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A Professor and Blasphemy

A Professor and Blasphemy

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Published by GeeJay
A religious group punishes a professor for blasphemy, in Moses-law style. Please read the document for the TRUE and COMPLETE HORRIFYING STORY.
A religious group punishes a professor for blasphemy, in Moses-law style. Please read the document for the TRUE and COMPLETE HORRIFYING STORY.

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Published by: GeeJay on Sep 17, 2010
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A Professor and Blasphemy

a TSDT Publication

By The Author of The Simple Divine Truth Books
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Published in September 16, 2010
Revised on February 21, 2013
October 25, 2015

A Professor and Blasphemy

A ‘Malayalam’ language Professor of Newman ollege, ‘!"odu#u$"a’ %du&&i, 'is(ri)(,
*erala+,(a(e, %N'%A, )om#osed a -ues(ion #a#er in ‘Malayalam’ language. !"e
)on(roversial #ar( of i( is e/#lained below.

Malayalam 0anguage 1/amina(ion for 2om se)ond semes(er Par( 2,

3ues(ion 11. For following #rose add sui(able signs and wri(e.

Mo"ammad )alled4 rea(or
5od answers4 6"a( is i( son of a bi()" 7'og8
Mo"ammad as&ed (o 5od4 %f one fis" is )u( "ow many #ie)es will i( be
7,mall fis" abou( ("e si$e of a sardine8
5od answered4 9ow many (imes % "ave (o (ell you ("ree #ie)es bi()" 7'og8
Anyone w"o read ("is -ues(ion will be as(ounded and s(unned. Full )o#y of ("e
-ues(ion #a#er )an be found in ("e following websi(e.


!"is #age was la(er wi("drawn.


on(roversial -ues(ion #a#er of Malayalam language given below


Professor !. >. >ose#" "as (wo more years for re(iremen(. Af(er )on(inuing more ("an
a de)ade as a le)(urer be)omes a #rofessor. 9ow )ould you e/#e)( su)" a -ues(ion
#a#er from "im?

0anguage (ea)"ers are (o (ea)" good and beau(iful language, w"i)" is generally
&nown as )lassi) language. %n general mos( of ("em be"ave li&e )lever guys
des)ribing every("ing in fil("y s(yle and also #re(end (o be e/#er(s in using
,P@@N1R%,M 7!rans#osi(ion of ini(ial )onsonan(s in a #air of words8
!. >. >ose#" "as used a vulgar language

,in)e su)" )onversa(ion is based be(ween Mo"ammad and Alla"A i( is )onsidered as
blas#"emy. No one would (olera(e i(, so as Muslim )ommuni(y.

I found it interesting to learn T. J. Joseph’s theory of creating the question paper.
‘RA,A*’ is well &nown #erson. No ma((er "ow loving "e is and "ow mu)" we love
"im B w"en our so)ie(y )onsis(ing our family does no( wan( "im B "e will be
dismayed. From ("is s#o( or #oin( % )rea(e a #lay s)ri#(. Pro)esses of saying li&e ("is
be)omes )onvin)ing myself. From ("is men(al #ro)ess w"en a )onvi)(ion is
es(ablis"ed, i( "as )rea(ed a #la(form. !"ese #la(forms are found in our everyday

%n a 1<<< year Malayalam movie was made
namely ‘5AR,9@M1’. May be meaning ‘Pravasi’,
,(ranger, Paradesi? 9ebrew origin word.

'ire)(ed by ‘*unCu Mu"ammed’

Produ)(ion >aya#ala Menon

,(ory P. !. *unCu Mu"ammed

,)reen#lay *unCu Mu"ammed

'ialogue *unCu Mu"ammed

0yri)s Rafee& A"amed

!"ere is a s)ene in ("is movieA ("e "ero in ("is movie is (al&ing (o 5od. >ose#" go(
("is #la(form from ("e following. %n "is #la)e ("ere is an insane man. !"is man all
alone )alls u#on 5od, ("is is one man dialogue, "e as&s -ues(ions and "e "imself
answers as Alla".

‘Alla"’ B ("en Alla" answers D6"a( is i(, son of a bi()"E
%f % )u( small fis" li&e sardine, "ow many #ie)es will i( be?
% "ave (old you, ("ree #ie)es, you bi()".

>ose#" says ("is is ("e dialogue "e "as used. D6e ge( su)" #la(forms in our life.
Movies are born from our life. !"is is my a##roa)" (o my lifeE >ose#" )ombined
5AR,9@M1 #i)(ure and added an insane man’s dialogue. 9e named ("a( nu(
‘Mo"ammed’ w"o is (al&ing (o Alla".

!"e s)"ool managemen( )ould no( a))e#( ("is e/#lana(ion. ,o ("ey dismissed "im

2eing a "ris(ian w"y >ose#" "as (o mo)& a( Mo"ammed and Alla". 9e &nows very
well, unli&e anyone else, Muslim )ommuni(y is very mu)" sensi(ive abou( ("eir
religion. Rivalry be(ween "ris(ians s(ar(ed from 11(" )en(uryA from ("e (ime
1uro#eans s(ar(ed rusades and )on(inued i( for (wo )en(uries. Muslim world is very
mu)" irri(a(ed and u#se( by "ris(ian )oun(ries’ a((i(ude (owards ("em, ,in)e af(er
F, invasion of %ra- and Afg"anis(an and wi(" ("e on going fri)(ion be(ween F, and
%ran. Few days ba)& a F, #as(or de)lared ("e burning of a 3ur’an on <:11. !"oug" i(
did no( (a&e #la)e B assuming i( (oo& #la)e few "ris(ians go( &illed as revenge.

!. >. >ose#" "as enoug" worldly and general &nowledge of "a##enings around ("e
globe. A#ar( from ("a(, ("e 2ible ins(ru)(s good be"avior and )onversa(ion for
everyone. 2eing a language (ea)"er "e "as (o read a lo(. 9e )ould read "is 2ible and
follow ("e ins(ru)(ions, w"ereby "e )ould even ge( a na(ional award for an
ou(s(anding (ea)"er. Now "e "as be)ome world famous wi(" a bad re#u(a(ion. 2eing
a "ris(ian, w"y !. >. >ose#" did no( use any of ("e 2ibli)al )"ara)(ers and >esus
ins(ead of Alla" and Mo"ammad?

From ("e 2ible

Mathew 15: 21-28 Behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and
cried to Jesus, saying, Hae mercy on me, ! "ord, #on of $aid% my daughter is
grieously e&ed with a deil' But Jesus answered her not a word' His disci(les came
and )esought him, saying% #end her away% for she cries after us' But Jesus
answered and said, *+ am not sent )ut to the lost shee( of the house of +srael, -hen
came she and worshi((ed him, saying, "ord, hel( me' But Jesus answered and said,
+t is not me to ta.e the children/s )read, and to cast it to dogs' #he said, -ruth,
"ord: yet the dogs eat of the crum)s, which fall from their masters/ ta)le' -hen Jesus
answered to her, ! woman, great is your faith: )e it to you een as you will' 0nd her
daughter was made whole from that ery hour'

!"e usage of dog is very )learly s(a(ed in ("e 2ible, no ma((er in w"a( sense >esus
s#o&e (o ("e anaan+6oman. %f !. >. >ose#" ever -uo(ed ("is #ar( from ("e 2ible B
even Po#e )ould no( "arm "im. Gou really "ave (o feel sorry for !. >. >ose#"’s
ignoran)e of ("e 2ible and "is misuse of Mo"ammad and rea(or 7Alla"8 in "is
-ues(ion #a#er. A Muslim religious grou# go( furious abou( !. >. >ose#"’s -ues(ion
#a#er and de)ided (o elimina(e >ose#". !"ey "ave )u( "im wi(" swords several (imes
and )"o##ed off "is rig"( #alm, bu( in ("e s)uffle ("ey )ould no( &ill "im. !"ey are
no( 13(" )en(ury &nig"(s (o #lay wi(" swords, Cus( ordinary #eo#le wi(" )rude
swords. !"e )u( off #alm go( mended in a s#e)ial(y "os#i(al. %( may (a&e a long (ime
(o be)ome normal w"i)" i(self is no( )er(ain. Nobody )an admi(, w"a( ("e radi)als did
was rig"( bu( e/(remely )ruel. !"e )riminal )ase is on agains( ("e #er#e(ra(ors. !. >.
>ose#"’s ollege is under a("oli) Managemen(. !"e managemen( "as (a&en a
dis)i#linary a)(ion agains( >ose#" so ("ey sus#ended "im for an in-uiry and fur("er
a)(ion. !"e edu)a(ion Minis(er of ("e s(a(e said !. >. >ose#" was foolis" (o ma&e su)"
a -ues(ion #a#er, besides !. >. >ose#"A ("ere are some o("er foolis" (ea)"ers also
li&e "im. !"e New Man ollege au("ori(ies saidA !. >. >ose#" did no( ma&e a #ro#er
a#ology (o ("e managemen(. !. >. >ose#" e/#lained ("e )ir)ums(an)es of ma&ing ("e
-ues(ion #a#er and also said "ow "e derived a( i(, and "e is inno)en(, so "is )ase
needs (o be re)onsidered. Managemen( )ould no( a))e#( ("is e/#lana(ion as an
a#ology. 9e s"ould admi(, "e was wrong and mus( also say "e a#ologi$e for i(. !"is
did no( "a##en. !. >. >ose#" said, "e was no( #re#ared (o a#ologi$e for ("e mis(a&e,
("e Managemen( is a))using on "imA w"i)" "e "as no( done and "e does no( wan(
any favors from ("e managemen( on ("a( basis. !. >. >ose#" go( (oug" wi(" ("e
managemen( so as ("e managemen( (o "im. Af(er )om#le(ing ("e en-uiry and
re)eiving !. >. >ose#"’s unsa(isfa)(ory e/#lana(ion, ("e managemen( dismissed "im. %
was never been an em#loyer, bu( an em#loyee. Far as % am )on)erned, % believe,
#roviding a Cob is a favor from ("e em#loyer and no( my rig"( (o ge( an em#loymen(
even if % am -ualified. % will no( s(i)& wi(" a Cob, w"ere % )anno( ge( along wi(" ("e
em#loyerA % would ra("er loo& for ano("er Cob.

%n general %ndians are no( li&e ("a(, ("ey will s(i)& (o ("a( Cob and &ee# fig"(ing un(il
every("ing be)omes worse. 6or&ing for someone is no( favor bu( a )ommi(men( for
("e salary % ge(. Modern em#loyees )laim labor is ("eir favor (o ("e em#loyer ("a( is
w"y ("e em#loyer ge(s ri)". 6i("ou( an em#loyer no laborer )an be engaged and
wi("ou( a laborer, em#loyer )anno( ge( any("ing doneA bo(" are inse#arable and
unavoidable and none is grea(er ("an ("e o("er.

,oon af(er !. >. >ose#"’s dismissal, )ri(i)ism began (o #our in from all -uar(ers. As a
resul(, managemen( was ge((ing suffo)a(ed. !o Cus(ify and (o su##or( ("e
managemen(, a("oli) "ur)" )re#( in and said, D6"a( ("e managemen( done was
rig"( and ("e "ur)" su##or(s i(E. ,ooner ("e a("oli) "ur)" go( involved, ("e
#oli(i)al #ar(ies o##osing ("e "ur)" also (urned agains( + ("e managemen( and
a("oli) "ur)" agains( !. >. >ose#"’s dismissal.

%n ("is modern so)ie(y, #ries(s "ave be)ome w"i(e+)ollar (roublema&ers and ("is
in)iden(, is an e/)ellen( #roof of i(. %f ("ey never go( in be(ween !. >. >ose#" and
managemen(, i( would no( "ave gone ("is far. Now every("ing is a messHHHHH %( was
(o(ally unwarran(ed for ("e "ur)" (o ge( involvedA i( was none of ("eir business (o
say any remar&s, even if ("e )ollege was belonging (o a("oli)s. "ur)" always
be"aves li&e an 1m#ire and ("e "ig" #ries( as an 1m#eror. Nearer (o "ur)" is far
away from 5od B Pries(s are ("e )loses( #eo#le (o ("e )"ur)" and far("es( from
5odHHHHHH !"e "ur)" is no( an ins(i(u(ion (o #unis" someone for w"a( "e "as done.
!"e "ur)" is based on >esus (ea)"ing and ("ey s"ould go by w"a( ("e 2ible says.

6"a( did >esus ,ay?

Mathew 18:21-22 -hen came 1eter to Jesus, and said, "ord, how often shall my
)rother sin against me, and + forgie him2 -ill seen times2 Jesus said to 1eter, *+
say not to you, until seen times: )ut until seenty times seen,

A))ording (o >esus ("ere is no limi( for forgiveness, ("en "ow ("e a("oli) "ur)" )an
s#ea& abou( #unis"men(s.

!"e "ur)" "as ("e s#iri(ual and moral res#onsibili(y (o forgive !. >. >ose#" seven(y
(imes seven, if !. >. >ose#" ever a##roa)"es ("e "ur)". !. >. >ose#" never
a##roa)"ed ("e "ur)", in w"i)" )ase ("e "ur)" s"ould "ave &e#( ("eir mou(" s"u(.
%f "e ever did a##roa)" ("e )"ur)", ("e "ur)" will "ave (o forgive "im a))ording (o
("e 2ible. "ur)" and Managemen( are (wo differen( ("ings. !o (a&e dis)i#linary
a)(ion is for ("e wor&ing managemen( and no( for ("e 5od+fa("er "ur)". !"e
"ur)" wen( )om#le(ely ou( of ("eir way, w"en ("e "ur)" de)lared, managemen(
was rig"(. 2e)ause >ose#" was bru(ally assaul(ed by a religious fa)(ion, i( does
mean, ("e managemen( )an (a&e no dis)i#linary a)(ion. %f managemen( does no(
(a&e any a)(ion, i( s"ows ("e relu)(an)e of managemen( no( (o (a&e any a)(ion
agains( !. >. >ose#" w"en ‘bemo)&ed’ ano("er religion. 6"y !. >. >ose#" s"ould be
dismissed af(er a sus#ension?

,us#ension is no( a #unis"men( bu( se#ara(ion from du(y un(il ("e en-uiry is finis"ed
for a final a)(ion. %n su)" )ase, de#ending on ("e seriousness of ("e offense
)ommi((ed, one )ould be #ardoned and reins(a(ed or "e )ould be relieved
#ermanen(ly. %f ("e offender feels, "e did no( ge( Cus(i)eA "e s"ould a##roa)" ("e
ne/( "ig"er au("ori(y or even Cudi)iary. Gou )an ignore w"a( ("e )"ur)" said be)ause
("ey "ave no legi(ima(e au("ori(y over ("e managemen(. !"ere is no #oin( in
deba(ing on ("is subCe)( and (arnis"ing ea)" o("er.

Peo#le are ma&ing ("e w"ole ("eme, as a religious and #oli(i)al issue, for fur("er
"a(red, )ommunalism and se#ara(ism. %f anyone says dismissal is worse ("an
)"o##ing #alm, i( )an only buy sym#a("y and i( does no( solve any("ing. 2ear in
mind, every("ing you ("in&, s#ea& and wri(e or you doA %f no(, i( )an only bring even
une/#e)(ed disas(er.

%f you wis" (o deba(e on i(, you are free (o do so bu( % am no( in(eres(ed. % "ave no
raeson (o su##or(,
18 !. >. >ose#"
28 28 !"e ollege Managemen( or
38 38 !"e "ur)".

0e( ("em sor( i( ou( and % will only wai( (o see ("e ou()ome for ("e )uriosi(y
sa&e. No ma((er w"o wins a( las(, is no( my bo("era(ionHHH % Cus( e/#lained ("e
w"ole s(ory for you readers’ sa&e (o "ave ("e full #i)(ure of i(, wi("ou( any
#ar(iali(y (o anyone. 0e( !. >. >ose#" "ave a s#eedy re)overy from all "is #"ysi)al
and men(al wounds, un(il ("en "ave a word of #rayer for "im.

@ne ("ing is for sure, w"o ever a((a)&ed >ose#" and "is family and w"a( ("ey
"ave done is ("e mos( in"uman, some("ing done by ou(laws. !"ere are many
ways of se((ling issues, w"i)" were no( soug"(.

6"a(ever "a##ened (o >ose#" is very unfor(una(e

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