HR policies

The human resource department in an organization is a link between job seekers or employees and the management. The role of a human resource (HR) department varies from interviewing potential candidates, to providing the best possible atmosphere for task efficiency at a minimal cost to the company. Human resource management policies are essential for businesses that are serious about resolving personnel problems and finding HR solutions. From time to time, these policies are modified to keep pace with generally accepted business practices and to conform to changes in state or federal law. The HR policies in many organizations relate to corporate nationality, fair employment, family oriented personnel, health care, and place of work or domestic violence policies. HR policies differ from organization to organization. Effective HR policies and practices not only draw boundaries for employees but also recognize and address their needs. Fair employment policies normally cover sexual harassment, equal employment, compensation, and career planning. Family oriented personnel policies lessen stress and permit workers to do their best. These include policies for flexible job schedules and dependent care benefits. There are several different types of employees in an organization, they respond differently to the need for policies and practices. For instance, some people favor that there be printed policies, while others prefer having no policies at all and leave everything open to understanding as circumstances arise. Neither of these extreme contributes to a work atmosphere that is conducive to high productivity levels. The solution is to frame the right number and types of HR policies that are focused on a main goal, which is to develop individual performance in the workplace. Regardless of the organization's approach towards framing HR policies, the key to success is to dedicate the time and resources it takes to build up policies before the need arises. There is a tendency amongst employees to test limits and act creatively in workplace situations, so business houses also need a strategy for developing, communicating and implementing HR policies that reflect their standards of acceptable behavior.

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