Stephanie Jones Music 21 Professor Traylor It was Wednesday, June 9, 2010, a concert was being held at the Walt

Disney Concert Hall. Who might be playing? It is the Jr. Philharmonic Orchestra presenting the 73rd Anniversary tribute Concert Spectacular! The seats all filled up very quickly, right when the doors open to their magnificent concert hall. Audiences rushed in to their assigned seats, as the concert was just getting started. Many different people attended this concert: from youth as low as ages seven and up, to senior citizens and even older I might add, and not only that, but there are different cultural differences amongst every one of the audience. This concert was not an ordinary concert, but it was also a tribute to the founding conductor of the orchestra, Dr. Ernst Katz. Also, guest starts came to perform at the concert such as Debra Marisa Greene, Wink Martindale, Dick Van Dyke, Ashley Brown, The Vantastix, Edward Asner, Stefanie Powers, Pat Boone, Connie Stevens, and even Richard M. Sherman the composer of many pieces from Disney movies. The concert was not just a classical music performance, but it included many aspects of the 20th century music pieces. The audience had a privilege to view the different kinds of music produced over time, this way making the atmosphere very enjoyable to the audience and the performers themselves. First, the orchestra starts the evening off with the Start Spangled Banner. This song is well known throughout the public because it is used as the patriotic song for the United States of America. It is a traditional piece now in the U.S., but the original words

it is one of Tchaikovsky’s most successful minor works . We have not studied this piece of music before in class. bass drum. during the Turkey and Serbian war. and strings (http://www. This song also makes me think about Moldau because of its Persian hint. 3 trombones. This posthumous suite is scored for 2 flutes. The texture of the music has a southern passion and correspondingly darker colors to it. to me. an English horn. was Marche Slave written by Pytor Ii’yich Tchaikovsky. who died 30 days after Carmen was first performed. and the tune was originally written as a British drinking song (http://www. The next piece that was performed by the audience was Carmen Suite No. 2 trumpets. harp. but it reminds me of the song the Moldau written by Bedrich Smetana (how both of the music sounds Persian).html).A. This original piece was written by Georges Bizet. The following piece. and it was approximately about a ten minute song.cs. This tune was written in 1876. Jr. 2 bassoons.ucla. triangle. The tempo would be considered andante. tympani. It was first performed at a concert given for the benefit of the wounded and through a “piece of occasion” and comparatively short. 1. The tempo marking would be allegretto and we have not studied this piece of music in class. The music was secular. and it also has seductiveness to it too.Jones 2 were written by an amateur poet named Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment in Fort Mchenry in the year 1812. performed by the L. castanets. 2 oboes. This piece of music. 4 horns. 2 clarinets. which is post Romantic Era.lasr. but it is well known to all Americans what purpose it serves.htm). Philharmonic Orchestra. sounds Persian. He had composed this piece of work in the year

and it is approximately three minutes long. a hint of opera. I have gone to another performance by the L. Making the experience to be extravagant. The person that created the program was intending this concert to fit everyone’s thought of entertainment. The tempo is to be marked adagio. featured in the film Mary Poppins in the year 1964 (http://www. Philharmonic Orchestra. and they had the same guest artist. They have classical and the Music man. being Pat Boone and Dick Van Dyke. and Robert B.html). Philharmonic Orchestra. but this time they have many different performers included.reelclassics. and it is a secular piece written approximately ten minutes long. it entertains the audience to everyone’s liking. The song was written by the Sherman Brothers. but this time it is being performed by the talented Ashley Brown accompanied by the L. to modern Disney music. that is what made it memorable. The variation included it this performance is what made it to be a good concert.Jones 3 (http://www. Disney songs.htm). The tempo marking would be moderato. Sherman. Jr. The song is in English. . I would consider this concert to be excellent. From early on classical music. It is a secular piece. Another piece that was performed was Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins written by Richard M.musicwithease. and we haven’t studied this song because of the year it was made. the piece was sung by Julie Andrews. but it reminds me of some opera songs in the Classical and Romantic Era. Jr.