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VM Store Study

VM Store Study

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Table of Contents

Introduction About the Brand & Store Principles of Design of the Store
Color Balance Emphasis Rhythm Proportion

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In-store and out-store display Fundamentals
Store Exterior studyEntrance Window Display


Store Interior studyStore Design Fixtures Lightning Signage Ergonomics Graphics


Product Presentation Suggestion

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including creativity. or yesterday’s window trimmer. the practice of concentrating a store’s display budget on windows replete with costly props and backgrounds is the exception rather than the rule. In today’s retail environment. artistic talents play a major role in creating an atmosphere that motivates shoppers to become customers. and complete paperwork. briefly defined. and the discipline to follow directions. a sense of order. stay within budgets. is the presentation of a store and its merchandise in ways that will attract the attention of potential customers and motivate them to make purchase. A position as visual merchandiser involves a combination of skills.Introduction In the world of Visual Merchandising as we know it today. Visual Merchandising. 2 . dedication to design principles. Unlike the fine artist whose creativity is a statement of feelings. whose goal was just to produce a pretty display. today’s visual merchandiser must create displays with an eye on function and artistic expression that ultimately increase the store’s profitability.

Reef. 3 . NAVI MUMBAI. JanSport.About the Brand & Store “Lee | Wrangler” STORE LOCATION: 1st FLOOR. Eagle Creek. Kipling. outdoor products. Wrangler. John Varvatos. Eastpak. VASHI. image apparel and sportswear. Nautica. Its principal brands include Lee. is managed by VF Corporation. Lee Sport and Red Kap. The North Face. CENTRE ONE MALL. Napapijri. Lee and Wrangler. It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol VFC. The VF Corporation is a leader in branded apparel including Jeanswear. Riders. VF Corporation is the largest publicly held apparel company in the world. Vans. Rustler.

Since then Wrangler has grown worldwide to symbolize authenticity. 4 .D Lee designed Lee Overall.5-ounce denim containing an all functional chest pocket and a button fly. The initial brand model was named the “Lee Bib Overall”. to create the worlds’ best five pocket jeans. made in 7. Henry David Lee launched the Lee mercantile company on the world.Lee. It was born out of the Blue Bell Overall Company of North Carolina in 1947. In 1889. H. Lee was provoked by the conflicting quality and feature of foreign work wear and decided to produce quality US garments. Wrangler. The ambition was simple. the company then turned its attention to Jeans.Lee Jeans is a leading international retailer and manufacturer of denim wear and casual wear. in the year 1911.Is a manufacturer of jeans. a free spirit and rebellion…all values which still represent the brand today. Starting life as the major supplier of denim to the US Army during WW2.

with everything else playing a secondary or subordinate role. The focal point is the dominant or central point of a display. On nothing. They used different tones of yellow. black. white and sea green. Emphasis Every visual presentation is built around something of particular interest.“Principles of Design” of the Store Color Store uses a set of analogous colours. they wanted to put emphasis on. Colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel may be used in combination to form the analogous colour scheme. In the store. there was nothing as a focal point. often referred as the focal point. 5 .

movement. it was equally distributed in aspects of space. continuous line. progression. We discover that rhythm is carefully executed through repetition. radiation. It was in an asymmetrical balance in sense of fixtures and merchandise placements. it uses the principle of repetition of shapes. In a display. then flow. Rhythm When all of the elements of a design are properly located so that the eye travels smoothly from one part to another. 6 . mannequins. the eye is led in one direction by multiples of the same shape. The placement of identical forms in a row moves the eye across the display. or rhythm have been said achieved. change room.Balance Store was in a symmetrical balance. and alteration. The store uses a repetition form of a rhythm. lightings. If we divide the store in two halves.

The store at some places like placing of garment had the proportion. it was not proportionate.Proportion The principle of proportion involves the comparative relationship of the design elements to each other. 7 . the whole will have a pleasing effect to the eye. When each element of the design is properly proportioned. And at some places. like the graphics and the fixtures & garment ratio.

By the top management. a variety of different components must be successfully coordinated. Props & Tools of the trade Lightning Theme Signage POP Display By virtue of being a chain store and not a departmental store.In-store and out-store display Fundamentals In order to effectively differentiate one retail facility from another. it must be having a centralized visual merchandising. The following sections represent an overview of the various components: EXTERIOR Entrance Window Display INTERIOR Store Design Mannequins Fixtures Materials. the concept of visual merchandising also is centrally planned. 8 . The centralized visual plans are extensions of the organization’s overall philosophy. Just as the merchandise is centrally purchased by buyers at corporate headquarters and the policies are centrally developed. Visual Merchandisers must be constantly aware of what’s taking place in each of these visual segments and must be prepared to make any necessary changes. and bring the retail premises to its highest level of visual appeal.

Trim removal 9. Installation of visuals 7.check for damage and quantity ordered 5.Steps to a successful visual planning: 1. Be creative 9 . Keep all decorative elements ready 3. time and action plan 2. Compose your elements in a balanced composition 4. Lightning of visuals 6.floor plan. Monitor incoming assets. Ensure proper signage 8. Develop a plan.

The entrance Gate is 7 feet in width & 12 feet in height.) The Window display for the store is without back means the whole shop is treated like a Window Display.Store Exterior studyEntrance It had an open walk-in with no radio-frequency identification device. 10 . and it did not have door (it has shutter which is used only when the shop closed. the width of the Window is 8 feet towards Left side and right side from the entrance and height is 12 feet. it is 1 foot Elevated from the entrance Gate.

it is 1 foot elevated from the entrance. the LEFT side window and the store is for LEE and RIGHT side is for WRANGLER. The windows are backless (whole shop is used as window).Window Display It has a parallel to sidewalk window type. But because of the contrast colour scheme and the graphics used on wall the only thing which attracts the customers and of course the Brand Name too. 11 . Both side have three-three mannequins. it’s not attractive. the display was not good. The width of the window is 8 feet and the height is 12 feet. very simple and according to the brand it were BAD.

Store Layout 12 .Store Interior studyStore Design It has 24x28 square feet area. and they used the area very well. but comparatively WRANGLER’s side is more soothing than LEE. the placement of the products and fixtures are good. And visually the balance and the harmony were there.

ZONING: Actually this store provides only 30% merchandise for girls and 70% for boys. the placement of the displayed things are well placed.CIRCULATION: At circulation point of view there is enough space to roam in store and look the merchandise. so the girls section is only behind the counter. 13 . and rest all of space is occupied by boys’ product of different sizes.

Only these kinds of fixtures they used for both LEE & WRANGLER. they used it on wall and the same texture for the table. The light was not in way that it could enhance the beauty of product. they used ICON pedestal for product display on hanger and a table 2x4 feet and at the wall the fixture are the combination of AIRSIDE and BEAM type of fixture. 14 . here they used more metal base fixture but related to that category only. But they didn’t use wood for the LEE side display. not for the product or customer assessment or not even for trial room. there were focused light used by them which give the uniform light to the store. it’s a series of spot lights on the roof side.Fixtures For fixture thing. in the base they used wood in strips form to give a rough look. at WRANGLER side. Lightning Lighting wasn’t good at all. Signages They were not using signage. actually by using them only ROOF become the part of attraction not the PRODUCT.

so basically it’s a combination of both kind of fixtures and the product which were displayed there were at the proper height & the displacement to each other. the placement of the products. the spacing between two fixtures everything was good. And the beam fixture is 4 inches apart from the airside fixture. he can touch & he can pick up. the fixtures. 15 . The minimum height for the product from ground is 2 ⅟ 2 feet and the maximum height was 6 feet. So it is very easy to a customer that he can see properly.Ergonomics From the eye of the ergonomics.

and other side of walls are so good and they are according to the BRAND IDENTITY. 16 .Graphics The graphics which were on the counter table. at the wall of trial room. they are very YOUTH oriented and with the black & white and in sepia tone.

signs.POP Display In addition to the signage that abounds in retail establishments. Its president defines point-ofpurchase merchandising as “displays. structures and devices that are used to identify. advertise and/or merchandise an outlet. there are point-of-purchase programs developed by manufacturers for retailer use. However. or product and which serve as an aid to retail selling”. The Point-of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) reports that it now represents a $12 billion industry. there was no POP display at the store. 17 . service.

Product Presentation The product presentation was very simple. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE When you enter in the Mall. and while looking them you get close to the product placed there. and when you reached at middle of the hall & looks upward to the stores. it does not match with the brands. they attract you allot. 18 . there is huge hall type area at ground floor. then the LOGO of LEE & WRANGLER attracts your attention and except from that the roof. And a special part. the textures of the wall. full of spot light with black background (ceiling). It was very old kind of. except from one or two places. when you enter the show room. the PHOTO frames of the old posters of LEE & WRANGLER co. And. then you start searching for your desire one (product). there are two to three people to assist you for new arrivals and trends. your attention goes towards the store graphics. simple folds and all. the graphics attracts you. when you came at front of the shop.. the colours and after that you start finding the product.

19 . TARGET AUDIENCE The target audience for this store (LEE & WRANGLER) is YOUTH & TEENAGERS. and 30% for GIRLS and 70% for the BOYS. it creates constant feel. there is nothing like VIVID. the graphics and the roof are only factors for visual merchandising. they do not do efforts for the better presentation of goods. Also. they should keep POP display. but the problem is the people who work there. they never tries for new folds or placement for the product. they do not use lights properly. So these all things must be improve for better VM.Suggestion Actually the store is good. Fixture are too good. not the product presentation.

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