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G-LII 302 System Information and Cell Data-20081028-A-2.0

G-LII 302 System Information and Cell Data-20081028-A-2.0

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System Information



Huawei Confidential

• System information
Overview SI 1 SI 2 SI 3 SI 4 SI 5 SI 6 SI13 Summary

System information (SYS INFO) is the message sent by the network to all mobile stations through Um interface
Direction: network to mobile station

So SYS INFO guide MS and control downlink. On OMC
System information appears in system information table

SYS INFO can be divided into two parts
SYS INFO sent on BCCH - SYS INFO 1, 2, 2BIS, 2TER, 3, and 4, which are used by MS in idle mode. SYS INFO sent on SACCH - SYS INFO 5, 5BIS, 5TER, and 6, which are used by MS in dedicated mode.


Huawei Confidential

Page 3

BCCH of the cell MS listen to

CA table – cell allocation 1. Available frequencies 2. At most 64 frequencies


Cell priority


Huawei Confidential

Page 4

. All neighbor cell’s BCCHs Used for cell selection and reselection NCC that need be measured by MS. Huawei Confidential Page 5 .BA1 table . LTD. Mostly used in handover HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.BCCH Allocation 1. 2.

. Huawei Confidential Page 6 . LTD.CGI=MCC+MNC+LAC+CI Related paging Related Call drop HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

Related to GPRS HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 7 ..

LTD.HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 8 .

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 9 .HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 10 . LTD.

LTD.HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 11 ..

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 12 .HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..

LTD..Summary Item SI 1 BCCH of current cell CBA&CBQ MS MAX Retrans&TX-Integer BCCH of neighbor cell NCC permitted CGI CRO&CRH Radio Link Timeout Half rate DTX RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN ★ ★ ★ SI 2 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ System information SI 3 ★ ★ ★ SI 4 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ SI 5 SI 6 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 13 .

Thank you www.com .huawei.

. LTD.RACH MS Channel_req BTS Channel_Required Channel_Active Channel_Active_Ack IMMEDIATE ASSIGN COMMAND BSC RACH → ALOH → Collision → LOST → Retransmission → Access probability How many times can MS send channel request? MS MAX retrans How long is it between two transmission? Tx_interger HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 15 .

Set to 2 for micro-cell Set to 1 for micro-cell with heavy traffic or with obvious congestion.. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 7 Unit: Time Content: MS MAX Retrans is the upper limit of times that MS is allowed to send “Channel Request” in one immediate assignment procedure. Huawei Confidential Page 16 . Recommendation: Set to 7 for areas with low traffic (suburban or rural area) and the cell radius more than 3 km.MS MAX Retrans Value range: 1. Set to 4 or 7 for satellite transmission BTS. 2. Set to 4 for areas with ordinary traffic (non-busy area in the city) and the cell radius is less than 3km. LTD. 4.

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 17 . 25. 50 Unit: RACH timeslot (equals to a TDMA frame. Recommendation: 20 (If the cell immediate assignment success rate is low. 4. so as to reduce satellite transmission delay). 32. 16.TX-Integer Value range: 3~12. 20.. 14. Select 32 for satellite transmission.615ms) Content: Used to calculate the number of timeslots in the interval between multiple channel requests sent by MS. set the S with a larger value. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

1} HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..1} •The number of slots (not including slots for sending messages) between a channel request message and the next is random. Its range is {0. MAX (T. S + 1. 1. Huawei Confidential Page 18 . Its range is {S. 8) . LTD.Calculation of S • The number of slots (not including slots for sending messages) between originating immediate assignment process and sending the first channel request messages is random. …. S + T . ….

… Handover command BCCH BSIC BCCH BSIC CGI HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. . Huawei Confidential Page 19 ..CGI and BSIC Network identity parameters mainly include Cell global identity (CGI) Base station identity code (BSIC) CGI=MCC+MNC+LAC+CI (Unique) Decides whether to camp the cell according to MCC and MNC Judges whether to execute location update based on LAI BSIC=NCC+BCC (Not Unique) Identify two cells with the same BCCH by the help of BSIC FCCH Idle mode SCH BCCH Measurement report In a call ….

BSIC: 12 Cell B: BCCH 97 m Cell A ov in g BSIC: 12 to Cell C: BCCH 97 BSIC: 13 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 20 . LTD..Co-BCCH and co-BSIC in adjacent area Serving cell Neighbor list Cell A Cell A Neighbor Cell B ….

LTD..RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN Value range: 0~63 Unit: Level Content: It means the minimum receive signal level required for MS to access a cell. Recommendation: 8 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 21 .

BTS regards the access is invalid. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. This parameter indicates the threshold level at which the system determines MS random access. Only when the level on RACH exceeds this threshold will BTS regard the access to be successful. When the level of the received RACH burst is smaller than the threshold. To avoid MS being unable to set up call even it is in the coverage area. consideration should be given to BTS sensitivity and MS RXLEV_ACCESS_MIN during the setting of this parameter.. Huawei Confidential Page 22 . LTD. access level Access Range:0-5 (corresponding to -110--105dBm) : Unit:Grade : Default:1 : Description:The "RACH minimum access level" will affect MS access.RACH min.

.Random access error Thrsh Random access error Thrsh 90–100 101–120 121–140 141–160 161–175 176–195 196–221 222–243 244–250 0–89 or 251–255 Number of right bits in TSC 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 38 Access The value ranges from 0 to 255. Huawei Confidential Page 23 . The recommended value is 180. LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

Description: Maximum Time Advance.55km) Default: 62 for normal cell. 0~255 (Dual TS extended cell). It determines the actual coverage area of BTS. LTD. 63 for single TS extended cell.. it determines whether channel assignment should take place in the current cell by comparing the TA with the value of this parameter. When BTS receives the channel request message. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Unit: bit period (1 bit = 0.Max TA Range: 0~63 (Normal cell and single TS extended cell). 219 for dual TS extended cell. Huawei Confidential Page 24 .

the step size is 4 Unit: SACCH period (480ms) Call drop Content: This parameter is used for MS to decide down-link disconnection in case of SACCH decoding failures. LTD.. Huawei Confidential Page 25 . Recommendation: 20~56 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Radio Link Timeout Value range: 4~64.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. and 0408. this timer decreases by 1. (See Protocol 0508. This parameter and the radio link timeout (RLT) are used to judge the uplink/downlink radio connection failure.Call drop SACCH Multi-Frames (SACCH period(480ms)) Range:0~63 Unit: SACCH period (480ms) Default:14 Description: It is a timer used to determine whether the uplink radio link connection fails. LTD.) Every time BTS fails to decode the MR sent from MS. BTS judges that the uplink radio connection fails. 0858. Then BTS sends a radio connection failure message to BSC. When this timer reaches 0.. Huawei Confidential Page 26 . this timer increases by 2. and every time BTS succeeds to decode the MR. BSS judges the uplink radio link failure according to uplink SACCH BER.

2 Non-Compounding CCCHs. For others. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Content: It is “Common Control Channel Configuration”. 3 Non-compounding CCCHs. it is configured according to the number of TRX in the cell.CCCH_CONF Paging Value range: 1 Non-Compounding CCCH. This parameter can be automatically configured by the BSC Data Auto Configuration System according to the TRX channel configuration. CCCH configuration determines the capacity of PCH. AGCH and RACH. LTD. 4 Noncompounding CCCHs. 1 Compounding CCCH. one combined CCCH is recommended (in a system with few paging messages in location area). Recommendation: When there is one TRX in the cell.. Huawei Confidential Page 27 .

LTD. Huawei Confidential Page 28 .. Recommendation: 2 (non-combined CCCH) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. It is the number of CCCH channel message blocks that are reserved in one multi-frame for access granted channels (AGCH). 0~7 (others) Unit: Block Paging Content: It is also called Access Granted Blocks Reserved.BS_AG_BLKS_RES Value range: 0~2 (1 combined CCCH).

Recommendation: 2 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. It defines the number of multi-frames used as a cycle of paging subchannels.BS_PA_MFRAMES Value range: 2~9 ~ Unit: Multi-frame period (51 frames) Paging Content: It is Paging Channel Multi-frames.. Huawei Confidential Page 29 .

Huawei Confidential Page 30 . LTD.2354 second: the period of BCCH 51multi-frame X: 4 (paging adopt TMSI) / 2 (paging adopt IMSI) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.36; Paging traffic per hour = (CCCH-BLKS- BS-AG-BLKS-RES)/*X *3600 0..Calculation Paging group = (CCCH-BLKS- BS-AG-BLKS-RES)*BS-PA-MFRMS CCCH-BLKS: based on CCCH-CONF,9.27.

Huawei Confidential Page 31 .ECSC Value range: Yes. LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Recommendation: No. No Unit: None Content: Early Classmark Sending Control. It informs MS in a cell whether class-mark 3 should be sent in advance actively or not..

It is used to inform MS to report the adjacent cells in a controllable way. GSM1800 A -92dBm B -82dBm S H -84dBm C -68dBm F -88dBm G -96dBm GSM900 E -78dBm D -90dBm HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. Huawei Confidential Page 32 .MBR Value range: 0~3 Unit: None Content: Multi-band Reporting. It is sent in the System Information 2ter and 5ter. LTD.

nc1. Huawei Confidential Page 33 .nc2 None nc0 For cell reselection nc0: Normal MS control. LTD. The MS sends measurement reports to the network but does not perform automatic cell reselection.NCO Value Range Unit Default Value Description nc0.. nc1: MS control with measurement reports. nc2: Network control. The MS sends measurement reports to the network and performs automatic cell reselection. The MS performs automatic cell reselection. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. When Gs interface is not configured but PCCCH is configured.. Reserved None Network Operation Mode II Based on the paging channel used by the system When GS interface is configured. Network Operation Mode II. NMO III is used. NMO I is used. When Gs interface or PCCCH is not configured. Huawei Confidential Page 34 .NMO Value Range Unit Default Value Description Network Operation Mode I. LTD. Network Operation Mode III. NMO II is used.

Huawei Confidential Page 35 ..1500ms.2000ms.3500ms.4000ms ms 500ms Timer set for the MS to wait for the Packet Uplink Assignment message HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.1000ms.3000ms.2500ms.T3168 Value Range Unit Default Value Description 500ms. LTD.

1000ms.. LTD.120ms.0ms.T3192 Value Range Unit Default Value Description 500ms.200ms ms 500ms Timer set for the MS to wait for TBF release after receiving the last data block HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.160ms.1500ms.80ms. Huawei Confidential Page 36 .

Huawei Confidential Page 37 .DRX_Timer_Max (Max.. LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Duration of DRX) Value Range Unit Default Value Description 0-64 None 4 Maximum duration of the non-DRX mode.

Huawei Confidential Page 38 . RLC/MAC control block by default None Control acknowledgment type.11bit bit 8bit Access burst type used in PRACH. If four access pulses. TA can be obtained only by sending a polling message Default Value Four access pulses by default HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Access Burst Type Value Range Unit Default Value Description 8bit. PTCCH/U. If RLC/MAC control block .. TA can be obtained without a polling message. and packet control ACK message Control Acknowledge Type Value Range Unit Description Four access pulses by default. LTD.

BS_CV_MAX Value Range Unit Description 0-15 None Maximum countdown value of the MS Default Value 10 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Huawei Confidential Page 39 .. LTD.

8.nouse None The maximum value of N3102. Huawei Confidential Page 40 . Value Range Unit Description 4.nouse None Set the value of N3102 decreased Pan Max.16.1.nouse None 4 Set the value of N3102 increased 0.6. Default Value 2 Default Value 12 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Pan Decrement Value Range Unit Description Pan Increment Value Range Unit Default Value Description 0.6.32. LTD..

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