Alexa Springs Water Analysis

Analyte TDS pH Magnesium Calcium Sodium Potasium Zinc Hardness Alkalinity Nitrate as N Fluoride Cadmium Benzene Dichlorabenzene Styrene Toluens Xylenes (Total) Coliform Bacteria Criterion 500 mg/L 6.5 - 8.5 mg/L mg/L mg/L mg/L mg/L mg/L mg/L as CaCO3 mg/L as CaCO3 10 mg/L as N 2.4 mg/L 0.005 mg/L 5 ppB 600 ppB 100 ppB 1000 ppB 10,000 ppB 1/100mL Analysis Result 140 mg/L 7.2 mg/L 6.2 mg/L 4.0 mg/L 1.7 mg/L 1.1 mg/L .01 mg/L 1.58 mg/L 130 mg/L <1.0 mg/L < 0.01 mg/L < 0.0001 mg/L <.05 ppB <.05 ppB <.05 ppB <.05 ppB <.05 ppB 0/100 mL Pass/Fail Pass Pass/Sweet Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass/Sweet Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass/Pristine

Alexa Springs is a new bottled spring water plant custom built near a true high volume naturally sweet organic spring water source. Every drop of Alexa Springs flows from pristine organic land that is surrounded by the Ouachita National Forest on three sides. The state of Arkansas has black topped the frontage road and improved three bridges for easy TL access. This new plant is located ½ ways between Hot Springs, AR and Mena, AR off of 270 Highway.

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