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Internship Report - Muhammad Bilal

Internship Report - Muhammad Bilal

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a. Detailed description of the operations / activities performed by the department(s) I

worked in.

Every successful organization uses different departments to fulfill its tasks and functions
with the coordination of work force, technology and available resources. These all
departments interlinked with each other with their particular responsibilities and make
their required contribution in achievement of organization goals and objectives.

In the context of aforesaid statement, Image Garments also have a conventional
organizational structure. Following is the detailed description of the operations / activities
of the departments, I worked in;


Purchasing department is indirectly attached with production department. Production
department requires production material and accessories, therefore it raises demands /
requisitions of materials and accessories purchase to Purchase department. The purchase
department receives those requisitions and call quotations from market and issue
Purchase Orders to selected vendors. Vendors provide the agreed Quantity on agreed rate
by keeping the levels of quality, as per Purchase Orders. Following activities have been
performed at Purchase department;

• Take quotations from different suppliers in the market with respect to orders
requisitions and submit the same to CEO for approval.
• Making of “Blanket Purchase Agreements” and “Purchase Orders” in Oracle E-
Business Suite 11i, by taking the rate, quality and Source mentioned on approved
comparative statements.
• Checking of Planning “Need by Dates” in Oracle planning system with respect to
Requisition for making the aforesaid PO.
• Verification of ‘Quantity of items’ calculated by ERP against Orders and

• Initiate the Purchase order in the Approval hierarchy of Purchase Order, in Oracle E-
Business suite.

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The Finance Department of Image Garments plays a vital role in managing the
transactions and allocation of resources. The Finance Department is further divided into 3
segments on the basis of their respective core activities.

i. Finance Department

ii. Accounts Department

iii. Costing and Budgeting Department

The details of operations / activities of each section are as follows;

i. Finance Department

In every organizing, Finance department considers as the pillar of the organization.
Therefore, it requires an effective control and financial information system, to track down
the Cash inflows, Cash outflows, Control uncertainties, Investments and their respective

Keeping in view the aforesaid areas, the Image Garments have well skilled & trained
professionals as well as quality Information System (ERP Oracle E-Business Suite 11i),
which helps the organization to enhance its efficiency.

Following are the activities performed by the Financial Department at Image Garments
(Pvt) Ltd;

• Estimation of the Business Prospects

• Developing Budgets with the help of other divisions of the business as well as the
higher authority

• Short and long term Collections

• Short and long term Payments

• Calculations of markup on Financings.

• Review of Lease Installments schedules.

• Analysis of Risk and Returns on Investments.

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• Management of Taxation.

• Debtors & Creditors Ageing Analysis.

Financial department starts its process with evaluation of business, financial position and
encounter that long and short term receipts and payments.

ii. Accounts Department

The Accounts Department is responsible for various accounting activities including the
task of preparing the comprehensive monthly, quarterly and annually Financial

Following activities have been performed by Accounts Department at Image Garments;

• Verify the Monthly Stock Taking Reports

• Checking Over time Detail sheet & Payment sheets

• Checking Security staff Over Time

• Checking of New Appointment, Missing Days, Reinstate, Arrears Bills

• Checking of Daily Wages Bills

• Checking of Final Dues

• Checking Leave Encashment

• Checking Contract Wages sheets (Twice in a Month)

• Checking Incentive Payment sheets (Twice in a Month)

• Checking of Extra Payment sheets

• Checking the ‘overview’, ‘distribution accounting’ and ‘Status of payments’.

• Checking of Prepayments and advances made, through a defined mechanism,
properly documented and followed by the finance department.

• Verification of the Approval hierarchy of Invoices.

• All kind of Gate passes Receive Reconcile Maintain & send to Head Office.

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• Preparation and Verification of Vouchers on Daily Basis & Prepare Expense
Detail Summary

• Prepare & Verify the Utility Bills (Electric, Telephone, Sui Gas)

• Verify the Monthly Voucher’s of Contract Vehicle, Photocopier, Subsidiaries

• Verify the Fuel & Maintenance Bills, Mobile Bills.

• Prepare the Assets Detail Time to Time.

• Prepare the Over Head Detail & Salary Comparison.

• Maintain of All kind of Record in Files for Audit.

• Preparation and Checking of Final Settlements.

• Verification of GRN and receipt against Invoices.

iii. Costing & Budgeting Department

Budgeting is a tool which helps the management in ensuring of its business Objectives.
Based on past performances and experience Key Performance Indicators are defined by
budgeting department which are used in evaluation of department performance. In Image
Garments main responsibilities of budgeting department involved validating of cost sheet
prepared by merchandiser, making budgets of order received, presentation of final budget
analysis to Board of Management after shipping of order and making of monthly
departmental budgets to control expenses.



Operations department of Image Garments is subdivided in to two departments

1. Production Department

2. Processing Department

The detailed activities of aforesaid departments are as follows;

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1. Production Department

i. Production, Planning and Control Department (PPC)

Production, Planning and Control Department helps the organization to make effective
use of production facilities towards the right direction, in given period of time.

PPC department has been subdivided into three divisions,

♦ Production Planning

♦ Control

♦ Yarn

The PPC department gets Purchase Orders from merchandisers and performs making of
‘Bills of Materials (BOM)’ and Planning against such orders. As the PPC is involved at
each level of Purchase Order, therefore, the activities of PPC department is segregate in 3
divisions, which are as follows;


This division plans the whole Po with order specifications, work schedule, time line for
knitting, dyeing (Lot Making), finishing and up till dispatching of fabric to customer
(Apparel Division).


This division actually looks after the PO time line execution for in time production and
dispatching to customer. Many people name this division as Peechay Peechay Challo
(PPC) due to its involvement in PO.


This division makes the availability of yarn in time before knitting gets started.

ii. Fabric:

Image Garments obtains following types of Fabrics after processing the fibers and threads
from outsourcing;

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Types of Fabric:

a) Jersey

• Single Jersey

• Heavy Jersey

• Bird eye Jersey

• Striper Jersey

• Lycra Jersey

• Seeded Jersey

• Printed Jersey

b) Pique

• Pique Locust

• POP – Corn Pique

• Honey Combed Pique

• Mesh Pique

c) Inter Lock

• Simple interlock

• Sueded interlock

d) Rib

• Rib 1*1

• Rib 2*2

• Rib 11*1

• Rib 15*1

e) Fleece

• Fleece

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• Sueded Fleece

f) Terry

• Brushed Terry

• French Terry

• Baby Terry

iii. Cutting:

PPC department (Production, planning and control) issues requisition to cutting
department. The cutting department takes the fabric from folding department and cuts the
fabric according to the specifications & need. Before cutting, the Cutting Manager checks
ply to ply shade. Moreover, he cuts out continuity and make mock up for approval shade
of trims. Fabric cutting manager checks marker species and shape of lay. Later on, group
members of cutting department arrange shape of lay in the bundles and record the same
in the job cards.

From the cutting department the fabric is transferred to the store from where the fabric is
issued on the required floor.

The objectives of cutting department are as follows;

• Quality control

• Cutting

• Minimize Wastage

iv. Induction:

After cutting department fabric comes in induction department. In induction department
fabric pieces are arranged in sizes, colors and Purchase Order wise.

Induction department is the responsible of the quantities, maintain, balance of receiving
from the cutting department. Others responsibly of the induction department is issues the
particular quantities to stitching department for furthers operations.

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v. Stitching:

Stitching department is one of the well equipped machines departments in the field of the
Textile in Pakistan that’s why there are most of the loyal customers of the Image
Garments from all over the world especially American eagle, Converse and Tommy

The stitching department consists of 524 helpers on daily wages working in the whole
stitching department and having 400 stitching machines. Every machine operator has a
unique no to find out the any type of the fault.

The objectives of the stitching department are

• The cost minimization and

• To minimize wastage

• Best utilization of time

• Quality control by line checker

Following are the specification of fabric pieces which are stitched at Image garments;

• EMB / Pockets

• Placket

• Collar/ Collar Closing / Labels

• Shoulder (Left)

• Arm Hole (Left)

• Sleeve Hem (Left)

• Side Seam (Left)

• Side vent (Left)

• Care Label Placement

• Bottom Hem

• Side vent (right)

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• Side Seam (right)

• Sleeve Hem (right)

• Arm Hole (right)

• Shoulder (right)

The Machines available in stitching department of Image Garments are as follows;

1. Over Lock

2. Flat Lock

Over Lock

Single Needle
2 Threads

Single Needle
3 Threads

Double Needle
4 Threads

Double Needle

Elastic Attach

Flat Lock

Cylinder Bed
5 Threads Mini Cylinder
5 Threads

Flat Seaming
5 & 6 Threads


Flat Bed

4 Needles
6 Threads

Body Hem
5 Threads

Puller Attach

Feed of the Arm (inseam + Flat seam)

Flat Bed
Elastic Attach

Tap Attach

Multi Needles
(6T, 4N) Manual

Auto Trimmer

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vi. Packing:

Packing is the process by which garments dispatched for the shipment on the requirement
of buyers.

At Image Garments following two types of packaging;

Solid packing -- In which organization uses the same size and colors of garments
in one poly bag.

Assorted packing -- In which organization not used the same size and colors of
garments in one poly bag.

Image Garments follow the packing instructions provided by the buyers. Such
instructions are as follows;

• Colors

• Size

• Fold size

• Insert board

• Upc sticker

• Pcs/pack

• Poly bag

• Master poly bags

• Pcs/carton

• Size sticker

Lock Stitch

Double Needle
4 Threads

Zig - Zag
2 Threads



Button Hole Button Attach

Single Needle
2 Threads

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• Baler bag sticker

• Carton sticker

• Magic tape solo tape

vii. Shipping Department

At Image Garments, Shipping department is performing two functions

• Ware House.

• Maid-Up Dispatch

Shipping department is responsible to dispatch all types of Export after packing. It
depends on the marketing department when it should be dispatched. The prime
responsibility of the shipping department is to make “maid-ups dispatch Report”.

Shipping Department has a continual liaison with Marketing Department and to fix
stickers according to the customer demand on the cartoons. The dispatch report also send
to the head office and as well as customer. Maximum container capacity is to six
containers per day.

2. Processing Department

Processing Unit of Image Garments (Pvt) Ltd has a paramount importance because it
actually provide the finish fabric product which is sent to customer as made up after
converting the fabric into the required stitched product.

Image Garments obtains all Processing services from Outsourcing. Following are the
outsourcing departments from which Image garments obtains services;

• Knitting Department

• Digital Design Studio

• Bleaching Department

• Printing Department

• Dyeing Department

• Finishing Department & Folding Department

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Main Store


The Inventory Department is also under the Finance Department. There are different
types of stores given below: - Main Store (General Items)

i. Accessories Store

ii. Fabric Stores

iii. Shipment Store

iv. Leftover & Rejection Store

The detail of important stores is given below;

i. Fabric Store

PO wise fabric comes from the outsourcing units, according to the purchase order.
Fabrics issued towards cutting depart on requisition.

ii. Accessories Store

Accessories store provided the accessories like Thread, labels, Buttons, Ploy bags and
stickers on the requisitions from departments.

iii. Shipping Store

After completing the Garments for the export purpose is sent to the shipping store.

iv. Leftover & Rejection Store

All the waste and rejected pieces are sent to rejection store.

Moreover, Image Garments has strong inventory management system (IMS) which is
divided in following two sections;





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i) General

All the things not directly related to the production but are necessary or supporting to the
production, i.e. Mobiles, computers, stationary, Air Conditioners, Electric Generators,
Furniture and Fixture etc.

ii) Accessories

All the things that are related to the production and are directly used in producing the
finished products are kept in accessories division i.e. Buttons, stitching thread, inlay
cards, labels, poly bags etc.

Working of Store

The working at store consists of following three divisions: -

i) Counting

When Image Garments purchase any thing from the market the buyer often delivered it to
main stores. After checking of security the Inward Gate Pass (IGP) is prepared and is
forwarded to the counting section. Afterward, all the purchased material is send to the
quality section from store.

ii) Quality

Quality section is responsible for the quality of the goods purchased. If the goods relate to
general division than the person who has ordered it, verified the quality of such goods
and if the good relate to accessory division, Image Garments quality assurance team
checks the quality of such goods very carefully. If the quality of the good is up to the
mark than the good is forward to the store department otherwise it is rejected.

iii) Store

Store is responsible for stocking the goods & accessories and further issues, if the
demand is made by any authorized person. It is a complete system to stock and manage
all the accessories. After receiving the Goods Received Note (GRN) from the ‘quality &
quantity section’ the staff of store verifies quantity of that good once again physically. If
the quantity of the accessory found complete, they stock it, in specific rack and records
the same.

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