Manning Bowl II is here! Yay...or not
The general football public loves some sappy story lines and they don’t come sappier than Manning Bowl II
It’s got to be a tough weekend for Archie and Olivia M a n n i n g , watching two of their sons go to battle in Indianapolis, but then again, they are the parents of two successful and rich NFL quarterbacks; life isn’t all that bad. Speaking of the Colts, they’re reeling after getting smashed 34-24 by the Ho u s t o n Te x a n s . T h e Te x a n s h a d o n e o f t h e g r e a te s t g a m e s i n t h e i r history last weekend after they finished off Peyton’s Indianapolis squad. Eli’s Ne w Yo r k G i a n t s w e r e r e l a t i v e l y w o r k m a n l i ke against the Carolina Panthers, b e a t i n g Ma t t Mo o r e a n d company 31-18. In the college game, this weekend sets up with one of the most important Big 12 games of the season when Texas travels

Eli’s New York Giants were relatively workmanlike against the Carolina Panthers.

to Texas Tech. The University o f Ho u s t o n h a s a g r e a t opportunity against UCLA this weekend. So, let’s see what happens, let’s GO!!

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Houston (1 - 0) vs. Washington (1 - 0)
September 19, 2010 - CBS 3:15 PM CST Vegas Says: Houston -3/44
R 257.0 ypg - 1st 2010 ATS Record 1-0-0 2010 Over/Under 1-0-0 Last 5 games Sep 13, 2010 Jan 3, 2010 Dec 27, 2009 Dec 20, 2009 Dec 13, 2009 W W W W W 34-24 Indianapolis 34-27 New England 27-20 Miami 16-13 St. Louis 34-7 Seattle 98.0 ypg - 3rd 2010 Ranking Run Offense 89.0 ypg - 21st 2010 ATS Record 1-0-0 2010 Over/Under 0-1-0 Last 5 games Sep 13, 2010 Jan 3, 2010 Dec 21, 2009 Dec 13, 2009 Dec 6, 2009 W L L W L 13-7 Dallas 17-0 Dallas 45-12 NY Giants 34-13 Oakland 33-30 New Orleans

Pass Offense 161.0 ypg - 24th

355.0 ypg - 10th Total Offense 250.0 ypg - 26th 34.0 ppg - 3rd 44.0 ypg - 2nd Scoring Off. 13.0 ppg - 24th

Run Defense 103.0 ypg - 16th

419.0 ypg - 32nd Pass Defense 277.0 ypg - 28th 463.0 ypg - 32nd Total Defense 380.0 ypg - 28th 24.0 ppg - 25th Scoring Def. 7.0 ppg - 2nd

Last Meeting: Washington - 31 vs. Houston - 15 (9/24/2006)

When the Texans have the ball... The Texans made an overwhelming statement to the rest of the
division as well as the Colts that not only were they going to stick with their running game, but they planned on imposing their will in the process. The Redskins front 7 is much better suited to slow Arian Foster and the outside zone and they know they have to get control of the Texans running game or it will be a long day. The Texans will be looking to build off of their success last weekend in the running Fantasy Scoop game by setting up the play-action pass. LaRon Fear not, owners of Matt Schaub and Andre Landry was all over the place against the Dallas Johnson. While those two fantasy big shots Cowboys, but the Texans won’t let him get settled didn’t get much love last weekend, they will in and will challenge him through the air as well. bounce back this week while Arian Foster will come back to earth. Foster is still a start When the Redskins have the ball...Redskins in all leagues though. Go ahead and start offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan understands Chris Cooley and consider Santana Moss that Gary Kubiak is going to have an idea of his as a flex option. play-calling tendencies thanks to the time the two of them spent together so he will definitely have something different planned at different stages of the game. The Redskins have got to try and improve on the ground, however, the two tight-end sets with Fred Davis and Chris Cooley will offer some problems for Bernard Pollard and Zach Diles. The Texans are facing another smart QB this weekend so they have to make sure they don’t blow assignments badly or Donovan McNabb will capitalize. Santana Moss is getting The Z Key older, but he still has the quickness to make a difference. Texans OL interior vs. Prediction: The Texans did very little with their passing game and Redskins’ 3-4 NT Kemoeatu & Haynesworth still buried the Colts convincingly. The Redskins know that they will be facing a much more disciplined gameplan this week and I think they can rise to the occasion on that side of the ball, but I don’t think their offense is ready to take off just yet.


Pittsburgh (1 - 0) vs. Tennessee (1 - 0)
September 19, 2010 - CBS 12 PM CST Vegas Says: Tennessee -5/37
R 143.0 ypg - 4th 2010 ATS Record 1-0-0 2010 Over/Under 0-1-0 Last 5 games Sep 12, 2010 Jan 3, 2010 Dec 27, 2009 Dec 20, 2009 Dec 10, 2009 W W W W L 15-9 30-24 23-30 37-36 13-6 Atlanta Miami Baltimore Green Bay Cleveland 2010 Ranking Run Offense 205.0 ypg - 2nd 2010 ATS Record 1-0-0 2010 Over/Under 1-0-0 Last 5 games Sep 12, 2010 Jan 3, 2010 Dec 25, 2009 Dec 20, 2009 Dec 13, 2009 W W L W W 38-13 17-13 42-17 27-24 47-7 Oakland Seattle San Diego Miami St. Louis

211.0 ypg - 16th Pass Offense 140.0 ypg - 28th 354.0 ypg - 11th Total Offense 345.0 ypg - 12th 15.0 ppg - 18th 58.0 ypg - 6th Scoring Off. 38.0 ppg - 1st

Run Defense 135.0 ypg - 27th 151.0 ypg - 8th

237.0 ypg - 22nd Pass Defense

295.0 ypg - 13th Total Defense 286.0 ypg - 11th 9.0 ppg - 5th Scoring Def. 13.0 ppg - 9th

Last Meeting: Pittsburgh - 13 vs. Tennessee - 10 (9/10/2009)

When the Steelers have the ball...The Steelers had a tough time running the ball last weekend.
Don’t’ let the final numbers fool you as Rashard Mendenhall added 50 yards with one run in overtime. The good news for the Steelers is that Darren McFadden had some success against the Titans and the Steelers can too if they are able to loosen the Titans up with a couple of shots down the field. The Titans have some interior linemen who could cause some problems for the Steelers in pass protection so that is worth keeping an eye on. The Steelers are going to use plenty of bunch formations but the Titans have a secondary that is aggressive and will hit you so I don’t think running from the bunch will work.

When the Titans have the ball...I’m not sure if
Mike Heimerdinger will be willing to try and take some shots down the field, but I would. Chris Fantasy Scoop Johnson can have some success running the ball if Starting Chris Johnson is a must despite the the Titans stick with it. They will have to stay with defense he is facing, but all other Titans should the run because eventually something will break, but be on the bench. I would, however, look at the it won’t be easy for CJ. I expect Troy Polamalu to Titans defense if you have them. Go ahead live near the line of scrimmage because of the speed and start Rashard Mendenhall, Hines he brings to the table and his ability to help contain Ward and Mike Wallace but I don’t give CJ. The Steelers are going to do everything they can Ward or Wallace anything more than a to take the run away and then confuse Vince Young lukewarm nod. on passing downs. The Titans should try and take advantage of trying to hit a long ball down the field against the Steelers cornerbacks. The Z Key end of the season, but right now I’m not sure you can say that with Dennis Dixon at QB. At some point, Vince Young or Chris Johnson will probably make a big play and I’m not sure the Steelers will be able to counter with their own big play. Titans RB Chris Johnson vs. Steelers S Troy Polamalu

Prediction: The Steelers will be the better of the two teams by the


Other Key NFL Games

September 19, 2010 - NBC 7:20 PM CST

Both teams have offenses whose The Bad: The Giants didn’t rush the passer as strength coincides with the opponents’ perceived well as they expected last season due to injury and weakness on the other side of the ball. Lost in the a lack of performance by too many players on their loss to the Texans is the defensive line. The fact that the Colts have as d e f e n s e l o o ke d m u c h The Money Matchup: The Colts had better last weekend and if deep a group of pass catchers as they have ever better do a better job of protecting Peyton they are back to their old had at one time and they Manning than they did last week against the selves, they could rip the should batter the Giants Texans since the Giants will bring even more Colts mediocre offensive secondary if the Giants pressure. Justin Tuck is looking to round line to shreds. If you’re ‘D’ doesn’t make Peyton back into form this year and his battle against looking for that chink in Manning get rid of the right tackle Ryan Diem will be the catalyst the Colts armor, the best ball quickly. The Giants for whether or not Manning with relative place to start is with their have two running backs peace in the pocket. offensive line. Get past that can bring the them and get to Peyton physicality to the Colts Manning and you can win. just like Arian Foster did last week.

The Good:

September 19, 2010 - CBS 3:15 PM CST It is hard to talk about the Jets and the Patriot wide receivers and the Jets secondary is gloss over the offensive difficulties they had against going to be a thing of the Ravens. I understand beauty. Brady and the that the Ravens offer any The Money Matchup: I could sit o f f e n s e o n e o f t h e Patriots have been the best in the league over the here and try and get cute with this one but the toughest matchups they last few years at spreading money matchup is easily Randy Moss against will see all year, but there defenses out with multiple Darrelle Revis. Last year, Revis referred to should be a ver y real WR packages and putting Moss as a “slouch” and Moss claims that he has concern about whether pressuring the secondary. used those comments to fuel him this Ma r k S a n c h e z i s a s The Patriots obviously offseason and he has promised to bring it to impro ved a s e ver yone have terrific targets with Revis in this battle. expected after last Randy Moss and Wes season’s game against the Welker, and their battle Colts or if he is still going against the trio of cornerbacks from the Jets will to play like the inconsistent QB who we saw for almost certainly determine the winner and loser in most of last year. this one.

VEGAS SAYS: NE -1.5/38

The Good: The matchup between Tom Brady, The Bad:


Fantasy News and Notes
McFadden showed not only his speed, but increased toughness as a runner.  We all know that Al Davis loves the size and speed of McFadden so if he is performing well, there will be pressure from above to keep rolling with McFadden while Michael Bush just gets leftover carries. I've been saying all along that you shouldn't panic over Shonn Greene's matchup against the Ravens because he was probably going to get shut down.  I'm telling you now that you might want to worry a little bit because Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, said that as the Jets move forward, they would like to try and split the carries between Greene and LaDainian Tomlinson.  LT looks like he has a renewed quickness to his game so Greene's status will go down while LT's will go up. Ryan Grant from the Packers is going to miss the rest of the year due to injury so that means that for those of you lucky enough to have the first pick on the waiver wire this week will get your hands on his backup, Brandon Jackson.  Jackson, in that offense, becomes a must-start RB1/2 in every league.  If you don't need a RB, either trade the waiver pick for a player you do need or take him as trade bait in the future. C.J. Spiller looked like a scared child on the field against the Dolphins.  He stutterstepped and danced worse than anything I've seen.  The film will not be kind to him and the coaches may decide that 3rd down is where he belongs which will mean Fred Jackson or Marshawn Lynch will become bigger factors.  My money would be on Jackson. It always amazes me when the explosive guys are limited to the same amount of carries that the plodders get.  It happened again in Dallas as Marion Barber and Felix Jones both had 8 carries apiece while in Kansas City, Thomas Jones had 11 carries for 39 yards while Jamaal Charles had 11 for 92.  Sooner or later, these coaches will figure it out and owners of Jones and Charles can rejoice.

The big news is that Matthew Stafford will miss as little as one week and as many as six weeks with a shoulder injury.  We'll find out if it is separated or just bruised later this week.  While he will only be a backup for most of you, his injury could very well hurt the fantasy status of Calvin Johnson.  I would like to say that it should help the fantasy value of Jahvid Best, but the Lions couldn't hardly run the ball even againt the Bears 7 man front (Best still got in for two 1-yard TDs though). Kevin Kolb looks like he'll miss this week's matchup against the Detroit Lions thanks to the concussion he sustained last week which is a shame since the Lions secondary is there for the taking.  Michael Vick is worth a shortterm pickup, but I'm still not sold on Andy Reid trusting him as the starter long-term. Dennis Dixon really struggled with some simple throws early in the game against the Falcons which has to be disturbing if you have Hines Ward, Heath Mi l ler or Mi ke Wallace.  The good news for Ward owners is that he was targeted frequently while Wallace was almost an afterthought with Dixon at QB.  

Running Backs
Laurence Maroney was dealt from the Patriots to the Broncos but I don't really see it adding much fantasy value to Maroney.  In D e n v e r, Ma r o n e y w i l l c o m p e t e w i t h Buchalter for backup carries to Knowshon Moreno, but Moreno's productivity probably won't be effected by Maroney's arrival.  The Patriots, on the other hand, just got rid of a couple of carries per game so this will strengthen Fred Taylor's position as their top back, but don't go overboard with him since the Pats never settle in with their RB rotation  Lost in the Raiders thumping at the hands of the Ti t a n s was D a r re n McFadden's performance at running back. 

Fantasy News and Notes
Wide Receivers
The Rams Mark Clayton becomes a priority pickup this week after nabbing 10 passes for 119 yards.  The Rams will likely be playing from behind for much of the year which helps Clayton's cause.  Another thing that helps his cause is that Steven Jackson is already having knee inflammation issues after just one week.  

  Congrats if you grabbed Roddy White because if the first game is any indication of what is in store for him, White will have a huge season.  While the Steelers were shutting down Michael Turner, Matt Ryan was looking time and time again in White's direction.  Look for White to lead the league in receptions this year. Is it too early to downgrade Braylon Edwards and Jerricho Cotchery?  I know it is just one game, but Mark Sanchez still looks like a lost puppy and Brian Schottenheimer, the OC, had very little confidence in him.  Granted, the Jets were playing the Ravens, but this is going to be a running team regardless so look for them to shorten the leash on Sanchez which will hurt the WR corps. I really liked what I saw from Mike Williams of Tampa Bay. I was wildly unimpressed with Josh Freeman, his QB, but I assume Freeman will improve has his thumb heals.  Williams got separation, caught the ball well and played like a veteran out there and it was clear that Freeman was looking for him throughout the game. Time to upgrade your Austin Collie portfolio as the Colts third wide receiver gets a bump thanks to the predictable injury to Anthony Gonzalez.  The fewer the WRs the better and now Garcon, Collie and Wayne should all be starts each week.  Back to that cheesy hyperbaric chamber, Gonzalez. Any more questions about how the Cowboys pecking order will play out this season?  Miles Austin had 10 catches, Dez Bryant had 8 and Roy Williams had 3.  While Miles and Dez might fight for the team lead from game to game, it is clear that Roy is NOT in the mix as one of the top two WRs and it is equally clear that Dez is going to be a major factor this year. 

Tight Ends
  Owen Daniels did very little against the Colts, but fear not because he played over 40 snaps which is much more than Kubiak expected him to play (25).  With the Texans leaning so heavily on the run, Daniels and Andre Johnson became non-factors, but both player will have bounce-back games this week against the Redskins. As expected, Chris Cooley was a friendly face for Donovan McNabb grabbing 6 catches for 80 yards.  To me, Cooley is a muststart each week. Jaguars TE Marcedes Lewis had two TD catches against the Broncos and while I don't want to jump the gun and expect some monster year from him, it is worth noting that we've all been waiting for him to become a productive fantasy tight end for a couple of years now and maybe this will be the year.  

NFL News and Notes
attack is that both backs run with the same pace and tempo.  If you watch, the styles and speed of Brown and Williams are very similar so the offensive line doesn't really have to make any type of adjustments based upon the rushing style of one back versus the other. Keep an eye on what is going on in St.Louis with Rams rookie QB Sam Bradford.  Last weekend, the Rams allowed Bradford to throw the ball 55 times in a loss to the Arizona Cardinals and overall he played okay.  Bradford missed some very easy throws that he will have to make on a consistent basis if he wants to be a successful starter in the NFL, but I expect that to improve.  What does worry me, however, is that with RB Steven Jackson nursing a bum knee that the Rams will begin to get comfortable with Bradford trying to lead the offense with his right arm and that is bound to get him hit a ton of times as teams attack him with multiple blitz packages just like the Cardinals did.

Did we really expect Redskins castoff Jason Campbell to make the Raiders a better team?  Did we?  I think I did, but I'm trying to remember why.  I can tell you that after watching his play against the Tennessee Titans, I have very little confidence in him moving for ward.  Sure Campbell was wildly inaccurate, but on more than one occasion he pulled up short of the first down on 3rd down scrambles because he didn't want to get hit.  For a guy who is trying to establish himself as a leader, he failed miserably in week 1. My friend Chris Solis brought this to my attention and if you think about it, the similarities are obvious.  Donovan McNabb is Warren Moon and Kevin Kolb is Cody Carlson.  Moon was a reasonably successful quarterback who never really seemed to have the hometown fans completely sold on his leadership ability or his ability to get the team to a higher level.  The same can be said for McNabb (although he had more success in Philly than Moon did with Houston).  Cody Carlson was the backup QB who fans thought could take over for Moon based on some strong performances as his backup. Kolb seems to fit nicely into the Carlson category as well.  Carlson got hurt and was never a factor moving forward.  Fast forward to 2010 and Kolb was knocked out of last week's game and will miss this week's as well.  Surely it can't be playing out again. The Miami Dolphins have two talented running back in Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown and the offensive line does a nice job of blocking for both of them.  One of the reasons the offensive line and the running backs work so well together within the rushing

Sweetheart Parlay of the Week

Kiss me

A View from the Sideline’s

My love




Jakoob wuz here




You need a hug. Green Bay -13

. e.. .5 m ss o +8 Ki ag hic C

Be Bay Mine lor +21

Texas (2 - 0) vs. Texas Tech (2 - 0)
September 18, 2010 - ABC 7 PM CST Vegas Says: Texas -3/55

Keys to the Game
Sep 4, 2010 W, Rice 34-17 Sep 11, 2010 W, Wyoming 34-7 Sep 18, 2010 @ Texas Tech Sep 25, 2010 UCLA Oct 2, 2010 @ OU (Dallas) Oct 9, 2010 BYE Oct 16, 2010 @ Nebraska Oct 23, 2010 Iowa State Oct 30, 2010 Baylor Nov 6, 2010 @ Kansas State Nov 13, 2010 Oklahoma State Nov 20, 2010 Florida Atlantic Nov 25, 2010 Texas A&M R 182.0 ypg - 44th 197.0 ypg - 72nd 379.0 ypg - 64th 34.0 ppg - T-39th 73.0 ypg - 13th 165.0 ypg - 34th 238.0 ypg - 15th 12.0 ppg - 17th 2010 Ranking Run Offense Pass Offense Total Offense Scoring Offense Run Defense Pass Defense Total Defense Scoring Defense 112.0 ypg - 93rd 334.5 ypg - 11th 446.5 ypg - 29th 43.5 ppg - T-17th 103.0 ypg - 41st 277.0 ypg - 105th 380.0 ypg - T-80th 22.0 ppg - 62nd Sep 6, 2010 W, SMU 35-27 Sep 11, 2010 W, New Mex. 52-17 Sep 18, 2010 Texas Sep 25, 2010 BYE Oct 2, 2010 @ Iowa State Oct 9, 2010 Baylor Oct 16, 2010 Oklahoma State Oct 23, 2010 @ Colorado Oct 30, 2010 @ Texas A&M Nov 6, 2010 Missouri Nov 13, 2010 @ Oklahoma Nov 20, 2010 Weber State Nov 27, 2010 Houston

Proj. Offensive Starters
QB RB FB WR WR TE LT LG C RG RT 7 23 30 5 11 89 64 63 78 67 72 Garrett Gilbert So. Tre Newton Jr. Patrick Hill Sr. John Chiles Jr. James Kirkendoll Barrett Matthews Kyle Hix Sr. Michael Huey Jr. David Snow Jr. Mason Walters Fr. Britt Mitchell Sr.

Duncan’s making the Donuts - When Texas Tech released its first 2010 depth chart, one thing stood out more th an anyt hing else - DE Bri an Dunca n. Immediately, it was evident that Tommy Tuberville was putting his stamp on this team, taking the team’s best interior linebacker out of the middle and asking him to rush the quarterback. Bold move, but it was one Tubs had done many times before at Auburn. The move has seemingly paid off. Duncan is fourth in the nation with four sacks and leads the Big 12 in that category. Three of those sacks came against SMU and NFL prospect Kelvin Beachum. Duncan has more than proved that he can rush the quarterback from the edge, but what Texas must do is expose him as a linebacker at defensive end. In other words run right at him. The two Texas tackles are better run blockers anyway, so wear down the former linebacker and run his way as much as possible. And, hope that’s enough to slow Duncan down. Catching on - Texas WR Mike Davis is becoming a special talent for the Longhorns and he may end up being the most difficult matchup for Texas Tech’s secondary on Saturday night. After a seven catch, 104 yard night against Wyoming, Davis appears ready to take over as The Man in the receiving corps. But, what makes him so dangerous is his ability to hit top speed after the catch. Against an experienced and speedy Wyoming CB, Davis caught a simple in route for about 12 yards, hit the boosters and turned it into a 45 yard catch and run TD. With Tech’s safeties banged up, it’s important to let Davis get his hands on the ball in the middle of the field and let him make more plays. Twice as Nice - Keep an eye on the playbook adjustments each team makes this weekend. One item that’ll make life difficult for the Texas Tech OL is DE Eddie Jones and Sam Acho lining up on the same side. The possibilities are endless and the headaches are too.

Proj. Offensive Starters
QB RB X H Y Z LT LG C RG RT 12 Taylor Potts 25 Baron Batch 19 Lyle Leong 11 Tramain Swindall 17 Detron Lewis 8 Jacoby Franks 65 LaAdrian Waddle 78 Lonnie Edwards 73 Justin Keown 66 Deveric Gallington 70 Chris Olson Jr. Jr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. Jr. Jr. So. Sr.

Proj. Defensive Starters
DE DT DT DE LB LB CB NB S S CB 81 91 93 32 1 18 8 4 21 6 3 Sam Acho Kheeston Randall Tyrell Higgins Eddie Jones Keenan Robinson Emmanuel Acho Chykie Brown Aaron Williams Blake Gideon Christian Scott Curtis Brown Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr.

Proj. Defensive Starters
DE DT DT DE LB LB LB CB S S CB 94 Scott Smith 98 Donald Langley 93 Colby Whitlock 57 Brian Duncan 41 Sam Fehoko 20 Bront Bird 13 Julius Howard 7 Will Ford 16 Cody Davis 26 Franklin Mitchem* 12 D.J Johnson Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. Sr. So. So. Sr. So.

Conclusion - I don’t think either team has played up to its capabilities in the first two weeks at all. But, I feel that the ceiling for the Texas Longhorns is a bit higher, due in large part to the physical defense it possesses. The offense isn’t there yet, but it’ll do enough in this game as long as it can get 75+ yards on the ground from two of its three backs. It will and Texas gets a tough win.

Texas - 27 vs. Texas Tech - 17

Iowa (2 - 0) vs. Arizona (2 - 0)
September 11, 2010 - ESPN 9:30 PM CST Vegas Says: Iowa -1.5/44

Keys to the Game
Sep 4, 2010 W, Eastern Ill. 37-7 Sep 11, 2010 W, Iowa St. 35-7 Sep 18, 2010 Arizona Sep 25, 2010 Ball State Oct 2, 2010 Penn State Oct 9, 2010 BYE Oct 16, 2010 @ Michigan Oct 23, 2010 Wisconsin Oct 30, 2010 Michigan State Nov 6, 2010 @ Indiana Nov 13, 2010 @ Northwestern Nov 20, 2010 Ohio State Nov 27, 2010 @ Minnesota R 227.0 ypg - 25th 230.0 ypg - 54th 457.0 ypg - 25th 36.0 ppg - 33rd 71.5 ypg - 11th 144.5 ypg - 26th 216.0 ypg - 9th 7.0 ppg - 8th 2010 Ranking Run Offense Pass Offense Total Offense Scoring Offense Run Defense Pass Defense Total Defense Scoring Defense 159.5 ypg - 63rd 344.0 ypg - 10th 503.5 ypg - 12th 46.5 ppg - 12th 115.0 ypg - 47th 62.0 ypg - 4th 177.0 ypg - 3rd 4.0 ppg - 2nd Sep 3, 2010 W, Toledo 41-2 Sep 11, 2010 The Citadel 52-6 Sep 18, 2010 Iowa Sep 25, 2010 Cal Oct 2, 2010 BYE Oct 9, 2010 Oregon State Oct 16, 2010 @ Washington St. Oct 23, 2010 Washington Oct 30, 2010 @ UCLA Nov 6, 2010 @ Stanford Nov 13, 2010 USC Nov 20, 2010 BYE Nov 26, 2010 @ Oregon Dec 2, 2010 Arizona State

Proj. Offensive Starters
QB RB FB WR WR TE LT LG C RG RT 12 Ricky Stanzi Sr. 32 Adam Robinson So. 36 Brett Morse Sr. 15 D. Johnson-Koulianos Sr. 7 Marvin McNutt Jr. 82 Allen Reisner Sr. 77 Riley Reiff So. 63 Julian Vandervelde Sr. 53 James Ferentz So. 76 Nolan McMillan Fr. 56 Markus Zusevics Jr.

Hit ‘em where it hurts - Arizona has faced Toledo and The Citadel, two teams that, well, aren’t good enough to even push the Wildcats on either side of the ball. Furthermore, what those two teams couldn’t do was expose a relatively inexperienced middle of the defense. Current Houston Texan DT Earl Mitchell ruled the middle of the defense for the Wildcats in past years, but his absence could be a major problem against the Hawkeyes. The one thing we do know about this Iowa squad is that it’ll hit you in the mouth and the last team to do that to the Wildcats went home with a 33-0 Holiday Bowl win. Iowa has experience from guard to guard and Adam Robinson is one of the more unheralded backs in the nation. As such, if the Hawkeyes are going to win this game, the Hawkeyes must mitigate Arizona’s defensive team speed and unleash Robinson in the middle throughout the game. Wade-ing into trouble - If the Hawkeye offense gets itself in second and third and long repeatedly, this game will not go in their favor. That’s because Arizona’s CB Trevin Wade might be the best cornerback west of Austin. He’s a no doubt NFL talent who’s tough, competitive, long and will fight for the ball every time teams throw at him. Therein lies the rub - teams don’t test him often, but the Hawkeyes have a talented receiving corps that can matchup with him from a size and physicality standpoint. Regardless, Wade will win his fair share on Saturday, the Hawks just can’t let him take over the game. Yo, Adrian - After two solid, if not unspectacular outings, Iowa All-American defensive end Adrian Clayborn is ready to burst on the scene. Last year, he found a way in big games to make plays, whether on defense or special teams. In this one though, he’ll get to chase a pocket passer. Arizona QB Nick Foles isn’t a statue by any means, but he’d better get rid of the ball before Clayborn introduces himself on Saturday night.

Proj. Offensive Starters
QB RB FB WR WR TE LT LG C RG RT 8 5 31 85 82 88 78 55 64 57 67 Nick Foles Jr. Nic Grigsby Sr. Taimi Tutogi So. David Roberts Jr. Juron Criner Jr. A.J. Simmons Sr. Adam Grant Sr. Conan Amituanai Sr. Colin Baxter Sr. Jovon Hayes Sr. Phillip Garcia Sr.

Proj. Defensive Starters
DE DT DT DE LB LB LB CB FS SS CB 94 95 46 91 45 33 42 28 30 9 18 Adrian Clayborn Sr. Karl Klug Sr. Christian Ballard Sr. Broderick Binns Jr. Tyler Nielsen Jr. Jeff Tarpinian Sr. Jeremiha Hunter Sr. Shaun Prater Jr. Brett Greenwood Sr. Tyler Sash Jr. Micah Hyde So.

Proj. Defensive Starters
DE DT DT DE LB LB LB CB FS SS CB 44 43 94 42 33 40 41 24 9 3 1 Ricky Elmore Justin Washington Lolomana Mikaele Brooks Reed Jake Fischer Derek Earls Paul Vassallo Trevin Wade Joseph Perkins Anthony Wilcox Robert Golden Sr. Fr. Sr. Sr. So. Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr.

Conclusion - At home in Tucson, I really think Arizona is a live ‘dog, but I’m still concerned that the last time they faced a tough, physical team - Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl - the Wildcats got thumped. Badly. Iowa will run the ball better than any team Arizona has faced since it lost to Oregon at home last season. Adam Robinson will pound for 125+ yards in a hard-fought Iowa win.

Iowa - 24 vs. Arizona - 21

Other Key Games
Vegas says: Georgia -2.5/54.5
The Razorbacks present a completely different challenge for the home team, though. QB Ryan Mallett lit up the two patsies he faced and is licking his chops to face a secondary he torched last season. Georgia’s offense, presumably without AJ Green, was idle for much of the visit to Columbia and even though Arkansas’ defense is a sieve, it’ll still be another long day for Aaron Murray and company. PREDICTION: Arkansas - 34 vs. Georgia - 27

September 11, 2010 - ESPN 11 am CST
Last year in Fayetteville, these two put up points in bunches, but I don’t expect that to be quite the case this year. Well, on second thought...maybe that will be the case. Regardless, over the years, I’ve gotten to the point where I dislike road favorites, but lucky for me, the line setters think Georgia is still the chalk, after one of the worst tackling performances I’ve seen for a BCS power when UGA missed dozens of key tackles in a 17-6 loss at South Carolina

September 18, 2010 - ABC 2:30 PM CST
This is it. This is the biggest test for Washington QB Jake Locker and his Heisman campaign. After taking a shot to the chin in Provo in week one, Locker found his footing in a three touchdown win over Syracuse. But, BYU and Syracuse are middle school defenses in comparison to the Blackshirt’s defense that’ll arrive on Saturday afternoon. Locker showed last week that he can be accurate, completing 22 of 33, 67% for 289 yards and four TDs. Fortunately, that’ll eventually be the key in this game - Locker has to be extremely accurate to

Vegas says: Nebraska -3.5/53.5
keep drives alive and keep his defense off the field. He didn’t run the ball much last week and that might be the best thing for this offense. Nebraska is going to be concerned with his scrambling and perhaps use a spy on him. But, if Locker can be accurate and find open receivers, they’ll compete. Unfortunately, the defense is eventually going to have stop Taylor Martinez and Roy Helu, Jr. That’s asking a bit much. PREDICTION: Nebraska - 31 vs. U of W - 21

September 18, 2010 - FSN 2:30 PM CST
On the surface, facing a non-BCS team on your home turf doesn’t sound like a recipe for disaster but...think again. First of all, the Air Force Falcons are coming off of a convincing win over a solid BYU team, moving their record to 2-0 on the season. Secondly, Air Force has absolutely nothing to lose going to Oklahoma. Nothing and that’s scary. Third, Air Force doesn’t have guys that’ll play in the NFL but it does have some players with NFL talent. Last but not least, the Falcons run the option out of

Vegas says: Oklahoma -17/54

a myriad of formations and personnel combinations - and OU has only a week to prepare. Oh and by the way, the Sooners have been told all week long that they’re the best team in the Big 12 after they smashed Florida State into tiny little bits. But, the game is in Norman where the Sooners haven’t lost since 2005. The Sooners passing game won’t have a walk in the park against the Falcons’ secondary, but the Falcons may not stop DeMarco Murray at all. PREDICTION: OU - 35 vs. Air Force - 23

September 18, 2010 - ESPN 6 PM CST
I love tradition. I love Southern football tradition and something about Clemson playing Auburn on the Plains has me giddy. Plus, I think both teams are capable of doing great things in the ACC and SEC, respectively. Considering how poorly the ACC performed last week in key games - Miami, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech all losing Clemson carries a ton of pressure, in some sense, for the entire conference. Plus, going on the road against Auburn, though, isn’t the easiest way to make hay on a

Vegas says: Auburn -7/54.5

Saturday. Furthermore, Auburn has Camzilla, as Cam Newton has been dubbed. The Auburn quarterback may be the best running quarterback in the nation not named Denard Robinson. Against Mississippi State on the road, Newton was unstoppable running the football and DT Nick Fairley was dominant on the other side of the football. Clemson has a talented defense that’ll frustrate Newton, but not enough to turn this into a Clemson Tiger win. PREDICTION: Auburn - 27 vs. Clemson - 21

Random CFB Thoughts by John Harris

Florida RB Chris Rainey is out for this weekend’s game (and potentially longer) against Tennessee for being one of the dumbest athletes in the nation. ESPN’s number-crunching Heisman predictor has Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett number one this week glad to see the “cruncher” took into account the stellar opponents Arkansas has trashed the last two weeks...or not. Billy Liucci told us this week that Damontre Moore is one of the best young defensive players Texas A&M has seen in quite some time. I said this on this week - Auburn QB Cam Newton is no worse than the fifth best running back in the SEC. The Miami Hurricanes have plenty of talent to be a top ten team, but I don’t know if Randy Shannon is truly the guy to get it out of them - I hope I’m wrong. Even with Denard Robinson’s performance against Notre Dame, had Dayne Crist been healthy the entire game, ND would’ve won last week’s game. That being said, Robinson accounted for 94% of his team’s total yardage with 502 or 532 yards that’s not human. The ACC desperately needs Clemson to go to Auburn and at least compete and be in the game in the fourth quarter, at a minimum. Everyone wants to think that Boise State is 1-0 and the honest truth is the Broncos beat Virginia Tech twice. The tackling in week two was as bad as any week I’ve ever seen in college football, starting with Georgia and continuing all day long until the Stanford-UCLA game - horrid.

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