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Juba Arabic Verbs and Phrases

By Rombek Logworong

Akider Ita bi akider ruwa Aanna akider ligo dukan de Jon bi akider saidu ita Ana ma bi akider saidu ita Amulu Ita gi amulu sunu bukura? Itakun bi amulu sunu, hasa? Mata amulu ayihaja le uwo. Ana bi amulu sunu? Ita bi amulu sunu le umon? Ana ma bi amulu iyihaja le ita? Aanna amulu be dur Asalu Aanna asalu umon ashan kede ja. Ana bi asalu uwo baadsuwiya. while. Jon asalu sunu min ita.? this. Ana der asalu ita sual? Ita gi ruwa asalu munu? Asurubu Aanna asurubu leben Ana gi asurubu moyo. Uwo ma gi asurubu merisa.

Able/can You can go We were able to find the shop. John can help you I cannot help you Do What are you doing tomorrow? Now, what will you do? Do not do anything to him/her/it. What can I do? What will you do to them? I won’t do anything to you. We did it purposely Ask We asked them to come. I will ask him after a What did Peter ask from you? I am going to ask them about I want to ask you a question Who are you going to ask Drink We drank some milk I am drinking some water. He does not drink alchohol.

Ana gi ruwa asalu umon ma kalam de.

Derisu Aanna bi derisu le umon deris Ita ma bi derisu ana Ana gi derisu riyadiyad. mathematics. Ita gi derisu le umon adab shen manner. Derisu aanna kef aanna bi guna. Gilibu Aanna bi gilibu umon Gilibu aanna ma umon umbari. yesterday. Jibu Aanna bi jibu Jibu le ana kutub dak. Munu yau jibu hajat del hina? here? Umon gi jibu le aanna compitaraat. comuters to us. Kasulu Aanna bi kasulu inden ta taanna me, if you can. Ana der kasulu arabiya tatai

Teach We will teach them a lesson You can’t teach me I am teaching/I teach You are teaching them a bad We were taught how to sing. Defeat We will defeat them We were defeated by them Bring We will bring Bring those books to me. Who brought these things They are bringing some Wash We will wash our hands Wash these clothes for

Kasulu gumasaat del le ana, kan ita bi akider.

I want to wash my car