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A Study of Prevalence of Helminthes Parasites of Rhesus Monkey in Kathmandu

Dr.Kedar B. Karki
Parasitology Unit
Central Veterinary Laboratory Kathmandu

The present study provides a base line data on fecal helminthes parasites of Rhesus
monkey from Swoyambhu and Nilbarahi area of Kathmandu valley conducted during
2006July to 2007February.A total 200 samples were collected during this study period.
These samples were examined by direct smear, floatation,and concentration method in
Parasitology unit of C.V.L. The overall parasitizing rate was 62%.with higher prevalence
of 67% in Swoyambhu area and 58% in Nilbarahi area. The result of the microscopic
examination of fecal samples of Rhesus monkey revealed the presence of Nematodes
85.82%,Trematodes 93.14% ,Cestode 7.08% & Acanthcephala 3.93%.The species wise
prevalence rate of gastrointestinal helminthes parasites were reported as Strongyloides
fulleborni 42.5% , Dictyocaulus spp 7.87% Taenia spp7.08% ,Oesophagostomum
spp3.93% Trichuris ovis 4.72% Capillaria spp 3.93% Ostertagia spp 3.14% Cooperia spp
3.93% , Prosthenorchis elegans 3.93% Dicrociliun spp 3.14% Trichuri trichura
2.36%,Trichistrongylus spp 3.14% ,Oxyuris spp 3.14% Toxocaraies leonine 3.14%
Ascaries lumbricoides 1.57%,Toxocara canis 1.57% and Chabertia spp 1.57%