Dr. B.C.

Reflections of an Economic Strategist & China Advisor

Copyright © 2007 B.C. Sun


I was born and bred of Shanghainese and Indonesian-Singaporean parents in full-score oriental classics and dialects but otherwise within very limited means in a small Chinese village. I graduated from college in America and Europe, began my career on Wall Street, New York, and moved on to work in Asia Pacific, Beijing, London, and Logan in the next three decades. Since childhood, I have had the privilege of receiving first-class training on joyfully turning resource scarcity and crisis situations into opportunities for innovation. I owe my accomplishments to the Creator. He gave me the experience of a well-travelled executive at the world’s leading financial institutions and strategy consulting firm. I am blessed with being able to also use all my former training and capabilities in my role as an economic advisor. My expertise and passions include: (1) Global Business and Profit Optimization Strategy; (2) Chinese Immersion in Business and Education; (3) Leadership Development; (4) Character Education through Arts, Humanities & Sciences; and (5) Economic Behavior Reform Strategy. As a world citizen and “society scholar” my goal is to anticipate and respond to challenges of society. I do so by being an advocate of "Positive Psychology of Threat", an economic motivation theory I developed and tested in my international award-winning PhD dissertation on Motivation under Uncertainty and Risks. The theory applies in the transition economy, which is trading socialism for free markets, and in what I call the “new transition economy,” which is drifting in the opposite direction, from capitalism towards aversion to risk and innovation. American society has become a society in debt for a multiplicity of reasons. It is also a society that has become more diverse than any other in modern history. By viewing it as a strength and resource, individuals and organizational leaders can help cultivate diversity as a source of competitiveness. And by getting ourselves out of debt we can help the nation get out of debt. My mission is to create high-impact innovations and engage widespread support to promote economic self-reliance as the rock and diversity, the sling, in enabling individuals and groups to confidently and fully contribute at all levels of society and in all sectors of economy. In viewing uncertainty as a building block of prosperity, as had America’s founding fathers, individuals, families, and organizations can all make a difference despite, and in the face of, uncertainty, when we are reminded that we need one another to become stronger and better.

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