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Planning procedures/managing Interfaces/charting Responsibility

Richard Beckhard Reuben T.Harris


The typical way of resolving these dilemmas are to: 1) Try to get clearer job descriptions of each job or position involved.


Use a mediating mode (e.g., upper management define the responsibilities of the various roles) 3)Utilize inter group development activities designed to clarify responsibilities, authority and reward

Responsibility charting 


There are four classes of behavior: Responsibility. Approval req. Support. Inform.

Responsibility (R)
Thy responsibility to initiate action to ensure that the decision is carried out.

Approval required (A-V) (AThe particular item must be reviewed by the particular role occupant, and this person has the option of either vetoing or approving it.

Support (S)
Providing logistical support and resources for the particular item.

Inform (I)
Must be informed and , by inference , cannot influence.

Important aspect of this technique. 

There are 3 options:

Some Further Guideline in the process 

Some Application


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