Case Study ± Business Intelligence Migration with CubePortŒ

Thomas Fimiani Glenn Martini President VP Business Development August 1, 2006


TX USA  Business Intelligence Migration  Hyperion Essbase to Microsoft Analysis Services  Compelling Events Engagement Model Overall Results Confidential   . Dallas.Case Study ± Local Manufacturer.

but client is open to other Confidential .5 and Oracle to SQL Server/MSAS 2000 migration. moving to MSAS 2005 next year  CubePort was used for conversion of all (18) cubes  Conservatively represents 36 man-months of effort performed in 6 man- months  Custom Stored Procedure was developed to do what Hyperion EIS does .Business Intelligence Migration  Key Goal is to Enable Legacy Knowledge Transfer in Cube Conversion  Migration from Hyperion Essbase 6.updates the dimension tables from a source Data Warehouse table front-end in the future  Front-end is Temtec Executive Viewer (EV 5).

Compelling Events  Scalability: Customer had prohibitive huge cube scalability issues  Essbase Limitations: Practical limit on meta-data reached  Cube Size: Huge Amounts of Disk Space & Overhead  Declined Upgrade: Essbase 7X/9 price was too high. ASO Option is an a la Carte Option for Another $30K  Cost: Total price to upgrade to 7X quoted at $400K  Cube Processing Times: Exponentially Increasing as Meta-Data Added  Accuracy: Issues with Essbase Cubes Confidential .

verification.Engagement Model  Partnered with a Strategic Integrator who was initially a competitor  Proof of Concept conversion of (3) cubes in (3) days  Convinced the SI that they would be successful by using CubePort versus their (doomed) manual approach  ExoLogic performed the conversions. optimization. and production loading scripts  SI also won follow-on MSAS support and additional business Confidential . reports conversion  ExoLogic automatically created cube-design best-practices. developed the Stored Proc  SI performed testing.

Microsoft Analysis Services provides much improved capabilities Many Hundreds of GB¶s (1GB to 500GB) reduced to a few MB¶s for each MSAS cube All query times are comparable or better Cube load and calc/processing times reduced from 2-20 hours down to 5-50 minutes Allowed Hyperion Essbase licenses to expire « eliminated maintenance costs Essbase Upgrade Cost $400K versus Migration Cost of $125K over six months Project exposed logical issues with how Essbase cubes calculates values  Found several Essbase bugs that MSAS presented more accurately  Finance users were not aware of these problems and had been using faulty values for business decisions Confidential . More cube granularity room is result.Overall Results ± Excellent            Numerical Accuracy Down to the Penny in EVERY Cell (Each Cube Could have Trillions of Cells) Migration performed in six (6) months versus thirty-six (36) months All pre-existing functionality migrated/replicated « all (18) cubes in full production mode Scalability issues eliminated.

CubePort Migration to Microsoft Analysis Services:    One-Time Expense. Unlimited Same-Cube Conversions 50 Essbase cubes x $5000/cube = $250K 200 users x $500/user/year = $100K per year MSAS maintenance (estimated)   1st Year Savings of $750K 2nd Year Savings of $900K ($1M/yr minus $250K one-time conversion cost) ($1M/yr minus $100K maintenance for MSAS) Confidential .Why Should You Care?    You can boldly bid business where nobody has bid before « ROI Example ± Based on Migration of 50 Essbase Cubes Example .Perpetually renewing maintenance on existing tools:  200 users x $5000/user/year = $1M per year  Example .

manual process Guarantees repeatability of conversion process Unlocks captive BI environments Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) Support teams can use CubePort as a MSAS training tool  Confidential .Why Should You Care?  Enables Business Intelligence (BI) Migration World¶s only automated OLAP to OLAP conversion software in marketplace        Greatly removes the cost and time barriers to migration Cube conversion time measured in days ± not months or years Automates a very long. error-prone.

transparent  Support teams and users allowed a gradual adoption Confidential .Why Should You Care?  Enables Business Intelligence (BI) Replication  Satisfies the requirement for BI environments to coexist  Allows qualification of new environment while existing tools remain in production « gradual phase-in of new BI tools  Ultra-fast conversion time allows weekly updates  Guarantees repeatability of conversion process  Allows updates to both BI environments in a timely fashion  Data stays current and Users stay satisfied .

Data Points  Data Points from Conversion: Confidential .

Asia from various Verticals:     Retail Manufacturing Oil & Gas Transportation Confidential . Europe.ExoLogic Corporate Background      Incorporated in 2002 « Profitable since 2004 CubePort Released in June 2005 Sixteen Company Members. Employees and Contractors Microsoft Certified Partner and Official Microsoft Vendor Core Competencies  Business Intelligence     Data Modeling Analytics Essbase Analysis Services  Software Development  Consulting Services  Product Users in North America.

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