Never a Doubt By G.

Dolan I raged at the heavens, devout of sorrow, My religion was gone, my spirit on borrow, The Lord had hurt me, deep to the core, A pain so intense, that of legendary lore. My father had passed, God called him up high, A suffering of life left me too breathless to sigh, Soon I was visited, by my mother s bypass, Her recoveries slow through four Sundays of mass. The expected I accepted, The Lord s will and all, And although I had stumbled I was yet to fall, Controlling emotions, locked between anger and rage, I knew in my heart this came with their age. The end of the rope was well within reach, And yet one more lesson, He sought me to teach, Struck like lightening, another lesson to learn, My son had a tumor and my fire did burn. Why oh Lord, I thought and I screamed, Take me instead, fifty years I had dreamed, Tears flowed like a river, blaze lit in my heart, What kind of God would cast me this part? Alone in the hospital, I bawled near his bed, In the depths of self pity, movement in my head, A hand reached out, to wash back my tears, Alleviate my pain and soothe all my fears. I heard his voice, so steady and strong, Dad you okay, what, pray tell is wrong? My bloodshot eyes focused in wonder, God had spoken, through him in thunder. I have the tumor and I will survive, At that moment I realized, my God was alive, The wisdom of youth, so assuring and clear, He gave me a hug, washed back my tear. My doubts still test me, yet my son brought me back, Engulfed all my pain, set my life back on track, The surgery numbing, his recovery just fine, They got most of the tumor, the results were benign.

I hark to that day, my spiritual lack of trust, And I know sans the Lord, life is a bust, I thank God now like I have every night, For in any raging battle, we always have fight.

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