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Published by: Shelly Terrell on Sep 16, 2010
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Kaplan University is a different school of thought.

We expect our online conference to make a difference by providing the KU Village virtual space; a place where talented educators can learn from each other. Many of the best learning experiences occur in communities. We invite you to embrace KU Village as your learning community from September 20 - 23, 2010. Join us - Meet new friends - Experience new ideas - Be a member of the KU Village Visit www.kuvillage.org for more information and to register for only $95.

Featured Speakers
Alan Levine is Vice President for the New Media Consortium (NMC) Community and Chief Technology Officer for the NMC, an international consortium of learningfocused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies. Alan is widely recognized nationally and internationally for expertise in the application of new technologies to educational environments and was a pioneer on the web going back to 1993. Steve Wheeler is an Associate Professor in Learning Technology at the University of Plymouth. He has spent his entire career studying the uses of information and communication technologies in education, predominantly in healthcare training and teacher education. Steve's research now focuses on e-learning, distance education, learning technologies in schools, digital identity, cybercultures and creativity in learning. Dr. Steve Fadden, is Vice President for Research and Institute Operations at Landmark College, an associate's granting institution that exclusively serves students with learning disabilities and attention disorders. He earned his Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and has over 15 years of experience teaching, delivering professional development, and conducting cognitive psychology research. Shelly Sanchez Terrell has been an educator in the US and Germany since 1994. She is the VP of Educator Outreach for Parentella and The Consultants -E Social Media Consultant. She is the co-organizer and co-creator of the award winning educational projects, Edchat and the Virtual Round Table conference, connecting her to over 10,000 educators worldwide. Constance (Connie) A. Knapp is the Interim Dean and a Professor of Information Systems at Pace University’s Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. She has served as a faculty member since 1985. From 2002 until 2008, she was the co-director of the Pforzheimer Center for Faculty Development, and has served as a teaching portfolio mentor since 1998. Connie believes in innovation in education and enjoys the art of instruction. Dr. Alec Couros is a Professor of Educational Technology and Media and the Coordinator of Information and Communications Technology at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina. Alec is scholar and advocate of openness in distributed learning environments. He has given hundreds of workshops and presentations, nationally and internationally, on topics such as openness in education, social/networked learning, instructional design, digital citizenship, and critical media literacy.

Conference Highlights
Over 40 online presentations specifically for educators on a wide range of topics. The Greenhouse - an exhibit of educator-made creations using emerging technologies. The Village Square - a discussion board area to converse with conference participants and presenters. Session archives - for future reference presenter PowerPoints, papers, and recorded presentations will be available. Every KU Village attendee will have a chance to win daily prizes, plus a new iPad®.* Prizes
are reportable as compensation and may be subject to tax withholding.

Over 800 people have already registered. Don’t miss out head to www.kuvillage.org and register now!

Sponsored by Kaplan University’s Center for Teaching and Learning.

KU Village Online Conference Schedule At-a-Glance - September 20th to 23rd, 2010
Registration is now open at www.kuvillage.org
Monday / September 20 11-11:50 am ET Tuesday / September 21
KU Village Welcome with Donna Liljegren

Wednesday / September 22

Thursday / September 23

12-12:50 pm ET

Crafting Effective Feedback for First-term and Foundations Students with Fortney and Jantz Presenting the Google Tools: Google Beyond the Searching by Jessica Lofton

Featured Speaker: Say it in Featured Speaker: Linking Photos with Alan Levine Innovation with Diversity: Connections to Achieve Engagement & Excellence for All Learners with Steve Fadden Plug- in, Connect, And Communicate Using Web 2.0 and Widgets to Enhance the With Your Students with Classroom with Jessica Lofton Haen-Darden, McGovern, Quixley Accommodating the Differentiated Learning Styles of Adults with Gloria Zucker Keeping the Flame Alive: Connecting, Communicating, and Collaborating to Rekindle Relationships With Our Disciplines with Paige Erickson An Inclusive and Interdisciplinary Resource: How the KU Writing Center Connects, Communicates, and Collaborates with Students and Faculty with Martinez, Clements, and Hammond Listening to Poverty: An Approach to Creating Serious Digital Games with Reaching Students who Live in Tamara Eyster Generational Poverty with Linda Connection Through Conceptualization: Cook The Implications of Data Visualization Bell, Book, and Candle: A Literature Tools in Higher Education with Holli Vah Review of Three Educational Uses of Seliskar Twitter with Teresa Marie Kelly Using Twitter as a Social Learning Tool with Elisa Spadavecchia Experience with a Student-Written Wiki Textbook Supplement with Gehringer and Navalakha Beyond the Classroom: Tapping into Student Talents to Develop Teaching and Learning Success: A Case Study with Manning, Miller and Wyllie-Bruno A “KAUSE” for Puzzlement: Creating an Effective Online Support Group for Minority Students with Price and Taylor Have I Got A Deal For You! Selling Students on Why They Need to Take Math and How They Can Succeed with Rosenberry, Johnston Featured Speaker: Twitter and the Power of Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) with Shelly Sanchez Terrell

1-1:50 pm ET
Pre-Conference Event Teaching Extravaganza: The Creative Roles of the 21st Century Teacher

Featured Speaker: Toward Open & Connected Learning: Transforming Pedagogy through Social Networking & New Digital Affordances with Alec Couros

2-2:50 pm ET

Inviting Metamorphosis: How Can We Promote Transformative Learning? with Liz Clark Connecting Classroom to Careers: A Tapestry of Techniques with Stevenson, Bauer, and Marshall Featured Speaker: Here, There and Everywhere: Blended Education Case Studies with Connie Knapp

3-3:50 pm ET

4-4:50 pm ET

Featured Speaker: Wade Dyke, Kaplan University President

Featured Speaker: Greg Marino, President of Kaplan University Group

5-5:50 pm ET

Show and Tell: Using Jing to Facilitate Connection, Communication, and Collaboration between Instructor and Instructional Global Communications: What Does Designer with Liken and Venable Blog4 Blogging Exponentially with it Mean in Today’s Business? with Manning, Hansen, White, and Quiros Margery Mayer Teaching the 21st Century College Student with Mary Streit The Academic Success Plan: A Collaborative Approach with Gress and Weber Enhancing Instruction with Social Networking with Jessica Lofton The Role of Emotions in the Online There are no presentations at this Classroom: Communicating time. Competence, Trustworthiness, and Goodwill with Baker, Marshall, Delger Grab the Ropes! How to Engage the Adult Online Learner with McKenna and Wilson A Voice of Their Own: Revisiting Our Approach to Plagiarism with Stallard and Thompson There are no presentations at this time.

6-6:50 pm ET

7-7:50 pm ET

Applying Humor in the Online Tone and the Online Instructor: A Toolbox Classroom: Learning While Laughing for Positive Communication with Crowley, with Eskey Rubel, and Wallace Collaboration, Organization, and Facilitation: Working Together to Ensure Quality with Propp and Woods Using Flat World Communication Recognizing and Responding to the Strategies to Connect, Communicate, Challenged Student with Simon, Miller, and Collaborate with Ellsworth and and McPherson Aubuchon Featured Speaker: Harnessing the Power of Social Media: Learning in a Connected World with Steve Wheeler It’s Like Herding Cats in Here!” Transforming Age Diversity into Synergy in Multigenerational Classrooms with Graham and Robey-Graham TMI: Technology Mediated Influence: Using Synchronous and Asynchronous Web-Based Communication Tools to Extend a Teacher’s Positive Influence with Daniel Oswald

8-8:50 pm ET

Dedicated Faculty + Motivated Learner = Student Success is the Equation that Makes it all Happen! with Davis, Deseno, Harper, Kaiser, and Reinhardt Hear Ye! Here Ye!: Effectively Using Adaptive Learning Techniques in Announcements with Fordyce, Jantz, and Kelly Team Teaching in the Virtual World with Lassiter and Lockwood

9-9:50 pm ET

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