. The man A B C D who whose which whom pupils borrowed A few / some storybooks from the library. A B C D nolsllv bravely laikatrvely attentively 011tr io the ston' 18.SULIT 71 . Yesterday. 20..

ai samaerti dengan perkataan yang bergaris. Pilth jawapan ttang mempunyaiejaan yang betul..IT 21 Question Choose word thathasthe samemeaningastheunderlined the word. krnd B C D honest helnirl tlankful Questions22 . The livingroom of mv new house very is spacleous p spaecious sepaclous spacious C 23. Pllih perkataan yangmempun.relhe recenr flood.SL-I. 21" 0t4 tr The r ill2og15 eregrateful Lorheuheadman helpingLbem ra for duri. A male chicken is a A B C D cockerell cockerle cockerel cockrell SULIT . 22.23 Choosethe answerwith lhe correct spelling.

0t4 n 24.rai tanda baca yang beal.SLiLIT Questions 24 . A B C D Encik Shukri teachesmaths. Ptlih ayat yang mempun. doesn'the? Encrk Shukri reaches Maths doesn't he? Maths' doesn't he? Encik Shukn teaches Encik Shukri teaches Maths. doesn't he? 25.25 Choosethe sentence'$'iththe corect punctuation. A B C D Is the seafoodrestaurantat Jalan Pantai closedon monday? Is the seafoodrestaurart atjalan panmi closed on Mondayl Is the seafoodrestaurantat Jalan Pantai ciosedon Monday? Is the seafoodrestaurantatjalan Pantai closed on monday? SLTLIT .

choosethe best answerto fiil in the blanks in the passa_ee follows.SLLIT Questions26 . The pupils are at the school Puan Leha and tier son ( 2 6) are busv sellins food and drinks at the Therearepackets nasilemakand of ( 2 1) a few (28) for a place to sit. pilih jawapan yang terbaik untuk diisikan pada tempat kasong dalam teks yang berikut. Amir. NT[i It is half past ten. that Berdasarkangambar.30 0t1 /7 Based on the picture. who is sining nn it 'l-he oirl a plate of rice and her friend are looking ( 2 e) is his frjendat LheLable enjoyLng his (30) cold drbk. 10 SLII-IT .

LIT IL OT4 hal1 C D canteen laboratory B 21. A B shelf counter C D cabinet iocker 2 8 A B cups glasses C D plates saucers 2 9 A B drvin q lrnldinc' C D alranglng 3 0 A next to C D behind opposite i1 SIJLIT .SL.

is the hibiscus plant short or ta11? It's my tum to answer.SULIT 0r1 ll Questions31 . Rose Madam Sue Hanie Madam Sue : : : : Chan Madam Sue : : Zarn Madam Sue : : 31. A hibiscusplant is a shrub Madam Sue.ian Madam Sue : Good moming class. Right. A tree has only one stem called a trunk.We'll continue our lessontomorrow. A shrub is different from a tree in height. The number of stemsalso differs. SI-IILIT . there goesthe be11. is a coconut plant a tree? A coconut piant is actually a pa1m. is the tea plant aiso a shrub? Yes. So are oil palms and betel palms. A shrub is short but a tree is tall. Now. It is a short p1ant. Excellent. Who cantel1me what is the national flower of Malaysia? Can I try? It's the hibiscus. it is also a shrub. Short plants that have many stems are ca11ed shrubs. Madam Sue and her pupils were discttssingabout A B C D the tea plant the hibiscus Plant shrubsonlY different types of plants t2. A shrub has many stems. Don't forger to to hand in your scrapbooks me before recess. Madam Sue. Baca dialog dibawah dan kemud. They have no branchesand they have feather-Lke leaves.35 Read the dialogue below and arswer the questionsthat follow jawab soalan-soalan berikut. Oh. How was your holiday? I'm glad to seevou ri classtoday. It has many stemstoo.

Whrch plant is not a palm? A B C D hibiscus plant. 1i SL|LIT .STLIT 011/7 32.an bestbe replaced wirh A B C D send complete take hold 33.'feather llke lecves. coconut piant. oil paim 34. oil palms and betel palms have many branches. Thephrase hand in . The best q'ord to describeMadam Sue's pupils is A B C D inactive passive lively quiet 35. we know that A B C D a tree has many stemslike a shrub. the stem of a tree is ca1led trunk a the hihiscrrs nlrnt ha. betel palm. From the dialogue.

Mr. on Sunday. on Saturday.m. c) Hand in the permission form togetherwhen paying the fee. Forms for the trip can be obtairied from the Year Six advisor. Wong Chin Chuan. This includes accommodation.40 gl the Readthe noticebelort carefullyandthen answer questions en.transport on and meals. Bacanotisdi bawahdan 01J/r Calling All Members of the English Society A Trip to Fraser's llill The English Society will organisea trip to Fraser's Hill after the LIPSR examination for two days and one night. 26 September 2010 and we will be back by 9. wbo are interested join tie trip musl :to A1l members a) get permission from their parents.00p. jawab soalan-soalan yangberikut. b) Pay a fee of RM120.45 a.SLTLIT 36 Questions . The bus will leave the school compound for Fraser's Hitl at 7.m.00. Hurry ! Only the first 30 memberswill be acceptedfor the trip Qenretcnr Kevin N uirir I4 SLiLIT . All fees must be paid ia fu11 or before 25 September 2010.

The bus will leave at A R C half past seven. 31. they have to seetheir advisor. The notice abovers put up by the EnglishSociety .{ B C D to LrLform them abo'-rt trip to Fra:er'sHjll.. to ask them to pay up their fees. bus fare. a to inform them aboutthe UPSR examination. Members who wish to join the tdp must registerthemselvesearly because A B C D they need to get theh parents' permisslon. 39 The fee doesnot inciude the cost of A B C D meals. Shahrul wishes to join the trip. the feesearly. 40. only 30 membersare allowed to gothey needto pa. seeMr Kevin Nunis. 38.SULIT 0t1 /7 36. hand ir the fona. ro rnvjte themfor a meeting. accommodation. The first thing that he must do is to A B C D pay the fee. get the form. nrr rrer nrr rrtcr t^ cFl/cn tn eiohr D half past eight 15 KERTAS SOALAN TAMAT SLILIT . the fonns.

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