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Office Word Handout

Office Word Handout

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Published by: wise4nice9op on Sep 17, 2010
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Along the top of the Word screen you see two different toolbars. Toolbars are groups of small

icons or buttons that help you access commonly used Word features without digging through

the menus. Word includes more than 20 toolbars to assist you but, by default, only the

Standard and Formatting toolbars are automatically displayed side-by-side along the top of

the Word screen.

If you look closely, you can see that the toolbar buttons are grouped into related activities.

For example, the Alignment buttons (left, centre, and right) are grouped together, and options

that relate to files, such as saving or opening, are grouped together. You'll learn how to use

these buttons in later chapters.


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1. Pause the mouse pointer over any toolbar item. The description of that feature will


2. Click on a toolbar button. The requested action will be performed.

3. Click on the Toolbar Options button²A set of additional toolbar button from which

you can select will appear

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