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HRM Notes

HRM Notes


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Published by: welcome2jungle on Sep 17, 2010
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Change creates opportunities, but only for those who recognize and seize it. "Seeing is the
first step, seizing the second, and continuously innovating is the third."5

redefines growth opportunities. As current products are becoming obsolete faster than ever,
in order to survive and prosper, organizations continually need to improve, innovate and
modify their products and services. The Silicon Valley slogan "Eat lunch and you are lunch"
is more than a reflection of increasingly intense work ethic. Riding the wave of change is
becoming the most important part of the business. While the economy is shifting and
innovation is rampant, "doing it the same way" is a recipe for corporate extinction.1
Successful change efforts are those where the choices both are internally consistent and fit
key external and situational variables. "You have to find subtle ways to introduce change,
new concepts, and give feedback to people so that they can accept and grow with it."4

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