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Soft Skills

Soft Skills

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Soft skills
Soft skills

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Published by: valladolid43 on Sep 17, 2010
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Soft skills

Does your success depend on strong "hard skills" or "soft skills"? You might be surprised at the answer. Hard skills - tangible, measurable, analytical, often with clear right or wrong answers are what many people think of as the backbone of success. These include math and science proficiency, such as in engineering and scientific work, accounting, programming, and various technical and administrative skills. Excel in these areas and your success is guaranteed, right? Not so fast. People whose hard skills are strong often don't fully value the softer side of success. They may view such soft skills as being easy to get, something they could pick up IF they wanted such abilities. They may see soft skills as resulting from what they perceive as a lack of toughness, ambition, strength or competitiveness, at least as they see success. I looked through a LinkedIn forum recently where the question, "Which skills are more important, hard or soft?" The tone of many forum replies quickly proved my point. However, one person summarized the debate pretty well in this way, "Hard skills get you the job and soft skills allow you to keep it." Soft skills are far less measurable in practice. And in that way, they're hard to teach, reinforce and master. These include such things as effectiveness in leading and working with others, an essential factor for success in any group of people who are trying to achieve success together. More specifically, such skills include leadership, effective communication, being able to motivate others in all types of circumstances, working well as part of a team, and providing effective and timely feedback, among other things. While less measurable in practice, the positive impact of soft skills is very apparent. The positive results show up in some of the following ways: - High employee and workplace morale - High and growing productivity - High and increasing sales - Low or declining errors and rework

- High and growing profitability - Team cohesiveness and effectiveness in the face of challenging circumstances The net effect of strong soft skills is to create a workplace where customers and employees want to be, and want to do business with. Ultimately, the best work environment of all is one in which individual and team effectiveness is high, as is customer satisfaction with your work. In this great work environment profitability, is high and team morale is, too. In such a workplace, hard skills AND soft skills are strong. Furthermore, there's great respect within the team or organization for the many talents of team members, and their ability and willingness to use such skills to help create the group's success.

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