Whose country is this, such greenery, such abundance such bounty Whence do these flowers come from, how diligently the waters perform their duty The mountains surround, the wilderness beckons and the sunshine increases the beauty

A sage comes forth and says, Stranger this is my country which I adore and cherish This is the country which my God, my ancestors and my peers have longed to flourish But alas the worst fears of my heart have come true and I don t want my country to perish

Frowning and murmuring, distressed and bending on his stick he went Gave me a sad feeling, spoilt my excursion and an unnecessary fear he lent Madman is he, I thought, why should I spoil my holiday, which is all I meant.

But hark, what sounds do I hear, sounding of bombs, guns, bullets and explosions What people roam the streets with daggers, are these real men with no emotions A group went by claiming their rights, carrying black flags and creating a commotion.

Eye for an eye, bloodshed, revenge where are our rights they mouthed Hijack the planes, burn the buildings, kill the detractors was what everybody touted Weapons we have, not to worry, we will snatch the governance they shouted.

A loud explosion sounded along the end of the street, and the color of it became red A suicide squad has struck someone shouted, run for your lives for more we dread People ran frantically, men with uniform shouted and everybody was looking for their dead

I looked along with horror; a mound of bodies lay with their limbs seared Something familiar I saw, a stick on the street and someone with a bent back smeared Lay there the sage I had encountered, taking his last breath he appeared.

Thus he spoke his dying words, Where is the peace, the brotherhood and the sunshine From where came these separatists, and the militants, these people are not mine The clouds of fear have shrouded my country and long gone is the much adored sunshine. And long gone is the much adored sunshine - ------------------------------Gurpreet Singh Rana.

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