Wayne Irving Newton
c/o 9'08 Monterey Street
Redlands, California [92373]
, ...
Secured Party Creditor: Irving
Respondents: Thousand Trails dba DOROTHY J. SMITH TRUST
Wayne I. Newton
c/o 908 Monterey St.
Redlands, Californi a
non domestic
Affidavit of Obligation
Commercial Lien
(This is a verified plain statement of fact)
A Security (/5 USC)
A USSEC Tracer
All men and women know that the foundation oflaw and commerce exists in the telling of the truth, the
whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Truth as a val id statement of real ity is sovereign in commerce.
An unrebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce.
An unrebutted affidavit is acted upon as the judgement in commerce.
Guaranteed- All men shall have a remedy by the due course oflaw. If a remedy does not exist, or if the
existing remedy has been subverted, then one may create a remedy for themselves and endow it with
credibility by expressing it in their affidavit. (Ignorance of the law might be an excuse, but it is not a valid
reason for the commission of a crime when the law is easily and readily available to anyone making a
reasonable effort to study the law.)
All corporate government is based upon Commercial Affidavits, Commercial Contracts, Commercial
Liens and Commercial Distresses, hence, governments cannot exercise the power to expunge commercial
The Legitimate Political Power of a corporate entity is absolutely dependent upon its possession of
Commercial Bonds against Public Hazard, because no Bond means no responsibility, means no power of
Official signature, means no real corporate political power, means no privilege to operate statutes as the
corporate vehicle.
The Corporate Legal Power is secondary to Commercial Guarantors. Case law is not a responsible
substitute for a Bond.
Municipal corporations which include cities, counties, states and national governments have no commercial
reality without bonding of the entity, its vehicle (statutes), and its effects (the execution of its rulings).
Except for a Jury, it is also a fatal offense for any person, even a Judge, to impair or to expunge, without a
Counter-Affidavit, any Affidavit or any commercial process based upon an Affidavit.
Judicial non-jury commercial judgments and orders originate from a limited liability entity called a
municipal corporation, hence must be reinforced by a Commercial Affidavit and a Commercial Liability
A foreclosure by a summary judgment (non-jury) without a commercial bond is a violation of commercial
Governments cannot make un bonded rulings or statutes which control commerce, free enterprise citizens,
or sole proprietorships without suspending commerce by a general declaration of martial law.
[t is tax fraud to use Courts to settle a dispute/controversy which could be settled peacefully outside of or
without the Court.
An offic ial (officer of the court, policeman, etc.) must demonstrate that he/she is individually bonded in
order to use a summary process.
An official who impairs, debauches, voids or abridges an obligation of contract or the effect of a
commercial lien without proper cause, becomes a lien debtor and his/her property becomes forfeited as the
pledge to secure the lien. Pound breach (breach of impoundment) and rescue is a felony.
It is against the law for a Judge to summarily remove, dismiss, dissolve or diminish a Commercial Lien.
Only the Lien Claimant or a Jury can dissolve a commercial lien.
Notice to agent is notice to principal; notice to principal is notice to agent.
PUBLIC HAZARD BONDING OF CORPORATE AGENTS All officials are required by federal, state,
and municipal law to provide the name, address and telephone number of their public hazard and
malpractice bonding company and the policy number of the bond and, ifrequired. a copy of the policy
describing the bonding coverage of their specific job performance. Failure to provide this information
constitutes corporate and limited liability insurance fraud (15 USC) and is prim-a-facie evidence and
grounds to impose a lien upon the official personally to secure their public oath and service of office.
Wayne I. Newton/Secured Party Creditor
c/o 908 Monterey Street
Redlands, California
non domestic
THOUSAND TRAILS dba DOROTHY J SMITH TRUST and all agents, contractors, and representatives.
c/o PO BOX 78843
PHOENIX, AZ 85062-8843
DANIEL JACKSON dba TTNLT COl Member Services
c/o 3801 Parkwood Blvd.
Suite 100
Frisco, TX 75034
Linda Cowart, Director of Member Services
Allegations arise from the conduct of Lien Debtors in regards to their conduct doing business as
I. Edith L Stephens, born December 8,1925, received notice ofa VIP Membership presentation of
THOUSAND TRAILS for previous active members to be held at the Hilton Hotel, San
Bernardino, California on January 17,2007
2. Edith L Stephens was interested in the program presented by Daniel Jackson, however she was
disabled with back, hip and ankle disorders.
3. Wayne I. Newton, a cousin, had been contracted as the care giver for the previous 4 years living in
the home of Edith L. Stephens.
4. During the discussion with Daniel Jackson, the question of caregiver Wayne I. Newton being
eligible for VIP membership as Domestic Partner as Edith L. Stephens had no use for herself.
5. After the discussion and the understanding that Wayne I. Newton could become a VIP member of
Thousand Trails with his own membership card in the name of "Wayne I. Newton", Wayne I.
Newton agreed to the THOUSAND TRAILS PREMIER price of$5,995.00 and made payment on
January 17,2007.
6. When Wayne I. Newton tried to make reservations as a VIP member of Thousand Trails under
Wayne I. Newton, he was refused repeatedly.
7. Despite many calls and e-mail messages, Daniel Jackson was not able to give Wayne I. Newton
VIP membership as he continued to be identified as Wayne N. Stephens.
8. Thousand Trails statement date of 03-11-2009 incorrectly addresses as Edith L. Stephens and
Wayne N. Stephens .ST31 /004252 FOR TOTAL DUE $284.55.
9. In a USPS letter postmarked July 10, 2009, for the first time since payment for membership was
made on January 17,2007, Wayne I. Newton was correctly named and the letter contained a
correct VIP membership card.
10. THOUSAND TRA[LS ignoring all requests had continued to incorrectly keep Wayne I. Newton
referred to as Wayne N. Stephens contrary to the agreement with THOUSAND TRAILS AGENT,
II . Wayne I. Newton was unable to make reservations from January 17,2007 to March 11 , 2009, a
period of2 years I month and 3 weeks and I day.
12. Wayne I. Newton has given up on trying to access THOUSAND TRAILS VIP services as he was
continually refused.
13. Now that Wayne I. Newton has repeated his request for the THOUSAND TRAILS PREMIER
payment to be returned for non performance of agreement and refusal of service, Thousand Trai Is
has finally acceded to VIP membership as Wayne I. Newton requested.
14. Wayne I. Newton repeats demand for the return of $5,995.00 for non performance and denial of
15. A USPS delivery of a letter postmarked March 18, 2009was addressed to an unknown person,
Wayne N. Stephens with a statement of "minimum payment due: $284.55.
16. After March 18, 2009, additional monthly statements have been address to Wayne I. Newton via
the USPS demanding payment.
17. A VIP THOUSAND TRA[LS membership card was delivered by USPS postmarked July 10,
18. Multiple telephone calls have been made by Thousand Trails agents to force Wayne I. Newton to
make payments for services not provided for over 2 years constituting " Elder Abuse".
Proof of Allegations:
[. Respondents affirm that Wayne I. Newton purchased THOUSAND TRAILS VIP status on
January 17,2007 on the condition his membership would be in his name, "Wayne I. Newton".
Ifno timely rebuttal, it is AFF[RMED.
2. Respondents affirm that despite providing all requirements to Agent, Daniel Jackson, by care
giver, Wayne I. Newton, VIP MEMBERSH[P STATUS was not granted for a period of more
than 2 years. [f no timely rebuttal, it is AFFIRMED.
3. Respondents affirm that Wayne I. Newton paid $5955.00 to THOUSAND TRAILS on January
17, 2007 by credit card for VIP THOUSANDTRAILS membership. [f no timely rebuttal, it is
4. Respondents affirm that Wayne I. Newton was assured that VIP membership services would
commence immediately after a reasonable period of no more than 2 or 3 weeks. Ifno timely
rebuttal, it is AFF[RMED.
5. Respondents affirm that each time that Wayne I. Newton attempted to make VIP reservations,
he was denied. [f no timely rebuttal, it is AFFIRMED.
6. Respondents affirm that despite a demand for return of his payment of $5,995.00 for
membership as services were denied, return of payment has not occurred. [fno timely rebuttal,
7. Respondents affirm that THOUSAND TRA[LS has made repeated attempts to collect fees from
both Wayne I. Newton and Wayne L. Stephens (incorrect) utilizing the USPS. [f no timely
rebuttal, it is AFF[RMED.
8. Respondents affirm that collection for VIP membership for Wayne I. Newton under the name of a
fictitious name of Wayne L. Stephens continued despite numerous requests to enroll Wayne I.
Newton, the real man, using the United States Postal Service. Ifno timely rebuttal, it is AFFIRMED.
9. Respondents affirm that the use of the United States Postal Service to collect fees for services
refused constitutes mail fraud. Ifno timely rebuttal, it is AFFIRMED.
10. Respondents affirm that E. Lavonia was admitted to Loma Linda Medical Center on September 21,
2009 sever infection and stroke. Ifno timely rebuttal, it is AFFIRMED.
II. Respondents affirm that E. Lavonia has not fully recovered and suffers from marked memory loss
and depression due to the collection procedure by Thousand Trails. Ifno timely rebuttal, it is
12. Respondents affirm that due to Thousand Trails attempt to collect for contract services for VIP
status not available for Wayne I. Newton, E. Lavonia Stephens secretly intercepted the monthly
Thousand Trails bills and paid 11-16- 2009 and 1- 8- 2010 for a total of$548.67. Ifno timely
rebuttal, it is AFFIRMED.
13. Respondents affirm that Thousand Trai Is, dba Dorothy J. Sm ith Trustand all agents, representatives,
and contractors have been in the act of ELDER ABUSE of E. Lavonia Stephens affecting her
health adversely. Ifno timely rebuttal, it is AFFIRMED.
14. Respondents affirm that the actions by Thousand Trails have caused a deterioration of the health of
E. Lavonia Stephens in the past and continues to cause harm presently. If no timely rebuttal , it is
NOTICE is hereby given that RESPONDENTS have ten (10) days after receipt of this Affidavit of
Obligation to rebut, deny, or otherwise prove invalid the above allegations. Failure to rebut, deny, or
otherwise prove any allegation will be construed to be failure to rebut, deny, or otherwise prove all
Ledgering: Ledgering for the violations of the united States Constitution and the Bill of Rights and
multiple violations of 18 USC, SECTION 1341.
Notice and Demand:
I. Return of$5995.00 by RESPONDENTS to Secured Party Creditor, Wayne I. Newton.
2. Payment of $4000.00 by RESPONDENTS to Secured Party Creditor, Wayne I. Newton for
compensation for research, fees and expenses.
Private Registered Indemnity Bond Number RE 603 024 081 US-WIN
Issue Date: December 21 , 2009;
Maturity Date: December 20, 2039
UCC File Number: 09-72379387, Filed 12-24-09.
Insured: Wayne I. Newton
Private registered Offset and Discharge Bond Number RE 603024078 US-WIN
Issue Date: December 21,2009
Maturity Date December 20, 2039
UCC File Number: 09-72379387, Filed 12-24-09. UCC File Number: 09-72379387,
Filed 12-24-09.
Insured: Thousand Trails dba Dorothy J. Smith Trust and all agents, contractors
and representatives.
I, Wayne I. Newton, certify on my own commercial liability that I have read the above and I have grounds
and do believe that the above acts were committed contrary to law and to the best of my knowledge
and recollection it is true, correct, and complete, and not misleading, the truth, the whole truth, and
nothing but the truth.
Wayne I. Ne n
c/o 908 Monterey Street
Redlands, California [92373]
On this date, TIJNt/iJP"Y 1/ 2 tJ{ 0 ,a man, appearing in his true character, who
identified himself as Wayne I. Newton appeared before me,
rt e ff&tJrFll1l ,a notary public residing in San Bernardino county,
alifornia state, and attested to the truth of this affidavit with his oath and autograph.

My Commission Expires on March 28, 2012. Seal
Jt ... · .. . . ,
Commission II 1792612
i -a Notary PubliC • California I
J San lernardlna County i
••••• •

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