Some Nuts and bolts

Analyzing a horoscope based on KP


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Some Nuts and bolts

-The Key My lovable souls,
All systems of astrology have their own unique methodologies. Acharyas and Rishis of India have found a lot of methods and rules in ancient days; every system of jyotish has its own rules. In modern age Kirshnamurti has discovered a new system of approach after his demise everyone handled KP differently. Some people called themselves as inventor even though they used KP principles. Here I am going to show the KP system to analyze a horoscope based on my approach. There is going to be some deviation in my approach still following the core of the KP system.

In my classroom, I always compare learning astrology to food preparation everyone has their own style of cooking. Even though the raw food items are same, but the outcome is different. Likewise people handling a particular system of astrology take new directions. After learning KP from various people, I started my own method with some intelligence and hard work.

I would like to share some reliable tips and tricks with my students. Nuts and bolts are useful to keep a machine in good running condition and shape. So, I am going to share some prediction methods for reading natal charts using KP principles.

I am going to discuss about a natal horoscope with few rules. The following horoscope is natal chart of Mohanlal, a famous film star of South India (Kerala).


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts Natal Chart of Mohan lal
Name Date of Birth Time of Birth Place of Birth Rashi Star Lagna CUSP ASC 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th Sgl Ven Mar Jup Sat Sat Jup Mar Ven Mer Moo Sun Mer Stl Mar Sat Ket Sun Mar Sat Ket Sun Mar Sat Ket Sun Sbl Moo Mer Moo Sat Ven Mer Rah Mer Ven Sat Moo Mer Ssl Rah Mer Ket Mer Sat Mer Jup Ven Mer Sat Jup Ven : : : : : : : Mohanlal 21-5-1960 16-22 IST Pathanamthitta-Kerala Meena Revathi Thula Sgl Ven Jup Jup Ven Jup Mar Jup Sun Sat Moo Ven Sun Stl Sun Mer Sat Moo Ket Sun Ven Sun Jup Mer Rah Ven Sbl Ket Ven Rah Mar Jup Moo Mer Moo Ven Mar Mer Rah SsL Ven Sat Ven Moo Moo Sun Sun Mer Sat Sun Jup Sun


----------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | | | | |Moon 21 5 16| | | | |Mars 14 30 11| |VIII 5 38 35| | |VI 5 35 12|VII 5 52 20|Sun 7 9 55|IX 4 30 44| | |Ven 28 26 7|Merc 11 50 23| | | | | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------| | NAME:Mohanlal | | | | SATURDAY 21 5 1960 | | |Ketu 28 1 16| Time 16 22 | | |V 4 6 28| | | | | SID.TIME 7 h. 55 m. 24 s. |X 3 35 55| | | |Uran 24 2 17| | | NAKS:Revati-PADA 0 | | | | | | :---------------| PLACE:PATHANAMTHITA INDIA |---------------| | | | | | | LAT 9 deg 10 min N | | | | |X1 4 6 28| |IV 3 35 55| Long 76 deg 46 min E |Plut 10 22 57| | | |For 19 47 41| | | Ayan 23 d. 12 m. 49 s. |Rahu 28 1 16| | | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | | | | |Sat -R 24 45 47| |Nept-R 13 55 48| | |Jup -R 8 55 17|II 5 38 35|Asc. 5 52 20| | |III 4 30 44| | |XII 5 35 12| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | ----------------------------------------------------------------DASA BAL. Merc 11 Y. 4 M. 12 Days ENDS ON 1 10 1971


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts

Lagna Bhava
-Root of life Rising Lagna is the major factor to analyzing natal chart. Life of the native is being determined by the significance of lagna sub lord. Seed of the life is contained in lagna and it works along with other houses based on its nature.

To know the purpose of the birth and nature of karma native has in this birth; we want to study the lagna sub lord. In example chart, Lagna sub lord is Moon. That Moon in star of Mercury and sub of Venus. Mercury signifies 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12. Venus signifies 1, 7, 8, and 11th houses. No if we combine the Mercury and Venus house significations, we can find few things about the native as follows:-

1) Houses 1, 6, 10, 11 indicate successful life and achievements in business. If the lagna connected with 1, 5, 9 that person will become a monk or serve others. So the lagan defines the nature of birth (karma) in all horoscopes.

2) 8th house is vyaya bhava for 9th house hence shows brake in higher education. If the lagna indicates 3rd house then it makes brake to the basic education itself.

3) Mercury signifies 9, 12 and Lagna sub of sub Venus located in movable sign. That indicates the native will travel widely including the travel to overseas too in his life time.

4) Lagna sub of sub Venus shows 7, 11 indicate good married life. Here Venus works as a karaka for marriage. That same lagna sub lord’s star lord signifies 1,6,10 that shows some problem occur in married life or positive separation based on profession.

5) Lagna connected with 11th house in 2, 5 and 11. This shows the native will have children. If the lagna is connected with 4th then we want to consider that the native will not be blessed with children. Even the lagna not connected with 5th


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts
house there is a possibility for getting children. The vyaya bhava of 5th only play major role to restrict the children to the native.

6) Strength of lagna bhava should be measured by various aspects. But I use the method, the lagna sub / star of sub lord/ sub of sub signify the 1st or 10th house then the native will be a famous and well known person by society. Here the lagna sub (moon) signifies the 10th house, the star of sub lord (Mer) signifies 10th house and sub of sub (Ven) signifies and 1st house. Lagna lord and lagna sub lord giving aspect to the lagna itself. This kind of relationship of lagna and sub lords makes the native highly self confident and well known personality in the society.

7) How to find whether a Native is a VIP or not? There are three possible combinations for a native to become well known person in the society and they are: A) Born in an unknown family and becoming a famous personality by their own talents. This indicated by 10th house signify the lagna. ( 10 B) 1) Example: Abdul Kalam, Bill Gates.

Born as a child of a famous person based on that getting fame without any skills. This indicated by lagna signify the 10th house. (1 10) Example Princes of a kingdom, children of film actors and

cricketers. C) Born in famous family and also got name and fame based on their skills. In simple word point A and B connected together. This indicated by 10th house signify the lagna as well as lagna indicate the 10th house. ( 10 1) Example: Javarhal lal Neru, Rajiv Gandhi.

In the chart of Mohanlal the lagna connected with 10th house as well as connected with 9th. So he has born in the small family and his father is well known lawyer. The 9th house reduces the energy of 10th to become famous by birth. 10th house sub lord Saturn in star of Venus signify the lagna makes the native well known to others


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts
based on his skills and work. So Mohanlal’s horoscope will fall into the category of A per the above rule..

8) Physical body indicated by the lagna sub lord. Moon connected with Meena Rasi (Jupiter) and Mars shows good complexion and well built body.


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts

Education of the Native
- Acquiring the Knowledge

Education of the native should be analyzed by 4th, 9th and 12th houses. The house of education connected with each other then the native will get good education. If the same houses connected with 3, 8 then the native get trouble in educational path.

In our example chart: the 4th house sub lord Saturn is in star of Venus and this Venus signify 11th house for getting good basic education and 3rd house for having problem in basic education path. The 4th sub lord’s star lord not deposited in 3rd house (vyaya bhava for 4th house) because of this connectivity he had only trouble in education path not in completion of basic education.

Higher education indicated by 9th house. The sub lord of the 9th cusp is Venus, and this Venus is in the star of Sun. The Sun indicates 8, 11. The 8th house is the vyaya bhava of 9th. And the Sun itself deposited in its own star and placed in 8th house. This makes the brake in higher education for this native.

Research level of education is denoted by 12th house and in this example chart the sub lord of the 12th house is Mercury. This Mercury is in star of Moon and this signifies again 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12th houses. Even the 12th sub lord connected with 9, 12 that connectivity spoiled by the 8th house. 12th house connecting with 10th house, he may get any honorary title or certificate for higher knowledge, but not a true research based education.


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts

Married life
-Node of two karmas Marriage life is analyzed using the houses of 2, 7 and 11 in KP. The concept of marriage is already explained by lot of KP astrologers in their books and articles. So I am going directly to explain the native’s marriage life.

7th cusp sub lord Rahu in the star of Sun and this Sun signifies 8 and 11. The marriage life is well satisfied because of 11th house connection. Life partner comes from high finance status compare to the native and support the native in finance and development because of the 8th house connectivity.

Sublord of 7th cusp shows the nature of life partner. Rahu being the sub lord of 7th cusp deposited in 11th house. So the life part comes from known family. Rahu act as a Sun in sign level and star level. No other planet in Rahu star, Jupiter giving 9th aspect to Rahu.

Sun conjunction with Mercury who is lord of 9 and 12 indicate the life partner comes from little far place. (Not in same town). The Jupiter connected with 3 and 6th house indicate the life partner comes in the relationship of profession.

7th house sub lord is Rahu and not connected with 5th house, so the native got arranged marriage. Rahu denotes some difference in sub caste, religion or social status. The native may have this kind of difference with life partner.

Lagna sublord is moon and 7th cusp sublord is Rahu, after comparing both planets nature. The native looks better than life partner. Rahu in Simmha rasi and Simmha rasi denotes eastern direction. So the life partner comes from east direction.

7th house sub of sub is Moon and this Moon signifies 6, 8,9,10 and 12. The house 6, 10 is not good for marriage life. So the native may have some trouble in married life, Kind of separation because of profession.


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts

Child Birth
- Offerings to the Mankind

Child birth is connected with 2, 5, 11 houses. KSK explains to give important for 11th house in progeny if the native is male. But I am using 5th house for both genders. In natives horoscope 5th house sublord is Venus, which deposited in Sun star. Sun signify 11th house. So the native will be blessed with a child.

In analyzing the progeny there is a difficult task about finding the gender of the child and number of children. For this I am using some basic principle.

Finding the Gender : 5th house indicates first child. If the sub lord of 5th house deposited in odd sign then male and in even sign, then female. Rahu and Kethu connecting with sub lord then the gender changes to opposite gender.

Here 5th cusp sub lord is Venus, that deposited in Sun star and Moon sub. Venus is not connected with nodes. This Venus deposited in Mesha which is an odd sign. First Child for this native is Male.

7th cusp sublord is Rahu, that deposited in Sun star and Moon sub. Here Rahu itself a node and deposited in Simha rasi an odd sign. So the second child should be a male. Because of node connection in this case the gender will be changed to female.

Number of children: Sub lord gives some clue to find number of children. With the blessings of guru and the god, we can defiantly make the exact results. Finding the number of children is little difficult in modern society. Because some people‘s having hidden relationships. So they do not agree even with the astrologers when say right or an astrologer get confused because of their hidden answers. Based on the barren sign and planets we can find of the number of children form the horoscope. The infertility works for every one. If the native having 3 kids then the 4th


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts
child providing cusp connects with barren matters. That means the 4th child providing cusp itself making a lock or natural family planning to the native.

Like wise this rule applicable for third child and second child. The first child giving cusp itself connected with the barren sings and planets then the native not able to give any more child birth. Before going to the description I would like to explain the barren connectivity in astrology. Barren Signs : Mesha, Mithuna, Simmha, and Kanya

Barren Planets : Mars and Kethu Barren Bhava : Vyaya bhava for main house. Collaboration of the above characteristics we can judge the number of children in a natal horoscope.

In our example chart the 5th house cusp sub lord is Venus, Which deposited in barren sign Mesha and not connected with vyaya bhava of 5th house and Mars /Ketu. Because of this connection the native had one child.

The 7th cusp sub lord is Rahu, which deposited in Simha a barren sign and not connected with vyaya bhava of 7th house and Mars/Kethu. Based on this connection the native got another child too.

The 9th house sub lord is Venus and deposited in barren sign of Mesha. This Venus is the significator of 8th house, the vyaya bhava of 9th. The Sun only makes this kind of connection through Venus. Sun is deposited in Ketu Sub. So the native was not blessed with a third child. The childbirth is locked from 9th cusp.

This kind of analysis helps to determine the number of children. But in olden days people got 15 – 16 children in a family. For that kind of approach we need some other rules to give clarifications. The rule that I am using for minimum birth is valid up to 5 children. I hope this rules helps us determine the number of children in a given natal horoscope.


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts

- Mid heaven between the birth and death

Another difficult task in astrology is finding the Profession though horoscope. Based on the karakathva of a sign, planet and bhava we can judge the profession. We have nine planets, twelve sign and twelve houses. But we are having millions of professions around the world in this 21st century.

Most of the people argue that through astrology, it is not possible to determine the exact profession. With blessings of Guru we can do the task in simple manner. Before starting the work, pray deeply. The inner force gives us some flash about the subject, even though we may face millions of difficulties.

The subject of determination profession is the keep on evaluating one. When Varahamihra, Kalidasa and KSK are lived that time computer profession did not exist. Just making this as a reason, we can’t say that there is a difficulty to find computer profession in astrology.

We should keep on update our knowledge based on characteristics of sign and planets. Few years back we don’t know about BPO and Call centers in India, but it s a very common type of a profession. So we have to keep up to date with the time.

Here I would like to discus about few professions. S.No Profession 1 2 3 4 5 6 Transport / Travel Finance Computer and Communication Film field Political Teacher Bhava 3,9,12 2,6,11 3,9,11 3,5,11 2,3,8,9,10 4,11 Planet Mer , Moon Jup , Mer Mer, Venus Venus Mars, Sat Mer Sign Mithuna, Dhnus Vrishabha Mithuna Mithuna, Simha Simha,Vrischika Kataka


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts
S.No Profession 7 8 9 10 Professor Doctor Advocate Astrologer Bhava 4,9,11 1,6,10 1,6,10 1,5,9,12 Planet Jup, Mer Mars, Sun Jup Sat, Mer Sign Dhanus Kumbha Mithuna Dhanus and Meena

The combination of profession given as per my observations and by checking with few sample charts we can decide profession based on our approach.

In our example chart, 10th cusp sub lord is Saturn. The sub lord of 10th cusp shows nature of profession. 10th cusp sublord Saturn in star of Venus and Saturn significator of 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8. So the Saturn connected with 3, 5 houses and Venus. The Saturn gives aspect to Mithuna rasi. Based on above combination, we can decide the native would be a film actor.

The 10th cusp sub lord connected with a dual sign, Mer / Jup and along with some other planets then the nature of profession become dual / multiple. Connection with other bhava and signs the nature of profession goes in various form and flavors.


Swami Omkar

Some Nuts and bolts

-End of the cusp

I have shared my little knowledge to you all. Taking these my nuts and bolts as a core, improve your ideas and give it to others. Without breaking this chain, we want to give the light from one hand to another hand.

The rules and approaches which I have discussed here works only on rectified horoscope. Without rectification of birth time, if we checked any famous people’s horoscope then we can end with failure readings. Here I rectified the birth time from 16:20 IST to 16:21:52 based on the RBT technique. One of my students, Raghunatha Rao Nemani is writing a paper on “Rectification of Birth Time” taught by me. So, reading that RBT paper may help you to do the birth time rectification prior to analyzing the natal charts.

We can see the explanation that I have given under Lagna title only explained in details manner with other topic. So I kindly educate that first we want to see lagna deeper before going to other cusps.

In our organization every Sunday we provide VIP charts to our students. In that chart we are not disclosing the birth data or any other relevant information of native along with chart. With only the cusp and planet position, our students will predict more than 60% of accuracy based on above rules. So I conclude that based upon these approaches people can give more then 60% accuracy.

I thank Pranav (Madhu N.Nair) for providing the birth data of Mohanlal. I am thankful to all of my students and followers, for giving me this opportunity to share my knowledge. The Nuts and Bolts alone do not make a big machine. But without nuts and bolts we can’t imagine the machine. I pray the supreme, to give me the energy to share more knowledge and light in future.

-Om Tat Sat-


Swami Omkar