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Abstract 215

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Title: Resourcesat-2, the new mission in the IRS Constellation - Expanding Spaceborne

Remote Sensing services for Natural Resources Management

Authors: Remilla Murthy, M Venkata Rao, K.R. Sridhara Murthi

Abstract: The thirst for more frequent and more improved remote sensing data has been ever-expanding and is taking over the pace of the development and launch of new satellites. Indian Space Programme has contributed to the wealth of space based platforms for Earth Observation (EO) with a systematic development and long range planning of IRS satellites. IRS Missions, born local to meet the national needs have grown global with international marketing by Antrix Corporation Limited, the Marketing arm of ISRO. Resourcesat-1 has been serving the global EO community in a variety of applications with three different resolutions and four different swaths with a revisit of 5 days. The year 2010 is going to witness the addition of Resourcesat-2 mission to the existing constellation of IRS with multiple temporal, spatial and spectral resolutions. The new mission continues the legacy of Resourcesat-1 while offering new and advanced capabilities to meet the expanding needs of the user community making it possible to meet varying market requirements. Geoscience Australia is down-linking real time data from Resourcesat-1 along with a host of international ground stations across the globe and is employing the data in a variety of applications. The paper presents and analyses the use of Resourcesat-1 internationally including Australia with a focus on improved capabilities and features of Resourcesat-2 amidst the competing Earth Observation missions planned. The paper also discusses an application oriented potential to paint the possible market scenario along with the proposed data distribution mechanisms and policies for global marketing.

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