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Introduction 4

Using this Book. 4-

TIle Dracocentric Campaign' 'j'

The ~age of Dragons 'j'

The Dracorage Campaign 5'

Turning or the Great Cycle 6 .

What You Need to Play 6

1: True Dragons of the World 7

History of Dragonkind 7

Time of Dragons 7

Under the King-Killer Star B

Dragonfall War.. . . .. . 8

Followers of the Scaly Way 9

Return of the Dragon Qg_een 9

Time of Troubles 9

Rise of the Dragon King ", 9

Year of Rogue Dragons 9

Turniag of me Great 'Cycle ....•... 10

Dragon Roles .....................•. 10

True Dragons ' , .12

Aerosclnghpalar, "Gildeufire" 17.

Antasillix, "Defeilder of the Pit" 14


nG~ardian of the Well" 15'

Arveiaturace, "The White Worm" .• 17 Buchembrallor,

"The Terror of Velen" •....... - •. 18 Claugiyliarnatar, "Old Gnawbone" .. 18

Iryklarhagra, "Sharpfangs" '20 .


"The Wynn of Many Spells" ... ,'24-

~artheling, .

"Master of the Mountain" .... 27 Olothontor,

"Tbe Minstrel 'Wynn", . , , . , .. , ,29

Protanther, "King of the Ice" 30


"Lady Gemdoak;' ... '.' . : .... , ... 31 Tara unramor lam ur I a,

"Serenescales" ...............•.. 34

Tchazzar, Chosen of Tiarnat 31

Tostyn Alaerthmaugh,

"the Silver Flame": 40

Wrrms of the North -+'2

Undead True Dragons 44

Alasklerbanbastos, .

the Grear Bone W}'fm 44-


"The Monarch Reborn" 48

Ghaniantatra .. "Old M~thc'r W)'rm" 48

Ilrharagh, "Goldeu_}"'right" 49

2: Cult of'the Dragon , 12

History of the Cult 5'1

Organization 5'4-

Dragon Cult Cells. . . . . . . . . . . •. . . . .. j"j'

~gonweJl Cel! : H

MoLU:ktru: Cell . ~ ,_ : ••..... S5'

Sembian om 0 .•••• rG

Wrrmsmoke Cell. .. " 5'6

Followers of the Scaly Wa.r ' , , f7

~lIgic 6f the Cult. r 8

The Cliffs of Karthant " 18


Encounter Areas. ' 60

Karthaut Lighthouse' 61

The Underground Complex 61 .

Concluding the Adventure 68

3: Tyranny of the Dragon <l!:!,een 69

Ilnther: Realm of the Dragon Qg_ecn .. 69

Threskel: Land of the "Bone' Wyrm 70

Life and Society 71

Major Geographical Features , ,71

Important Sires , , 71

Regional History n

Plots and Rumors ,.7'2

The' Church of Tiamat , , .73

Servitors of [he Five-Headed Qg_eeu 74

The Altar of Scales : ..•.... 7t

Encounters : '.' '; 76

Concluding the Adventure , .87

+. Orden of Dragcakiad . 88

Blood of Morueme ' 88

Church of Tchazzar n

The Confluence .. , '" 93

HoU5t' Orogoth ~ 94

Sisterhood of Essernbra , , , 97

Talons of Justice,., , , , .99

f: Dqtg911 Lain : lO~

Lair Traps... . 101

CR 6 Traps , , , . ,.101

CR 7 Traps 10'2

CR 8 Traps 10'2

CR 9 Traps 10'2

CR 10 Trapb .. ~ , , 103

Lair Hazards: : 103

Chlorine Haze (CR 8) .. _ 103

Dracolich Slough (CR 6) 103

Dragon Mold eCR 5'} ' 103

Fear Moths (C1t +) 104

Gem Dragon Dust eCR Varies) i04

Magic Shrieker Moss (CR 3) ,104-

Shadow Slime (CR 7) .- 105'

Dragon-Relat d Creatures 10r

Dragoublood Subtype lOY

Bluespawn Stoneglidcr : lOr

Krathbairn , 106.

Redspawn Bircher 108

Spectral Creature (Template) 109

6: Dragon-Related Spells .. , 111

Qgick R 'ference 1ll

New Assassin SpelJ 111

New Bard Spells 111

New Blackguard Spdls 111

New-Cleric Spells 111

New Druid Spells ,-. , 111

New Paladin Spell 11'2

New SorcererfW'tzard Spells 111

Epic Spells by Spellcraft DC 112

New Spells 112

Abate Dracorage., ..........• ' 11'2

Aggravate Dracorage -, .113

Anridragon Anra, Greater : 113

Bl~ut Natural Weapons, 113

Chromatic Ray 113

Compel Breath 114

Cone of Euphoria l:f. 4-

Diminish Breath Weapon .. : 114

Dragon Blight 114

Dragonblood Affinity 1H

Dragonblood Spell-Pact 11S

Dragoncall, . , . , .. . .. 1U

Gaze Screen' 1lY

Gem Tracer •.................... 116 Icy C!:,w ... ~ ..............•... ,.116

Light of Xymor 116

Pacification ~r

Platinum Ray .......•..•........ 117

Pebble Wind 117

Revelation ~ 117

Scattergloom 11S

Shadow of the Dark- Qg_e.en '." .118

S]lectra! Dragon 118

Steelsting ...........• ' , .. 119

Threesteel ~ , .119

Epic Spells .. , , , , , .. ,' .. 119

Rules fer Epic Spells 119

New Epic Spells, , ,121

7: Magic Items 123

Magic Weapons , .113

Dragonrooth of Lu-eth 123

. Silver Sickles of Soranth ~13

Sword of Dragonblood 124-

Other Magic Irems, , 12Y

Amber Acorns of the

'Moonwood Circle ......•...... 12/

Crown of the Death Dragon, : 12Y

Crown of the North Wind 126

Crownring of Tchazzar .. : 126

Dr~goll Blight Bomb 1'26

Dragon Dowsing R.od .....•...... 117 Dragon's Draught •.............. 1.27

Dragonskull Talisman 117

Dragonspeetre Flute l27

Idol of Apostasy 128

Ring of Draconic Deception 128

Ring-of Dragons 119

Rods of, the Dark Lady 119

Scalebane Bottle 129

Scepter of Cimbar .............•• 129

Stone of Aerial Ala.rm , .. ~ 130

Minor Artifacts 130

Chassabra's Pendant 130

Diamond Scepter of Chomylla In

Helm of Supreme Wizardry 131

Major Artifacts 131

Fanged Shield of Shyk Kororr 132

,Ghazir the Desert's Edge rB

"'Kavas the Krakenscourge IH

KU~llltaar the Demonshield 13r

Mouocle of Bagthalos .. ~. . . .. . 137

Stafr of Shoon . , 137

Chapter 8: New Dragons 1!8

Mercury Dragon. ~ .. ::. , 13~

Steel Dragon 140

Mist Dragon , . , 141

Appendix.: Roll Gall of Dragon; 141'


be g;r/!alffsj rcboia)' if draconic mysteries on the 'Swol"d Coast 1000ked out oVer the 1valls of Btlldltl"s Gate tmllard the.Sea of words tmd fbe settillg SIIIl. He thought to himself, ~r last, a moment', pet/Jic from. the

incessant voice that keeps )'all1meril1g at the back if my skl~il." ,

''Master Velsaert, if I 7,!a)~ I hnve another question tlbout the 'Dracoroge," spoke a high-pitched 7vh.ine if a voice.

"Blast! Tbere it is again,>' be sigbed.

With a barely controlled marl, plastered ouer 7uith a smile, the great sage tu~ned around to greet bis latest apprentice, Baltron . iJ..yil!ftatber, late of TlVilight Hall.

'!Ah yes, lv/arter Bn/troll, 111ha1 a surprise. TOII"VI! bee» bere, 7u/;at, nearly a ride 110711.1 Alld yet 711e still haven't begMI to er.-haust lOllr store if questions, ap-poreTilly. I do belil!'1Je Pve come to lInderstand 7uhy the tuire ieaders of Tbos« JlTho Harp tbought to send. )'UII here to furtber )'Ollr studies. Please proceed."

AlmoSf'1Dithout tht?lking, tbe Balduran Ioremaster immediately tuned (FUt the intricate and thorOllgblJ' irreleeant question that folknue«, perceiving little more .thltll a rnpid fire burst 0/ higb pitched sqlJeaJing: Hots mn~/)' ap-p"en~ice~ had b.e had o'lIe)' t/;~ )'ea.rr? Wht1f7I1.t1S.it auo/a tbis 011(f that irritated him so? Baltrou's mission war a 110ble oue, to reuiet« and IZllalyze'all available Ion: regarding the 'lJraCfJ"nge so tbat the Harpers migbf k.1I0711 b07U to prlJt:i:ed in the face of reports of spreadillg mad1l~>S a71~0I~g the continent's great dragons. At/d )'C"t, tbere war romet};111g so 11lStstellt, so d&lltl11ding about B~lh'07l'S questions thai Velraert could bfl1'lJ/y 1;011ta;11 his frustrasion. Cr11l1d11't tbe bookirb young human accept Ibnt Faer-lin's great 7(I)'rJl7-! simply tuccambed to 1nadtlcss,/t'om time to rime, no matter hrnv noble they might otherwise be?

'!Arrgb/" Velsaert screamed in frustratioll, rending tb~ !Wi meat benoeen bi!; cla1Vs. into {/ blood)' pulp. "Get alit if my

bead!" .

This book gives- you everything you Deed ,to make dragons a focal point of your. FORGOTTEN REII'LMS<1> campaign. Dragons arc the embodiment of all that is the DUNGEONS & DIlAGONS game, and an epic confrontation with a powerful dragon is the highpoint of many campaigns. Dragons are an integral part of life in Faenln, and their depredations and intl'i~ues playa great role in shaping its history.

usin~ this Book .

This book is of benefit to players andDMs who wish to play a dracocentric campaign or even just a dracocentric character in Faenin,

Chapter' 1: True Dragons of the World. This ,hapte:· details the history of dragonkipd and integrates the Dragonfall W~r (inrroduced in Races of the 'Dragon) into Faenin. It then details a sampling 'of powerful wyrm5 and their younger kill,. fOCll£~g on their intrigues and entanglements in recent y=s (including the Year of Rogue Dragons). DMs can drawgeneral inspiration 01' specific foes from this chapter, while playerscan find draconic parrons and Jearn what their knowledge of draconic lore has

taught them. .' .

Chapter 2: The Cult of the Dragon. This chapter details the Followers of the Scaly Way, legendary creators of Faenin's powerful dracoliches, who instigated the Rage of Dragons that beset Faenm in the Year of Rogue Dragons Cl~73 DRJ-Flayers of power-hungry evil characters can tie their. h~ory to the Dragon Cult, .while DMs can use the group as Sll1l5t~ opponents of a good-aligned gl'oup. This chapter also includes an adventure for mid-level PCs,

Chapter ~: Tyranny of the Dragon Qp_een. This chapter details the Church of Tiamat, followers of the ascendant Dragon Qg_eell, who overthrew the last- god-king of Unther and now seeks to rule the South in his stead. This Chapter also updates the-state of affairs in Threskel and Uuther, Players of dragon-loving evil characters can tie their .history to the Dragon O!!_een'sJaith, while DMs can-use the'group as powerful opponents of a. good·aligned, group. This chapter also includes a high-level adventure.

Chapter +: Orders of Dragonkind. This chapter details six dragon-focused organizations of varying alignments. Players pan associate their character ~jth grotlpS such as the Blood of Morueme, the Church of Tchazzar, the Confluence, House elrogorh, the Sisters of Essernbra, 'Or the Talons of JU5tjce, while DMs can use diametrically opposed.groups ~s draconie-themed foes. This chapter also summarizes rules [or playing some more unorthodox player character races of the- half-dragon variety and gives details for those seeking to worship draconic deities.

Chapte:r f: Dragon Lairs. This chapter details a variety of dragon-related challenges, including new dragen-relared monsters and traps and hazards commonty encountered in dragon lairs.

Chapter 6: Dragoa-Related Spells. This chapter details a variety of new spells. Some are useful to PCs battling dragons, while others arc useful to DMs pitting dragons against their plaY" frs' characters. This chapter includes several epic spells. as well, including the 'epic spell responsible. for the Rage of Dragons.

Chapte.r 1: Magic Items. This chapter detaili,new magic to help characters battle dragons as well as fining rewards for dragon slayers who manage to plunder a dragon's hoard. This chapter.also includes a dlscussion on the- consequences of releasing historical artifacts into the modern age.

Chapter 8; New Dragons. Here you'll find descriptions of three new dragon varieties-mercury, steel, and mist-=presenred ill the classic Mormer N/"rfllfl./ format, with statistics and rules text updated t9 reflect the vJ5 version of the D&D game.

The nfncocent.cic

. .


Dragons can play it central role in a FORG01TE.."< REALMS campajgn in a variety of fashions. If SOLUeOI all of the players-are descended from dragons (such as draconic creatures, half-dragons, or ·creamres with. certl.in sorcerous .bloodlines) or aspire to become part dragon (by taking the dragon disciple prestige class) or serve one or more dragons (by taking 'One of the various prestige classes found in'IJrflcol1(Jmicrm, by joining a dragon-ruled organization, or by simply pledging themselves to serve a particular dragon), then the campaign can revolve around their tits todragonkind. and the conflicts and intrigues thus entailed.

A1temative.1}~ dragons are well suited to play tlre role of prominent opponentsin a Realms-based campaign. Such. ta:npaigru; might focus on a specific, powerful wynn such as Iryklathagra, DragonQ,ysata of :Shoon, and the countless historical threads the tie into her plots and schemes. Such campaigns might also' focus on a group of drago n-ori ell ted villains such as the Church of Tiamat' or the Cu It of the Dragon or a dragon dan, such as the Blood of Morueme or House Orogotb.

.The RQ.~e of DfQ<S0nS

The rem:. rif tbe Rog,lle 'J)rflgom trilogy (The Rage,. The Rife, and TIle iUl.iJl) by Richard Le.e Byers, as wellas Byers's ffJ..#crfll rif the '])ffptbs, his short story "Traicors": in Realms of tbe E{-vcs,. mid-the' anthologies Refilms if "JII 'lJl'dgoilS and Rcalmroj! the JJnzgo/{s II, collectively tell a tale of the greatest peril to all

living creaturt:s of Faerun, a tale rooted deep in the arcane mysteries of the past

. Thousands of years ago, before the Reign of Giants and

. ElveriCrown Wars, Faeriln lived io the Time of the Dragons, an age when dragons ruled wirh impunityover all the lesser racSi~~"meat"). The elves in particular chafed under rhe yoke of the' dragons and sought a way to free themselves from their oppression. After years of secret research ill the frozen north of Faerun and extensive debate about the costs and risks, the elves weaved 'the V"acorage mytha.l·, a permanent crafting of elven higb magic andone of the most powerful spells ever woven into the Weave. This .epic spell made it impossible for dragonkind to continue its collective dominion of Faenin, The '])r·o.cor0l! my that caused all dragons (including those of type dragon and creatures with the dragonblood subrype) to become reckless and run amok across their lands, slaughrering their young and Va5- .sals, and ~estroying all in their wake, but it also g.!v,,-: the Fair Folk th~ opportunity to break free of dragon rule, marking the

denouement ofthe Reign of Dragons, .

As a. result of this ancient curse, dragons have periodically gone berserk, rampaging across the Realms. Like some sort of d isease, the so-called Dracorage (someeimes known as the Dragon Rage _or simply the R",ge) lays dormant, erupting forth every several decades or even few cenmries=-an event seemingly associated with the reappearance of the King-Killer Star (actually a bright red comet that winks like a baleful eY'?J-to infect dragons for several tends ys at a tim e.

The intensity, breadth, and duration of a Dracorage .Q~s his-

• torically depended Oil the astrological position of the King-Killer Star. As' a result, sometimes. the effects of the Dracorage have beenlecalized, leading to 11 so-called <!.flight of dragons," The most recent Flight of Dh1.g01lS occurred in the Year of the Worm (1356 DR) and resnlted in the destruction of cities and deaths of thousands across the Mconsea, Dalelands, Corrnyr, and. beyond. At other times (approximaeely every SOD )teaTS; but' recorded intervals. have ranged from 100 to 700years), the Dracorage has affected all Faenln, precipirating a full-blown Rage of Dragons. The last true Rage of Dragons -precipitated by the King-Killer Star occurred ill the Year of the Draccrage (1018 DR).

The DIQ.c.orncse co.mpo.icsn_

The most' recent Rage of Dragons occurred prematurely .in the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR) as a result of the manipulations of the mighty lieh and leader of the Cult of the Dragon, Sarnmaster .. a.nd not. the wanderiags of the K...ing-K.lller Star across the heavens,

The premature eruption of tJ1C Dracorage allows DMs to introduce this conrinent-sparuling event into a campaign set roughly .in the current timeframe. (Odler than a less appropriatt: year name, there is little reason wby Sammaster's Draccsage could not have unfolded the ye'ar beforeor the year after the Year of Rogue Dragons, if that works better for your campaign) A Dracor.agecarnpaign revolves around ;1 p..eriod_of aberrant b.eb.ayjor by R~erUi1's great-..wt·m.s. Like all phiods of transition, a dramatic change ill the statusquo unleashes a period of change that can ill [urn precipitate all rnauner of adventures. For exam.ple,.the




pes might be directly involved in unraveling the secrets behind Sammaster's Dracorage, as the hero s do in the Tear rif Rogue 1Jragrms trilogy, or they migbt focus more 011 the consequences of, a particular dragon awakening from a long sleep OJ' abandoning its

responsibili- . _

ties aS,it succumbs to the Dracorage, J;he novel 2l.Jleel1 of the 'Dept})s by Richard Lee Byers gives a good example of what this type of Dracorage campaign might look like,

what YOU Need to plq-y

You-need .the three D&D core rlliebooks-'Player's HIJ11dbook ('PH), 'DulI&eon Master'; Guide ('DMG), and Monslel" j'yfaTlllal C.AI_MJ-plus the FOlWO'lTP'}( REA/oMS C{/,~npaigl/ Settillg (FRCS) and Draconomicon (Dra) to ,make the best lise of 7);:4f,;01IS rif }i4erUn. ,

Several other books are referenced herein. In many cases, this reference is in the form of a superscript abbreviation of tile book's title, which is tacked onto the end 01' the name. of a spell,

monster, or some other game dement. The books (including some of those menrioned above) and their abbrevia[ions, when applicable, are as follows; Book if Exa/ted :Deeds (BoRD),

Book if Vile 7)admesJ (BoVD), Complete ArcaJle (CAr), City

rif Splmdon: Waterdeep (CS), Chlfmpi- :::::

~ 0115 rif VaZo, (CoV), ~


s· ::,


of r e qrco.t C ele

.As discussed in Chapter 1, the Year of Rogue Dragons culminates in the unraveling of the 7)racorage mytbal and marls the turning of th Great Cycle. In the wake of Sammaster's Dracorage (presumably iJ1 the Year of Lightning Storms [1374 DRJ. but again the exact year can be varied as-appropriate for the individual campaign), no barrier 'f. mains to the great

:D1f11gCOTl Mastel"s Guide n (DMG2), -t



IJanded 'Psionics ",'

c ~

Hrmdbook (EI'H)< 0

Faiths and 'Pan- f;'5 :.'

tbeons (FP), Fiend ~

Folio (FF), Heroes of Battle (HoB), LiZ"'is Mortis (LM), Lords qf'DarJ.'11elJ (LD), Lest Empires. if Fal!nin (LR), Lord, if Madness (LM), Ma[ic if Faerul1 (Mag), MOllde,-

MfIIl/laL II (M'M2), MOTlstu Mot/llal m (MM3),

MOM/e,-s of Faerih/ (Mou), 'Player's GTtid~ /0 Faeriin CPG), Rllc~s of the 'lJl'ag(m (RD), Sat/dstorm (San), Serpent

Kil1gdrftnS (SK), Shinillg Somb (SS), u,tappromibable East (U11a), and UIldardar/,: (Und).

Througbour this book, an asterisk ("') denotes a spell, feat, monster, or magic item

\ described elsewhere in the book .

Epic Level Handbook (ELI-I'), B.",-

wyrms ofFaerful reestablishing the Reign of Dragons over the Realms. A pos:t-Dracorage drarocentric campaigp is focused on what comes nert, The pes might get S\'iept up in the resumption of'the Dragonfall War between the fol-

lowers of Bahamur and the servitors of Tiamat, or they might get involvedin the machinations of a great wynn such as Alasklerbanbastos or Tchazzar who seeks to carve out

a .new kingdom before rivals claim the terri- .

tory fur themselves. Re-

gardless of their 'Patroll or mctivatiou, the PCs rnight become skilled dragonhunters, tracking down rival wyrrns and eliminating the IU and the threat they pose.

Under the ,baJe!~l gaze if tbe King-Killer Star, the Rage if'Dragom .'Weep' O'fJtr Facrun


The dragons of this age, were devout followers of the. w<aCOI)'lC paritheon, and-many wars of this period were fought over religious issues, Over time, howevei~ religious fervor waned.as-philoscphers of different faiths came tothe conclusion 'that the draconic deities

, were not the guardians and -protectorS of w'a!j';0I1kii:ld, because

they had allowed dragons to fight-

Great treasures lie beneath th~ slumberingforms of FoeTUI/S such .genccidal conflicts in their

majestic wynm, Be thank/ul such boards occupy the dl~ea'ms name, The one draconic 110ly war -

if rlragonki71d and leaue th~m l(f1(bmtrbed, for iwhell the that continued unabated was the

great dreamers a'wake to thie-uing hands, all the'Uicmderi of Dragonfall Wai@, which pitted

our ioorld. quickly fait to their 1vrath, the- followersof Bahamut against

Velsaert of Baldur's Gate the spawn of Tiarnar.

Year of Wiiii: Magic (13'72 DR) During this period of devasrat-

. ing warfare among the dragons of

Faenin, isolated pockets of formerly dragon-ruled territory fell under giant control. Over time, such giant-ruied kingdoms came to threaten the hegemony of dragonkind, leading to.great battles between giant-ruled kingdoms such as -Darchai, Grunfesting, Helligbeim, Nedeheirn, Ostoria.and Rangfjell, an_d' dragon-rufed realms such as Caesinmalsvir, Darastriverthicha, and Tharkrixghontix While Faerun's dragons and giants battled for dominance of Toril, the smaller humanoid races began to carve put their own kiugdo!Jls, In one such instance, the Parwiccan Cycle speaks of the descendants of Tintageer, now known as moon and gold elves, who carved a realm from the northlands of Faenln by defeating a red great wyrm named Mahatnartorian, Master of the Mountains,

TQe Time of Dragons drew to an end with the dawning of the Rage of Dragons, The HighMages of tile Fair Folk hit upon a planthat involved the- creation of a high magic effect tied to appearances of the King-Killer Star (also known as the King~ slayer Star among the Fair Folk) in the heavens. In ail ancient

his chapter lays out a history of dragonkind in Faeriin, discusses the varied, roles play~d by true dragons, and details-individual dragons, Iiving

and undead, active in. Faenln today. .

Historv of D.fQ<S0nkind

Although dragons are powerful, long-lived creatures, draconic history'is little known evenamong the longest-lived members of the race, Philosophers have speculated that the oral tradition of draconic historians and the inimte self-cenreredness of dragonkind have combined to undermine the

accumulation of a p-ermanent draconic historical record, In fact, much of what is known of the history of dragonkind has been recorded by the Proud Peoples (elves and dwarves), but their decline baS led to the

fragmentation of the -historical

record, aud the records that remain r,tisplay a perspectivjO that reflects-their creators' biases regardjll~ dragonkind,

Time of D£Q'50nS'

III the wake of the Days of Thunder, dragons rose to rule Faertin. Elven.myth.recorded in the form of the Parwiccan Cycle, speaks of the TeanalI, thougb,t to refer to a rain of meteors that fell from the sky, SOllie scholars interpret the ancient texts as suggesting the meteors precipitated a dramatic climatic change, which.in tUI n sparked th(;! rapid evolution of proto-dragons (little more than large lizards) into the varied forms of drag01~killa known today. Others claim that the meteors were in fact falling

. dragon eggs, hom which thevaried races of dragonkind were born mto this world.

The 'time of Dragons, also known as the 'Da~l Ages, began circa -30,OqO DR and lasted some six millennia. Indivitlual dragons and dragon dans ruled large swaths of territory and battled with their, rivals for control of the Iand; seas, and skies.




citadel in the northernmost reaches of Faertln, they created the Drncorage mytbal, encompassing all Faenin and periodically driving 'Faenin's wyrms to madness. The King-Killer Star appeared in the heavens. just often enough for the 'lJro.cOt'llge my thai to' disrupt the dominance of the _ dragon race over the continent, but not so often as to prevent the rise of humanoid kingdoms in the inter-Rage periods.

under 'the KinCS-Kil er sro.r

In the twenty, five millennia thatfqllowed, the collective power of Faenin's W}'rms waxed and waded, but dragonkind never reclaimed jts absolute rule over -Faenin, Every time individual wyrms or dragon claus sought to re stablish their dominance over large swaths of Faenin, either the lesser humanoid races united to bring them down (s c the Dragonmoots sidebar) or, fa:i1ing that; the King-Killer Star returned to drive them into madness, destroy what they had wrought, and turn them against their OWIl offspring. Only once did an allied group of dragons come close to unraveling the 'lJracorllge m}1hlll; but the longforgotten wyrrns of that day were turned aside by the sacrifice of nearly the entire subrace of avariels, who mustered a great crusade to By north and defend the ancient citadel that housed

the Vracorage mytba] capstone, -

Although exceptions are recorded throughout history, in time the majority of Faenin's dragons came to occupy the niche of top pn:dator, not king; Notable exceptions include Anaglathos, who ruled Ore! Turrnish for six years; Kisonraathiisar, who ruled over Westgate until the Year of Bold Poachers (~349 DR); 'Ichazzar, who ruled over Chessenta for nearly a century (and has now returned); unci YIvernasal1l.isal' the Rose Dragon, who , ruled over Calimporu for a century.

The last, Rage of Dragons unleashed by the King-Killer Star 'unfolded in the Year of-the Dracorage (1018 DR). The last Flight of Dragons OCCUlTed over th Dalelands and the Moonsea in the Year of the Worm (13f6 DR).

D_[Q'50nfull W(1_[

Although the Time of Dragons is long forgotten, even '<Ullong the rno~t ancient of great wyrms, the ancient conflict between Tiamat nnd Bahamut has continued, increasing and decreasing i11 r intensity over time, gradually subsuming other races and

cultures as well. "

The last great era of conflict between the Platinum- Dragon, and the Chromatic Dragon raged from -2087 DR to -1071 DR, during the first millennium of the Untheric empire, Tiarnat's cult was brought to Faenln (at least among humans) by the Mulan. The clergy of Enlil preached that Tiamat was the l':Jemesis of tile .Gods, and she was blamed by the god-kings for every setback .Unther experienced as it rose to greatness and then decayed over the centuries, Tiarnat battled an Untheric alias of Bahamut, known as M:IJ'duJ; the Justice Bringer, time and again, but neither wyrm could prevail,

In -1,071, DR, the Untheric pantheon marched to war against the deities of the ore pantheon ill a cataclysmic conflict that saw the death of many gods. During the final Battle of the Gods, Tiarnar la~nched a surprise attack against Gilgeam while he battled Ilneval. The ever-vigilant Marduk intervened, killing Tiamat before she could land a death blow against Gilgeam, but at the cost of ills own life.

In the wake of the Battle of the Gods, the Platinum Dragon was reduced to the rank of celestial paragonl!<>F.Il (ivith divine rank i if celestial paragons are considered demigods in your campaign), and the Chromatic Dragon was reduced ro the rank of archfiend''?" rl (with d iv inc ran k 1 if archfiends are considered demigods in your campaign). Marduk's church vanished entirely, his name remembered only as one' of tJ1C Old Ones of Unther, but Tiamat's cult survived afrar- a fashion. As Gilgeam grew increasingly ryrannicai, the p ople of Un ther never forgot the Nemesis of the Gods and they increasingly turned Io her in secret for succor,


Theproud but nowvanshing tradition of Dragonmocts is much~llg of when a\~~es empty tankards, Qf old, Dragonmoots were "called" (by messenger-de rvcs senr Irom one dwarf ,dan La anoeher) whenever the leader of a dwarf clan decided that a particular dragon was too bothersome to Be left alone any longer and too powerfuJ for a-clan to risk tackling alone.

Most Drag,!1)Jl100t5 involved two or three.dwarf dans, the ·elde.rs of all meeting to decide jost how a specific dragon .. would be rought~ and how its hoard would be divided after victory iJ:nd ~uch Jcrays al!1lOs~ always ended in victory). - /l.IiVCntUIeL'S f~n. the ranks of. the clan would be asked to lead the attack, bolstered by the axes 0(' old dwarves d,esiri'ng to die 'in battle and the frighrened sr.cength of younglings wanting to prove themselves worthy, in the eyes of their clan, of becoming warriors:

. ~

Clan elders encouraged Dragonmoors as occasions when dwarf clans would meet, feast together, discuss trade, cast eyes Oil eligible dwarves of other Iaus, and "take measure" or-each other (marking the likenesses and characters of important dwarves for future diplomatic use). It took as many as seven dans to defeat some wyrms, and more than one dragon ravaged -those sent agili nst it.

Dragorunoots began to fade \vllcn dwarves grew roo few to dare openly challenge dragons (except as members (5£ '~crazed adveoturjng bands"), and certain clan elders $rew too suspicious of other dwarves, and of the risks of gatb~Eng anywhere, to enthusiasticllrl)r support Iurure moots. However, several clans.revived the old practice- dll~'il!g the recent Rage of Dragons, since the Thunder Blessing has increased the. ranks of their warriors .




.sollowers of the scolu waV

In the Year of Fell Pearls (887 DR), a former Chosen ofMystra "hamed Sammaster became convinced that dead dragons would one day rule Toril, a path he named the Scaly Way. Sarnmaster created .his first dracolich in the Year of O!!_een's Tears (902 DR), 1lJ1d the ranks of the Curt of the Dragon soon swelled. In the years that. followed, Sammaster suffered a series of setbacks, but the Cult of the Dragon continued to follow his teachings. (Further details- on the history of the Cult of the Dragon can be found in Chapter 3J

.After his last defeat-in the Year of .the Blacksnake (1285 DR), the·lich Sammaster returned to unlife once again thanks to the magic of 'hisphylactery, Once he did; however, Sammaster saw little point in resuming command of die.Followers of the Scaly Way immediately, for he had tried that _path before. The founder of the CuIt- of the Dragon was Frustrated by the inability of the secret society, strong in magic but nnmerically weak, to stand against itS foes.rand by the reluctance of many evil dragons to embrace his vision of a future when they, as undead dracoliches, would rule supreme. Plainly, he l;eeded a new strategy, and he sought inspiration in ancient texts and places of power.

had. laid down. in advance. Tchazzar was thereby transformed into Tiamat anew. •

• The Fall of the Gods also returned Bahamut to the land in avatar form for the first rime since the death of Marcluk. During his sojourn all Faenin, the Platinum Dragon caught win~,6f Tiamar's brewing plots, which presaged a resumption of the Duagonfall War.

Rise of the DrQCSOn Kin<s

In the Year.of Serpent (1319 DR), Gareth Dragonsbane, future king of Daman; and his adventuring companions returned from an expedition to 'the-Abyss, having stolen the. Walld if Orcas, shattered- it in the blood of an avatar of Tiamat (checking her plans once again), and returned, to Damara with the blessing of Bahamut; Gareth brought with him the Iree-Gem, which, once planted, represented Bahamut'scovenapt to pro\ect Damara -againsttlle influence of demons as long as the IUngdoln 6fDamara allied itself with. the forces of good. In &0 doing, Gareth brought, to Darnara a measure of peace-and freedom from demon ic meddling that the rest of the Demonlands bas never ex-perienced.

, As Baharnut had hoped, the _planting of the Tree-Gem sparked renewed interest in his teachings 'among the nondragon rac~s. In 'the years thar followed, g09d-ali.gned mortals across Faen111_ heard the Cali of Bahamut, and many pledged themselves to 'theservice 'of the Platinum Dragon, The elite became platinumknights" ra or vassals of BahamutlloED. -Some of those who were called by' Bahamut chose. to under-go tl;!__e Rire.ofRebirrh, transforming

• themselves into a long-forgotten race known-as the dragonbornR-P: .as the ranks of his followers swelled.iBahamut. rose in pOWeI~ assuming the rank of lesser deity once again, while'Tiamat did

the same. - .

The-planting of Bahamut's Tree-Gem also drew the attention of the Dragon ORcen. In response, Tiamat dispatchedan avatar to Castle. Perilous in the cold wastelands of Vaasa. Scores of chromatic dragons heeded her call and descended on the ruined fortress. -With their participation, the Dragon Qgseirinitiated a massive breeding program, creating allmanner of spawn of Tiama, horrifying monstrositiest11atbai:) not been seen in-Tad since the: Battle of the Gods. Th~spawn of Tiamar then spread far and, wide. (Severa! varieties of spawn of Tiarnar are presented in Monster Manllal JJT. Two new ones-the bluespwan.st<;>neglider and the redspawn birther=-are in this book)

Return of the DI'Q<S0n Queen

In the Year of the Bloodbird tl:?+6 DR)r..'lfter centuries of.silence from the Dragon Qg_eel1, the few remaining- followers of the Nemesis of the Gods successfully summoned an aspect-of Tiarnat known as the Dark Lady to Unther, all event that had been heralded centuries before by Ochir Naal, prophet of Tiamat. Over the next dozen years, the Dllk Lady secretly fomented rebellion throughout Unther, seeking to overthrow the hated Gilgearn, and the ranks of her followers swelled onceagain (elevating her to the rank of demigod).

Unknown to ·her followers in Unther, the Dragon ~eel1 had her- own reasons -for finally answering their prayers. While the Church of Tiainat grew ill oppbsitionto the despotic rule of Gilgeam, the Drag;lll G&_een turned her ?aleful gaze to Samniaster's studies, in which she-saw suggestions of mad genius. Through subtle hints arid divinely inspired bursts of intuition, Tiamat helped Samrnaster rediscove; the secrets of the iJracorage mytbal without revealing to him that .his discoveries were shaped by the claws of a dark. god.. In time, roaming the Moonsea region and the-Cold Lands iu disguise, Samrnaster discovered the existence of the 'lJracorag(l mythal and its secrets. As Tiamat h~d hoped, he set about harnessing the power of the Dracorage for illS own ends.

yeUI of R0<sue nracsons

In the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR), Sammaster finally completed his transformation of the 'lJrac()rag~ my tbal, tying his phylactery to the chamber that served. as the capstone of the ancient J)):.acol'"age JilJ'thal"'So .that the my thal's . effects were no longer constrained. by the appearance of the King-Killer Star in me heavens, but linked instead to his own -lite force. Only dracoliches would remain unaffected by Sarnmaster's- endless, ever-intensifying Dracorage, and wyrms of every 5p~c.ies would have fo ally -themselves with the Cult and accept: transformation into the fOJ?ll of a Sacred One, Of suffer permanent madness. The lich then set about reasserting his control over individual Cult of the Dragon cells across Faenin. From the isle at Tan in

-rime of Troubles

.Inthe Year of Shadows (USS DR), the Avatar Crisis forced the g0d3 of Toril.to walk among their followers in mortal form, upset.ting' many div:ine- machinations, including those of the .Dragon OQ_een.159Iing the. Time of Troubles, Gilgeam destroyed Tiamat, seemingly ending her threat.to his-eternal.rule, III truth, however, Ti.aipat's essenc~ was splintered ~lIlP!lg 'three powerful dragdns in the region, The'Iargest of the three, Tchazzar, consumed'the other .f¥o'J there_fore meeting the conditions: the Dragon ~eel1


--~----------- ----- \ ,



the Pirate Isles' tp' Dragonback Mountain, northemmost peak of the R~deJ:5 to the Sky mountains, Cult members transformed their secret strongholds into laboratories in which dozens if 'not' hundreds of dragons could be transformed Into draceliches in a

short period_pf time, ,

As; tht:, Rage of Dragons spread and worsened, chromatic dragons across Fa,erful either succumbed to its effects and turned on whoever ,crosse,d their path or desperately embraced the Dragon Cult as an alternative, Rampaging wyrms wreaked great destruction acrossFaeruu.from As'arem to Calimport and from Asavir's ClIa1mel to the Tannarh Mountains, but S~master's guiding hand focused their destruction on Darnara, Irnpiltur, Narfel], Sossal, Vaasa, and the Coid Lands north of the Moonsea. Communities such as Bloodstone Pass, the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, Uluviu, and Ylraphon were destroyed, ()t nearly so by dragons who succumbed to madness, and other groups, such as the Thousand Fists ore tribe of the Nether Mountainsand the navies ofCilnbar and Soorenar, were decimated by the dragons'

wrath. "

Lareth, sovereign of the gold dragons, called for a great 'council in, the Galena Mountains, where be unveiled his plan for all the metallicdragons to enter, a magical slumber until the Dracorage subsided, as his kind had done time and agairi, (While many elder metallic dragons bail: the magical ability to flee to another-plane, due to long-standing draconic traditions regarding territorial claims, they-did not do so, fearing-the effect of "abandoning" territnrjori the Material Plane to"'tbeir hated chromatic cousi11s,)Althr::iugh rnanywyrms agreed with the King of Justice, 'a.few rebels-rejected this approach, maintaining (than)cs to subtle hints from the"Lord o{the North Wind) that this episode of , Dracorage was like no.other and would last forever, Displaying the first tinges of madness, Lareth t1:ireatened to use his minions to 'coerce or destroy any dragon who resisted. In time) the great gold wyrm Tamarand, second only to Lareth, was forced to destroy the King of Justice, but he refused .the mantle of royalty.

Only the gem dragons largelyescaped the effects of the' Dracorage, for they had the power (and the willingness) to flee to the Inner PI;ules for however Ioug it lasted. However, a few waited too long and succumbed to the effects of the Dracorage as.well,

As Samrnaster;s plot unfolded with astonishing swiftness, a group of heroes led by Doru Graybrook (eN'male half-iron golem"'1Ml [augmented Vaasan human] fighter lO/ranger 3) and Karasendrieth eCG female adultsong dragon sorcerer 3/bard '2) worked to unravel the effects of Sarnmaster's Art. In local~s 5ucll as the Gray Forest, the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, Northkeep, and Thar, the heroes retraced Sammaster's path, seeking the lore fust found by the .lich that allowed him tomanipulate the YJracorage 77iythid.'

Eventually, the allies discovered how to counter the'1)rac01:age mytba] (using the -spelLab4tl! 'Dracorage*) and turned their efforts toward finding-the 1)rtu;oi'age my/hal's capstone, Their search led them to a lost, elf city in the N"ovularond Mountains in the heart of the Great Glacier and fT011.1 there, truOllgh a portal, to the ancient "Citadel in the northernmost reaches of ,fae'rlm in which the mythal had been raised millennia agp, After a great battlewith Samrnaster and his 5ll~mplle,d planar

dragon allies, the .herees prevailed, destroying the lith, his phylactery, and the 'lJracorage.mythal once and for-all, thereby foreter 'ending the magical madn,ess that had long afflicted the

dragons of Faerfin, '


Tu[nin~ of the, great cycle:

In the wake of Sammaster's Rage of Dragons, Faerfiu's wyrms' returned to their lairs, greatly reduced in number. Many-had died unleashing orgies of destruction on the lesser races of Faenin, Others had embraced dracolichdom, and some nowfound. themselves magically.beholden to the Dragon CllLt's Wearel-~ 9£.Pur:ple. Few among the dragonkind races realized tliat Tiamat ilad set.in 'motion the events that led to the destruction of the 'J)rtlcoTfJge my thal, bur word quickly spread thatSarumaster and the Cult were behind the most recent rage (thanks to skilled rumormongering by botb the Harpers and the-Church of. Tiam at), Even (,ewerrealized·tbe end of the Dracorage marked the 'Iurning of " the Great Cycle, the long-foretoldresumption of religious fervor

among dragonkind, .

In the Year of Lightning Storms (1374 DR) Faerfin was beset by great lightning strikes the length and. breadth of thecontinent, At least sC)J1}(i of those lightning strikes marked the impact points of an unusual year-long rain of meteors, In a series of visions, Baharnur and Tiamat instructed their respective followers to seek out such sites, for each 'contained some form .of draconic egg within, In the months that followed, tl~<e Church of Tiamat-recovered more than half- of the eggs of the latest Tearfall and brought them back to 'the .Altar of Scales in Unthalass in preparation for the looming war. The rest were lost, hatched 00 their own, or recovered by followers of Bahamut,

Now, with Faerun still reeling from the aftereffects of Sannnaster's rage, the DJagonfaJ;l 'War threatens to erupt.anew, pitting the followers of Baharnut and Tiamat against each other iu an ancient holy war last fought centuries ago, while the Church of Tiamat and the Wearers of Purple struggle for control of Sammaster's legacy,

Dificson· Roles ,

Dragons are skilled, fear~bme predators capable of devastating attacks and able to withstand all but the most grievous wounds, Even the youngest-dragons are. elite predators, capable of preying on most creatures in Faenin today. By adulthood, most.wyrmsare nigh undefeatable, threatened only by other dragons or powerful adventurers 'armed with njagic and luck.

While some dragons, use their natura] cunning, 'phy~ical prowess,and, magical abilities simply to stay atop the food chain, many dragons"are much more than "just" monsters, Scholars of dragonkind divide dragons into two camps: predators and schemers, The former are considered quantiJiable, albeit, extremely dangerous, threats to, humanoid societies, while the latter represent a wide range of pbssible threats with the potential for wildly' outsized illi!uelite',oIl the"s1i.'ipe ofToril: today, In game terms, predator dragons-are If6werful or even epic adversaries .in a single contest,' while sche:ming dragons shape' entire campaigns, interacting




with the PCs;initially through their minions and eventually in multilayered .plots,

Predators oscillate between two basic states; hunter-and sleeper. :Preaatory w.yrms .speud the bulk of their days sleeping atop their hoards, reducing the number of dragons who are, hunting eoncurrently, Some sages believe that so£nething aboutdragon _pbysiology causes-the larger wyr1l1S to awake at. different times, minimizing the disruption to the ecosystem that .mnltiple wyrms could inflict. If this is indeed the case, then something in the magic of the 'lJrrmwagemythai must artificially adjust SUCll sleep patterns so that multiple W)'rms awake simultaneously prior to a "Rage or Flight of Dragons, Arauthator (page 4'2), Arveiaturace (page 1'7), and Kla~th CFRCS 167) are elite examples of predatory wynns.

Schemers, on the other band, have unique, individual-goals and hence exhibit all manner of behaviors. Most seek to manipulate the lesser races and their fellows to serve their own ends. The goals of scheming dragons can often be categorized. as one or more of tlie following. board-building, encouraging personal worship, preserving the status quo, fear-mongering, power-seeking, lore-seeking, -or observing. Astute sages have noted that each of these categories is associated with a general draconic trait, but individual dragons sometimes evince a stronger expression of one

or more particular traits than the norm. ,

Hoard-building dragons are focused primarily on theacquisition of wealth. Whereas most dragons arc content to simply seize treasure from those they slay, hoard-building dragons employ all manner of unusual schemes to acquirecoinagerns, abd items of magic, from outright theft to extortion to running their own businesses. For example, Gaulauntyr the Thief Dragon spends her days stealing gems and food (chiefly -exotic cheeses], while Iryklatbagra extorts a perceJJtage of Amn's annual tax receipts from the Council of Six, and Lhammaruntosz runs a Sword

Coast merchant .shipping fleet. _

Although some dragons encollIage lesser races to worship them in a cynical ploytc increase their power, most wyrms who build cults ·of followers have a strong streak-of narcissism and bel!eve

themselves equal to the god . For example, Augaurath, a female mature adult white dragon of Anauroch's High Ice, commands the worship of (JElliby yeti, winter wolves, and sernisentieut rernorhaz. Likewise, Ghanlantatra has established a small cult among the Sandskull are tribe in the Fatlen Lands, and Maughrysear, a.female ancient red dragon better known as "Flashhurn," is worshiped by a tribe of monastic orcs from the Hlgh Moor. The Dragonclaws, as members of the tribe have taken to calling themselves, have transformed an ancient Ammarindan citadel in the southern Graypeaks overlooking the High: Moor into a fortified -monastery dedicated to the veneration of Maughrysear, Elite members of the order train as monks and then take the initiate of the draconic mysteries?" prestige class.

Due to their extended life spans, dragons who reach their prime often witness the rise and fall of empires and the transformation of the.·niiturat world, In response, some w;yrms seek to maintain some measure of the status quo> despite the passage of time .. FOl: example; Aerosclugbpalar, better known as "Gild~lifhei" once sought to "preserve" the High Forest by preventing the spread

of forest fires, '

_ Most dragons have an unsettlingpresence that induces fear in most of the lesser races. A fe"\v evil dragons seem to feed off such fear, literally gaining sustenance' from terrifying other sentient 'beings. Many dragSllls of this type adopt the bloodscaled furr prestige-class and lead brief (by draconicstandards) but bloody lives, One long-surviving exception is jaxanaedegor ,(LE male vampu·icJ}FS \"'e:fy old greend.ragorl), ""ho 'eia:ims most of Threskel as his domain and draws strength by terrorizing the inhabitants of surrounding communities. -

Most dragons claim. domains, ranging' in size from the immediate environs of their ~ir to. theentirety of the Sword. Coast, 'but few attempt to enforce their will outside ·the ranks of dragonkind, blithely ignoring the implicit challenge to their dominion-posed by settlements of lesser races, no matter "how powerful, that lie within their territories. In the tradition of ancient draecnic.kings, a few dragons seek absolute power in their demesne, demanding fealty from e-very living or undead creature in their territory.

Illuna.r DrQ~_Ons;.· ofrhe qrcor T.re~.

• The planar_cosplOlogy of Abell!.. Toril is-unique, arranged like a

, great tree'wi.thmani branches. 411 yar..ieti~s of epic and planar dragons detailed in 1Jraco1!(m~iC011 and Epir Level HiPftitl;ook arc found in Dragon Eyrie, but 1Ual1}' ate not uncohunca 011 other p!auep:s .".~U, as noted pelow_

, Battle Drago.ns; ArYandQt, .Dragon Eyrie, House of the Triad: War.rior's:R~t.

. - .. ,

Chao~ Dl;agons: AbY:>ll, AI'vaudor, Th,-lgbt\J;'a!.e];, Dragon

Eyrie, Gates'ot tAt!: M~)~l, Bt!pr~me Throne, Wa~r.ior;§ Rese, Ethereal :P.t~iong:. Dragop. Ey;::ie, Ethereal Plane .

.porce Dragon9- Dragon Eyrie. .

Howling Dragons: Dragon Eyrie, Fury's Heart, S~preme

Throne, . - ,

- Oceanus Dragons: .Afyandor, Dragon Eyrie, Gates or-the Moon, Heliopolis, Warrior'~ Rest.

l'ris~tic Dragona..Dragon Eyrie .

l';;roclastic Dragons: Dragon Eyrie, Fqry's I;I~t.· " Radiant Dragons: Dragon :Eyrie, Hense of the Triad, HOl1~

of ~at)lre.

Rust Dragons: Barrens of Doorn aid Despair, Clangor, Dragon Eyrie, Harnmergrim, Nishrek

. Shad.ow Dragons: Dragon Eyrie, 'Plane of Shadow,

Styx D.rag0ll:s: River of Blood (AbyS5, Barrens-of Doorn and Despair, Blood Rift; Cl.a;ngor, Fate,fD~p:ths, &yls Heart,

&lalllin~rgr~ Nine HeUs, Nishrek). - ., ., .

. Tai'terian Dragons: Dragon Eyrie, Deep Caverns,

" -

With the exception of shadow dragons, planar dragonsrarely

if ever make their homes in Toril, .


l ,



Some such wyrms even claim the thrones of Jesser creatures. For example, • Alasklerbanbastos; the Great Bone Wyrm of Dragonback Mountain, is acti\iely seeking to rule Chessenta, Threskel, and, Unther, while Tcbaz,Zaf has returned claim to the same territories as well, Likewise, Mithbarazakregularly occupied t'ge throne of Iltkazar, at Least 11;1:1 til his recent abduction,' and Valamaradace rules' the falldsfU'ouM Everlund from her throne at the heart of the Ploaripg: Mountain,

For some dragons, the twill urges to acquire hoards and advance their mastery of tile Arf c~ombine to form ~1 powerful craving Tor lore. Some, such as Daurgothoth, "The Creeping l)oom," seek to master new forms of magic, while others, such as Olcthontor; the Minstrel Wynn, delight in th.c endless possibilities of musical expression. Thalagyn, known as Old Lord Memory, collects actual memories from other sentient creatures.

.AJ.thaugll most dragons spend much of their hires dozing amp a bed-of coins and jewels, few can afford to remain ignorant aboucevents in the territories surrounding their lairs that might prompt a band of powerfill adventurers to go "dragon hunting," A few dragons become conswn~ with events ill surrounding lands. Some, such as Nyunnum, the Wynn '%0 Watches, focus on a single bloodline and follow the family [or generations. Others become obsessed with a. partica lax s ettlemen t, 5U ch as the interest Claugi.yIiamatar evinces for the City of Splendors.

True nrucsons

.Although 'Ioril is horne to many races of dragon kind, the children of 10 are dominated by the true dragon subraces, most of which fall in one effeurcategories: chrornatic, gem, metallic" and undead Chromatic dragons include such varieties as black, blue, .brownMoa, green, red, aaC! white dragons. Gem dragoLlsMM! include sush varieties as amethyst, crystal, emerald, sapphire, and topaz d!:ag01IS. Metallics include such varieties as brass, bronze, copper, gold, mercury", silver, and sreel~ dragons. Other living var ieties, include deep d.ragons~io", fang d.ragons~IOO,D"', mist dragons", sand dragons"", song dragons.\lOO, and rat;telyrs~.

A;efoscu'Sn p uio.r," qild enfi.re"

N male old gold dragon .

Gaa.rded like a dmgou's hoard, «forest do!/) expir«. Life, rehorn and eIlduri'lg, is 111tought by gil tied .fire.

parable entitled «By Gilded Fire" attributed to Mintiper Moonsilver, Year of the Moonfall (1344 DR)

Born in the Year of the BUrning II'e~ (890 DR), Aerosclughpalar has now entered his prime, \"itll swept-back twin horns, twin frills adorning his long neck, and catfishlike whiskers common to gold dragons. His golden scales are tinted with green-gray lichen, and his pupils have faded to resemble liquid emeralds.

- Hoard: GiLdenn re's hoard is barely recognizable as such;JO'r he truly cherishes the High Forest in irs entirety. Nevertheless, the Druid Dragon has established eight "treasure caches" throughout . thegreat northern woods. Each cache consists of a grove of weir' trees, a high! y P rizeil species th at is 11 OIY' quire . rare.caref ully

shaped over the centuries into living sculptures of dragons of yore: Lingering enchantments G1kin to d,mci1lg; It'gbn) placed by Gilden.flre. ca use t hese weir trees to 11 icker iv i th dan cing b alls of ligHt, Ieadingsome travelers to mistakenly conclude such groves ar~ inhabited by will 0' wisps. Gildcull.!·c's groves. are warded against -interlopers (wjth various symbols and glyphs), -but those of pure heart (good at" at least non-evil aU~nmeut) Cal;] wander, through them unhindered,

At the center of each gmve lies a single tree fashioned of ~oLa. 5ilv.e!~ or some other precious metaland cloaked in .a permnnihtl illusion to resemble a .living weir tree- Such trees are 'typiCally worth more than 20,000 gp in _precious metal alone, arid some .have one or more magic items encased in their trunks. 11105e

items include amber IICOr1l$ if the Moomllood Girdr:·, .Azlacr's harp,t" golden orb if Silll'Ul1nedr:L..t, 1I17!IOr if dr'ngpmhapr:D:>(green), haircloth 7111lJltle ifTappl1n (mantle ifgiO,'11 strength +41 scroll of control soeatber, creeping doom, and sttmmon nature's ally VII, sitoer sickles if SOI'tI11(b~, IbrYJIIs if the dneitll.f. (25' charges), and 11: 71!reatb of Turilmg (brac&kt if friends).

Lair: Aerosclughpalar dwells in a small, stone DIve beneath the roots of a great' weir tree in the settlement now known as Tall Trees, once the Eaerlanni capital city of Teuveamanthaar, However, he spends the b,?lk of.his time wanderillg the HIgh Forest, tending to its inhabitants and guarding tlregreat woodlands against extraplanar agents who would despoil it.

Tactics: Aerosclughpalar is cautious, patient, and prone to careful observation and deliberation before acting. He has learned the hard way that nature js very adaptable and that tHe cycle of 'life can address most imbalances iJJ its OW11 natural course, H~ does not hesitate to act qujckly; with decisive force, when he perceives threats [rom the Lower Planes. Tactically, Lie is concerned primarily ;ith getting the JOD done, and he evinces little consideration for Jaws or other moral codes once Ile is persuaded to act.

Known Allies: For years, Aerosclughpalar has lived in human guise under the name Vaeros Fireshield as an Initiate of the 11th Circle in the Church of Mielikki. Many followers of.Our Lady of the Forest suspect that "Vaeros" might eventually succeed Ddtgangjyarl as Great Druid of the North. As such, Aerosclughpalnr considers all who worship ~ielik ki, E!datb. Silvanus, Lurue, and Gwaeron Windstrorn as allies. GildenIire is close friends with the ancient rreant Turlang, and he has worked on manyoeeasions with both Those Who Harp and the Fair Folk who seek to found New Eaerlann.

~nown Enemies: As a member of the druids of the Tall TreesCov, "Vaeros" opposes the machinations of the surviving demons of Hellgate Keep, the orcs of the Nether Mountains and the High Forest, the recently released; fcy'ri of House DlardragethC"R, and the Eldreth "eluuthraCok•

Schemes..Although Aercsclugbpalar is not considered a rogue by other gold dragons, he does bold to philosophical positions at odds with most others or his kind, The Druid Dragcn (as those who an: aware of his tsue idenrity sometimes call hlll:V acknowledged Lareth, befc.ire his death, as his liege and rhe sovereign of all gold dragons all Abei.r-Tofil, but the mvo bas:! significant

. philosophical differences. Gildenfirc believes that allspeciesare' best served by allowing the hmid of nature, however harsh; to



;, ..

. ~ cull weakness and disease from the cycle of life and to allow ~ new life to flourish. As such, in the guise of Va eros he strives to

eliminate extraplanar threats to the High Forest and the world beyond thar seek to upset the natural order.

Knowledge Checks: Only Sinklayr Greenstroke, UtbgangJyarJ. and a few gold and silver dragons kno\\' Vaeros's true identity, 50 PCS must deduce the connection between Vaeros Fireshield and Gildeonre themselves through careful iuvestigation and rokplayll.lg or by a DC 35" bardic k uowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (local High Forest) check. Once Vaeros Fireshield

. is identified as Acrcsclnghpalar, locating the dragon's lair 00 a map requires a successful DC H bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (local High Forest) check. PCs who question one or more druids of the Tall Trees can learnabour Vaeros Fireshield's description, lair, tactics, known allies, and known enemies with a successful DC 20 Gather Information check. They can learn about Gildenfire's rumored hoard and schemes \\ftth a DC ~o Gather Information check.

.Adventute Hooks: PCs are likely to encounter Vaeros in human form while exploring the Hig11 Forest. If the pes are battliug demons from HeUgate Keep or House Dlardrageth, Vaeros 'might join them in battle. If the PCs arc attacking powerful predarory-monsters, however, Vaeros might attempt to intercede, arguing that nature shou ld 'be allowed to take its course.

Rage of Dragons: Gildenfire prepared for tlie Dracorage by relocating to the heart of the Dire Wood, a cancerous bl9t in the heart of the High Forest. As planned, when he eventually

succumbed to the magical madness, tbe gold dragon spent-his fur~ shattering the petrified trees of the Dire Woods and hmrting the aberrations that stalk beneath their boughs.



Male old gold dragon druid 11 [Mielikki] N Gargantuan dragon (fire)

Init +4; Senses blindsense 60 ft., darkvisio11120 ft., keen senses; Listen +H, Spot +)4

AUI~ frigbtful.presence (240 n, DC 3lJ Languages Draconic, Druidic, Sylvan

AC ~4, touch 6, flat-footed H

(-4 size, +18 natural)

bp 391 (29 HD); DB.IOJmagic; ring of rcgclIeJ'atiol1 Immune rue, paralysis, poison, sleep

SIl 27

Fort +30, Ref +19, Will +32; +4 against spell-like abilities of fey-

Weakness vulnerability to cold

Speed 60 ft. (H squares), fly 2S0 ft. (clumsy), swirh 60 _l:t.; Flyby Attack, Hover, Wingover; woodland stride

Melee bite +fD (4dq+16) and

'2. claws each +4) (?d8+9) an ~ '2. wings each +44 (2d6+9) and tail slap +44 (2d6+23)

Space 20 ft.; Reach 1) ft. (20 ft. with bite)

, \



Base Atk +~7; Grp +.63

Atk Options Awesome Blow, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Improved 'Bull Rush, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Snatch; crush, . tail sweep,

SpeciaJ ,4ctions :breath weapon' Druid 8pe.lis Prepared eeL 11th):

6th-pre seed,rLbC 25'), tramport'tlia plat/ts 51h-a1I1fke11'(DC '24), caliligfJt11ing storm (DC '24),

commune 1vitb lratllre, stoneskin CDC 2.4) .

4th-comma1!tl plants CDC 2~). control 'water CDC 23),

dispel milgiq, ice storm, sG'ryi~/g CDC i3) -

3rd---greater magic fang CDC 21),meid into stone, plant gro'lflth, protection from energy CDC 21), quench

(DC '21), remose disease (DC 21) 1ml-anim~lmeSIeJ1ger, bear's .. endurance, bu~~s strengtb, eat's graee_,jlameblade, 0111i'S 1visdrnn

lst~eBlm animals (pC 20), detect animals or plants, entatlglt (P~C 20),faerie fire, goodkerry, obscllripg mist, speak 711itb animals.

O-ilrnctmagic (3),.!,uidallce, knou: direction, r-ead magic Sorcerer Spells Known (CL lith):

Sth (J/rhy)-cloudkill CDC 22), dismissal CDC 22)

4th C7/dayJ-fire shield, hallucinatory terrain (DC 21), less.e_r globe ifttlWJtnel'ability

3rd {8/day)-blil1k, deep'shtinber (DC 20); ligbtning bolt (DC 20), nOlldeteftioll (DC 20)

2.00 (8jday}-foX''>C111U/ili& gust Of 1(1itfd CDC. 20), invisibility, pi'otec/iollfl'om an·01UJ,. owl's wisdom' 1st (J3!daiJ-dlarm, expeditious retreat.feather _fall, identifY, true strike

o (6/day}---arcane mm:k,dandng lights, detect mdgic, gao" s(11wd (pC 18), light, mage_~hand, ffpel1jclose, prestidigitation; ret{d magic'

Spe11=-Like Abilities CCL 11th):



Abilitiell Str 39, Dex 10, Con zr, r;lt 24, Wis 28, Cba.24 SQ:.1!lternate form, animal companion (none), detect gems, tuuk bonus, trackless step, . water breathing, wild empathy +18

, (+14 magical beasts)

Feats Alertness, :A~l!some Blow, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Flyby AttaCK, ~over, Improved Initiative, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, Snatch, Weapon Focus (Qite), Weapon Focus (claw), Wingover

Skills Concentration -ro, Diplomacy +f2, Disguise +39, Escape ArtisJ +32, Heal +n, Intimidate +39, Knowledge (arcana) +18,- Knowledge (history) +18, Knowledge (nature) +:f'l, Listen +l"4, Search +39, Sense Motive +41, Spellcrafr +30, Spot +f4, Survival +23, Swim +n

Possessions amulet if :nightyfistu2

Alternate Form (Su) Aerosclnghpalar can assume any animal or .humanoid form of Large size or smaller as.a standard action three times per day. This ability functions as , pol;mwrph spell eCL 11th), except that Aerosclughpalar

. does not regain hit points for changing into humanoid form and can only assume the form of an animal or

humanoid. Aerosclughpalar can remain in his animal 01' humanoid form until be chooses to assume a new 011~ or

tetum to his natural form, ' .

Bl'e~th Weil.ponJSu) Once every i.d4 rounds, either a 60-fr.,

J cone, damage isnc fire (becomes superheated .steam underwaterj.Reflex DC ~l.balt; ora 60-ft cOJ]e,--~ points Strength damage, R~nex DC 51 negates.

Crush (Ex) Area 20 ft. by·?.O ft.; M~dilim or smaller opponents take 4d6+ 2J_ points of bludgeoning damage (4d6+23 with amulet) and must succeed on a 110'3:1 Reflex save or be pinned.

Detect Gems (Sp) Aerosclughpalar can employ a divination effect similar to a detect m~.gic spell, except that it

'only finds gems, ~hrec times per day. He can scan a 60- degree arc each round: By concentrating.for 1 round he knows if there are any gCll1.s within tl1e are; '2 I'OUJlds of . co ncenrration reveal the exact number of gems; and 3 rounds reveal their exact location, type, and valu~. This ability is the equivalent of a 2ndole'vel spell

Frightful Presen'ce (Ex) Aerosclughpalar can inspire terror by charging, attacking, or flying overhead, Creatures within ·240 feet' of the dragon that have 18 HD or fewer must attempt a DC n Will~ save. Success indicates that thetarget "is immune to Acrosclughpalar's frightful presence for '24 hours. On a failure, creatures with 4 or fewer HD become panicked for 4d6 rounds. Those with r or more' HD become shaken fOJ- 4d6 rounds.

Luck HODDs (Sp) Aerosclugbpalar can touch a gem, uonalJy

one embedded in his hide, and enspell it to bring good luck. As long as Aerosclugbpalar carries the gem, he and every good creature ill all SO-foot radius receives a +1 luck bonus 011 all saving throws and similar rolls. If Aerosclughpalar gives the en spelled gem to another creature, only that bearer gets the boniis, The effect lasts 1d3+'24 hours but ends if:the gem is destroyed. This ability is the equivalent of a l~ld-level spell.

Sn!ltch (Ex) Against Medium or smaller creatures, bite for 4d6+16 per round 01' claw for 2d8+9 pc;r round.

Tail Sweep (Ex) Half-circle 30 ft. in diameter; Small or smaller opponents ta~e 2d6+21 C2d6+23 with. amulet) points of bllldgeoJ1ilJ~ damage (Reflex DC n half).


"Defender 'of the pit"

LE male fiendish juvenile green dragon.

Antasillix 'defends the Pit of Many Colors against enemies of Tiamat, especially rival sects.

He 'bursts with ellergy,-exhlbiting fluid movements, both beautiful and deadly. His scales are dark and glittering, reflecting impetuous youth and restless .agitiltion. Fiery green eyes are just visible. below facial crests; betraying a greater curiosity than

cruelty, and an hagemess bordering on dbsession. .

Hoard: Mixed coins (4,r00 gp total), 3 blackpearls CfOO gp each), 1 amethyst (100 gp), 3 blue zircons em gp each), walla of Mel/'s rlpld ~rrf}-711 (44 charges),

~ ..





Lair. Antasillix resides ill an abandoned bathhouse ill the same ruined quarter of-Unthslass that contains the Pit of Maliy Colors. The bathhouse -is in mostly good 'condition and still conta ins a natural spring; this suits the dragon fine, for he enjoys idly swimruing, V.'aiti:flg for his.dark goddess to call him to duty.

Tactics: Anrasillix lives the normal existence of a youthful green qragol1_oJ;ttil be receives a summons from Ti.amat. She .sends him wb,eilever a Cleric of another deity casts ~ spell, attempts a rirual.or channels divine ,energy i,I'ithi:nl0 feet of the Pit of Many Colors, _He does not attack the cleric- and his allies in Unthalass.But waits until. they leave, ambushingthem at' the most opportune time. Agall1~ physically powerfulopponents, he prefers to alternare -; between his breath weapon and his wand. Against weaker enemjes,ll\; pounces into melee.

Known Allies:. Antasillix has no known dragon allies, thougli he has hadsccssional contact with Kolchis of the Altar of Scales (see Chapter 4): The dJ:ago~ is unaware of the activities pf the temple, but does perforl1l_m.issi~_!1s for the priests in retu~n f~r treasure.

Known Enemi,e~: Antasillix hates non-Tiamaran priests, especially those who-worship Gilgearn, and goes out of his way

to devour them 'Iyheneve~ possible. _

Scheme-s: Arrtasillix .isstill rather }(ouug_and has not ventured outside Unther, Recently.he spied a flight of wyverns and out of ~curios.ity followed them, hoping to learn more about dmgoukind. Several,unfortunate stings laser, h~.learried-Jlis lesson; though his

curiosity dJQ norabate •. '. . ' . \

Knowledge Guecks: Loearirig Antasillir's lair all a 1n~p' is pp5silik \Vitb a, successful DC. '[0 bardic knowledge, l5-,ri6i,"'1~-age (geog!ilpby), or _Kriol¥kdge (local Unther) check .. QQ_estidDing

squatters in the ruined areas of Unthalass reveals more aboo~ the dragon's description, .lair, and tactics, with a DC lSGather Inf oirnatien che c k.

Ad-ii:nrw:e Hooks: Wbile,po19_ng around far information about the Altar of Scales, !3li:u~ttet5 aiight learn'tbat the. dragon preys .ou'the poor in the rums of Unthalass, If the ECs explore the I'lt of Man)' Colors (see pages 102-,---103 of Ch(l.mpions-q'Rrlin),

'they III ight artract his a tte 11 601] . ,

Rage of Dragone During the ¥ea:ro(E,ogue Dragons, Autasillix heeded a call frQ1U Tiarnat toplnnge into the Pit of Many Colors abo join bet. After the !age was~RveJ:, he 'emerged from the pit infused with infernal eneJ;gy.

Stati?tics; Use the statistics.for the juvenile green dragon o_n _pag¢S2.49-2JO- of 'lJra{o1l0mir;(J11 or page i03 of C~«mpfOm of

Rlli?J. Add the.nendish template, MM108.. '"


"guurdia.n of the well"

CE female pseudonararal mature ad~t red dragon

Arsekas1)ry- provides the might necessary for the Caltof theDragon to .maintain its stronghold above the Well of Dragons

(seepage 117 of Champions if Rail!)' ,

She carries herself with the dignity and grace of a t'reature - that bas seen much. Her thick scales have IDatured to-a. deep .red; her eyes smolder lilt: malevolent magma, hinting at the.cunning .thoughts within.

Hoard; Mixed coins (42,000 gp total), 8 iolites (rO gp each), 3 blue pearls (100 gp each), J aquamarines (SaO ~p each),



l _




M=Ma:gic Slp;l~key Moss TW~IlIu5@I:yWa:ll

r emeralds,(l,OOOgp each) r pink diamonds (5";000 g1,l'each), ivO'ry comb (Sr gp), obsidian dagger aor gp), crystal vase CSrO gp), a:met;hyst-_ellcrostedshawl n.oro gp), +5' d'lllarveh 7I1at·a.>:8, iron balMs- of Bilarro, rod offtailillg, ,·od !if the flythotl, 4 scrolls of illus~ry ,!vall (she had many of these, but bas used .most of them). In addition, she has numerous spellbooks and books of lore 0,1 all'manner of subjects, especially arcana concerning dragons.

Lair: Ar~kaslyy lives in a: cavern that connects ro a network of, tunnels expanding from the Well of Dragons, Her lair is a recent one, for she just' arrived in secret tp bolster the Gult's defenses during the group's building-process. It contains immense piles ot coins, valuables, and food, She frequently brings in artifacts. alia lore excavated-from the Well, to ensure that these secrets do potJ"all_iqto the wIOng hands. Unlike with the lairs of many dragons, moSt,tupnels and openings that lead to her lair do not appear particularly large (some lOOK much smaller, due to illllsionary 'lllfdlS; she uses polymorph to enter and exit the others). She feels that this deception makes it less, likely for her lair to be discovered, and harder for other dragons tQ bother her,

Tactics: While physically powerful, Arsekaslyx is ye!y much a' mental dragon' She likes to learn about a foe, befriend it, and trick It into defeating itself. She prefers spells to physical combat but is i\>illi.og to do whatever it titkes to mostexpediently deal with whate-ver opponent she is facing.

Kno.wn Allies: Arsekaslyx is a strong ally of the Cultof.the Dragon and a permanent.fixture at the Well of Dragons:' Known Enemies: It is onlya matter of time before Naergoth (thetaskmaster of the Well project) discovers that Arsekaslyx . is more valued at thestronghold, At that lloint, he might seek

to surmount the dragon to prove his worth. Currently he- is not aware of h-ei- presence, due to her frequent use of the polym.prpb spell to appear as a human and observe.

Schemes: As a pet project, she has takeu on the half-black dragon evoker Vru'go-th~ Cult's 'operations leader at the 'Well, SMi~ molding the wizard, promising him the-possibility of perform ing a special ritual tgat wouldturn him into a half-dracolich, Vargo is forever seeking to emulate' dragonkind, and Arsekaslyx is preying on this desire.

Knowledge Ch,eckli: Locating Arsekaslyx's lair on a map is possible with a DC 1) bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geograp4Y), at itnowlcidge (local Western Heartlands) check. Infiltrating the Cult might provide infor~latiolJ on h~rdescriptiol1, Lair, and tactics, with a,D0_2S Gather.Informationcheck (along with the requisite checks for infiltration),

Adventure Hooks: Powerful characters seeking. to put a stop to the Cult's plans to harvest the bones of thousands of dead dragons might seek to infiltrate the operation. The- Talons of Justicea.re especially likely to hire characters to dothis, pitting

them directly against Arsekaslyx ,

Rage of Dragons: During the Year of Rogue Dragons, Arsekaslyx discovered a Iong-buried secretartifact known, as -the );one scepter of Zceryli "tbe- star-spawn" thai allowed her to resist, the effects oLthe Rage. The .scepter warped her phYSJolog}~ causing

, her to develop aberraur-appendages, ..

Statistics: Use the statistics for the mature adult red dragorr on page '258. of {])raconomicotl. Add the pseudonatnral template, -fage 16() of -Co'mplete ./Jrcmte. Change .fire shield to pofrnwrph,

- .



t uei orurcce, "The white worm"

the .Seven Sisters, having spent a considerable amount of time conversing with the archmage. Tills is probably the reason she bas stopped harassing ships near Wat,Cfdeep.

Known Enemies. Many seafarers along the Sword Coast consider her 11.11 enemy. Some consider her a maritime Legend, usually to their detriment.

Schemes: More pa. .. -anoid than ambitious, Arveiaturace has yet to concoct particularly grand plans. She would like to find a wizard to replace Meltharond, bur 110 sUitable candidates have presented themselves. For nOlI" she is content to plague the Swo.rd Coast, though her attitude is changing since the Dracorage.

Knowledge Checks: Locating A rveia tu race's lair OIi a lllap is possible with a successful DC 25"· bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (local Sword Coast) check. Well-trayeled seafarers can provide more accurate information about her with a DC 2J Gather Information check.

.Adventure Hooks; Seasoned Moonshaevian seafarers would like little more than to be rid of Arveiarurace forever. She has been a consranr bane to the populace, inspiringterror that ptevents people from visiting many of the beautif ul lands in the northern islands. A party could be hired to slay the dragon and rid the region of her menace.

OR female ancient white dragon

AIvciatu·race is.a mammoth creature, with s~ales of pale powder" blue and fading alabaster thatare a subtle contrast to the sparkling luster of 'the ice all around her, Her eyes hint at a cunning i.ntelligence unusual for white dragons, but her expression betrays I,er kind's tendencies toward brutishness and savagery.

Hoard: 26,000 gp in assorted coin, 10 brown garnets (100 gp each), 3. golden yellow topazes (.5"00 gp each), 'I- violet garnets (rOO gp each), o assorted opals (1,000 gp each), Y assorted sapphires (1,000 gp eaclL), 2 jacinths (5",000 gp each), )) assorted diamond" t5",OOO gp each), 9,065" gp worth of masterwork weapons (some ofspecial marerjals) and armor, mammoth jet idol of Gargauth (r,QOO gp), Life-size phosphorescent rock statue of an alhoon (4,400 gp), 6 Malarite tapestries depicting massacres of the elves (12,000 gp), . .] slick imfJr(rvrfd sbadot« impl"'O'lIed silent moues mttbra] shirt, +3 kmgS7l1ord, crystal bali,jlesh go/em manual, rod ofitle.tamagic I1mpo7e/ler, ring of profectioll '1-4, S{OIU: golem manual, Staff if /r'osf (28 charges), 711t11ld if slow (42

:; charges), 1(Jand of .1J1J.Seeli servant (3+ charges).

§. Lair: Arveiaturace lives in carefully hollowed-cat icc caves

~ attached to the complex of tile deceased \~.izard Meltharond, her

~ former master, Meitharend was the ruler of the Ice Peak, an ~. isolated island south of the Sea of Moving Ice and west i:::

't of Fireshear, She has carefullycarved .

.t> out her lair 50 that she can access

i:: .

• :!! Mdtllarond's belongings }l ~ without harming -s fi! them with

her bulk


the ice caves are precariously fragile, and it is only a matter of time 'before they collapse. Two stone go!ems and one flesh golem guard her treasure,

Tactics: Arveiaturace became particularly adept at barding wizardsafter years of serving Meltharond as

a steed in mage-battle. The dragon has learned a great deal about'arcane matters-from her master, and she uses this knowled'ge.in battle against wizards. Oae of her favorite tactics is to skew the aim of combatant wizards by skimming the waves, making her a difficult target. She is also very patient, 'pla.ol1.ing her battles ahead of time rather than attacking spontancoll.l}~ When 'she is an6TCl"ed, however, she tends to lose focus

and strategy. .

\<.noyrn Allies: Arveiaturace .i~ the ~cca5io!lal. mate of I the white w}'t.m Aranthator. When she hears his call, she 'often flies over till jom him. She has a strange relationship with Laeral of

Ar'lu;""lf.rMe,snd her mysferi.''1ri<4,. tirele Sf ~ pa fro} f he i rdom. a in

, I



Known Enemies: Buchembrallor is becoming more than just a nuisance among the sailors of Wealdath, A 3,000 gp bounty has peen set for whoever brings back lus skull.

Schemes: Buchernbrallor is obsessed with older dragons, andhe wants to accumulate a large treasure. hoard. His hoard is already considerably larger t11<1n thoseof most d!'agdns his aac, bet he is not satisfied. He hopes to steal treasure from sailing ships and, the lairs of other dragons.

Knowledge Checks: LccatingBuchembrallor's lair OIl a map is possible with a DC 17 bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (local Wealdath) check, Seafarers can provide more accurate infonnation about his suspected lair and habits with a "DC 19 Gather Information check .:

Adventure Hooks: The bOU11ty on the w-agon is a great incentive for money-hungry edventurers.-rhough some might simply hunt down the W"ag911 to say they've slain a IVyI'm.

Rage of Dragons: During the Year of Rogue Dragons, Buchembrallor declared open war Oil the sea lanes of the Wealdath, coming into direct conflict with a number of captains.

Linussaxaunol came to his aid (as unlikely as this might seem), and together they wreaked havoc 011 a large swath of the coast.

Stati~ti~s: Use the statistics for the young green dragon 011 page '249 of Draconomicou.

Rage of Dragons: During the Year of Rogue Dragons, Arveiarurace was tempted by the Cult of the Dragon in her search to find a n;w wizard master. One of the Wearers of Purple named Lashivian (NE Tethyrian male human necromancer 14) convinced her to" work with the Cult as an agent, but he: has not yet persuaded her to become a dracclich,

Statilltics: Use the statistics for the ancient white dragon on page 214 of :pracollomic(J1I.



"The error of velen"

Buehembrallor has hun ted the sea lanes of Cape Velen in County Fyraven at night for r years, claiming the lives and gold of merchants-and pirates.

Consistent with his age, Buchembral-

100r has brighr spring-green scales with a g10&» shine. He has the impetuous expression of an overconfident-youth, and green eyes more like a eat's

than a reptile's.

Hoard: 1,100 gp, 100 pp, 1 jasper (11 gp), 1 canary diamond (r,000 gp), ivory tray with platiuum inlay (1,05"0 gp), black pearl cameo with color -change alexanmite inlay (f,oro gp),foid;11" boat, potion qf de!lJ), poiso».

Lale Buchembrallor lives OIt the northern shore of Cap Velen in County Fyraven. His lair is in a sea cave leading deep into the cliffs.jusr under the treeline of the forest, It contains more treasure than most dragons his ay: have, though .most of. chis

is stre~ about III d'isorganized piles.

Tactics: Buchernbrallor i extremely overconfident, unaware thar despite his pro\ress, numerous grea~r predators live in the region. When enter-

ing a fight, he assumes that any creature of equal size or smaller is inherently interior. This has helped him-to acquire a hoard significantly larger than most dragons of his age.

KnoWn Allies: Bucherpbrallor's youthful impetuousness amuses Llnussaxannol, and while he is not quite a mentor to the young green dragon, they are OJl friendly terms.

LEmale young grlleD dragon

clou,?ivlioIDntoc, "old Gflowbone!'

NE female ancient green dragon

T1IC domain of "Old Gnawbone" encompasses a sigriificanr swath of northwestern Faenln, and the dragon's notoriety for killing adventurers spreads even farther out. She controls a network of human spies in Waterdeep and

Neverwinter. Her greatest desire is to be like one of the power-

ful women who live in these cities, and the spy network granrs her a glimpse into this dream.

Old Gnawbone is not aging well [or a green dragon.' Her scales are dulling to a pale olive

green, with black edges on the wings and frills, A perpetual scowl creases her serpentine features, except when Sue peers into her crystal balts and meddles ill the affairs . of humanity.

Hoard: 12,000 gIl of assorted coins (.~ small fraction of the Brokengulf fortune;; 7 emeralds (1,000 gp each), 15" busts of

Claugjyijamatar envi«: tb« pDwerful females if fh~ 'World





powerful huni'"a11 women (1,000 gpeach), 4 i:rystal bails (each with one of the following special abilities: arcime:sight, df{kct thmlghts, leI! in,uisibility,,tdi:pathjJ),bami oj tbe mage, ,:il;gqjchluneleon prnper, 17Ti'i qf draCtJflic deceptiolZ~-\, rada! spheres: M.g.

1 Be)l1g used by Claugiyliamatar, .

Lair:' Claugiyliamatar's lair lies ill ~ryp1:garden Forest, at the e;ld of a- deep 'ravine running fsom the - base of one _of the mountains that: bounds the old-growth forest on the north. Claugiyliarnatar uses human and ~nimal guards to paSrol the region around her lair. She doesn't have a name for her fair, but humans call it DeepingCave, The cave opens at the end of a dark, - vine-choked ,gully, populated by oak and duskwood .trees, Her lair-is a bizarre abode, covered in creeping phosphorescent lichens, toadstools, and mosses that drape over the statues of powerful human women.looted 'from a dozen Lambs. .

Ta,ctic,s: Claugiyliamatar likes to swoop down 00 caravans, picking off humans and stealing, magic items, When in-her lair, she spends her 'time funning the affairs of her gl\ng, the. Gnawbones (detailed on page S6 of City oj Sple1'lddT-s: Waterdh:p]' She spends countless hours monitoring the activities of groups in Neverwinter.Waterdeep, and to a lesser extent the rest of Faerun. She is always-planning deceptions and schemes meant to .outwit rivals and' enemies, kll0\villg that they frequently outmatch her


~ in physical and magical power.


Q Known Allies: The only true 'allies 0'[ Claugiyliamatar are the

i!:: members of the Gnawbones. They serve as her spies, runningher "-

;.:;, affairs and collecting the coin she and heroperations yield.

~ Known Enemies: Claugjyliam~tar has made numerous enemies ~ throughout the years-especially other dragons. Rumors suggest ,~ that.Balagos considers heran impudent, haggish dragon. Many t greens i!l'id blacks scheme tor parts of her territory, and it is only ~ a matter of time before one of them (ora group) is P_OWEI-ful

enpugh tochallenge her.

Schemes: Ultimately, Claugiyliamatar would like to be able to join human society, while still having access to all her draconic p-owers. She would like ~to rule as an all-powerful dragon-queen.of Waterdeep, doted on by nobles and worshiped by commoners. This dream is probably .por realistic, but it drives her to try to find a way to take 0)] human shape, and

still employ her power.s, '

Old Gnawbone is also considering the possibility of un death, though she has no interesrinworking WIth the Cult of the Dragon. She thinksthat assuming undead status-would allow her to watch humans and pursue- her dreams for as long as she desires:

Knowledge Ghe4s: Locating.Claugiyliamatar'sIair on a map ispossible with asuccessful DC ~2 bardic knowledge, Knowledge' (geographyl or Knowledge (localThe North) check. Investigations i:rito the underworld 6fWaterdeep or Neverwinter can reveal inform_arion~about the Gnawbonesgang (imd, to a lesser extent, Giaagiyliamataf) with a DC 33 Gather Information check.

Advent_~e Hooks: Claugiyliamatar has angered numerous LWaterdha.vian,5wrrh her .schemes, Scions of the Brokengulf'family might setk revenge on the dtagog for stealing much oftheir fortune. Other dragons -llli~!;lt seek the ~id of characters, either

cqv~rtly er through the-aid ofminions.. :,

R.age~f Drago.ds: DU1'ingthe Year of Rogue Dragons, Clf-~giyliarnlltar became embroiled in, a series of fights when 'she was


attacked by th~ green dragons of Nev~nvillter Woo(l. Fleeing the fotest, she came \lpon waiting representatives from the Cult of the Dragon, who offered her protection and the possibility of becpming a dracolich: She pas yet to accede to their offers, lavishing in the-gifts and praise they heap upon her, but she is seriously considering the possibiliry,


CR 28

Female ancient green dragon rogue 4jdnlid 4-

:N"E (iargantuan dragon (air) .

In.it +1.; Senses blindsense 60 ft. darkvision 1'20 It., low-light vision; Listen +38, Spot +38

Aura fj'ightfnl presence (300 fr., DC 31)

Languages Chondathan, Common, Draconic, Illuskan,

Dwarveu, Elven •

AC 38, touch 7, flat-footed 37; uncanny dodge


(-4 size, +1 Dex, +31_natlll"al)

hp )'20 (40 HD);·DB. ·lJ/magic Immune acid, paralysis, sleep Resistevasion; S~ p

F~rt +30, R.ef +'23, Will +18; +4,agalllSt?pell,like abilities

of fey ,

Speed 40 ft. (8 squares], :fly '200 ft. (clumsy), sw_iIIi 40 ft.; woodland stride

Melee bite 'i-49 (4d6+1QJ and

'2 claws each +46 (2.dJ3+Y) and '2. wings each +46 (2d6+r) an'd tail slap +46 (2d8+15"J

Space, 2'0 ft:; Reach 1J ft. (20 ft. with bite) Base Atk +~8 Grp +60

Atf \ip~ion5 Snatchj-sneak attack +2d6,crilsb~ tail sweep Special A.ctions breath weapOll, spontaueous.casting (sllmm07f

1Jd tare': ally).

Combat Gear rod of spheres Druid.Spells Prepared (Gr; 4th):

'2Jld_:_jlaming sphere (DCi7), resist ene,'gy, !reeshape,

71100a sbape ~ ,_

lst-cba1"mal1imal (DC 16), cure ligbt 7lJ01mds (2), _ elltangle(DC16),_goodberry

O---,--cl.rr? mi1,OF 7lJOlltJds~ detect poison, lmlYlu direction, resistance, virtue

Sorcerer Spells Known (Cl; 13th):

6dl (4/day)-leg;end lore; Tenser's transformaiion

nh (7/day)-c!ol4dkill (DC 20), dOmZ11ateperson (DC 10), persistent imaglJ

4th (7jdeay)-detlJct ~crying (DC 19), impro·ved 1tN!isibility, lesser globe-qj i1'!'I!H~1Jer~bility, scryillg (DC 19)

3rd (7)day)-clairvoYi11ice; dispel m agic, _protectio,; from,

elements, Wi11d wall .

2nd (7/rIay)~alte,. 5r?l/, biuI:' in'l!isibilii)) mitn;r im(Jge, see

in» isib i lity _

1St (8Jda),)---calqnn, cm.nprepcli,J. llmgliages, endure elements~ Iliagic Inissile~41sr1lr:ing '/rtirt O_{6/day)-danringiights, detert ml1g;il:, gbast sound, light, mage hawd, memlitl& opeli/clo~eJi'restidigit#io/l, read





, \



SpeU-WeAbi!ities (eL i3tb)

-3fdaY;,-dominfi/epentJlI (DC '20),. mggl!sti011 (DC 18) 1/day-p_la1Jtgr97I1th

Abilities Sty ,31,. Dei 1'20• Con ']5, Int 22, Wis 23, eha 20 SQ_ammM companion, trackless step, water .breathing Feats 'Brew Porion, Extend Spell, Faster Healing, Flyby

At~ack> G.re:ater Resilieucj, Improved Flight, Multiattack, Qgicken, <snatc:ho Stealthy, Weapon Focus (bite), Wingover

Skills Bluff +42, Concentration +-:1'4, Diplomacy +46,

Escape Artist +38, Gather Information +_33, Hide +36, Intimidate +4.~,Knowledge (arcana) +4-3, Knowledge 0uctore) +46, Listen +-43, Move Silently +38, Search +43, Sense Motive +43, Spellcraft +28,Spot +43, Survival +28, Swim +38, Use Magic Device-

Animal Companion (Ex) Claugiyliamatar frequently changes animal companions to suit her needs. Shecan choose

any of the. compaliions a va ilable to 'a 4~ h- level druid that would be available.in the forest;

llteath Weapon (Su) 60-ft. cone; orice every 1d4 rounds, damage 'Wd6 _aCid, Reflex,BC 33 halI.

Grush (Ex}-.Are-a 20 ft. by 20 ft.; Medium or smaller opponents-take +d6+H "pbin,ts,otbludgeoning damage and - must.succeedon a D.~ 33 Reflex save or be pinned.

Frightful Presence-(Ex) Claugiyliamatar tan iaspire ter~'or by charging, attacking, or flying overhead. Creatures within 360 feet of the dragon that have 39, HD or fewer must . attempt a DC ~) Will save . .Success indicates that the target is immuneto Claugiyliamatar's frightful presence for '24 hours, 01.1 a failure, creatures with 4 or fewer HD become panieked for- +.d6 rounds. Those. with 'j OJ more HD become.shaken for .4d61'oU1Jds.

'Snatch (Ex).Agai~st Medium or-srilali~ creatures; bite for 4d6+10 per_round or. claw for 2d8+) per .round,

Tail Sweep (Ex) Half-circle 30 ft. in diameter; Small or smaller opponents take 2d6+1~ point. of bludgeoning damage (Reflex DC B half).

I_fyklQ.thQ.~rQ., "shQ._fpfQ.li~s'~

LE-fein.ale great nrmblue dragon

May l;p' body.rat mId her scales c-rumble as she r/u1lJbers atop fhe,f-ruits if tbe Imp_efiuml Ma)' ber fang! gro1u 4ull im4 her

- 'liJingS'1Itither as -sb« ddfts fjn'th~ ric~er of time! IrykJatiJagra. ihMj nle tbe d~y sb« tbaLLenged the almigbty S/:J(jf)l1,foi' j sball perJon(Llly dine fJpon her :flah_ tllltigna11J ·lIpq11 ber bones. JkJjI Art-1I1ill's:ummlJ'll ber to my throne 'al1d.fim:e bel' to b~?11 aO'lvil before me: I shall jasbion_ bet: bide into a malate befitting ifihe q)'Sm: By all the g;ods; I J1/1eal' to bring her oTily deatb.for 110 mon or 9uynil- shall ever challenge tbe authOrtl), of the S/:;0[1I1 irt this realm Ilr the next!

excerpt from the Collected Ravings of Shoon yrr, 11th QysaJ' of the Shoen Iinptr'iufn, pubLishedih the Year of the Dusty Library (469 DR)

Despite her llge ~lld the vow of Sheen VI.i;Iryklathagr(t stands proud-and fit, a perfectexample ofa great wyrrn blue ,i;lragoJ1 in her prime. Although she has the df~:natic frill~ ears .and ~ingle massive hom typical of her breed, ber most distinctive.feature is her oversized fangs.Because SlJarpfallgs has Icing eschewed the desert environment common 'to her breed, h~l" iridescent.azure

scales lack the glossy finish of. other blue dragons. '

Hoard: During the past .millenuium, Iryklarhagra.has assembled one of the greatest boards of coins, gems~ and magical artifacts to be found in ·all Faenin. Although it is large enough to rival the treasury ofa large city or-small kingdom; the true value of the hoard of Sharpfangs far exceeds the magical power .contained within the items she lias collected alid the exact counts of the accumulated stacks of coin. In Iryklathagra's 'case, the gl'eat w:yrm blue dl'agon has assembled her hoard by-plundering the ruins of Shoonach, by receiving centehriial tributefrom the syl-pashas of Calirnshan, by claiming treasury- of t1fe Skeletal Fin>ger thieves guild, by seizing the- hoard of the-bronze dragons - Arellaxerrontoal and Tmllusharithillor,'£hd by raidingfar afield across. Faerun, Her hoard continues 'to grow far beyond that of other great wyrrn blue dragons thanks to her newly Instituted "tax" on Amn's treasury (discussed below),

Mixed Coins and minor piecesof artwork worth 1)'8,395' gp, eyes Df Neartli (pair of l'nat~h~d beijuiils,);OOO gp eachor 12S00 collectively), 1ifOurnilig stones of EVY'f'tailil (set of 4_8 -marehed pieces of jet, worth 109 gp each or 10,000 gp collectively), RJ;sdJdrt's tears (set of 9 matched king'srears, each depicting one of the founding liehes of the Twisted Rune, ),000 PiP each or 7S,000 gp collectively), bronxe. brassier if Ml1mnoN (worth

• 14,OOQ gp),fimeral ui'TIS if NyU;')" (13 urns worth_i,200,gp each),gpbMof .SI!'UeJl71/inqs (worth 9,000 gp), O1'tilJ1J iMm.e if .Antl~'ht)'r (gilded dome wrested from the top of a since-fallen temple in Saelmur, worth 10,000 gp), zlll~ithing l~lIg, if Alimil' (7 Calishite carpets depictil~g battles with beholders in the Alimir Mountains, worth 1,000 gp _each, 18,000 gp as a set)" .Akkabat's battleblade ringft, Fanged su-u of Shyk Korort", G'hazh,·tbe 'Desert's Edge¥, Kayos the Kr<_lkenscIAlrge*, Kuraltoar the>])emotlShield\ masteriog of Amabl V (Til;g if efreeti caTling, analogous to a ring if djinni caLli"g), mOllocleif Bagtha!os", itaff

of Sht!On~. .

Lair: Since the Year 0[" the Prancing Centaur (1362 D'R), Iryklatbag,:a has occupietl the chapterhouse of the Skeletal Finger thieves guild i11 the depths df the Small Teeth. She lias transfon~ed the trap-filled citadel into a nigh-unpregnable lair. The only known entrance to the lair is a riiidair, invisible por-tal between two peaks 'in the 'Small Teeth that 'deposits anyone piisslllg through it inan endless 'well (really a vertical'tube with -a porta! at the -bottonithat leads to the' top of the shaft and activates 1 roundafter someone SL-:Ull5 into. the bottom 'of the shaft) guarded by n Pl!ii- of endlessly warring geilies (.11J adyanced 25' HD efreeti and an advanced 'is HD noble djillni). The exact Iooation or the midair portal is difficult to discern, because anyon.e passing. through it tr jg~ers.the,:creation ofan illusi.Oll of his or her ·forin

that ap_~~ars}o continue 011 In mid-Higllt. _ .

l'actic~":)w:kJ:j.thagra has survived as _lqng:as she h.as due to ~1~~ cunning and.patience.She exhibits little of the arrogance.eorumon' amongyouagerdragons.who think themselves indestructible, but


· ...


.her .thirst.for j'eyenge against those who slighr her is unmatched, Sharpfangs .always retaliates disproportionately at a time of her .ch9osi.ng, and 'she makes sure her determination in this regard is \~eU knowh across-the lands of the ShOOD Imperium by 'hiring bards to "tell her tales in the fashion she likes !fern told. She is also careful t~ confine her ravages.to lands far beyond the kingdom-of Auw' and to promptly drive off or destroy.any wyrm who seeks to encroach into her territory. As a result, the rulers of Allin have a vested interest in deterring would-be dragon slayers, for if- Sharpfangs ";"ere to depart, h~r 'successors rnight be 'rar less

benign. .

Known Allies:. Arangauthosthe Bluetalon (LE female. 'old blue dragon) escaped ftom Uudermountain during Halaster's Higharvestide in the Year of the Gauntlet (H69 DR). After staying a_gi-eat wyrrn red.dragon that laired near Citadel Amnur and claiming, his hoard, she flew south to rejoin her mother, Iryklathagra. The daughter now serves fbe schemes of Sharpfangs, guardulg her mother's lair during her absences and serving as a deeD}' against would-be dragonslayers, Iryklathagra generously rewards her daughter for her service! and the- two are gell 11 in ely attached to each other. Halaster's motivation for imprisoning Arangauthos remains mysterious, but IrykJathagra suspects the Mad Mageactedin revenge for her plundering of hisabandoned tower ill the emirate of Torsi! (which motivated her laterinterest in acquiring Kuraltaar the 'lJe.mambieI£t from Qysara Shaani; see -the discussjon in Chapter 1) in the Year of the Lost Library (150 DR), when she was still a wyrmling,

Known Enemies: Irykl~thagr~'s ancient nemesis is the infamous Shoen VULE (now a ~~.male Iich [augmented Tethyrian human] necromancer 31/archmage f who has quasi-permanently magicjarredZallanora Argentresses, a N female moon elf wizard 3). Since escaping the Tome of the Unii:onFF- during the Time of Troubles, "Zallanora" bas bided her time.among the Cowled Wizards of Amn, slowly building "her" influence within the organization and appearing- to grow in power, Shoen VII seeks to reestablish the ShOOI] Imperium \vith himself as its undying qysar. The "t)'iogreateSt: obstacles to his rule are his ancient feud with Sharpfangs and his-rivals among the TwiSted Rune, Shoen VU would like to see both the dragon and the other liches de· stroyed before he, makes, his move, and he 15 actively spying on

the defenses and schemes of both. .

Scheme-s: Iryklatliagra has bug seen .herself as the rightful heir to the throne of the Shoen, but theself-styled "Dragon Qysara of Shoen" has little interest iu the day-to-day rule of a nation of gi:?-Spingn~erchants (Arnu), a kingdom of feuding. nobles CTethyr), ora caliphate of unmatched decadence (Cal imshau).:

She has deliberately cultivated the image of a w·.agol1 content to sleep ,away the- Years on her hoard ouly to emerge and vent her wrath on' any wlJ.o have slighted her. In-truth, Iryklathagra spends much of her time ill human Corm, insinuating 'herself and her agents -in.to the ruling classes of AI1111, Terhyr, and Calimshan. LHer goal. is not to wield the levers of powel~ far the petty doings of hlimartity COllQef11 her Little unless they threaten her or her holdings; but to. build her hbard tl~r€l~gh steady streams of taxa-

riorr ru1Q tithing: .' .

Calimshan's centennial tithes are well known and publicly bemoened by a succession of sr1·pasha.s charged with gi.l~dillg

the royal treasury.but Amn and Tethyr have paid tribute just as Well. Amn's Co~ncil of Six diverts a-percentage of the nation's tax revenue into !ryklathagra's claws.every year in all arrangement dating back to the dragon's quiet financial backing of Thayze Seiem.Chant and-the nascent Council ofSix ill the Year of the Striki6gFalcoii(B33 DR), during the Great Arnnian Trade War. A previous arrangement with the kings of Amn existed before the fall of the monarchy in the Yearof the E_:rulllbling Keep Cl276 DR]. In Tethyr's case, the fall of the monarchy during the T~.1 Black Days of Eleinr ended centuries of. quiet tribute by Tethyr's royal bouse: Agents of Sharpfangs are now quietly negotiating with King Haedrak and Qsleen Z,b'anda: on a resumption of such tribute, with rhewreckage inflicted on Calimport's Palace Ward serving as. a useful warning of the consequences if no agreement

is reached. . .

Knowledge Checks: Locating Iryklathagra's Jair on a. map requires asuceessful DC '2T bardie-knowledge, Knovd.e.Qge (geography), ~or Knowledge _(local Am,njCalirnshanjTethyrjWealdath) check. FCs who questioil a. military leader in Amu, TethYl", 'or Calirnshan, or a scholar of the Shoon Empire, can learn about Iryklathagra's description, lair, tactics, known allies, and known enemies wi~h a successful DC 20 Cather Information check. They ean learn about her rumored hoard and schemes with a DC 3D Gather Information check,

Advenmre Hooks: Shoen vI1 seeks to assess Iryklathagra's defenses in preparation for their ultimate reckonillg. Toward that end, the infamous Iich -plans to unleash waves of would-be dragonslayers against the great wyrm blue- dragon to probe her

, defenses and her response to various types of attacks. Rather than hire sudh groups directly, which might reveal to Sharpfangs that her long-impriSoned nemesis hrui returned.Shoon VII has begun seeding crypts-and dlulgeoris thronghout.the Imperial South with fragmentary accounts of her hoard, suspect.maps leading to her lair, an d the like ..

In the wake of Iryklathagra's .assanlf on the city of Calirnport (discussed below), the syl-pasha of Calirnshan is riesperare [.0 regain the favor cfBhaelrosf'Ialos) for the country. As a result, Syl-Pasha Ralan el Pesarkhal ha1off~te'd to cede Calirnshans claims oil Sharpfangs's hoard and-grant the title of Syl-Vizar of Calimport (a new title, conveying day-to-day .rulership of Caiimport), to the slayerof Iryklathagra. Unbeknownst to even the syl-pasha, the Bhaelrosian priest whosugges1ed this method of atouerneut is actually in the employ of Shean VII; who .sees the syl-pasha's offer 11;; one more lever III his tactical.assault on Sharpfangs.

Rage of Dragons: In the Year of Rogue Dragons, Iryklathagra succumbed to the Draccrage, like many of her kin. Thegreat wynn attacked and shattered tl;Je eastern tower of ~jle Twill Towers of the Eclipse before teturning to her lair. (111 late 1573 DR Blackwill Haarken Akhmelere, rrsii1g the ancient Calishite artifact known as the Golden Lamp of Sarnesaj,' repaired the eastern tower and rebuilt.the western tower of the temple, thereby erasing any evidence of the affront to Cyrie caused by the actions of Iryklathagra ana the mysterious beingknown as the Sojourner, as related in. the novel Midl1ight's Mask:) Iryklathagra's Dracor. age-fueled lust for death and destruction remained unsared, SO she reemerged from the Imperial Mount at.theheart of Sh06nach


\ ,


, ,


(suggesting the existence of it pMtai lin king her lair to the ruined imperial capital] and flew ~outh to Calimport,

Barred b}" a my/bat from unleashing llcr fury on the Pasha's Sahban, home to the symbolic heir to the qysars of Shcon, Sharpfangs turned ~er wrath against Jhe nearby Plaza of Divine Truth, During the battle with the temple's defenders, Iryklathagra's sweeping tail shattered the legendary Idol of Bhaelros, thus triggering jill anciept prophecy, An aspect of Bhaelros manifested in the middle of the courtyard astride an enslaved great brass wynn. The resultant battle destroyed most of Palace Ward (with the notable exception of the Pasha's,Sabban) before Sharpfangs was finally driven off, her fury spent.

Despite Iryklathagra's departure, the aspect of Bhaelros COI1- tinned to wreak havoc lIpan Calimport, forcing the syl-pasha's a=y to battle the raging deity and his steed for three days before both were destroyed. Enraged at his defeat. Bhaelros retaliated by raining lighlning bolts 001\'1 upon Calimshan for a r.eru· thereafter, By the end of the Year of Lightning Storms (B74 DR), the unending thunderbohs had gr.avely weakened the syl-pasha's rule, and the rulers of Calimporr's other cities had regained a measure of their traditional independence.

Statistics:: Use tile statistics for the great wyrm blue dragon on pages '115"-216 of 'j)racIJnOmiColl,. but replace the Leadership feat with Improved NlJ-tural Attack (bite),




Since the reign of Qy5~r Shooi1 IV, a female blue dragon by the name ';f Illyklathagra has plagued the lands once claimed by the Shoon Irnperiunr. Born i11 the Year of the Pirares' Port Q.45 DR) amid the sands of .h:llauroch, Iryklathagra collected .powerful artifacts and .spells at :I' relatively young age for a dragon. Her" earliest exploits arc largely lost to history, but it is known thilt she arrived in [he South ill the Year of the Plague Clouds (236 J?R), In II secret meeting, Iryklathagra and Sb.oon IV plotted the destruct jon of Rhimnasarlthe Shining, a great silver dragon of the Marching ·Mountains who had long opposed the oppressive rule of the Shoon, In exchange for posses5.ion of the Shining Wyrm's hoard and lair, the blue dragon offered to conf ue her hunting ro the, periphery of the

Imperium. MId to keep other dragons from settling U1 the lauds claimed by the Shoen.

With the aid of the wizard-qjsar and his troops, Ir~i'kla~hagta managed to slay Rhimnasarl, burShoen IV reneged on his deal with the blue dragon once he realized the true worth of the 5il~T dragon's hoard, Iryklathagra, near-death from the battle, had lie choice bUI: to retreat, -and when she returned, fhe Yawning Cavern of Rhimllasarl had been ·plu ndered of its J;aglc ana g91d. Meanwhile, the qysar, who thought her dead, spread false tales of his victory that survive to the present day. He claimed that he had defeated not one, but two great dragons, the second of which was Iryklathagra, The blue -dragon, he boasted, had arrived 011 the heels of hisvicrory over Rliimnasarl, intending . to battle her ancient nemesis in a draconic duel thar would have devastated the surrounding lands.

Intent on regaining a hoard that she considered rightflllly hers lind exacting Iter revengeagainst the SnOOD Imperium, Iryklathagra established a secret lair of her own elsewhere in the Marching Mountains and set about building its defenses, In the Year of -the Dun Dragon ('245" D~), the blue dragon launcheda. reign of terreron the surrounding lands that bedeviled a succession of qysars. The Sboon Imperium never officially admitted that Iryklathagra was the same wynn that Shoon IV had supposedly "l'lmqui5hed, a fact that has engendered some amount of confusion among sages regarding the date of

the blue d·ragoo's birth. .

"By the Year of Seven Scales (322 DR), Iryklathagra had achieved sufficient power to brazenly confront Shoen v,rr, the great-great-great-grandson of Shoon IV, She settled onto Qssa.r's Square before the Imperial. Palace- ill Shoonach and dared the qysar to respond to her presence After several days of tense negotiations, the blue dragon departed peacefully with a small fraction of the hoard, having been assured that Shoen VII would accede to the rest or het~demands away from the prying eyes of

his subjects. .

The Sharpfang Bartles that ensued encompassed a series of three dashes between Iryklathagra, later known us "Sharp fangs" for .her deadly bite, and Shoen VII,. a powerfulwizard in his own right, The first confiicrerupeed in the northeastern rerrirories of Valashar, a kingdom within the Shoon Imperium, during the planned transfer of'Rhirnnasarl's board. Iryklathagra

trnleoshinq the .HOG.fd

Swords ana shields, staves and scepters: The relics of he-roes heard, has. far-reaching consequences 011 surrounding lands.

and villains are wrapped ill the montlc of history lind become When tied-to a region rich In history and conflict, a small

symbols of bygOllC ages. Oncelost, they are woven inre myt'l,i, company of dragon slayers call trigger great social, political,

lIJ;I integral _part of a realm's. cultural tapestty. IT found, they. ~.!1d economic change, creating unl imited paUll rial for new

can dl:slod.ge c:r:O\\'J1S and reforge thrones. ~ . , adventures.

Motivated by an instinctive need to acquire and hoard, Several of the unique magic items found in Iryklathagra's

the great dregenscf the Faeril,n, by dint of theirextended hoard (the F'mlgfd Sbietd Iff Sh).k Koro'rt, Gbtrzir the 'J)eserl's

life ~p1lJl6~ -serv~ as· hradvertent curators for that which-has ,Edge"Kaya·s'·the Ki:aklJ1lSCOtirge, Kt~r4U(].ar .thiJ J)t:1l1{}1tS~ie:ld,·

[.:ure(l awny or been, thrown dOWI), But .110 dragon Iives forever, and the itaffqf'''Shomt,: see the descriptions in Chapter 1) .bave

and many are eventually slaiu by small bands of .would- a special sectiou.called GOI1te.qucnces 'de~lti.llllg the effects of

be heroes, Almost inevitably,.th~ plunoeri~lg o~ n wYJ'w's· unleashing them 011 the world at large,





.had insisted tUat Shoou VII personally deliver the tribute, but instead he attacked the dragon with the arsenal of spells and jnagic items at-his disposal. Aithough both the qysar and the dragon escaped-their first battle relatively unscathed, four villages of Valashar were wholly destroyed, and Sheen VII seized several powerful items of magic from fryklathagra, enabling him to claim victory .

The Year of Battle Talons (3)8 DR) saw the resumption of open hostilities between Sharpfangs and Shoen VII, a ba~_tle that again visited destruction upou Valashar during a rare visit by the q_ySM to the periphery of'his domain. (Some historians suspect that Shoen VII was deliberately tryingto draw Iryklathagra into battle away from the capital city of Shoonach.) After recouping from her previous defeat, Iryklathagra had assembled a veritable armory of spells and magic devices of her own. Even the qysar's !Imlfire spell, which ripped the Life out ofdozens of peasants and nearby soldiers to fuel a massive conflagration, could not stop the blue dragon from sreati!lg his prized Staff if SbarJH and claiming victory.

In the Year of Molten Anvils (366 DR),. the last of the Sharpfang Battles earned Iryklathagra her common appellation, for the blue dragon shattered and nearly bit off the qysar's left arm and right leg during the conflict. Shoen VII and his nemesis battled in the skies over Shoonacb and among the streets of the slaves' city just outside the city center. MO!'e than 75",000 slaves died as a result of the battle, for both combatants 'possessed ancient magiCs and a hatred so consuming that tlley attacked-with little thought to their surroundings. Neither combatant gave quarter, despite the qysar's injuries and Iryklathagra's shredded wings .. The.soldiers and other wizards of the Imperium drove off the dragon, and tended their leader, whose boastful oaths of victory rang hollow amid the ravages done to ills capital.

One year later, in the Year of Shyiug Eyes (367 DR), Shoen VII staged his own "death," Feigning incapacitation 'Stemming from his last battle with Sbarpfangs, Shoen VII placed his daughter Shaani on the throne and manipuiated her into poisoning her apparently infirm father. Secretly immune to the poison's effects, [be former qysar was free to research and undergo a transformation to lichdom three years later, Little is known of his activities ill the centuries that followed except that he eventually became a demilich trapped in the Tome of the Unicorn, a libram of -his own devising.

Shoan VII's successor,Qysara Shaani, achieved one notable success early in her reign before theensuing decline of the Shoen Imperium. When Iryklarhagrs returned to Shoonach in the Year of Emerald Eyes (371 DR), the dragon's laughter after learning of the death of Shoen VTI cracked the great dome atop the Qysar's l'ala~_ Sb'aalli, prepared- far the visit of Sharpfangs, offered Iryklarhagraa small hoard in gems and magic, including the mastering of Amah! 17, Akka.bar's b.att/eblade rintG, Kuraltam" the 'DemoflSbield*, and two bottles containing a trapped efreet 'and a djino. Aware that die Imperium was crumbling around Shaam and rhar Shoonach would' be ripe for plunder after its collapse, Iryklathagra -parlayed the offering into a tribute due once each century by "the irlheritor of Calim's throne," Uqder t1ireat of devastating raids, those tributes have been 'continned by Calimshan's pashas through the present day.

Irykl:rthagr.a returned to pick over the bones of the Shoen Imperium in the Ye4r of the COl' tie Fist (450 DR) on the fourth day of the Sheonach Conflagration, the great file set by Tethyr's army. After·a brief talk with King Strohm, the great wyrrn blue dragon destroyed and plundered buildings among the Imperial lv101,jnt above. the city proper and claimed much hidden magic for her own, including Ghl1zir the Desert': Edge, which had been fabricated with magical lore gleaned from Rhimnasarl's research, Many or the treasures hykltttllagrll: seized were once part of Rhimnasarl's hoard or had been derived from the lore seized from the great silver dragon by Qysar ShOO1} IV (fanhyra's Tome, also knnwn as the T01l1~ of Secret-s,.was one of the few artifacts that lay within the vaults of Shoonacb not to fall into her claws, and she has spent the past nine centurie-s tracking down it' and other treasures she feels arc bet due.) Since -rhe Shoonach Conflagration, Sharpfangs has been true to the vow she made "the little elfking," whose condiricns are not. unlike her original deal withShoon IV, and she has never used Tethy.r

--as a hunting ground. ..

For nearly six centuries, Iryklathagra laired in a secret cavern in the Marching Mountains, emerging at leastonce each century to receive the rrib,ute that was her due from tbe .syl-pasha of Calimshan. Little is known of her activities during the Seventh Age of Caiimshan, for she confined her depredations 'to realms far afield and largely faded fr·om memory ill the former lands of the Shoen. One deed that 'has not yet. come to light unfolded in the Year of the Shrouded--Slayer (671 DR), when Iryklathagra hunted amid the grasslands of.

• the Shaar, seizing the Ftmged Sbield of Shyk Korort [l-ama

gnoll shaman of Yeenoghu. .

In. the Yeru' of the Dracorage (W1B DR), Iryklathagra emerged from her lair and joined the massive flights of dragons ravaging Faerun, In a series of conflicts that lasted for nearly a month, Sharpfaugs battled the defenders of Miutar along the shores of the Lake of Steam, devastating that' city and sinking many local ships ill the process. When Iryklathagra

. finally" r~treated to her lair, she left Mintar Iargejy in ruins. A few surviving magelo.rds, who for- years bad labored to acquire power III the shadows of Minear's government, emerged as the new leaders of the city by promising to protect the populace

_ from future wyrrn attacks.

Over the course of the next century, the Mage10rds of Minear rebuilt their cit}' and plotted their IeYellge against Sharpfangs. Although their magical divinations finally revealed the site of the blue dragon's lair, plans by the magelords to destroy Iryklathagra were forestalled by their own. defeat at the hands of the Harpers in tile Year of the Peryton (1118 DR), In the chaos thatensued in Mintar, the lore regarding Sharpfangs that had been gathered by the magelords fell into the hands of the Skeletal Finger thieves guild, a band of rogues

active throughout the South. I

Thirty-four years later, in the Year of the Prancing Centaur (1162 DR), juernbera of the Skeletal Finger invaded Iryklathagra's lair in hopes of stealing some of her legendary hoard. but they succeeded only in nwakening the blue wyrm from 'a long sleep. Enraged by their temerity, Sharpfangs retaliated by attacking the Skeletal Finger's secret redoubt in the depths of



the Small Teeth and slaying every member of the guild. Since her.former lair's inviolability had been compromised, she then moved u;ro the guild's vacated stronghold, transform ing it intoa nearly impregnable lair, Among the mallY coins; jewels, and artifacts. she -recovered was tHe Monocle if BI1g:tb(!los, a littleknown relic sacred to Helm that had been fashioned in the Year of Eyes (1'141 DR) and stolen a year later by members of the guild. FOr till next two centuries, Iryklathagra largely remained within her new lair, hunting far afield on those rare occasions when she eraerged=-such as her plujideringof the trade city of Otanyn in the Triton Protecrorare of Ablor;, deep [1; the Sea of Fallen Stars, ill the Year of the Shattered Wall (1271 DR).

Shoon VII resurfaced in the Year of the Prince (135"7 DR), when the Tome 0/ tbe Unlcor» 1'':1.S stolen from tile Green Rooms of Ruathym by Shand Tharovin, a Calishite wizard, Unlike those who pn:ceded him, Shand managed to both summon Shoen's skull from the Tome and communicate with the spirit' of the former qysar. As part of a deal struck between rhem, Shond agreed to find seven spirits for the demilich to consume, The firsrsuch attempt came a year later during the Time of Troubles. The magical chaos engendered by the Fall of the Gods caused Shoen 'lrr to switch corporeal forms with Zal..lanora Argentresses, an elf mageling whose caravan was ambushed by Shand th~rovin and his agents. After hi, release, Shoen VII (in the form of ZalJauora) joined the Cowlcd Wizards of Amn, using his new guise to gather lore on the changes that have occurred since the collapse of the: Shoon Imperium.

In the Year of the Gauntlet (1369 DR), Iryklathagrn emerged from her lair with a ravenous hunger afte.r a ccutury of inactivity. By chance, the blue wyrm's appearance followed • the birth of a clutch of three bronze dragons within the same mountain range by jI.J5t ovt:r a yem .. Savoring the possibility of a rareculinary treat, If yk"lathagra waited until Arellaxerrontoal, the mature adult mother of the hatchlingsand more powerful of the mated pair" emerged from her.family's lair through the crater of anextincr volcano two peaks east of Kossuth's Eyes. The.blue wyrm then attacked Trollushanthallor and ills offspring in their lair, killing the adult male bronze dragon and two of the hatchlings before returning to her Lair to dine on the bodies of tire 'latter; The third harehliag, Alaerurrgos, managed ro escape, albeit badlywounded, and she now dwells in me relative safety of the centaur settlement ill central Tethir.under the tutelage and protection of COWlt Gamalon Idogyr, Sage of tile Court of Tethyr, Arella dwells among the Suldusk elves, plotring. a cold

revengeagainst Sharpfangs, .

On Midsummer ill the Year of tile Unstrung Harp (1371 DR), Iryklsrhagra emerged from her lair long enough to retrieve her centennial tribute from the syl-pasha of Calimshan, Slaves of th~ syl·pasha brought a kings ransom in coins, jewels, art, and magic to the waiting wynn at the.heart of ruined Shoonach, As is-her custom. Sharpfangs dined well that day and then vanished with the latest addition to her hoard. Few expected to see her again fer another century ..

, ,




('Th~ W"l(fIn of MonT( spe~ Is?'

LN female mature aduleareel" dragon

I ,

The Wyrm of Many Spells is deeply enmeshed in the schemes of Waterdeep's merchant nobility; "

III draconic form, jalanvaloss is long and sleek with catlike grace. The spines that surround her face resemble whiskers and long, straight hair. Her eyes are silver orbs, and her scales shine

like burnished steel. .

Hoard: In lieu of a traditional hoard of coins, gems~ and magic, the Wynn of Many Spells owns or- partially owns several shops in Waterdeep's Southern Ward, Trades Ward, and Dock Ward, including the House of Pride perfume sb.op (D33), Meiroth's. Fine siiks (T35"), and the Swords' Rest (Sl). She OWLlS the buildings and-rents the premises to various merchants, generating a. steady stream of income. AJI these buildings are crowned with one or two flOOfS of fen~al apartments, whicb generate more income, The Wyrm of Many Spells also owns several houses full of genteel rental rooms ill Sea 'Ward and NOl:th Ward, including Firesong Villa (N76) and Stagdollll1 Manse ($69).

Lair: Jala.uvalos5 ren~ various upper-floor rooms all over the city, and at least two of those she owns-the House of Pride and Meirotb's Fine Silks-incorporate secret apartments (rooms retained by J alanvaloss herself which have their own entry stairs linking to cellars-and thence, to nearby stables or the sewers), She customarily assumes a different human shape when Visiting one abode than she wears for dealings with another, She is known to have at least one secret cache somewhere in the sewers and another in a spell-j:iuarded tomb somewhere in the City of the Dead.that.contaiu nothing bue clothing, makeup; and accessories that allow her to change one .human identiry for mother. It 15 hard to say which of hc.rvariol15 Warerdhavian properties is her true lair; jalanvaloss has even been known to curl up for a rest in dragon form on tile roof of a tomb in the City of the Dead and use a spell to make her appear to be no more than sculpted-and weathered=stone.

'tactics: Jaianvato-ss is constantly scheming, displaying an aptitude and a love for all manner of t-angled intrigues. She is constantly nurturing new agents and allies, few or whom know the true identity of their benefactor. The Wynn of Many Spells avoids situations that might lead to physical: combat whenever possible, but once she ~nters into battle, her Fury is unmatched. I~ possible, she attempts to maneuver the field of battle to her advantage before such hostilities erupt, a careful approach that has allowed her to kill several more powerful' wyrms,

Known Allies: jalanvaloss call caU on a dozen or more adventuring companies who got their start thanks to the Wyrm of Many ~:peUs, including the Seven Swords of Sail Street, Belgar's Boastful Band, and rhe Cntsclaw Company, Likewise, half the nobles in the city owe her. some amount of money thanks to her penchant for borrowing from one merchant house to loan to

, .-

another, all to $npport the success of a third venture.

Known Enemies: In her youth, JftlnnVllloss sen,\!d -Rythalies! a J"eciusive,lvllite-beanled human archmage who dwdt in a' now-ruined. mountaintop keep ;11 eastern Arnn, as both steed





t -f.-;--U-< V. I,..

~ E~

, ~'>-



and favored pupil .. AlthougliRythi!ues is long. dead, ] ~laJl valoss ill herited .manyof ills enemies ,m~l uding the heirs of the Arnitian branch of House Rosznar, who for years have engaged in a tit-for-tat .series of attacks with the WYfm of MiUlY Speth. In the Year of the Dragon (135"2 DR), agents of Lord.Daigar Rosznar -of Amn set fire to several Waterdhavian properties owned by jalanvaloss in j·e\"enge_ for some previous injury. The VlYl"111 of Many Spells retaliated by destroying two juvenile blue dragon

. sisters, Calaunrhriina and Daereveroese.employed by the Rosznars to ferry precious cargo up and down-the Sword Coast, pea ling a sharp check to the fortunes of the Arnnian branch of House Rosznar -and earning her the enmity-of Dower Lady MliIal

Hydcont, daughter of Lord Daigar, elder sister of Lord Tobem Rosznar of Imnescar, ~fu:s1;~co__l;lsin of Lord Trellin ROoZIJar, and the true pm-ver behind RoS~1l.1r family fortunes. Because Lady Miil'ill is a high-ranking member of the Knights of the Shield and Lord Trellin 'has recently inherited the title of the Waterdhavian branch, the Dower Lady of Hydcont Hall is now well positioned to exact her reye_nge ..

jalanvaloss has long opposed the efforts-of the Cult of the Dragon to establish a foothold in the City of Splendors. OVf'rthe y'eais, she has exposed the schemes of several Followers of the Scaly Way active in Waterdeep, and the Wyrm of Many Spells

~ destroyed the male adult :black dragon- Nabalnyth after he began recruiting Cultists to serve him in the Rat Hills. In the wake of -the Year of RogUe Dragons (1373 DR), the Cult bas all but abandoned its efforts to establish a foothold III Waterdeep, but jalanvalcss remains ever vigilanr,

She regards Khclb~l'l Attu:iSUl1 more as an honored oppclllellt, to be teased and frustrated whenever doing so will afford her ~diieans of escape from his seeking magic, and when "takirig up his time will not endanger the security of the ciry,

Sche-me): In the short term, Jalanvalo§sse_l':ks- to build her hoard through. careful rnercarifile investmerits, fOCUSLllg on real estate. Tn the rnedium.rerm, she seeks to advance one or more-of her human personas into the rank, of Waterdeep's nobility, In the longer term.irhe Wyrm of Many Spells dreams of founding her .own _kingdom,perhap? in the Western High Forest,.lJ:ith herself as queen, commanding an elitearmy of liuman adventuring bands to protect a cultured, -prosperolls elf populace.

Knowledge Checks: Locating one 'of the apartments ofjalanvnloss (ewnedor-rented) in the Cit)' 'of Sp\endors requires a successful DC'11 bardic - knowledge, or Knowledg: (local Waterdeep) check. . For every ) points by which.rhecheck result beats

the DC, one ·addition:al apartment can be identified (two.on a result of 30, threeon.a result ot 3), and



. .,.

50 on). PCs who :qu,estioiJ one of Waterdeep's more knowledgeable information brokers (for example, Lord Bly Ruldegost, who ,is a member of the Knights of the Shield) can learn aboutjalanralosss description, lairs, tactics> known allies-and known enemies \;Vitb a successful DC 10Gather Informarioncheck. They tau learn .about her .rumored hoard and schemes with a DC '25 Gather Inforruazion, check.

AdVentoIf -Hooks: Many- Waterdeep-based adventuring companies owe a debt to jalanvaloss, whether they ,realize the identity 'Of their benefactor or not.jalanvaloss might call in such a deht for a variety of reasons, but sue is most likely -to do. so 'to further a schemedirected.against House Rosznar, the Knights of the Shield; or the Cult of the Dragon.

If the ~Cs have not.previously interacted with JaJanv~oss, they might unwittingly expose one of her .schemes duri1lg the course of another adventure. JalaJwaloss delights in such unexpected turns, for: inevitably such interactions allow her -to add further twists to her plots and . spawn a bevy of new intrigues.

Rage of Dragons: During the Rage of Dragons, Jalal1\'a]oss stayed within Waterdeep'sKi1Ig-Kilter shield", allowing bel' to escape the. effects of the Dracorage, However, to maintain her true mass, without 'huntmg outside .the city, jalanvaloss and the ower steel dragons resident in Waterdeep needed to purchase large quantities of game.,The Knights of the Shield caught wind of thesesornewhaf unusual purchases, allowing them to trace the transactions through several layers of obfuscation. As a result, although Ja1an.y'il.loss's varied guises still cloak her identity, her enemies in House Rosznar have pulled back several layers of deception that she had w.oven around her activities ..


Female mature adult-steel dragon

'LN Large dragon Giir)

Init .,,4-; Senses blindsense 60 ft., darkvision 110 ft., keen senses; List~i1 +31, Spot +31

Aura frightful presence (210 Ft., DC lJ") Languages Draconic

AC 30, touch 9, flat-fcoted 30

(-1 size, +11 natural)

hP' '23-1 (22 HD); DR 10/magic Immune.acid, paralysis, sleep

SR.. 28 (38 against arcane spells of 1st-4th level) __ Fort +17t+27 agaillst _poison), Ref ,·H, Will +17

Spet:d 60 ft. (.12 squares), fly 200 ft. (poor), swim 60 ft,

Melee bite +27 (~d6+6) and .

'2 claws each +1; (ld8+4) and

'2 wings each +15 (1d6+4) and

tail slap ,'2.f (ld8+9)

Space 10 ft.; Reach ; ft. (10 ft. with bite) Base' At1r+2'2; G:p_+32 .

Special Actions breath weapon


Sorcerer Spells·Know.n tCL 13th);

6th C4jdayJ-mislefl.d (DC i2), project image (DC 2?;<), 5th' (6/day)-dominate pers01{ CD9 '21),fieblemi11d '

v' CDC -11), persistent imaglf (DC 21) .

14th (7/day)-arcolle eye (DC 18), dimension door (DC 18), rcrJ'ing (DC'18), steelrtillff/ (DC IS).

3rd C7/day)-bokl persoll ·CDC·19), major image (DC-19), scaitergloom" (DC 17), tongu~s (DC 17)

2nd (7/day)-cafs grace, eagle's splendor, iffIJisibili"ty,lije bolf'vlag, Tasha's bideous laughter (DC.18)

Isr (7jdit)0-C.hllrm person (D!=: 170, disgliise seff,.kito7V prote(4i~7If'l"~'(DC 15'), inage ar-mail'magic missile o (6jday)-danciilg tights, daze (DC 16), detect magic,

. detect. poison, gbost Sfnm(l (DC .16), ina"e ha1td, o['e1J/ . clQse,read magic, ~ilei1tportalMag eDG 1'6)

Spell-Like Abilities eCL.BtJ'l):

l/day-charrn persoll (DC If), enthral/(DoC 16) Abilities .Str 23, Dex 10, 'Con 19, Int ~O, Wis 19, Cha 18 SQillternate form

Feats Alertness,'EducarionPG (history, Iocal-Waterdeep), Eschew Components, Improved.Initiative, Spell Focus {e~lchalltlIlent)" Spell FOCllS (illusion), Spellcasting Prodigyl'G (Charisma), Multiattack

Skills Blllff +19, Concentr;tl~ll -;-'29; Diplomacy +30,

Disguise +12, Escape Artist +10, Gather Infermarion +6, Hide -4, Intimidate +8, Knowledge (history) +'24, Knowledge (local Waterdeep) +3'2, Knowledge (nobility and royalty) +18, Knowledge (religion) +10, Listen +31~ Search +30, Sense Motive +19, Spellcraft +30, Spot +H,

Swim +14 '

Alternate Form (Su) jalanvaloss can-assume any animal or humanoid form of Medmrnsize or smaller as a standard action five' times p~day. This ability [uuctions as a polymorph spell eeL 13th), except that Jalanvaloss does not regain hit points for changing form and can only assume the form of an animal or humanoid. Jalai1valoss can remain ill her animal or humanoid form until. she chooses to assume a .new one 01"' return to her natural form.

Breath Weapop. (Su),Once every 1d4 rounds, either an 80-ft. line, damage 7d6 acia, Reflex DC 1; half, or a 49-ft. com:" 7 points Con damage, Reflex DC 25 negates .

Frightful Presence (Ex) jalanvaloss cap inspire !<,rror by charging, attacking, or flying overhead. Creatures within '210 feet; of the dragon that have '21 HD 01: fewer must attempt.a DC 2; Will save. Success indi]::~te5 that the target is immuneto Claugiyliamarar;i;. frightful presence for 24bours. art a failure, creatutes Ivitl1.4 or fewer aD become panicked for 4·de'rOUllds. Those-with; or more HD become shaken for 4d.6 rounds.



NQIthelin'5., __ .

"Muster of the' MountO:ln"

eN maleancient fang dragon

Naztheling is the master of Umbergoth, the enormous mOU11- 'tain that defines the border or Aglarond and Thay, He 15 on the verge of a war with the beholders that might spill out into the surrouading areas.

Nartheling is enormous and powerfully muscled, with massive, overdeveloped limbs, His ~ody is covered in thick, mottled plates of muddled brownish-white, interspersed with scythelike blades.

Hoard: 33,000 gp inmixed coin, r greell tourmalines (100 gp each], r cave pearls (100 gp each), 4- aquamarines (SOOgp each), 4- alerandrires (SOO liP each), 3 star rubies (1,000 gp ea.ch), 4 pink diamonds (I,OPO gp each). sc.;ryi.ng mirror (l,OOOgp), masterwork weapons (some of special materials) and armor (1+,000 gp), Aurilian ice pearl pendant (2.,'2H gp), boltsof .finesr quality Sholl sill: (4,000 gp), Imaskari circlet of color-change alexandrite (1.000 gp). life-size alabaster statue of Azoun TV (6,000 gp), ruby statuette of 11 baler (8,000 gp), set of Cormyrean porcelain dishes (4,000 gp), unforged rnithral bars (10,000 gp), cr01//'; qf mqesty (as cloak 0/ Charisma ++ that resizes to fit the wearer's head), staff if defellse (43 charges), staff if J'lllarmiltg insects

~ (19 ch.arges1 'lI/rmd of revelation (4'2. c4"arges), scroll of tongues> ~ scroll of =«: breathing.

~ Lair: Umbergoth attracts a host of lesser creatures-and pow-

erful monsters, all of which serve Nartheling out of fear of his ~

.~ incredible pbysical prowess and powerful magic .. He resides in a

~ network of mazelike caves at the top of the peak, surrounded ,~


by the-aeries of griffins, aspen, and other winged beasts. Other more powerful monsters such 3.5 beholders' and wyverns live on the massive mountain and follow the orders of the wyrrn.

Every day Nar theling casts a Mrn'dell!lahll!ll's prir~ate sanctum spell 011 the main part of his lai.r-which happens to contain his treasure, This protective measure hasmade it almost impossible for spellcasrers to learn anything about the inner workings of his operations. He uses spells such as sendi1!g :itl1d mCJsogc to communicate with those outside the edges of his sanctum.

Tactics: Nartheling is a foe so severe that even archrnages steer clear of his territory, Although physical combat is his forte, and he will tear creatures of his size limb f-rom limb, he is also a cunning and adept spell caster. He specializes in magic that protects him in and out of battle, due to the paranoia that arises from being surrounded by hordes of creatures.'

In combat, Nartheling prefers to confeont a foe in full-on melee, _ relying _or) the voracity of his attacks. especially his match and crush. If an enemy is more difficult, he uses ranged magic, Unlike marry fang dragons, he prefers to prepare for'lights and tends'to cast numerous defensive and precautionary spells before battle,

, c Known Allies:The beholder mage Lestch'cymatium nominally SErves Narrbeling in IJrobergoth, but given the right backing, he ,would reach for control with little hesitation.

Known Enemies: Nartbeliag lives with numerous potential enemies, but has less to worry about from visitors due to his lair's location in a peak surrounded by wasteland, Aglarond and Thay have been content to leave the dragon. and his mountain alone, and let the creatu res inside fight" for supremacy.

Schemes: Nartheling has recently discovered a series of secret portals ruariing throughout t·he caves of Urnbergoth. ,The behold-



, .

• 1



ers suspect that he' bas a secret, but have Dot yet pieced together that" the 'pryrtals are tbe cause of the disappearances of several of "their kind. NartlwIillg is experimenting with keys that force creatures standing all top of hidden porlals to be sent through

them. It is unkiiown where the portals lead. _ .

T4e food supply is getting SCarce in Umbergosh, and Nar- ' theling might be fo)."ced to begin hunting beyond the mountain. This win of, events might precipitate a full-scale war between the dragon and the beholders. The winner will need the support of the wyverns to succeed (and as Ii q_l:agon, Nartheliug certainly

has all eage). ,

Knowledge Checb: Locating Nartheling's lair 011 a map is possible with a successful DC 15 bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (loce .. 1 Aglarond or Thay) check.

Adventure Hooks: Lestrb'cymatiem has sent 91lt a call to beholders from otherareas to join his effort should a full-scale war erupt. This act has alarmed the citizens of Thay-and :Ag,larond, because the beholder mage has ex-pressed intentions, 00_ expand outward from Umbergoth should he c~pmre the mountain. Thay or Aglarond (or perbaps evcn.Narthding) might seek outside help to cleat with this problem, FOL most III those countries, the rule of the chaotic yet isolationist dragorris 'preferable to that of the

ambitious beholders. . -

The nature of the portals in Umbergoth is disturbing to the - Red Wizards of Thay, as well as the Wirchesof Rashernen. They mighr seek characters to deter m inc the nature of these portals,

and possibly to slay the dragon who controls them. .

Rage of Dragons: During .the. Year of Rogne Dragons, Nartheling -wenr on a rampage; attacking beholders on sight:

Lestclrcymatium called for the aid of numerous beholdersand e 11 full-scale war neady crup-ted. The skirmishing spilled over irito Thay and Aglarond, alarming the peoples of both nations. Both 'assembled groups to protect the border areas and to prevent the conflict from comingtee far into the countries. In the wake of Sammaster's Rage, the dragon abruptly ceased hostilities. As a result; Lestch'cymatium still nominally serves Nartheling, but thealliance between the dra gon and the e-ye tyrants is badly frayed.



Male ancient fang d.ragon.~1<10 eN furgallwan diagon (air)

Init +4-; Senses blindsense 60 ft., darkvision 110 fr; low~!_ight vision, scent; Listen +2'-, Spot +25

Au.ra frightful presence (300 ft., DC 28)

_Languages _Aura;l, Common, Draconic, Elven, Ore

AC 35, touch c,nat-footed 3,-

(-4 size, +1.9 natural)

bp. 375" (30 HD); fast healing 2; DR lS"/magic Immune sleep, paralysis

SR 18

F'o£t +27, Ref +1.0, Will +26

Speed 60 ft. (12 squares), fly lYO ft. (clumsy) Met~e bite +41 (6d8+11 plus ability drain) and 1. claws each +39 C4d8+'-) and

2 wings each +39 (3d8+Y) and

tail slap +39 ('lod.a+ lr)

Space 20 ft.; Reach lr ft. (20 ft. with bite)

Base-Ark +30; Grp +n ~,

Atk 'Op'rions AWesome Blow, Improved Bull. Rush, Power

'Attack, Snatch; crush, tail sweep, trip Special Actions sou nd irn itation

-Combat Gear staff of difclm (43 charge's), staff if s'flJanni1fg insects (39 charges), 1//(lIId. 0/ revelation (42 charge;), scroll , of tmig/les, scroll of ?c<lt"ltel" bre(J,thirIIJ..

Sorcerer Spells Known eCL Hth):

,-tll (7/day)- Mordellkahmls p1"ivate sanctum, ,s(Hldjug 4th (7/day)-cbromntir: ra)"(DC 19), lesser globe .if ill'tmt1lerabiiily, Jcr)'il!g CDC 19)

3rd C7/day)-MlIk, displllwnflflt,jireball (DC 18), baste 2nd C7/day)-Iocote object, ill'l!isibility, ";;1"1'01' image, resist . ellergy, scorching ray

Lst (8jday)-fell/lmfat/, idelltify, mage armor, magic missile, raJ' of Imfi:eblement

- 0 C6jday)~arr:ane mark, daZ(! (DC H), detect po.iJotl, ghost SOfl~ld, mage band, mellding, .message, (lpen/close, pn:Jtidigitatio~1

Spell-Like Abilities eCL 11th):

-At will-deter:t magir:, read magic 2/day-sbield, te/ekine!is (DC 20) l/day-dispel magic, spelltuJ"lIiug


Abilities Str 33, Dex 10, Call 23, Tnt 16, Wis i~ Cba 20 Feats Ability Focus (ability draining bite), Awesome Blow, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Improved. Natural Attack (bite), Improved Natural Attack (cJaws),. Improved Natural Attack (wings), Improved Natural Attack (tail slap), Mnltiattack, Power Attack, Snatch

Skills Bluff +37, Concentration +44, Diplomacy +45",

Escape Artist +'20, Gather Information +3'-, Ride +19, Intimidate +14, Knqwledge (arcana) +38, Knowledge (nature) +3)"", List'en +38, Move Silently +10, Search +38, SenSE Motive +31', Spcllcraft +48:, Spot +38, Survival +33,. Swim +26

Possessions combat gear plus crou/n if majnly (as "cloak of Cba,.isma +4-that resizes to fit the wearer's head)

, "'

Ability Drain CSn)N"arth!!lillg's bite drains '2.d4 points of Constirutibn (Fortitude DC 30 negates).

Crllsh (Ex) Area 20 ft. by 10[t.; Medium or smaller opponents take 4d6+16 points of blndgeoaing'damage and must succeed on a DC 28 Reflex save or be pinned.

Frightful Presence CR.;) Nartheling can inspire tcrro~ by cbargingartacking, or flying overhead, Creatures within 3'00 feet of the.dragon that have 29 HD'or fewer must attempt a DC 30 Will save. Success indicates. that the - target is immune to Nartheling's frightful presence for 24 hours, On a failure, creatures with 4 or fewer ED become panicked fOI" 4d6 rounds .. Those with ,- or more HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds.

Increased Damage (Ex) Because.of Nartheling's sharp.claws,

\ . -

teeth-and scales, all his attacks do damage as if he WlIS one

size dnrger ..

Snatch CEx) Against Medium or smallercreatures, bite for 6d8+16 pIuS- ability drain per round or claw for 4d6+f per


....... ...,:


.round, A treature is not allowed a Fortitude save against

the ability drain if it issnatched, .

pound Imitation (Er) A fang dragon can mimic ~lly voice or sound ithas heard, anytime it likes. Listeners must succeed on a DC 28'WJlsaVE'to detect the-ruse.

'tail Swe~p c~:,i) Half-circle 30-ft.-in diameter; Small OJ smaller oppqnents take 2d6+16 points of bludgeoning damage (Reflex DC 30 half).' '

Trip (Ex) If Nartheling hits witha claw or tail attack; he call , attempt to trip the opponent-as. a tree action ('PH irs} If the attempt fails, the opponent cannot react ~o trip the

dragon. .


-, "

"The Minstrel wurm"

. ,1

LE male very old blue dragon

While not a force. of goOd or creation; Olothontor is a rare blue dragon, in that he has-a great appreciation fcr=-almosr an 0050' sion with-fine music, Unlike most chrornaticwyrms, he canhave meaningful.and interesting relationships with non-evil characters,

Olothonror's scales ha'V~'luatUl"ed to. a hard dark blue, with even darker purple edges onhis wings and crests. His large body has a somewhat lazy posture, ;though .qe-is capable of'extreme violence whendeprived of tbe music he loves. Most of thetime; the dragon's face has a serene calm; some have-even desCl"ib~d him as s!Uijjng~a_l"ru-e expression on a wynn.

Hoard: 4-6,00"0 gp in.mixed coins, 5" malachites (5"0 gp each); 6 small green sapphires (100" gp each), i brown pearl (rOO gp), '6 fine _piQ-k: sapphires (1,006 gp each), 4 blue diamonds (7,000 gp each), Chessentan harpsichord (7;25"0 gp), Chultan teak harp (8,000 gp), fine ivory flute (2,000 gp), Sembian brass instrument set (S,600gp), various other valuable mlJSicalulStr~11eJlts (20,.000 gp1_maste~rwor.k weapons forged from rare mctalS~ug including darksteeb.dlarun, fever iron.and hizagkllliJ (30,000 gp),. chime qf intet:1'l!ptiliJI, chtme of opetlin_g (8 charges), dl'agompecke jlute*, batp if charming, pipes of hallJlting1 -pipnqf faill, pipes

if .be Se1U(!1', pipes if sounding, rillg qf evasion, staff 0/ enchantment (39 charges), 'lfla1{d of sClllpt sound. en charges),scmll of dominate pe-nOlI, scroll or.ray qfe«htmstioll.

. Lair: Olothontor lairs, U1 a cavern- in Mount Araddyn, just

north of Mount Sar along the Coast-Road. This site is, easily reached froni the highway (up a rock-strewn grassy hill between two rock arms of: the mountain), The front of the lair isan old stone mansion. Manyof its pilfarscontain secret compartmentstli;at lead to pots -of_gold hidden there by former owners, The mansion is run.down, pillaged of all but a few pieces of oversized stone furllittlre, Olothbn~or has placedspells iu the giant-sized cenrral roomaso that any living creature entering them-causes favorite 50ngs to be heard, These :"recordings" warn the dragon 'of-intrusion and scare away timid-visitors, The innermost.rcoms run up to'lneet a-cliff face of Mount Arnddyn, where theentrance to the dragop's cavern IS located, this cave is largeand W<lnll".dts

- . - . I ~.- '. ...-.-

B~r strewn _withsra.vel(for use 'ivith'Qlothoiltor!s pebble_:qui,rltF

spell). The cavera .15 cut tw~-ihird5 of the way in by a 40-fo0t·

- - ~ ~

wide chasm that drops down about 400 feet to a volcanic flow.

Tactics: Most of the- time, Olothontor is looking for one -of two th-ing5~new musicians.to play for him.or magic devicesthat al.d in recording and.playing diffe~ent types of music. While he does occasionally go 011 a biirge when he eats whatever is convenienr, the normal preoccupations of most blue dragonsdo not inteJ;esr him. If "bribed" with music; fie usually lets people go, though he has no problemcombatinga difficult or uncooperative visitor. When such a visitor is present, he uses the standard magical, _physical, and supernatural abllities of a blue .dragon of his age,'-He is extremely calm in battle.and is [lot prone to irrationai bouts' of anger, though he will respond to betrayal Given a choice, however; he prefer's to use magic (in the form or spells and numerous items) to charm humans into pfajring for hun.

Known AHies: The minstrel worm is loosely allied with a large rnimber of .muaicians .arid Harpers. These relationsaips aren't 'really friendships ,so' much as mutual understandings. He declirie~ to threaten-the violence that a dragon or-hi~. a# could produce, and in return, they supply him with plenty of music. Thedragon hits notrue friends, but he probably needs thein less than other dragons due-to his reclusive nature.

. Known Enemies: Just as.Dlothontor really has no allies, he also has few enemies. He was at' one pointa mareto an adult-blue .dragon_ in Anaurocb .nameri Ingeireirautha, .out she was' much more like mbst blue dragons, and thus.they did not geta!ong, Whi1~ they could hardly be considered enemies, they are not.on cordial terms, and, the Minstrel Wynn l)light clash-wirh her out_ of spite for their previous uilplea:sao.tr~htidns.

Schemes: Olothontor has. three goals in life; find a female blue dragon who can .sing (a nearimpossibility), find and hear the music of the finest minstrels througho]lt the world-andcollect itemsand spells that further his exploracionof music. As ~ongas he ,is working on one_o( those goals, he i~ conrear, The C;_lllt of the.Dragon has tried to entice him to.becomea dracoli(;h, but he bas ignored their .s"uppl_i~1_tiorlS, suggesting-that his interest in the Cult would strengthen if'lt could somehow l11agicalli'-emp_ow~r a

female blue dragon to sing. .

He has on some occasions sought out song dragons, though his nature and obsessive persOJ1-a'i':ity usually repel those-more goodcheart~d dragons. This lack, of acceptance bas not prevented him from continuing to try.

Knowledge Ched:s:Locating Olothontor's lair ona mal? is possible, wjth a· successful DC '26 bardicknowledge,.'tllowledge (geography) ... Of Knowledge (local Waterdeep) check. Those who inquire among well-traveled musicians and Harpers-can learn a great deal about the dragon wi-th a DC 24 Gather Information check.

Adventure- Hooks: An 'adventuring group containing a 'bard who is focused on any form of rrihsicmighraccidentally'attract the atteutionof the dragon, Hetends -to wander, searching for music and 'not demonstrating any sense-of territoriality. Great rewards can be gained from this dragon;,S:.ince._ae:~5 T~<!Uy only concerned with riches that relate to music, anrl he _is: .more than happy to trade 9tJ)~I (mote valuable) items for magical 'pieces related to song. He conld becomean enemy,.llOwe~I).lf hiS requests fat performance are repeat:O:dly spurned,

Rage of Dragons: During the Year ofR9g_ue Dragons, OIOth011- tor was involved in his normal pursuit of song dragons'wh.ell he








came across bardic magic that helped him temporarily suppress the rage. He learned of it while attempting to court Karasendrieth, an 'adult song dragon (who repeatedly spurned him), whenshe disseminated knowledge of this spell. He was among the few chromatic dragons with an interest in resisting tile, Dracorage, and m going about his dniL}' Life. The bardic magic, combined with his preexisting activities with music, served to keep his rage at a low enoqgh level to withstand the year.

Statistics: Use the statistics for the very old blue dragon on page '2.13 of JJracollomic01l. The 'Minstrel Worm h~ ranks in Perform (sing) and Usc Magic Device, He also has access to appropriate bard spells (instead of clerie spells) related to music, as if they were Oil the sorcerer/wizard list.

profo.nrher, "Kin<s of the Ice"

LG male greaf wyrm gold dragon

Protanther was the King of Justice before Lareth, and llCU10W resides in Novnlamnd Mountains in the heart of the Great Glacier. He is a staunch opponent of the evil that plagues the

glacier and Vaasa, "

Prntanther is a creature of regal majesty, gilded in a deep, almostrose, gold, with scales ~s hard as adamantine. His C110[- • mous eyes resemble pools of molten gold and hold within them the secrets and wisdom of ages long dead.

Hoa.rd: Tl~OOO gp, 6,000 pp, S malachites (10 gp each), 7 rose quartzes (50 gp each), 'l red spinels (100 gp each), '1 pearls (100 gp each), 8 blue pearls (rOO' gp each), 6fue opals (1,000 gp each), 9 br'own diamonds (5',25"0 gp each), full collection of • busts depicting all Kings of Justice up to and including Lareth (31,860 gp), tabletop recreation of the entire Great Glacier region (11,000 gp1 tapestry depicriJlg a ma_p of Faenin circa 570 DR (4,000 gp), 'The.Book oj Adjllrt1!lmt depicting the history of the Netherese settlement of Halruaa (3,000 gp), various ornate and masterwork weapons. and armor (17,000 gpj, +4 hr:a'!J)' u/ooden, sbield of sonic resistance, +3 br~4stplate, +Jfull plnte 111itlJ spell resistance lJ: 5'2 +tf cl'oss1;0111 bolis, Mtb1;tnll, +4 jlmnillg btl1:st 1/1(~,.blJ,mmeJ' headband d' epic inteLiec.t +lj<LH, ring if efJe1'gy imlllllllil)' elettricityEUI, ring of major energy resistance cold, ring of major spell-storing; ring of wizardr)' JJT, pOliotl if sbield offa;t!H£' ~roll of C(IflC of euphoria", scroll of dragol1blood spell-pac", scroll of teleport, scroll of 1(111/1 of stone, sc~·oll. of p"ivnatic 7l1all, stiff if abjllratioll (38 charges), rfaff if illusion (lY charges), staff if iliamination (47 charges), staff if passage (47. charges), staff of rapid ban--ageElll (37. charges); staff of domi1/(Tli~ (3-5' charges), 7vlmd of 7uall of ice (36 charges).

Lair: Protanther rules the skies of the Tovularond Mountains, ill the center of the Great Glacier, His lair lies ill aJI enormous series of sculpted caverns in one of the smaller peaks in the range. He bas used his magic-to shape the caves into a variety of different architectural motifs to match the styles of most of the major civilizations in Faertin that have existed throughout his lifetime. Traps and creatures guard his massive lair that rival even the security precautions of the; Licb-king Zhengyi at his peak,

The lair contains huge amounts of gold, coin, fancy weapons and armors, art objects from ages past, and magical treasures.

Guarding these are golerns, celestial beings, triggered summoned monsters, and numerous traps.

Tactics: Protanther has many weapons at his disposal. inclucl.ing a powerful breath weapon, a huge arsenal of magicxand dominant combat prowess. In his old age! be prefers to learn as much as possible about his opponent before combat. n:'.however. be is provoked suddenly, his wrath is swift; in these situations; he employs the most expedient means to slay his enemy,

Known Allies: This former King of Justice calls the Talons of Justice and many other gold and silver dragons allies. He is particularly good friends with the great-wyrm Larendrammagar ("Nexus") and was a comrade of the late King of Justice, Larerh, .Any Talon or younger gold or silver will come to his aid in times

of need, out of great respect and awe. .

Known Enemies: Protanther is a foe of the evil denizens of the Great Glacier, especially the very old white dragon Kalaughra, In one-on-one combat, the former king could destroy the younger and less powerful white dragon. Kalaughra, howeve-r, has a nnmber of allies among the frost giants of the glacier, She also seems to have some sort of cloaking magic that makes it difficult for him

to locate her. c

Schemes: It is said that Protauther created the Great Glacier to sweep the evil from Vaasa, While )10 one bas absolute proof-and Protauther isn't speaking ~ll the subjcct-tllli;· theory is in Iine with his powerful magical abilities to reshape land. (he modified his entire mountain; see above).

Before the Dracorage, Proranther was on a zealous crusade to rid the gl.acier of evil. He was going on extended raids against the frost giants and other evil residents, and freeing enslaved populations. The Dracorage temporarily halted these endeavors, but 11(: is likely to .continue them in the future (see Adventure Hooks). .

Knowledge Checks: Locating Protanther's lair on a map is possible wirb a successful DC 40 bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (local Waterdeep) check. Those who investigate among the nomadic populations of the Novu1a.l'Ond range can find rumors about the dragon with a DC 42 Gather Information check.

Adventllre Hooks: Protanther could make a powerful ally for characters looking tq rid Vaasa and the glacier of evil The great wynn has unfathomable.knowledge of tills region and others as well, and is a staunch foe of evil. Even more likely, however, he could make a fearsome enemy for IDly' evil party looking to expand its domain or raid thehoard of such a powerful dragon,

Rage of Dragons: During the Dracorage, Protanther agreed to Lareth's plan and submitted to LarenQramma~ar's sleep spell, After sleeping for several weeks, he awakened-in the middle of a nightmare 'in which a giant rift appeared in the southern part of the glacier. From the rift emerged ice demons, strange tentaclecovered planar dragons, and mutated giants. He flew swiftly from his resting place in a zealous rage, ready to mount an all-out war 011 the creatures. He is ·currently.embroiled in a figbt witb the

creatu res,. hopil~g for aig ~ro:n other good drag~n5. .

Statistics: Use the statistics for the great wyrm gold dragon on page ·7.47 of Draconomicou. Replace the imprnpnmellf spell w~m~~ .






sUIvnd o.luCShlothtor, _"LQoy'gemcloulC'

eN female a.dult crystal dragon

Old Snar] did Tage, 1(m!atbing Mirabl11' il1 flame.; . the AJ.:e1llother returned

to contest his fierce claim,

By axe and by claw

the battle 1IJasjtmght,

lt11til only tbe Gemtloak

in tbe skies fte?IJ alqft. .

~excerpt from Dwarven drinking song popular in Mirabar; I LISt appeared ill the Year of Rogue Dragons (H73 DR)

Saryndalaghlothtor is relatively stocky for an, adult crystal dragon .. with powerful, ruby-hued claws, Her scales are a translucent alabaster and seem to wink m twilight, like a beljuril. Moonlight and starlight cause her scales to luminesce, while full sunlight' lends them a dazzling, brilliance.

Haud: Mixed coinsand minorpieces of artwork worth 12,114 gp. 16 rubies ('2,000 gp each), 9 beljurils ('2,000 SP each), various other low-quality gemstones (1),000 gp collectivel}'), gems/alut of moderate jo,·tijicatiatll)",. ring of impr.o'Ded jumping, bei»: if sl'ereme.1JJizm·dry·.

In addition, Saryndalagh lothtor has the followingspells in her spellbook.enritled G~mc1o.ak's Libram: O-(.cid ·5pl(lsh, arcane mark, dflllc.ing ligb/s, daze, detect magic, detect paison, disrupt u1fdead, electric jott"bG,jlare. ghost SOU71d, Horizikaul's caugh11>&, 1ig71t, me.nagl/,. Opetl/c/o'S(J, prestidigitation, ray if frosl,. read magic; lst~(l1ann, animate r,ope, burni7fg hallds,. cause fear, eberm perSOfl, color Sp!"!l}, comprehend lallglUrges; detect

/Judea;l, dirgt~ise setf, endure elements, erase, e.l:peditious retreat>furCMIJaVe~b~ grease, hOld po;'al,. hnJ11otism, Kattp4er's skittish nef"DI:'I"log, lmot« ptatect.iall.sM", mage armor, magic missile, alm:uring mist, pTOfeCfilJ"f/ from chaos, pnJ{ectirm from euil, profeJ:tion from good, protectionfrom 14111, She/gam's persistenr bla(k""", sbield, sbOckiug grasp, silenr image,. skep, spirit 1VUl"'mM~" SUmmOllllla1lJter I, true strike, tI1/U(!I/ servant, ve1!triloljuijm .. SlIe is thought to have several other spellbooksas well, which contain other ran spells of Isr level and higher that she can employ by means of her beim of supreme 7vizardry.

Lair: Since the .Yea.! of the Tankard (1370 DR), Saryndalaghlothror has laired in.the depths of an old goblin mille beneath "Bryn CraK;ju5t southwest of Mirabar.jusr west ofthe Long Road, and entered by way of a cavern on the east face known ,as "the Maw." She shares her home with the House of the Ax\'!, a .newly formed dwarf hold founded by Mirabarran dwarves (who take care to keep rts existence secret from most folk of Mirabar),

The d\l..llrves dubbed the moodyhutessentially geatle dragon Lady Gemclcak for h-er glltteritigappearallce, and. later' The Axeinother, as tJley came to see her ·astb·e "mother" under w~o5e protection they could found a new city or tribe. She is hnppy to eat H:m'ed and shattered gems and low-grade, leaden .1ll~-t.;il. ores

and.rust scraps, and she and the dwarves have come to. trust one another, despit~ the tragedy induced by Sarnrnaster's Rage. Word is spreading among dwarves across the North (and as far scutf as Water deep and Daggerford) of "a new bold" where dwarves of no. famous clan or lineage canwin a place among fellows ill pc6sperit}' and ever-growing powerIf the swelling ranks of dwarves dwelling all around her bothers Lady Gemcloak, she g,ivcs 110 sign of it.

As is the way of dwarves, the inhabitants of the House of the Axe have named the larger caverns, strategic passageways" and wayrnoots of the ever-expanding gem mine. The dwarves call the westernmost (ru]d inaenuost) cavern Home-hold, and it serves ~ their meeting place and staging/work area. Moving east, one comes to Wy,r:mslumber, where the Axemothet Iikes to curl up and -sleep on a bed of gems; it is the largest of all the caverns, but it has an eastern opening that is a tight squeeze for Saryndalaghlothror and would halt the passage of a.,l1y larger dragon .. Other a~ea5 include Theller's Alwi1 (though Theiler and his ainu are !lOW elsewhere. in smaller 'caves to the We5t), Blackruu, Eldock's Rest, and The Maw where the cave month created. by overzealous goblin mining looks east out of the shoulder of Bryn Crag.

Breakneck pits-deep, narrow clefts equipped with sharpeaed stone spurs, covered with old tarpaulins concealed under handfuls of gravel, and Iield up with rotting saplings-were 'commonplace work of the goblin Kreeth tribe, and they szill stud the heights of the C:rags within sight of tbe city" awaiting the unwary and left undisturbed by the dwarves, In addition, the

• Stout Folk have added a few pitfalls of their OWI1. Roll-boulder deadfalls, a succession of large rocks 'that can 'be rolled off. a ledge-to plunge down OJ] intruders below, perch on high ledges all around the Maw. Rockfalls, stone slab ceilings on the major passages leading away from the Maw=-iachiding the Slither, ·the main route used by Saryndalaghlothtor-c-can be winched aside to allow tons of loose rock above them to fall and block the way.

Allunderground spring feeds pools in the southwesterrunost reaches of the mine, and the dwarves arc thought to cache many of the. best gems t~ the northwest. The dwarven accorrunodations_ are located in smaller outlying tunnels, mainly to the north (where anyone tunneling or skulking in from Mirabar is noticed), and they are always guarded by way-sentries equipped with alarmgongs and warhorns, Sentry posts are equipped with small rotkfill devices thatthe sentries can trigger to bar the passage they guard and prcI'ent invasions.

Tactics: Saryndalaghlorheor relishes physical combat, and her fearlessness bas allowed her to defeat several more powerful, wyrms, including a red dragon oyer the skies of Mirabar a few years ago. Tbe Axemother 'typically pounces on foes whenever possible (whether in the ~ky or in a runnel beneath theground), rending them with her powerful claws.'

Known Allies: Saryndalaghlotbtor's chief allies 'H~ the shield dwarves of the House of the Axe. A1tllOUgh the Honse dwarves have fewer elders and "old rank" families than established dwarf realms, a few "Dwarves of the Ring" hold absolute authority, -Prominent among the more active and warlike arc Corthold Flamehaad (CG male shield dwarf fighter 10/dwarven'defender


, .


> \




6) arid his sister l~mlal1:i Flamehand (LG female shield dwarf clcr:iC 1~ [BerroIiar]! paladin S);- strong among the more stay-at-home and artistic are the master forgers Theiler (NG male shield dwarf expert B) and Auldrjrnbrei CLN female shield dWarf'expert 14), They-seldom bark commands unless the B;_olls~ is at war, but dwarves who disobey or ignore them are expelled from the.House. The RUlg has kept iron control oyer the rele,y.se of gi:IUS, keeping prices high and reducing the chance that some .'greedy .human f circe or other+-the Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan, for exalnple-might learn how rich the HciUse is and decide to seize it for their O\Yl1, Fo~' the same reason, the Ring forbids visitors -to penetrate the House beyond the Ma.w or to take up residence-in the. mille,

Known Enemies: Lady Gemcloak and her dwarf allies routed the K~eethtl'il5e following the COUa:PSE thatexposed theM;tW;'a,utlmanygqblins fled theirreach, only to regroup in the' sOllth~m Crags, liefore 1;he Axemother's arrival" the Kreetg. goblil1s-1~d shown lil:_t1e interest ill the rare birth or -a blue-skinned goblin with an innate g:if~ for psionics, and most. were forced by social pres, sure to Iice -aloee _ 011 the perjphery of Kreeth- beld territory, _As a r:es~1I1t, every ii"i'ing' Kreerh blueEn1 survived the .dragon's-ramp .. g_e,!_!nd their relative strength. was_-enonghtha~ a Blue Council came to rule-the- Kreeth from' behind rhe scenes as the tribe reformed, Under- t1~e guidance of the Blue Council, the Kreeth arefietenruined to reclaim their-rich mines. The goblins have. begun tunneling beneath the Crags to reach the outermost mines: nowheld by the House of' the Axe, and' ski,l:mishing between the two groups

is. accelerating.

During Sammaster's Rage, Sitrynd,alagWotbtor 'battled KLauth in tbe skies above Mitabar, Old Snarl. bas not forgotten her interference and is carefully can, remplating a fittIng form of revenge, Lady Gemcloak is well aware of the threat he poses to her dwarf allies and her lair, if not to-her directly 'Cdue 1'0 her ability to-flee the.Material Plane), prompting her to consider new Ways of defending the House of the Axe,

,Sc~emes: Lady Gerncloak, like all her kind, enjoys. din-ing on metallic ores and gems of aIT sorts, but she. irlduIges-;;in occasional "blood meals" of goblins, wyve:rllS, or other creatures that challenge her. She huntstheskies over Mirabar ,a:nd down the Mirar \Fal~' and does 'lib~ hesitate to pursue foes, out to sea or over the Everruoors, The Mirar is her favorite

- ~. - . - .

watering .hole, and. she often drinks from meltwater pools high in the Crags or the small Lakes that lie U) the bogs to the north of-the Mirar.

Saryndalaghlothtor spends 1! typical day dazing 011 her bed Qf geqI5 ch~ttil1g_\vith.dwaryes, who bring her new'S of doings in Mirabal' and t-he wider Sword Coast North, and who forns on traders passing through her domain in particular, Sbe'n take to the-air. for a short "wingstretch and sniff the wind" fligbt (often.at rwilighror in concealing mists or' rain) once every day

or two if she. call, and she takes an active interest in th_e-develop-

mentor the mine and he-r dwarf"childl'eli:" -,.

The Axemother cares little- about human or dwarf' activity in' Her doma-in that doesn't actually involve invading.her ,lair

wirhvraised weapons and tiireatenii:ig words, but she reacts to ..

any dragon or goblin incursion by bllr~ting'from her lair in

all-out attack, She Ioves to pounce.bnt 'she isn't as retkless as,

she seems, and she can seldom be dtip~d into plunging into

it waiting trap or a situation where she can be cornereri by ,11

,Prepared and-alert foe. ,

Saryndalaghlothtor's greatest ambition is to in¢l'ease her mastery of the -Art, but; curiously, she evinces little inJerest in .doiiig the work it would take to 'do so, The Dwarves of the Rii'ig

'The crystal drago" SisrJnd4lai.hI6Ihtor-com~t"lq tb~ stir/lice

in . searebof ber tlell{' mea] ~



have urged the Aremother to focus her energies on the Invisible Art, but for now tlie dragon resists doing so.

1n recent months, the A.'{~mother has begun acting as. a messenger between the House of the Axe and several dans of azers on the Elemental Plane- of Fire. SaryndalaghlothrcrIias the va~e idea that if she canforge an alliance between the two groups; it .might be possible to open a porta] between the two realms, facilitating both trade al{a mutual defense. The Axemother chuckles at the thought of Old Snarl facing, a lair filled with fire-immnne azers, but Tt is unclear if -she is moving fast enough to make such an alliance. a reality before Klauth's vengeance is at.hand.

Knowledge Checks': Locating Saryndalaghlorhtor's lair on a map requires a successful DC 20 bardic knowledge or Knowledge (local The North} check. :rCs who question a Mirabarran dwarf can learn wirh a DC 30 Gather Infbrrnarion ched; about Lady Gemcloak's description, tactics, andenemies, as well as her alliance with the Bouse of the Axe. They can team about her rumored hoard and schemes with a DC 3;

Gather Infor matiou check

Adventure Hooks: 115 rumors of Saryndalaghlothtor's g~mrich lair spread across the North, many grot;lps have begun conspiring to seize-it for themselves. Among those groups is a cabal of Mirabarran mining interests that have learned that early reports of "goblin despoiling an~d -devastariou" beneath Bryn Crag were far from truthful. With the secret backing of allies in the Arcane Brotherhood, the Mirabarran cabal begins hiring adventures up arid "down the Sword Coast to slaughter a "white dragon" who threatens "peaceful Mirabar," Although none have yet come dose to succeeding, wave after wave of attacks, is beginning to exact a toll

Rage of Dragons: During Sammaster's Rage,Saryndalaghlothtor retreated to the Elemental Plane of Air, as .her kind has alway's done under the baleful gaze of the King-Killer Star. However, when the great wyrm red dragon Klauth appeared in theskies of Mirabar and unleashed his fury, the Dwarves of the Ring turned to the Axemother for her aid. Saryndalaghlothtor retnruedto the Material Plane to confront Klaurh and, with, the aid of Mirabars defenders, eventually managed to drive him off. However.ias Lady Gemcloak returned to her lair to heal, she t00 succumbed to the madness. of the Dracorage, Her sudden attack 011 those dwarves working outside the Maw shortly after her battle with Old Snarl "';11.5 both unexpected and devastatingly effective-

In the wake.of her rampage.Baryndalaghlothtor fled to'the Elemental Plant of Eire, determined to atone for bel' crimes through a trial by. Me. She might have died if not for the inrerventiOli of a tribe of azers, w1)0 received a v15ion hom the dwarvengod Moradin. The Axemother eventually returned to the Crags, where she was surprised to find that the Stout Folk were grateful for her efforts and sacrifice, despite the cost 1:0 'their own kill. As a result, the dragon's ties to the Stout Folk of the H{:Juse of the Axe have grown even tighter, and in her heart she now considers til rn truly be~ children.

CIt 13


Female adult crystal.dragon'P" wizard 1 CN Huge dragon (air, psionic)

Init +0; Senses -blindsense 60 ft., darkvision 120 It, keen

senses; Listen-i-lfl, Spot +18 '

Au!;!. frightFul presence (180 ft., DC"B) Languages Aureu, Common, Draconic, Dwarven


AC 27) touch 8, flatfooted 27

(-2 size, + 19 natural)

hp 23'7 (21BD); DR 5jmagic Immune' cold, paralysis, sleep

Resist fire 1r; SR' 21 (or PR 11 if using psionics) Fort +D,·Ref +12, Will +15

Speed 40ft.{8 squares), burrow i ft., £1)11)0 ft. (poor), swim 4,0 ft ... Flyby Attack

.Melee ~ite+26 (2d8+8) and 2 claws +24 Qd6+.:4) and 1 wings +24 (ld8+4) tail slap +24 (1d6+12)

Space 15 ft.; Reach 10 ft. (l5 ft. with bite) Base Atk +20'; Grp +36

_Atk Options Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack, Rend,

Snatch; crush. I

Special Actions breath weapon (DC 2;) Wizard Spells Prepared eCL 1st): .,

1st (3/day}--'/ol-C1'"llltl've«bg (DC 14), kn0711 prlltectiOlls'''j~.

WC~ .

o (2/day}-detect magic, disrupt undead, read magic Power Points/Day; 32; Powers Known (ML 5th, telepathy primary discipline):

3rd-criJis.o/bn:ath CDC 16), hostile empathic tranter (DC 16)

2l1d-hody af!.}ustment, brain loc]: (DC lr), psiotlit; suggestion (DC 15), n;ad thoughts (DC H) 1st-:-lmrst, detect psionics, empaihjl,.far band, mindlink (DC 14)

Spell·Like (or Psi-Like, if using-;psionics), Abilities eeL Yth [or ML ytb if using psionicsj).

1/day-chdrm pmOJI (DC 14) (or psionic charm [DC ·141 . if using psionics)

Abilities Str 27, Dex 10, COll '2.1, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha i7 SQ.planar~travel, summon familiar (none at present)

Feats Flyby Attack, Improved Bull RU5h~ Improved Natural Attack (claw), Large and in Charge" ra , Multiattack, Power Attack, RendDn>, Scribe Scroll, Snatch

Skills Bluff +11, Concentration +21, Diplomacy +11, Disguise +5 8·7 in character), Escape Artist +16, Gather Information +9, Intimidate +y, Jump +34 (with r:iTJg), Knowledge (arcana) +18, KnowledgeIlocal TheNorth) +19, Knowledge (psionics) +18, Listen +19; . Psicraft _+12, Search +18, Sp_ellcraft +12, Spot +19

Possessions Gemcloah': Librtlm (see above), belm of mp.reme 'lllizardrJ¥, gemstone of motl~atefi:rrtificati{)t?'d> ring of impro'viId jumpillg

, \



Breath W~a:pon (8u) JO·f-r. cone, once every ld4- rounds, ,dam~ge 1 '2d6 brilliant light plus blinded for id4 rounds, Reflex DC 25' half-and negates blindness

Crush (Ex) Area H .ft, by 15' ft.; Small or smaller opponents take'2dHt-1-2 points er bludgeoning damage and, must succeed nna DC 25' Reflex: save or be pinned.

Frightful pres,en.ce!~x) Saryndalaghlothror can inspire terror . 'by r:baig~g, -attacking, or flying overhead. Creatures within 180 feet, of the dragonthat have 20 HD or fewer .must attemptil-,D,C '23 Will save, Success indicatesthat the target is immune to Saryndalagblothror's frightful '_presence'for 24 hours. On a failure, creatures with 4 or fewer HD become panicked for 4d6 rounds. Those with y ot more HD become shaken for 4d6 rounds,

Planu Travel (8u) Saryndalaghlothtor has the innate ability topass instantly between the Material Plane and the Inner Pla~~

Sn.atc-h (Ex) AgilinstS01all or smaller creatures, bite for. '2dS+8 per round or claw for 3d6+4 per round.

TO ronnr orno rlo.murlo , "serenescrues' ,

'CG"fetnale adult song :drag,on

S~I'ih (I IJ"1W fvejlOt"se.enbifore,. nor e.~'Pe'it ber like again. Calm, d}sinterestedin great ~uet1l!h or 'lJ(lingk;r)~ abo'~e, all ]air (illd principled. Sbe hardly seems (J dragGl! at all!

Maskalandur Narlur, "Lorelord of Ormpur"

, excerpt from One Sage's Wjirmbook ~ publishedin the Year of the Gauntlet (1369'DRJ

"Iaraunramorlamurla cl.rdy assumes her draconic form, 'but when she does, she appears as a sleek, outstandingly beautiful (to 'both human and. draconic eyes) song dragon.a more slender aild SinUODS version of a -copper dragon, \~;ith strikingly .iridescent' silver-blue scales.

In human form, Serenescales is a, rather plain, .heavyset woman who stands.about ';-1/2 feet tall, She looks as if she has seen little more than twenty winters, and she has unruly brown hair, pale skin, and.·a plump face. She usually wearscowledcloaks over rumpled, nondescripe robes, and whenever possible avoids' being Seen in public. She does business from behind walls and

-screl;l]_s~andshe avoids taverns, watking III the streets by day and

shopping for herSelf. ,

Her most distinctive features, in, either form, are her large, dark (liquid black-hued) eyes and her level, disconcertingly direct ("da.rk-fue") gaze. S11e loves to sing and hear the music-and :;ong of others.

Hoard: Taraunramo.r1amurla has gathered wealth far more slow4' than most (lr~gO!;_'; because, although she occasionally "confiscates" magic items as too dangerous to be held by "unworthy," "reckless of consequences," or "basely motivated" htynans, she considers coins.gems, and trade-metal to be worthless unless she has earned th~~l., III one respect, this song dragon is more lawful than chaotic: She strikes deals with creatures she dwells amoug-dlese days,1;he,folk of Waterdeep=-and ~dherl;s strictly

to those bargaias.in both letter and spirit, to derive bel' (meage!)

income, "

?VIix:edcoinsalJd minor pieces of artwork 7,644gp. 36-siLver trade ingots of .ancient make (7S gpeacli), 'iv~ry statuette of a dMlcing faun (7Qgp); rnithral chalice (800. gp), bejeweled glove (2,00.0 gp);,.tan ofArt11!dur (five large _r;latched blue .d iamon ds, 1;00.0 gp each or 7,fo.o. collectively), lenses of dark1fes;P~, moon, brdcl'r,",f'g +1, pipes if .otmdilig; j potions if cure moderate m(julid~, lomgof mind sbie/dillg.

Lair: Si.IlC~ the Year of the Gulagoar (1516 DR), Taraunramorlamurla h.as dwelt .in Waterdeep in-human form, fascinated by humankind and vastly entertained by leal,riiifg all about them, .Afrer convincing Maaril to allow ·her to settle in the city, she initiallysupported herself as ~ laundress .in various households, slipping outin dragon form to feed, whenever she felt the need, on, wild nomad ic herds in the Dessarin, treetop foliage in the High Forest.and seabirds on the high flanks. of the coastal mountains ncrth of the city.

Desiring more time and freedom to'Jl10V~ among a wider variety of folk, Sererrescales then t~ok va;-jous naID~5, appearances £llsingtllter .elf), and professions all.across the dty, so !IE. toseelife III the Palace, on tbe docks, in the villas of the-nobility andthe mansions oftheambitiously wealthy-vand taste'the full variety of Waterdbavian life.

In the Year of the Weeping Moon (1339 DR),.desll-lllg,Jl10re daily operational Freedom; she established herselfin an upstairs suite above an empty shop on northside Sarnmariu's Street in North Ward, posing as. the Keeper of Secrets, a safekeeper for valuables and incriminating or hard-to-guard (often stolen) goods, and a moneylender, lending coins \~ith borrowers' incriminating secrets as surety. A~ Keeper; she ga've her identity as Taunamorla Esmurla, a 'scribe from A IllIl , But Taunamorla. disappeared after associates of Iiers (other dragons in human forin) cawed the deaths of several niemhers of the Watch, and a battle eruptedin Which dragons revealed themselves, the Watchful Order became involved, and the Lords of Waterdeep publicly-vowed to find and "drive out.hidden dragons in bur midst."

In private, the Lords did nothing, for most of them couldn't see any thing they practically, could do, ,alid the rest knew that the "hlddi'a-i ,dragoIls"_ were; benefiting the city far more than they were endangering it. A few Lords also knew of 'another position that Taraunramorlamurlajwas ably fulfillingar the request of the other hmnan-form-assuul11g"hidde)1 dragons!' in 'tI~e city. She was a guide,and centra] contact for thebidden dragonsdwelling in W1ltel:deep, helping thein watch over events, manipulating and sometimes covertly advising the Lords of WiIterd<;ep~ and magically attacking forces seeking to overthrow the, Lords. Approximately seven of the present .Lords (notably Mirt- and Duman) know of her, though none of them know her current

hU~la.n·\' identity." - '

Taraunramorlamurla now dwells in North Ward; posing as Delavan-a Draethfurl, the widow of the merchant neet ow~er Daeregh Draerhfurl (Sm.E was posing ail Oelavarra's personal maid when Oelavarra died; and magically took the old Jady's shape).

O~fuvaira Draethfurl 'is now officially poor, h~!.1riiig Spr~:ri:~ rumors tha~ all those (imaginary) wizards cost her staggeringamounts, aij.tt,§il€ live:s,:t1o.ne,lll seclusion. Draethgates+Iier man-




sian on nortl]Side Horn Street, in North Ward-is heavily warded with a web of spells that block translocationand scrying magics, pre\Tent ferrous metals (thus, weapons and much armor) from entering, except. through small, shifting, invisible openings that Serenescales controls, and audibly (through recurring chirnings) de-teet th~ presence, movements, and location of living creatures

, (except Taraunramorlarnurla. herself). ,

A secret" stair: links all four floors of the mansion with its roof and cellar, and Serene stales has caused two rooms to be converted to traps; She can bring down portcullises across their doors and windows to temporarily imprison intruders within them.

"By night, Serenescales often slips orit of Draethgates to wander the City, acting.as a discreet messenger, carrier ofvaluables, and moneychanger in exchange for small fees. (She will never do this without carrying some means of 4eiiiing) She is primarily interested ill learning the deeds, gossip, and aims of those she meets, not In gaining income.

Tactics; Taraunrarnorlarnurla is calm, patient, and entirely devoid of arrogance (tbough she has iroti.-strong confidence), avoiding battle and concealing her true nature whenever possible. Over the years, she has become-good at acting and a shrewd judge of human nature, so as not to provoke those she meets to do anything more than confide in her and see her as harmless. However, she sometimes shows the chaotic side of her nature by "setting things going"-among-hljmanS, tJ:rrOllgh rumor or through manipulating )Certain Waterdhavians into thinking. their rivals or enemies have done something or are about to do something,

50 she cap. watch the fun) -

When expecting [r~uble, Serenescales will wear or carryas many useful magic items from her hoard as she can, holding nothing back for a "later" that might never come. She prefers to let others among the "hidden dragons" @llch as the fang dragon Ranmorthadar, who usually poses as a male human wizard) do her fighting for her-and the mere threat of unexpected attacks from half a dozen or more dragons is enough to dissuade most draconic foes. She usually contrives to warn human opponents, by some roundabout means, that she can call on a dozen or more humim mages and dragons to champion her in battle.

H faceo- with superior tleadlypower,Taraunramorlamurla fiees, using her telepart_spell to reach Raumorthadar or another formidable "hidden dragon'! and request his aid-which will .almost always be given unhesitatingly.'

Known Allies; The more than a dozen hidden dragons who currently dwell in Waterdeep refer to Taraunramorlamnrla as the Keeper.und they both respect and obey her, because she still faithfully serves them as a go-between, ambassador to humans, and. general source.of.news, Si:1; hidden dragons have traditionally fougbt for" her in battle and rallied to her aid swiftly and without disputation.and four of them survived the Dracorage: Araernra "Longtalons' eCG female young song dragon); Raumorthadar "Razorfang" (CN male mature adult fang dragon longago en'-spelled by: a_ human wizard to unleash an innate arcane spellcasting ability; be is able to cast spells just as human mages do, and is now a wizard 17); Skeldaer "Shimmerscales" (LG male juvenile silver dragon); and OIimrathedar "the Thoughtful" (LG liJa1e ancient bronze dragon)'


Known Enemies: Tarannramorlamurla's longtime foe is the great wynn red dragon Klauth (FReS 167), who series often to reveal to him. what he's certain she possesses: some means of "turning off" the city wards to permit him to enter, depart, and fly over the city at will. He plots to have her slain once he has found'.her secret, and Klauth believes-that if heexterminares Sereriescales, the hidden dragons of Waterdeep will very soon be independent, squabbling individuals.he can easily slay, one by one, and- establish dominion over the City of Splendors.

'Iaraunrarnorlamurla is well aware of Old Snarl's scrutiny-and so is the mage Maaril, Who foils many of Klauth's attempts to vex Serenescales by means of agents, because be sees her as vital in maintaining his control of the dragons of the city. Taraunramorlarrl1:u'la knows that Maaril could, if he desired, be far more immediately dangerous to her than Klauth, but she's confident _ the human mage 'only knows of her, fi "e other song dragons, and perhaps the steel dragon jalanvaloss, nor'the other StlV~l1 dragons of various kinds .hidiI;Jg in the city who haw been there since before Maaril acquired the d1'ago11Staff Of- AhgiJ_fJiI"01lCS• All the hidden dragons have made a pact to act together aga:imt Maaril, if 'Such drastic action eyer becomes necessary. Raumorthadar is even contemplating studying Abghairolt'J dragpllwanl*, with .the aim of learninghow to control, alter, or if need be destroy it, Serenescales isawareof this, but privately doubts he'll make much' pmgress, and so has never spoken against-his u-ying.

Schemes: Taraunramorlarnurla is .personally unambitious, seeking only to enjoy 1:he ongoing' entertainment of watching life in Waterdeep unfold around.her; with but one exception: she

.- is seeking a consort. She is both lonely and growing restless to mate.Raumorthadar is a good friend, but she ki19WS; given their natures, they can never 'be happy as a couple. On several occasions she.has contemplated a-trip to the Moonshaes to hunt for a mate, but is reluctant to depart Waterdeep, or reveal her interest to wider Faenin until she has found a way to scrypotential.consorts for some time and decide on likely candidates.

In her daily. dealings, Sereneseales tries to keep bargains she personally makes, but she doesn't necessarily obey 01: value human laws .. If she encounter humans she"·isn't. interested in working for, she is not above misrepresenting herself or manipulating -them. into :;v ild goose- eh ases,

Knowledge Checks: -To discern that Serenescales might be something other than human requires a character ·tb· have suecessfully noticed that there's something odd about her. Doing so requires 11 successful Spot check (opposed by her Disguise check). Then the- PC must make a successful Sense Motive check (opposed by her Bluff check) to guess that Taraunramorlarnurla is not 11 normal human. Learning something of her true draconic nature requires 11 successful DC'2r bardic knowledge-check or DC 3D Knowledge (local Wat~rdeep) check. pes are most likely to first rum up .the information that the woman they've met never seems to age much, and that several women" Who_illl1ook more or less alike have been around Waterdeep for decades, PCs who question a sage. (particularly Maskalandur Narlur, the sage who styles himself "Lorelord of Ormpur") can learn something of Tarauuramorlamurla's Warerdhavian :history 1l11d character with a successful DC 30 Gather Information check CDC 20 if

consulting Narlur), '


, 1


Adventure Hooks: As a demure, discreet, trusted messenger or bearer of items (contractS, tokens; samples, evidence), TaraunramorlaJ~urlacan often be ·':lKountered at work in Warcrdeep, usually after dark. Her acting abilities; love of rnanipulation, and gelluiue interest" in the lives oHlUl11allS she meets often leads to her taking lID interest.in PC's, and perhaps literally leading. them _into adventures, orp'oirlting- them to adventures (OL confrontations willi otiters) by1heIilsc rumors or correct informarionshe whispers to them. Serenescales is also seeking suitable 'adventurers she can hire to viSi.tthe Moonshaes and bring word ba~k to her of lone male song dragons ell difficult task, since the human forms 'of' song dragons.are Invariably female).

Taraunramorlarnurla is always alert for adventurers seeking to find (and slay?} dragons in Waterdeep, and she is aware that Klau~h or others i:night have hired human agents to .track down her or the other llidden dragons. If she suspects PCs~of having such aims~:she beginsan elaborate watch over them, seeking, to learn all she can of wh911n-ed, ccercedoris ~ackillgtill:tU, before proceeding with v,iolence (falling in her allies). .

Rage of Dragons: .As Sammaster's Rage 5wept over the City of Splend_ors, Tara.unn1;1l)orlamurl.aal1dseveral of her felh:M"hiddcll" found themselves outside Waterdeep on various seemingly unre- . lated expeditions. Sereneseales succumbed to the 'Dracorage while en route to Silverymoon, to deliver some valuables to their new .owner (aWatetdhav:ian heir to a long-hidden fortune). Taraunramorlarnurla mlgh~ have spent her life assaultingsettlements across the Silve.rJ0~r,c.lles> if netforthe pFompt aid of Alustilel; who whisked her back tel the City.of Splendors and the relative

safety ofirs _f:illg"Killel' shield". -

In the day~ that followed, Serenescales worked secretly with , Alustriel and Laeralto track down her fellow "hidden" and bring .thern back to the C;it):"'o_f Splendors. They were too late in at least ·three cases (where the ""'yrms ill question had died due to their actions while i:ij thc throes of madness), but the trio managed to keep the oth<:!rsalive' and relatively sane. Only Tarannramorlamnrla knows the debtthe "hidden;' owe to Alustriel and Laeral; the other dragons are too proudto swallowsuch an explanation, and thus they willingly believe rhat'Serenescales controls hidden magic of sufficient priwer on her own, Taraunramorlarnurla has also not revealed to her fellow "hidden" that the Cult of the Dragon had manipulated each one individually so that many of them IVeft taking sojourns outside Waterdeep as the Dracorage engulfed Faerdn, Serenescales suspects there is a traitor among the ranks of the "hidden" who has betrayed their -identities to

the Dragon Cult: .

TARAWffi_.AM·ORLAMURLA Female a.dult song dragon~jC"

CG Large dragon (.1:lr) .

Init +4; Senses blindsense 60 ft., darkvision 110 ft., keen

senses; Listen +30, Spot +30; tree seeing 15" ft. .

Aura. frightfW presence (180 ft., Dc .'26)

Languages Celestial, Chondathan, Common, Draconic, EJv'en,

~us~an; t(mf,tles (continuous) .

en 1:4

AC· '28,. mIlCh 9, flat-footed 28 (--1 size, +19 natural)

hp 190 "('20 HD); DR J/magic

Immune electricity, paralysis,p~ison, slc.ep "\

8&23' .

I~ ~ •

Fort -ir, Ref +12, wur +17

SJeed 40.ft. (8 squares), flyHO ft. IJi v~i'!lge), ,Flyby Atmc};

Melee bite +'23 (,2[[6+4) and . . ••

'2 claws '1,'21 (ld6+2) and

'2 wings +·21 (1(16-+;'2) and

tail slap +'2J. (ld8+6)

Space 10 ft.; Reach J ft. (10 ft. with bite)

Base Atk +2.0; Grp +18 "

At}! Options Power Attack

·Special Actions breath weapon. Sorcerer Spells Known (CL :5"tb):

11id·(6/day)~alf.er self, detect tljollg1m(DC 18)

.1st CB/aay)~aldrm, culM' rpraJ' (DC 17), nblcttri1Ig'miJt, true strike

o (6iday)~dr:tect magic, magI! .bmfd,._messagr:,_oprmjclasr,

. pl'esiidigitatioll; read m~gi" .

Spell- Like Abilities eCL 5th): 1/h6tlx-dm'kncs.l,light ·?jday-bli"nk,jratbn/all 1/d.1y~tdep()ri (DC '2-1)·

Abilities SrI" 19, Dex 10, Con 1'7; Int 20, Wis 21, Cba 12 SQgltem~te form, frigl~rful presence

Feats Alertness, Blind-Fight, Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative, Multiattack, Power Attack,.Versatile Perfol"l11e:rcAcl (stringed instruments, wiria instruments)

Skills Bluff +29, Concenrration +15, Diplomacy +3J,

Disguise +16 C+l~ in character), Gather Information +31, Intimidate +~, -Knowledge (arcana) +18, Knowledge (local Wateraeep) +'28, Listen +30,Pel'fbfm (singing) +'29, Perform (sti.·iilged u-g;rrllluenJ:s) +'29,Petform (wind instruments) +29, 'Search +'28, Sense Motive +18, Spellcraft +'20, Spot +30

Possesaions til,g. if mil1dsbieUillg

Alternate Form (Sci) Taraunramorlamurla can assume a unique humanoid form-e-that of a Medium female human-e-as-a standard action three times pet day. This ability furtetions as a polymorpl:i sp,ell CCL."rth) cast Oil hel"Sel_£;, except that" Taraunramorlamnrla does not regain hit points for changing form 'rurd can only assume the form of a. specific p:nla!.~ human. Taraunramorlamurla can remainin.her human Icrm until she chcoses to rerum to her natural form,

Breath Weap9n (Su) 4D-ft, cone, 'once every Id4 rounds, damage 12M electricity (cbarged_gas), Reflex DC·'23 hili.

Frightful Presence (Ex) Taraun ramorlamurla can inspire terror by charging, attacking, or flying overhead. Creatures within 180 feet of the dragon that ha ~e 19 HD OF fewer' must attempt a DC' 26 Will save, Success indicates that

the target -is immune to Taraunramorlamurla's frig.htflli presence fot 24 hours. On a. failure.icreatures with' 4 or fewer HI> become panicked for4d6 roiinds, Those \vith J or lTIOI'e·.HD become shaken for 4d6.ro.liJids.



Tcnuzzu_[, chosen of Tiamut

CE male fiendish great wyrm red dragon

of the Sceptenar (crj'Jial ball 'XI/itb see iT/-visibility), hammer if Rarmn4f1 (+ 2 ,~hoiki"K burst thtmdering 7vm-bamitie?J, -ldntern if rc'v.eil/ing, phoeni» bez.m~hg, '25'- +-1 rjulian! boldint{,g i.rro1ui, robe of stars, robe of the 'Dragon §{gee11 (Jesser -uestments if P~1.I/er'f.~), rod of fury +-1'1,g, rod qfspZemior, scarab of protection, scar;ab. of sci1itillati11g aura:r"{,g, scepter' if Cimbar*,5p'oll of foresight, scroll of time StOp, scroll of 1{!ish, serpent rll/tlt, sil"~er ankh if RaLE,staff ofsfimhil1g l+:5 knockback-quarter--sta/f'b£), Tcha~zar's clizw'rillg (ring -of greater electl'icity resistancey; 'tutltld of restoration ('2rcharges).

Lair: A5 the newly crowned Scepteuar of Cirnbar, Tchazzar has reclaimed the .Great Palace of Cimbar ;;5 his lair, 'fbe alabaster citadel sits atop a low hill in Old Cimbar in. t&~ shadow of the now-abandoned Great Temple of Gilgeam. Tchazzar had the Great Palace-built -to his specifications when he last'ruled Chessenra ; and its sprawling galleries easilyaccommodate tIl_e great wyrm's

tremendous bulk. ~

Tactics: Convinced of his :innate superiority over all living things, Tchazzar bas no fear, but he sees physical couilict as heneath his godlike self The Sceptenar of Cimbar surrounds himself with powerful minions he can dispatch to destroy any threat. On the rare occasions when be is physically threatened, 'Ichazzar's _rage is unmatched, for he-feels that his foes are-undermining his hard-earned divine status. Such fights bring out his basest nature, and He wades into melee, using his physical weapons and. breath weapon without thought of the cost to allies.

. ~,

Known Alli~s: Altbough he serves as Tiamat's champion

in Faenin, Tchazzar keeps the Dragon OJIeen's church at arm's " length, for he is not interested in calling attention to .the fact

that be operates at Tiamat's, wlllin.· .


The Father 'of' Chessenta .has been brought back to life by the

Dragon 9£.eeri and returlied to the land. It js oPl:i it matter of time before-all ofChessenra, Threskel .. and Unther acknowledges 'tne. r~le of the' new Scepteaarof Gimbal',

Despite his 'many years, Tchazzar has the vigor 'of a PQwer[til male red dragon ill the prrnie of life, Unlike !I. typiql.l great wyrm red dragoii,his scales are the bright, glossy scarlet; of a wyrmling, except along tiis wings where: they are tbe color of obsidian. 'Ichazzas's eyes are pitch black orbs, and his horns are jet black with sharp, serrated edges,

Hoard: Tehazzar has claimed Cimbar;il palace treasury as his . hoard. Mixed toins WOl"t11 109,948 gp, liZaod of Tchazzar (set of.12 matched red tears, l,pO.O gp each or 20,000coUectiyely), moonstones if Niu/'IItl-Sin (17 sacred moonstones, 5'0 gpeach or

. _ - , r

l,SOO gp collectively), sPlJakirlg stones of the Brqke» 'Pyramid (3'2 pieces of tomb jade found on the tongues of the Untheri sorcerers .inrerred within, 1,.000 gp each), tears if Taion« (set of 3 matched kijlg's tears, each depicting a lost priest-lich of Talona, 5',000 gp each or 25",000 gp collectively), 12 foot-tall gold statuettes depicting the god-kings of Unther during the

~ Battle of the Gods (1~200 gp . each), 8 bejeweled dragon eggs ~

& n.roo gp each), f mithral chalices (800 gp each), 6 royal

'~ gowns adorned with tremairs ell. pink variety of treruolite) ~ (1,000 gp each), armor if Horus C+f dear-icity resistance fini ~ resistance scale'mail), bill;, of Ultham (jeSSe)' rod-of quickened " mettl111agic), dh~t1thu;'jaJ1drotb's buhl/ark (+3 improved acid .~ resistance dragp,bide bea'vy- sbield), elixir of Horus-Re+», eye




Tch a ",,,,,,r, tbe ne'1V Sc~et~n,ar if Cimhar


\ .



The Gteat Palace of the

Tchazzar's closest allies are Gcstauiius of the Dragonsword Mountains (LF. female fiendish great wynn blue dragon) QU,d Skuth~siin "the Venomous" of the Methwcod (LE male fiendish old green dragon cleric l/unllOly ravager of TiamatPi, ~ is [TiamatJ). 'Ichazzer consumed the other two members of Tiamat's Trinity during the Time of Troubles to complete the rebirthieg of Tiamat, Like Tchazzar, Gestaniles and Skuthoslin were restored to life and returned to the land by the Dragon

~en reborn in fiendish form. '

KnowJl Enemies: As the Dragon OJLeen's Chosen (which is currently nothing more than a clde), Tchazzar is Tiamar's cham" pion in Faenin, unleashing his fearsome wrath on whoever draws her ire. In the shor-t term, Tchazzar's enemies include the cities of' Airspur, Lmhcheq, Mordulkin, and Sooreaar, In the longer term, Tch.azz.ar aims to smash any Dragon Cult cell that-refuses roacknoeledge. Tiamars rule. Tchazzar also seeks the destruction of ills ancient rival, Alask1erhanbastos. despite the 1~tter'5 recent alliance with the Cliurch of Tlamar in Unrher, and he views any dragon who serves the Great Bone Wynn as a hereric.

Sche.mes: Now that his rule of Cimbar is secure, the SOil of RauthstckhfRedbcnes" plot'S to rebuild his kingdom, claiming aU the lands of Chessenra, Threskel and Dnther. First, Tiarnar's Chosen intends to bring one Chessentan city after another llnd~r ills banner througb threats and secret negotiations. Aside from the mad leaders of Honse Karanok in Luthcheq, the leaders of the adler major Chcssenteu cities' have a.1..r.¢ady begun quietly negotiatlng their adm ittance into Tchazzar's burgeoning empire.

Once all of Chesseuta but Luthcheq is ill his grasp, the .

Father of Chessenta intends to overrun not just the City of

Mad ness, bu t the plains of Threskel as well, all ill the narne of ~11C Dragon O!!_een. He knows this will be too great a provoca- 6011for his ancient rival, Alasklerbanbastos, to ignore and that the: Great Bone Wyrm will be forced to .11111ster his army of undead dragons in -defense, By opposing Tchazzar's march into Threskel, Alasklerbanbasros should angel' the Dragon OJLeell and shatter the tentatjve wlliance the Great Bone Wyrnrs Dragon Cult cell has forged with the followers of Tiamat in Free Unther.

As if that were nor enough, Tchazzar is already planning for the day he turns his armies against the crusaders of MuIhoran:d. When Tchazzar's army sweeps in from the west, Gestaniins will 001ea5b her forces from the east, cutting off Mulhorand's supply lines. Meanwhile Skuthosiin's army will march down the coast, blocking any Mulhorandi attempt to reestablish their supply lines by sea.

Knowledge Checks: As Sceptenar of Cimbar and one of the. first dragon Engs·to rule a wide swath of Fa.enin in many a year, Tchazzar is quickly becoming famous across Faenln, Locating Tchazzar's lair requires a successful DC 10 bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (local. Old Empires) check.

PCs·,.who question ODe or more Chessentens can learn about Tchazzar's description, lair, tactics, known allies, andknownenernies with a successful DC H Gather Information check. Tb~y Ca,11 learn about his rumored ilOlltd and schemes widl a DC 25' Gather Information check,

Adventure H\loh: PCs in the employ of one or more 0'[ Gbessenta's mallY factions might find themselvesapproached by. an agent of Tchazzar, In exchange forcerraiu fa.v~rs, be would


.8th (7/day)-br(ftllh 7lmlPOn ad;hix-tur,!J"', demand (DC 27), eneni(jti~g breathD~

7th (7/day)-greaterill'Ctl1J_e fight, greater stunning 7m;a/ho"" pro/eet ilnagl! (DC '16)

6th (7/daY)-l1ntimagl~ field, legptd lore; trne seei11g . (DC 25")

fth CBjiJai)-burniftg blo.04P", etbereal bn:.at,/JD ru , gredter 'llIings qf airD", superior magjc.fongD'"

4th (8/day)-dispelling hrea~hD"',jir:i shield; rebuking bteattl)", 7viugbindD'" (DC 13}

3rd f8/dayJ-blindiTlg. breathD",fir(:ba11 (DC 22), nondetectio», tot/giles (DC 22)

2nd (8jday)-butl's strengtb, cats grace, ear;le's splelldor, ./ox's c1.11ming, 1·a;'oUat/gso."

Lst (2/day)-alann, expeditious retreat,fe~tber fall, true strike, unseen. serva 111

o (rj/dJlY)-arctme mark, detee: magic, detect poisPIl; _i!gbt, mtlg~ hml.d, m_endi71g, open/close, preJ~idigitation, read 7naglc

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 19th): 11/day-locate object 3/daY-S1Iggestiol1{DC 21) l/dar-discem iocatioll,j"ind the path


want them to -advocate a peaceful reunification of Chessenta's ever-warring 'city-stares. However, the PCs' l::mployeril might be _adamalltly opposed to an .allia;ce with Tchazzar,

As Tdrazzar's drive to reunify the country proceeds, rumors will begin to spread that his next target is Threskel, The PCs

. , \

might be approached by all agent. of House Jedea of Mordulkin,

-who asks them to uncover wn.at -Tchazzar's plans are [or their city. (They [ear Tchazzar \Villtransfomi it into a militarycamp, whether they fight him. or simply surrender and inst~ one of his generals as ruler] Unbeknownst to". the PCs, their contact is secretlyia !1ieeinplQY of" Alasklerbanbastos, and their reports are-being sent-to the Great Bone Wyit-n.

lI..age of.Dragons: Tchazzar returned to Toril in the last days of the Rage 'of Dragons.unarerializing above the Bay of Chessenra in the midst of a naval battle between the cities of Cirnbar and Soorenar.Afrer \vreaki¥g havoc on both fleets in all-orgy of destruction, the Father of Chessenta sremedto regain a measure of his self-control, After desrroying or driving OI~t nearly every deacolich and dragon that Alasklerbaribastos had sent into Chessenta, Tchazzar then flew off toward Cirnbar, After a brier battle with Cimbar's overmatched defenders, he quickly installed himself ill the Palace- of the Sceprenar and set about solidifying his rule by slaughtering all remaining opposition within the city.


CR 40


Male.fiendishgrear wynn red dragon, dragon ascendant?" 12' CR Colossal dragon (fire, extraplanar)

Init +:4; Sense. blindsense 60 ft., darkvision i20 Ft., keen senses; Listen +63, Spot +63

Aura awesomeaura (360 It.,· DC 44)

Langaages Abyssal" Aragrakh, Draconic, Infernal

AC SO, touch 11, flat-footed ro

-8 size, +39 natural, ~9 deflection)

hp 1,144 (S2ED); fast ·healing 3; DlI.. 2f/epic

Immune -ability damage; ability drainenergy drain, fire, mind-affecting spells and abilities, transmutations (polymorph,petIjficatioll, form-altering attach)

SR. 33

Forn41, Ref +3'2,. W~l +in Weakness vulnerability to cold

Speed 70 ft .. (It,squares), fly 270 ft. (cLumsy), swim 70 ft., Flyby Attac-K, Hover, Wingover

Melee bitn6·3 (4d8+1'8) and

2 claws each +6~ (;Fd6+9) and '2 wings each +61 ('2d8+2) and tail slap +61 (4d6+17)

Space 30 ft:; Reach ~O fl;, (30 ft. with bite) Base A.tk -tS3; Grp +87

Atl Options crush. smite good Cl,Ida}" +'20.damage),. tail sweep, Awe;;omeBlow; Clea~'e, Improved Bull Rush, Largeand in ChltFgeD"'> Power Attack, Snatch" Tempest Breath?"

Special J:ctiollsbr~th weapon

Gombat Gear (;i;(J'lUJlri;lg ifTcha,z:;:.m-", .orl; ifVrag01zkind , (ret{ dragon]

Sorcerer Speli,s Known roi. 19th):

9th CT/day)-dfafoning breatTi''', meteor swarm (DC 28)

" -

Abilities Str 46, Dex 10, COil 31, Int 29, Wis 17, Cha 28

So....alternate form, immortal . .

Feats Awesome Blow, Cleave, Draconic llt-il,owledgeD'-', Fast Healing?", Flyby A~ack, Gr;eat. Fortitude_, Hover, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Initiative, Improved Spe~~D>;, Iron Will, Large and in ChargeD,..; Lightning Reflexes, Mulriartack, Power Attack, Snatch, Tempest

BreathO'\ Wingover c :

stills Appraise +61; Bluff +64, Concentration +65', Diplomacy +68, Disguise +9 (+11 in-character], Escape A.i1is~ +H, Intimidate +66,. JurD_IJ ,;73, Knowledge (arcana) +63, Knowledge (Bi:stary) +3'2, KnOWledge (the: planes) +33, Listen +63; Search +b3,.&nse Motive ~63, Spot +63. Survival +8 Cf-l0011.other,:plan.e.s) -

Possessions combat-gear plusa0~;'1'!t if st'premac-yD"

Awe~_ome Aura. (Ex) Tchazzar 'can .inspite terror in creatures tha.;E view him. Those within 360 feetof the dr:tggl1 that have 40 lID or fe\'i><:r must attempt a DC 44 Will save, SUGCe5;3 indicates that the. target is- immune to Tclra~w;s awesome aura for 24 hours. On afailure, a creature is. shaken or dazed (dragon's choice) for -4d6roup.ds. If Tchazzar attacks or charges; shaken.crearures must succeed on a second DC 44 Will save or become fr~ghtened [or

4d6. rounds. All allies y;rithin the radius receive a +4 morale bonus 011 attackrolls, saves, and checks, and foes that-fail their saves take a -4 morale ·penalty on attack rolls, saves" and checks. Allies can be ercluded '(dragon's choice) from the effect of the aura.

Breath Weapon (Su) 60_-ft. cone, once every Id4 roU~d5, , dar~1ag,e-24d10 fl!e;RefJex no 4011alf.

C9de.ofGonilud Tchazzar loses his awesome aura.jand does not regain his frightful presence) if be ever willingly commits an. 'action opposed to hischaotic.evilaIigi\tnent





Crush (Ex) Area 30 ft. by 30 ft.; Large or smaller opponents take4dB+27 points of bludgeoning damage and must sotc;ed all a DC 40 Reflex save or be pinned.

Immortal (Sri) Tchazzar is a qunsi-deity and can no-longer

die from-natural causes. He does not need. to eat, sleep,

:OJ;" breathe. Be call still be sla in in pbysi"cal or magical combat, and is $'@ subject to death from massive damage,

Sn.atc:h '(E.:!) j\gau]st Large or smaller creatures, bite for 4dB+1B per round or claw for 4d6+9 per round.

Tail SWl:ep (Ex) Half·circle 40 ft: ilJ diameter; Medium or smaller opponents take Zd8+27 points of bludgeoning damage (Renex DC 40 half)

Tost\_Jn xloer.rhmouch, "the silver slorne' '

CG male JlOIl:ng adult mereo:r-y dragon

''[lllbe 'lVake if the Sil'!)~ Flame "

popular saying in Waterdeep used to imply a curious, unexpected change of plans

Tostyn is typical in appearance for his species, with a thin, sinuous body and slender, whiplike tail. His bright scales have achieved the mirrored countenance of a much older mercury dragon.marred only by a long, barely visible scar along his left rear haunch, received during tile most recent Dracorage in fhis battle with Ch.LOl·acidara's brood.

Hoard: The Silver Flame's treasure consists of a Rile of s-hin}' rocks (metallic orcs, largely copper, destined for future meals) , and a milch larger pile of: items Tostyn deemed junk when he rearranged the lair to meet his needs-mainly broken furniture and rotting scraps of fabric, but some vases, stools, and the Iike 'possess minor (sometimesel'en powerful) magic. Their softglows give the room un eerie appearance and enough light for any intruders to see whaUloats above the treasure: a gigantic brain' trailing ten tentacles beneath it, its parrorlike beak opening and shutting soundlessly from time to time. This is a dead grell pre· served, held aloft, and animated by magic already in place when Tostyn firsr entered the undedake mansion, It has 110 powers or sentience, is not undead, and reacts to intruders only by turning to fate them-and working its beak. Tile Silver Flame considered it trash and brought it here from elsewhere in the mansion; the

purp~ for which it was cuspclled is uUknOWJ1. .

Tostyn's tropit}, room contains failed magic automatons, mainly various sorts of golems. Some of the devices ill~Lude grinding .gears from a horse-powered mill, a siege tower, the broken remnants of a gigantic-over 300 feet across, when whole~QITery depicting the movements of known celestial bodies in Realrnspace, the steering vanes of a crashed Halruean skysbip, vessels (ships, wagons; and aerial craft the dragon has pounced OIl and captured), and other oddities.

His collection also contains a levitating, upright, massively armored metal "lich's coffin" fr0111 Tashlnta that Tostyn has never been able toopen (see page 96 of Se-rpent KingdorilS), ami the complete, intact skeleton of it green dragon encased ill clear, thick, articu Ia ted glass aki II to the arrn 0 r W~rIl by war r iors

of NimbraL He also stores a mummified beholder still on the human-sized throne Tosryn found it slumped on, witb al\-sorts of CLtriolls,looking wands, rods, and hoses Clipped to a frame that encircles the gr!1--11d seat. A magic net balds together a drifting, chIming collection of glass spheres, each one 110ldiJ1g a different body. part of a slain, bloodless ma Ie bl1i;lnn in robes, ivith one of-his severed hands stilt clutching a wand and his torSb clad in, robes worked with winking stars.

Also in Tostyn's lair is a rather tattered "dragon disguise" designed to be strapped onto a giant or titan, who could.then operate the false wire-and-silk dragon -wings, claws, fjnd tail by means of long rods (like a marionette).

Another curiosity is a 10·root·diameter stone pedestal with four arches reaching up from its sides to hold above it a small, round.stone slab. Three dusters of controls, each consisting of raised stone studs made to fit the four spread finger" of a human hand, run down one edge of the pedestal Tostyn brought it here from a shattered, abandonedwiz .• ard's rower somewherem the Spineof the World mountains because of his interest in a faded note that lies on the main stab, weighted down with a rock: The note reads in COIlll110n: "Ringforge; Netherese? Crafts spell-storing 'I'illgs in upper tray when a proper creature is drained of life on rnai n slab. Plai n rings 0[ all)' metal wor k, bur instructions JO&_ Creature possibly draconic or undead." Tostyn has never attempted to f nd the lost instructions or experiment with the controls; he simply wanted such a device hidden away in his keeping, not out where some overly clever wizard might decide to experiment with its powers on a certain mercury dragon.

Tosryn's only known treasures or a practical purpose include Cluwabra's pendant", the amulet that controls his Ialr, and' a riug of the-ram. ..

Lair: The Silv~r Flame lairs in the Everlake, at the heart of the Evermoors, but spends little time at home. Tostyn made his lair where he discovered a "hole" in the waters at the lake: a magical shaft of air .in the water, offering an entrance to a mansion beneath the muddy lake bottom.

TIlls nameless abode was probably once the horne of a powerful wizard (it was bristling with magical wards and defenses, moot of which Tostyn has left unaltered], bur it was long abandoned when the Silver Flame discovered jt. He fou nd a "control amulet" that allowed ltim to command the powers of the mansion, tore apart some of its interior walls to give himself room to move about in comfort, and made himselfat horne. Todiy that amulet is hidden somewhere i!? the lair, and its location is k~oWll only to the dragon.

Tostyn tries never to enter the shan of air when creatures are nearby to see him. He usually fiies over the Everlake looking for Innnans or other beings on the shores of tbe lake before plunging i.nto his lair. Flocks of birds flying across the lake often unintentionally find the lair; from time to time the air column's depths come to life and suck fresh air down the shaft, swirl it around, and drive out stale air, which then comes shooting up the shaft. Small fly ing creatures COQ ld' well findthemselves lllaking all unexpectetl Jour'ney either down or up the airshaft. At least one.adveriturer employing a fly '-Ilcli discovered !hI!' lair in this way; but fled from its depths without investigating, beneath the< lake bottom. .




The-s&af-i:~nters the lake bottom, descends 80 feet, and then curves to rise up again some '29 feet, emerging into .:I: large _!':!ltry chamber, .Six gu_ardgoyl~sCS await here; they attack any intruding creature who i_sll'tTostyn or accompanied by him, pursuing as far a.s tlli': "safe passage" described below. They Know the nature .and precise location of traps beyond their chamber ami avoid them at the last instant, giving no sign of breaking off :pursuit or proceeding -tentatively until they reach real danger.

FOllI 60-foat-higharchways in the walls-of the entry chamber open into.high andwide passages that run straight into the rock, fanning out like ~he fingers of a humsn.bandfoe several hundred yards "before beginning' a succession of -bends, right angles, and archways. Three are "faIse"passages that wind through a succession of mechanical traps (blades. that snap out of walls, falling stone blocks attached to Chaf115 that immediately draw the blocks back up into their ceiling sockets, and so on),

The fourth route is the only safe one, and it [eads to a passage lined with mag-ic stone statues that move in reaction to the prese11ce of intruders. They raise their arms menacingly, always turning to face creatures moving along the passage. the statues are designed to frighten intruders into turning back, but theycause no harm even if touched or attacked. Many are broken and have beenstrapped together with metal bands or pmppe:d up 011 stone blocks.they are_allcient relics salvaged from a Netherese ruin.

Between each pair of statues, it door is 'set into the wall All the doors are 40-foot-high' ovals 'with barbed points protruding from their centers, like giant spike-bossed shields. Almost all the doors are false; only one can he made to open, 5wingil1~on counterweights so that even a lone halfliilg call operate it, The bosses on ail thefake doors ar-e really wards, and they fire at ariy intruding creature that moves two doors beyond the real one, unleashing tol-cl,.electricity; or baM effects as IOllg as any living creature 'remains. beyond the real door,

The passa.gehehi.lldthe rear door torks;,one branch leads to a chamber heaped with Tostyn's treasure, and the other rises to a sleeping area. The sleeping chamber almost; reaches the surface; if his. lair were ever. flooded, Tostyn could claw his way through the ceiling to Freedom.jlestroyinga small, bare rocky islet in the process. The waters of the Everlake would then pour into the lair through this Dew route, The only feature of this sleeping chamber is a huge mound of earth covered-with soft, hl~h mosses collected and planted by the dragon.

A few enfinishedchambers open from the passage that climbs to the sleeping ar~a. These.rooms have been left unfinished,. ending. where ·digging for future expansion abruptly halted. Tostyn uses these to house his slowly growin·g collection of trophies.The Silver Flame doesn't bother to bar or conceal the doorless arches of these rooms, and euau/?h of their contents are still magicallyanimared to give theappearanceof ongoing 'Iife and ,acii~itY.

T!ilcti~: Tostyn is curious, proud, and reckless, and he often chatges-Ulto·eticQuJJters with largerdragons, archmages.engaged in 5Pell;b~ttle,-al1q,similar ·perils,Hdl.ies.\llto and out of r~ge;<; quickly, holding .nogrndges alJd considering .110 one -a lasting' fat. His evety-attitl,Jde, beliefIike, and.dislike changes as often.as the

northern winds. The only constant about the Silver Flameis his unpredictability,

Known Allies; 'Iostyn'sebullient, mercurial personality has won him many quick friendships put few lasting alliances. His most steadfast friend is Laeralyn (CG female. advanced 4 HD pSeUdbcl_ra.gQIl sorcerer 2), whom he .rescued from the grips of Cheleen (eE female mature adult black dragon) high above the High Moor.

KnOW.ll Enemies: Until recently, Tostyn's only "enemies" were Warerdhavian nobles irate at his penchant for crashing parties.at theircountry estates. However, un beknownst _to the Silver Flame, Chloracridara CLE female old green dragon) of the ruined city of Mhilamniir ill the High FO~'e5t is now actively hunting the elusive mercury dragon, -seeking revenge: for his killing of one

or her children and wounding 6'(auothel'.· -

Schemes; More than ·any other known dragon, Tostyu cares .nothing far the future; plans lind food' stores a~d- building IIp treasure hoards don't foncel"ll him. He spends his days plunging inroa succession of fresh deEghts,helpil1gadventurers tear apart a ruin here, chasing some raiding w)'vern5 there,pounciug on a pirate ship over here, then dodging among the storm clouds. The Silver Flame hates only these he has seen use poison or jnagical deception to bring· misfortune to others, those who exhibit viciousness or cruelty, and those who greet him with-

treachery. .-

Knowledge Checks: Placing Tostytl~ lair in 1:l'fe vicinity of the Everlake requires. a successful ·DC'25" bardic knowledge or Knowledge (local Silver MarcheS) check. Locating the air-

, Shaft requires a DC- OIl' Knowledge (nature) check or 1 hour of patiei1t observation and exploration- on the lake: PGs wlio questiona Waterdhavian noble' can .learn a-bciut the Silver Flame's des;cript~Dn, tactics, .. ana actions with a sU_EcessfuI.DC '20. Gather Information chee~.

Adventure Hooks: Those Who Harp view' Tostyn as a kindred spirit, whose antics (often at_ 'the expense 'of haughty noblesa~ld pompous merchants) iJe.vet fail to amuse. In recent weeks, scattered reports gathered by the Harpers have ~uggesred rhat another wynn is hl(titing a mercury dragon that has a scar like Tostyn's. Berdus;k~Hall might enlist the PCs toprotect Tostyn, which-would be complicated by the Silver Flame'~ unwillingness to restrict his exuberant ac_ti-\fit_ies. that border 011 the-madcap.

Rage of Dragcns. Tostyn attempted to avoid the ·effects·-Df the most recent Dracorage by slumbering in his 4Ur> but either curiosity or a tinge of madness got the" best of him, and he emerged from the Everlake near the end of Sammaster's Rage to explore. Three days later, while flying just above the treetops of the High Forest, Tostyu found himself under attack by a. pair 6f,,<:;), young green Cfragons in the grip of madness. The Silver Flame killed Doe of the wyrms and drove off the other, but not before he had received a grievous wound, forcing.hinl to returrr to his lair until the Dracorage had-ebbed and his flank

had healed. '



\ c

- ,

TosTYN ALAERtH.MAUGH .Male young adult mexcllty'" dragon CI'.i Medium dragon (fire)

Init +3; Senses 'blindsense -60 ft., _d ark vision 120 ft., ·keen senses; L-isten ~io,.-spot +20

Aura fIiglItful presence (HO ft., DC 19) Langoage.s CornmRn.,Draconic, Ignan

CR. 8

. .

AG 29, touclrI '2; flat-footed 26

(-:-1 size, +17 natural, +3 Dex), hp 142 (ll ED); DR jJmagic In;unune fire, paj'fLl,Ysis, sleep SR:18

~ort +12, Rehl), Will +11 Weaknells vulnerability to cold

Speed -60 ft. (12 squares), fly 2jOIr. (good); AdroitFlyby AttaCk.l'lro-, Flyby Attack, Power Climb?" Wingovt:r

Melee bite-;l-19 (1d8+4) and -

'2. dam5 +1T(ld6:+2) and

2 wings+17(1d4+2)

Base Atk+1r;_Grp +'].4'

AU: Options Blinding 'Sheen" Special Actions breath ,,-ireapofol Sorcerer Spells Known eeL S:th):

2nd· cS/di..y)-eagliPs splindar, ga:u screen"

.lst C7iday)-ch-arm person. (DC 13),c011iiwehend languages> Kaup_aer~r skims!; ner·lJes-'l.f'E cDC-12), Leersl's ~'-u,tti1lf. -himdM".

o c6Ida.y}~.d?tect n.uqji, detectpoisrm., mage hall-if, 1nendillg~ rltad magic, touch -qffatigue (DC 11) SpeU"Lil:e Abilities teL Still

3/day-mjr-r~{jt' 'i}{Zilge-

l/daY-Cf)lo)' .spfaJ'-(D~ B), hypllofiDpattern CDC 14-)

Abilities Str 19'j: Dex 16, Con 17, Int 14, Wis lr, Cha 14-

SQ!rlghtfiil presence, protected sigbf '

Feats Adto-ifFlybyAttatkD"',.l1lyby Attac.k, Hover,

Multiattack, Power GlimbD,,,, Wingo-veer .

SkillsBalance +14, COJ]c~[jtration+12, Diplomacy +4, Disguise.+d, Escape Artist +12, Gather Information +4, . JDmp +1, Knowledge (local The North) +11, K:nowledge (loca-LW!!-terdeep) +11, Listen +20, Search +20, Sense Motive 41,. Spot +20, Tumble +15

Fauessions Cbrwabrilt pe1!d'l1it*, rjitgqf tbe rem

Bre;th Weapon (Sll) 3D-ft. cone, once every Id4 rounds, damage fda [ire (intense fiery Iighf), Reflex DC io half.

Frightful Presence (Er) Tosrjn can inspire terror by charging, attacking, orflying overhead. Creatures within.1rO feet

of the dragon Hiat have 14 HD or fewer must attempt _a_DC 19 Will 'save: Success indicates that the target is hnmune to TostyI1's£rightfl.llptesence for 24 hOUIS. Oil a failure, crearureswith '1- or fe-wer HD become panicked for 4d.6 rounds. Those with , or .more HD become shakerr'for 4d6 rounds.

Protected Sight ~:Ex) Tostyn is immune to any effect that

. Would blind or dazzle him, He also gains a +3 racial bonus Oil saving throws against any iight or patter:l effect.

Ed Greenwood wrote a pOPIJIar series of articles entitled "Wyrms of the N(!lrtl1," which appeared in V;~ago'-;'-'hiabT:iz-ine>:i5siles ~~O to! fA'2.f9;and '])rlJgO!i Magazine 4wniid #'1 .. These articles. are also available far- free Oil - the IVi~ards of the C(ltZikt website, http://wizards.col11/dnd. Two additional dracoliches ap1eared1ll., Guitqft/:Je '])ragOJI [2n9 Edition] in th~ sameformat: Aurgloroasa and Dretchroyaster,

- Seven wyrrns from this series=Arveiaturace, Gla.,ugiyliamnUr,.

Dretchroyasrer, J alanvaloss, Saryndalaghlothtor, Olothcnrcr, and Tostyn Alaerthmaugh-vare detailed inrhis'chapter.Following is .a brief accounting 'of the lairs and.activities during'Sammaster's Rage of the other twenty-five.

Al'authator.: "OId White Death".(CE male old white dragon sorcerer 5) lairs beneath.Lonefang Mountain, far to the north of the Spine of - the W01)d amid the Emlless Ice Sea .. During Samrnasrer's Rage, he was one of a dozen or so dragons who attacked the Host Tower of the Arcane'';'in Luskan. After the westarmofthe I-Iost Tower fell, Arauthator seized a great deal of magical-might, including at least three tomes containing rare

and-powerful spells. .

AUIgloroasa: "The Sibilant Shade" (CE female wytmshadow dracbli2h) dwells in the thtone room of Thunderholme, au abandoned dwarf city ill the southern Thunder .. Peaks, several leagues north and west of Highcastle. During Sarnmaster's Rage, Aurgloroasa moved quickly to cementIier Control over the We a rei's of Purple iJl Sernbia, leaving her well positioned to mount-a leadership bid over 'the-entire .Cult' of the Dragon in the wake of Samrnaster's defeat; ShE succeeded ill part, as discussed

iii Chapter '2. . -

Balagos: "The Flying Flame" (CE male great wyrrn red dragon) claims two lairs: theSmokespire, the most westerly peak (if the arm of'the Troll N:[olliitruns that shelters the upland forests of Amn north of Eshpurta, and the Wyrmwell, -in Mount Thargil, easternmost of tbe Starspire Mountains, During Sammaster's Rage, Balagos flew east to the Lake of Steam; where.he unleashed a fireseorrn in the warring cities of Saelmur and Mintar that killed over half the population of each city. III his wake, Balages left a new detente, with neither city able to muster the troop strength to mount.a credibleattack oq the other.

- .. _. 1· ..

Daurgotheth: "The Creepmg Doom" (eE male great w-Yl'l11

black tiracolich wizard iOjarcbmagt 1) lairs in the abandoned gnome city of Dolblunde (see page 14+. of Lost Empir«: if F(wr.r~!l); which lies north, and . east of Waterdeep, During the most recent -Rage of Dragons, Daurgorhpth initiated longstand-ing pIansto supplant Sammasrer as the leader of the Cult of the Dragon. He. succeeded in part> as diseussed in Chapter '2. -

. Deszeldaryndun Silverwing: "The GuardianWorm of Everlund" Ci.G male silver wyi-Jn) dwells with Valamaradace in the "Floating Mountain" (see below), During the Rage of Dragons, Deszeldaryudun and hiS mate - both .succurnbed to madness 'and turned all each other-with deadly fury. Only the jntei"venticiu

. . 0'· '.

of Alustriel kept the two dragons fronikilling each other. III

gi'~atitLtd¢~ !J.Ot.h have pledged theinselves to the de.rei;i:se of th~ Silvey Marches,





Eldensen ~"The Worm Who Hides in Blades" (N great amethyst wynn; FReS 224) sometimesIeaves ills immobile, ,otasis-ruIed body iitashed in one-·ofa'do1.en 01' 50 mountain-heart cavernsor inaccessible sea isles, but usually places- it ill a crypt In Wai:erdee'p's City of the Dead. His sentience spends a good amount 6f time lurking withinblades passed f~om adventurer -to ad\renturer. During Sarnmaster's Rage, Eldenser withdrew his bo:;ciy to the Elemeutal Plane of Earth, ·-vlhere he waited but its effects.

Felgolos: "The Flying Misfortune" C:LG male juvenile bronze dragon sorcerer 14) bas nntnerous sleeping spots in higllmountain peaks stretchiog from the Troll Mountains to the Thunder Peaks, but no true lair. Dll,l·ing the Rage of Dragons, Felgolos wandered east to Join in the crusade against the Cult of the Dragon and -it_5 draconic allies. Through a ccmbination of luck and spells; he never succumbed to itseffects, despite ignoring the accepted practice by generations of metallic wyrms of sleeping 'beneath the baleful gaze of the King-Killo;r star.

Galadaeros: "The Sunset Flame" (CG' male mature adult copper dragon) dwells in a.nerwork of caverns he calls Flarnehome in zhe highest peak on an rmcbarted island in the Sea of Swords northwest of Gundarluu. This island is considered by those who see it to be one of the PUfEl" Rocks. During Sammasrer's Rage, Galadaeros flew west, seeking to escape the effects of the Dracorage . Although he claims not' to. have succumbed to madness, the Sunset Flame ~id rerum with tales of a lost aerie of the aaracokra far to the west.

Gaulallotyt: Although she-used to lair near Waterdeep, "Glorytongue" (CN female mature adult topaz dragon; FReS 220) now.dwells in a ruined manorhouse in the 'woods southeast of Arrabar in the wild southern verges of Chondath, During the Rage of D.tagon~,GaulaLllltyl' got greedy and stayed overlong in Fa,enln. After succumbing to madness, she wreaked great devastation oli the vineyards of Nirnpeth, destroying most of that }'ear's grape harvest, before regaining enough aelf-controltoflee to the Elemental. Plane of Water. . ~

Hoondarr.h: "The Red Rage of Mintarri" (CE male ancient red dragon) dwells ill a vast complex- of subterranean rooms beneath the isle of Skadaurak, northwest of the island of Mintarn. During SUlml1aster's-RJlge,~llCiatrhemergcdf_rom his lair and flew west toward the Mconslraes. In a rage befitting his name •. he \'entedr his f gry ~ll the city of Callidyn, burning large swaths of homes and setting the central castle ablaze, The Red Rage was only driven o[f-rhanks to the collective efforts of a circle of powerful druids.and the damage left in his wale will take years to rebuild.

Iymrit1:t: "The Dragon of the Starues" (LE female ancient blue dragon sorcerer 7) dwells ill the ruined city of Anarath in the nortb.errt reaches of the Frozen Sea, III the shadow of 'the High Ice. (See page 96 of Serpen: Ki1Jgdo7ns for more details on the City of Statues.) Durilig the recent R~e of Dragons. Iymrirh <flew north into Hartsvale, where she slaughtered dozens of giants, wjpihg but three' jmportan t clam .'

Klallth: "OldSn:irl'; (CE'lllaleiP·eat: 'wyrin red dragon; FReS 16~ lairs ill KiaJ;l,tben V~ieja.iiajtbw; windllfgcbaslll in:;tbe mountains east of Raven Rock. During Saminasrers Rage, Ky.l.lth apPeated 1o-tltes)(yabove Mi!a~ru.~ maddened with furyandfully

intent.on tearing- apru-t the entire cjt)~ and digging .inro its depths. Klauth \lrTeaked great devastation on the.stirface cit)', but he was dtiven .off through the joint efforts 'of Mirabar's stout defenders and Saryndalaghlothtor before he-could damage the undercity,

Lh~:mmarontosz: "TheCIaws of the Coast" CLG female very: elld bronze -aragon) has two lairs: a bowl-valley amid the heights of Orlumbor- (her primary lair) and a hidden hoardlair in the interior of the High Moor, She spends most of her time running a shipping. line along the' Sword Coast. During the recent Dracorage, Lhammaruntosz succumb~d to madness and unleashed a devastating series of attacks on pirate lairs and ships throughout, the NelaJ1ther Isles. She.Ieft thepirate port of Skauga smoking ruin and sank at least a dozen pirate ships,

botli at mooring and at sea. -

Mailier:agoth: "Tbe Dragon Uhseen" (LN ,nale very old-sapphire dragon) dwells in the Realm of Stone and ~hadowi -a huge network of cavernsbeneath the Graypeak Mountains formed of naturalsubterranean chambers and a long-abandoned ~;;1arll;dan dwarven delve. During the recent Dracorage, Malaeragoth retreated to the Elemenral Plane of Earth to wait out the ensuing madness

Miirym: "The Sentinel Wyrm" (l\T female great silver wyrm jncorporeal sentinel) d)-Ve.1ls In the cellars.and natural volcanic passages "beneath Candlekeep, tied to the casket of the arch-mage who bound her to her current form, Sa:rrima5ter~5 Dracorage did nothing to relieve herendless servitude, so she continues her endless duty as the half-mad guardian·of Candlekeep's lower reaches ..

Mornauguth: "The Moor Dragon" (I'm. female young adult greeii dracclich cleric B [ShilI]) lairs in titensive caverns beneath Greenleaf Vale in the region of theHigh Moor known as the Rockshaws, east -of D.aggerford and southeast of Secornber. DU'l'ing the Rage orDr"ago1l5, Mornacguth despaired of .Shar everanswering her pleas and turned to the Cult of the Dragon in desperation, hoping to preserve her lIar_d-won sanity. lronicauy, only 'after Momaugutlrstransforination into undeath didShar's favor return in frill. The Moor Dragon -is now in t1ie process of building a new Cult of the Dragon cell, dedicated to 'Shar, active in eastern Amn but based in the.Rockshaws, She travels between

. . -". ._,. . .

the two 1·egimls by means of several carefully placed pot·tals.

Nur:vureem: "The 1}'<l-l1: Laqy" (CE femiLie adult drow-dragorj) has a dozen Lairs in the Dessarin RiYer valley, but is most comrnonly 'encountered dallying with paramours in Rnndreth Manor, overlooking the IOllg road Borth of Amphail. During the Rage of Dragons, Nurvnreem destroyed ambassadors from the Cult's Yarrar cell before unleashing her fury all the sleepy village of Uluvin, formerly it commllnit)~ of 600 or so fanners and cattle ranchers located between ~ecomber and Ironforge and .. 1lGW a graveyard; llOme only to the'risen d_ead. After :Sanll11ast~~'s d~feat, Nurvureern helped rebellious Cult members in Yartar drive off Pox knd'Saurglyce, the leaders of the- cell. Tlfe_Dal'k Lady then toyed witb the remnants of the Cllit cell for several mouths before revealing their secrets totheauthoriries ill Yirta~ forei!?-g the new- Cell leaders to explere an alliance with the Church of Tiarnat ..

NymllllU'h: "The Wyl'In Who Watches" (LG wale ancient bronze dragon) lairs in a1abyrinth qfta,'e,rhs he_ cans~The'Pit,



\ <


- ,



located high amoHS the mesr inaccessible peaks of tJ1e isle of Alaron in the Meonshaes, During the recent Dracorage, a touch of madness led NYITIITIw·h to miscast a spell through a m irrorlike portal, thereby catapulting himselfonto the Plane of Mirrors.' The guardian of Waterdeep's Silmerhelve clan now l1a.s a second obsession: learniug more about the strange. race known as the nerraFF.

Pal~a,Ddusi: "The Unseen Protector" (LG male great gold wyrm sorcerer 9, unique semi-incorporeal form) dwells in a high, narrow valley known as Felrenden.locared amid thewesternmost peaks of theSword Mountains, rIot far from the High Road southeast or Leilon, Palarandusk bas no true lair, but stays in the vicinity of the gnome village of Ieirithymbul, The Unseen Protecror remained incorporeal dcring Sammaster's Rage, 'because the 1JraIlGragr: mytbars effects did not extend into the Ethereal Plane,

Raulothi.m: "The Silent Shadow" (LN male greacernerald wyrm wizatd 10) dwells in rhecaldera of an extinct volcano on the islc ef Asgard, north of Ruathym. During the IatesrDraeorage, he withdrew to the Elemental Plane of Air.

Tltalagyrt: "Old Lord. Memory" ()J male very old mist dragon) dwells in a damp, 'dripping network of caverns OJ] the shore of the Sea or Swords, north of Port Llast, During Sammaster's Rage, l1C was one ofa dozen or 50 dragons who attacked the Host Tower of the Arcane in Luskan, After the west .arm of the Host Toy.rer fell, Thalagyrt seized many tomes from the rubble an d bore them bac k to hi s I air.

f Va1.amaudace: "The Dragon cmeel1 of Silverymoon".(LG

female ancient gold dl'1igon) and her COil sort Deszeldaryndun Q;ee above) dweH ill the Floating Mounrain, a gigantic, hollow, oval rock kept uloft, moved, and enshrouded ill mist by the bragoll Cl!!een's magic. Usually it hovers low over the woods .due west of Evezlund, OJ" south of. there 011 the verge of the High Forest. As notedabeve, the Dracorage consumed both Valamaradace and Deszeldaryndun, and in their madness they turned on each other with murderous iutenr. Thanks to Alus-, triel, the two dragons survived their fight, and both have pledged themselves to the defense or the Silver Marches. Unbeknownst to Deszeldaryndun, A Iusrriel has since named Valamaradace ·as her .heir.

·Voaragh2.miLnthax and WacrvaercDdor; "The Black Death" and "The Rapacious Raider" (each a CE male adult black dragon sorcerer 9) dwell i.n the heart or the Mere of Dead Men, in a

partially submerged keep above. a labyri.nth of flooded tunnels. During Sannnaster's Rage, the twin "Wynns of the Mere" appeared in the skies above Leilon, intenton exterm.imltmg'a, Cult 0[: the Dragon cell with which they .had long been allied. In the hours that followed, tb~1 engulfed the city in a noxious, burning mist 'and slaughtered over llalf or Leilon's militia. Once the last Cult le~der was dead, they left as abruptly as theyearrie.

Zundaerazylym: ·"The Laughing Wyrm" (LN femal~ ancient' steel dragon) dwells in the city of Nevenvil1ter in the' guise of the female human Am undra Nelaerdra, owner of Brigllt Weaves Laundry and regular laundressand searnstrcssar the Moonstone Mask fesrhall, During Sarrunasrcr's Rage, Opbala Gl1eld:lrstorn (NG female Illuskan human wizard ,161 owner of the Moonstone 'Mask; whisked Zundaerazylym to the Astral Plane, allowing tlle Laughing Wyrm to sidestep the madness that had engulfed

Faenlns dragons. '


unde~d TrUe DfQ~OnS

In Faerun, the ranks of undead dragons- are dominated by dracoliches, thanks 'to the efforts or Sammasrer ana the Cult of the Dragon, but ghostly, vampiric, and other varierieaare not unknown.

Aluslderbunbustos, the qreo.r HOne wl}-rm

LE male great wyrm blue dracolich

The Great Bone Wyrm of Dragon back Mountain is the hidden lord of Threskel and the self-proclaimed Dragon King of ala Unther.

Alasklerbanbastos is literally JUSt the skeleton of a gnat wyrm blue dragon anigiatcd by, a fell intelligence that clings to existence with fierce intensity, Small sparks leap between his bones with unnerving frequency and his eyes smolder like burning magnesium.

Hoard: Mixed coins, gems, and minor artwork worth 162,690 gp, seven sapphires of Set (matched set of 1 black sapphires, 5,000 gp each, 50,000 gpeollectively). Du11uIlrk of Ra (sbield of Ibe l"Ifil), e)'es if Gel; (pair of matched beijurils. 5",000 gp each), /Jammr1· if Ramman (hammer if thunderholts). goldell aile if tbe Great Rifr"~, orb¢" dragollkilJdfJ,llle dragon).



Drow-dragons are llll.lf-shadow drae;o[l drew whose llifxed ancestry bas been split i\l(o t;.¥o separate forms by means of secrets stolen from the malaugrym, Prom' a game mechanics perspective, drew-dragons are treated as sh.adow~d:i:1lgo111h.llJlU- J ally wit1i additional cJa&51elre\s. Their fsvoredclass is.soyterer -. Draw-dragons have a Challenge RAting of the apJlI'opriitie s~ado\\' drago)1..{ge.~;l.~~gory .+l, becaus.e. tIley ha~e ode:;.additl.Qllhl Sllpernatu:ra) ability and one addirional rll;Clat trait.

Alt7fpate Form (Sll): Ajuve.nile or older drew-dragon ean

assume a unique humanoid form-tbae of II Mcdiurn drow-e-as asrandard action three tunes per day. This ability fllllction~ as a pal'yuJ(wpb spell Cast Oil itself at irs caster level, except. a\at the drow-dragon does not regain hit points for changing form and. tan only assume the form ofa specific !'l1'OW. A .drow-dragori can remain in its drow form, 11J1til it chooses to

r¢ttii:n io.lts '!Jatural form. .

• Elf Blood: for alleffects related to race, a drow-cil':{goii is

considered an elf \



oru'50_nhock M. OU nto.in

ring if dn/gom·, rod if Giigamesh (.rod if im"dly mi'gbt), rod if Mi~btaset (pytholl rod), scaral: if pn)ICt"lioll, sbroads oj Osiris(jhroudsoj disililegratio11), S1/m-d if Mar,;l!Ik (+1 Large holy ftamiTI[, burst greatS'll/orr!), tbfmdcl"boltr if RmnmrlTJ (12ja-1Jeiills if /ir/)ttlillg;).

Lair: Alasklerbanbastos lairs in the depths of Dragonback NIbuntain (the uorthemmosr peak of the Riders to the Sky Mountains) on the border of Chessenta, Thresket, arid Unther, He-governs in secret from thedepths.of a great web of twisting, Java tubes and slave-dug tunnels that weave through the heart of me ancient volcano .. The walls, floors, and ceilings of hislair are embedded with hundreds of dragon bones, giving him dozens of complete dragon Skeletons in which to manifest if his physical form is everdestroyed, The Bone Tubes, as they are known, are

. parroUed by half a dozen adult and younger dragons of varying hues, including blue, green, and brown. Several of these lesser wyrrns are dracoliches themselves, with their phylacteries held. "in trust" by the Great EOLle Wynn.

Tactics: The Great Bone Wynn is a survivor, maintaining his c001 and his conning even intheface of devastating setbacks (such as his failure to seize control of the' Culr-of the Dragon) and stunning disappoinrments (such as the return of Tchazzar), Alasklerbanbastos _prefers to work through proxies, subtly shaping the field of battle in advance of a looming conflict for years,. if Jl0t decades ..

J.ol:.nowp Allies: III recent decades, Alasklerbanbastos has attracted a coterie of you ng chromatic dragons to his lair be1leath Dragonback Mountain. Some pledge,d to serve rhe Great ~olle Wyrm.in exehange'for being-gratlted fiefdoms ill the lapdsof,'Old Ullth~r, while others followed the path of Alasklerbanbastos into


dracolichdom, Many of these younger dragons were slaughtered by Tchazzar ill the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR), but at least a


doze'l1.~llnrjve (mostly the dracoliches whose spirits returned to the

phylacteries held by the Great Bone Wynn). Alasklei·bal1bastos's most prominent servant is Jnxanaedego!' (see Chapter 3), the vampinc Lord of Threskcl.

Despite nearly four centuries of intermittent strife with the Church of Tiamat in Unthcr and an undying enmity for Tiamar's

. Chosen, Alasklerbanhasto,s is now tentatively allied with the Dragon EhJ.een's followers in Uneher. In the wakeof Sarumasters fall, the Great Bone Wyrm rec~g'p'i2.ed a unique opportunity to unite the Followers of the Scaly Way and the Dragon Qy_een's disciplesunder a single throne. At the same time, leaders of th,e newly reen..crgiied Chur-dl of Tlamar received instruction to begin assimilating the Followers of the Scaly Way into th~ ranks of the Dragon oY.een's followers. The Great Bone Wyr.m's bid to replace Sannnasterevenrually f oundered, thanks in large part to his failure to bridge the enormous divide between dragons and draroliches, but his alliance with the Church of Tiarnat survived, The two groups now plot to wrest control of Mulherand-occupied southern Unther and place the entire nation under the rule of a council of dragon 'kings, both living and undead. Their relationship is greatly complicared by the return of Tchazzar, as discussed below.

Known Enemies: The Great Bone WyrllJ'S greatest etH~my is Tchazzar, Father of Chessenta, The two great dragons contested for control of western Unrher in the decades before and.after the Yea!" of Flashing Eyes (9'2.9 DR), when the:Alliai1ce' of Chessenta won itsindependel1ce. After 'Ichazzar's apparent ascension to godhood in the Year of the Dracorage (lOlS DR.), Alasklerbanb~tos



> \



filmed to the naSC~IJt' Dragon Cult cell in Monrktar in a desperate bid for additional.power and- underwent the transformation .rjtuaLtobecollle idi-acolich shortly thereafter. Since Tchazzar'sreturn" the two'g'ie-at wyrms have resumed their centuries-old strnggle, complicated by the alliance both have forged with the Churcb of Tiamat in Unther,

A1lisk1ffbailba-st:oS" must also guard against attacks by his erstWhtle allirs-ih.-tbe Clilt of the Dragon. The CUlt's new leadership trio (see Chapter 2) view estranged dracoliches such us A1a!ikleIbanhast6s; who mounted failed leadership d!alieliges in the past" as threats to their rule of the Dragon Cult.Such threats must-be neutralized, if not eliminated.

Seli,emes: .Jliter- - the collapse of Unther's Dragon Cu It .cellin the Year_ of Lathander's Light (10'24- PR), Alasklerbanbasros sp-entJris first few centuries of unlife in perpetual .somilolel1ce, plot;tillg hiseventual rise to power it! a wocl4 where his chief riyill hadliWparentiy ascended to godhood. During-thisperiodthe Great-Bone -Wyrril rarely emerged from his lair except fOl:l~6lo._ted f<:irays, to 'i\'.reak,dl':$trimti6n, suchas the summer-long j:e_igll of .rezror he inflictedon-the region ill the Year of Lurking Death

(13.22 DR.). -..-

After- theapparent ~e.;Lj:hof 'Ichazzar during the Timeof , Troubles, Ahtsklerbappast9§ b!,gap rebuilding the Dragon G'liit celf in Quther, attracring.a coterie of young chromatic dragons willing to serve him and eventually embrace un de atlr, In an attempt to establish adracouic nobility fU)..iIlg over the lands of Threskel and C~es$el1ta and thereby cement his own rule-as self-proclaimed 'Dragon Killg of.6I~ Unther, he began granting fiefdoms to the wy~:ms ill_ills service; although the recjp:i_entswere ~'pected to seize the _1U1l4s the}' had been granted through some • combination of brute' tOI~ and cunning,

"The Great Bone W"yrm's plots to gradually extend 'his control 'into northern Ullther ~Jlrl~e~stem - Cllesserfta faltered in the. face of'Sammaster's return (and Alasklerbanbastoss subsequent failure to seize control of the Cult of the Dragon when the opportunity _presented itself), Mulhorand's continued advance into Unther (conquering all but Messemprar), and Tchazzar's return in the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 bR): In the waning days of that year, the Father of.Chessenta slaughtered many Of tlie Great BOllE Wyrm's draconic followers, dealing a. sharp setback to the ambitions of Ala.sklerballbastos in Chessenta ..

The-cautious am] CUnning dracolich now finds himselfallied with his traditional foes, the followers of Tiamat, against the invaders from Mulhorand, while Ius ancient enemy Tcblii.tul' threatens everything he has built in Chessenta and. Tht~_sk·el. Alasklerbanbasios has returned to) employing human 'agents as his pr6:ld~5,sinc~ they are more likely to escape the notice of the- newly enthroned ScepteiIarof_ Cimbar, Alasklerbaubasros _5ti'11 hopesto build a draconicnobility in Chessenta, Threskel, and eventually Unther as a buffer against the newly installed Sceptenar of Cimbar; but he recognizes that it win be many .years f;efore such a transformation takes place in the lands of Old Unther,

Knowledge Checks: Locating-the lair of Alasklerbanbastoscn a map requires a successful DC _2S'bardic knowledge, Knowledge· , (geography), or Knowledge (local did Empires) check. PCs who question one of Alasklerbunbasros's former' allies: in the CllJt of

the Dragon or current allies 'in the church of Tiarnat C411 learn about the Great BOlle Wynn's description, lair, tactics, 'known allid, aild known enemies with a successful.Dr; '20 Ga'th~r Iu. formarien check. They can karl] about his fumored'-nohtd,ani:l s¢heL"nes with a DC- 30 Gather Information check.

Ad.veitture Hooks: The Great Bone Wynn realizes.it is ably a matter of rime _Defate- Tcll;Z'lar drives a wedge bit;een rum, and. his Unthericallies in-the church of Tiarnat, precipitating a war tllfLt A1asklerbaiibas.tos and his, fillies will m<;yitably lose. However" Alasklerbnfibasros believes that the humf!.ri Leaded of Chessenra's citiessecretlyhave fib, wish to cede their.,,\nth6fity to Tchazzar and.therefore can be convinced to allythemselves

. with the Great BOlJ,e Wynn's vassals, at iea~t for the time being. The_pes tan get involved ill thedracolich's intrigues in a variety of ways. They.might be recruited to serve as emissaries-for the .Great BOlle Wyrm" or they might be i;'11l'ployed by agents of 'Iclrazzar to block such negotiationsand.rcot out trait!?fs among those-who have nominally pledge~ their loyalty to the Father'

or Chessenta, '

. R~ge of :Qragons: During the Rage of -Dragons, A1aSkter~ ban'bast!=>s 0,t.Set:V~cI_ Sammaster's Jiehavicr with increasing dismay, correctly foreseeing that the top:nderof the Dragon Cetlt was .gal1lblil,lg everything, on his intest bid for power. While remaining outwardly loyal to Sammaster; th~ Great BOlle Wyr:m quietly 5e~U1:ed his .. holdingsand reached out to.his traditional.foesin the Church of Tiamat by providing aerial sUIJport in the form of smallflights of dragons to defend Mes~ semprar against the advancing armies of Mulhorand, However, although hIS preparations left Alasklerbanbastos well prepared to. mount a bid for control of the Dragon Cult, his alliance with the Church of Tiarnat ultimately undermined his bid as well, since 'few Sa~red Ones ill western Faenin could tolerate tradlng the suzerainty of the First Speaker for the tyranny of the Dragon Qg_eel1- ......


,CR 28

Male great wyrin blue drawliclIDT' (augmented blue great "wyrm)

LE Gargantuan undead (earth)

Init +4; Sensesblindscnse, 60 ft., darkvision l20 [t., .keen senses; Listen +48" Spot +48

Aura frightful presence U60 ft., DC 36)


Langl!ages Draconic

Ac 46, touch 6, flat-footed 46

(=---4 size, +4·e,natural)

hp 2[3 (39HD); DR 20/magic, 5"/bludgeorlD1g Immune undead immunities

sa 34

Fort -, Ref +'21, Will +27-

Speed 40ft. (8 squares), burrow 20 ft., fly 200 ft. (clumsy);

Flyby Attack; Hover, Wingover -

Melee bite +iJ.9 (4·d6+14 plus Id6 cold plus paralysiS) and

2 claws eacTl ++9 (2d8+ 7 plus IdG ccldplns paridysis) and 2 .wings each +49 (-2d6+ 7 plus Id6cold: plus .pa.r:alysi:0 and tail-sla.p,,+,49 (2d6;.21 plus Id6cold plus paralysis)

Space '20 Ie; ,R~ach"1S ft. ('20 ft: with bite)





Base Atk +39; Grp +65'

Ad::. Options 'Cleave, Power Attack; Snatch; 'tail sweep -_Sp~cia1 Actions 'breath weapon; paralyzing gaze; paralyzing

touch - -

Combat Geu ofb qfilrqgWikind (j;lue dragorl)

SorcererSpells Known. (CL 21st): .

9th (6/day)-de4'lmirlg bi>eathf)", drmiinate 'monster

(DC 16-)Jomight "

Bth (6jduy)-(;f,eategreater tmdead, e11er'uatil~gbre(J/hD," 7th (7/day)-contro! undead CDC 141greatfr scrying

CD_C 24),gre:a.ter ftwn"ning !In_;athP,, (Dc 36)_ 6th-C7fdaj0-am"a qf terrorlJ",eyebite (DC '15), true seeing (DC 23)

Sth (7/day)-dominatiJ per~oTI (DC'l2), greater 1uings of «i;.o,., ~i~pe,'ior magicfahg[J", sy'1ifbol qf pain (bCll] 4th e7/day)~breath 7!,~ap!m snbstitutiotl''', dispelling m'eathU"" e1ter'vatioTf,fire shield

Srd (il/day)~arc .. ne 'sight, blinkJireball CDC:: 20)"t/J1igucs 2nd C8jday)-contim(td flame, da1'kne:is; i1l'lIiswility, minor inu~ge,_l"azorfaflg:ll"

1st (8jday)-----(ilann, mage armor, rtly ofenfeeblement CDC "18), true strike, 1t1lSiJCl1 servant

o C6/day)-al;ciInc marfo, detect magic, disrupt ul1dead;mage bat/d, meNding, mnsage, opcrl/ciose,

prestidigitation, rcad mpgic -:;_

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 17th): 3/day------'Uelltriloqllism (DGl8)

l/day~halluci11l1tmy t~rl'ail1 (DC '21), ~irage arcana (DG '22); '<Jeil (DC 23)

1/3 days-~ont1"oL lIT/dead eeL Fth, DC 14)

A:bilitie-s -Str 39, Dex lei, Con -,Illt 22, Wis 23, Cha 24 SQgeate/destr~y water, frightful presence, invulnerability, SQuad iiuit.ation, undead traits

Feats Blind-Fight, Breath of Unlife (see sidebar), Cleave, Draconic K,iowledgeP"', Flyby Attack, Hover, Improved Iniriaeive, li'nproved'Multiattai::k1Jn, Large and in GLtarg~"'", Mu ltiat tack, Power Attack, Practiced SpeUc<b-rerCM (sorcerer), Snatch, Wingoyer

Skills Bluff +49"Goocentr,atio!l +49, Diplomacy +)3, Disguise +1 (+9 in_9rar~(:ter), Escape Artist +42, Intimidate ,A9, Knowledge (arcana) +48, Knowledge (history) ++7, Knowledge (religion) +i7, Listen +48, Search +48, Sense M~tive +5"0, Spellcraft +5"0, Sp-ot +48

Pessessions combat _gear

Breath WeapllD (Su) l'20.'ft.line, once every Id4 rounds, damage 12d8electricity 'and 12d8 negatrve energy, Reflex

DC ~6 half ~ - - , .,

Greate/Dest.l(oy Water (Sp) Alasklerbanbasros can usc this . ability ~hree times per day, It works like the create

-'lUam,. sp~ll,. except that the dragon can decide to destroy water instead .of creating it, which automatically spoils .uua~~ndtd 1,l9.llids containing water, Magic items (such as potlcusl.anditems-in a creature's ppssessiol1 must succeed 011 a DC 30 will save or be [umed,·This ability is the -,

equlvalentefa lst-l~vel spell'.. -

Frightful Presence (Ex) Alasklerbaiibastos.can inspire terror - by charging, am. ckin g, or flying overhead, Creatures within 360feet of the dragon thitt have 38 HD or fe-wer must attempt a DC 36 Will'sav-e .. Success indicates that . the ell'get is immune to Alasklerbanbastcs's frightful presence Ji1r 24 hours, On a failure, creatures-with 4 or fewer HD become panicked for 4d6 rounds. Those with 5" or more HD become shaken for 4'd6 rounds,

Invulnerahility (.8u) If Alaskkrba11hastosis slain, his spirit immediately returns to his phylactery, If no dragontype-corpse lies within 90 feet for his spirit to possess, Alasklerbanbastos is rrappedin rhe.phyiactery until

such a tinle-----i{ ever-that a-corpse becomesavailable. Ala~klerbanbastos is difficult to destroy. IT his spirit is CUF6~:i:Jtly contained ill his pbylactery.desrroying.thar

item when a suitable COrpse is not within rallge effectively de5~o_Y5 him. Likewise, au active Alasklerbanhastqsjs unableto 1itt~mpt_ further possessions if his phylactery is destroyed. The fate of a disembodied dracolich spirit_____:_that .is, a spirit with no body or phylactery-vis unknown, but is

-: presumably drawn to the Dragon Eyr;e.

Paralyzing Gaze (Su)-Fear, range40 feet. A creature that meets Alasklerbanbasros's gaz,e mastsucceed on a D_C 3~ Will save or be para)Y1..ed with fear for 2d6" rounds. Whether or not the save is-successful, that creature cannot be affected again by Mask lerbanbastos's gaze for' '24

hours. This isa mind-affecting fear -erfec-t: The save'DC is Charisma-based.

,Paralyzing Tooch (Sll) A creature struck by any of Alasklelbanbastos's natural attacks must succeed 0]]

a DC -36 wm save or be paralyzed-for, 2d6 rounds .. A successful-save does not confer immunity OIl subsequent attacks"

Snatch (Ex) A~ail1st-Mediuri:J. or smallercreatures, bite. for 4d6+14 plus Id6 cold plus paralysis per round orclaw fqr 2d8+7 plll5 ld6 coldplus padlysis per round.

Souni!" unitatIon CE,:z:) Alasklerbanbastos can mimic any voice or sound he has heard,any~ie he likes" Listeners.must succeed on a He 36 Will save 'to detect the ruse,

Tail ~weep eEr) Half-circle 30 ft. in diameter; Small or smaller opponents take 2d6,.,21 points. of blpdgeouillg ~amage plus ld6 -ppints.of told damage (Reflex DC 37 half),

'PEAT: BR~!411i ew- UNiIFE C~tfETABREAtHJ Y01'll" breathweapon copxiJ-ins t~e-chill of undearh.

Prerequisite: Cba 13, enerl0' breath weapon, undead. Benefit: Yq\11" enelEr-brl7<!tlt weapon deals half damage of the normal type ind half negative energy damage against livi.l1g creatures. Your~nergJ!' breath weapon deals .norrnal enerQ",'dlUllage .againsr'nndead,

III udditiQll, yoo call fake Oilier metabreath feats (see J)hu:onomi~dh) zs if you .had 11 Coasriruiion-score equal to

yOtlf,Cbarlsm.a score, '



- ,



- .. .


"The Mono.rch Reborn"

LE male wyrm gie~n dracclich

Acol11plef and u:nfat)loffi;l'biy .insane creature, Dretchroyasrer is a bizarre and]?ef>.\'!,Ited;secre:t Icrd of Cormanthor, forever yearnIDg to afhieve more power. This ambition isternpered by his debilitating phobia. of adventurers, a strong streak of:- cowardice, and a tendency to let his guard ddwj1. while eating, _

Dretdugya_stcF'is a .mammothrnonstrosiry of rotting green scales and exposed Jutting. bones, Pieces of bizarre amber and emerald webbing stickto his body in patches, compounding his horrifYing appearance.

Hoard: 26;.000 gP, 42,000 pp, '2. green quartz (2Qgp each), 4 quartz crystals (70,gp each), 7 small jade spheres (nO gp each); 4 golden ;yellow topazes (nO gp each), 5" black' star' sapphires (1,;300 gp each), '2 p~rple-diamo;~ds (715"00 gp each), translucent jade statue of green wyrmling (7,140 gp), platinum vase \~ith pale-emeralds (&,600 gp), malachite-bust o{Lord Eltargrim of Myth Drannor .(6";000 gp1 4;.rmits of elven chain (16,600 gp), a variety of elven masterwork we'apol1s (,23,400 gp), assorted vintages of el-irerql1ist(20,OOO ~), diamol,d scepterof Ci)omyl!a *, . dragonslair", ++full piateiffire resistance, bracers of armor +6, omng:p iomt stane,pale green- prism ioun stone, r-ing of evasion, ring of spdf storiIJi!,,--rillf!, -of 1I1i~ardr)' IT!, scroll of dead:;' 7vanl, scrol:1 of deep slumber, scroll of dragon bHgh'r, scroll of rage, scroll of lesser gl14'S" scroll of 1/!all¢ fin:; stqff if charmil.g (39- c1iarges), staff #,spberesFlll (42 charges), staff of w(t111s-ELl1 (38

charges], .rf4f ¢.ira7Iw;rta1io71 (38 charges). .

Lair: Dretch's hLil" is in a tangled glen east of ruined Myth Drannor and south of Hillsfar; known. as _Monarch's Fall Glade. 'It is believed . .that this area was, thes;te of a titanic battle between the elves of Cormanthor and the armies of darkness. Anelven weapon of gre~t power was damaged ill the battle, falling to the ground. Centurieslater, the strange remnants of the-object" developed into.a maze-like webas.strong as steel, streaked with amber and emenild.

The dracolichuseshis slaffof transmutation to-navigate the \~, 4ue to its: constricting and narrow 1horn-covered~pa~sages. Thethnrns deal1d6 points of damage per round-to those who pass through;, except f9! Drerch,

.For .some unknown. reason" gas effects (including Dretch's breath weapon) have double dUf1!,tiGll when cast inside the-mazes of the dracolich'51atr. The lair itself is imroune to fire, though

those WIthin take damage normally, . . . .

Ta~tic_s: Dretchroyaster dislikes entering 'physical combat, _preferring to wait out his opponents, employing feints and diver" sions to test their abilities. The dracolich has an overpowering sense-of self-preservation, bordering on absolute cowardice, and

this trait drives all his actions in combat, -

Known Allies: Vertharidantalyn» the- wyrm green clrag;on was a longtime mate; sheand. Dretch had multiple clutches of offsprmg (unusual for green dragens). The dracolich always left her to false their children, and they-have not had contact ll'.. some time, but he might seek them out on a whim. Whether or not they wilt welcome himin his new form is unknown.

Dretch 15 a nominal ally- of Larkonlaa, a jrowerful wizard of the quIt of the Dragon, .Larkonlan spellt years muni_pt¥ating and Icourti-ng _thewyrm, waiti~Llg [or all oppol"tunity to persuade him. to becomea dracolich. Their relationship isone of muhial iJ?efulne~s; neither .considersthe othj:r aIriend, but_both benefit

from, the deal. - -,

Known Enemies, .The citizells of the.southern, -Dai~s would, jump at tile opportunity to slay the monstrosity that 1'111,'; plagued their lands for centuries. His current locacion is a ~y6tery, hut an .effor t with enough. ambition might become a true threat- to

the dragon. .

Naxorlytaalsxar, "The Terror Tenebrous," i-\1asa former .archnemesis of Dretch.ibut was killed ll_i a heated b;tttle with the dragon tilftt turned Lake Sember into a poisonous pool. It .Iias taken years for the druids and-mages of Semberhohne to renew the.Iake; a nd they have not forgotten Dretchroyasrer's treachery,

. .Schemes: The greatest goai of the- Monarch is to :figure out a :w_ay to use the .magic still ex-tantin'tM'crystaUine webbing of Ills lair; He has'yet to find various keyed obiects that might allow him t? exploit it, bU~ would pay handsomely (or at least pretend

to) far the information. -

Knowledge Checks: Locating Dretchroyaster's lair on a map is Eossible with a successful DC 38 bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography), or Knowledge (local Cormanthor or Da-lelands) check. Those who investigate and speak to the Elves of Corrnanthor'or the people of the Dalelands can team more with a DC· 37 Gather

Information check. '

Adventure Hooks: A contingent of veteran Dalesfolk might decide to rid their lands of the threat of the Monarch forever. This effort would require them to assemble the fine-st. heroes available-e-both local adventurers aswell its those with 5p_ecific: knowledge of ' dragons and elveri magic

Rage of Dragons: ,:A?ll dracolich, Dretch was not aff-ected by the Dracorage's mind-influencing effects, but he still used the rage to his advantage, J:)lll'ingtllE rage, he walkedaboutdisguised in a variety of forms.Jnflaming tensions between other deuizensof Cw:'tmii1tbo1'. Unbeknownst to the Monarch, many of his current plans were planted as seeds by Larkonlanand the CUlt.

Sta(istics: Useth~ statistics for the wyrrn.green dl'a'gon on page1r2 olth'acoflomir:oll. Add the dracolich template 011 pag-e

146 of Vraconomicon. I


"old Mother wl}rm"_

CE female ghostly great ~yrm white dragon'

Ghaulanratra is in a three-way fight with the Cult andthe gl"iost beholder Thalmll over the ru'ategic mountains to the north of

the High Gap. .

Old Mother Wynn is .a ~iant .translucent mass of billowing. , wliite, sapping the 'life-force of'all she touches. Her body has the generalshape ~f ari enormous ",'hite dragon, but its shape seems to'wit-vel: 'Rnd shift; no longer entirely 'real, _

Hoard: 4Q,00.0 gp, 3,90._0. pp; 8 malachite discs (10. gp eacb); 12 small ,vhite: zircon cabochons em gp ,~acb), S whitepearls




(100 gp Each), 6 rhodolires (rOO gpeach], 11 perfect orange sapphires (ISO!) gpeach), 6- white diamonds (:l;gnO gpeacli), bronze _hust" of Sernmeinon (3~OOO gp1 white gold tiara with emeralds (4,000 gp), rhithral bars (10,00Q gjJ),assorted masterwork weapons and 'ornate armors CI6;OOOgp), +4'chajI1 shirt, +)~heavJ' 'stee! Jhrdd, +jb~a'IJy fll1:tification _imprli'Ued foe~nd cbld resistance: 'lvildhide-armor; brassier q{i:oimm;mding,}ire elementals, tnanua] ifllodily health.-+J, SCIoli of mass e1dargil per:Son, scroll of stone shape,- daft offire (33' i:Jim:ge5),.{taf[_ij'"lrecromam:y (40 sb,U'ges), tpti1id ·if cOlltagj(m (44 charges), 'wat/d- if !'umn~_on. monster JII

(42 charges), .

- Lair: Ghaulantittra'slair is situated at the bottom of a hollow chasm in.the middle of one of the mountains to the norm of the High Gap.-Branching:froin the lair arenumerous mazelike tunnels. Many' of these lead off to the lijts of other monsters; but most eventually batkti7-ck toward the cavern. The dragon shares her lair with the ghost-beholder Thaluul; each i~ ill a battle to evict the other,

Tactics: Ghaulantatra thinks she is a gol:ldess, and she exults in h~r ability- to.snuff out the lives-of wea~er creatures. She doe:" occasionally have -a creative-streak when sbe"imparts" SOlD!; of her geuer05i:tj' to othersthrough the gift of treasure or magic, 'but most of the time she enjoys experimenting with the many

differellt ways (0 take a life_. ..

Her favorite tactic is to drain-the LJe- force of h_er enemies with her breatfl weapon and energy-draining attacks, wa.itiing tor them to reach the edge between life and death; at this.point, she uses her most powerful sp~110r her breath weapon, ruining- any chance the victilli had of survival-

Known Allies: Ghaulantatra has a nominal ally in her former; mate, the old white dragon Arauthator. It is Iikely that he would want nothing to do with her if he learned of her current state.

Toda)i,on1r the ore tribes of the Fallen Lands are-her allies, thoughthey help her more out of fear than friendship. Many of the tribe consider her a deity, and her current form has only streugthened.rhis opinion.

Known Enemies: Ghaulanratra's most cbvious enemy is the ghost-beholder Thaluul who shares her lair. 'Thaluul was the cause of her death, but in -her ·stEonger. ghostly form' she managed to destroy the beholder, and 'now they are b0t11 fettered to. the lair,

She has secret enemies ill the C'ult of the Dragon as well. They are bringing her caravans of treasure in the hope that they can appeas" !:let g:reed, dispersing .her spirit. If the Cult accomplishes this, it can move an.oth~rdragoll into the strategic lair.

Schemes: Ghaulantatra trulydesires to be a goddess; and she.' hasstarteda smallfaith among ~ome of theupstarts ill the Sandskull ore tribe ill the Fallen Lands. She believe.s- that with their support (seahhing for a way to ~nfetter I~Br from the cavern), she might-be able to achieve the true immortality she desires,

Knowledge Gbecks: Locating Ghaulantatra'.s lair 011 a map- is 'possible with u successful nc 4Q bardic knowledge, Knowledge (geography); or Knowledge (local Waterdee:p) check. Those wh~ investigatt among the -ore 6-ibes~f -the Fallen Lands can learn mote with a DG~6 Gather Information' check.

AdVentll.re Hooks: PCs battling ore hordes might hear rumors of.a great godd~ss arising ill the region. Thi}i might wish to verify the nimor, or put the dragon to her final rest.

Itis more Iikelj, however, that the ECs will become illVol\red in the plot by the Cult and Thaluul to oust the wynn from her l;tir.J-'ney. migbtbe unwitting pawllS,'or,;ifeviJ, they might play

a significantrole. . .

R.ageof Dragons: During the Dracorage, much 0[" the Culr was concerned with theplans of Sammaster, but .others saw it as a gopd opportunity to-recruit the help of Ghanlantatra, They felt that she could gain flit support of the ore tribe:", giving the Cult' a foothold in the region, arid they were willing tobr ing her treasure to fuel this aim. She used thi~ opportunity to amass a considerable following, and.she now has mimerous orcs under her S':l.'ay.

St;;ti§tic.s: Use the statistics for the gre.at w}'n~ white-dragon: au p:J;gt 2_76 of Draconomicon .. Add the-ghostly dragon template 00. p.rge 161 of 'D.raco_ll(iII-ticon.

I~tho.ro~h, "golden Ni<shtH

OR male very old top.az-dr'acolkh

.1ltharagh seethes ill his cavern at "the mouth of the ice flow north of Luskan waiting for the opportunity to gain revenge against Arveiarurace, "the White Wynn:" He is an impressive font ofpsionic power, .... nd he could betpowerful a-lly or enemy. to characters, especially those wii:h psj.oJlic·power.s,

Iltharagh became a dracolich relatively recently, thus his bod"

~ stillhas many of the topaz-colored gem-scales of his kind. Yean; of sitting iii a cold cave have taken th~';J" toll, bOW0y~_r, and his once-br,iiliant golden scales havedulled.rs a lackluster deep yellow. The brilliant glow of Jiis eyes is the only remnant of Iltharagh's

former glory. -

Hoard; 52,Ob~r gp, 11 onyx beads (10 gp each), 6 carnelians (f0 gp each), 11 pieces Of amber (containing various insects) (100 gp each), 7,goiden yellow topazes (SOO gp each), 11 yellow corundums (1,000 gp each), 4 ph-feet. veri large golden yellow topazes (8,000 gp each), mithral- bars (10,OOO-gp), Evereskan canary diamond coronet (14,OOO'gp), large crystal chess set (6,OQO gp),50lid translucent yelloi", jade butterfly carving (l1,OOO'~gp), Shou silktapestries (8,5'00 gp),ass"or'ted masterwork weapons, armors (functional, ornate, ,nsoo gp), fio"ge golden topaz sphere i.n a-platinum stand (phylactery),jigtiri'/e·if tuondrous potaer (pbsidif11l sferra), ring of dji]lili callilJg, hbi'Sl1..hafJS if the peertess steed,imJitovable rod, irideJCI.l1it spi/lel 'ioiu! stone, 7"i-Jig of blinkit<g\ r,il1[ of protecti~Jl +5\ ,Oil of:magic vestment +1, scroll of control 'lve4thel~ scroll ofJabri(a.te, scroll of rlM-S5 .but!'s sb:ength, scroll of Jhi,lead, scroll of primm-tic spra.y; scroll of scintillatillg patter?l, rtaffoY iize alteration (46 charges), stqff WS1fftrmiilf!, insects (48 charges)

1 Being used by Iltharagh, -"

Lair: Iltharagh Lairs in a cave north of Luskan, By a quirk of his psionic pow<;r, the ice flow ill the regi~1I ba~ ~ shifted its course, bisecting his cavern. The-mouth of the ice Lies only a few hundred yards from the back of the lair.




TIthatagh'slaiiis qu;ite small by draconic standards, wirha few pits containingtreasure, Despite its size, it has :J. stiiking appearance due to ·the. large coating of topaz dust 'cbvetiiig the


'eastern half, the iee flow running (lawn the center, arid the

htillia_nt shimmering of numerous golden gelll5 in the treasu re . hoard.

Tactics: Jjr"1aragh ~a5 been in.astrange fugue state, unique to gem dracoliehes, When a gem· dragon becomes a dracolich, its-bo~y and mindareforced into. a severe couRict. Psionics are. fueled by a living body, yet the. energy animating the.dracolich

- attempts to maintain this flo," of p_p:wer. LikE Cypress, the only other known gem dracolich, Iltharagh has emerged victorious in this struggle, but he has just begun to stir from his cave'.

'When the dracolich leaves his cave, it.is to survey the lauds of the NQ.rt~. He occasionally swoo_ps down and devours small bands of orcs, but is .. still somewhat unsure of his powers. It is likely that a sufficient threat would awaken his powe~ful draconic instincts, causing- a swift death to. the fool threatening him. .

Known Allies:. Some suggest that Iltharagh has maintained contact with some of his gem (hagon kinfolk, but during the

Dracorage, most of ·r.hem fled the plane. .

. Known Enemies: Arveiarurace is the archenemy of Iltharagh, arid he [lopes to one day destroy bel'. For years, the two fought for domination over the region 110I·tll.of Luskan, but the white dragon always seemed to. be a few steps ahead. With his newfound powersas a dracolich, and recovery from psionic diffiSllltie,s, Iltharagh might finally be able to best.the white wyrrn. '

Sc.hemes: Iltharagh is spying an Arveiaturace, leaming.abont her- movements, habits" and weaknesses, He is much more Cow cemed, with her destruction than with the .acquisition of wealth-

or power, He is likely to seek out adventurers willing. to learn .rnore about the whirewyrm, and is willing to pay them w<:\l for

the ir efforts. .

Knowledge Checks: Locating Iltharagh's Lair on a map is possible with a successful DC 37 bar.dic knowledge, KnOWledge (geography), or Knowledge (local Sword Coast), check, Those . who.investigate in Luskan can learn more with a DC 39-Garher Information check,

Adveu.ture Hooks: Iltharagh is likely to seek out adventurers, especially those.with psionic power, making him a rare 1\1l'C of note fon.such characters. UJ11ike most dracoliohes, be has yet to SLlC_C'Il:mb completely to true evil, though '-l;c is certainly not a creature of good. i-lis primary goal is' to slay his nemesis, and he

- , ~ I

liRAiNSDI1fENSION:AL BREAm [PSIONIC J ~ul'bl'ca~h iVe'apoI1. ~iec~bpfd¢rjng-p.lao:es.

~re:reqtlisi_te: CB3 1'1; .G_htist At_ta~ ·breath-weapoD Benefit: lq .use thisf~at, 19U L1l1'!St :expend_ your psionie focils (see tIl¢ 'Concentration. skill de~ci"iptjon, page 37 ~f E'Vp~rtd~& -'i?~jPJZ-i'c_J "Ha;;apprkJ When 'you use. your breath weapon, it bas ito; £1;l1lporm.al ef.(ect all incorporeal creatures; c:re;tures on the· iltheFeal.Plimeor the PI~ne of SlHtdow,.-alld_ crearu.res'''Vitlrin· ain.'extraClimenSional-space ill the'bl:eitMi-ar_ea.Such crearures-include ethereal creatures,

, creatures that-are bli"nking orihatlo7f1'wii.lkin& manifested ghosts, and creatures within tile extradiiiierisiorialspace of .~. r? p'e : tdol or portable, bol«:



~ould be happy to return to his cave indefinitely if tills were

to take place. . .

_ Rage of Dragons: During the .Dracorage, most of the gem

dragons left" the Material Plane, but as a being that was not affected, .Iltharagh felt IJO such need. Hesaw th~ rage. as an opportunity to slay hisrival Arveiatnrace, who no lo1:g.e~· possessed her complete mental faculties.Heemerq_ed from hiding and flew out to Iannch an attack on the white wyrm, but she was too well defendecl by cultists; and he retreated to his cave. He is no\~ b.oping for another opportunity to slay his rival while she is weak.


. CR. 2-4

. 2nd-animal affinity, chameleon, psionic identify, su/arm:

of C1}'sta is . -

1st-crystal ,hard, detect psioiiics, enttl?lglillg ectoplasm, . inertial tlrmort thicken skin

t Already manifested and augmented (7 points spent)

Psi-Li:ke Abilities (ML 13th): .

2/day-fiatHer .fall

Spell-Like Abilities eCL 13th): .

2/Clay-control winds CDC 23),fof, cloud

Abilities StJ; 33, Dex 10, Can =:» Int 14, Wis 25", Cha 16

Feats Ability Focus (expanded knowledge), Flyby Attack, Ghost 'AttackRPH, Hover, Improved Initiative, Metamorphic TrallsferEPlf, Multiattack, Speed of ThoughrEPH, Transdimensional Breath (see sidebar), Wingover

Skills Autoliypnosis ;-40; Concentration ;-3.8, Diplomacy +40, Escape Artist +30, Hide ;-25", Intimidate + 3 r, Knowledge (psionics) ;-39, Listen +40, Psicraft +39, Sea.rcli+36;Sel1se Motive +36, Spot-;-37, Survival +37, Swim +41, Use . Psionic Device +38

Breath Weapon (Su) 60-ft, cone, once every ldt- rounds, damage 18d8 dehydration, Reflex DC 35" half

.Control Undead (Sp) Once every three days, Iltharagh can use controllmdl/lldJ as the' spell (caster level 15"tJ;1). He cannot cast spells or use psionic powers while this ability is in effect,

CrDs];, (Ex) Area 15 ft. by i5" ft.; Smallor' smaller opponents take 2dB+16pomts of bludgeoning damage, and must

I succeed on a DC 35" Reflex save or be pinned,

Frightful P'resence (Ex) Iltharagh can' inspire terror by charging, attacking, or flying overhead, Creatures within 270_feet or the dragon that have 30 HD 01' fewer must

_ attempt a DC 1"8 Will save. Success indicates that the target is immune to Iltharagb's frightful presence for 14 hours. On a failure, creatures with'4 or fewer Fin become .panicked for. 4d6 raunas. Those with 5" or moreHl) beco~e shaken for 4d6 rounds.

Invulnerability (Su) If Iltharagh'is slain; his spirit immediately returns to its phylactery, from where it can artempt to possess a suitable corpse.

Keen senses (Ex) Iltharagh sees four times as well as a human in low-light conditions and twice a-s well in.normal light. He also has darkvision out to 110 feet.

Paralyzing Gaze (Sn) Fear, range 40 feet. A creature that meets Iltharagh's gaze must succeed 'on a DC_33 Will save or be paralyzed with fear for 1d6 rounds, Whether or

110t the save is successful, that creature cannot be affected again by Iltharagh's gaze fbr 24bours. This is a mindaffectingfear effect, Tli.e save DC cis Charisma-based.

Paralyzing''rollch (Su) A creature struck by any of Iltharagh's natural attacks must succeed on a DC 33 Wilt save.or

be paralyzed for 2d6 munds. A successful save does not confer immunity on subsequent attacks,



• t...(

Male very old topaz dracolich

Cli Huge undead.Iwater) .

Init +4; Senses blindsense60 ft., darkvisiou 120 ft., low-light vision, scent; Listen +1f, Spot +25"

Aura frightful presence (270 Fr. DC is)

Languages Chcndathan, Common, Draconic, Drow, Dwarven,

El ven, Giant, Illnskan, Ore .

AC 47, touch l.t, flat-footed 47

(-2 size,:,"34 natural, +7 inertial armor)

hp 101 (31 HD); DR 15"/magic and 5"/bludgeonil1g

Immun~ cold, electricity, paralysis, polymorph, sleep, undead immunities

Resist fire 15" SRjPR 30 Fort -,.Ref +"'22, Will +32


Speed 70 ft. (14 squares), burrow 1)" ft., fly i60 ft -. (poor, supernatural), swim 70 ft.; Flyby Attack, Hover, Wingover; Speed of "Thougl1tEl'H

Melee ,pite +42 C2d8 .. 11 plus cold plus paralysis) and

1 claws each +40 '(2(16+) plus cold plus paralysis) and 2 wings each +40 (ld8+ 5" plus cold" plus paralysis) and tail slap +40 (2d6+5" plus cold plus paralysis)

Space 15 ft; Reach 10ft. (15" ft. wifh bite)

Base Atlu31 Grp +5"0 ~

Atk Options. Ghost AttacKltJ'H., Transdimensional Breath"; crush, paraiyzing~gaze> paralyzing touch

Special Actions breath weapon, control undead

Combat Gear oil of magic-'1Jestmellt + 3, scroll at control 7veatlm; scroll of jabri.c~teJ· scroll of mass bHll's strengtb: scroll of mislead, scroll of prismatic spray, scroll of -scinrillatillg'pattem, staff of size alteration (46 charges),

staff of su/erming; insects (48 charges) -

Power l'oin.ts/Day 1.92

Powers Known CML 13th):.

7th-psionic phiise door'

6_th-breath of the black dragon CDC 1.3), crystalliee CDC."1n mass cloud 11,irld CDC 2j); psionic diiil1tegrtl-te (DC '23)

5"th-ectopltl-Smic sbarnbier, psionic major creation, psianu: true seeing

4-th~met4fnorphQsis, psionic dimension door, psychic

reformation, psychic 'Mmpil-e (DC 21) I

qrd-dispdpsi(mics, ectttpI4Jl1~i.cfi':'J1J bustfe, psionic bla,ft.

(DC' 20) .




he Cult of the Dragon, also known as the Dragon quit or the Followers of the Scaly Way, is a 'Secret .society whose m'emoers revere magons

and seek -to transform-them into'dracoliclres. The Dragon 'CLut's veneration ~f the. Sacred Ones (or

night dragons, as some call them) is based on the alternate rransla.tion by Sammaster, fbunderand Firs! Speaker, or a passage by the legendary oracle Maglas.

This chapter give,s an over,

view or the Dragon Cult's history and current status in the Wake of the Year of R.ogue Dragons. Itdetails the history and the current structure of-the Dragon Cult in the-wake of the Clrelits of the Year ci Rogue Dragons.

, A great deal of a¥:Iitional information on the Cult of the Dragon Can ,be found in the Forgotten Rea/m.J Campaign Setting, pages i72-273; Champions of Ruin, pages 72-74; Fflitbr _ and 'Pantheons, pages 210-212; and Lords if '])(It'k11ess, pages 18-'27.


"In the Year of the Flamedance (865" DR), Algashon Nathaire, a powerful mystic thcul'gc in the serviceof Bane, ingratiated .himself with Sammaster, and the two began to work together. At ~'lJle's .cornmand, Algashon sought to turn Sammaster away from Mystra and thereby steal for the Black Lord the secret of Mysrra's siioer fir·e.

In the Year of the Stricken Star (875" DR), AlgashoJl COI]~ vinced Sammaster to attack Alustriel, intending tosteal her silye1' fire through a vile ceremony while she was at a disadvantage. However, Alustriel called on Elminster and Laeral, and together the three Chosen killed Samrnaster, and Azuth then.appeared to

strip the corpse of its silcer fire.

However, after their departure, Algashon resurrected Mystra's former Chosen, now quietly mad but still blessed with long years and the ability to heal quickly.

In 'the years that .followed, Samrnaster drew 011 his owntranslation of Maglas's prophecy, Algashon'S: whisperings, andrancient tomes unearthed from ruins beneath the deserts of Anauroch and Raurin. Samrnaster and Algashbn founded the first Dragon Cult cell in the city of Choudathan C~ow tlte Sembian city of 8a.er100)1) and set about

creating all manner of draconic undead: -

Sammaster and Ills followers created their first dracolich, Shargrailer, in the Year of the OQ_een's Tears (902 DR). The First Speaker used .Shargrailer as.a potent weapon against the former.colouiesof Chondath (later to become Sembia), and the Dragon Ct1Jt>s coffers began to overflow with coins extorted from fear[ULnerchallts, T1,1e ranks of Sammasrer's followers gr~w quickly! and nEW cells SE?lng up iu Chancelgat,lIlt QlOW Selgawlt);and Yhaunn,

During this period, Algasboll convinced Sammaster to collect his wisdom, prophecies, formulae, and procedures in a single tome, which could then be copied and used to spread new Dragon Cult cells across Faerun. The First Speaker agreed and completed his infamous T01nIJ 'ilt the VragonLD in the Year of the Rottillg Wind (9.oS. DR), leading to an explosion of Dragon Cult activity across

the Heartlands, - - .

Sammaster's increasingly overt activities did not go unnoticed, aud the Dragon Cult acquired a range-of enemies, 'not the Ieast

"Lind naught 111ill be left save sbrrttered tbrones, '111ith :zo rulers but tbe dead. '])rttgom shall ruletbe 711()rld entire .. , ."

, 'Maglas the Oracle

Standard translation, The Cbromc]« ,0[ Tears to -C01ne

nisrorv of the cult.

In che Year of-the jasllla.l Blade (83f DR),.a gifted young wizard named Samrnaster was selected as. one of Mystra's ChSlSEL1. His early, pr~)I]lli,ing research -into rnetamagir developed into an unhealthy fascination with necromancy, after he lost control of his sliver fir'e in a failed rescue attempt and killed nUll)crous innocents in the process. Likewise, an unhealthy obsession with Alustriel, another Chosen of Mystra, left him increasinglyembittered with the world.




':Atld lumgbl mil he lift save !hattrred thrones> 'with ~IO rulers. Biif the dead dragallS sholl rule the 1vortd entire .... " Sammaster, First Speaker.

Alternate translation, TfIe Chronicle ef Tears fa Come :Year of FeU Pearls (877 DR)

of whom were Those Who Harp. III the Year of the Sinhala (916 DR), the Harpers arranged an ambush of Sammaster's entourage Just outside the tiny village of 'Hap in Battledaie. Despite their efforts, Sarrimaster and his followers might well have prevailed if not for the appearance of an avatar of Lathander who struck down th~ First Speaker and routed his foLlo~er5.

Sammaster's apparent death precipitated the first schism among the Followers of the Scaly Way----some followers remained loyal to the memory of the First Speaker and continued to operate openly, while others followed Algashon into sec:ecy and rile, first to Urmlaspyr and then west and north into the Western Heartlands and the North. Most cells were eventually forced by their enemies to follow Algashon into hiding or face extinction, which. allowed the Banite theurge to return to Sembia .in uiumph, where he became first of the Wearers of Purple. However, Algasholl's view gf the organization as primarily religious, commanding "Obedience to the sacred Ones andBane, soon


dashed with the beliefs of rh more pragmatic adherents, who

saw the Dragon Cult as a means to fcrther their own personal power. In time, the latter gronp found a leader in the archmage Tnelhalva Drakewings, but open skirmishing between the two sects soon forced the Drakewings faction into hiding.

III the Year of the Awakening (1001 DR). Tuelbalva. was sent south TO Peleveran, a kingdom built along tl]..e Landris of the Shaar, to investigate reports of all ancient undead dragon lurking in the catacombs beneath the capital

city of Peleveria. Although be

found no such wyrm, Tuelhalva did discover the gathering evil of Garg:u:rth and saw in the exiled archdevil the opportunity to break from the Sembian cell of the Dragon Cult and its Banire leadership.

In th~ Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR), Tuelbalva. summoned an avatar of Gargauth to the Realms and called for Like-minded pragmatists in Sernbia to secede from the Dragon Cult and join him in Peleveran to form a new cell far from the influence of Alagshol1. Tuelhalva and his allies quickly installed themselves as the rulers of Pelevaran, but Gargauth then betrayed them by whisp ring words of their success to Algashon, who then mustered an army of dragons, dracoliehes, and Cult members. to destoy [hem. Because-this barrIe unfolded during a'continenr-wide Rage of Dragons, few .. scholars realize the destruction of Peleveran was the result of an interfactional battle within the Dragon Cult and not simply the larger Dracorage. In contrast, the destruction' of ZhentiJ Keep in this year was widely blamed on the Dragon Cult in Sernbia, marking-the start of true hostility between the Zhents and the Dragon Cult:.

III the wake of Peleveran's destruction, both Algashon and Tuelhalva were dead, and the ranks of Bane's followers in the Dragon Cult were greatly reduced. As a result, the Followers of the Scaly Way shifted away from a close association with al1Y, specific deity and a\~-ay from arellglous oonnotationto membership. i

In the years-that followed, the Sembian cell remained preeminent as other cells waxed and waned in importance, but Serubia's WearN1i of Purple could jll no way be said to rule the Dragon

Cult. Most cells operated in crer, and their activities ar Little known. Some of the. more widely publicized events are detail d below,

In the Year of the Winged Worm (1'22) DR), a Dragon Cult cell formed in the city of Elversulr and the nearby port to of Pros. This cell worked with Hethcypressarvil, better known as Cypress the Black, a rare blaek dragon with psionic abilities. Although be eventually became- a dracolich, nominally nrnier the control of the cell leaders, Hethcypressarvil circumvented the controls used co "manage" a Sacred One and came to dominate the cell as its Leader.

In the Year of the Snarling Dragon (1'279 DR), tile Dragon Cult cell in Luskan self-destructed when an allied white dracolich attacked thiee allied white dragons for their hoards.

- 111 the Year of Many.Mists (1282 DR), Sam.master briefly r-eturned as a Iich, once criteria he had set into play three centuries before Were-finally resolved -amid the ruined cit}' or Harrowsmouth. From his lair ill the Desertsmonrh Mountains, bighabove Shru:l~'i\' Gap, Sammaster began to rebuild his COJ1t1'ol of the Dragon Cult. However, before the returned First Speaker could threaten the surrounding lands, the Company of Twelve, composed of a dozen paladins 511B1l0rted by the Harpers, marched

- into "the Gates of Ht:U." At the

cost of nine of their number, they destroyed rhe lich again, although rhey did not recover his. phylactery or -the original Tome of fbi 'IJr4grm.

III the Year of the Lion (1340

DR), the Sernbian cell started a new cell in Featherdale in the guise of-a merchant coster in an attempt to control the entire dale. The rulers of Featherdale turned to Sembia for help, which led to the :Battle of the River Rising. The Dragon Cult might well have \\-OD if uot for the sacrifice of the archmage Mzhentul, who turned himself into a living pillar of fiarne,

111 th~ Year of the Worm (13f6 DR), the last Flight of Dragons unfolded in the Mocnsea region. (r.rhe Dragon Cult attempted to claim credit for tills event, but in truth it was the reappearance of

_ me King-Killer. Star') Maddened dragons emerged from the Great Gray Land of Thar [0 wreak havoc on the region. Phlan and Yiilasb were destroyed, Zhentil Keep was heavily damaged, and Arabel, Hillsfar, and Suzail were forced to fight orr powerful wyrms,

In the Year of the Prince (135"7 DR), the Sembian cell made a bid to control Shandril Shessair, a young spell:fi.re~1>& wielder from Deepingdale, Their bid backfired, resulting in the (apparent) destruction or three dracolicbes; Aghazsramn, Rauglothgor, and Shargrailar "the Dark."

In the Year ofMaidens"(1~61 DR), four Cult magesappearcd outside Silveryrnoon. and cast spells to draw out Alustriel. After she and Taern "Thunderspell" destroyed t;,·o of them, the remaining two unleashed a dracolich against the southern walls of the city, leaving Alustrjel alone. Duly the timely arrival of Khclben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand ArrrilStin saved A'lustriel's !.ife.

In the Year of the Sword (136) DR), the Sembian cell convinced a very 01d blue dragon named Malygris to becom a




dracolicb. Malygris then killed the suzerain of the b1ue dragons of Anauroeh, claiming his throne for his own. Hopes that Mal.ygris would e~plo)' the blue dragons of Anauroch against Zhentarim trade activity came to naught seven years later when the undead suzerain was forced to bow down to High Prince Telamont Tan-

dud of Thultanthar (Shade). .

In the Year of the Gauo-tiet (1369 DR). Piergeiron the Paladinson destrqyed -lGstarianth "the Red" ou the slopes of Mount Warerdcep during Halaster's Higharvesride. The transformed red dragon was slain in life by Piergeiron's father, ~thar "the Shining Knight," III the wake of tllis eVC11t, the Dragon Cult began dispatching adventuring companies into Undermountain to determine if the Mad Mage of Undermounrain had somehow acquired a copy of tile Tome qf the '.Drngon.

The events of the Year of Rogue Dragons (1:173 DR) related to Sammaster and the Cult of the Dragon are discussed in Chapter 1.

In the Year of Lightning Storms (1314 DR), the Dragon Cult underwent a period of great turmoil, as various cells battled internal and external bids for control. and the Church of Tiarnat moved to subsume the Dragou Cult-under the banner of the Dragon Ch!_een. Alasklerbanbasros, the Great Bone Wyrm of Unther and Threskel, tried to unite the surviving Dragon Cult cells under his personal leadersh ip, bur his alliance with the Church of Lamar in Unther ultimately undermined this effort. However, his efforts paved the way for AW'gloroasa "the Sibilant Shade," Daurgothoth "the Creeping Doom;" and Alagsho» Natbain:' to establish a ruling triumvirate, .

. , .


The Cult of the Dragon is a sprawling, schismatic, secret society of composed.of insane fanatics who -embrace Sammaster's vision of undead dragons ruling the world and power-hungry pragmatists who see membership in the Dragon Cult as an avenue to greater personal power.

Followers of the Scaly Way are divided into autonomous cells.

Each cell is. made up of recruits, known as Followers of the Scaly Way or Dragon Cultists, and the senior leadership, known as Keepers of the Secret- Hoard, The former group, dominated by individuals who see' the Dragon Cult as 11 road to personal power, is composed-primarily of fighters, rogues, and barbarians who feed the Dragon Cult's €Offers through banditry, blackmail, drug running, extorti~n> and kidnapping, They also run' the Dragon Cult's mercantile operations and vice dens (gambling and prostitution). The latter group, dominated by true believers, is composed primarily of wizards, 11 handful of clerics, and the most ruthless lV1lITiors and thieves to rise up through the ranks. They control the cell's treasury and the cell's copyof the Tome of tbe 'IJrtlglmLD.

Each established Dragon Cult.cell is ruled by one or more Wearers of Purple. There is 11 gre.at deal of overlap between the Wearers of Purple and the Keepers of the Secret Hoard) but the two terms are not strictly synonymous. A Wearer of Purple is always accorded the rank of Keeper of the Secret Hoard by other cells.

Following the death of .Sammaster, many Keepers of the Scent Hoard as wells as a few of the Sacred Ones made a bid

for overall leadership of tbe Dragon Cult. After tbe Great Bone Wynn's bid collapsed, an uneasy triumvirate seized powe . Tl1C trio lllciudes Augloroasa "tile Sibilant Shade" (see Chaprer 11 now known as the First Whisperer; Daurogoth "the Creeping Doom" (sce Chapter I), now known as the First Reade]'; and.a humanoid lich, knownonly as the Firs~' Interpreter, (The identcLEY of the First Interpreter is known only to Auglorosa and Daurogoth, Before his own destruction, Sammaster secretly brought Alagshon Nathaire back from the dead as a banelichMo".)

Already their alliance shows signs of strain. Daurogoth is suspected of withholding arcane lore be has gleaned, while Auglorosa is thought to be withholding secrets her spies have .unearthed, Neither dracolich trusts' AlagSholl, despite his efforts to blunt efforts by the Chuch of Tiamat to subsume the Dragon Cult, since bot], suspect the banelich still works to incorporate the Dragon Cult into the Church of Bane,

Cult of the Dragon (Expansive Religious): AL NE> LE, OE; 100;000 gp.resource limit; Membership S;730; Mixed (human 4,5'17, dragon kit; 5'16, draconic creature '286, hill-dragon 178, dragon S7, dracolich '5'1, other 115'), Dues 100 gp!month (300 gp to jein),

AlI1hlJrity Figllres; Alal?hon ~athaire (see belcmJ., Augloroasa (see Chapter 1 and below), Daurogoth (see Chapter 1 and below). [mportnut Cbamcters;· Keepers of the Secret Hoard, Wearers, of Purple,

Associated Cl.tlSSI1S; Fighter. rogue, barbarian, sorcerer. necroman eel', cler i c .

. Assoc·jatc,l Skilis: Bluff, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcane), Sense ~ Motive, Spellcrafr, Speak Language'(Aragrakh), Speak Language (Draconic).

Requirements: YO.Ll may not divulge Secrets of the Dragon Cult to outsiders. You must obey the leaders of 'the Cult .. hold dragons in great esteem, aud revere the Sacred Ones (dracoliches), You must tithe 10% of your wealth to the Dragon Cult.

Fn'1llJred ill Guild Benefit: The Dragoo Cult offers little besides protection and 'kinship to those without the abilities to bring undeath to a dragon. Wizards (including specialists) receive one OOUllS necromancy spell Cof any level they can cast) to add to their spelJbooks at each new wizard.level, if they can cast spells .from the school of necromancy. A wizard attempting to attract a draconic cohort receives a +2 bonus to his Leadership score for that purpose. A wizard attempting to attract a draconic familiar acts as if he were lWO level~ higher for Pl!rposes of the Improved Familiar feat.

Senior members of the Dragon Cult usually take the wearer- of purpleP'P prestige class as soon as they are able. junior members sometimes.take the dragonkith?" prestige class.

Alagshon Nathairc: Alagshon (LE male banelichMOII [augmerited Vaasan human] cleric '25' [BaneJJdivine disciple n. the original Second Speaker of the Cult, died in the skies above Peleveran over three centuries ~go. Sarnmaster brought him back from the dead in the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR) as a banelich, il;tcli.diJlg to make restore him to his position as Second-Speaker. II] the wake of Sarnmaster's deat.h, Alagshoq has moved carefully to restore his influence in the Dragon Cult; operating openly as a lich among the faithful but nor revealing



his true identity. The banelich openly professes rhe faith of the Dark Lord. but in truth he ba? begun to hear ,rhe whisperings pf Gargautb anew.

Augloroasa "the Sibilant Shade": From her lair in the depths of the lost.dwarf city of Thunderhclme in the-southern Thunder Peaks, the First Whisperer dominates die Sernhian cell, Her agents have become the CUlt's eyes arid ears both internally and against their enemies. The Sembian cell has become the main source of information about other cell activities and what the Church of Tiamar, the Harpers, theZhentarim, and other enemies are planning against the Cult.

Daurogoth "the Creeping Doom": From his lair in the ruined gnome city of Dolblunde near the banks of the River Dessarin, rhe First Reader studies arcane lore recovered by the Dragon Cult, including eldritch texts removed from rhecatacombs beneath the Monastery of the Yellow R05e. Daurogorh creates DCW spells and magic items for use by the Keepers of the Secret Hoard, The First Reader is not associated with any specific Dragon Cult cell, and he forcihly expels any Follower of the Scaly Way who dares to come calling,

n.fucson cult cells'

In the wake of Sammasrer's Rage, three dozen or 50 active Dragon Cult cells of any significance are-scattered-across Faenin, Severa] of the most prominent cells are discussed below. Other known, active cells are based in the Dragonjaw Mountains, Elversult (and .Pros), Hlondeth (see Sr;,.ptmt Kil1gdams page 91), the Rockshaws of the northern Higb Moor (see Chapter '1), the ruins cf Peleveria along the Landrise of the Shaar, and Yartar. Until recently there were also active cells in the Bloodstone Lands (see the Tear if I&g!~e Vrago'l$ trilogy). Won (see Chapter 1), Westgate (see CbampuJIls of RlIil1 pages 73-74)' m:d on the Pirate ISle of Tan (see gz__rseen of 'pi! Vepths), but all have collapsed III the wake of Samrnaster's Rage.

Each cell has its OWIJ perspecti ve €In several dogmatic issues, including whether to emphasize religions devotion or self-serving pragmatism, whether or not to engage ill magical erperimcntation widtnew types of undead dragons, whether or not.to emulate dragonkind by pursuingtransformation into their number, whether or not to cooperate with various monstrous races, whether or not to applJ the transformation to dracolichdom to those who are not true dragons, and whether or not to cooperate with or oppose the Church of Tiamat, The DM is encouraged ro make each ceil unique, reflecting the constant state of schism that afflicts the Cult of the Dragon as a whole.

n£ucsonwell.cell .

In the Year of Wild Magic (137'2. DR), the Sembian cell discovered the Well of Dragons in the caldera of an ancient volcano southeast of the Battle of Bones. After dispatching the undead 'draconic- guardian, the Dragon Cultists established a new cell in this ancient draconic graveyard. The Draganwell Cell currently con trois only the Well of Dragons and its immediate environs. but it has begun to establish its claim to territorystrctchlng from Evereska to the Sunset Mountains and from the Serpent Hills deep iaro the sands of southern A aauroch,

Membership: The Dragonwell cell is composed primarily of Sembian expatriates, tDDSt of them human, drawn from the lower ranks of Sembian society (primarily crafrsfolk and mercenaries). There is little tolerance for religious fanaticism, magical experimentation, or monstrous members among its ranks, although the recent arrival of .ArsekasLyx has begun to attract a small number of ncar-mad fanatics who attend to her every need.

Leadership: Although nominally led by five Wem:ers of Purple, the Dragonwell cell is ruled with an iron 'band by Naergoth £1- adelord ( ffi male Chondathan fighter lO/wearer of purple'" 9), formerly-a Wearer of Purple in the Sembian cell. The only threat to Naargoth's leadership is the growing influence of Arsekaslyx anlOJJg the more recent recruits and the rising WBnence of Vargo "Kent (CR male half-black dragon [augmented 'Ietbynan buman] evoker 16).

Allies and Enemies: The Dragonwell cell is closely allied to the Sernbian cell (and, until very recently, was conside~ed ,an curlying colony of the Sembian cell). The Dragonwell cell is directly associated with one dragon, Arsekaslp (see Chapter 1).

Since its inception, the Dragonwell cell has openly skirmished with the Shadovar, pitting drake-riding Cultists against shades mounted on veserabs ~e Vrag(J1l #1.99) in the night skies above .the sands of Anauroch. TIle recent discovery, of Netherese artifacts buried in the depths of the Well (q_uickly revealed to the Shadovar by their spies) has only aggravated tensions between the two groups.

Plots: Over the _past two years, the Dragonwell cell has transformed the Well of Dragons into a nearly ilnpregnahle fortress. Naergoth is very pleased with theprogress and no longer resents

• this remote posting. However, he feels the cell lost an opportunity to recruit several new dracoliches to its service during the Year of Rogue Dragons, when the heretofore unknown King-Killer shield' over the Serpent Hills undermined the cell's efforts to induce the large-dragon population into drarolichdom, Undeterred. Naergoth continues to send emissaries into the Serpent Hills, now bearing gifts instead of threats, and he has begun to reach out [0

- the hu:ge_ population of green dragons ill the Forest of Wynns.

Mourktu£ cell - ~

Founded in the Year of the Pillaged Crypt (100r DR) by a follower of Algashollj - the Mourktar Cell achieved e¢y success by convincing Alasklerbanbasros (see Chapter 1) tfl embrace dracolichdom in the wake of 'Icbazzar's apparent ascension to divinity. The Mourktar cell has since moved its base to the Great Bone Wyrm's lair beneath Dragonback Monatain but is still very active in Monrktar and the rest of Threskel, in Messemprar and occupied Unther, and to a Jesser extent ill eastern Chessenra,

Membe.nhip: The Mourktar cell has long been considered rather dogmatic by other'zells, emphasizing devotion to tile Black Lord arld the collected teachings of Algasbon over the teachings of Sarnmasrer, Dragon cultists in tI:ris q::U have long experimented with the creation of new forms of draconic'bndead, most of whom Lurk within the depths of Dragonback-Mountain or ill large crypts beneath Mourktar and Messernprar ..

Leadership: The Mourktar 'cell has long been ruled by Alasklerbanbastos, the Great Bone Wynn, its first and most successful dracolich.However.for the first time in years, there is simmering tension between the Wearers of Purple and the Grear





Bone Wyrru, as members of the former groopgrow increasingly uncomfortable with theirIeader's alliance of convenience with the Churchof Tiamat in Unther and dismayed at recent setbacks following the return of Tehazzar.

Allies; ana Eaemies: Most cell members are followers of Bane at tb~ Black Lord's Altar in Mourktar, ana this Gel! has long operated as a secret society within the 'church. The Mourktar cell is nominpllr·allied with the Church of Tiamat ill occupied Unther, but this relationship is growing increa.s.i.ngly strained.

The Monrktar tell has long opposed the Cburchof Idmz,zar, and the recent return of tIle Father 'of Chessenta has rekindled this ancient enmity. Since the railu!'e of the Great BOlle Wyrm's bid for control of the Followers of the Scaly Way, the Mourktar cell has become increasingly estranged from the rest of the organization. Most other cells now consider the Mourktar cell to be in open schism,

Plots: The Mourktar cell is currently regrouping following the recent failure of its bid to install a draconic nobility in Threskel and Chessema, Most of the nondragon members of the cell are consumed with the effort to maintain Messemprar's independence in the face or-relentless Mulhorandi expansionism, while Alasklerhaobastbs and his dragon deputies work to undermine

the machinations of TcUazZM. .

sembio n cell

The Sembiancell is the largest and oldest.Dragon Cultcell.)ts territory encompasses Sembia, the southern Dales, the great forest of Cormaathyr, the Thunder Peaks, and the southern Desertsmo~th Mountains, but its membership is concentrated in Saerloou and Urmlaspyr,

. Membership: The Sembian cell is composed primarily of Sembian merchants, most of them human, drawn from the upper strata of Seriibian society, There is little tolerance for religious fanaticism, magical experimentation, or monstrous members

among its ranks. _ .'

Leadership: The Sembi an cell is ruled from the shadows by Aurgloroasa and the Wearers of Pl,lrple; as the twelve senior leaders of the cell are known. The current leadership of the Sembiancell includes High Dragonservanr Faerlaur Onthim of"Unnlaspyr (NE rnaleChcndarhan human cleric 10 [,'81mr and G}'ric~" _secretly Tiamat]/v;earer of purple'? Y), Salvarad (h~ male Cl.loJ1&,than human cleric 10 ["Tal os," secretly Cyric and Shar]/wearer of purpte'" 10), Zannaster, "Archmage of the Purple" (LE male Chondathan human necromancer 'J/wearcr-of purple"" 10/arcbmage '1), and Zilvreen (NE male Chondathan 11uma,11 rogue lOjwearer of purplerr 8). The remainder includes seven Sembian merchant-warriors and a high-ranking commander in.the Silver Ravens,

Allies and Enemies: The Sernbian cell is directly associated with two draroliches, Aurgloroasa and Dretrhroyasrer (see Chapter 1). They are loosely allied with Eboanafiimoth (eE female adu It red dracolich), Malygris (LE male very old blue dracolich) of Anaurcch, and Shhuusslniru (CE female great shadow 'wynn dracolicb), better known as "Shadow Wing," of the Far Hills. The Sembiae cell wields a great deal of influence over rhe Dragonwell cells due to its close alliance with Naergoth Bladelord,

The Sernbian cell is engaged :in a long-running war of artrition with "the Zhentarim. The Sernbian cell is also battling effi\rts by Tiamat;s followers to subsume the Dragon Cult and working to counter the groy.,rillg influence of the Shadovar,

I Plots: Although the Cult continues t9 seek new.converts to dracoliclrdorn among the dragons of the Thunder Peaks, the cell's leadership is focusedprimarily on reestablishing its leadership of, the entire D.ragon Cult and battling the Church of Tiamat, The ,,,fearers of Purple have not gwen up the hope that Aghazstamn and Sbargraila.r "the Dark" rnighr someday be returned to unlife if their phylacteries can be found. None realize .that, both phylacteries lie hidden it]' thehoard of Aurgloroasa.

wurmsrnoke cell

H igb above the western slopes of the- Galena Mountains, halT way between Glister ana Hulburg, Boats an ancient and lcng-abandoned cloud giant citadel known as Wyrmsmoke Keep. From the aeria 1 ramparts of this ancient mill, a small Dragon Cult cell has long exerted .influence over the - g{eat dragons of the. eastern Moonsea a nd the Great Gray Land of Thar by bleeding tile mercantile might of the Moonsea's cities with the martial prowess of Thar's elite warriors.

Membership: The WyrmslUo"ke cell is composed of powerful merchants based in the great cities along the shores of the Moonsca "and their allies in Wyrmsmoke Keep" Wyrmsmoke Keep is garrisoned by three tribes of dragonkin~!'"' -, one tribe of draconic orcs who raise fire drakes°r. as steeds, and their commanders (mostly ore at ogre variants).

. Leadership: The ViTyrmsmoke cell is ruled by a council of six,


known as the Wearers of Purple. They include Kaela Ulsant of

Mulmaster CLE female Vaasan human cleric 6 [BaneJ!\vearer of purple'" 7), Crenshyl Khodoil of Thenna (1'\TE.maJe Chondarhan human fighter 9!wearer,,-of purpleFP21 Delphaerjn Leiyraghon of Melvaunt (LE female Vaasan human necromancer lljl,>-eazer of ptU·pLCF1'·I), Theldar HammerfistC},TE male half-ore fighter 12/wcal"er of purple'? 410rinskar of Thar (CE male ogre barberian ,11), and Dalgar, "Blood of Iyrauroth" (CR male draconic!)" ore rogue S/as,sassin 5/wearer of purple'? 2).

Allies and Enemies: The W"yrmsmoke cell loo-t all its allied dracoliches at1,!l most of its allied dragons during the events of the Year of Rogue Dragons, thanks torbe efforts by the Talons of Justice to hunr down the followers of Sammaster,

The Wyrmsmokecell has long opposed the efforts of rhe Zhentarim to control trade across the waters ofthe Meonsea, but it bas never been strong enough to openly oppose the machinations of the Zhentarim,

Plors: P-Of decades, members of this cell havehrihe_d dragons along the Galenas to target the Black Network's ships, profiting from the "unexpected' shortage of goods thar the sinking of a carefully chosen merchant ship call iaduce, Although it has suffered setbacks, the cell bas never augered the Zhentarim enough toengender a full-scale counterattack. In the wake of Sam master's Rage, SUeL1 a responseis seen as increasingly likely, so the leaders -of tbe Wyrrnsmo~e cell- have spent a good (leal of their shared fortune to 'Open negotiations with several candidates for dracoli-, chdom among ~he surviving dragOll population of the Galenas,






.~ Fol owe.rs of the


~ scolg waV

The Followers of the Scaly Way are drawn from all parts of Faerun and mar:y different races. The majority of Sammaster's disciples are human, bur representatives of other races are found within the ranks of the Dragon CuI as well. Likewise, most Dragon Cultists have levels in expert, fighter, or rogue, and an elite minority has levels in cleric, sorcerer, necromancer, or wizard. However, nearly every class combination is represented among the ranks of the Followers of the Scaly Way. Several races and. classes are worthy of particular attention and are discussed below.

Cleri~&: Many Dragon Cult cells are dominated by self-serving pragmatists, and even the more religious cells often minimize religious observances. Clerics within the Dragon Cult 4sual1), venerate Bane, Shar, Tales, Talona, or Velsharoon, and their gods rarely see a conflict between their ties to the Dragon Cult and their duties to t!Jeir.respective churches. A smaller L1llJ1'I ber of clerics within the ran~5 of the 'Dragon Cult venerate Cyric, Gargauth, Malar, or Tiamar, Followers of Tiamat occupy a unique niche at this point in the Cu 1 t's evolution, either dominating their respective cells or hiding, their affiliation altogether. Clerics of the Dragon Cult often take the Follower of the Sealy Way feat

(see sidc~). .

Draccliches: Dracoliclies.known as Sacred Ones, are nominally revered by the Dragon CuJt. In practice, however, dracoliches either dominate tbeirallied cells or chey are subservient to the ~ WeaJ'ers of Purple, who command them by means of

hidden strictures included in the process of transformation into

• dracolichdom .

In SOUle' cases, a creature of the dragen type that is nota trne dragon has been transformed into a dracolich, While most cells recognize that even Sammaster experimented on various kinds of drakes while perfecting his process, some cells view such transfermation~ as sacrilegious. In certain (are instances, a half-dragon has deliberately embraced dracolichdom, Such transformations are always controversial, since most cells reject the creation of "hurnanoidlike" dracoliches.

Drag~nblood; Creatures that nave the draganblood subtype are held ill great esteem in some Cult cells cine to the legacy of dragon blood tuoug?t to [,UD through their veins, but they are not accorded any special status.

FEAT: FOLLo\VER. OF THE SCALY WAY You ::Ie all adherent; of Samrnaster's teachings. You halo dragons in high esteem and revere the Sacred Ones (l,iracoliches).

'Prerequisite: Speak Draconic, member of tbe Cult of

the Dragon .'

. J3(!nefor. You receive a +4- bonus 011 saves against the frightful presence of true dr~g'ons. You are immune to the frigh.tful presence and paralyzing gaze of dracoliches; Cl~lcs of evil deities call substitute the Dragone,,; dOIJl~or the Scalykindl'G domain for one of their regular domains.




Dragonkin: Dni:gonkinMott•Dnt play au important low-level role in some pragon Cn1t cells, where they serve as guards and merceuaries. Dragonkin tribes are rarely encountered ill settled regionssuch as Sernbia or t~ Vilhon Reach. Those cells that do employ a tribe oJ dragonkin are usually located 111 wilderness regions, such as the North or tbe Cold Lauds north' of the Moonsea.

Dragons: TIm: dragons bold a place of honor among every Dragon Cult, cell, because each is a candidate for "transformation into dracclichdom, Lesser dragons (those that are not true dragons) are held in esteem, but never worshiped·exceyt by a few

fringe cells of Little true power. I

Like creatures with th dragon blood subtype, half-dragons and draconicD<' creatures ar held in great esteem in some: Cult cells due to the legacy of dragon blood that runs through their veins. However, few achieve positions of real power within a Dragon Cult cell, due to the manipulations of their 'humanoid rivals and che true dragons who do not brook competition for theicstatus,

NecromaDcers: Although all wizards are respected by. Dragon Cult members, necromancers are viewed in particularly high regard, for they are thought ro understand many of the deepest mysteries of Sammaster's Tome if the 'lJrogoll.

Sorcerers: Like draconic rearnres, half-dragons, and creatures with the dragonbTood subtype, sorcerers are held in great esteem in some-Cult cells due to the legacy of dragon blood thought to run through their veins. Many Dragon Cult sorcerers embrace their draconic heritage, taking various draconic feat. (sec 1JracolIomicolJ and Races if the 1)ragoll) or pursuing the dragon disciple prestige class to ill crease _tlleir tics to all things draconic.

Mu'Sic of the "cult

The Cult of tbe Dragon is best known for developing the process for creating draeoliches, Samruaster's Rage also earned the Dragon

. .

Rand om "Encounters

I rhe nfU'S0nmere

The Lake of Dragons is cue of the most dangerous wamWltys in all of.Faerun. Roll on the following random encounter table once for every 12 hours the player cl~al'- • acrers spend traversing the lake.

d% 'En cpu n teI Source
01-60 None
61~6Y 1d4 merrcw eEL 6) MMlii9
66-70 Water naga (EL 1J MMl93
"i1-iS '2 scrags (E.L 7) MM'24'7
6=-80 Giant"octopos ~ 8) MM276
8I-SS Id4.+2 Huge sharks (EL 8) I NM'2?9
86-90 4 gfa:nt crocodiles &L 8) M'M2'71
91-9S Giant 5 uid eEL 9) MM'281
96-100 Dr~n mrtle (EL 9) MM8B Cult accolades [or manipulating the 'lJrncoragem)'tha?,'Pcrbaps

the longest-surviving epic spell to cloak Faenln. "

On it day-to-day basis, the Cult employs a large Dumber of lesser magic items including dracotir:b bre'UID", draco/ich phylacte(lyD{", dI:4f!,OJt'S drmlg!itsM~r.. d1"agotiridrJ"r annm.D"',.drt1fPllyktlll taiismfwi'·l,g, horns oj't.he dra_gOlltJrn, l'int,; if dr(Jgon!iM!~ J:iTJgS of d/"{/&OllShaprf~I>f" and staffs if draconic PW/lC1.D",. Likewise; Dragon Cult spellcasters seeking an audience with a dragon favor spells such as agg;ri:vlJate 'lJmc(}t;age~. alltid,-ag(}l1 alITODro, hide from d"(~omD"'> miser's emlyD"" 811d monstrous tbra/F"'. In contrast, Dragon Cult.spellcasters seeking to support one of th~ Sacred Ones favor the various inflict spells, iron bOl1es'"\f"j, and stb1f.e ormer>'1.,_ Wearers of Purple favor spells suc!ras draconic mi&bP'"-, dragol1 altyllt'J., and greater drag,orl ally"'.

The cliffs of KurthuuT

Presented below is an adventure for Iour to.six 9th-level characters involving the Cult of the Dragon.

pr porurion _

As Dungeon Master, you ne~d fOIl1" books to run this adventure: the 'Player's Handbook, the 'lJlmgeo71 Master's Gtlide, the Mamter Mfl1l11al, and the _F'oRGOIT&"l REAl.MSCampaigll Sffttinr- 'Player's Guide to Faerun and Stonll'll/rack are also useful,

This adventure takes place 011 an isolated cliff [ace thar juts out from a. stretch of-the Dragonmere.coast between Teziir and \~Testgate. Information about the Dragonmere (also referred to as the Lake of Dragons ill this adventure) is available in the FORGOTTEN REALMS Campaign Setting. The location of the adventure couid be moved to numerous other aquatic sires throughout Faeru n.

Paragraphs in italicf'sbould he paraphrased or read aloud to the players. Sidebars contain useful information for the DM.

Adventure Bock«STound

Reveilaein Brant was the apprentice to Vargo Kent, a bigh-rankll,lg evoker in the Cult of the Dragon's Will of Dragons operation, Reveilaein wa;; overambitious, frequently attempting to reach beyond his station. He angered Vargo, causing the busy and powerful wizard to relegate Brant to menial tasks such as component gathering and cleaning. Because Vargo mostly ignored. the young apprentice, Reveilaein was left to his own devices. He used this opportunity to shirk his duties and explore the well.

While exploring the Well of Dragons, Reveilaein came across a group of ogres hauling-rubble [rom a dig. TOSSUlg the _dirt everywhereythe .ogres were mindless of what might be found in tile turned soil. Their -taskmaster, a Wearer of Purple named Arlennda (LE female Chondathan human cleric [Velsharoon) 6/wearer of purple'" n wasn't particularly interested in the excavation-vbeing a more academic type-a.nd failed to BOt ice a tablet amid the dirt:Reveilaeill was much more alert, and he secreted llWay the artifact before anyone discovered it.

In between hours of monotonous work as au apprentice, Reveilaein found time-to translate the writings 01) the tablet-au ancient artifact sacred to the draconic demigod Kalzareinad, the nefarious




dragon god o( dark secrets. The writings detailed a process through which a half-dragou could undergo a transformation llW a dracolich }mown ali the Kaemundar, Fasciri.atcd by the idea of becoming iminartal but aware of his humanllmitations, the youngapprclJtice sought a way to transform. himself into a half-dragOD.

Reveilaein was aware that his master V~g~ had once been -a normal human but had discovered an alchemical process that turned him into a half-black dragon. TIle young mage concocted a scheme to steal t11e formula. He waited until Vargo was, bus)' with Cult duties and .ripped the page out of the mag~;s notes thar.contained the formula. Reveilaein had the command word to bypassthe wards on Vargo's spcllbook, having required it for some of his tasks as ail apprentice. What he did not expect is that ripping the page also set off a ward. Vargo sensed the ripping of his speUbook and immediately tninsported himself back to his chambers, Revedaein was somewbar prepared for such an eventuality. He read a scroll of feleporfhe bad stolen from Vargo and transported himself !I.\vay from the Well.

Reveilaein retreated to Arabel, I,~crc 'he analyzed the alchemical formula stolen from Vargo and the ritual described Oll the tablet, He searchedcur a priest of Kalzareinad, employing considerable resources to pay a diviner to locate a follower of the dark demigod. The divinations paid off, and Reveilaein located Morven Vance, a Malan priestess of Kalzareinad, Morven was a disciple of Maldraedior (LJi: male gr,eat wyrm blue dragon ascendant?" 3) and is one of a \'ery small number of worshipers of Kalzareinad. Tantalizing the priestess with a relic of her: deity:

Reveilaein convinced her to help him perform his two rituals. It occurred to him that she mig-hi seek to slay him or steal the knowledge for herself, but he' was too obsessed with ira mortality and pffi\'cr to ca re.

Morven did indeed consider the possibility of killingthc wizard OL stealing the magic. In a moment of weakrress.while helping him perform the ritual, she became too afraid to seize the artifact for llersclf. She helpcd.Rcveilaein perform the ritual fo transform him into a Kaemundar"

With his newfound power, Reveilaein sought to establish his OIVll Dragon Cult cell. Along with Morven, he recruited likeminded Individuals.from Arabel-speci£caUy, members fror:n. failed cells with knowledge of key Cult rituals-e-aad headed for the Dragoo Coast. Knowing that he I..-aS too weak to convince true dragoes to undergo the dracolich transformation, he hoped ro be able to get the dragon turtles of· the Lake of Dragons to consider the process.

Reveilaein and his band located an isolated lighthouse situated on a cliff between 'Ieziir and Westgate. The group easily' dispatched the s~aU band of Draeven (folk of the Dra·gon Coast) oJlcrating the lighthouse, They explored the cliffs, hired some builders (a11d later killed them). and dug a base below the lighthouse. This effort expanded the network of runnels that-ran throughout the rock.

I Up uatil now, thecell bas been recruiting lesser draconic allies. A dustez:..of faux .ambush drakes 1125 taken up residence in the lighthouse. The Cult lias managed to attract a local wyrrnling green dragon named Eldrisithaln, who serves a s a rohor] of Aeroth •. the cell's Weare.r of Eurpk The greatest accomplishment of t1ie'gtollp, however, Is the courting of Tsenshivah. Reveilaein

sighted the dragon turtle 5001] after he set up the base under the lighthouse. The creature was in a frenzy because local fishermen had killed her mate. The Kaernundar gathered his cell and used

. its ma~c to calm and charm the creature, .

Since the discover)' of Tsenshivah, the Lighthouse cell has been tantalizing the dragon turtle with promi~es of the power necessary to get back at the humans responsible for her suffering. So far, she Iias agreed to patrol the waters around the cliff, driving

a .... 'a}' any boats that come too dose. .

One month prior to the start of the adventure, Teziir sent a crew of experienced seamen to check on the lighthouse. This was done to ensure thateverything was r unctional and th.e caretakers were well. The city bad received word of dragon turtle attacks near the lighthouse and wanted to check out the veracity of those claims, Now-a month haspassed, and the crew has not returned. Unbekuownst 1.0 Tezjir; the ship capsized when Tsenshivah at: tacl'ed it, Most of the sailors drowned in the rough waters of the Dragonmere. The dragon turtle ate those w~o remained.

Adventure sVnopsis

The adventure begins when the adventurers take a boat to the cliff There are a var'iety of reasons why the characters would make the trip to Karthaut Lighthouse (detailed in the following section), but aU eventually intersect with the Cult cell. The boat ride is a rough one, and many of the characters might.be injured. See thesidebar below for random eneouuters iii 'the Lake of Dragons. For information concerning the dangers of sea traver, see vyG 92 or consult Stm-m1.lJrflck. - .



When the characters are attempting to d'ock (and while traversing the face-of the diff), they are harried by tin: breath weapon of Tsenshivah, the dragon turtle under the s.way of the Cult.


N Huge dragon (aquatic)

Init +0; Senses dark .. vision 60 ft.. Low.light vision, scent; Listen +16, Spot +16

Languages Aquan, Common, Draconic

AC 2r, touch S, fIat-footed 2r

(-'2 size, +-17 natural) hp 138 (12 HD)

Immune f 1Ie,- sleep, paralysis Fort +13, Ref +8, Will +9

Speed 20. ft. (4 squares), swim 30 ft. Melee bite +18 (4d6+8) and

"2 clawseach +13 (ld8+'4) S_pace-15 ft .. ; Reach 10 ft. Balle Atk +12; Grp +'28

Atk Options Blind-Fight, Cleave, r mprovcd Bull Rush, Power Attack, Snatch

Special Attacb breath weapon

Aliilitiea Str 27, DelIO, Can '21, Inr 1'2, Wis 13, Cha 12. Feats Blind-Fight, Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Power Attack,

Snatch '



I •


Skills Diplomacy *3j Bide +7 (+15" when submerged), Intimidate 1-16, Listen :!-16, Search +16, Sense Motive +16, Spot;-16; Survival +16 (t18 following tracks), Swim +21

Breath Weapon (S.u)' Cloud of silperheated steam 26ft. -h1gb, 25" ft. wld~, ana ro ftlong, Ol1C~ every 1d4 rounds, ha6 fire, Reflex DC 1._l half

Snatch.('Rx:} AgainstJSi:uall or smaller creatures, bite for 4(16+8

per rounA or claw. for 2d8+4 per round. .

Tsenshivah enters. melee combat anI)! if the characters leave the cliff by boat (or if she discovers-that they have killed members of the curt).


When the characters.approach the cliff face, paraphrase or read aloud the Foll6wing':infonnatioll for the players, .

A steep cliff loosns iil1O'ue the water, tarting a 'shadC'U1 iJtt'thfrilliives. S'witcbback paths ctiWI"oSS the Je-hgtb of the jO-_fOot-tall cliff/ace, eventualljl i,i.ving access tq. the lighthouse at the top. The lighthouse is a, V-_fOot-tall strUctill'e pa{lIf€d ifl alfllrnati11l, band, qf gray (Itld pttrple. Ll bright ligl~temil11a!es from the Open-ail: top level, illutnilUlling the graj'-cizstJ~ieJ..d SJ(lath qf gt'ecnflJ1"estcrrlJers1he plateau. at the top if the cllff 411a cotltinller into.11Je land miss beyond.

Frop1 the 5hot~, the-lighthouse and cliff 1001< perfectly .norrnal. rile most likely gouy~edf action for the characters is to traverse the pathwa},'5 leading up' the sheet surface of the cliff and heap into the lighthouse. The)' might .cqoose to explore the area.atop the' cliff first, in which, case they could discover other entrances to the complex (see Ea.1CQUhter Areas, below)'

It is very-likely that both Tsenshivah and the cell have spotted the characters on their ·~y-in. The dragon turtle will try to stop them from reacl;!ing shore. If the. characters enter the lighthouse, two Oultisr thugs-Otto and his brother Iv~gteetLheJ1] on the. rust floor. The brothers seem uccomniodating, welcoming the characters to ascend the central spi;-al staircase and inspect the

rest of tile structu Fe: -,

KQl'tb(1~t Li~~thQuse

M with most l1philioll5eS, the original purpose of thissf.0leture \}'as to guilie~sbjps pa!(si)lg througIl the dal)gcrous waters of the.Dragomnere. The lighthouse's bottom '" nveleveIs. are each pierced by a central shaft that hOllses',:( 'l~u'rQw.spiraist\lil!cl).Se. Ahove fl.!difth level is a Iongerand narrowerarea; with 'lj ladder that 'leads up "to the cupola that contains the liJll.tem (nowreilaced'with;Lp~ma!lenr form of a d.:o<lightspell). Rl1ce:p~ ('01' the lowest floor; each level has twa windows 'on opposite sides of the structure ..

The lighthouse was built .'\~th a secret tr;J.'p door in toe floor' of the first level. Ifone of the caretakers spotted invaders or some other threat, lIe would SOUfi(~ aI\ alarm and p:uIl the, lever to let the other residents hide- ill the

uaderground trulri61s in the cliff. . '. ...

If all goes as -plauned for the brothers; the characters ascend the stairway, giving the- Cultists time to leave the Iighthonse 'and entei the complex through one of several caves (alerting the cell arid'relocating to a better position 'to ELl ipe .at tile characters with theirv bows). If the characters choose, to interrogate the brothers, they evade questions 'as best they can and-fight if necessary. The

0- • ...

characters lIiiglit be able to intimidate the brothers inte answer-,

ingquesticns for them.

The forests Oil the tOF half of the Cliff are dense, out unremarkable. They lead into the Iandniass from w4ich the cliff emerges; contin~ing for an.indeterminate distance, ·y1;tl5.isjrohably, not a viable route for when the charasters choose. to leave . the cliff because it is difficult to navigate the forest, and there ane .no 'towns for a considerabledistance,

Aduentu-re_ Hooks

There are a number of .reasons WIlY the pes might -seek alIt· the . cliffs. The most likely 'is that they were hired by Teziir to investigate the. missing crew who went to in~ect the liglitbouse. Another possibility is that the Harpers, Mconstars, or another good-aligned group has somehow (possibly through divinations) gotten word that this cliff is dangerous. Local druids, rangers, or seafarers might have noticed the strange behavior of dragon turtles in the. area and asked the characters to investigate. The characters might simply stumble upon tile lighth6Jse when traveling through the area.

Less morally upright parries might be-hired by Vu·g,o Kent (if he discovers the location of his former apprentice) to .find and bring back Reveilaein. If Vargo discovers what Reveilaein has stoim(frQtIl both his-books and the well), he wiJl desper?-tely seek this knowledge for himself. .

£ncou_nier ArenS

This adventure takes place across two major encounter areas, the Karthaut Lighthouse and the undergroundcomplex that lies bene1l1h the iighthouse.Discussed below are the three different ways the PCs can gainentrance to.one or the .ether of these areas ..

Enter the Lighthouse; The doors that lead into the ground floor of the lighthouse are open dur.ing the day and closed but not lockedat night, If thePCs disembark at the foot-ofthe.cliffs and climb directly to the lighthouse, they find 'this entrance automatically and canbegin the adventure by simply going .iu,

Tonn~l to Underground Area 1B: If the characters decide to explore the forested plateau. atop the, cliff face, they might discover one 'of the. tunnels that leads tram the surface .into, the undergrou lid complex. If you want _tlJeJ'C:Sto start the adventure in the underground complex, call for a DC 20 .Search check if they spel;d ;t least 10 rninute~ exploring- the terrain a shor.[ di~ta.nce from the lighthouse. A character who succeeds on this check (01' one who takes tOJ locates a gently sloping 'tuilllel that reads to a concealed door. Anyone who makes a successful DC 10 Search check (or anY., elf ot' half-elf) can iilenti[y the concealed door and push it open,

Tunnel-to.Undergrcund Area 8: Locating this tnnnelreqnires' a successful...sea~"th;check as described above if the PCsspel1d at




rth o:ut Li~hth


Lcvet fA


Level 7

ready when confronted. They onLy need to keep this ruse up long enough 50 that allY inspectors will advance up the stairs. This , gives them .time to escape out the FrOBr door and run down to one ofthe tunnels that lead into tile complerto warn the rest of

the cell members. .

least 10 minutes exploring the terrain a moderate distance from the 1 igh thouse. Th is runn el also en cis in a con C ealed door th at, when opened. leads to another runnel that will take the characters either to area 7 or area 9.

no.crhour Li<shthouse

Once the pes have reached the top of the cliff, they can e])tcI: the lighthouse through the unlocked gro~nd-levd door if they like ..


Thl!first jioor if tbe lightbol4!e is Imre1llnrktl~le. Mossif tbe .pace is fl sitti11g 1'00111, 1vilh (1 couple if stools, (1 fe-zll boxes, {md afC1f1 tsrcbe: I'JIl Ihe 7V(1L/S. The 7veSlem area if tbe structure is occupied OJ' (1 smaller room.

The first 1e\1I:l of the lighthouse is th only level with two rooms. The first room is a sitting area for Otto and Ivo, tWO brothers who serve as guards and try to lead inspectors astray. A f,footwide spiral staircase circles up and around a vertical shaft, passing through a hole ill the.10-foot-high ceiling. Unlike the other levels of the lighthouse, this one-contains no windows. A secret trap door hidd.en in thJ southwestern part of the Boor part of the floor can be opened only by using the lever all level 7 Detecting the secret trap door requires a successful DC '20 Search check.

Creatures: Otto and Ivo, the watchmen of the Cult, are brothers 'With a balance of skills and lighting ability that make them useful as lookouts for the Cult. They lurk outside !!be lighthouse, looking out for approaching rravclers, and then take their places inside when ready. They have practiced forcountless hours}prerellding to be simple lighthouse caretakers, so !bey are


Male Tethyrian human rogue 4/figllrc{ '2 LE Medium humanoid

Init +8; Senses Listen +6, Spot +11 Languages Common

CR. 6

AC 16, touch 1'2, nat-footed 14 8-2 Dex, +4: armor)

hp 35 (6HD) ,

Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +0

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)

Melee +lfakhioll +10 (2d4+f/18-20) Ranged mwk composite longbow +8 (ld8+3) Base AtJr +J; Grp +B

Ad: Options sneak attack +2d6

Abilities Su 16, Dex 14, Con,13, Int 10, Wis B, Cha 12 Feats Improved Initiative, Persuasive, Skill Focus (Bluff),

Toughness, Weapon Focus (falchion) I

Skills Balance +11, Bluff +13, Climb +14, Intimidate +14, jump +14, Listen +6, Spot +11, Swim +12, TumbTe +1'1 Poseeseiona +1 studded leather, +Lfalcblo», masterwork composite longbow (,·3 Str bonus) with 50 arrows, eyes if the e(1g/~ climber's kit






A Jmall( cTamped stDrage room is _filled to capacity with boxes and ban·elr.

This unlocked storage area contains boxes and barrels, fi lled with foodstuffs and othe/basic supplies. The contents of the room are probably worth 100gp.

LEVELS 1-) (EL 9)

A spiral staircase rims lip tbe eenirq] vertical shaft 0[ tb« levei. Torches ,fit ill sconces 011 the Ilppe1' a:IIU Impel" sides and there are t7{IO hea D' btl rrels on tbf! .JifJor.

Each of these levels is nearly identical, with a narrow central spiral staircase running up the central vertical shaft. Each level has a contmtcal. flame torch all the east and west wills and two water barrels for dousing fires.

Creatures: With tbe Cult presence at.the lighthouse, a group of fOIlI ambush drakes nests ill its upper reaches- When a IlyOne oilier than a Cultist climbs the-stairway, the drakes launch an aerial assault, flying in and auf of the windows on the Sides of levels 2-7, and assault those who climb the narrow steps. The drakes use their breath -weapo.ns to slow the characters, and then attempt to pick them off as they ascend to the top.

AmbDsh Drakes (4-): h_p 73 each; Monster Manllal 1118.

The same descriptive text can be used for levels 1-1.


The spiral staircase terminates at tbe jlOfll' if this level. A narrou/ r ladtler TIIns Ihrtmgh the thiplling shaft. Bereft if tbe spira! staircase, tbe sbaft oecomfts tigbJu, seeming like a cramped .tul11ld

If the brothers ore

inter ro <so..ted

IflhccbaraetCVS-jIllanage to corner the brothers, a successflJ-l use. of the Intimidale skilLmlgllt provide some-answers. Quo and Iva are loyal to the Dragon Cult, bur put their 11~ first in the face- of extreme harm . Allow a single character to attempt an Intimidate check against one of the brothers. if anyone wants to employ [his tactic. If the character making the attempt wins the opposed check, reveal any or' all.of the following information depending on the difference between ~e two check results.

1. or Less: The brothers do not.really run the lighthouse and are only doing. whnt tiley'te, told.

3-:1': There is danger on the Boors above.

6-10: There are other entrances to he areas belOlv the lighthouse.

11-1:1': The Cult of the Dragon has an underground complex below tbc Iigbthouse.

16 or Morc: The Cult set Up Bhe base as a centralpoiur

to court the dragon turtles of the areas, hoping to turn ..

the creatures into dracoliches. '

Til is area is actually the continued shaft, piercing a thick wall that separates level r from level 6. A ladder starts wher-e the spiral staircase ends in level r. The area is big enough for one Medium creature to fit through at a time. It does provide cover, though it is- unlikely to be used for very long.

LEVEL 6 eEL 9)

A" open expame extends from the previous levels. 111 the center; tbe ladder continues. Its lone SlIppm-ts my the 'bolts tbat bind it to the fioor, if the level above; The only decorations in he mom are

t7va cO/1ti~lUal }lame torches: "


The diameter of level 6 is smaller than that of the previous Roars, The ladder continues through the center, but without the aid of'.a shaft. It is bolted to the floor of level 7. Collected ill a few small piles is the booty of the drakeaThey guard this level more fiercely than the previous ones 'because of their obsession with collecting treasure.

Treasure: 1,400 gp, 2 moonstones (SO gp each), 1 red spinel (100 gp), 1 black pearl (15'0 gp), 1 aquamarine (nr gp), PUtiO'lI of bless 7l1eapofl, potion 0/ remoee fear, scroll of compel brentb,_firebnll, and secret page, scroll of sp!ak 711;(h dMd, scroll of tanglles.

LEVEL 7 eEL 9)

All open cupola atlmvs bright magiclIllight to spill forth fiWI1 ;he 1-01' qf tbe lightbome. It has a domed roof at/a a sto«: flam .. bnt no 7~/fJItS. Tbtn. bllt so/iii mpport 'beams lJo/d up 'be beo.'Uy l'OOj' at/a altO'l11 fbe area to remain open to tbe sky. A large lever extends from the floor to tbe south of tbe magical/at/rem.

This level is an open-air location with a Boor and roof but no side walls. A lantern-no longer lit, but maintained with, a perrna nen t version of a daylight spell+-is mounted to the center of the floor. To the right of the lantern is a large lever that opens the trap door 011 level 1.

The undervround cornplea

A set of stairs leads down from the trap door on the first level of the lighthouse, to area 1 of the underground complex, All doors in the manmade section of the complex are locked (Open Lock DC 27 to pick). All chests are locked with good locks (DC 30 to open).

WIlen the characters enter tile area beyond the secret trap door, they find a small compound that houses the experiments and quarters of the Cult cell It is a very recently formed cell, and as such has not expanded much beyond tile manmade rooms t:hat are r igp.t below the lighthouse. The compound i:ncludes a large room for meetingaexperimeuts, and rituals. The other rooms are quarters for Reveilaein, Morven, Aeroth, and the brothers Otto and Ivo.· The small treasury (as well as an entrance to the rest of the tunnels 1l11d caves) is off Reveilaein's quarters.

From- rhe-entra nee off Reveilaein's quarters or the tunnel that leads off the initial antechamber, the characters can explore a. series of tunnels and caves that run throughout the cliff. Some



of the caves are dry, while others are partially or completely submerged. The depth of the water depends on the tides.

MOSt of the caves have been explored by the Cult, but aile area neal' the bottom of the cliff is unknown to them. One part.of the CIIye system .is usually submerged and is ouly accessible during low tide. Contealed by the tides is a small shrine to a forgotten demon prince known as Dagon. Dagon is worshiped by some krakens, chnuls, sea hags,. and water nagas. His most fanatic worshipers are ancient tribes of kno-roa from the depths, who sometimes migrate into shallow coastal waters and convert small communities of fisherfolk to his worship through forceor trickery. He demands the sacrifice of firstborn children, as well as artifacts sacred to other gods. ill return, be provides for a bountiful fishing harvest. and safer waters. A pseudooarural chuul guards the shrine and \\--iIl stop at nothing to prevent its discovery. Tbe cell members are unaware of tb,il; shrine, thoJtgh it is !.i1iely that they will discover it in the future if given the opportunity.


LI rectangular room extends (Jilt fi-om the bottom of tbe stairway. Fresh murals of tbe cllllqllesls if evil dragons adem tbe 'milllr. Mamnade pimag!!! lead off the south and 1t1eSf sides of the room . .A natural tunnel begim at (l1t opr:lIi1lg in the east 1uall of tbe

chamber. .

The passageway leading west contains the doors to the cliambers of the Cultists and the central meeting area. Opposite the stairs is 'another similar hallway 'that provides access to a natural cave and to the meeting area, TI1.e natu ral tunnel widens as it leads into.a large cavern,


.A rectangular h.alhl'ay begins on the west side of the antechamber and runs along the perimeter of the central meeting area of the Cult. All the bedchambers of the Cultists, as well as the office of Reveilaein, are accessible from this hallway. If the characters folfulv. the hallway back around to the anrecharnber, read the following:

A rectangular balhvtIJ' begi11s on tbe 'T{lest side of tbe antecbamber. Bigb! dtHJTS and O1Je natura] cave ope" off the n:ctangle. The hathvay enas tTl Ihe same place if began.

Development: Any of the Cu1tistscould be r·oo.ming the halls at the time of the pes' entrance. If the cell is warned by Tva and Otto, the members have time to pte pare and choose their LOcations. If they are not alerted. the Cultists go about their normal rlaily a.c: tivities,


d small cmptj' en'!!c (Jpe1T.s.frqn~ a natura] arch in the 1l1tdl. It is berre«, except fur a fe11! discardl!d flodsttiffi.

_This small unremarkable cave is completely empty, TIle Cultists use the concealed d(!JQI Oil the upper wall as their primary method of entry and exit from the complex,


A small offiCI! isfw"llisbed 711.ith a rich mabogan)r desk and chair,

• 011 the desk (1.1·e neat stacks of arcane books and papers. On tbe

south''ll/alt is another door. .

uoder~.round com

10K, "





This small study c~ntains a solid mahogany desk and. chair, Books and. papers all Cult protocol 'and other arcana are collected 'in neat pl1~ on the fable. The Kaemundar Tablet and half-dragon. transformation.ritnalare in the desk drawer (Open Lock DC 30). The tablet radiates faint abju·tatioll magic (protecting it from casual, bre~kage).


A large meeting idoi11 contains numerous books, docu.mifn/s, fmd fintal impleme'its. 'A ZOllttable 1111tlifo-u1" stools sitsintbe center. A smaller tab/ewith paints, spell.coihponents, and other "Supplies sits of to the ria~. EOI~r statues adorn the COme1"S of the chamber) depictitlg hideQtls misshapen humans 'witb slighti)1 draconic features: :d palpable al1- of ft"1.lil per'l)ades the room, causing. (I sense of unease !lnd_foar.

This is the.meeting mom where most Cult activities are conducted. The chamber is an elaborare trap designed to harm or ~wealcen agents of good. ,An ,mballo11/ spell covers the room, with a 'ban« spell, attached to it. If any good-aligned creature. touches one of the statues, they an animate-into wights 1M rounds later and attack-the characters, If destroyed, the statues crumble to dust. If the characters leave the room, the statues walt a few 1110111<:11tS and -then return to their origlnallocations. They reactivate as soon as the conditi<?tlS are met again.

Nate: The lf71hallMuspell causes a -4 penalty all all tum ing checks, The ba111?- effect causes a -1 penalty toall good-aligned characters. The magic circle against good (a byproduct·of the uflballo'lll sJlell~ grants all evil creatures a protectios: from evil effect and prevents the summoning of any good creatures,

Creatures: Wigpts ("4)j-hp'2.6 ea~h; MM '2.U.

Development: If caught unawares, some of .the Cultists mighr be in. the meetiIfg: room. If given 'enough warning, they are more liJ.iely to Jet.tfie'wighrs fighr the characters while they take up adefensive-position.and.reinforce themselves with spells.

3, . MORYEl':')S CHAMBERS (EL 7)

./1, flicd)' appoiiite.d bedcQam"ber opetis from the hallway. It is neatly kept, 7!!itb bints if fe-minitle jubtleiy. Ii contains a small bed, a des"k ltJid chair set, a chest, a11d a small 711asb bajin. The' chamber rejte2"ts a dis_r;i-plined lifestyle, but also tj sense of style; i"e'lJcaling a number of fimini71ejlotl1'ishes.

These are the li~d!:.hanlber5 of Morven, the tell's priestess, a follower of the god Kalzareinad-e-dead dragon demigod of lost secrets. While serving her deity faithfully, Morven js.somewhat cravenin general. 'She lives- for her god" bot has little faith in herself-or her abilities. This -is the reason she did not challenge Reveilaein when she had tlJ.e perfect opportunity. She stili cnvisinus performing the rituals all herself, but probably needs a push

from someone else to make her do it. j/


Female Mulan human cleric 7 [Kalzareinad] LKMedi"1ll1 humanoid

1, •.

Inif·+4'; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3

L{ngllages Comrnon, DraCOll~c, Elven

CR 7

AC 21, touch 10, flat-footed-Zl, (+9a.rmor, +'2. shield)

bp 42; 7d8+7

Fort +6, Ref +4, wm-s

Speed 20 ft. (4 squares) in full plate; base 30 ft. Meleernwk heavy mace +5" (148-1)

.Ranged mwk light crossbow +6 {ldW19~'2.0) Base :At:k +f; Grp +4 .

Special Actions command undead 4/day (t3, '2.d6+8, 7th), spontaneous casting G111lict spells)

Cleric Spells Prepared CCL 7th):

_ 4th-mt" ;/Jalk, Rar)!~ mnemonic enbancer 3rd-aJl)lspell"D, CIIre serious 7ummds;dispel magic, searing light

2nd:_aid! cure 1tJoderate u/ounds, sound burst (DC 1f), silrmaP CDC 15"), spiritlla17ueapou,

1st-bless, comma1"ldfP914), mre'light 7{J01mds, deathwatch, mage armor", sbieid of _faith

O-cH;wte naater, cure minor 11101mds, detect magic, g!J.idauce, read magic, resistance

D: Domain spell.'Domaim: Magic, Spell

Abilities Sty 8, Dex 10, COll13~ Int 14, Wis 16, Cha)'2. Feats Combat Casting, Improved Initiative, Lightning

~ Reflexes, Servant of the FallenLE [Kalzareinad]

Skills Concentration +13 (+17 when casting defensively), Craft (alc,hemy) +14, Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (religion) +12; Spellgaft +16

Possessions +1 full pl~te, heavy steel shield, masterwork heavy mace, iscrol1 of blink, scroll of fireball,7Mtlti- of- bltming bands (GL 5"th, 42 charges)

Treasure: The mirror over Morven's' wash basin is worth 1,000. gpo The chest contains' '2.5"0 gpo


.An tL'Ue_rage bedtbamber opr:m from tbe loalhlMY, It is sparsely furnished 7{1ifb two beds and two chests. Tbeoni)lfr:titure of interest is a large- gambling fable'll/jtb a set ofbonedice.

This is the-chamber of the brothers stationed, III the .lighrhouse, The gamblilig table looks recently used, reflecting a frequent

pastime of the-jovial siblings. -

Development; J1 the brothers had time, to retreat, 1:hey might be fqul1<;l here. It's possible to!: them to be anywhere- in t{le complex or. aboveground U-1 well.



recorded history. His cultists range from backwater fishermen to the deep-dwelling monsters of the ocean.


Development: If Aeroth has enough time, he will prepare his few defensive spells and pick the location with tbe greatest jacticaladvantage, He is not afraid to defend the cell. even if it means his death. In fact, he is more concerned for t1]0 sake of nis dragon cohort and Reveilaein than he is for his OWlJ life.


The tunnel e.vpands as it connects wif.b :z cavern thQt has u/ater c(J'lll:ring t7vlrthil'dJ of its foOl" area.

A gang ofIacedon ghasts haunts this partially submerged chamber. The creatures wait under the water, biding their 01110 until a source of food appears at the end of one of the tunnels.

CreatW:cs: Lacedon ghasts (4); hp 2geacllj MM 119.


A short tUfmd leads fad ,md 7UfSt, ]I1oimwe in ,.the (IiI' is palpable bere.

The only feature of note in th is tunnel is a concealed door (Search DC 25') that: leads back to the surface of the cliff plateau, (If the characters entered the underground complex by means of this tunnel from the surface, they do not have to search for the concealed door a second time)


BejtJre yml is a large ca1J/JNI. The ?(J'1I1l.s of th~ caae hold murals tbat depict horrible rites taking; place ill a bumn» jishillg 1Jillagl!. A tall, mascnlsr humanoid 7vilb black eyes and fisbiike featflres commands tbe villagers to per:fo7771. acts if supplication ill 'lubicb tbey painfully contort tbeir bodies like eels.

A partially submerged passageway leads down to the-south out of this cave, toward the shrine of Dagon .. A successful DC 20 Knowledge. (religion) or Knowledge lthe planes) check reveals that DagOJ] is ~l ancient demon whose worshipextends beyond


This area is at least partially underwater all the time. If the characters enter during high tide, paraphrase or read aloud the following.

Lake -u/ater completely cooerstbe floor oj ibis chamber. No 111all is visiblu ,0 .the Jomb, nabere 711tlfef fills tbe cauern fT'om jlOOT'.ty ceiJiTlg. The'deptb of the 7(lateJ' decreases to the nortb as fbe jio(})' of the cavern slants steeply l~p7i1ard, Appanmtl;~ tbis cauern con-

sects dir~clly 1uitb the lake.. -

If the PCs have themeans to travel underwaterIand to see where they're going), read 01' paraphrase the following if any of them move deeper into this chamber:

About 25 feet sOIJib of the entrance, under seVeral feet of 7gafIT, is a f-:!oQI-lal/ altar shaped like a sarcophagus. It depicts a ma.,j bent i71 horri.ble contortions, .but with a fluial m'enil),at odds wilh the posture. Atop the altar i, a sm.ail immaculate 7vbite tzar1pbal porn, seemi'lg/y ou: of place a.1IJid tbe other carnal sites. The 111alls depict fur/bel' 51:1:111:, of torture and 11J.llti!a.tioll.

If the characters enter this area during iow tide, paraphrase or. read aloud the following:

Brackish s/lidge, giving off a naxioss O.dol" like piles of rotten fish;

• fills tbe soutbern part of tbis large cO·1JIJm to 011 a'-ueT'age depth if' J feet. Abo'ut '2f fee: sfJluh f!! the entrance is a J'j'wNalL altar shaped like a sar·copbagus. It depicts a man bent in horrible COl1- tortians, .bul Wllh a fa.r:i41 serenity ttl adds 7uith the posture. Atop tbe altar is a small im1JM.Cf(/ate ssbite narwhal horn, seemingly out of piau amid tbe other carnal sites.

This is a shrine to Dagon, an 'Ob!;CUIe demon prince of fishing, deception, fertility, and sea dwelling monsters (especially kuo-toa, krakens.chuuls, sea hags, and wMer nagas), At one point, the

weo.rerof purple update

The we-~r of p~le'Erestige class was originally presented in FlIiJbs a11.4:'.Palltbe~m. The following notes update ir for v:;3S.

Req,.llirclm.l~tsl Alchemy becomes aFaft (aJchem}[). RepJace tbe Sery skill widl Conccntrarinn, AcfdCJaft, Knowledge

(locaQ, and SpeDcraft to the Est of class skills. '

'Th~ text for the new domain class feam.re should be ch:mged to: At'1st 1st level, 1I weare!' of purple &ains a I domain froru the following list: Death, Dragon, 01' Scalykind, The character gal~s tlle granted power of the new domain, . .A wearer of Purpl~':s class . level stacks with his primary speUcaStillg. class' lever for determining the effects' of these t:hreei'lomains' granted _powers, If a weazerof purple'bas ElO cleric Ievels,.;he call srill learn domain :spellS. IT he memorizes divine spellseach day-ill the \~y of druids, rangers, and

pah~-he can choose 'to memorize a domain spell instead of one of his usual spells, but never more than one ~p~li of each level. If he prepaJ·es ·sp-elh (-as a wizard does), he must find a scroll of a domain spell and scribe it iI;tto his book. This kind of caster can inemorrze one domain spell of each level per day. If the character casts spells spontaneously, he' ean select one of the domain speIl:<i to add to his list Ivhe~~r he lJ11.5 the option to choose a new spell, This benefit does not allow him to exceed Ills maximum number ofspeUs known . Once.e.dcmainspell is known, it tan he cast any number of

dmes per day. ' .. ,

The te....-t for the drncoride class iearure-should bechanged to:

Beginning at"lnd level, a wearer of purple ~'tceivesa ++'bOIlUS on Ride checks in,:,oh-ring creatures of the dragon type.




Cult of Dagon held great power along the Dragon Coast, but that time has long since passed.

If anyone other than an evil character touches the altar or the narwhal horn, that individual. is immediately attacked by the guardian of the altar-a pscudonatural chuul that ,leaps· alit of the water (or the sludge) immediately 1:0 the' south of the altar.

THE GUAJillIAN Psendonarural chuul

CE Large outsider (aquatic)

Init +7; Senses darkvision 60; Listen' +11, Spot +11

CR 8

A(:: 11, [ouch 11, flat-footed 19

(-1 size, +10 natural, +3 Dex) !:tIl 93 (11 HD); DR. r/magic Immune poison;

llc5isr acid la, electricity 10; ER 11 Fort +i, Ri:f +6, Will +9

Melee '2 claws +12 melee (2d6+f) Base Ark +8; Grp +1

Atk Options true strike

Abilities Str 20, Dex 16, Cou 1B, Int 10, Wis 14, Gba·J SQ!lrcrnate form

Feats Alertness, Bliudfighr, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative

shUs Hide +13, Listen +11, Spot +11, SWim +13

Alternate Form (Su) A& a standard action, the guardian can take 1:he form of a grotesque tangled mass of cqntorting

eels, crustaceans, and sharks. Despite the alien appearance, ' irs abilities remain unchanged, Other creatures receive a-1 morale penalty on attack rolls against the guardian when

it is in this for Ill. .

TIlle Strike (Sll) Once per dar. the guardian can take a +20 insight bonus 011 a single attack roll. In addition, it suffers no miss chance against a target thathas concealment or total concealrnenrwhcn making this attack.

Treasure: The white narwhal horn is the Hom of Trisbina.

This item is sacred to Trishina, the benevolent elf sea goddess and consort of Deep Sashelas, When held against one's breast, the horn -&laks the bearer from evil sea creatures (creatures with the aquatic subtype). acting i.n the same way as iU'lJisibitity to lmdead,lt can be used indefinitely, but it cannot be employed during combat-Trishina is a peaceful goddess,


Horribie.yer skillfully rendered, baN'e1iefs extend frqm tbe 711tJ/lS if this chamber, depicting/urlbe,- acts 0/ deprtJ1)it)' (md insanity on tbe part of the matt 1vitb the black: eJ'es. Severn! sce1111S shat« flllUTlIl1rs de>ll"oyilll. a'rti/izcts of otber gods 011 'be altar of the demon [wince,

While not inherently dangerous, this room is disturbing due to its bas-reliefs depicting scenes similar [0 those in the two previousrooms, but: in much greater detail. A secret sliding stonework door (Search DC 27) leads to area 12.

12, Caoc Th.aJ:?

Tbis featureless cavern is pa:rtiall)'filled 1uitl; 1vatf!l"', A'OJretcb 0/ dry irOlll1d leads 1-otrghly nortb-south, beading O'lullyfrom the door' you jmt came l7;rollgh.

I •

The water ill this cavern is 110 more than 1. feet deep, and thus easy for most characters to ~<le through. Anyone wh;stays 011., dry ~round and moves toward the opposite wall of the cavern runs th risk of stepping on a pressure plate that springsa trap,

Summon. Monster V Trap: CR S;rmagLc device; ,proximity trigger; automntic .reset; spell effect Vmnmotl.momter J7, 9th-Jevel. wizard, fiendish giant crocodile); Search DC 20; Disable Device DC 1).

The crocod i le returns to its home plane if it has not been defeated after 9 rounds. the room seems to be a dead emf, but with careful searching. a secret door lead.ing to area 13 can be found as well (Search DC_27).


This cave al'p'MrJ to be empty e,t:cept for (I ow/pie. oj primiti'lJe chairs alol1g tbe northeast yua.ll, ,

There is norhing of note ill this area aside from the secret door leading to area 12 and a passageway curving back to the area' I, the antechamber. If the characters move toward me northeast wall to investigate the chairs, they discover a few dice scattered on the floor near the chairs, The dice are forgotten remnants of

a game played by Otto and Iva. .

,concludin~ the xdven ure

The end point of the J!dventufc depends considerably on the choices (and moti ..... es) or the characters involved. IT 1:he Pes decide to oust the 'Cult, the natural end is the defeat of the major Cultists. The characters may simply try to convince Tsenshivah that the Cult isn't helping her, They might try to destroy the rituals of transformation, or bring them to their employer for srud}r. If evil, they mightdecide to steal the secrets for themselves,

Unless the j:haracters pacify Tsenshivah, she will hound them until she loses them, kills them, or they kill her. She attacks them as soon as they leave the cliff, unless she has already been killed (or pacified as mentioned above). If desired, the same random encounters used all the way can be employed on me return trip. though the characters may have advanced to the point where some of these are too easy.


One of-the simplest ways to increase the difficulty of the adventure is to have the Cultists remain in clusters, employing tactics, defensive spells, and illusions to confuse the characters, More ambush drakes Call be added to th lighthouse encounter to-make the climb to the top even more brutal, Additional levels can be giveu to the-main hTPCs, but this requires considerable effort, It's probably easier to add one or cwo Hit Dice to the guardian .. bumping it ,up -into the next bracket of damage reduction and energy resistance.


he church of Tiarnat is one of the most ruthless and'secretive in Faerun, It .desires power above :,_all and will do any-wing to acquire it. Chu:cl1

members feel tl1at if they can amass power, Tiamat will supplant Faenin's other deities. nus chapter describes the land of Uirther, where Tiamat is strongest. It outlines the tenets and structure of her cbnrchand its major servitors. Finally, it details tlie Altar of Scales, a secret temple in the undercity of Unthalass,

unthe£: Reolm of the DrQ~On _Queen

History: The history of Unther is the story of a constant power struggle. Since long before the Unrheric pantheon entered Faenin, those who dominated it defined the land. The empires of Unther

and Muihorand were leug-lived and dominant, but eventually, power struggles caused them to diminish. Thayd, the -last remnant of the Imaskari.cursed the land, letting in hordes of orcs to battle the empires. The orcs and their deity Gruumsh managed to slay many of the 'deities and damage the eU"!pircs, but eventuatly they were defeated.

Both nations needed time to rebuild. During this time, the god-lOng Gilg~am rose to power. Gilgearu reigned over Unther, but power rapidly corrupted him, and his reign deteriorated into tyranny. Untherexpanded ruthlessly; establishing colonies and

dragons. Tchazzar, having reemerged, received one-third of the esse nee; seeing an opportunity to achieve divinity, he consumed the other two dragons and absorbed their essences. The power subsumed hj.;; body and Tiamat rnanif~ted again, This time she

, slew Gilgeam, but both she and Unther were weakened,

Mulhorand seized theoppormnity to invade Unther whileit was weak. The only area held by independent Unther was Messemprar and its vicinity Now, Unther stands on tbe brink of annibilation. It survives due to a precariouspower balance. Its new incarnationis astruggle between Mulhorand, surviving

Uncher, and a variety of internal and exrerual factions.

Geography: Unther's area is only it small portion of what it once was, due to the rebellion of the Chessentans and the Mulhorandi invasion, Unther is divided in two: the larger section is occupied hy Mulhorand, and the smaller is. the independent city ofMessemprar and irs surrounding areas. The bordersare likely to change along with the

constant power struggles. .

The hinds of combined Unther are varied in their environments, with ash plains, fertile farmland, Ireshwarer and saltwater lakes, thick forests, and volcanic rnonatains. The fertile plains were previously responsible for most of the food supply of the country, but the Mulhorandi invaders have turned the lands into a morass of mud. If other forces do not i'nrerv<;ne, Untherwill rapidly enter a state of famine.

P~er Groups: Unther's existence /:las been driven by the interplay of powerful groups, but now is the first time that its survival depends on this process. Many groups, both internal and external, see potential [or a power play, bur they must all abide e_~ch other for .1> time, E.c1.ch is waiting for jhe ideal moment to

<'E·vil dragunscl'ave pO'll/cr, 111f!altb, and supremacy. Their iZYeen and ber jo/Jolllerr are little different."

~Artithree, Dragon Sage of Unthalass

1?onquer iilg territories.

Evenrually, the people of Unther and its colonies began to .rebel, This is especially true of Chessenta, and is the reason for the toss of much of UJltl,C\,'S territory. Under the dragoll_-conquewr Tchazzar, Chessenta conqaeredUnther, When Tchazzar vanished and Unth"r freed itself, Gilgearn's madness was absolute.

. . I

Tbe people of Unthcr, sick of Gilgea.ru's tyranny, turned to

the church 9f Tiarnat, under the leadership of higb priestess Tiglach. During the time of troubles, Gilgeam slew a weak avatar of Tiarnat, and her essence-dispersed among three of her servant





make its move. The groups competing for Gnther's future in dude the remaining Untheri, . .the Norrhern Wizards, the Cult of the Dragon, the Red Wizards, the worshipers of Gilgeam, 11Jld the church of Tiamar.

The remaining Unther] are divided ill their support. Some would like to return to the good graces of Mulhorand and sup'port them lIS they crush their enemies, Others would prefer any Untheri ruler to a Mulhorandi, no matter how tyrannical. TIle third group, mOstly composed of untitled citizens. would like to set; all previoll5 powers·swept away.

The Northern Wizards are Untheri worshipers of Mystra and Ishtar who have long held a secret hatred [01".3rd the Church of Gilgeam, When Gilgeam was defeated, they realized they bad a chance to help 'Unther rigttr itself from under thousands of years of tyranny. They are engaged in precarious alliances with various groups in 'UHtber to defend their nation.

The Cult of the Dragon has mixed motivations concerning Unther, While they share a reverence toward dragons like the church of Tiamat, the two groups frequently dash in their dogma and goals, Man}' individuals are members of both, but each group holds such secrecy and fear of reprisal that notrustexisrs. Outside b'TOUPS elm use this paranoia to pit the two seers against each other. The Cult cell ill Threskel is much more extreme than the one in Unther, advocating a join-or-die policy.

The Red Wizards ·of Thay have no true allies, but currently they share a com mon goal with Unther. The Thayans abhor Mulhorand and do not want to see Vnther fall into its hands. They ~IOSl1p' plying money and arcane power to prevent Unther's annihilation. These actions stem from 'an old Thayan hatred of the Mulhorandi, a group with magic that they .know rivals their own.

The worshipers of Gilgearn have just suffered what might be their worst defeat. They managed to bring their deity back ill an undead body, but the followers of Tiamat and their allies

~ destroyed the god-king, ending an)' hope of his return. His defeat has not lessened the resol Ire of the clergy. It is likely that in their anger, they will stir up .more trouble in the already

chaotic Unrher, '

The church of Tiamat is described later, hut its political situation will he derailed here. Tiglath, the high priestess of the religion, is in conflict with parts of ber sect. The sect is suffering from corruption at many levels, Members often hold allegiance to both Tiamat and the Colt of the Dragon, and the lines between the two frequently blur. Conflicts between the sects-are bound to have an impact on tfle future of Unther,

Threskel: LQndof the Bo,ne WVI'ffi

Capital: None ,

:Population: )"2,.791 (humans 94%, duergar 2%, various dragonMoodRD races 2%, trolls 1%, half-dragons 1%) G,over=ent: Monarchy (j;elf·proclaimed dragon lords and human monarchs in Mordulkin and Mourktar)

R.e1igious.: Bane, tile Mnlhorandi pantheon, Tchazzar, Tempus,


Imports: Food"weapo!ls

E:lp.oru:. Creps, ~5h, horses, precious metals .A.ligll,ment: LE, NE, CE, N, GN




Life otid society

Threskel has little jJJ the way of national character. The inhabitants of Mordulkin resemble their Chessentan lin inremperameut and interests, while the folk of Mourktar and eastern Threskel lmve more in common with the Untheric citizens of Messernprar .across the River of Metals .. T1:!e remainder of Threskel's human population live hardscrabble 1 ives as fishermen or horse ranchers. The western and central plains are relatively arid and. buffeted by strang winds, that stunt the growth of almost any crop except in the relatively verdant: fields along the northern bank of the River of Metals.

Mujor <;Jeoirnpbico.} seorures

The sparsely settled l.and of Thrcskel Iies'between Mount Thulbane and the. Riders to the Sky Mountains, north of Uuther and Chessenta.

Dragonback MOIl.nta.ln: The northernmost peal; of the Riders to. the Sky Mountains is a long-dormant volcano. In its depths dwells Alasklerbanbastos, self-proclaimed Dragon King of Old Uother. (See Chapter 1 for further details on the lair of the Great Bone Wyrm)

FieU:lli of Pryollus: At the foot of Mount Tbulbane lie the sporting fields used every few years to determine the finest athletes of greater Unther. The last games-_were held over a decade again a failed, attempt to choosea successor to King Thetis of Mourktar. Now there is talk of moving the games far from the

grasp of jaxanaedegor (see" bcl:ow). -

Jade &iv-ex: The Jade River flows down the western slopes of th.e Riders to the Sky Mountains to the Bay of Chessenta, just south of the city of Mordulkin. After an initial steep descent, this river winds slowly over flat plains. The greenish hue for which the river is named is due to a combination of rugae and runoff frorn the caustic milling operations of'the duergar dans in the depths of the Riders t-o the Sky Mountains ..

The Long Beach: This long, sandy beach in the lee of Mount Thulbaue has always been a prime fishliig ground, and 'several small fishing hamlets lie along the water's edge. In recent ye:u-s, this way of life has begu n to fade, as living dragons in the service of the Great Bone. Wyrm frequently come here to hunt; and they are as apt to scoop up a small fishing boat as- they arc a tasty school o(fi.sh, no matter how much tribute the local population

payS to the Lord of Threskel. .

Mount Thulbaae: This extinct volcano is the highest peak inChessenca, Threskel, or Untber, According to myth, it is home to the Untheric god Assuran (better known in the reo"! of Faerub as H~ar). In truth, the mountain's heart .is 'home to Jaxanaedegor (LE male v-a.mpiricll':'very old green dragon), who is not above assuming.the guise of lin aspect of Assuran in order to guide a gullible worshiper of the Lord of the Three _Th lind ers,

lliverof Metals: This' river flows from Methmere into the A1'Lmber Sea at Messemprar, It gets Its namefrom the Large deposits of gold and other precious lTI,ctals that he within its muddy waters. There bave' been at Ieasr two gold ruslresar various points in the river, but both'have ended abruprlyafrer

< a flight of relatively young dragons o~ various chromatic hoes





emerged from the Riders in the Sky Mountains [0 claim nil that had been dug,

The Watcher's Ca.pe: This long peninsula juts into the Sea of'Fallen Stars, forming the eastern side of the mouth of the Bay of CIt ssenca. At its tip stands the Drakelight, a massive spire jutting hundreds of feet into the air and siipported by magic. TraditionaU)j this watch [ower was garrisoned by troops from Luthcheq, patenar, and Mordulkin, who lit the Drakelighr whenever pirate;; were spotted entering the Bay of Chessenta. However. the Drakel ight is DOW hbIlle ro a clutch of very young red dragons who serve the Great BO\Ho Wynn. In exclHlnge for regular tribute from all three cities, they grudgingly light the Drakelight when pirates arc spotted and then fly over the bay. to drive them off

Importunt sites

Despite t1ie nation's size, Threskel's population is concentrated along the northern bank of the River or Metals, along the eastern coast, and in the southwest coruer of the terri torr.

Mordulkin (Metropolis, 3f,706): Mordulkin is a powerful, wealthy city 011 i:he eastern shore of the Bay of Chessenta, It has been ruled by the most powerful wizard or sorcerer of House Jedea since the Alliance of Chesseuta seceded from Unther ill the Year of Flashing Ey'es (9'2.9 DR) and is a haven for arcane spellcasters, [0 we disgust of [he leaders of House Karanok in neighboring Luthcheq, Traditionally. House Jcdea has maintained good relations with the North Coast Cities across the Wizard's Reacb and eschewed alli~nces witb othr cities that seek ro unify Chessenta .'

Mordulkin is divided into sections that are run by guilds: the merchants guild 1'11115 the merchants district, the craft .guilds organize the crafrs district, -and the builders guild fUl1S roe residential district. There is a central mercenary guild, and all adventuring- and mercenarycompanies must register with th guild UpOl1 arrival or face imprisonmerit. There is also an unofficial thieves -guild, am: of the Largest and most powerful ill Chessenta.

Motttk:tar (Small City, 10,107): This small, aggressive trading city has a large port facility capable of handling most of Tfireskel's exports andrwo'major temples: the Black Lord's Altar, Iargest-temple of Bane in the Realms, and the Amphitheater of First Thunder, <I large open arena governed by the Hand of Hoar

(known regionally as Assuran), .

Since the death of King Theris in the Year of Shadows (135'8 DR), the city has been ruled by Imperceptor Kabbarath 'Ielrhaug, who secretly engineered the failure of the King's Tournament proclaimed by Theris before his death to choose a worthy succcssor, The SQ-OlUed "'R.egen,t of Mourktar" governed with absolute authority until the Year of the Sword (136,. DR). Now he rules in concert with a trio of juvenile blue dragon councilors who ferry him about the region and regularly communicate the Great Bone Wynn's concerns.

Thamor (Small City, '5','163): Tharnor ~ a small trade City ill the interior of Threskel, Founded by merchants from Mourkrar acd Messemprar as free city where goods could be exchanged without taxation, it struggled until the fall of Gilgeam and tlie

collapse of Unther's ruling authoriry, Despite the chaos in me region, Tharnor has since thrived as a regional trading center for miners from the Riders in the Sky Mountains and farmers in southeastern Threskel, The nominal lord of Thaznor is Leppidon (l:E.,malc Mulan human fighter r)~ but he answers directly to a pair of juvenile green dragons who lair-in an. abandaned mine

on the slopes above the town: •

Re~ionul nisroru

Alt'bough rhe folk of Tlireskel have long considered themselves independent, this isolated region has al;vay~ been claimed by the rulers of Umber and (later) Chessenta,

In the Year of tile Sword, (1365' DR), Alasklcrbanbastos began rewarding his most loyal dragon servitors with fiefdoms in Threskel and Chessenra. Over the next eight years, some established themselves as the true rulers of parts of Threskel and Chesscnta, while others schemed more than they acted. - Jaxanaedegof was the most successful of the Great Bone Wyr11l's vassal . He flew'over the cities of Mordulkin and Mourktar, proclaiming himself the Viceroy of Threskei. He then demanded that the huma 11 kings of both cities pay regular tribute to his 'liege, the Great Bone Wyrm. or be replaced with leaders more to the liking of the-sclf-prcclaimed Dragon King of Old Unther.

The leaders of Mordulkin and Mourktar paid little heed to such claims until jaxanaedegor Aew over both cities in the company of several lesser dracoliches and then launched a series of attacks agaiJJSt major trade caravans entering and leaving the city. Now both rulers have begun to send regular caravans laden with tribute [0 the slopes of Mount Thnlbane in hopes of appeasing their newly proclaimed liege and his master. Meanwhile, the rulers or Mordulkin nervously watch and wairfor Tchazzar's future plans to unfold. _

plorso.nd RUmOrS

Defenders of Messemprar: Early in the Year of Lightning Storms (1374 DR), backed by a massive influx of magical weaponry sold to them at cut-rate prices by the Red Wizards of TJlay and aerial support from the Great Bone WYI:m's draconic vassals, Banite remplars from Mourktar marched into Messemprar [0 bolster that city's defenses against the inexorable advan e of Mulhorand's armies and the complete subjugation of Unthcr. However, their entrance into Unther's civil war risks provokillg an e.COJ1oJl1 ic rift between Mourktar's merchants and their trading partners across the Alamber Sea.

Succession in Mordnlkin: The current king of Mordulkin, Hercubes Jcdea (NG male Mulan wizard 18), continues to fight off the advancing years with magic, fearing that no potential. heir is currently strong enough to maintain even a measure of Mordulkin's independence from the self-proclaimed Lord of Threskcl, Ironically, by stayipg beyond his natural reign, KiJ1g Hercubes has inspired several of the more power-hungry Jedeans to sect~et~' forge pacts with Jaxallaedegor, in .hopes the Lord of Threskel will back their efforts t9 claim th~ throne.



The church of Tiumat

_Like the chromatic dragons she rules, Tiarnat is greedy andselfish, Where she differs is ill her organization and control. Whereas chromatic dragons are often chaotic, the Frye-Headed Q!__eeu is regimented and focused. The most important thi.LlgS to Tiamat and her church are power arid wealth, Wilen in doubt about their motivation, it is fair to assume that greed and power are significant factors. There arc few limits to the depravities and perversions they will commit in the pursuit of power. .

The church does not only acquire power through gain, but also through the subversion of other powerful groups, especially other faiths. Tiamat had a personal mission to destroy the godkings of Unther, dating back to her entrance into Faerfin. -oW that she is me major power, she is guidirig her faith's attention to zeligions outside Unther,

Organization: Temples of Tiarnat are stratified in a rigid hierarchy. Under Tjglath'sleadership ill Unther, clerics are organized b}' the colors of chromatic dragons. The lowest clerics, of Lst to 3rd level, are called white adepts; 4th- to 6th-level clerics are black; 7dJ- to 9tMevcl clerics arc green; lOm- to 11th-level clerics are blne; and clerics of 13th lend and higher are red. To become a high priest of a major temple, a cleric must be a red

~ adept. Clerics wear robes or scarves in the color of -their rank, '" though the), usually conceal these in public: Acquisitions of power

~ 211d acts of dar)ng help [0 increase the status of Tiarnatan clerics.


~ Other temples, following the previous customs of Shudu-Ab's

~ leadership, might still hold to elder customs of dress and ranking,

but.Tiglath has. simplified the rankings for the sake of efficiency, The most influential members of Tiamat's clergy frequently wear the hides of metallic dragons and other special garb.

Membership; Peoplejoin the church of Tiamat for a variety of reasons. Some enroll themselves 01' their children in the church for pill'ely political reasons. 0 thers join' out of a sense or calling to dragons or the Dark Lady. Many join for the sole purpose of gaining power.

Constant and cutthroat competition is what drives advancernentin the church of Tiamat. Those who cannot survive .in the clergy Often become followers, guards, or spies. Any sign of fear or weakness.can signal the end for a cleric, 50 each must guard his or her thoughts, feelings, and plans -at all times. It is the semblance of strength, not strength itself, that earns respect from Tiamarans, It is only the truly strong, however, that" rise to the top of The priesthood.

Magic: Tiarnatans lust to acquire items chat increase their personal and spiritual.power; including common magic items as well as powerful ~d rare artifacts. The church likes to keep a large store of items ill its temple that keeps its members prepared for any occasion, but it disapproves of certain kinds of items. Tiamat teaches that people must take credit for their successes and understand their losses; thus, she frowns on the useof magical healing in all bot the most drastic situations. Some more selfish clerics have ignored this precept, and rhus far Tiarnat has not denied them these spells.

Church members are especially fund ofitems that give them 'power over dragons or are related to dragons, The church hoards




these items jealously. It must compete with the Cult of the Dragon, the Red Wizards, and other groups for possession of these items.

Runl~rs abound that all ancient lmaskari scepter exists" buried under ruins )J1 Unther, The scepter is supposed. to be able te open a' portal to an alien realm and summon something rougb).y translated as "star-spawn," Sages of Untbaiass theorize that in the realms of tbe star-spawn, the Imaskari found beings similar to illi,thid5 and abolerhs, but thar [hey hoped to summon to Faerdn even more disturbing creatures-abel-rant forms of dragons. Such rheorics are unsubstantiated, but even a rumor of this sort of item causes tb church bf Tiamat and the Cult of the Dragon to Iust after it.

servitors of the

1fI e-ncoded Queen

Tiglath aDd Shudu-Ab: For the past generarion, the 'leadership of the church of Tiamar in Ilnther, spocifi.cally Unthalass, has been fluctuating between two high priestesses, Tiglath and SliuduAb. Tiglath (LN female Untheri human fighter 3/c1eric 16) was the original priestess who help d to bring the worship of Tia.mat to the forefront of Unther, and Shudu-Ab was her right hand, Tiglath helped the Dark Lady to claim her new incarnation, but in the great battle between the dragon queen and Gilgeam, the high priestess disappeared.

Shndu-Ab (LE. female Untheri human cleric 18) wasted no time in asserting leadership over the church, Her church was weakened and needed leadership . .5he had always been a schemer, but wore tile face or a supporter of Tiglarh, even ,though she felt .. and rightfully so, that she was a more powerfu I priestess. ~ She guided the church in Uhthalass away from Tiglazh's evenhanded leadership, and imposed a lH~J"sher and more competitive reign.

.At some point during Shudu-Ab's tenure, Tiglath resurfaced in Messemprar, She felt that she had.a shoe-at creating a more united Tiamaran front in the city, and perhaps eventually all of Unther. Her timing could not have been better. Shudu-Ab was in UnthaJ.ass when the forces of Mulherand overran rhe city and most of Unther, Shudu-Ab disappeared in the invasion, and to all appearanC'C5, she died.

The fact that Messemprar and its vicinity remain as the only independent-areas of Unth.er puts Tiglath in a unique position,

Tolons of Ti mot

The-talon of Tia,;latD• prestige class is especially appropriare for members Qf the Dark Lady's church. It provides them with the abilities necessary to combat good dragons and assist evil dl'agpnkind. Most Faerullian talons serve individual evil dragons, feding that their service is the best way to further the Ilimij of the goddess" MClDDel'S of the prestige class 'enjoy the draconic abilities this class provides them, such as breatl; weapons and dIaconic senses; ~hey believe that these powers bring them closer to their dark mother.


As the leader of the dominant religion in .Messemprar, she holds a position of political power. If she could capitalize on the. situation/ she could not only increase ~le holdings of Tiamat but also improve the fate of Unther, Tiglath is at odds with many of. the rest of the Tiamarans in the city. Ul11ike the majority of clerics of Tiamat, she is not evil, and she would J:athet unify HIe church than pursue the more tradjti~l1al goals of wealth and p~"Ver. She, senses the corruption of her church, and Tiamars growing presence of corruption within her OWIl mind. Whil.e sheis the most powerful cleric, others [night view her current actions as signs of weakness.

Shudu-Ab disappeared, but she is not dead. She is currently .observing the situation in both occupied and free Unther, waiting for her opportunity to reassert control. She senses weakness in Tiglath, She could reassert poweF over the church's holdings in Unrhalass, which. are currently run by a former Tchazarran cultist known as Deiros Porktongue (NE male Mul.an human cleric 1'2 [Tiamatj), but she .knows that the true prize is independent Messemprar, She will not reveal her hand by resurfacing in Unthalass; she would rather wait for the opportune moment to strike in Messemprar,

High Suikh Helbareim.The leader of tile city of Ormpurin Lapa.liiya is Helbareim "the Storm Wind" Alanasker (LE-male Lapaliiyan human fighter B/blackguard of Tiarnar 5'). Helbareim is a devout warrior of Tiamat, maintaining her presence in a region filled with enemy deities. Many groups, including beholders and yuan-ti, seek to exert influence over the High Suikh, He, however, isnot the only political figure iii the region. Shaliim, the royal Prince of Lapaliiya, migbt seek to make all alliance with Helbareini. The prince hopes that if he helps to protect the High Suikh from tile revenge of -the black wyrms who seek to kill him, then Helbareim's church with its IJower over dragons can help Shaliim bolster his political status.

Spawn of Tiaman. These creatures were created by Tiamat to help in her various plots and schemes throughout the world. True dragons are her ultimate servants, but the spawn have been created with a disposition to serve the Dark Lady. V.rbil.e the commonly known spawn are based 011 the live chromatic dragolls,there might be more types emerging in the future.

Other Servitors: In Vaasa, the church of Tia.ma.t.is represent-ed by an organization known as the Handmaidens of the Undying Qg_een. This temple, led by Hesthera Draketalons (LE female Vaasan human cleric 14) is under the ruins of Castle Perilous and serves as the base _for the chu reb in that region, The rums of the lich's fortress are an ideal location to house breeding pits for spawn of Tiamat, because all man n.er of bizarre monsters were treated and experimented upon there. The church members under high priesress Draketalons have DO shortage of monsters to crossbreed, and no one is surprised to see strange monstrosities in the legion.

The Serpent Guards are an organization serving Tiamar ill Unther as bodyguards and watchmen. Under the leadership of Tehorn Garthremol (OE male Untberi half-deep dJ'agonMo<r


half-human rog;ue S'tassassin S'), the guards.instigate riotsduring

the Festival of Vengeance and serve as assassins and collectors, Little more tban glorified t11UgS, they follow the command of the Knights of 'the Five-Thol'l1Ca Rose,



Where the Serpent Guards arc a blunr tool for Tiamat, the Knights of the Five-Thorned Rose are the commanders .and the backbone of Tiarnat's physical might ill Unther. They are commanded by Kedrak Gilbaue (LE male Unthcri fighter '2/cieric 3Jtalon of Tiamat?" 10), who Is a staunch protector and hol)1 war·riar of Tiamat.

The Altu£ of scoles

Presented below is an adventure for four to si.. x 13th· level characters involving the church of Tiamat.


As Dungeon Master, you need four books to run this adventure: the Player's Haml};()()k, the Vrmgeo1J }Jastel-'s Guide, the Monster .NJamll1~ and the FORGOTTEN RI::AL.MS Campaign Suiting.

This adventure takes .place in the nation of Unther. Information about Unther is available in. the FORGo'rrEN RF.ALNS Campai!?' Setting and Lost Empires if Faeriin, as well as earlier in this chapter. It is certainly possible to run this adventure in another location in Faenin, such as Sembia, where other outposts of Tiamat exist,

'Paragraphs in italics should be paraphrased or read. out loud to the players. Sidebars contain useful information for the DM.

This adventure is probably best for ii"good-alignoo party, due to rhe large number of challenges that are more difficult for

good characters. .

A venture nQ.ck<sround

Under Unthalass, the most populous city in Unther, lies a labyrinth of catacombs and runnels, Hidden within this maze is a secret temple of Tiamat, deity of evil dragons. The temple has 00 public history, and it has 110 obvious entrances or exits. The only way in-or ont is through secret doors in the backs of a number of shops in the overtity. Tne secret entrances, bidden rooms. and private nature of temple are for good reason. Not only is the temple at odds with Tiglath's church leadership, but it is also performing experiments that would draw the horrified ire of good sects and organizations worldwide ..

The high pr-iest of the altar of scales is Malise, a powerful cleric of Tiamat, Malise ha a long history of cavorting with and experimenting on draconic creatures. He is currently in the process of crossbreeding dragons, outsiders, and other creatures, producing strange and horrible hybrids, He has already created a new type of abishai and several new spawns of Tiamat. He bas a collection of dragon eggs that were harvested from aberrant meteor stiikes, and whose contents are unknown. He hopes to unleash the batchlings under his command,

Malise:'s greata.4: accomplishments, however, arc much more personal Malise managed to lure a unique servant of 'Tiarnar to the temple-a brown, dragon blackguard known as Slavin'krath'magaal, Slavin for short, Malise imported many tons of sand and :filled a cavern ~ttached to the lowest level.of the temple with it, creating a desertlike lair far the dragon. The dragon agreed to allow the priest to perform breeding experimentsdn return for receiving a pecial, ritual that granted her

infernal power. A number of years ago. the priest: fathered a child with Slavin, a half-dragon daughter named Braeden ,"! .. ho is also a 'celebrant in the temple.

With these allies, monstrous creations, and the yet-unknown contents of the eggs, Malise hopes to expand his power base in DotMr, possiblychallenging Tiglath for leadership of the. church in Unther,

Adventure sunopsis .

The advenrure truly begins when the characters locate th secret entrance to the temple catacombs in the back of a tailor shop in Unthalass. Characters can arrive at this location in a variety of ways (see Adventure Hook,s below), but all eventually lead to the temple. If they make the appropriate cheeks (described later), they learn that the entrance to the temple can only be opened by channeling negative energy. This means that they must locate and work with a. cleric from an evil church (unleSs the group happens to include a cleric who call channel negative energyJ.to complete their objective.

When the)' enter the temple, guards confront them in cramped quarters. The guards are well situated with murder holes and portcullises, giving them a logistical advantage over 'the characters. If ,the PQs best the initial guards they meet, they can go further into the complex, discoverihg a lounge and eventually a general chapel Prom the lounge, tbey can take the stairs down to the next levul, but tbe chapel most Iikely proves more interesting. The chapel is a trap~bluespawn stone gliders (see page lOr) are hiding in the stone of the walls and ceil-

. . , .

mgs, wainag to attack the characters, Once they are past the

stonegliders, the characters might Locate a trap door that leads

ro the treasure room. .

When the characters descend to the lower level, they curer a large chapel with a binding circle and an unholy altar. Within the circle is a strange, fiery creature that radiates heat and resembles a small tyrannosaurus, The entrance of the characters breaks the dome of-force that holds the creature back. On the sides of the octagonal chapel are doors that l~.ad to the chambers of all the clerics, as well as to pens where more monsters are kept.

The characters must find a way to defcar or somehow circumvenrthc clerics and -mqnsters on this level Their ultimate goal is 1"0 locate the nest of meteoric dragon eggs that is. hidden in the bortom of the temple. There, they will most likely fight the fiendish brown dragon blackguard Slavin. The eggs ar a major threat if the creatures within are unleashed in the world. They could contain new draconic abominations hitherto unseen in Faertin. It is the task of the characters to ensure that this does nor come to pass. Taking down the temple and ending its operations would be a significant accomplishment as well, though it is nor the foremost goal.

Adventure Hooks

Several possible factions might hire the characters ta retrieve the eggs. The church of Tiamat.in Messemprar miglit seck to undermine Malise for straying from Iiglath's leadership. The Cult of the Dragon might use the characters to learn the secrets of the temple in [heir never-ending quest ro perfect draconic experi-

f ..


· \



mentation, ).,fore l.ikelJ', a good organ ization suchas the Talons of Justice, cpc Harpers, or the Softclaws would send the characters to snatch the eggsJ and possibly to cripple the temple.

With [be fight information (and anything can ·be acquired in Untbalass-for the fight price) the characters elm find our the location of the temple. Simple divination spells reveal little, because the temple is warded against such magic. Thus it is necesSary ~or·the characters to determine the location of the temple in other ways. Other factions of Tiamat are probably aware of the temple, Since the characters mast acquire the help of an evil cleric to enter the temple buce .it is foul1d,~ this wou ld be' a useful place to -start,

Cbaracters can make Gather 1.11 formation, Knowledge (10C<11), or bardic knowledge checks to learn more- about the church of Tiamar and the undercity of Unthalass.

1)C 10: Unthalass contains a network of tunnels that crisscross the bedrock below the surface. It is rumored Chnt people frequently disappear near supposed entranc~ to the uudercity. 1)C 15.. Unthalass used to be the center of the church of Tiamae ill Unther, That center has since shifted to MesSCJ11praI~ under the 'leadership of high priestess Tigiath ..

J)C 2'0: It is rumored that a' secret cell of Tiamatans performs draconic experiments ilC!. the catacombs.

'DC 25:~ Strange dracoaichybrids have been spotted emerging from sewer tunnels in thegarment district.

'J)C 10: There have been strange robed figures entering into a tailor shop In the ga.rmcnt district, not to exit until weeks later,

7JC 35; The tailor shop has a secret door in tI\.e back that leads to a set.astairs with a strange runic door at the end. The , doar canonly be opened by ch.mnel..iJ.l$" negative ener6')'.


Before the characters reach cbc back of 'the rail'or's shop, they must, get by the tailor. The tailor is tt greedy but cowardly merchant who has Jet the church members u~e the back of his shop as an entrance to their temple Tor a number of years. While they p'ay him quite well Ior the access, he is not particularly loyal [0 them, Given the right sort Or bribe or "persuasion," he is willing to let the characters pass. If the]' try to muscle their way past him without a d~) he pulls an alarm cord alerting the Tiamatans to the trespassers, He does nothing, however, to sWJ? them from entering the temple.


The I'Cs :l:nl:ve passed t.brougl1 MI unlocked door to a back room behind the tailors shop.

ThisrffJrtlge room is 0/ tittle 1I01e, e(J1!tailliftg ho."!:es, I-acks if clothes, {l.1ld £11 pp lies.

A successful DC 11 Search' check locates a lever on the sol1'thern wall that, when pulled, causes a sectlon of the wall to slick sidew;<ys. All unlocked door opens onto a stairway that leads down to another door.

A precisd;}' /;1:'1(111 stairway ilesce7lds about lIftet. Allhe Dol/om. if fbe stairs is a stonedoor cO'Ve~ed in strange renes .tbflt~udes an aur~ qf palpahle dread.

TLie door at the bottom of ihe stairlfay .is,covered in runes from the liturgy of Tiamat: A dete~) magic spell reveals strot:_g abjuration; detect eui! reveals moderate evil. The door. is not 'locked, but, it is trapped. 0111y 'a character who is able to channel negative energy can open this door without setting off the trap.

Trap: If'acharacter whochannels positive energy tries to open the door, or if someone uses other magical methods (such as lmod: or ndJ;Y ray of re'lJenai'G) 011 the. door, a maximized .ullhO'i)' blight' effect activates (centered 011 the character who opened the door).

Maximized Unholy Blight Trap: CR 7; magic device; channel or touch (chanueling positive energy or the use of magical opening spells); automatic reset; spell effect (ma.,"imized Imhof)' Mig!;!, LSth- level cleric, 40 points of damage and sickened for Id4 rounds, Will DC 16 halves damage and negates sickening effect); Search DC 31; Disable Device DC 11. .


Tbis chamber is tl'apezoidql in J/~flpe ?tJith one dour on tbe sOlllb· -u/est 11MII. FOIII" torches Jight fbe room. On the fo#t!ntJeIt 71Mll if the cbamber is a door,' OTI the east 7uall arc a series if small, narrota opellings (murd!:!/' boies jor lise fr), cl"OsibO'llnvielding guards} mid 011 tbe sostb 71/tllI, a portcullis bars a passage that leads farther sotab.

Once the characters get past the door, they enter an antechamber. The naHOW openings in the east wall are murder holes through which as many as three crossbow-wielding guards (see area 2A) can fire on anyone in this room. A character wlJo makes a. suecessful DC 10 Strengtfi check om raise the portcullis, giyi.ng access to area 'lB.

,Creatures: Three church guards are stationed i.n this room.

Tliree othess are oil duty with their crossbows behind the murder holes 1.11 area 'le.

Church Guards CQ): hp. 34 each; sec below.

Developmenc Three other guards rest in the bunks inarea 2A, four arc play i.1l g cards in area 4, and one is praying.in area 5:. If tile), have ample warning, all these guards don their .rumor and prepare to combat intruders. The guards in area 'lA,. if they are alerted by the tailor's alarm or by the sound of fighting in area 2, are stationed at the murder holes with their crossbows,

All church guards in the temple have the same statistics block, as given below.

CHURCH GUARD Male human fiphter 4:

LE Medium humanoid

Init'+2; Senses Listen +4, Spot +4- Languages GOIl:1mon

CR. 4


The Altar of scales





AC 18, touch 17.., flat-footed 16 (+2 Dex, +4 armor, +'2 shield) hp 34 (4'HDJ

Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +'2.

Speed 20 ft. (4 squares)

Melee mwk bastard sword +8 (ld10+4(19-20) Rangeq,.mwk heavy crossbow +8" (ldlO+l'/19-20)

"includes'bonus from Point Blank Shot Base Atk. +4; Grp +6

Atk Options Rapid Reload j

Combat GeM dust if appearallce, '2. potions if cure moderate 7vo1mdf

Abilities Str 15, Dex 14, COil 14, Int 12, Wls 10, Chao 8

Peats Exotic Weaponl'roficiency (bastard sword),l'oint Blank Shot, Precise Sbot, Rapid Reload, Weapon Focus (bastard sword), WeapOJl Specialization (bastard sword)

Skills Climb +2, Jump +3, Knowledge (relig~on) +2, Listen +4, SpOt +4

Possessions combat gear plus masterwork chain shirt, masterwork heavy steel shield, masterwork heavy crossbow with fO bolts


This barracks room contain eigbt blwk beds. Chests lie at tbe foot if each bed. Three 1UZI'l'O'lV slits are carved out if the west 'Tvall, and OT! tbe east 1vall is a 7voodell door.

The characters must I,e~otiate cor-ridors 2B and ?,C and pass

through a small anteroom to reach this area. "

Creatures; Six guards are in tb~ room at the start of the adventure ..

Church Guards (6); hp H each; see above.

Development: If the guards in this room are alerted, three' of them are at the murder holes (perhaps firing 011 intruders in area 1) and three others are at the ready with their swords ·ill case anyone enters this room from clle south.

Treasure; Each bed has a chest containing extra sets of clothes and a POf1(w.qf cure moderate 7volmds. The chests also .hold a total of 00 gp, 3 masterwork daggers, 1 silvered daggers, and

strOTt?csv of the quords

The church guards whb prcvidesecnricy for the Altar of 5§ales begin the advenmre Stationed in various areas on the upper level. 1\:s a generalrule, they remain at their stations even after all alarm has been sounded, intending to wear down intruders byatt,rifiQl1 rather than ill a full-scale assault. Except when otherwise noted ill an area description, assume that the gllards in all area do not move from tb.t'tt area to pursue the FCs, but remain in _place and wait for

them to return, ' .

a bead if force (which could be used by one of tile guards in the

room if necessary), \

lB. HALLWAY WITH MUR'DER HOLES eEL 8) Tlie ,portcullis at the southern end of this hallway, like the previous one, can be raised by someone \~.bo makes a suceessful DC 20 Strength check. ~

Tbe corridor be)'ond the portcullis extellds for 10 feet bifore IJnding at another portcullis. Three lU11T()7V OPB11illgS are cut into

tbe east 1val/ of this halhvay. .

.When the characters enter the portion of this hallway opposite the murder holes, they are targeted by the guards in area 'le.

Chnrch Guards (3): hp 34 each; see above.


Three guards occupy this area initially. As soon as the southern portcullis in area 1B.is breached, they move in one of two directiOI1S: south through the door into area t to join the other guards in that area and continue the attack, or north into area 1A to take np a defensive posture with the other guards there and wait for the PCs to come to the!u. (Use whichev r tactic fits the situation; if the PCs have been significantly weakened by J10W, these guards press the attack instead of retreating)


This room contains racks qf Imijol'1n5 as 71;ell as a fim" barrels and boxes.

The door to this room is locked (Open Lock DC 2f). Inside are a number of barrels and boxes, A successful DC 1f Search check reveals a secret door on the south wall of the room. In the closet beyond are a treasure. chest and 'two levers that can be used to operate the portcullises that enclose area 1B.

Trap: Opening the secret door sets off a fusillade of shadow essence darts trap.

Fusillade of Shadow Essence Darts Trap; CR 8; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; Atk +18 ranged (ld4t-l plus poison, dart); poison (~hadow essence. DC 1 Forti ude save resists, 1 Str drainj'2d6 Str damage); multiple targets (ldS darts per target in a lO-ft.·by-10-ft. area); Search DC 19; Disable Device 19.

Treasure: The chest contains a potio» if curl! hlindness/deafness, a potion if remove disease, a potion. of neutralize poison, a potioli uf remove curse, and 40 pp.


When the adventure begins, four guards are relaxing and playi.ng cards ill this area.

This large IOlm~e is,equipped zvilh afe7,11 small tables, ch.ail·s, 011d a pair of decorative statues. 011 tb« North wail is a wooden door, Oli th? eds~ 7vatl is.n set if double doors, {wd iu the center of the SOflth tvall is a ~ocked door. Tbe ~oom is toel] lit by si» torches.





Ambush III the .11/tIlT


.~ Creatures: Four guards are either playing cards at a table or


~ in a 'defensive posture wnitillg for the PCs to get here.

E§. Chlllc:b Guards (4): hp 34 each; see page 76.

Development: It is likely that these gu;mls are aware of the trespassers bef~re tl,e pes arrive in this area. They might attempt to set up barricades using the roorn's-furnirure, and they might be joined by the guards from area '2C. If pressed, they =v= into area J.


This descending stairway connects the guards' lounge to the lower . part of the sanctuary, It is set off by locked doors (Open Lock

DC 30) at either end, .


T'lns chapel contains au altar> PC711S, a brazier, tl7id statues. The. walls tire paimed wijh mural: tlepictillgfWi/ dragolls killi11g_good drago1/S, and fhefircfJf of Tiamar s1,lbjecti1Jg and 5IdJ'i;erti1~g other fa.ilhf tiJr(mgi;mJt tbe 7l10rld. A fo711 torches ligl;t (be roam, but l1JOJ! I!f it remains IblWldcd ill sbtldo1lls.


Jbish the chapel used by the guards and the clerics, More sinister rituals '1l1~ experiments occur on'the lower level, but it is here that the daily ceremonies occur. A nest of bluespawn ston~gliderg @;!lards this fOOlU, having been trained by the Tiamata.m/to attack anyone other than church members. The)' waitinside'the stone of zhe ceiling until trespassers arrive, then they ·pounce. One cAw·eh member prays in here. The room contains a secret


trapdoor (Search DC 25') that allons onto to a spiral staircase

that leads to the temple's t~eas~H·y. .

On the northeast wall, a secret door (Searfch DC 20) Ieads to a hidden pooL

Creatures: One guard prays at the, altar. Twelve bluespawn stonegliders wait within the walls- to pounce on intruders.

Church Guard: hp 3+; see page 76.

Bluespewn Stonegliders (11.l1;tp 36 each; see page 10;.

Dev:elopment: It is possible that other guards nave retreated here;or that one or more of the church members from the Iower level could he ~ndillg to daily rituals here.


After finding and opening the secret door. the characters discover a dank cave strewn with rocks and rubble. A pool of scintillating, rainbow-colored liquid sits in the center, The pool is 10 feet across and 4- feet deep at irs center. It radiates a moderate aura 0[- transmutation magic under scrutiny of a detect IntlKic spell Carved into the ·bad: wall of the ca VI!, in Draconic, are the words ''Any weapon bathed ill these waters shall become the bane of

dragons." . •

Any masterwork or magic weapon that is fully immersed in the pool for-one full round gains the dragon bane special ability ('DMG "224) for '24 hours. The scfntiUatillg pool can enchant six weapons per day ill this fashion. Once all of its charges for the day are spent, the pcolrurns dark. A double weapon (such !is a two-bladed sword) counts as rwo weapons for the purpose of this



ability, although a characrercan choose-to immerse only 11alf of a double. weaponblto. the pool to gain the pool's benefit for that part of the weapOll alone, The pcol'senchanrment is considereda speU-like ability eCL lYth).

If all}~ of the liquid in the pool is removed, it turns dark imrnediacely and' loses its efficacy, No harm come-s fr~m drinking the lfqoid,\vbich is tasteless,


Thl: entrance opl!fiS 11/104 hellis/J c.blll'ch sllnctllar)~ dedicated to tbe perjiw:ltln(lce qf oaSI: 011(1 bodif)'i~lg ritaats. 'lJragrm alld ha!fdragrm starues are /Jolued in each if tbeeight CI#'III:I)"S of the ottag,01l41 cbamber, 7)001'S C.lt;1 tbe room 0:1/ tbe rOlltheast, south, 1VCst, ami fI())·t/nvnt 111111/!. A large obsidian alter is a/oflg tbe seestern 'IvaN qf the cbnmbel'. JJom.il1ntirlg the center is (I. lm¥,!? ritual circle that billds 'lvi/bill a shimmeri11(; dome a hideous, 12~ f{)()f.fllll diTJfJs(lIIr Ih((t exudes 1v(1)£:S rif t'oillllg bent. A ,;reatS1Pol'd h.alli! from- the ceiling, JirecllJ· .ablNJe tbe dinoStll,r. Ar yO!:! enter, the shimnu:.ring d~meragillg the creature begins to fad!?, . _ ~

The charch performs most of its unholy experiments iJ1 this Chamber. The center of the octagon is a large binding circle that contains a redspawn birther, The creature cannot exit t1:ie sancruary'because a 7l1alJ.af force blocks it, but the wall dematerializes 1d4- rounds-after any non-evil creatures enter the room, Along the west wall of the sanctuary is an altar that is trapped. The chamber bas doors leading off to the rooms of the priests, the lair of Slavin'krath'magaal, and the pens of experimental creatures. Devious traps devised by ~he church-protect mallY of'jhese.doors. (Note: the EL for this room includes only the redspawn'birther • and the abishai trap. The other traps are described separately.)

Trap; Hanging from rhe ceiling of the room, above the birther, isa magic greatsword, The sword was strategically placed there to encourage the characters to employ transmutation magic (such as levitate or fly ill a nat temp t to reac hit). Ea ell time such a spellor effect is employed, a red abishai is summoned into the room after all interval of ld4 rounds.

SummQIl Red Abish.:U Trap: GR 9;. magic device; spell trigger (tr,ansmUtlltiou)i automatic reset; spell effect (sllmmOtf monster rill, 1Sth-level wizard, fed abishai); onset delay ld4 rounds; Search DC 33; Disable Device DC 33.

Cx!=ame.s: A redspawn birthcr named Greliytrnlitqimoll is about to he freed from its binding circle.

B.e&pawn Bir_ther: hp 184; see page 108.

Trap:. If someone attempts to examine or manipulate the altar before the trap on it is disabled.all individuals adjacent to the altar are doused with dragon bile that jets from tiny holes ill the altar's surface, (Til(: Search check to find the trap does not count as examination or manipulation for this purpose, but allY other Srearch check involving the altar does.)

Dragon Bile Altar Trap: CR 10; mechanical; touch fj'iggeJ; automatic reset; poison (dragon bile, Fortitude DC 16 [esi.sts,3d6 . 'f?tJ.'/O); Search DC 32; Disable Device DC 32.

Trap: Th'O half-shadow dragon statues flank the northwest door leading out of the room (to area 9), One of the statues ~1:tacks any ClHtracter attempting to opel; tbe lock on the door (Open Lo~k DC 3?_). The bite of that statue is poisonous. Whjle. the poison does not automatically reset"t11e statue continues trying

to bite the character until the door is opened, "

Twin Shadow-Guards Do'orknob Trap: CR 7; me~hanical;, touchtrigger (turn knob); automatic reset; hidden switch. bypass (Search .DC 'In; +14 melee (2d4+6 plus poison, dragon jaM); poison (shadowessence, Fortitude DC 17 resists, 1 ~n' drain/?.d6 Btr damage); Search DC 21; Disable Device DC 26. "

Trap: Two white dragon bas-relief beads protrude from the corners of the southeast wall of the room (leading to area 11), When. good-aligned characters pa5S.between the heads, each releases a cone rf coid ;effect. The heads reset automatically every 1d4-rOll!lds (dlOUgh not necessarily ar the same time], A successful DC 31 Open Lock check is Jlecessary to open the door.

White Drago;n Gone of Cold Tra.p: CR 9; magic device; pro~imity trigger (de/lftt goad); automatic reset-(every 1M rounds); multiple traps (tI'IO simultaneous CONe cf cold traps); spell effect (c.o116· of cold, 9th·level wizard, 9d6 points of damage, Reflex:

DC 17 half); Search DC ~O; Disable Device DC 3.0.

Development: It is possible for any of the residents of this floor-Malise, Braeden, OI1a1l7.ee, or the church clerics-to be performing a ritual or, if given proper warning, to be waiting to gang up on the characters ill the sanctuary,


All L,sbaped hfl/hIM)1 e.:>:tclIds from tbe soutb facd qft!;e sam:tuaI-Y, Five doors. 'lead rfftbe balhlla:J' IJl ir1"l:Igtdady spaced interuals.

The hallway can be accessed through an unlocked door on the south wall of area 7. The chambers of five Church members and one church mage are off rhis hall. All the locks on the doors to the chambers of the church members can be opened with successful DC 27 Open Lock checks.


T7itO portwlli,1;s enclose a natural stairwl1Y descefldi1!gfrom- the baihvl1)'. Sand is scattered'o» the bottom if tbe stairs tbat crtntimfi! beyond the SCCOlld portcullis.

Directly south of the door leading from area 7, a - portcullis prevents entry to a short hallway. This barrier and theone that lies farther to the south can be raised by someone who makes a successful DC 23 Strength check, The latt!!]' portcullis interrupts the continuing stairway, eventually descending into the sandy lair of Slavin'krarb'magaal.


The btl/hiM] btl! jivebtlrr~6r cells ii/Tillg its length. Sounds are

comillgfiwn_ olle rf fbe pew. . .

This short hallway is lined with doors that lead to five cells' labeled SA-BE: Some of the cells contain danger, though most







areempty or Jiarmles?" since Grelirtralithimon has already eaten the dangerollEcrearures. A successful DC 32:,Open Lock checkis required to open the door that leads from area 7 to area 8,

BA. PEN #1

. . \

This cell contains dit·ty strase beddillg andmaggot-riddi!'l1 bi'ead.

A small, 7uhirri/Jeriug scaleil &-eatil,re"iJ~bliddled in the earner.

CreamresrThis pen contains a.captured pseudodrago,!. k110Wll as janderberris, It was abducted from the rarest by the 'church members to be theobject df experiments, These experiments have yet 'to yield any results, and it is likely that Janderherris will be -te4 to Grelixtralirhimon unless it is rescued,

Pseud0?-rilgon: hp H; MM :210.

BE. PEN #2 (EL 6)

., ..

The _flm;r of this -pen is littered 1111tl1 bumanoid, a~!imal, and

dragon bones.

Trap; A !:tap affects characters who step Oll or search through the bones. Three rounds- after a character touches the bones" he must make a-saving throw or be wracked with horrible painand nausea.

Fleshshiver Trap: CR 6;"magic device; touch (searching or stepping on a pile ofbones in a li)-ft."by-10{t. -area); automatic reset; spell, effect (Jilfsbshi'ueJ"'iG, 9th"levd wizard, Ist round automatic stunning, 2nd round 9d6,Points of damage. and nauseated for 1d4'+Lrounds, Fortitude DC 17 negates); onset delay 3 rounds; Search nc 30; Disable Devi~e DC 30.

Treasure: Buried, under the bones is a gf:in of brightJfess with 8 charges remaining.

Be. PEN #3

Tbis pe11~appears'm_ostly empty, ibough it contains some o!drift~s~ and Mitered strau/; There are "large Cla.111' marks f't11miJlg diagonally 011 the ll.tl.ck 1l1a!l 0/ tbe cell.


Thispen once contained a monster but now holds only garbage. Claw marks in the bafl:; wall were caused when a fiendish .dire badger futilely dug to escape being fed to Grelixtralithimon.

8D. PEN #4 eEL 1)

.A strange-looking .d1varfsbeat~ed in fin: rests in the .back of the room. He appeat"s gqlmt, as if be hasn't tleen fed !'eglllrir-iy. -He .barely seems tonatice the intrusion.

Creatures: An Aur named Grethvard sits sullenly in this pen, having already burned all the minimal comforts that might have once existed in the cell. If the characters SEt him free, he tells them of the brown drago"ii in the saud pit below this level,

Azer~hp 11; MM '21,


BE: PEN #5" (EL 6) r

Tbi! pel! (;ontiii11slittle mor; thdftstf~'W; 7fl471iicles, and a/dplpies

qfmold)'food.' '. '

This place .is ~nptt likearea Be, but the church members left a trapped 1,.OOOgp .blue sapphire onthe Boor to tempt the gteedy.

Trap. A successf LIl DC 2S Search check reveals the pn;sence of the ;;app,hire inside a pile of straw. A dl,aracter who touches the gem and fails the saving throw is turned into a smalllizard,

Baleful Polymorph Trap: CR 6; magic device, touch ti'igger (detect gaM); no reset; spell effect (batf!fol polyn;or-pb, 9th-level wizard, Fortitude DC 17 negates); Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 30.


This sitti#g room. contains little morethan a siJlgle-[nbleand cbair. The room_is imm.acuitlte/;J' kept, 1.iJitbout a sp_ot if dust or elir.t. .A door is on tbe back wall.

This is the apartment of Braeden, Malise's half-brown dragon daughter with Sla~in. Braeden is a pow-erfu1 favored soul=Tiamat keeps a special eye Oil her because of her.fortuitous birth. Braeden has-a two-room apartment w.ith a locked stairway leading llP to a hidden back room in another shop in the garment district.

Braeden is earef ully watching the activities of her father. In case he slips LIp, she plans all performing a coup with the help of her mother. Braeden has been receiving visiorls from Tiamat, revealing the downfall cif the temple, and ultimately the church in Unther, She is prepared to do whatevei·it takes to defend her temple and deity It is unlikely, however, that she has thesavvy

" and knowledge to challenge her father. She is a fierce fighter, though, ana is a frighte:till1g foe of anyone who threatens the

thil.lgs she 10\'<:5. '

Development: Braeden mjght .be waiting here if the party lias made enough noise to rouse her, She call watch what i.s ;b.appe_llin.g in the sanctuary through apeephole tliat allows her tosee through the eyes of oneof the wiiitl' dragon-head statues. If she has rime, she has a number of spells prepared.

~ '.


This }e.dl~oam is sparse i!~fijT1iish·i1tgs> contaitling07llya be'd mid rae'!: fir clothes. Adoot is on tbdift 11iall.

This is Braeden's bedroom. She usually meditates here; ru)~,this_ is the most likely location for her to be when the' party approaches. On ,the back wall of the room is a locked door (Open Lock PC 30) that leads to a stairway going lip to a pack room inside a. shop in the garment district. A .fiery .death'uap protects the-stairway; if Braeden 15 defeated, she wants one last stab at preventing the characters from escaping die temple. FrOIO the apartments, the top of the.stairway is anormal locked-dcor, From the back room of the shop, it is a secret-door,


"CR 12

Female half-brown dragon half-human favored 500110 LB_ Medium dragon (augmented humanoid)

-Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-Iiglit vision, Listen +2,.

~~~ ,





Languages Common, Draconic

AC 19, much 11, flat-footed 18

(+1 Dex, +4natural,-+10 armor, +4 shield) hp 66 (10 HP)

linmune acid, paralysis, slue i.esi.st fire-10

Fort +11, Ref "'.10, Will +11

Speed 1:5' ft. b squares)

Melee +2 heavy pick +16/+11 (ldS:l-li) Base Atk +7; Grp +11 ' Special A~tions breath weapon

Combat Gear wand of cure light taounds Favoted SoulSpells Known (eL 9th)

tth C+jday)-br.eak encbantment, J-igbteour miglqt, sbadct« qf th{: Vark ffZJ;een" (DC 17)

4th (6l4ay)-tlivi1lation, di·viml p07.f1e!·,fi-eedom if mooemeut, ~pell immunity

3r.:l (7/dayJ-disp~1 magic, in'visibility p~lrge, -prayer, revelation, searing light·

2nd (7/day)-aid, augury,..bear's endurance, blJll'sstrengfh, mvl's 'wisdom, Jpiritflal 1veapon

1st C8/day)-ba1zej deatlnoatcb, diuine favor, entropiesbield, protection.from chaos, sbield 0[ faith

o (6/day)-create teeter; cure minor 7V0U11dS, inflict minor wounds (DC lll), detect magic, detect poison, ligbt,

mending, read magic, 'Vit'/He .

Abilities Str 18, Dex_ 12, Gon 16, hit 10, W"lS 14, Cha '20 Feats .Armor Proficieucy (heavy), Combat Casting, Improved Initiative, Skill Focus (Knowledge religion), Weapon Focus (heavy pick)

.Skills Concentration +HC+IT when- casting defensively), Diplomacy +13, Knowledge (arcana) +8, Knowledge (religion) +2;, Spellcraft +10

Poss~ssions combat g~ar, +2 filiI plate; + 1 be;v.y steel shield, amulet.o[ natural armor +), +2 bea'lJ)' pick, cloak if Cbarinna + 1; vesi of resistance + 2, 7.f1a~d 0[ cure light 7uolmds, 1,'230 gpworrh of assorted coins and gems

Br.eath Weapon (Su) 60-fqot line, once per day, damage 6~8 acid, Renex DC 18 half The save DC is Consrirurion-based.

If the characters fight Grelixtralithimon, Braeden- has. time to prepare, and she casts a number of defensive spells; aid, bane, b.e';'-'s endurance, bull's firengtb, deatbu/atcb, di'1Jine favor, di'rJltle pOlller, entropic ~hieid,jreedom 0[ movement, (j'wl's zaisdom, protection from chaos, pmYI:!T, r:ighteOlIS' migbl, sbadou/ qf the dark queen, sh'illld q/faith; and 'spdl immunity. She casts the spells with the shortest durations last: di'vine p07.lIer, )-ig/.!teolls mighi, and shadm« of t1:Je 'lJa.1"k ffl.gei!lt~ .•

Tactics and Development: If Braeden finishes casting' her shorter-duration spells, she might actively look for the party, entering the sanctuary or other areas.

Trap: This trap senses when anyone other than Braeden in either of the two rooms lias 3 01: fewer .hit points, When anyone ente,ts the. area with or is reduced to 3 or fewer.hrr points, she-is

struck by a ftmtir: strike spell. -

/ Fiery Death Trap: CR ,6; magic device; proximity trigger (de tlt!:nllatcb); a utoma ti c reset i . spell ;ffet t (flankflrik81 9th-leVel cleric, 9d6fire, Reflex DC 17 half); Search DC 30; Disable Device, DC 30.

If the pes succeed in opening the door on the western wall (Open Lock DC 3'2) and getting past the trap, the hallway. ascends a set of stall'S that go up to an' unlocked door. The stairs andthe .roorn beyond look like asimilar'back room to the one they went through when they entered the-temple.


An' u.nrrtmarkable blZck room, similar to the o_nt! at the imtraflce to the temple,opem from the door at the top_ if the- stairs.

Jothing of note. exists here, though it is a useful exit from the complex,


A spiral stairwa)' descends to a short L-sbapea halhuajl fhatends in a locked door,

The door leads to the treasury. It can be opened with a 5tlCCeSSful DC 3> Open Lock check, An unballou: spell exists on this area and the treasury, and it has a bane spell attached, raising

the EL from 9 to 10. .

Creatures: Two~pectres wait in the walls (under the command of Malise), ready to .attack when intruders try to get past the locked door.

Spectres (2): hp 45: 2i:ch; MM '232.


Tl?1J treasure nimn contains numerous items aud a.great deal if co.il't'and scattered objects. Four torches ill#mitiate tbe 1"DOm; 1/;07Vi11gfimr cbestsin addinoll to tbe loose items. A statue 1"einiTI;scr:'l1t if a 7l1yvem stands tigllin~t ~be b(Jck 711all.

The treasury holds a number of magical and mundane treasures, as well 'as a blue .abishai trap and 'another balifid polymorpb trap.

Trap: This room contains a special protection: Any time a divination spell is cast ill rpe area, a blue abishai is su=oned.1:O fight the party, Thus, when the P,Cs cast -an analyze dweomer; detect magic, or identify, an abishai appears.

SU1;;mo7lBlue Abishai Trap: CR 8, magic device, spell bigger (divinatioil); automatic reset; spell effect (mmm.m monster v11, 13th-level wizard, blue abishai); onset delay 1d4 rounds; Search DC 3'2; Disable Device DC 32.

\ -

Trap: One of the gems in the room is a >,000. gp emerald; The gem contains a balrif1~1 poljlmorpb trap.


.. I

Balefull'Oiymorph Trap: CR 6; magic device, touch trigger @etect good}; no reset; spell effect (balquz,.polyn_wrph, 9th-level _wizard, Fortitude DC 17 negates); Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 30.

~ . \ -

Treasure~: Cloak if sands1I1immil1gS'"; horn Of gooduim/e"1Jil,

'borsesboa of speed, rod qf~ cancellation, elixir if fire breatb, scroll of banis/Jment, scroll of blade barrier, scroll of true seeing, scroll of tmballo:w, stone sahse, 3,000 gp worth of masterwork weapons, armor, and shields, 2.0,000 gp'worth of gems, c~in, and

art objects, ~

Cloak of stlnds:rvimmiflg: This item originally appeared in Sandstorm. It ~grauts a +2 natural armor bonus ami allows its wearer to swim and breathe through sand. If the owner is wearing more than light armor or carries a medium load, her speed drops to r feet,


A well-appointed sitting room contains an expemi'IJe rug, a mahogany table, and a pblsb sftifj'ed leather chair. A door is 011 the back 7{Nlll.

These are the chambers of high priest Malise. The chambers consist of two-main rooms, a sitting room ana a bedroom: Malise is usually reading in his bedchamber :>Wee he tends to be lazy and likes to recline, but if noise is coming from rhe sanctuary he can view the events through a peephole' in the eyes of one of

the shadow dragon statues, -


This is. tbe bedroom of the high priest. It is outfitted with expensive linens and furnishings. Malise is most likely to be found here. Off the bedroom is a secret (Search DC 28) stairway that leads to a locked door (Open Lock DC 30) that goes' up to the back of another shop. The bedroom also holds a secret door where

the cleric keeps valuables, ~

MALISE. HIGa PRIEST OF TIAM;AT M~ human clericJ.4 (Tiamat)

NE Medium humanoid

Init +4; Senses Listen +>, Spot +> Languages. Common, Draconic, Infernal


AC 28, touch 12, flat-footed 18 (+ll armor, ~.j shield, +1 ring)

lip 77 (14 HD) .

Port +12, Ref +6, ~V(i1l +14

Speed lj ft. (3 squares) • .

Melee +i_fltlming morniugstar +11/+6 (ld8+1 plus 1d6) Base Ad: +10; Grp +10

Atk Options.smite good l/day (+1 attack, +14 damage) 'Special Actions command undead 4Jday (+3, '2d6+lr, 14th),

spontaneoUsqlliting (-inflict spells)

Cleric Spells Prepared tCL 14th}: I

.7th:-bia_Jp1iC17}Y CDC 24), dibtwit (bG 14), disirltegrate?(DC '22) "I.

. ,

.6th-antilife shell, blade barrier CDC '2.3), barm~ (DC 1i), beat

Hb-break eflchalltment,flanie strike (DC 22) (1), greater

commatldD (DC 22), slay li'IJing (DC 20) .

4th-air 111alk, cure critical u/ounds C'l),_/emJJ (DC 19), /, freedom if mouement, spell i1n1liimity 3rd-contagiollD Cbc 18) (2), cure serious-urounds (2), dispel11iagic (2)

2nd-am" moderate 1M/(nds (2), bold person (DC 19), shattet·D (DC 17), soand burst (DC 19), resist energy 1st-ba'ne, command (DC 18), curt; lig!Jt wounds (2), deatlnoatcb, entropic 7l1ardint;, inflic: light 'lll(jit:!/d~

(DC 16J. (2), protection from good -

O-c;·eate 1l1ater, cure minor 111;tmds, detect magic (1),

ligbt; read magic ..

D: Domain spell, Domains: Destruction, Tri£_kery

Abilities Str 10, Dex 10, Can 13, Int 14~ Wis '20, Cha 11 Feats CombatCasting; Great Fortitude, Greater Spell FO{;U5 , (evocation), Improved Initiative, Lightllillg Reflexes, Spell . Focus (evocation).

Skills: Goncentration +18 (+22 when casting defensively), Knowiedge (arcana) +14, Knowledge (history) +1'2, Knowledge(reJ,igioil) -t19_, Knowledge (the~planes}+12, Spellcraft +'21

"Possessions + 1firll plate, + J beav)' steei shield, ri11g of protection +2, +L/lamin[, m(mzi!lg~ta.~, glvves d '.Dexterity +2,. periapt-of lf7.istJom.+2,. 1,374 gp of assorted gems and coin.

Tactics and Development: If Malise bas time toprepare, he prefers to cast spells that make it more ·diH;icult tor his enemies to assail him (such as m;tilife shell and blade iJllr~ler) while he casts spells at them. Unlike Braeden, he :is more likely to retreat to save himself than to stick to a niiss\on or goal:


Malise's bedroom contains a se~r,.:t door (Search DC 28) that opens to a closet containing a chest with potions, scrolls, and

other i terns. . ~

Treasure: +1 dauer, potioll qf resist sonic energy, scroll of cbrom-uic ~ray, scroll of repel vermin, scroll of sh'ad,_ow if the 'Dark ffJ.:_zieen, scroll of tOJlgues.


An unremarkable back room, similar to. tbe one a't the entrance to the temple, o-pens froin tbe door at thetrjp 0/ tbe stairs.

The stairway from 1lA goes.up to the back of a bakery in the garment district, The baker docs not CVeJl know that the secret door is there, because it is hidden. in a rarely used.storage room,

. _.


T'bis bedcbamber is small and unremarkable, !;!xcept _jur the occasional discarded grem .scale. 0;; the floor . .A smail chest sits at the foot of the bed.



_ I t

- 1


This is the bedchamberof Kclchis, a twisted and cruel lizardfolk cleric. K~lchis grew up Ul" the underciry of Uuthalass and has had Iittle contact with others of his race. He is devoted to theworship of the Dark OQ.eeu. His Iizardfolk tendencies lead hun to respect power and follow whoever in the church S~e(IlS to have the strongest position. He would tLU'1l ill an instant if he felt that Braedea had more support than Mal isc, A successful DC 30 Open Lock clieck i~ required to open the door.


Male lizardfolk cleric 8 (Tiamat) LE Medium humanoid (reprilia») !nit +4; Senses Listen +3, Spot +~ Languages Common, Draconic

CR 9

AC 21, touch 10, flat-footed '27

r+f natural, +9 armor, +3 shield) hp 7f (lO"HD)

Fort +lOJ R.ef +J, Will +10

Speed.1J ft. (3 squares)

Mele,e +1 he(lov), mace +11/+7 (1d8+4) and

bite -r (ld6+1) Base Ad: +7; Grp +10

Atk: Options smite good ,l/day (+0 attack, +8 darnagd) Special Actions command u"ndead ~/day (+1, 1d6+8, 8th),

spontaneous casting (in/lict spells) Cle."ic Spells Prepared eCL 8tll):

4th-dir~im' @MlIer,-poisoli (DC 17), 1411/JO/;' blight!) (DC 17; CL,9th)

3rd-colltagj()lrl~ (DC 16), magic clrcle against g~od (caster level 9th), di~pet "VI!!:ic, prayer, s!'ari1lg light 2nd-resist" energy, sbnNe7,Q (DC 15'), sotord. burst (DC H),

spmtllal111lfllpoJi (2) ,

lEt-bam', biess, command (DC 14), comprehend langiltlges, divim! ja'vor, protection from goodlJ (Gaster level 9th), shield if/aith

O-creale 1/l(Ifer, de/rcl mdgic, detect poiso», guidance, read magic, resistance

D: Domain spell. Domains: Destruction, Evil

Aoili.ties Str 16, Dex 10, Con 16, lnt 10, Wis-16, Cha 10 Fnt$ COm qat Casting, Improved Initiative, Lightning Refle:xes~Weapoll Focus (heavy mace)

S:kil15 Concentration +11 (+If when casting defensively), K:nowled~ (r-eligion) +7, Spelkraft +7

Possessions +1/1111 p!a.fe, +1 befl'l.l)' steel shield, +1 heovy mace, glv~es of '])I:):/{:ril)' +2, clMk of rcsistauce cl.

Hold Breath (Ex) Kolchis can hold his breath for 6;4 rounds before he risks drowning ('lJMG 304).

Tactics and Development: If Kolehis hears (or gets word about) intruders, be prepares his longer-duration spells first, followed by shorter-duration spells such as (liville /a'lHII' and di'lJir:e"'f}iPwer, He is not averse to. combat with trespassers, rarely backingdown from a fight. This, however, does 110t mean he is suicidal.

Treasure; 668 gp of assorted coin, '2 IOO-gp ~earl5.

13., QgARTERS OF STENDAl<. eEL 8).

This pedcbamber bean tb~ marks of lavish /i<ving-faTMj)' si.lk sheets, carafes of Jine 1vifle, a plrtsbmg, and IJ."pl!TIsivefi.wishiJlgs_ A lu;.all ohest s~ts by tbe 11l;~lf,I·iol~s bed.


This is the bedchamber of Srendak, an opportunistic mid-ranking cleric til the temple. Stendak· is craven and manipuLati'Ve, using, his skills to act as an intermediary, getting all the good side of everyone in the temple. 'Unlike the other church members, Stendak is far more likely to-try to make a bargain, He tiles to pIay both sides-he tries to convince the party that he is a spy or aninnocent, If this fails, he convinces tile other church members that' he was .playing the intruders, Stendak feels that deception and manipulation are his ways of fulfilling the goals of the Dark Lady.


Mate human cleric 8 (Tiarnat) }"TE Medium humanoid

lnit +4; Senses Listen +3, Spot +3 Languages Com;11oll, Draconic, Kobold

CIt 8

AC 2'2, touch 10, flat-footed 2'2 ·(+9 armor, +3 shield)

hp 44 (8 HD)

Fort +8, Ref +3, Will +10

Speedlf ft. (3 squares)

Melee mwk heavy mace +6/+1 (IdS-I) Ranged mwk light crossbow +7 (ld8/19-20) Base Atk +6; Grp +r

Special Actions command undead ~/day (1-4, "2d6+10, 8th), spontaneous casting (iliflic.t spells)

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 8th):

4th-cmif/,tsiOi/D (DC 21), cure critica11VOIlnar (2) 3rd-mre sel'iollJ".7iiormds,. iGfate obje~'t, 110ndc"lectimJJ, seaT'illg light ("2)

'2ml-CJ<re moderate 1110lmds ('2), erlthl'rill(DC 19), bold pencI'l (DC 19), i.w~ijibi'ityn, spirit1UJl1l1eapon J.st-commmul (DC 18) ('2), ewe /ighl1l1oll1"lds (2), dislJl1!ie IeljD, sanctuary CDC 14)

O-create -taater, dete,a magjc; defect poiso», t;llidallce, rend magic; res istanee

D: Domain spell, Domains: Trickery, Tyranny

Abilities Str 8, De>: 10, COli 12, lilt 14, Wis 16, Cha H Feats Combat Casting, Greater Spell Focus (enchantment).

Improved Initiative, Spell Focus (enchantment)

Skills. Concentration +12, Heal +14, Knowledge (history) +13, Knowledge (religion) +13, Spelkraft +13

Possessions +lfull plate, +1 /;O'a1l), sterN sbicld, masterwork heavy mace, masterwork lighe crossbow with ro bolts, gio'!)!'s .0/ 'J)e:der-it)' +2, cloak of resistance +1

Tactics and Developmeut: Stendak does not pray for m1ll1y defensive spells, 'taus Ills most Li.kcJy tactic is to turn invisible and '51),011 people-throughout the temple, He can also employ a disguiSe ~eif spell, various snchantments.or social skills to get what he wants, without violence. If engaged in combat, he uses enchantments to distract his enemies or turn the III against each other, and tpell





pe1t5 them witb searing light or !piritllaI1peapon. If 'he fails, he begs for mercy, hoping to play the situation .to l~ benefit later.


Tbis sPdl"Sebed~bfl1nJ;er contains Ij. bed and .11 simple chest. It is Neatly kept, but contains littLe, ill tbe 7uay'0[ decor"atioll.

This is the bedchamber of Lucrezia, a 'spy from the temple of Tiamat in Messemprar, Lucrezia reports to Tiglath, who wants her to find out as much as possible about the experiments. The spy has been here for· three months, slowly "gathering inforrnation. 'So far, Doone knows: about her, though she thinks that Stendak suspectssomething, She makes a significant effort to avoid anything that would reveal her affiliation.

. -


CR 10

Female human-rogue 3/c1eric 3 (Tiamatj'talon of Tiamat 4- LE Medium humanoid

Init +6; Senses low-light vision; Listen +3, Spot +3 Languages Oonirnon, Draconic, Ore

AG 19, touch 13, flat-footed 17

&2 Dex, +6 armor, +1 ring) hp n (10 ED)

R.esist evasion

Fort +10, R.ef+8, Will +9



Speed 30 ft (6-square;;)

Melee rnwkrapier +7/+i (ld6-1(18-20)

Ranged-eZ band crossbow +12/-/7 (1M-+2 plus poison/19-20) with Point Blank Shot .

Base A$k +7; Grp +6

.A~k OptiOJlS Poim Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, poison, smite i{dal' (+2,attack, +3 damage), sneak attack +1d6

Special Actions breath weapons; 'command undead I/day (+4, 2-<16"+I, 3rd), spontaneous casting (irq/iet spells)

Combat Gear <} dose, of blue \l,hini'lis poison (injury, Fortitude DC 14J LCOil,lunconsci"ousness)

Cleric Spel1sPr~pared eeL fthJ: .

3rd-C1~I'e 'serious toounds, nondetectiorr', seari"g ligbt 2nd-irn;isibilityD, silence (DC 15"), spiritu~11I1ellpon, undetectable aligl1ment

lst-r;omp,"ebend Id11gt<ages,iure Ziglit ?'/lounds (2), disguise sr:!jD, ob_SClwing mist

0-create7.IJater, detect· magic, detect poison, [,lIidtl'tlCe, read magic

D: Domain spell. 'Domains: _Destruction, Trickery


Abilities 8.tr 8, Dex 14, Son 12, Int 14, _\Vis 16; Cha 14 SQ!xapfJJ1dhng

Feats Improved Initiative, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload (handcrossbow), Rapid .Shot, Weapon Focus (hand

L crossbow)

Skills BlH,rf +18", Diplomacy T 19: Gather Information +10, Hide ~B, Intimidate +:1.0", Knowledge (arcana) +7, Knowledge (local U~ther) +~, Kum'l!Ledge (religion) +7, Move Silently +11, SpelIo-art +10

Possessions combatgear plus +2 mubrnl chain shirt, r~1lg of . protection ~1, +11Jand crossbou/ with SO bolts, amu.!e!, of

• health +2, cloak 0[ resistance.+1; masterwork rapier, 265" ,gp

Breath Weapon .(Su) 60-f'00r cone, once per day, damage

3d6 cold, Reflex DC 1S half The save DC is

Con s titution-based. . ..

Breath Weapo:Il (Su) 3D-foot line, once per day, damage 8d4 acid, Reflex DC 1S Q_alf. The save DC is Constitution-based.

Voice of the Dragon (Ex) Lucrezia receives a +2 bonus on Bluff aud Intimidate checks ..

Tactics and Development: Lucrezia is devoted to her cause, but is not a formidable fighter, preferring to wait in the shadows and shoot. She uses illvisibililj, disguise set[, silence, and olJSl:urillgmist to aid in her stealth, scouting out the inner workings of the temple-If Tiglath hired the pes; she receives a Selt:airig alerting her of their presence; if not, shetreats.them like a normal threat and stalks .them from a distance,


Based 011 the accumulated dust, ·this bedroom has 110t bee» 1!:Ji:d 'i,1 a great deal of fime. -4 simple bed, clothing rack, tl1,ld cbest are its onlyfimdshittgs.

This is an unoccupied room, reserved for~tbe rare visitor .. It contains a simple bed..a chest, aud ~ _clothing rack. A guest long ago hid a small cache of loot in a fake Boor stone, hoping to come

# back for it .. The guest has since died, but the treasure remains.

The church members so rarelyenter the, room that' no one. has examined it thorough+y enough to notice the secret .


Treasure: A successful DC 2-SSearch.dle.d reveals a hollowedout area of f10Qr containing a sr;alebime,bottle~ a 1.~attdE"modify memory (10 charges), mid 100 pp.

1(j. OH.ANZEE'S C~nmRS (EL Ib)

'Disheveled alld malodorous, fhi's b-fdcbamber is poorly kept, as if it bad not been cleaned itt years. A door 'stands partly opm 071 the east.soali.

Areas 16 and i6A are the bedchamber and.laboratory of the sorcerer Ohanzee, 0 hanzee is a bitter, weak little man ,vlth a ,strong sense of.self-imporrance and a cruel streak. He has little loyalty to the church, but it provides him. with funds aud experiments (in return for arcane support), so he abides its eccentricities. Ohaazee enjoys violence but also has a sense of self-preservation; when he is confronted with a threat.ihe tends to use excessive force as long as he can still protect .himselfHe is currently without a familiar due to his tendency to forget to feed his pets.



Male human sorcerer 10 l\'""E Medium jnunanoid

Init .;·2; 'Senses Listen +0, Spot +0 Languages Common, Draconic

.ca 10




AG '2'2, touch 13, hat-footed 14

(+'2 Dex, +1 amt$lel, +1 ,-il1& +4' mage armor, +4 shield) hp HC10HD)

Fort +9, Ref +7, Will +9

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)

Melee mwk quarterstaff +4 (ldG-l)

Ranged .mwk light crossbow 1-8 (ld8/19-20) Base Atk +f; ~rp +4

Combat Gear scroll of lesser globe, if immlm?rahility; scroll of I etek inesis

Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 10th): fth (3{day)-colle of cold (DC 21)

4th (6/day}-tfJIerVafioll, grealn invisibility 3rd (7/dal'}-hliTlk firehall (DC 19),flJ

2nd (7/day}-flami1Jg sphere (DC 18), im.liribility, mirror image, rcorchil1g raj'

1st (Jfday)-hflmi1lg bal1ds (DC 1 ), idelltify, mage arman, magic missile, shi!!ldt . -

o (6/da'i)-d~/ect magic, detect POtSOll, ghost sound, light, mal! band, me!ldilJg. _message, prestididla/ioll, read made

t Already cast

Abilities Str 8, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cba 18 Feats Combat Casting, Great Fortitude, Greater Spell Focus (evocatjon), Spell Focus (evocation)

Skills· Bluff +17, Concentration +lr (+19 when casting' defensively), Knowledge (arcana) +14, SpelJcraft +16

Pesaessions 'arme/et if natural armor +1, riflg of protgr:ti01I +1, cloak of Charisma +2, vest of resistance +2, quarterstaff, masterwork light crossbow with 20 bolts, 100 gp pearls (1"), 10J pp, 7 gpo

Tactics and Development: Ohanzee is not particularly loyal to the church, but he does elljo}, hurting people. While he doesn't usually back down from an)' opportunity to test his magical" skills, he makessure to employ l1LlIl1erOUS defensive spells such as blink, mllge armor, mirror image, and sbieid as well as spells that conceal such as im,dsibilily or V'ealer il1visibility. He likes ro.elude his foes, taunting them, and then surprising them with powerful spells. He is frequently reading the arcane texts in area 16A given tu him by the church, He is unlikely to socialize with me priests, thougb he might visit the sanctuary to observe Grelix:tralithimoll.


A small S/IJdy is hllpbazal"dly piled ?vith books rind scrolls if matly diffirmt 1114U!l"iatS. The l'OQ1I} smells faintly if dea4 animals.

This small study contains a table and piles of books concerning crossbreeding and magical experiments. While Ohanzee is not the world's most knowledgeable scholar, he is well versed in arcana, These books would provid .ample proof concerning the activities of the church. This room is where Ohanzee's familiars all died when he forgot to care fOJ" them. The room also contains the . ritual and spell formulas that allow the church to crossbreed arid alter creatures. Tbese.formulas arc nor blueprints, butnotes-e-the

real experiments were mostly trial and error-but scholars could spend considerable time pondering them to learn their secrets.

1 'V. LAIR OF SLAVr J'KR.ATI-I'MAGAAL (EL 14) At spra7/,lil!& smul:ftileil cavern emerges from tbe natural nair- 7vay. GliNe"jug oqjects are ha!t:bltried tbl'OI~ghottt the covepl dtm~s, ,parklillg it! the faint ligbt jittering i1/ from the stairway. -t

Slavin's lair sprawls out from natural stairs that descend from the second portcullis in area 7B. The church members built the remple above the cavern to house the dragon. When Slavin agreed to the experiments, the Tiamatans filled the empty Cavern with tons of .sand, live food, and a each of treasure. SLavin is part of a new generation of brown dragons that have been figbring on behalf of Tiamar recently. They have been part of the reason that tbe church has begun to bold he; species ill higher esteem, as if browns were in the same league as the other chromatics. Slavin is a personal favorite, an unholy dragon warrior of the Dark QQ_ecn.

Malise made a deal with Slavin: in return for allowing him to use her for experiments, 11e has performed special rituals (the secrets of which are among the books in area 16A) to infuse her -with infernal power. Slle has acquired the fiendish template because of the ritual. Cun:._entll', she is content to remain in her lair, though she might want to leave when she gets bigger.

In addition to the dragon and tr asurc, six unhatched eggs lie buried ill the sand of the cavern. A character can use the dtiak of sands71Jimmilig obtained from the treasury to more easily find the treasure and eggs. The contents of the eggs are still unknowu CDM's discretion). They are not yet near to hatching.

A summo« kl-albbflil"1t trap covers the entire area, punishing intruders who cast .evocation spells when battling the dragon.



Female fiendish juveuil "brown dragon blackguard 4- NE Large dragon (evil, extraplanar)

Init +0; Senses blindsense 60 ft., darkvisicn 120 ft., low-light vision, trernorsense fOO It.; Listen +'20, Spot +19

Aura despair, evil

Languages Common, Draconic, Infernal

AC 21, touch p, Flat-footed '21

(-1 size, +12 natural)

hp 195" (19 HD); DR 10/magic Immune acid, sleep, paralysis Resist cold 10, fire 10; sa 24- Fort +19, Ref +1'2, Will+H

Speed 30 ft. (6 squares), burrow 60 ft. Melee bite« '27 C3d6'+9) and

'2 claws +'25" (1d6+5') and

tai.i' +'2S (ldB+5")

Space 10 ft; Reach r ft. (10 Fr. with bite) Base Atk +19 Grp +31 .

Atk Options C\eave, Improved Sunder, Power Attack, smite good (blackguard) l/day (+'2 attack, +4 damage), sraite good (fiehdisb) l/aay (+'20 damage), sneak attack +ld.6

Special Actiqns breath weapon, command undead Sldal' (+4, '2d6+4, 2rid), detect good





Combat Gear' potioll if protection from good, potion if aid, potion if cure light 711.olmds, scroll of mage am.or, scroll of blur, scroll of bear's el1d~lratJ(:e, scroll o(spidcr climb, 'wand if bult's strength, 'lUand of mirror image (from treasure)

Black~rd Spells Prepared eeL 4th): 2nd-cllre moderate 111(mirdr (2) 1st-cure light 1110111/(ls ('2) Sorcerer Spells Known (eL 1st]:

Ist (4/day)-obrwNllg mist, my if eufeebtement

o (Slday)-£ietecf magic, gbast sound, mage band, read magic

Spell-Liie Abilities (CL 4tb):

At will-dete,t good lfday-et'eate -u/ater

Abilities Srr 26, DeI: 10, Can 19, lnr 14, Wis lS, eha 14

Feats Gombat Ability Focus (breath weapon), Cleave, Improved Natural Attack (bite], Improved Natural Atfack (claws), Improved Sumler, Multiattack, Power Attack

SliUs Concentration +23, Diplomacy +21, Hide +H, Knowledge (arcana) +'21, Knowledge (religion) +18, Listen +20,

Search +18, Spot +19, Survival +19

Possessions ring if protection +2, -rlflnmitlg scythe, amulet if mighty/i.ts +1, ring of eVfZsion

AII.ra of Despair (Su) Enemies within 10 feet of Slavin take a -'2 penalty on all saying throws.

Aw:a of Evil (Ex) Slavin radiates an aura or evil as a 4th-Ievd character.

Breath Weapon (Su) 80-ft. line, once every ld4 rounds, damage Sd6 acid, Refle.x DC '23 half.

Trap: Whenever an evocation spell is cast in the cavern, a krathbairn (see page 106) is summoned.

Summon Krathbairn Trap: CR B, magic device, spell trigger (e\-rocation); automatic reset; spell effect (pml11J01I monster VII, 13th-level wizard, krathbairn); onset delay 1d4 rounds; Search DC 32; Disable Device DC 32.

Treasure: Ring if proter/iall +2, t-l.ftami11g 5eytbe, amnlet if mightyfots +1, ring of evasion, 1(11l11a if bltlfs strengtb, 111tmd if mirror image, potion of protection from good, potiol! of aid, p~tioll of cure ligbt 71101ltf(is, scroll of mage armor,' scroll of blur', scroll of bear's endurance, scroll -of spider climb, 1,000 gp emerald, roo gp alexandrite., 5"00 gp black pearl, 100 gp green spinel, ro gp sardonyx, SO gp white zircon, ro gp peridot, 50 gp star rosequartz, 10 gp lapis lazuli, ro gp jasper, 3,600 gp ruby bracelet, 3,400 gp emerald scepter, 1,100 gphlue dragon pin, 1,000 gp silver vase, 7bo gp platinum mask, HO gp amber earrings, 55' gp silk mask, 11,000 gpo

Tactics and Development: Slavin wears the rings and amulet in her treasure hoard, and she can access and use any of the potions, scrolls, and \Vallds buried in the sand. She prefers Ito dart from under the sand. p rform a rapid assault, then retreat, She has no problem mixing spells, attacks, and breath \1;'t:apon in battle; and will retreat under the sand to heal herself or cast

defensive spells. Unlike many dragons, she has a large variety of resources-smites, sneak attacks. spell completion items, and n .... o different spell lists-thus she can truly confound an opponenr with her options. She enjoys.long drawn-out battles, full of n:iind games and dirty tactics. She could conceivably try to break down the 'portcullis if necessary, but the hallways are nan-ow, and she would have trouble escaping, thus she tends to 'play her battles carefully and use th sand to her advantage, knowing she h."IS

little chance of escape. .

concludinq the Adventure

After the pes defeat or subdue Slavin, they must recover the eggs from the sand, If they have already been to rhe treasury, the cloak they found there will aid them in searching through the cavern. Subverting thechurch is an important secondary goal, but if they get our only with the eggs and the books from Ohanzee's srudy, they have succeeded.

The characters must report to the individual who hired.them, They can leave the temple through any of the three exits that le~d to shops in the garment district (or through relepcrtation spclls). What they do with the information on the church depends greatly on their general alignment and who hired them. If rival "Ilamatans hired them, they are revealing the secrets, letting roe church do with them what they please (they might also have made a deal with Lucrezia), More likely, however, the Northern Wizards, Harpers, Mocnstars, or Talons hired them, and they must perform a full debriefing of their findings,

Should the pes have failed to dispose of some of the church


members (or monsters), those .individuals might later seek revenge,

As the party grows in power, ~o do these people, and most of them are quite ruthless. It is quite possible that any remaining Tiamatnns will become recurring villains. The characters.might also have acquired some allies in the form of the pseudodragon Ja,nderberris (who could become a fami}iar of one of tlre arcane - casters), or the Azer Grethvard.


The easiest way to make the adventure more difficult, without adding preparation time, is to duster enemies. Rather than having the characters'fight.just one enemy in an area, they can fight (WO or more church members, increasing the level of}danger by splitting the attention of the characters among multiple foes.

If the DM desires to increase individual creatures> this can be done as follows. For the guard areas, increase the fighter level of the guards (currently 4th) as bigh as desired, though still low enough that they would work as heuchmen.in a temple. It is probably not feasible to increase the number of blnespawn stonegliders inarea 5" because of space Iimitations. A few additionalspectres could haunt the area around the treasury; though only so many can lit in the area at a time.

A ny of the church members=-Malise, Braeden, Stend'ak, Lucrezia, or Ohanzee=-can have their levels increased hy however much is desired, The same goes for Slavin-eher blackguard level could be increased up to 10th; it is probably harder to increase her size, however, since that would require a modification 1:0 the size of the sand lair.



the decades that followed, Kizilpazar and his mare, Idrizraele, had two male offspring-Nabaunglaroth and Roraurim, (Their daughters, including the late mother of K~ashos MoruemeUnd, were driven off once they reached maturity.)

in the Year of Crimson Magics (1026 DR), Kizilpazar recruited a tribe of hobgoblin In rcenaries known as the Red Flayers.from the southern High Moor region to guardhim and his kin. TIle hobgoblins built the castle of Dcomspire beneath the mourhlike main entrance to the Morueme lair and settled in for generations of servitude. Each dragon cultivated an elite group of hobgoblins as servants, and the tribe collectively defended tlie dragon clan from the battlements of Doomspire.

As Kizzap's 50115 matured, they began to chafe at their rather's rule, seeing danger in the elan's disengagement from the outside world and reliance all the Red Players for security. Secretly, the two brothers began selecting the most promising

hobgoblin females as breeding stock Over decades of careful experimentation, the brothers generated several· dozen halfblue dragon hobgoblins, The,se Blood of Morueme, as their sires

.his chapter details the current status of various orders associated with dragonkind aad their ongoing activities as the effects of the Rage of

Dragons ebb ill the Wall Llg days' or the Year of Rogue Diagons (1373 DR).'

Blood of Mo.rueme

The Blood of Moruerne is a gronp made up of the dragon and draconic hobgoblin descendants of the legendary blue dragon Morneme, who ruled what is now the Silver Marches during the Time of Dragons.

"When the rage is strongest, 'tbe ligbt 0/ Xymor i!,lIides me 10 Ibe 1nfffllillg calm."

- Kustra ndrethilian (silver dragon paladin and member of the Talons)

, came to call them, were senr out

into the world to acquire spells and magic weapons, beyond the watchful eyes of their grandsire. When they returned, their sires rewarded them with a harem of hobgoblin mates wiIb whom they begar their own draconic offspring.

In the Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 DR), Nahaungiaroth and Roraurim snuck without


For generations, the Morueme dan bas occupied the extensive .limesrone caverns beneath Dragondoom Mountain, which lies amid the easternmost peaks of the Nether Mountains overlookulg the sands of Anauroch,

Draconic' hobgoblins guard this territor), for the b lu e dragons, also servin g as their eyes and ears in the larger worla, scouring long-forgotten ruins for treasures and magic.

warning, using weapons recovered by the Blood of Mor~e:me to COlUm! t pa rr icide an d drive their mother out of the 'lair, SOOll after, Idnzraele perished in

a rash assault all the tower of the Lady's Hand, possibly tempted by the vast store of Netherese magic said to lie beneath Ladypeak. Despite the rift between them,' the brothers were surprised by rheii' mother's death, and. they knew that-they would have to punish Loviarar's rnonaseic followers in order to make sure that 1)0 one else would darelift

"Vo1/'1 let tbe scales- llnd 7uings fool :YOlJ. Tbe Tn/om of Ju.ftice are just as pompom .and irritating; as all.paladim." -Moraughaloth (notorious copper dragon pral1k~ter)


In the Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR), Kizilpazar (also known as Kizzap) 1:00k control of the Moruerne cl;v.l when he was forced to slay bis sire, Moruharzel, who had succumbed.to madness r- In



':;;a,. .--


a band againSt a blue dragon in the Nether Mountains, Reacting swiftly, they sent [be Red Flajers to attack the monastery, which _suffered grievous losses but stillultimately managed to defeat the bobgoblins and force their retreat.'

In the wake of this defeat, relations between the Morneme clan and the Rea Players began to fray.Each'ge~eration of younger hobgoblins had always rebelledagainst servitude to the Morueme clan, but Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim, focused primarily on acquiring mates and nurturing the dragon-descended Blood of Morneme, allowed relations to deteriorate far more than their father ever would have tolerated,

When Sammaster unleashed the "Rage of Dragons in .1373 DR, the four adult dragons (Nahaunglaroth and Roraurim, along \Vith their mates, Eshaedra and Faenphaele, .respectivety) burst forth from the caverns of Daggerdoom' to unleash their fury. They ranged the length an? breadth of the Nether Mal' L1 rains, hunting the orcs of die Thousand Fistf tribe and literally digging them out of their cavern homes. Back at Dragondoorn Mou ntain, the rage slowly infected the Blood of''Morueme as welL Led by Arbarzci (tlie wyrmling son of Roraurim and Faenphaele), the draconic hobgoblins poured forth from the caverns of Dragondoom to assault their pureblooded kinfolk on ~e slopes below. Doomspire Jell within a day, but at the cost of Arharzel's life.

Once the rage had ebbed, the two brothers and their mates returned home to see their gr~atest fears-realized, By abandonU]g the clan's.traditional engagement with the rest of Faerfin, Kizilpazar had left his descendants subject 'to the whim of forces they could not control. With grim purpose, Nahannglaroth and Rcraurim, slaughtered the few surviving male hobgoblins and rounded up the surviving females to serve as breeding stock for the Blood of Morueme.

ornspire cosrl


In the year since Sammaster's Rage, the Blood of Morueme has been installed in Doomspire, servulg the role once played by the Red Flayers as penance for their.role in the death of Arha:rl.cl. r abaunglaroth -and Roraurim have begun selecting the most promising dragonblood hobgoblins, training them to survive in the world at large and sending them forth to seek their fortune. The most promising of the Blood of.Morueme are now mllking their fortunes as adventurers across the Nortb, seeking the longlest lore of Ammarindar, Delzoun, Eaerlann, and Netheril, ,

nepurur.ion and inrcro.crions

Though the term Blood of Morueme originally referred 0111y to the draconic' hobgoblin descendants, the term is now used interchangeably. including Doth the original dragon clan and their hobgohlin progeny.



The Blood of Moruerne have a long-standing hatred for orcs and

~res, dating back centuries to the deat1i of a long-dead Marne-me patriarch who died battling a burgeoning arc horde. This animosity regularly bursts farth into open conflict with the Thousand "Fists tribe, the tribe based nearest to Dragondoom Mountain,

I11 recent years~ fQfli1~rly tense relations with the followers of Loviatar at the Lady's Hand have_devolvcd into open hatred. and representatives of the two grou_ps ri'ow battle ;0 sight,


In recent centuries, the Morueme clan has stood apart from all other races, relying only on the Red Fl~yer tribe for' external re-

n loom Mc>.untain






lations. After the Rage of Dragons, the blue dragon dan became lven more isolated, allying itself only with kinfolk.

However, Nahannglaroth and Roraurim recognize the weakness ef this position and now seek to build alliances much as their grandfatherdid in Jus day as head of the dan. As sud], they have dispatched the half-blue dragon hobgoblin Lothouryte Morueme to Silverymeon, to serve as emissary to.tIle allied peoples of the Silver Marches. Lorhouryre Iias met with rhe High Lady and proposed a nonaggression pact that would allow the Blood of Morueme to move unhindered through the cities and wilderness regions of Luruar, In addition. Lothouryte seeks a position among the Masters of Music of Utrumrn's Music Conservatory, where she hopes to rekindle the. srudy of dragonsong

Memh ersh ip

Members of the Blood of Moruerne arc expected to exhibit absolutely loyalty to the clan and contribute to the growt1l"iJf the true drhgops' hoards. Status withlll the clan is measured by the value of a member's ongoing contributions in eoins, gems, magic, and most important, arcane lore. 8cio115 of Mo.rue.me are given a great deal of latitude to do wllat they wish to serve thiS end, but they must never endanger the safety of the clan or betray any oJ their dragonblood kill.

. The "Blood of Mo.rDcrne (StMldard Mercenary): AL LE, LN, }...~ N; 100,000gp resource limit; Membership 140; Isolated (bl.ui: dragon 4, 'half-blue dragon hobgoblin 16, draccu ic

hobgoblin 120); Dues 2fO gp 'per year

(no cost to join). "

AMbority Figl~reI: Nahaunglaroth Moruel11e'(LE male marureadulr blue dragon sorcerer 1), Roraurim Morueme (LE

male mature adult blu~ dragon sorserer S).

Important Cbal'46ten:' Akkanrithnx Morumne., (LE male draconic hobgoblin fighter 1./$or· ccrer4/talon of Tiamat? ... 8),. Esha~dra (LE female adult blue dragon), Faenphaele (LE female nratureadult "blue dragOlll; Lothouryte

'Morue"me CNE female half-blue dragon hobgobLin bard 7/dragonsoog lyristl)n 4), Maruzthal Morueme (LE male dracomchobgohlm fighter 61 dragoukithD1"I B).

.As~(Jcit1t~d Classes: Bard, dragonkith'' ra , dragonsong Iyr istD .. , dragon disciple, fighter, initiate 0.'[ the draconic mysteries?", ruonksorcerer, talon of Tiamac?",

As~(}ciated SJlills: Knowledge 6:ucana), Knowledge (history). .

F.equil'emmf.r: In order to be 11. member of the Blood of Moruerne, a Eha.racj:er must be a direct descendant

of the Morueme dan and have the dragon type Of ~

S"' dragonblood subtype, A dragon disciple who studied .~

with the Blood of Momeme and eventually became ~. a half-blue dragon might also be considered for


membership, but no one has tried this route yet

~ FfI!l!01'cd ill Guild Beneftts: If you have the Favored i.11 Guild· It

DMGl feat, you.become a scion of Morueme. Scions gain access ;J:t

.!. '

to a variety of go;:>ds and services that make their adventnring "

exploits easier, particularly for tasks done in the service of tbe ~ Blood of Moruerne. Training, spell access, and shares of the spoils

BI •• dbi:rIl.t if Morutmt

. , .

HoJf-ulue DrQ~On Hob<s.oblin

GhQ.{'Qcte.rs .. .

Ali firsr-geaeration :spawn of the dragon clan o£:Morueme, half .. 'blue ~11 hobgoblins possess tile following racial traits;

'Jype:tl ragi)!l. .

AbilitieS: +8 Strength,.-+'2.De."\'terity, +4 Constitutior], +2

- • I·

lntel.ligence, +'2 Charisma.

Size: Medium.

, Base Land Speed: 30.feec..

Na'fural Weapons: '2 claws (ldG), bite (1M). • 4

Special Atmcks: l/day~bteath weapon (60-f.oot Ilneof lightning, 6d8 damaw. Reflex -save [DC 10 + half-dragcri's . Con modi.:fiel"lOalf):

Special O!!.a~ties: Darkvision 60 feet, Iow-light vision; immW?ity to e1ectrieit)\ .sleep effects, and paralysis; i"; racial bonus-on Move Silently-checks; +4' nararal armor bonus.

Automatic Languages. CQmm~11, Draconic, Goblin. Bonus Languages: Dwanien, InfQ"rnal, Giant, Ore. Favored Class: Fighter. •

Level AdjusH]:1ent: +.l,_

'nro.conic Hoh<s.0hlin _ cho.rocrefs

As second-er later-generatioe sp~wn' of the dragon-dan. of Morueme, draconic hobgoblins posses,s the foHowin'g racial traits:

Type: Humanoid (dragonblood subtype"),

Abilities: +2 Strength, +'2. Dexterity, +4 Gonstitoiion. *1.


Size; Medium.

Base Land Speed: 30 feet. Nawral Weapons: 2 claws (ld3).

SpecialQ!Lilities: Darkvision 60 feet; .l.6w-ljght vision; ... 4 racial bonus ~n saves against magici1 sleep effects and pa,ralysis; +4 racial boiins OIl Move Silentlychecks; +'2 racial bonus ou Inti midate and .Sp~t phmsj +1 nahU'al armor beaus,

Automatic Languages: Common, -Dracon ic, Goblin. Bonus Languages Dwarven, Infernal, :GiaHt, Ore, Fa vored, Class: Fighter.

L.evel Adjustment: +2.




brought in by'the Morueme clan's actions are all available, as long as the member continues to contribute to the clan's hoards.

_ Scions of Moruerne also have access to free spellcasting within the clan, Once per mouth, any scion of Moruerne can request a single spell rrom a caster of up to tIVO levels higher than the requester, Thus a )tb-Ievel scion of Morueme could request a single spell from a 7th-level caster. If any expensive material components are needed to cast the spell, the requester must provide those (or the coins to purchase them). Spells with XP components are not available through this service.

Once per month, as part of the preparation for lI, mission, a scion of Moruerne receives disposable magic equipment (scrolls, potions, and I\"ilnds) equil to 100h of the scion's expected character wealth (see page 135' of the 'J)tmgeoll Master', Guide) from the leadership, This benefit most often takes the form of curative magic. specialized spells needed for unusually tricky or difficult missions" or extra firepower forra ids. Occasionally, scions C<UI receive permanent magic equ ipment all loan. (usually. with defensive or unusual properties, such as mmdelf!itiofl), but they are expected to return these items upon completion of the mission,

church of Tchuzzu.f

Founded by a red dragon who sought power by building a nation of worshipers, the Church of J;'chazzar..has long been associated with. the nation of Chesseuta,

nisror c

The Church of Tchazzar has existed in various forms for over four hundred years.


The Church of Tcha2zar was named after the great war hero Tchazzar, a red dragon.in human form who liberated'Chessenta in the Year of Flashing Eyes (9'29 DR). Even then illany sages suspected be was really a dragon, but most Chessenrans did not care. happy to have a strong leader-who brought strength 'and prosperity to their country. After Tchazzar disappeared in the Year of the Dracorage (1018 DR), his church became one of the many hero-worshiping culcs common in Chessenra.

After a brief appearance during the Time of Troubles, Tchazzar vanishedanew, his body transformed into that of the Dragon OQ_een before her second barrle with Gilgeam, After the, Time of Troubles, most of Tchazzar's followers.began worshiping the Father of Chessenta as an aspect of the Dragon C2H_een, and the church of Tiam~t threatened to wholly subsume Tchazzar's hero-cult ..


In the Year-of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR), Tchazzar returned as ,a god-in-the-flesh to reestablish his rule over Chesscnra, giving his chure!l newfound life. The return of the Father of Chessenta bas ignited hope til many Chessentan people that their c0l.fn\;rY

will once again be united .and _Pl'9SPC!,OU5. '

Since Tchazzar's return; his church (based in CiJnbar),has groWl\ to become one of the most popular in Chessenta, despite the oppositi'On of the leaders of Chessenra's other cities. Most of

Tchazzar's rivals have already begun quietly negotiating their admittance to Tchazzar's burgeoning empire, 50 few dare crack down on his expanding base of followers in their cities. Other churches have started forming ill Airspur and Aka.Ll<1.X, but they are small compared to tbe Cirnbaran branch.

As'Tchazz.ar consolidates his control'in Cimbar, he is u.sing hischurch to further his own goals (and those of his mistress Tiamat). Be has dispatched his missionaries to all of Chessenta, both to tell the stories of Tchazzar's recent victories and to spread the word about joining his church. The Father of Chessenta bas also created an elite fighting order known as the Blades of Tchazzar, under his direct command. These fighters are sent on important missions for the church. Curr IJtly 1D0st Blade- members are assigned either to help intbe searchfor dragon eggs falling from the skies in the IQrm of meteorites, to raid suspected cells belonging to the Cult of the Dragon, or to attack followers of Tchazzar's archenemy Alaslderbaubastos (tbe Great Bone Wyr.m).

While Tchazzar lets hIS follcwers handle all but his most important assignments, be still involves hunself personallyin situations that add to his reputation as a god who defends ills believers, The Karanok family learned this when they scheduled a public execution of several clerics of Tchazzar operating in Luthcheq, Accompanied by his high priests and Blades, the Sceptenar of Cirnbar appeared above Luthcheq just before the execution started. Within minutes tile entire affair turned into a massive fanJpage. While his followers rescued their brethren, Tehazzar attacked the Karanoks as they tried to flee from their podiumSeveral family members died while trying to escape from

• their seats. After taking quickly dispatching reinforcements sent by Luthcheq's armed forces, Tcllazzar and his group departed as quickly as they had arrived, leaving Luthcheq's public square ill flames.

nepuro.tio n o.nd tnrero.crions

The return of Tchazzar has given his church new members and popularity among the Chessenran people. At the same time" the church has now become a target [pr Tchazzar's enemies.


The foiled erecinion. in Lutbcheq is but. one example of bow the rulers of other Chessentan cities are trying to stop Tchazzar !I11d his church from expanding in Chessenta, Likewise, the leaders of Luthcheq, Airspur, and Soorenar are looking for ways to discretely discredit both Tchazzar and his church without incurring Tchazzar's attention. While most Chessentan rulers do not use mercenaries, those in Airspur and Soorenar have revealed intelligence about the activities of 'Ichazzar's followers in their territories-to implacable foes ,of the red great wyrm, like crusading paladiiJ.s from Irnpilrur, The 'leaders of Soorenar are rumored to be offering large sums for information about che new spells Sammaster used during the Rage. Many suspect the So'orenarian families ,are hoping they can use the new mag-ic against the church (and Tchazzar himself), if the rumored secret negotiations

between the- two cities collapse. - ,

III addition to jrs Chessentan enemies, the church must also deal with external foes. Fortunately for the church, irs ti'\'O greatest enemies (the Cult of the Dragon and Alasklerbanbastos) have



their own prohlcllj'S"ro deal with, such as Sammaster's succession and. the .coOtil111ing advance of Mulhorand's armies into Free Unther.

The Great Bone Wym; and Tchazzar were sworn enemies even ~fore the liberation of Chessenta, and his nemesis took full ttii'rat'ltage.£f Tbbazzar's.disappearanceduriog the TI1i1e of Troubles to expand his: influeuce throughout Old Untber. While Tchazzar himself'dealt, with ~l1any of- the dragons allied with- Alasklerbanbastos, he has tasked.his.most Joyal followers with breaking up any remaining pockets-of supp_ort and preventing Alasklerbanbasros tt9m gaining l1~W influence in Chessenta. A 'loose allia;ce between the. Great Bone Wyrm and the Church of Tiannit ill Unther has tot"!;ed.1he Church of Tchazzar to-restrain jts actions against the dracolich ill 'rhreskeLand Unther, Tchazzac wants evidence to show- the Church of Tiamar that. it should break jhc alliance, so the Father of'Chessenta has ordered his followers to find any informatica that proves Alasklerbanbastcs is not honoring the

- agreemenr; At e~5amect:ime_, the Church of Tchazzar is _s_h.OWi:llg J'1J3 restraint in rooting' out Cult of the 'Dragon cells in Chessenta that are not associated with Alasklerbanbastos.



As Tchazzar is Tiamat's Chosen, one might expect hi's church to be closely allied with organizationsthat support the Dragon Qg_een. The reality- is quite different, and thisis mainly due 'to Tchazzar nor WruJtUlg to appear beholden to his mistress, While the'C1iurches 6fTc:hazz"tr and Tiamat work on similar goals, the Father of Chessenra limits the .two from working together as rnnch 118 possible; 'often assigning only a select g~oup pf followers todeal with those issues ;'elated to Tiamat that the godling does , not take care of himself.

FEAT: &~:VANTOF'A DR~G0_ AsCE:t\TJ)ANT You: formally ~ilJ?J;licat;e yourself to an immortal dragon quasi-deity,

Rrerequiaites: Gl~ric\~,,-ellst,. druid Ievel Ist, ranger level. 4rh, or bliu:$guard levJt 1st; dl'~gon with 12Jeyeis of ~he aragon ascendant?" prestige class as -parrondeity.

Benefit: 'You c,m name a dragon quasi-deity as Y9lJl' parren ~eity and ~till receive- you,)' cleric, ranger, or black.guardsp~lls ~?rim~l1y, ill aqdi,_tionJ you can call upon JOur draconic 'Patl'qn roagd 'U 4i luck bonus on any one attack roll, su\ing throw; a_bility.cneck, skill checkor ievel; -.

week , . ,

Special: You can take this [e<lt only once. Choosing this feat changes-your patron deity fXOlllYOtlI previous deity to a dragon quasi-deity of your ohoice, and you take no penal-

• ties for: ma:kiug tills change. If you later choose a dilt~rel1t patron deitY, you Iose the benefit. of this feat,'but your new lIilctron can !Vant you spells juSt as he.or She would for any other cleric.

Tcbazzar :;;.; currently the only .lli'agoll quasi-deity (dragon with .11 le\l'ds df' she dragon ascendarrt class) active ill ~_

s - I

-,,-aerv-u. I •

The churchs poli~y regal'sling limited eoutaet with followers of Tiaruat.docs not- extend-to oeher.organisations. Since TcIr!1.ztar's return, his clerics have forged good relations with other religious organizarions.induding the various Chessentan hero cults. These ef/ol\ts have helped produce-good relations with other churches, including the followers of Azuth a~d the Red K.!ught. Rumors have Tchazzar's followers ti~yj_ng to help returnthe jd;ster jao-, tician book to the Red Knight church inCirnbar, though some a156. suspect Tchazzar's church really intends to keep, the book for .itself

Memb.~.fshi_p . ~.

'As with IpOSt Chessentan here cults, only the strongest arid bravest individuals are given an opportunity tojoin !11e Church of Tchazzar, Those who prove themselves worthy become Protectors ofthe Church, As their skills and status-in the cburch improve, Protectors are sent on assignments, While Tcna'zZ-21Js . church accepts all classes as recruits, it'._is most popular with fighters and warriors,

Church of Tchazzar (Expansive Religious): AL CR., FE" eN; LEi 10,000 gp reso~rGe limit; Membership 190; Isolated (red dragon 1, half-red dragon human '27, human 36'2); nodues, but'followers ate expected to tithe to Tchazzar one magic item

or '25' gold pieces twice per year. .

Authority Figures: Lukes Dyranni (CE male Mulan Jiuman talon of Tiarnat?" ~!e1eric r/sorcerer J), Tiranna Melphans (CE female half-red dragon Mulan human cleric 3/sorcer~ 3/ fighter J).

[mpontant Characters: Rynath Anastis (1\TR male. Mulan human sorcerer 3{deric J), Dra:z -uchin (CE rnale Mulaii human figh,t~t 3/defic 4), Wynu (CE female half-red dragon Mulan .hurnan ~'agol1kiJh D" 2jcleric, _3Jsorcerer 3).

Associated cfassds: Bard, dragon disciple, ilrag<;JilkithD", dragonsong lyristf1'\ figbter, initiate of the draconic mysteries'l" monk, sorcerer.jalon of Tiamat?".

/lssociated Skills: Knowledge (arcana), Knowledgefhistory), Knowledge (religion),

Requirements: To be considered a candidate for-the Church of Tchazzar, ~ character 'must be at least 3rd level i;1l a single


Y:otl ~a~, H,eell -flitiated into the g eatest .IIJ.YsteJ'ies of.

'1{6h-azzar!s:thutcb, ~ .

l.lmeqwsit,es: 9~tjc _IDr Dla~kg.l1a:ra~ 3rd or range~' rtp, , S~l·val1t.of·il· DragQll A,pc_endalit. [Tchazzar],

Benefit: J'P.!.j, tej:eive a +,2 bones onsaving throws. against dragon ~)J:eatb',weapons andJiiglitfu I pr_~s:e.nce,_ Ih addition, YOll. ad~ the foLlowillgSpdJS''to yourblackguard, cleric, 010

ral{ger ,~pen list: . - -


211d-ftmne blade, 'Palarandusk'sjire 'breati/:'s

31'd-jirel!all, mngic, vestment; .

4th-fire sbield





class. Those v..'ho show exceptional loyalty or skills arc sometimes offered achance to jail) the Blades of Tchazzar, The F.atner of Chessenta himself 'is the only one 'who can make the offer rejoin the order, and the offer usually involves tests of skill.

Fa'1)o;ed oj'Tcbl1zzar: If you have the F~vored in GuildDMGl Teat, you gain special treatment in the church. This special status allows followers to keep magic items and information they find on adventures, Those who gain Tchazzar's favor aregiven a pendent known as the eye if Tchazzar. Followers who have not .gained Tchazzar's favor are required to show the dragon ~y treasure th.e}' retrieve. Tchazzar chooses which items he wants to add to his hoard and' allows tliem to keep anything else.

The' confluence

The Confluence is a secretive group based in Waterdeep that hunts down shapecbzugers who, seek m establish rhemselves in the City bf Splendors. Composed of a. dozen or so half-sreel dragons and their patrons, the Confluence has strong ties to the city's mercantile elite and other good-aligned power gcoups active in the city.

.. '"

"'- .

~ HIStO£v

] Initially the' Confluence focused on monstrous Ii;

predators, such as laue doppelgangers and- rampag-


'" ing Iycanthropes, but soon it became apparent that

.~ organized groups of shapechangers were working in

~ c~JDcer[ to establish ehemselves within the City of


~ Splendors. Now the group funds adventuring companies to hunt

down predatory rogues and focuses on disrupting shapechangers who work in concert ro achieve a broader aim.


The Confluence has its roots in tilt: Harpstar Wars (1182-12'22 DR), during which time a pair of steel dragon brothers, Auntyrlothror and QIDturyte, fought alongside a band of bighborn 'Waterdhavian ladieS against the malaugrym .. Several half-steel dragons were conceived during theirextraplanar sojourn, born and raised in secret br their respective families, (Half-breeds, even half-dragons, are rarelyacknowledged by Waterdhavian noble families.)

By the Year of Silent Steel (1 '2r4 DR), the half-dragon progell}' of the Harpster War couplings had reached maturity, and the. malaugrym had be&_U11 to threaten Waterdeep onceagain. The veteran's of the Harpstar Wars conceived of a secret society dedicated to battling shapechangers who sought to infiltrate jhe City of Splelldol's and control its levers of power from within. This was the origin of the Confluence,

~ III the decades that followed, the Confluence exposed more rhan a d~'len malaugrym plots and engineered the deaths of at least three shapechanging foes. The war with the malaugrym climaxed in the real' of the-Heeded Falcon (1 •. 291 DR1 when lhc

1- ...., .

CO!lfluehce exposed a secretive group or sorcerers known as'the

Eyes ~f the Golden Hawk as scions of Clan Malaug, disn1~ting adecade-oldplot to supplant the Lords of Warerdeep,


In the Year of the Leaping Dolphin (1331 DR), the Conflnence began inVestigating the loss of numerous merchant ships flying Warerdeep's flag on the Sea of Swords. Their investigation

- led back to the Master Mariners Guild of Waterdeep, allowing them to expose the guildmasrer of the day as a cunning wereshazk who)tad strategirally created weresharks among the crewsof the missing ships and used them to undermine his rivals' trading fortunes,

The Confluence's war witlr tlle Ullseell' began in the Year the Wyvern (1363 DR) and continues unabated. As both groups control hidden levers of power, most of thc.ir battles have been fought through various proxies in the shadows of the City of Splendon •. EV<':l1 the recent Rage of Dragons proved DO distraction, since AbgbairiniJ'lJragollward'" nor only prevented enraged dragons

. from besetting Watetdeep b~t also kepf those within. the city safe Irom its effects.

- .


In the years since the group'" founding, the Confluence bas grown in power and influence as its membership b,1,S evolved. Although the two original draconic patriarchs still survive, the roster of noblewomen elders now includes the descendants. of the original ladies; and the roster of half-dragons includes later offspring of the dragons and second iod third generao cion descendants. of their first set of mates. Members of the Confluence use Tespergares ($34 on the Sea Ward map illCitj oISpj~.lldQrs: Wfltr:rdeep); the ';I,.~aterdhilviall villaof House Tesper.ias a base of opel'atio]Js. Thoseof noble bb:th come ami! go as rego.· lar visitors. part' of the social fabric that·makes up Waterdbavian noble sociery Lower status members em,ploy secret passage,s ill the sewers that lead into the cellars of Tespergates.

Creff if the CQn.tflltlUie

.nep uro.rion orid mrero.crions

Though . they db maintain links throughout all ot Faenin, the Confluence focuses most dosely 011 interactions within

Waterdeep, r;


The Confluence is currently embroiled in a war with the UllSeenC>, fighting most of these battles from the shadows through proxies. The Ccnflucnce discretely pointed the infamous Volothamp Geddarrn toward the Hanging Lantern festhal! (D'21 on the Dock Ward map in Cil), if Splendors: l-Yalerdeep), leading m the exposure of the doppelganger courtesans working therein. The Confluence also infiltrated the pirate crews of the BlaCK Admiral, feeding word of their activities back to the Lords of Waterde~p .. They, even precipitated the Rat Hills Confiagrarion during a failed direct attack on the Unseen.

Members of the Confluence keep a dose eye on lycrull:hropes in the City ?f Splendors, working with the churchof SelQ.ne m oppose the .machinatlons of Mnlar's followers and the Plague

RatsCS, •

'The Confluence keeps to its original rnission as well, guarding . Waterdeep against infiltracion by the malaugryrn. At. present, they knOIV .of only one scion of Clan Malaug active in the City




of Splendors, who has adopted the guise of Lady Nael Irlingstarrn., but they have held off moving against her at the request of ElmiJ;ster, a senior member of Those Who Harp.


In addition to the noble families of Waterdeep who secretly sponsor the group (Houses Bladesernmer, Tesper, and Thongolir), members of fhe Confluence often work in concert with Those Who Harp and (of late) the Tel'Teukiira, although they take care- to keep their true allegiances secret, The Confluence also works closely with the church of Sehiue, funneling coins into its endless war with the church of Malar and the People of the Black Blood,

Like all dragons active in the City of Splendors, the leaders of the Confluence must deal with whoever wields the drago1lStaff of _L/J;gbainmCS, for that legendary staff of ptYI/lCI' is the key to Ahghair~n's dragoll7l1t'ml. AuntyrlorJltorand Qg_imryn' maintain civil relations with the current wielder, Maarilcs (t\"<E male Illaskan human wizard 17/archmnge 1, Dragonfriend Dra feat), and the Dragon Mage replies in turn.

Aunryrlothtor and Q!!ituryte ar part of the mutual defense pact thatbinds all hidden-in-human-shape dragons resident in the City of Splendors and is coordinated by Lady Taunarnorla Esmur1a eCG female ancient song dragon), better 'known as the "Keeper of Secrets." Relations with other dragons resident in the tic)' \Tary dependent on philosophical and moral temperaments, J!llallvaloss. for example, is well aware of the Confluence's activities, but neither hinders nor helps them achieve their-goals, Ranmorthadar (CN male adult fang dragon), on the.other hand, VIews both the 'Unseen and the Confluence as meddlers and de- • lights in frustrating the plots of both groups.


The Confluence takes care to keep its existence and activities secret, so anyone wishing to join the group must be recruited. Prospective. members must demonstrate skill in combating shapechangers and strong loyalty to dragonkind,

The Confluence carefirllyobserves half-dragons active in the City of Splendors, particularly those with steel or song dragon ancestry, and the group's leaders often approach-those of'appropriate temperament, As battles between the Confluence and their foes tend to unfold in the shadows, the group favors prospective members with the ability to move unseen through all strata of Wat-erdhaVlan society (\\'herher by skill or magic).

Members eqioy a great deal of fiexibiliry in their choice of projects, as long" as such efforts eventually contribute to the goals of the group. Adventuring is encouraged, but adventures t:h.at do not undermine the plots of the group's foes should at least contribute significantly ('20% tithe) to the hoards of the Confluence's draconic Ieaders,

The.Confluence (Minor Mercenary): AL LN, LG; '2f,9q_0 gp resource limit; Membership '25'; Isolated (steel dragons '2, half-steel dragons B. humans f, draconic humans 3, half-song dragons 2,); Dues 100 gp per year (1,000 gp to join).

.Autho-yify Figllrr:s: Auntyrlothror (LN male oLd steel dragon sorcerer 3), Oyituryte'(LN male old steel dragon sorcerer 3), Lady

Onya Bladesemmer (LN female Illuskan human aristocrar 7), Lady Charrin Tesper (LG female Cbondatban human.aristocrat 7), Lady Larissa Thongolir (LN female Chendsthan human aristocrat 14).

I Importan: Cbart'lctel's:Lord Telmed Tesper (LN male halfsteel dragon fighter 7), Lad)1 Adii.ra Thongolir (LG female half-steel dragon expert 14). . . ~ 1 Associated Classes: Aristocrat, bard, dragon disciple, dragonkith?" expert, fighter, (ogue, sorcerer.

Associated Skills: Bluff Disguise, Sense Motive, Listen, Spot,

Spellcraft, .

Requil'ements: In order to join tile Confluence, a character .must speak Draconic and take the Druurh SlayerCoV feat. In addition, the character must have the dragon type, base me Draconic HeritageRD feat, or have the Dragonfriend?" fear.

Favored ill Gteil4 Benefit: If you have the Fa-vored in GuildDMG'l feat, you gam the ability to cast alter self as a spell-like ability once per day. Your caster level for this ability equals yOlil' character level.

~ouse o£o~oth

The ruins of Orogoth have long been considered one of the-most dangerous in the eastern High Moor. Few realize that the scions of an ancient Netherese clan wbo mixed their blood with dragons still dwell within the ruins of this sprawling abode.



During the Silver Age of Netheril, elder wizards 'of House Orogoth transformed themselves into powerful wyrms, and their descendants learned to enslave such dragons to serve their bidding. The full history of House Orogoth, including the accidental formation of the Serpent Curse that led to the creation of the opbidian race, is detailed in Serpent Ki1Igda1rts.


The modern history of House Orogot.h began in me Year ofMeor Birds (90 DR). A baud of yuan-ri from Ss'thar'tiss'ssnn explored the ruins of Orogoth and recovered a host of Net.herese artifacts for usc against the burgermiog rnpire of Ebenfar, During their explorations, the yuan-ti inadvertently triggered an ancient ward that apparently summoned a black wynn named GaIathanorgoth to the ruins. "The Old One," as the yuan-ti called him, claimed to be the Iast scion of House Orogoth and drove the serpent-men. from his ancestral home.

In the months that followed, tile armies of Rbenfru' proved victorious, causing the Kingdom of Snakes to collapse and forcing the yuan-ti and the ophidians of Ss'thar'tiss'ssnn to retreat into the-Serpent Hills. This gave Calathaaorgoth sufficient time to consolidate his hold over the ruins.of Orogoth and enslave several tribes of ophidia us to serve his will,

III the Year' of Fallen Guards (~11 DR), the fall of Anauria to an are Iiorde displaced mllny students of the Netherese arcane -tradition -, Caiathanorgoth took advantage of this defeat to rebuild the ral;ks of .House Orogoth's human spellcaaters.Tn return for, their loyalty, the Old One offered them sanctuary and the chance to learn lost- Netherese magic.





In the ceniuries that followed, Calarhanorgoth fathered both full-blooded.and half-blooded offspring. Unlike other-black drag.ous> who usually kill their young or forcibly drivethem-off, the Old One allowed his descendants to establish theirown territories on the &,ounds of the ruined villa, Calathanorgoth's first two children 'were female dragons, who left soon after producing the DId One's first gl'ruldch.ildreJl;Zilanthar and Saquathos.

AI. the draconic ranks of House Orogorh continued to grow, the human descendants of Netherese wizards recruited by Calarhanorgoth focused their efforts on finding and recovering lost -Netherese .armacts and historical information; as well as punishing non-Netherese who sought to plunder or despoil the ruins of Low Netheril, Doring this period, House Orogoth forged strong ties, with several Halruaan wizards who had similar aims and ambitions.

In the Ye¥ of the Dracoragc (1018 DR), long-simmering tensions between Calarhanorgoth and his descendants erupted into open battle, The Old One was gravely wounded in the fight. bur managed to destroyall the rebellious dragons and the descendants of the Ncrherese wizards who allied with them, Of his full-blooded dragon descendants, the oldest surviving black dragon was Zilanrhar's son, Wastirek.

In the wake of this great fratricldal battle, Calathanorgoth began to explore rnagical means of achievllig immortality. After years of forcibly expelling emissaries from the Cult of the Dragon, the Old One became open to bearing their proposals. In ·the Year of the Immortals (1037 DR), Calathanorgoth transformed himself into a dracolich wieh the aid 'of the Cult, who hoped to subsume the magical might of House Orogoth. However, Calathanorgoth had prepared for their treachery and promptly ex-pelled them from his domain with the -aid of his wizards ..

In the years that followed, agents of the Dragon Cult and small bands of yuan-ti sporadically attempted to plunder the ruins of Orogoth, but the .Old One's followers drove them off each time. Over time, these efforts led to a nigh-perperual state of war between the inhabitants of Orogotl1 and the serpentfolk: of Najara inthe neighboring Serpent Hills, but neither group is poWerful enough to risk a full-seale assault on the: other's poldings,

III t~e Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DRl the iusid ious madness of the Dracorage affected the scions of the Old One -much as they dia dragons elsewhere in the Realms, As Chlathanorgotb. was immune to its effects, he retained the self-awareness. to recognize what w-as happening to ills descendants and to keep them from killing each other in an orgy of destructionas their kin

Tribe of the old nne

Under the Old Onels rule, his ophidian millj~ll5 have grown to b'eCQJIlE one Oftll e lf1.rgest [rib C$ in the S erp eat, H ills, "KJJ_0\\'ll as the Tribe of the Old One, the tribe's ciirrent chieft.aul is Abrea!lth, Ot11! of the fir-st half-black dragon ophidliU1s pro~ duced from aaik' rrtu ~~teated by (:he Old 01110' and his kin. The Old One and Gth~t· House lenders have a!\,'ays viewed the opliidial1s as.ltttle mtllJ;e than cannon fodder to bethrown at their enemies, and since the tribe worships th~ Old One as adeity, chey fll1'elyqu,estion even -suicidal orders,

III the 'wake of the Timc of Troubles, the Old One stru_tet! loo1riug for ways to improve the ophidians' eooib~t abilities againsr the yuan-ti, USillg a combination of Netherese >and draconic: _ma~~' the Old One. developed aritual that 'infuses Wack dragon traits into ophidlan eggs. Ophidiam,:drop clutches of twenty to thirt), eggs, and a clutch that is subjected ttl tl:t£ I ritual usually produces one half-black dragon ophidian.

Ordinary ophi_ifians 'view the half-black dragon ophidians as blessed follo\\:~rs afcherr deity.


CR. r

Always CE Meiliwn Dt;tgon (A.ugmentea Human.oid)

Inir +-2; Sen!!Cs darkvision 60 ft., lOw,light vision ... Listen +6, •

Spot +1 .

L:tnguages Common, Draconic, Y:uan-ti ,

AC 19, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+'2 Dex, +7 narural)

up 1} (3 HO)

- ...... I~llne add, sleep, paralysis For.-..-6, llcf +7, Will +6


S'pe~d 20 ft. (4 squares) Melee scimitar +·7 (ld6+Y) or bite +6 O-d6+Y) ai'i~

claw (1,) +4 (ld4+3)

Spa.elr ) Ft.; Reach y oft:

Ba~e,Atk +5;. Gqi +17 Ad Olltion'S Milltiattack

Special Actioll!i breath weapoi'l, "t>erpentinc curse

Abilii:ics -So: 10, Dex 15, Can 13, Int 10, Wis 11~ Cha .l2 Feats: Malfiattack

Skills Hide +8 (+10 in forest{oodergroU11d), Listen +6" Move Silently +8, Spot +1

B1eath We,apon (811): l/day, 60-ft. Ilae of acid, damage 6d8, Reflex DC 13 half

Serpentine Curse (So): All)' humanoidbitten by an ophidian must make a ne·u Fortitude or fall-victim to a eurse 1:lIat transforms him into an ophidian in. the next 2.0 days. The curse takes effect in 5tages,beginning the next day, when the v.ictIm grows ~ca,le5. During the nett seven days. the victim's legs fuse-together, reduciqg!lis speed to f ft, Within five days of his legs fusing, the victim grows * tail (lowering movement to '20 E-t). The 'transformatioIl is complere when the. victim.grows a forked tongue. Casting remov« disease or r~~t{l'fJe CIIrW during the transformation st6ps the process but dOGS not reverse ~!ly effects from completed stages. A heal, 1'~~8~eratilin, limited 1pij~t ?.IIIS!J, 01" mirrlcie spell is, required to reverse co.tl1pleted stages cr restore a fu 111 tran.sfonued victim to Iils previous state. :



had done nearly fOLlI" centuries before. As had long been planned, CaJathaqorgoth dispatched his Iiviug offspring to the Serpent Hills, where It Kiltg·Kilter rhield' protected the large resident' dragon population.


In the wake of the Rage of Dragons, Calathanorgoth's true dragon t1esceqdant.';-llis great-grandson Wastirek (eE male black wynn), Wasrirek's mate Vilhelin (eE female black wY1'111), and most of their childteu=-arc strongly. considering the !-dvantages of undeath themselves, though they hope to improve on the 'pr0ce55 before becoming dracoliches themselves. As such, they have turned inward, retreating into the catacombs beneath the ruined villa and focusing on arcane research under the guidance at Calatlnmorgoth, while dispatching increasing numbers of their human and ophidian servitors into the world to acquire new lore to aid mea studies.

& a result, daily draconic oversight: or the small_hu~lan and ophidjan serrlerncuts among the ruius has sharply .declined in recent months, giving their inhabitants more freedom than they have had ill years, However, this bas also increased their exposure to raids by the serpentfolk of neighboring Najara, who have made a renewed push to test Orogorh's defenses. -

Reputation 'o.nd mrercct ions

Although be is. com m itred to the perpetuation of House Omgo,th, Oalathanorgoth finds hirnself increasingly irritated by the thought of working ,with lesser beings, aside from his own offspring,


Rouse- Orogoth has a many enemies, including the serpentfolk of .Najara, the Cult of the Dragon, and the Shadovar of ThuItanthar (:better known as the city of Shade).

III addition to mounting regular incursions into the wins of Orogoth and attempting to forge alliances with the human. barbarian tribes of the eastern Higb Moor, the serpentfolk of Najara have inserted several pureblcoded yuan-ti saboteurs into the. ranksof House Orogoeb's human wizards in au attempt 'to create tairrted Ol1e,~I"" spies. In response, the Old One developed a potion called taint remoadl that all applicants must drink before joining House Orogorh's human wizard ranks. Additionally, and his followe.r~·'have begun bolstering and encouraging the efforts Of nearby communities to attack the serpentfolk, .

Relations between House Orogoth and the ClI-lt of the Dragon have been hostile ever since Calathanorgoth's rransforrnation into a dracolich, -In the wake Sammaster's Rage, the new leadCtSOr rhs Cult of the Dragon had hopes of rebuilding ties with House Orogotb, but once again they were .rebuffed, Now the two groups are skirmishing over control of toe portal network linked to the Dungeon of Swords, (see Serpe,,' Kingdoms) which was rediscovered by the Dragon Cult ill the Year of the Unstrung Harp (B71 DR) but has since become 11 strategic objec~i~e of House Orogoth.

The return of Thultanthar to the Realms is a major source of concern to the Old One and his followers. The Shadovar have' sent several emissaries to the leaders of House Orogoth, iIic1L1U, ~g- Hadrhune"RCS, aeld House Orogoth has responded ill kind,

but so far both sides appear to be simply weighing each other's

streng ths all d we a kn esses, .."

At-LIES OF HOUSE OROGOTH C;rlathanorgoth's arrogance-and 3J.09fl1<'55, coupled with the centunes-long decline of recognizable enclaves of Netherese culture, has . left House Orogoth Iarg~ty alene, estranged even from its. old allies in Halruaa far to the south.

In the past, groups that.dealt with House Orogothofcen complained of its haughty negotiating tactics. However, tho; growing power of the serpentfolk of Najara has forced human qlbllbitrutt5 of the surrounding region to avail themselves of House Orogoths .assistance, such as it is. Wizards in' the employ of the Old One haw begun offering (a.int anfido.tcI and magical support tonearby cornmnn ities such as Serpent's Cowl and Soubar and to the -barbarian tribes of the High Moor. In return, Honse O.rogoth bas been given permission to search for Netherese artifacts in ruins in those territories. Recent discoveries have focused on untangling the web of porta~s linked to t.he Dungeon of the Sword.

With their newfound freedom, the leading wizards of House Orogoth have begun rebuilding ties to Halruaa once agai_n,al~ though they have carefully avoidedconracting Halruaan elden; with interest in the Shado\\~ Weave. In the past, young Halrnaans

scions of the old one

III recent years, the number of half-bln'ck dragon humans in .the janks: of r~0tlSe Orogotb h~ srowll significantly. Most are dinwt descendants' of th~ Old Que, but some are wizards who 11~LVB lidllsformed themselves into halfdragons by ta~jng the .path of a dmgo~l disciple. In time. they-can in turn give birth to a new gene.ration of draconic hillnans; but for l~OW Hpuse Orogothonly has half-dragons in its .nanks,

uclf-aluck DfO~On .trumo.n cho.ro.cfers

Half-black dragon humans pos~ess ehe followUlg racial traits:

JYpe: Dragon

Abilities: 4-8 Strength, l4 Constitution. +2 Intelli-

gence, +2 Charisma Size;' Medium

Base Land Speed: 30 feet

Natural Weapons: 2 claws (ldG). bite (ldt1-)

Special Attacks: ljday-breatll weapon (oO-foot line of acid, 6d8 damage. Reflex save [DC 10 + half-dragee's Con

lllOdifier] bdf) ( I

Special U!:!_alities: D~rkvjsion 60 feet; low-light vision; immunity to acid, sleep effects, and panl.lyslsi. +4 llamrll).

armor b.ol1qs "

11lt0Jl1i).tlC Languages: Common, Dracol1ic, Nctherese

UbnlJs Langnagesi Infernal, Yuan-t.i· •

, Favored ,Gla'ss: Wizard ,

Level Adjustment: +3 .'




were sometimes sent to-House Orogoth for training and -battle experience, and they hope to resume that pzacticeagain.

-. ,

. While.his human followers work with other human groups,

the OldOneand his kill have been.arternptirigto enlist theaid of other dragonsagainst the yuan-ti, Ofthe Old One's true-dragon

. - . " . ~

ileseendaIits, only Kasidikal.has evinced 110 interest in becoming

a dracolich. Ilistead, she has begun recruiting allies among the other-dragons of die S_efpeilt Hills to' fight together against serpi:ntfolk. So-far the" red dragons Landillew and Treberdene have agreed to ally with House brogotb, but most of the metallic d;r<igQl}1; Living- in the S_etpent Hills havekept their distance. The old bronze female dragon Thyka' has' offered to help; but is first -tryil.ig to JigUre 'Qqt_Kasidik;li's motives.


House -O.rogot:h does not often recruit new members, When if does, these membersare usually needed for an important project OJ" mission, It is .easiest to join the House if. YOll ale a human of deruollstrabli:i-Netheresc'd-e-scent. Other races and ethnic groups are occasicnallyacrepted into the' ranksofthe House wizards, but-such. indiyiduals are, treated with disdain by the mali}' hTetherese supremacists within the order and often have a harder time ruiv-ancillg ill the organization.

Sorcerers are not tolerated within the rapks of House Orogoth, [or their magical tradition is viewed as bii·lted_by the legacies of ~rfciellt Thael"<\\!"eL (The Land .of Alabaster Towers was-an early foe of the kingdoin.O[ };ferherii.)

Demands 011 improving skiils andperforming House activities put a great deal of pressul'e ell new members, and House elders do not waste time-with laggards. New members deemed unable to _keep- up with House requirements often find themselves sent out on suicide missions, or even sacrificed to the ophidians as a trainingexercise.

Fo!, those ,;;;'ho- can handle the demanding life of a· wizard in ~e ranks.of'House Orogoth, tb.e reward is nearly unlimited access to oneof the.largest libraries of spellsand magical knowledge ill Faerfin, Members in good standing are often giveu-'5crolls, magical. healing, au? access to magic items.'

House Orogoth (Etiu.nsiie Arcane): AL GE, NE, eN, N; - ;),000 gpr-esi":ll:li"Ce_lirilit;Menibership ;r9; Isolated (black d_raool~ ich 1, black dragons 6, half-black dragon humans 16, .balf-blaek dragouophi-.J.iiuls 21, humans 201, ophIdia,p.s 314).

Atl.tbority Figtms: Thaddeus 'Irovin. (GE male- half-black dragon Tethytiap human wizard. 5"/ihagon disciple 10), "Nyct"it-, sha Olec (GE female .half-black dragon human fighter 2/wizard 8/dtago-nkit:hDn 3), }j..b:te;lUtll (GE half-black dragon ophidian -fighter 6/dragoi1li:ithfi", 2).

Im-port,,:nt Cbaracters: Kareen NfIJl'ias, CNE female- human wr;.<\fd 7tloremaster 3), DreavBomache eGE male human wizard c2/iigbter 1J.

-4SYJfia~d Classc5.· Bard, th~agOJl di:s~·iple, dragonki,thDta, e_1dr_itch blight;, .figh~l', lnilirnte of the draconic mysreriesi:t",

. .- - . - \ ,

_ .:r,1ssaci4fed SJeiZls;-1\J}_O~I']ed_g~{arcan!i), Knowledge (history),

~pellcdft, I

.Reuull'rmell!s;-ThoSf' who. wishtojoin must be at least -'ludlevel ~zards and have the Arcane- M-anipulaticl!lLE-feat. House

members are ~X:fiei:ted to expand theirrnagital knowledge bycreatiJlg two new magic 'items and help secure at least one lost Netherese artifact per year.

Bei_itijift: Those who cab meet their House responsibilities are give!] access tomagic texts. training in associated classes and skill~/::IJid the ability-to pl!_r_~aseserolls'aildpotio!ls at a.discount (based OJJ the standard. gold pjece value, stated in the '])~nge{J1l

MasttPsGuid~). -

~~pell Level l....q



, Followers who pro~-e_theit loyalty to HouseOrogoth.arealso, Ienr magic items for specific missions and' given access to bealing

and Tes~or_flt!WI spells, . -" ~ • .

sisterhood of· Bssembru

.For more than a-century a small sisterhood of half-song dragons has lived quietly in' the 'forests ofBartledale,

n isroru

Th~ Sisterhood is said t(j'have been starred by the children of Essembrameerytha (Essernbra), who carry Oil their mothe.r's


legacyof prorecriog the Dalelands,


III the Y'ear of t-h(O;Si:nhaia (916 DR), the'Iegendary adventuress Essernbra was born in a cottage tbat stood 011 the s-ite of -the preserit"day statue of Aencar in the Battledarran town that now bears her name. When Iawlessnesswas-the.rule in the Dalelands, Essernbra carved .out a name for -herselIFaerun-wide with her sword and her dearing. Famous f?E'f''plirnir1g an elf lord's advances (although she welcomed the 'embrace-of many other lovers) and for wrestling a dwarfkingto the death whencaptured in his gem mines,_Ess,embra's·flame."t~d·hair and_srI101dering red,eyeg-J;retraydl to all that she was more than human, However, hei::frii.e-song dragonnature 'W<l.S not revealed.until she abandoned her worldly wealth 'and achievenrents to wed the silver wyrrn -Te"s1."lj.-llidar "Manytalons" -FQr }1earS thereafter, she rodeon rlragonback'amid the clouds, but then the l'l<tir \WS 'seen ito more, AltlIongh-all manner of speculation 'exists as to her fate, the truth is that she and b,¢r mate retired to Eyenneet and dwell therestill.

, IJi her wake,.E'~sembta_r,Left behind several ha1f-son-g dragon daughters, .the -prodnct 'of various unieus with_ humans who caughdl~T- ~ancy. After the songdragon's dramatic departure, her daughters-dwale quietly in the woop~ at ;S_ittIedale": Many became skilled sorcerers, ca'p~bl~ of assuming human.form, Some. wed 1t1,ll1ULlS"or elves, while others. ·mated ' with. passing S011g ch,-;tgo11i;. Over time, their r;:inks ~vax,<'id and" maned as-death claimed -soule, while other female half-w\lgons (mostly hA)FsiJver 'dragoos' :3J1d half-song dragonsjjoined them in quiet fellowship, . Locals.have.always told stories of beauflfulflalf-dragon females





aiding travelers in 'trouble and then disappearing into the woods, and over. time these mysterious protectors became known as the Sisterhoed of Essernbra,

Tlle Sisterhood did not begin to coalesce into a formal organization until the Year of the Unstrung Harp (1371 PR), wben a strong force of Vhaerannian drew, tilt: vangiiard.ofthe nomadic' Au:ikovynclan, came through a previously unknown and unwatched p/Jrfi71 intheqreems beneath Bartledale's Abbey of the Sword, After 11 great battle, the drow vanguard slipped away and opened another port41 in the forests IIOt1:h of Esserhbra, bringing the r:_est of their clan into Connanthor. Essembras l.\aJf~dntgOll heirs organized the initial resistance to the invading draw, assembling all army of druids, clerics of Tempos, Battledarran militiamen, elves, and fey to drive the AuzkovYll Clan out of Banledale,

In the Year of Rogue Dragons (1373 DR), the Rage of Dragons swept over the Dalelands, and wynns of all hues began rampaging across ehe.sourhem Dales. The Sisterhood sought out metallic wyrms dwelling near Barrledale such as. Otaarytiakkar{l~ (LG female silver wyrm), Sunserealithanz (LG ~ale'bronze wYr.m), and Xanseilathampos (LG male bronze wyrm), offering to guard them while they slept in au effort to .fi.ghl" off the effects of the Dracorage, They then reached out to metallic dragons dwelling elsewhere in the Dalelaads and offered them succor as ·well.

Exaggerated rumors of the Sisterhood's activities spread anJong the chromatic dragons of the Heartlands, and soon evil.dragons began seeking individual sisters demanding they IIClp them as well. Thraxata "the Flamefiend' (CE female young adult red dragon) demanded their·"cu.re'" as well and reacted angrily when tJ:fey explained tbat they had .110 cure and could only guard her while she slept. In angel', the Flamefiend set fires across Bartledale ~ that consumed large, swaths of woodland.

Several months later, the Sisterhood learned of a newly -ruscovered spell, abate- dr(lcOl·(Jge~,· passed to them by a song aragon from the Cold Lands. The Sisterhood \\'3.5 instrumental in disseminating this magic a.ClOSS the Dalelands and getting it to dragons of all hues .in danger of succumbing to the Dracorage ."


In the wake of Sam master's Rage, tile Sisterhood has transformed itstlf into a formal organizacion and is act~vely recruiting new members. Under the leadership of Essernbra's granddaughter Anwae. a half-song dragon half·moon elf, the Sisterhood is

actively trying to 11elp yOUl~ metallic dragons and dragonborn who suffered devastating injuries during Sammasters Rage.or are paralyzed.with despair by their actions during the Draeorage,

. In.add i tion, the Sisterhood is also tr yin g to help dragonkili d:s vietims in tile Dalelands, for many lmmanoid communities suffered greatly under the attacks of maddened dragons. Many Dalefolk who once accepted non-evil dragons as ne~W,or5 now, view them with anger and suspicion. As a result, manydragonborn are now also unwelcome i)1 parts of the Dales. The Sisterhood is trying to help ease the tension while explaining what .really

caused the dragons to I1l.l.l.lpage. .

When not dealing with issues related f(l the afrereffects of .Samrnaster's Rage, the Sisterhood spends its time exploring new magic, creating new spell songs, and attending to the fey races of Battledale's forests. While Anwae doesn't want the Sisterhood to become directly involved in the Dragonfall War, they are likely to become involved hy giving comfort to Bahamut's dragonbom, The Sisterhood bas also been helping foUowers of Bahanmt find the meteorites that have landed in the Dalelands of late and keep them out ~f the hands of the Churcb of Tiarnat ana the Cult of the Dragon:

nep urnrion and. rnrerocrions

Anwae knows that other parts of Faenin also suffered from Sammasrer's Rage, so for the first time in itshistorj; the SistahqPd is expanding its activities outside the Dalelands. Groups qf fcll(ll~tS have been sent to Damara to help in the rebuild ing and to ;ij.nd out more informat.ion about the magic used during the Rage.


Many of t.he chromatic dragons who survived the Rage have not forgotten that the Sisterhood "refused" to cure them as the Dracorage consumed th~ Dalelands, So far, Thra:m:ta is theonly wynn who has openly attacked members of the Sisterhood, but other wyrms, including Shorliail (CE female very old red dragon);. have threatened to attack parts of the forest where leaders of the Sisterhood live as well.

"By giving aid and comfort to dragonborn followers of Bahamut, the Sisterhood has earned the ire of the Clum:h of I'iamat. Small bands of Dragon O:!!een worshipers have begun artacking solitary dragon born in the woods near Essernbra and along the

uoven for rhe DfQ'5o.nhorn

since the end ef'Bammaster's Rage, many nondragon devotees refuge to these dragonborn ~nd the chance to learn W~y5 of

of Bahamut have felt a strong urge to becomedragonbern. coping with. their new lives.

Some believe this is an afVllreffect of Sammasrer's Rage~ While the Sisterhood expects nothing ill return for its aid,

·while others l"hlnk it might tie due tothe·resunl£.ti~n of tile ~llI!ly dragonborn become members of the group as a way or.

D:r:agoruall WlU', ·tlnUJkirlg the Sisterhood for: it811clp; Those who Qon'tjojllcofte.n:

Wanting to 'help those interested ill transforming intq ~ visit the Sisters of Essembraand are willing to.aid them with.

dragons, tbe SistecilOod has stRl!ted devoting JDQfe resources sp~dfic errands or ruissieus, The Si5tcrlrbOq.ha~ helped enough

not only to 'helping with the t.l"a11s[orfillltioo, but also to giyLl)g ?f these l"railSfOl'rp.ees.. that two small d,t'ago):l botncommanides 1

~u:pport to thOse' WJlO have difficulty ,adjusting. Many metallic 'haveapp'rnlre~ in tb.e woods ncar E.s$erl1bra. The Sisrerhnod

dragonborn hl:Ye trouble leaving their old Ii ves behind; some ;IECS these comrnun ities tQ . .nleet with visitors aWl\.y frOlIl. their

are :n:ft:cted by their friends and fnmily.'The Sisterhood· offers ptivate areas.deeper in the forest.

• 4 ' •





roads to Bartledale. Aawae and her fellow Sisters expect such artacksare just "the beginning of a larger, loo~Sc"oIlRict.


'Thanh to their efforts during the most recent Rage of Dragons and the belp they offer dragonborn, the Sisterhood has made strong Iriendships with many of the metallic dragons Iiving in the Dalelands, The g.r:oup is on good terms with Otaaryliakkarnos(Lfi female silver wyrm), Suaserralithanz (LG male bronze, wyrm), Xanscilathampos (LG male bronze wynn), all of whom reside within the great forest of'Ccnnaurhor.

The Harpers and the Sisterhood have worked with eachother onoccasion and are on good terms, though a small amount of rivalry erists between the two groups. The Sisters have many allies among the Dalefolk as well, but the lingering scars of Samrnaster's Rage have bred

a fair hit of suspicion of their increasing open activities. The Sisterhood's ties with die church of Bahamnr are in theearly stages, but the two groups are likel)rto become- strong allies in the years ahead.

The Sisterhood's interest ill old magic and musi-

cal spells is attracting the arrenrion of Olothonror, ~ "the music-loving blue dragon who lives north of J" Waterdeep. The Minstrel Wyr,m has offered to ~ exchange musical knowledge with the Sisterhood,


~ if they are willing to send their best bards and

J.' musicians to entertain him in his lair. Essernbra's heirs are still i; considering the offer.


,-~' '::::


The Sisterhood of Essembra welcomes new Sisters, but they challenge those who wane to join the gtoUp to fi nd them !._Ising their own talents. In 'effect, the skills and methods used by would-be members to find the Sisterhqpd reveal their qualifications to become a member. Other thanadmaring only female-s, the only othe:r tesr Of membership is an accounting of how a potential member bas previously aided others.

Sisters of Essembra deliberately follow Essembra's path in life, delighting ill Wlp1tJUlOO advenrures and newfound friends,

. hilt evinciag a fierce loyalty to the people of Bartledale and their neighbors, Those who join the Sisterhood are taught methods of improving their spellcasting and performing skills. They are also provided access to spells and healing magic. In return, members are expected to undertake assignments for the Sisterhood and. generally help rhese ill need, Finding new music and magical knowledge.is also irriportant, but remains' a secondary concern

on most missions.

Sisterhood of E&SeIDbra (EJpansive Arcane], AL CG, NG, -_CN, N. LG; 20,000 gp resource limit; Membership 5"}'2; Isolated (h~'SOJ1g dragOl; humans 8, half-song dragon half-elves '2, half-silver dragon hUl11aJ;lS 4, half-silver dragon half-elves 3,

- I

gold, dragonborn 2, bronzedragonbom 3" copper dragonborn 7,

silver dtagOI:lbOnl 1'2, song dragonborn 16~ humans .277, lWf~ elves ~}8, moon and wood elves, 61, various fey races 19); Dues 100h tithe of any treasure found (mme).

Authority Figpl'es: Anwae Mavin (CG female .half-song dragenhalf-mcon elf monk 3/sotcerer 4/iriitiate of the draconic ll:!ysrerieso"", 3), Melinda Essem eeG female half-silver dragon half- Chondat han human fighter 6/sorcerer IjdJ'agonkithP'" 3), Nylan Brost'CGG male half-song dragon half-wood elf bard 7jdr;tgoruong lyristDro 1).

Hitportallt Characters: Valdenar Octi (LG male gold dragonborn Chondathan human paladin r/platlnum knigbtD'" '2.), Dreese Halgin (NG mal" Vaasan human rogue r/hoard stealerDra. 3), Assoc.iat{!a Class!!s: Archer, bard, dragon disciple, dragonkith'?"", druid, fighter, ill itiate 0[ the draconic myste.riesn .. , paladin, ranger, rqgue.

A$SDci~/ed suu» Perform, Profession (herbalisml Spellcraft,

&qui,.~nenls: Those who Wish to join must be at I east '2.l]d I evel an d ha'lre at least three ranks in 'Perform. On an ongoing basis, members are expected to use their ralentsro protect the community and are asked to go OJ] assignments for the

Sisterhood at least twice a year.

Be"dits: New members are given training to improve their-magical techniques and performance skills, ~ giving them +1 effective caster level on arcane spells with son ic' effects .. Likewise, membership in the Sisterhood glves all effective +!"bol1uS on bardic knowledge ~nd Knowledtle (arcana) checks relati.ng to dragons. Members can also ask to have spells cast all them for specific missions.

The Talons of Justice are anorder of silver dragons dedicated to Xymor (Bahamut) and the Ptarian Code, a set of values that governs their actions and world vision. :rlley must be even mote watchful nml', for the dragon rage is clouding their normally noble and good-iurentiorred minds.


Paladins- hold themselves toa higher standard than. other people ~Then those paladins happen to bedragons, they must be even more vigilant, for while they have great power to do good, they also have ~ incredible potential for destruction.


The Ptarian code was originally an oath sworn by those who served the King of JU5tice, but it came to be adapted as a codefor gold and silver dragons. The- Talons swear to it as their knightly oath, foUoi\iug- it quite strictly. These dragon knights traditionally served the King of Justice, performing important missions

and upholding tile virtues of their code. I

Most recently; the leader of the Talons \\>115 Havarlan (LG female wynn silver. dragon paladin 7), until she peri~Jed'fighting the minions of Sarnmaster ill. the climactic battle to end the Rage of Dragons.




The current leader of the Talons is Azhaq. Ashamed of his inability'to protect his brethren, 11C has vowed to reform the. Talons and steer it through the aftermath of the' Dracorage. Larendrammagar, also called "Nexus" (LG male great wynn.gold dragon sorcerer 10), and Tamarand (LG male great wyrmgold dragon) are not official members, but frequently work in concert with the Tal911s. A number of half-silver dragons (as well as a few half-golds) are beginning to join the Talons, a development spearheaded by Innerdain Justdark .•

The Talons hope to locate a roguesilver dragon paladin name Arendelootbos (LG male young silver dragon paladin 7). Arendelonthos was lost during the rage, having gone on a mission to round up other dragons for Sexus's sleep spell, but never returned. Anmdelonthos has actually galle rogue [rom the. organization. He-has not tamed evil, but the chaos and destruction committed by dragons. during the ra.ge bas soured him against tHe Talons.

neputrrtion nd rnreruct ions

Mo,,'L .l\'PCs in the world are unaware of the existence of the Talons of Juiitice. Dragons are inherently secretive, and this is a stoic and powerful lot. O(h r good forces that know-of them tend to respect them, though less lawful sorts feel that theTalons have exceedingly'elitise attitude. Evil groups that know of them, S:L1ru as ,the church of Tiamat, heap unrestrained SCOrn on the group, and seek to subvert and sabotage its efforts whenever possible.

Most first-time meeringswith Talons are extremely cordial, U111e55 they' ha ve a reason to mistrust a group or irrdividual (or that group or individual is evil), the Talons make every effort 4 to be polite and helpful.


The pr ' CIon code

A I"3loll of Justice must follow ehe Ptarian Code, an ancient coo of dragons ivitl! a strong emphasis on the honor and teachings of XYl11or, lord of all good dmgens. Knights are, expected to be pure of heart and deed, and to aid each other and the "small folk" that 1i\'C rhroughour Faenin, They 1ll1JSt seek our ana trl' to convert the forces of ev'i1, using violence OlUJ' as a Ia t resort. They pa}" homage to the Balancer (Lendys), Her Mercy (Tamara), and the justicemsker 1(X}'ll1or).

The Code: j

Justice and Good above all. Honor and Fealty to the King,

Honor and Respect to Rig11tCOLIS Innocence, ,

Honor and Duty to the Balancer, to Her ¥ercy, ana to

the Justicemaker.

Honor and Protection to the'Lesser Races.

Honor and Correction to the Enemies of 1J:ist'i!i=e and Good.

Honor and Forbearance for Oneself



The Talons of Tiamat, and other servants of the dark Il.uet:n..are swo~'n enemies of the Talons of Justice. Both seek ro undermine the plans of the other, though the Tiamatans frequently use more devious and underhanded methods.



The Talons have numerous allies, including other good aligned

dragons, Harpers, the chosen of Mystra, and other forces of good in Faeriln. The high road taken by the order .p1ight be too strict for some of these groups, bur they often find ,that their goals coincide ..


All members of the Talons of Justice are either full or halfdragons, Most araailver, though there are same half-gold members. The Talons watch potentials for a long time before inviting them to join the organizarien. All members are paladins, though many have levels in rile 'platinum knightDn prestige class. The Talons look for dragon paladins with srroug loyalty and vision.

Previously, when members were inducted, they were assigned to an experienced mentor-who guided them in their pursuit of justice and honor. The Talons were structu red in a rigid liierarchy with the high-knight at the top, followed by the lords, knights, trustees, and initiates. Due to the Dracorage, the structure of the Talons has been shaken LIp,

Characters joining the Talons have a unique opportunity to influence the organization's direction in com iug decades, The organization can be 11 major weapon for die forces of good, but it needs new blood-to continue its efforts,

The Talons ofJustice.(Medium R.eligious): 1\L LGj 75',000 gp resource limit; Me_U;bership 41; Isolated ('24 silver dragons, 1+ half-silver dragons, 3 half-gold dragons); Dues 10% tithe (none).

AUfboril), Figures: Azhaq (male ancient silver dragon paladin 9).

Important Cbaracters: Innerdain Justdark (LG male .half-silver dragon paladin 9/platinum knight f), Jaerlethket (LG male adult silver dragon paladin 6/vassal of Bahamut 1, advisor to King Gareth),

AJsociatr:cl Classes: Paladin. platinum knigbtIm, vassal of BahrunutooF.D.

Associoted Skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (nobility and royalty),

Kumyledge (religion), Sense Motive. .

Requh'eine!lts: At Ieast 8 or more ranks ill 2 of the f6llo~ng skills-s-Diplomacy, Knowledge (nobility androyalty], Knowledge (religion), Sense Motive.

Fa'T)ore4 ill Guild Be1llifit: NOlle

Special' All Talon members must be able to speak Draconic, they must be at least Ist-level va ladins, and they must be dragons

or half-dragons; .


"T,here are things in a 711)W1r(S lair that are 111£rr$ft than the dragon itielf'''

-Granger Hammerbanger, d\varf dragon slayer

Y~11 .5tI;onger than a dragon's sense of self-preservaeion, is its inherent need to amass treasure, and ~ ... _r dragons will take extreme measures to defend these valuable hoards, as many foolhardy adventurers have learned. In order- to protect their valuable-s, most dragons create elaborate safeguards in thell- lairs! everything from deadly traps to vigilant minions .. This -cl;apter details avariety of dragon-related challenges. including new traps and hazards, as well as several Dew types of dragon-related creatures often used as lair ·guardians.

. LQIr TrapS

Here .are some-of the most COl1llTIOll traps 'dragons utilize to protect their p'1:eeious treasure hoards,


CR 6 TrUpS

Baleful Folymorph Trap: CR 6; magic device, touch trigger (detcct"gp{J(t);"no':reset; spell effect (baleful polj71J{)1"pb, 9th-level wizard, Fortitude DC 17 ne-

gates); Sea):9J DC 30; Disable Device DC 30. Cost: 2,300 gp, 184 XP.

This trap is usually attached to a gem or other portable item.

When a good -characrer picks it, up, he is polymorpbed into- a harmless animal+-usually a toad or alizard, The: gem or other treasure disappears when the trap. is set Dragons frequently leave a few gems ill their hoard with these traps, as nasty surprises for would-be thieves.

Fiery Death Trap: CR 6; magic device; proximity -rrigger c-aeathwatch);automatic reset; spell effect (jlame strike; 9th-level cleric, 9d6 fire, Reflex DC 17 half); Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 30. Cost: 23,000 gp, ,1.840 :Xl'.

When a creature in fragile condition (aiil'e.a.lld wounded, with 3 or fewer hit points 'left', as noted in, the ~aJh7o!1a"tcJ.n'pell) is withiurange of the trapped object, the creature: is targeted by a ]linne strike spell

Pleshshiver Trap; GR 6; magic device; touch (searching or stepping 011 a pile -0f.c bones in aID-foot squarej.auromatit reset; spell effect (jlesbsbi'L'e;_EG, 9th-l~veL wizard" 1st round auromatic stunning. 2nd round 9d6 points of damage and nanse-

, -

ated.for Id4+1 rounds, Fortitude DC 17 negates); onset delay-S

rounds; Search DC 30; Disable Device DC 30. Cost: 22,100 gp; 1,800XP.

Frequenrly, dragons hide some valuabk-Jooklllg· gems amid the bones to tri(;f thieves intotouching the t;rapped 10-foot square full of bones. 'Iouching or searching the bones causes no immediate effect, However; 3 rounds later, the horrible spell effects begin to ,,'rack th!-'! character. The-trap is especially

. deceptive. because other party members might help thee searcher or stumbl~ onto the pile' affer him, not realizing. 'the conseqcences.iintil later, .,

. Summoll Black Abishai Trap:

CR 6; magic device; spell trigger (conjuration ani! necromancy); anromaric reset; spell effect (jfemmfJn monster .v;-9th-levd cleric, black abishai); onset -delay Id4 rounds; Search- DC 30; Disable Device DC 30. Cost: 22,5"00 gp, 1,800 XP.

This trap summons a black abishai into au area whenever a conjuration or necromancy spell is cast. The creature stays for 9 rounds and cannot snnimon other- baatezu, There is no limit to the number of creatures that can be summoned ill this manner, so characters who continue casting conjuration and necromancy spells continue to set oFf the trap. The church. of Tiarnat jealously guards the secret to making this trap. Priests of Tiamat have extra blessings they can add to their spells to

prevent trigger ing it,


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