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The Greatness Guide

The Greatness Guide

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Published by Bharathi Raja

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Published by: Bharathi Raja on Sep 17, 2010
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The Greatness Guide A Motivational, Inspirational Book Review The Greatness Guide By Robin Sharma Reviewed by Catherine Pulsifer

I've read hundreds of motivational books over the years, and "The Greatness Guide" is one of the better books. It is an easy read with short chapters that are directly to the point. Robin Sharma is able to write in a manner that seems as if he is sitting talking with you. He shares stories that make his points easy to understand. The book demonstrates real life examples that we can all identify with at one time or another. To me, the book is like having your own personal coach discussing areas of personal and professional development. His strategies are not complicated, and anyone can apply them to assist them to reach success in both their personal and professional lives. As I was reading the book, I encountered my own challenge; one that discouraged me. After reading a few more chapters, I was motivated to look at the challenge I was facing as an opportunity. This is a book that will not sit on my bookshelf. It is one that I will certainly reread. The book is written in such a manner that you can read a chapter at a time, or, you can read the chapter that interests you the most when you want. To quote from the book, "one idea discovered in one book can change the way you see the world." I would highly recommend, "The Greatness Guide". This book contains not just one idea but hundreds of ideas that can change the way you see your world! Motivational quotes from the book, The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma: "Being great at what you do isn't just something you do for the organization you work for-it's a gift you give yourself." Robin Sharma "As you live your hours, so you create your years. As you live your days, so you craft your life." Robin Sharma "The most successful people on the planet have failed more than ordinary ones." Robin Sharma "Yes, reach for the mountaintop. But enjoy the climb as well." Robin Sharma "Great achievement often happens when our backs are up against the wall." Robin Sharma

What you concentrate on is what you see more of in your life. do better." Robin Sharma "Blaming others is excusing yourself." Robin Sharma "Keep challenging yourself to think better." Robin Sharma "Aging only happens to people who lose their lust for getting better and disconnect from their natural base of curiosity. I encourage you to look for what's best within them.the genuine leaders ." Robin Sharma "The wisest among us ." Robin Sharma .smile in the face of adversity." Robin Sharma "Today." Robin Sharma "Every challenge is nothing more than a chance to make things better. and be better. rather than looking for the worst in people." Robin Sharma "What you focus on grows."Do a little each day to get you to your goals and over time you'll get there." Robin Sharma "The best organizations I've worked with sweat the small stuff." Robin Sharma "Greatness comes by beginning something that doesn't end with you.

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