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1. BEGINNERS SHOULD READ: (Tips for New Users.) The Dirty Dozen!!! 1.

Have a surge protector on your system (electric and phone). I use Belkin SurgeMaster II Electric and Phone Line Protection. UL 1449 Rating of 330V. $50,000 Connected Equipment Warranty. Cost $39. 2. When you are thru using your computer for the day Close all open programs on your Taskbar, then go to the Start Button then Shut Down, then turn the power off. When you go on vacation or there is a violent thunderstorm, unplug the electric and phone line 3. You need a good anti-virus program (Norton is #1) installed, and keep it updated. When you first install it, you must update because it is already over 6 months behind. With Norton 2002, it will update you automatically every 4 hours if you are on line. Most viruses come from an attachment sent with the email. Also beware of floppy disks from friends. Never open a file sent to you with a .exe extension. These are executable programs that may contain viruses or worms that could plant back doors on your computer. After you have updated, go to Start, Programs, Norton AntiVirus, and click on Rescue Disk, Basic Rescue and the A: drive should already be selected, if not do so. Click on Create and a warning will come up, click on Yes and follow instruction. You'll need 6 floppy disks. If a virus does kill your computer, these disks will help bring it back to life. See #46. 4. Move, resize, Minimize, Maximize, and close a Window. To move a window, put your cursor on the Title Bar (top line of the window), left click and drag to another location. To resize a Window, put your cursor on either of the four sides and when your cursor changes into a double arrow, left click and drag till you get the size you want. At the upper right you'll see three buttons: __ Minimizes the window, but leaves the program running (It is in your TaskBar) [ ] Maximize Button: It will enlarge the window to fill the screen. X Close Button: Click on this to close the program. 5. Buy the Dummies books, Teach Yourself Visually books, or CD tutorials on Windows 98/Me/XP and study them, you will be amazed at what these operating systems can do. Subscribe to Smart Computing 1 800 733 3809 or go to: http:// PLEASE CLICK HERE 6. Tours and Tutorials. Go to Start, Help, and near the top click on Tours and Tutorials. You can spend the day here going on the Internet Tour, Desktop Tour, My Pictures Tour, Start Menu Tour, Playing Games Tour, etc. 7. The size of the bar in your vertical scroll space tells you the size of the file you are viewing. If it fills half the space, you're looking at half of the file. If it fills 10% of the space, there is 90% left, and etc. 8. If you click on __ [ ] X in the upper right hand corner of your Window by mistake, move your cursor to an empty spot before you let it unclick, and the computer will do nothing. 9. If you need practice with your mouse, play Solitaire. If you don't need practice with your mouse, play Solitaire. Let me repeat and repeat and repeat, when typing a document, save the data every few minutes so if something happens to your computer you will not have to do the work all over again. Just do Control S very often. 10. Type: This Computer belongs to: Then type your name, address, and phone number into a WordPad document and name it FBI, then Save. If your computer is ever stolen it will identify the owner. Sample: This Computer belongs to: JOE ISAAC 123 Main Street Lexington KY Phone 888 555 1234 11. What are Boot Up, Desktop, and Taskbar? The screen you're looking at when you first turn your computer on (boot up) is called a Desktop. The small pictures on the left of the Desktop are called Icons, when you click or double click on one of them it opens a program. The Bar that goes across the bottom of your Desktop is called a Taskbar. Remember Desktop, Icons, and Taskbar and what they are. 12. THE VITAL ABC's: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO THEM.


A: AntiVirus Update. Right Click on the Norton AntiVirus icon in the tray (close to the clock) Click on Open Norton AntiVirus and at the top of the Screen click on Live Update. (You must be online when you do this.) For more information go to #46. Viruses in the Top Fifty Tips B: Windows Update. Go to Start > Windows Update and download all critical updates. This will help save you from crashes and hackers. C: Save Your Data Save your Data: Email Addresses, Bookmarks or Favorites, Important Documents, Quicken Data, etc. Go to: EMAIL ADDRESSES AND BOOKMARKS: (How to save them.) See Tip #13 SAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS: in the Top Fifty Tips below: See Tip #32

2. BLACK ICE AND ZONE ALARM. (A Firewall protects you from Hackers.) If you are using DSL, ISDN, or a CABLE MODEM you need a firewall to keep Internet thieves, vandals and hackers out of your computer. If you can't be seen, you can't be attacked! The firewall Black Ice works fine. On sale is it around $25. There is a free one called Zone Alarm but they try to get you to buy the Zone Alarm Pro which will cost you $39.95 You can download Zone Alarm or Zone Alarm Pro from this web site. Windows XP has a built in Firewall. To see if XP's firewall is enabled, go to Start > Settings > Control Panel, and click on Network Connections. The default is Enable. If you wish to Disable or Enable: Right Click on the Local Area Connection, click on Properties, click on the Advanced tab and check or uncheck "Protect my Computer......) You can use the web page below to check your security when you are on the Internet. Shields Up


3. BLIND CARBON COPY: (Stop publishing your friends' email addresses.) OUTLOOK EXPRESS 6.0. (Other email programs are similar.) It allows you to send a large number of emails out and the recipient will see only one address, the rest are hidden. After the email is sent, the sender can go to Sent and click on that email do ALT + ENTER. then click on Details and all the addresses will appear to the sender only. To start, click on Create Mail, then click on To and options open up, To, CC, BCC, click on BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) If you have a number of email addresses in a folder, HIGHLIGHT that folder or individual names (hold the Control Key down to highlight several names), still better, put the names in a group folder and just click on the folder and BCC, then OK. Now you will not expose everyone's email address to everyone else. All email addresses will be hidden from everyone but the sender. When addressing e-mail, or even just sending a reply or forwarding a message, a courtesy to practice is using the "Blind Carbon Copy" (BCC) feature. BCC allows you to send to any number of people without disclosing the recipient list. In other words, if you send a message via BCC to Bob, Bill and Mary, all three will receive the message, but none of them will know that the other two received the same message. Using BCC will not only prevent your e-mail from opening with a long list of recipients, but by protecting the e-mail address of all the people you send to, you're also helping to cut down on spam and reduce unnecessary Internet traffic. If your mail should get posted on a public forum or forwarded to a junk e-mailer with the list intact, you've just handed over perhaps dozens of prime addresses that are then very likely to be targeted for spam. 4. COMPUTER: Should you leave your computer on 24 HOURS A DAY? NO!! I shut my computer down every night. If I'm going to be gone several days I not only shut it down, I unplug the computer from the wall and unplug the phone line from the wall. You are wearing your fan motor out and pulling dust thru your computer. Your hard drive may be running more. If you get a big surge of electricity that jumps your surge protector, it may save your computer by having it turned off. Your surge protector is passive and works whether it is turned off or on. When it is off, the surge has to jump the switch and the surge protector to get to your computer. The only good thing about leaving your computer on is that you can get rid of the dust bunnies, the fan will pull them into your computer and Kentucky Utilities will love you. If your computer is "always on" you provide more opportunities for hackers to find your computer. ANOTHER GREAT REASON TO CUT YOUR COMPUTER OFF AT NIGHT. It's not unusual to get low on system resources after you use Windows for a long stretch, especially if you open and close programs frequently. Adding a bunch of RAM doesn't help. System resources are stored in fixed memory blocks that reside in your System RAM. Programs store certain routines inside your system resources. Some programs don't reallocate or release the memory, so after a while your machine gets full. You have to restart Windows to free up memory again. That's why Windows feels more reliable if you start it up fresh every day. STILL ANOTHER GREAT REASON TO CUT YOUR COMPUTER OFF AT NIGHT:


But if you put it in and it does nothing then. Right-click each icon you see there. sounds. Power OPTIONS: To disable your Screen Saver. UNINSTALL: 3 Ways to uninstall a program: Best. The program itself may have an uninstall program built in. or cdrom. If you do not have an icon on the Taskbar open the Program itself and Disable it. Go to Start . say HP (Hewlett Packard) or Lexmark. Now you’re ready to install. INSTALL and UNINSTALL programs. Also. 2nd Best. Start > Settings >Control Panel >Add/Remove Programs click on Install. click on Properties. then click OK To disable your Anti-Virus program Right Click on its icon in your Taskbar and click on disable and it will show a big X on the icon. A computer not running and not connected cannot be hacked. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel double click on Add/Remove Programs and if the program is there high light it and then click on Add/Remove and it will remove it. B. CONTROL PANEL: (Install Hardware. then on the left side find. click on it and follow instructions. If you don't have the disk that came with the printer. software. go to Control Panel and click on Add New Hardware and then click on next and follow instructions. on the program itself and see if it has an uninstall line. But remember it is better to use the disk that came with the printer because it contains the manufacturer's drivers and they are better than the generic drivers of Windows. A.When you put your CD in. move the scroll bar to the top and click on None. you must reset the above. For most Hardware. But before installing a program close all other programs and disable your Screen Saver and Anti-virus program.Programs . After you install your program. it should practically installs itself. mouse settings and more. Right Click on your Desktop. then on the right side find the exact model of your printer. set Power Options. INSTALL: . etc. 5. then select Add Printer.With the increased use of always on DSL and Cable Internet and with the growing threat of hackers and worms. you should do so. simply restart Windows to bring all the icons back. 4 . click on Screen Savers. To install a new printer Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and click on Printers. be sure to check the system tray (the area next to the clock with all the little icons). Also see 34. After 98/Me/XP builds a printer base and if you have the disk that came with the printer. adjust Mouse. If you wish to check the program you are installing for a virus open the Anti-virus program and scan the floppy. and if there are options to close or disable them. fonts. click on Have Disk and follow instructions. After running the new program's setup.) How to add new hardware. it makes even more sense to shut your computer down when not in use.

wav file you want into Media. Some people regard cookies as an invasion of privacy. But when you delete the program from Windows Explorer it only removes the program itself and none of the other items.wav file you want on the right side. use the down arrow to click on your D (cd-rom drive). When the browser requests additional files.) 5 . For example. use down arrow to browse to find the cd-rom drive(usually D). If Cursors is not in the Look In box. E.txt and is located in the same folder as Netscape. To install new Clip Art or Photos. click on Browse. so the next time you return to a site. Picture. but some people get upset over them. Make sure the "Look In" box has your C drive listed.dll file in your system files. then Windows. Onscreen Work Area. others think they are a harmless way to make websites more personal. For instance. then on the left. click on Close program. cookies cannot read information stored in your computer. D. When you uninstall. that information is stored in the cookie. Go to Start > Programs > Microsoft Word. Explorer creates separate files for each cookie and stores them in folders named "Cookies" or "Temporary Internet Files. you may choose one of the new fonts. COOKIES: (No Big Deal) A cookie is a file sent to a web browser by a web server that is used to record one's activities on a website. then File. To install new sounds: Go to Start > Programs > Windows Explorer. Click on Import Clips. Click on the clip art file you want. your preferences. Go to Start > Programs > Windows Explorer. Clip Art. To add new fonts: Go to Start > Setting > Control Panel and click on Fonts. C. Drag the . Cookies can remember other kinds of personal information --your password. bat and the name of the program in your "Programs" in your StartUp Menu. Click on Sounds. Now go to Start > Settings > Control Panel. then Cursors.3rd Best. Most cookies have an expiration date and either reside in your computer's memory until you close your browser or they are saved to your hard drive. Find the . you can be presented with customized information. By the way. the Look In box should have Cursors in the blank. click on the file you want and click OK. it will remove these items.sys or your Autoexec. Now when you open your word processor and click on Font. now Use the down arrow to find the . find your cd-rom drive (usually D). so you don't have to re-enter it each time you visit the site. F. If you wish to change your mouse pointer: Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and click on Mouse and click on pointers click on Working in Background. On the left side click on the + sign in front of Windows to expand it and you’ll see Media down the line. 7. the file is called cookies. In the large box on top highlight the fonts you wish to install and click on OK and they are installed. and save you time. This sends the program to the Recycle Bin. a . find the program folder on the left side. don't really take up much space. a line of code in your config. Or go to Start > Find > File or Folders type in the name of the program. 6. DESKTOP: (Contains Icons. click on the file you want. now right click on the art and click on insert and now it is in your document. click on Find Now. Mac users can find it in the Netscape folder in the System > Preferences folder." Cookies are harmless. When you install a program it may put an icon on your desktop. Now click on Insert. then Install New Fonts. Then click OK. Taskbar. click OK. highlight it and hit the delete key on the keyboard. For Windows users of Navigator. Highlight the program and hit the delete key on your keyboard.wav file you want and click on it. You can use notepad to view cookie files. click on Browse and use the down arrow and click on the C drive. the cookie information is sent back to the server. when you buy items from a site and place them in a so-called virtual shopping cart.

Window. Under the tab Background: Click on the down arrow and choose between bubbles. so you may return. green. black thatch. etc of the above. Flying Objects.) You may click on the down Item arrow and choose to change the font. 98.216 Colors On the Right. Screen Area 640 by 480 pixels. so you may return. just click on the down arrows (sometimes up arrows) and choose the font. you have to use TweakUI. 65. Then choose Preview to see it on the full screen. Deleting a Shortcut.) Click on the down arrow and choose between Blank Screen. (different systems have different items. It will be under Programs or under a submenu like Accessories. Caption Buttons. Flying Windows. Fun things to do with your Desktop. Under the tab Screen Saver: (I recommend the option. I have it for 95. 1024 by 768 pixels. as it will save wear and tear on your monitor. put your arrow on WordPad (or any other program) and Right click and drag it to the DESKTOP. rivets.) On the left you will have colors: Total numbers of Colors 256 (8bit).536 Colors True Color (24bit) 16. 3. (DO NOT LEFT CLICK AND DRAG OR YOU WILL REMOVE IT FROM THE MENU) Shortcut Icons have an arrow at the bottom. Scroll Bar. 256 Colors High Color (16bit). such as Network Neighborhood. Start >Programs >Accessories. Caption Buttons. B.) Choose Settings to change the speed and density. 2. (different systems have different items. A pixel is three dots (red.Under the tab Appearance: (Caution: please write down the settings before you change them. if it is an option. a microsoft utility program to delete it. Quick Launch. Scrolling Marquee. OR START MENU. select Create Shortcut from the Menu. this will show all your photos that are in your My Pictures folder for 6 seconds each. An easier way is to actually click on the display of the above. The greater the number of pixels. etc. etc. Me and XP just bring a disk to class.) You can also put your favorite photo under this tab. 6 . 4. Under the tab Setting: (Your video card and monitor will determine your choices.A. Active Title Bar. etc and at the bottom of the dialog box it will show up with the current setting. unclick. Active Title Bar. Caution: please write down the settings before you change them. To delete shortcuts. etc. blank screen. blue) on color screens. Right click on your Desktop. QUICK LAUNCH. clouds.. Pipes. Same as 2 above. size. IN WINDOWS 98/Me/XP: It is very easy: First you must find the program. or color. 800 by 600 pixels. or color of the Inactive Title Bar. ADD OR DELETE SHORTCUT ICONS ON THE DESKTOP. Click on the Inactive Title Bar. the smaller the type and the more information you can get on your screen. does not delete the Program itself. click Properties: 1.777. size. left click and drag to the Recycle bin and let go. I've been there and it is very difficult to remember the old settings. but you click on My Picture Screen Saver. A. Some Icons on your Desktop will not delete. My Pictures Screen Saver. or Start Menu.

name the folder Misc or Stuff. if that's not the one you're looking for. (or type in Jokes. Left Click on any vacant space on the Windows desktop and press the first letter of the icon's label. upgrading your system. There you'll find name. Right click on the shortcut icon. DESKTOP: SAVE "TIPS" and "JOKES" to your DESKTOP. If you need a way quick to save the Tips or Jokes try this. settings. etc. If you wish to move them around on your Desktop. and Control C to copy. to highlight.doc on your Desktop and do Control V to paste the Tips into the document. keyboard. unselect Auto Arrange and click on Line Up Icons. left click on Arrange Icons and select Auto Arrange. just go to Line Up Icons and click on it. Right Click on the Desktop. While it is highlighted. select New. The Device Manager shows you what makes your computer tick.If you want your Program or Document opened in a regular Window. CD-ROM.) Keep a printout of the Device Manager Report handy for Emergencies. To get there. select New. DESKTOP CLUTTER: TOO MANY ICONS ON YOUR DESKTOP? ? Right Click on your Desktop.doc and hit enter.dll C:\windows\explorer. 8. Here's a quick way to locate the icon you're looking for.doc. DEVICE MANAGER: (Shows all your hardware and if its working properly. hold the Alt key down. Right Click on your Desktop. Right click on the shortcut icon and browse here: Lots of Icons in these files: C:\windows\system\pifmgr. 7 . 9. then Control S to Save. and keep them in chronological order. and driver file details for every device and piece of hardware on your system. Windows will highlight it. Now left click and drag your least used icons into this folder.doc for another file) Now when you receive TIPS in your email. (modem. then click on Device Manager. click on the body of the message. click Properties.exe Make your Desktop Icons behave. do Control A. then click OK. mouse. The next time you open Tips. and with the mouse left click on My Computer. 2 rows of icons on your Desktop should be enough. or Full Screen. do Control End (this key is just above the up arrow key) and this will take you to the end of the document so you can paste more documents in. or troubleshooting resource conflicts among devices. This way you can institute a Search through the whole document by doing Control F. monitor.dll C:\windows\system\shell32. Now click on TIPS. then click on Microsoft Word Document. 10. or WordPad Document. keep pressing the letter and watch the highlight as it cycles through the matching icons.dll C:\windows\progman. This will put the file on the Desktop. then click on Folder. Then hit Enter.) This report can be a handy reference when talking to a technical support professional. Any time your icons seem out of line. In this option if you try to move them they will flop back. type in TIPS.exe C:\windows\moricons. click on the down arrow and select Regular Window or Maximized. If you wish to change an icon.

uninstall. An X through the device's icon means the device has been disabled. DOWNLOAD: Finding a download ? ? ? 8 . On my system the: Printed System Summary was 4 pages. Disk Drives. and then click Control Panel. Performance Tab: Memory 512 MB of Ram System resources 83% free File System 32 Bit Virtual Memory 32 Bit Disk Compression Not Installed ADVANCED SETTINGS ARE: File System . ========================================== In Windows XP: To open Performance. All devices and System Summary was 13 pages. RAM. Mouse.Virtual Memory If a piece of hardware has a circled yellow exclamation point (!) or an X through the device’s icon: Click on the + sign and then Right Click on the actual name of the device and a screen will come up that will let you update the driver. but try to slug through it. Modem.I'm using my system as an example. Want a hard copy report of everything installed on your system? In the Device Manager. Ports. then click on Properties and you have a Troubleshoot Option.80GHz 512MB Ram Device Manager Tab shows: All of your Hardware. disable. with Computer highlighted click the print button. Version 2002 Registered to Joe Isaac 55277-OEM-0011903-00198 Pentium 4 CPU 1. CD-ROM. etc. click Administrative Tools. point to Settings. Keyboard. select either of the following: System Summary to print a report of which hardware is currently using which system resource (IRQ. and so on) All Devices and System Summary to print a report on EVERY device connected to and/or installed on the computer Click OK. Only drawback here: The report MAY look like so much Greek to you. and then click Performance 11. click Start. A circled yellow exclamation point (!) through the device's icon means the device has a problem. The type of problem will be displayed in the Properties dialog box. It is good information to have.Graphics . Under Report Type. General Tab shows: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition.

Click on the new folder and Control V to paste them. In the new computer. it will ask you where you wish the file to be saved. click on Programs Options. then click on Save. RIGHT CLICK on one of the them (they all act the same when highlighted) select Send To: 3 1/2 Floppy. Then use the down arrow to browse until you find Desktop. find the files.) How to transfer data from your old computer to your new one. and click on it. highlight the ones you want. EMAIL FOLDERS TRANFER: 9 . 13. Open Windows Explorer go to File.This use to be my worst fault. Use it free for 4 weeks and if you like it send the guy $10. On the right will be the file "eclean".jpg files go to Windows Explorer. then right click the Eclean icon in the Taskbar. use the down arrow on the right and click on Desktop. Control C to copy the files. put the Disk in the A drive. Go to your new email. Don't try to copy programs because them must be installed from the original CD. click on Clean Clipboard. For documents and . ECLEAN: (Send clean legible emails to your friends. It should put an icon in your Taskbar tray. put the Floppy in the drive. You can download it from: PLEASE CLICK HERE You may make copies of the program and give them to anyone you wish. just click on it and follow instructions. then unclick the top option Display Task Selection Window prior to cleaning a document. Now scroll up and click on the 3 1/2 Floppy icon and it will reveal the files now Control A to highlight them. I would download a file and then could not find it. do Control C to copy .exe. 12. click on the attachment Setup. I really like it and use it all the time. For email version. Go slow. To Install. Now go to your Desktop and click on Setup. To configure Right Click on the Eclean Icon on the Taskbar.exe and follow instructions. If you already have a folder skip this step. ===================================== To use Eclean: Highlight the portion of the message you want to clean. EMAIL ADDRESSES AND FAVORITES: (How to save them.) ECLEAN is a shareware program that will remove the arrows >>>> and restructure sentences from your email. click on the body of the email where you want the message to go and this will give you an insertion point (the pulsating vertical bar) and do Control V to Paste. After a while I move them to other folders. New. Folder and name it. I save mine to my Desktop. Cleaning Options. If you want a copy of the program I can email it to you or leave you a copy at my mail box at CKCS. go to Start > Programs > Windows Explorer scroll up the left side until you see the 3 1/2 Floppy (A) drive and click on it.

Contents of the deleted file continue to be stored on the disk and can be easily recovered using any unerasing utility. so you can easily select and wipe any number of files. go to File. then click on Import and Export click on Import Favorites.exe on the New Fun Things CD under "Delete Files Permanently. making recovery impossible. Import. To Transfer you Favorites. When you delete a file ordinarily. if the 3 1/2 Floppy is in the Look In box OK. next. open Internet Explorer. click on the down arrow until you you find 3 1/2 Floppy. Address Book. This only applies to data. name the file with a date. At the bottom. This program overwrites the file with random data.This one is deep in the computer folders and subfolders: While OUTLOOK EXPRESS 6. If you're feeling adventurous. or any other name. The program can also be run from a command-line prompt. Or you can download it from: http://www. To transfer your Favorites. To add folders to the left side of your email. ====================================== Be safe make recovering deleted file impossible. New and type in Family. local folders: With your email program open. Options.jetico. open OUTLOOK EXPRESS. click on the down arrow until you you find 3 1/2 Floppy.exe ====================================== OUTLOOK EXPRESS: If someone sends you an email and you wish to add them to your Address Book: While you are looking at the email. then click on the bookmark. On a Program like Quicken: Go to File. Folders. Store Folder and it will give you the path to your email folders. 10 . click on File. Maintenance. Misc. You must install Quicken on your new computer with the original CD. Restore. click on Addresses. These files are so large you must use a CD burner to copy them. next. On your new computer Go to File. I have bcwipe3. Backup and put it on a floppy. if not scroll until you can click on it. Now when you get an email from a family member. click on Addresses. Open the Internet Explorer: Go to File. using the normal one-pass wiping or the more secure seven-pass method. click on File. highlight "local folders". it isn't actually removed. Address Book in the Save In box use the down arrow to find 3 1/2 Floppy. you can even create your own wiping scheme to shred sensitive information on your computer. When you want in put the Addresses on your new machine. Open OUTLOOK EXPRESS. then click on Import and Export. then at the bottom click on Save. Addresses and Favorites will fit on the same floppy. click on browse. next. next. This will fit on a floppy. then click on Add Sender to Address Book. click on Export Favorites. Computer. To transfer your email addresses. click on Tools." Will have the CD at the next workshop or I can leave you one at my CKCS mailbox. Then click on the WAB file and it will restore all your email addresses. It integrates into Windows Explorer. or an email from me you can left click and drag it to the Family or Computer folder. file. click on browse. then click on File.0 is open go to Tools.

then click on Replace All.jpg file you want. Now open up the Word. click on File. and drag your Cursor down the left side of the page until you have highlighted what you wish. Leave the "Replace with:" box blank. etc. type in > in the "Find what:" box. then click on New Contact for new email addresses not in your addresss book. and it will show up in the email you’re about to send. I try to keep my Inbox empty. click on Select Members. Control C to Copy. Once highlighted. 15. To open an attachment in your email. ====================================== 14. Highlight the file and click on Attach. and click on Create Mail. All your arrows will be gone. say Family. use the down arrow click on your C drive. A new $10 shareware program called eclean removes the arrows and will restructure the sentences. Now you can send email to all the people in the your Family by just clicking on "Family". You may click on the Attachment to open it or click on Save the Attachment (suggest you save it to your Desktop) 11 . EMAIL ATTACHMENT: How to Save or Send. then OK. you click on the paperclip on the right side of your email. click on Attach. New Group. Control V to Paste. (the new contact will also be automatically added to your Group and your main email list. Fill in the blanks and click on Add. type in Susan in the "Find what:" box. copy and paste the text into your word processor or the body of your email. Wordpad. To high light a part of it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Besides Arrows >>>>>. and Susan will be history. Say Susan was your girlfriend and she was in your letter 10 times and you wanted to use the same love letter for your new girl friend Mary Jane. It is a great program. now click on Select and they will be added to your Family Group. Eclean (See Tip #12) will do it better and quicker. I either drag them to a folder or delete them. Control A high lights everything. Type in the name of the New Group. you high light the document. In the "Replace with:" type in Mary Jane.After I read my emails. OUTLOOK EXPRESS 6.doc file or a . do Control H. Email me if you want it. Now highlight.0 (Your email program may be similar) Open Outlook Express.) To add names to the Family Group that you already have in your address book. Highlight the arrows and text. ====================================== If you email to groups of people: Open the address book. left click the left side of the message. you can remove your old girl friend's name from a document. Now Control H. then click on Replace All. EMAIL ARROWS > > > >: Remove those annoying Arrows from your email. Then scroll and highlight their names by holding the control key down and clicking on each name that you want. and browse to find .

click yes and your picture should appear. Right Click on your Shortcut Icon. or Minimized (in Task Bar) click OK. For your info. then) do Control V to Paste.0 or 8. CONTROL C (to copy). this high lights everything. then open up a blank email click on the body of it. Once you get to this point you may type in more text or delete text or email addresses. it is real easy after you do it a few times. FULL SCREEN: Open your Programs in a Window or Full Screen. email to email. When you receive E-mail with and attachment it will be noted on the incoming E-mail message near the top of the Email window. left click and drag your cursor thru the main message to high light it. this will give you an insertion point. Send the E-mail with the picture attachment to yourself and then try to open it so you can instruct others how it is done. Maximized (full screen). Now you're cooking. To high light a part of it. word processor to email. Once high lighted. Your reader will appreciate it. EMAIL COPY AND PASTE: Also documents and web pages. 18. If you are using AOL 7. or Word Perfect. CONTROL V to paste. 19. left click and drag your cursor thru all the extra email addresses to highlight them. select download now and a box will appear again asking where to want to down load. left click the left side of the message. The above works from word processor to word processor. HOAXES: Don't send HOAXES to your friends. You now have a choice to download now or later. Also important is that picture has a JPEG extension and the computer used to view the picture has a software program that will open those pictures. You have a good clean email going out. and in this new window. and drag your Cursor down the left side of the page until you have highlighted what you wish. do Control A to select all. Better still. Look to the bottom of the window and click on download. click on Properties >Shortcut Tab and in the bottom blank. (or Word. then hit the delete key. do the down arrow and select Normal Window. 17.0 you will also see a box asking if you want to view the download. do Control C (to copy) Now go to Start > Programs > Accessories and click on WordPad. Highlight the text you wish to transfer. EMAIL FORWARDING OR REPLYING: You must first click on Forward or Reply. Once you have the file open you can save it a location that will make it easy to find in the future. Once open you now have a chance to save the file so in the future you will know where it is located. I do this all the time.ADVANCED USERS !!!!!!! The more advanced users may wish to click on the C drive and scroll until they find the folder they wish to save it in. and email to word processor. This way only the text of the message will be sent. Select the drive and location for your download file and then save. TOM LABORIO 16. For AOL USERS: Joe. Now when you forward the message you won't be exposing all those addresses (and they are personal). If you copy and paste your email it will look better and open easier and not expose all your email addresses. or open your email like you're going to send a new message and click on the body of the email. 12 .

21.) ADVANCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This takes a little time to set up. but it is fantastic. Add a folder to the Start menu that holds the documents you use frequently. It is a good page to keep. choose New/Folder and give the new folder a name. WIN+F1 Start Help.FSecure. CTRL+Z Undo. like Hot Docs. Now all you have to do is go to Start > Hot Docs to access your most important files. Remember to "Control End" when you want to add items to the bottom of the file. WIN+TAB Cycle through taskbar buttons. Right-click on the Start Button and choose Open then right-click on the empty space in the folder. KEYBOARD shortcut commands. Windows logo key Brings up Start menu. and select "Create Shortcuts Here" option. Shortcut Action CTRL+C Please Bookmark this Web address! Go to the bottom of the page and click on a Letter of the alphabet. like J for "It Takes Guts to Say Jesus" hoax. WIN+M Minimize All Windows 13 . your files rotate out after 15 items. You can also click on the "list of the latest hoaxes" or a "list of all hoaxes". WIN+D Minimizes all open windows and shows desktop. no matter how official it looks check it out on: http://www. WIN+F Find files or folders. (If you work with the same 5 or 10 documents.98% of virus warnings are Hoaxes. The following table summarizes the shortcut keys available on the Microsoft Natural® Keyboard. HOT DOCS. For documents in other folders. CTRL+V Paste. Before you pass on a virus warning hoax. In Start > Documents. 20. CTRL+S Save. in Hot Docs they stay put. this is GOLD. WIN+E Start Windows Explorer. go to Windows Explorer Highlight and Right drag and drop into Hot Docs those files you wish. CTRL+O Open.

com/index.SHIFT+WIN+M Restores all Windows WIN+BREAK Cycle through Taskbar buttons. Ctrl + B: Opens the Organize Favorites or Bookmarks window. Alt + Home: Goes to your homepage.cdc. A few basic shortcuts will save time while you are surfing the Web and will give you more browser control. Esc: Stops loading of current page. medicine you name it and it will find it. Ctrl + O: Opens address box. Home: Jumps to beginning of Please Click Here HealthWeb http://www. Alt + Right Arrow: Goes forward to the next Please Click Here Centers for disease Control and Prevention http://www.healthfinder. Ctrl + H: Opens the History folder. Ctrl + D: Adds the current webpage to your Favorites or Bookmarks. F11: Toggle between full screen and regular view of the browser window Alt + Left Arrow: Goes back to the previous Please Click Here Type in a name. Ctrl + R: Reloads the current Please Click Here Healthfinder http://www. ================================================= Top Health Sites 4 1 03 MEDLINEplus http://medlineplus. 22. phone number.cfm 14 .healthweb. INTERNET EXPLORER AND NETSCAPE SHORTCUTS: Use keyboard shortcuts to perform common browser functions and give your mouse hand a KILLER WEB SITES The best search engine is http://www. Ctrl + W: Closes the active window. Ctrl + N: Opens a new browser window. Ctrl + F: Finds text on current page. End: Jumps to end of Please Click Here Mayo Clinic http://www.

ustreas. I use mine every day. Under "Travel" and under "air & hotel" click on Travelocity fill in the blanks like Lexington. How to set up your Portal: See Tip #25for Instructions.html PLEASE CLICK HERE While on this page it will ask you if you want to download Adobe Reader (it is free).irs. 5. You can spend days here and you should. then click on IRS. There are several options at the top of the page such as Lodgings. Under "search portal". it is so fantastic. ========================================== 15 .edu/library/resources Please Click Here and http://www. etc. and click on Search. 7.upenn. PLEASE CLICK HERE For Lexington Forms go to: http://www. http://www.lfucg. then under "portals" click on Yahoo. Cruises. Under Research. Under Please Click Here Some of the more interesting ones covered in class were: 1. click on K. Cars. You can download Tax forms and Publications. ========================================== and it is FREE. Home Living.Daytona Beach. you need this to print the forms. do so. I really want everyone to have a Please Click Here Oncolink http://www. 4. For Federal Forms go to: http://www.oncolink. Govmnt. 6. KY -.cfm Please Click Here National Women's Health Information Center http://www.4women. when you are returning. FL when you are leaving. click on PLEASE CLICK HERE Tax forms 2nd space down in the middle. get a map from start to the finish of your trip. at the bottom of the page click on Forms and Please Click Here Alternative medicine: http://www. Food.bastyr. etc. the Under Research. in the Search Allrecipes blank. Under "Travel" and under "maps". Portals are great.Please Click Here Medem http://www. click on Mayo Clinic and like: type in Diabetes.state. It will save you a trip to the IRS Please Click Here ==================================================== HOTSHEET has over 500 web page Book and you can get the value of your car. For State Forms go to: http://www. type in Chicken Dressing and hit Go. it is great. and click on All Recipes. It will give you several flight schedules and the cost. Health.

Search this site with over 2. CNET Please Click Here F. calendar. http://www. performance PLEASE CLICK HERE Get the latest from Microsoft: A compendium of the past week's news highlights at Microsoft.ceoexpress. populations. http://www. members helping members.ckcs. Fantastic web page.50states. P C check ups. Whether you're trying to locate a long lost relative. capitals. Bookmark it. free downloads. Check out our Please Click Here Please Click Here E. or perhaps you are interested in checking out a criminal record on a shady character that has been bugging Please Click Here ========================================== 2. beginners guides. Find important headlines.searchsystems.000 free searchable public record databases. 16 .html Please Click Here D. marriage and death records. >>>> Search Public Records on the Internet I looked up Death. HELP AND HOW TO: for computers and software: Step by step tutorials and helpful know how. http://www. Has hundreds of the best web sites. this is the site for you. and Divorce of is the place to find hundreds of thousands of computer and technology questions and answers. http://www. contests. http://www. Learn how to use the Internet. Everything you ever wanted to know about the 50 states.zdnet. This is the CENTRAL KENTUCKY COMPUTER SOCIETY home page. etc. http://www. Marriage. Including Please Click Here C. etc. former classmate.

fun stuff to read, and tips and tricks! PLEASE CLICK HERE Another good place to look for Computer answers: PLEASE CLICK HERE ========================================== In Smart Computing, a magazine we highly recommend, there were some dynamite WEB pages such as: 3. Acronym Finder (has 50,000 acronyms such as FICA) PLEASE CLICK HERE ========================================== G. Encyclopedia (has 17,000 articles) PLEASE CLICK HERE ========================================== H. ZIP + 4 Impress you friends by including the full ZIP+4 code on their letters PLEASE CLICK HERE PLUS: Please Click Here Search the editorial archive, including every issue of Smart Computing plus all Guide, Learning, and Reference Series issues. Pick An Article Type: 1. Show me everything you've written about...(searches all article types) 2, I want to learn more about...(general information) 3. I'm having trouble with...(troubleshooting and problem-solving) 4. Teach me how to...(install, upgrade, replace, optimize, etc.) ========================================== I. One Look Dictionaries (searches 300 dictionaries) PLEASE CLICK HERE J. Enter your birthday at the top of the screen, and it will tell you the newspaper headlines on the day you were born,


sports headlines for the year, popular songs of the year, price of gas, etc. The year I was born, 1926, Bread was 9 cents a loaf, a stamp was 2 cents Average Income $1427, Dow average 157, Car $275, etc. Please Click Here K. HELP YOURSELF !!!!!!!! PLEASE BOOKMARK THIS WEB SITE, IT IS THE BEST HELP SITE I'VE EVER FOUND!!!!!!! At Help-Site you can do both--give and take--of manuals, FAQs, and links for the care and feeding of hardware. PLEASE CLICK HERE L. RESOURCES FOR SENIORS: 1. Access America for Seniors provides information on government services of interest to older Americans, covering topics that range from Social Security and employment to travel and consumer issues. PLEASE CLICK HERE 2. New Web Site for Seniors: This site considered one of the most comprehensive of its kind, includes programs such as Supplemental Security Income, Medicaid, State drug benefits, Meal on Wheels, food stamps, health insurance counseling, veterans' medical care and transportation. There are over 1,000 state and federal assistance programs. PLEASE CLICK HERE 3. >>>> Social Security Online Please Click Here M. Complaints? Turn 'Em In! - U.S. Government Info/Resources Air Travel Service Problems, Automobiles - Vehicle Safety or Defects Automobiles - Vehicle Safety or Defects, Consumer Products, Safety or Defects PLEASE CLICK HERE N. Ellis Island Database Online: Ellis Island officials and the Mormon church introduced records for 22 million immigrants who entered the port of New York from 1892 to 1924. 70 percent of all U.S. arrivals came through New York.

18 PLEASE CLICK HERE Netscape will not access this web site. ========================================== O. >>>> One Stop Reference Engine Tired of spending precious time surfing the Web for reference materials? Well, surf no more because we've found, your one-stop reference engine for online encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri & books of quotations from the world's leading publishers, all in one place. Please Click Here ========================================== P. Education: National Geographic, Please Click Here Visit the Pearl Harbor Supersite A groundbreaking multimedia map, time lines, and survivors' stories let you experience the attack-moment by moment, target by target >> Q. Tribute to veterans of World War II, Korean, and Vietnam Wars. Plus 30 other sites, most from the 50's. Please Click Here R. The Hubbell Telescope is giving us some amazing pictures... Please Click Here S. This Web page show you how stuff works. (You've got to try this page.) How 4X4s work, how lock picking works, how rain forest work, how Venus Flytraps work, etc. Please Click Here T. Define puzzling terminology, It claims to define every Internet term and every file in the world, even shows the 20 most frequently queried terms. Please Click Here U. CAR PRICES: 1. Kelley Blue Book


Select options to configure the exact car you want.Kim Komando is hosts one of Top 10 Most Listened-To Radio Programs in the U.EDMUNDS. and you can keep your computer happy by filing it with the best of past columns from the Digital Goddess.S. You can browse through an archive of all her past columns online at: http://www. Also USED CARS: http://www. 1997 to the 20 . weird.asp Please Click Here 3. incentives and rebates.asp Please Click Here 2. offbeat or Please Click Here 2. Below are samples from this week. Please Click Here V. stylish. or get the full list of Kool Sites at: http://www. The Kim Komando Computer Show. MSRP.Free new car pricing reports with Please Click Here EDMUNDS. KIM KOMANDO'S KOOL SITES OF THE WEEK: Kool Sites can be informative. You can find the complete archive of past columns online from July 8. invoice.komando. A COMPUTER'S BEST FRIEND You already know Kim Komando is your computer's best friend. You know those error messages you get on your screen. Find our what they mean. Buying & Selling http://www. use the right side of the large rectangle to access.kbb..asp PLEASE CLICK HERE 1. From Printers to Power Surges and from May 1996 to July 2001 -. http://www. http://www. photos. THE KIM KOMANDO NEWSLETTER! Sign up for your own FREE copy! I have been receiving this newsletter for years and find it very informative and sometime funny.COM New and Used Prices and other Information Complete Resources for Evaluating & Buying.

Emily Post's Etiquette. Do the same with your bank accounts. This is a few of them here: Reduce the number of credit cards you actively use to a bare minimum. Orville Wright. middle name. http://amillionlives.too much to list. Marilyn Monroe. your birth date. Louis Armstrong. Lyndon Johnson. Strunk's Elements of Style. including the Oxford Book of English Verse. Annie Oakley. Alex Haley. and The American Heritage Book of English Usage. the Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. When creating passwords and PINs (personal identification numbers). Napoleon Bonaparte. consecutive numbers. Alfred Hitchcock. too--. which is full of data that can be used by identity thieves. Even though you do not use them.bartleby. etc. Alexander Fleming. It's a whole small reference library at your fingertips Y. http://www. Keep a list or photocopy of all your credit cards. 21 . Frazer's the Golden Bough (1922) and Thomas Bulfinch's Mythology (1913). Cancel all unused accounts. http://www. Mother Teresa. TOPNOTCH MISC. Ernie Pyle.* For Free Wow! I just found http://www. Ralph J. Look Up Almost *Anything. and expiration dates and the telephone numbers of the customer service and fraud departments in a secure place (not your wallet or purse) so you can quickly contact your creditors in case your cards have been stolen. plus music from Keely Smith singing Frank Sinatra. Third Edition. Elvis Presley. or anything else that could easily be discovered by Please Click Here 2.saycheese. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. DIGITAL PICTURES: Free tips for taking better digital pictures. six poetry anthologies.Please Click Here X. Please Click Here The site gives you free and easy access to the Columbia Please Click Here Z. Simpson's Contemporary Quotations. 1. Sixth Edition. Order your credit report once a year from each of the three credit bureaus to check for inaccuracies and fraudulent use of your accounts. ONLINE IDENTITY THIEVES. the account numbers. pet's name. Francis Scott Key. Jimmy Carter. Bunche. DeMille. TV: PBS Online. Carry only one or two of them in your wallet. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. Leonard Bernstein. Third Edition.web sites) number. And (believe it or not) there's more. Cecil Please Click Here 23. Currently featuring biographies of: Bing Crosby. Queen Elizabeth. Roget's II: The New Thesaurus. do not use the last four digits of your Social Security (news .com and it's replaced a bunch of separate sites I used to have book marked. their account numbers are recorded in your credit report. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has many tips for protecting your privacy.

employment records. cancel your credit cards Social Security Administration also has a fraud line at 1-800-269-0271 If your identity has been stolen and someone is using your name and social security number to open accounts or make purchases. this proves to credit providers you were diligent.experian. But here's some critical information to limit the damage in case this happens to you or someone you know. credit. I remember losing my Master Card and until I got the toll free number from information. ask if it has an alternative number which can be used instead. report the incident to your local police department and the Internet Fraud Complaint Center http://www. address.consumer. most banking. If a business requests your SSN./ 22 . and the thieves threw my wallet away this weekend (someone turned it in). WHAT TO DO IF YOU LOSE YOUR PURSE OR WALLET: We've all heard horror stories about fraud that's committed using your name. Do not have your SSN printed on your checks. they could reveal a lot of information about you. Don't let merchants hand-write it onto your checks because of the risk of fraud. had a credit line approved to buy a Gateway computer. The alert means any company that checks your credit knows your information was stolen and they have to contact you by phone to authorize new credit. It seems to have stopped them in their tracks. Store your canceled checks in a safe place. no additional damage has been done. It's a violation of California law (California Civil Code 1725) and puts you at risk for fraud. etc. because my wallet was stolen last month. for unauthorized use. File a police report immediately in the jurisdiction where it was stolen. your phone number and driver's license number. received a PIN number from DMV to change my driving record information online. I was a wreck. Protect your Social Security number (SSN). The SSN is the key to your credit and banking accounts and is the prime target of criminals. none of which I knew about before placing the alert). There is no law against this. By the time I was advised to do this . I had never heard of doing that until advised by a bank that called to tell me an application for credit was made over the Internet in my name. SSN#. In the wrong hands. The numbers are: Equifax 1-800 525-6285 http://www. contact the FTC immediately at 1 877 438 4338 http://www. and is a first step toward an investigation (if there ever is one). including cellular phone bills. all the damage had been done (there are records of all the credit checks initiated by the thieves' purchases. and property transactions). stock. On a personal note. Since then. Call the three national credit reporting organizations immediately to place a fraud alert on your name and SSN. Carefully review your credit card statements and phone bills. etc. Within a week the thieve(s) ordered an expensive monthly cell phone Package.Don't record passwords on anything in your wallet or purse. applied for a VISA credit card. including the account number. Keep those where you can find them easily (having to hunt for them is additional stress you WON'T need at that point!).com Experian (formerly TRW) 1 888 397-3742 Trans Union 1-800-680-7289 800 888 4213 http://www.ifccfbi. Release it only when absolutely necessary (like on tax forms.equifax.almost 2 weeks after the theft. But here's what is perhaps most important: I never ever thought to do this.tuc. so you may need to be assertive. and Never permit your credit card number to be written onto your checks. As everyone always If you believe your account has been used on the Internet or if you're a merchant who's been the victim of Internet fraud. Unfortunately I (author of this piece) have firsthand knowledge. but the key is having the toll free numbers and your card numbers handy so you know who to call.

(Do your email friends a favor. click on NEW MAIL on left side near top. If a thief can see it. etc. just click on the first name to highlight it then hold the Shift Key down and click on the last name on the list you wish and it will highlight all in between. If the names are consecutive. credit card rep. lock these and other valuable or important items in your trunk. If you used BCC and sent the email out and can't remember who you sent it to: Go to the SENT folder. click on Properties then click on the "Detail Tab" to view everyone you sent it to. Preventing Identity Theft One of the fastest growing crimes in the United States is identity theft. it's tempting and easy to get by smashing a window. Now just click on TO: or CC: or BCC whichever you prefer. That way your loss is minimal and the hassle is reduced if you become a crime victim. in your name. or where someone steals your information and uses it to obtain credit cards. Refuse to give any information until you can call them back. Right Click on the sent item. 2) Size down your pocketbook and leave home name or identification cards that you rarely or infrequently use. OUTLOOK EXPRESS. Never carry you social security card with you unless absolutely necessary. 5) Watch your mail. how can you protect yourself from being a victim? Here are some tips: 1) Never leave your handbag or even a cell phone in your locked car. Mail theft is one of the most common ways for thieves to steal your identity. Often thieves will intercept and use the information to steal your identity. To address New Mail click on TO: or CC: or BCC Highlight the names or folder you wish. Instead. Never send your mail by leaving it in your mailbox to be picked up. 3) Leave your checkbook home and pay with credit cards or cash. To highlight several names you can hold the Control Key down while you click on each name you want.) BLIND CARBON COPY (BCC) Start > Programs > Outlook Express. Independently verify the phone number with one in the phone book or with directory assistance. So. banker. Return to Previous Page 24. 4) Never accept a call from a merchant. or any other person posing to help you.The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). ========================================== To add names to your address book: 23 . that is on the right side of the Selected Recipients. but don't use the phone number they give you. check accounts.

Click on Address at the top right. then click on New Contact and follow instructions. The best way to arrange them is by date. click on it and save it to your Desktop. Don't try this now though or you'll accidentally block me! OK. go to the Tools menu. Text File (Comma Separated Value) and save to your Desk Top. use down arrow to find 3 1/2 Floppy and click on it. Next to the bottom blank in the File Name blank. To add a folder like FAMILY with all you relatives in it. Blocked Senders." You can set these filters to automatically send messages to the recycle bin if you like. To open an attachment. To Print your Email Addresses: Click on Address > File > Export > Other address book. find the file you wish to attach and click on it. then Insert. ====================================== Keep MSN Messenger from launching 24 . all of the email they send to you gets deleted as it comes in. you can block senders with most e-mail software. PS . then File Attachment. Subject or Received Just click on the From and it will arrange your messages by the person's name that sent them. name the file with a the current Date like 10 12 01 and click on Save. then click on New Folder. then click on Attach. Like all Word messages. so how do you unblock someone you've accidentally blocked? In Outlook Express. In Outlook Express. Click on Subject and it will arrange your messages by Subject matter. Fill in the rest of the message and address it and send. Message Rules. Just highlight the person you want to unblock and hit the "remove" button. ========================================== Unblocking and Blocking Senders For those who don't know. click on Copy. ========================================== To fix your Inbox list of messages by: From. then click on New at the top left.Most other e-mail software will allow you to block people either using a similar method or by using "filters. Click on the Desktop Icon and if it asks what to open it in choose WordPad. just hit the Messages menu and select Block Sender to block the currently selected e-mail. Now click on Main Identity's Contact (where all you names should be) Right Click on the name. ========================================== To Save your Email Addresses: Click on Address > File > Export > Address Book (WAB) In the Save In blank at the top. Like all John Doe's email to you. Click on New at the top left. ========================================== Attachments: Click on New Mail. When you "block" someone. name it FAMILY then click OK. now Right Click on FAMILY and click on Paste then OK. just click on Received and it will arrange them in ascending or descending order.

Once you've located these files.with Windows or your Web browser is hidden in several places. If you don't have that option. and enter *. Click OK.dbx files. If you are running a newer version of Outlook Express. Outlook Express uses small databases to store your information. then click the Store Folder button. and choose Options. ====================================== Tip of the Day Email Packrats: Save those old messages to disk! Does your e-mail program hold valuable e-mail messages? You know. back them up. I keep mine in a folder named "outlook express" in the "My Documents" folder. click the Maintenance tab. don't worry. your Outlook Express mail is probably in: C:\Windows\Application data\Identities\ID NUMBER\Microsoft\Outlook Express Note that the ID NUMBER folder above will probably be a folder that uses an alphanumeric code for it's name. change computers. all I have to do it back up my "My Documents" folder and I automatically have my e-mail backed up. You may need either a zip disk or CD-R for storage. The messages I receive are the lifeblood of this business. On the screen that pops up.dbx in the Named field (make sure you select your C drive from the "look in" drop down box). you can copy them. That way. so if you can't find *.mbx. Now disable MSN Messenger in Outlook Express. So what do I do when I re-format my hard drive. Go to the Startup tab and make sure MSN Messenger is unchecked. select Find (or Search). try *. This will bring up these "dbx" files. or do whatever else to it your little heart desires. keep in mind that all of this information may not fit onto a floppy. make sure it's not in your Startup folder. Type "msconfig" (without quotes). Click the Preferences tab and uncheck "Run this program when Windows starts. Note that you can also change this location should you want it to be easier to find. it's fairly easy to figure out where your e-mail databases are. Go to Start and Run. Next. right-click your Start button. Just hit the Tools menu. Start with MSN Messenger itself. Go to Tools and choose Options." Press Apply and OK. My e-mail files are 246 meg in size! 25 . Outlook Express usually keeps your e-mail database(s) in the following location: C:\Windows\Application data\Microsoft\Outlook Express If you have your computer set-up for multiple users. Once you figure out where those databases are. the kind of stuff you hang onto and don't want to lose? I personally use Outlook Express more than any other program on my computer. Go to the General Tab and clear the "Automatically log on to Windows Messenger" box. If for some reason you don't see the Outlook Express folder in the above location. or need to do a backup? I save all those little e-mails of course! Saving from Outlook Express The biggest trick (problem) is figuring out where your particular e-mail program keeps all your messages. Outlook Express will show you where it's keeping your e-mail databases. these may have been "mbx" files. which live in the folder you're looking for. In Outlook Express. click Tools. Options. Note that on some older versions of Outlook Express.

It occurs when using the ENTER key in an HTML message. Open Internet Explorer. uncheck "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus. and go to the Programs tab. local folders: 26 . Options. You can drag it onto your desktop or use the Save As option in the File menu. and under Virus Protection. go to your Sent Mail folder. If OE isn't on the list. 1. Open OUTLOOK EXPRESS Click Tools. 5.Right-click the file you want to reassociate (hold the shift key if you're using Windows 98) and choose Open With. choose Internet Options. If for some reason your information doesn't seem to transfer despite being in the folder. after installing Service Pack for Internet Explorer 6. ====================================== KILL IE'S DEBUG BUGGING: (if you recently upgraded to Internet Explorer 6. 3. browse to the program's folder on your hard drive and select the executable. 2. Advanced and check Disable script debugging.0 from an earlier version. That should do it. delete your Local Folders folder (on the new machine / install) and re-start Outlook Express. If the messages won't open. ====================================== To add folders to the left side of your email. Put a check next to "Always use the selected program to open this file" and click OK ====================================== Double spacing is a known problem in Outlook Express. ====================================== You may not be able to open attachments. Select Outlook Express. or when copying and pasting text into an Outlook Express message. Security. You may also paste first into Notepad. When copying and pasting I used eClean program to avoid the double spacing. Click Tools. copy that and paste into OE. In Outlook Express. Go to Tools. Change the default mail reader back to Outlook Express and click Apply. Internet Options. click OK. 6.0. 4.) Unless you're working the kinks out of a scripted Web Site it serves no purpose and slows down your browsing. ====================================== How to save email messages already sent in Outlook Express. select the message you want to save. Change your default mail reader from Outlook Express to something else and click Apply.As for getting the e-mail restored. and save it to your hard drive. just copy and paste it back into whatever directory it's stored in on the new (or newly formatted) computer. and click OK. you'll need to reassociate your files with Outlook Express. which accepts only text and no formatting.

and it is FREE. or any other name. 2. click on Tools. ====================================== Return to Previous Page 25. Now when you get an email from a family member. ====================================== OUTLOOK EXPRESS AND INTERNET EXPLORER: AUTOCOMPLETION works for email addresses and web site addresses. say Family. Fill in the blanks and click on Add. tv guide and stock report. (Have your own newspaper. highlight "local folders". then OK. Sports. I either drag them to a folder or delete them. now click on Select and they will be added to your Family Group. ====================================== If someone sends you an email and you wish to add them to your Address Book: While you are looking at the email. click on File. click on Select Members.With your email program open. It takes time to set it up. the Nasdaq (NASDAQ). then click on New Contact for new email addresses not in your addresss book. Intel (INTC). New and type in Family. Now you can send email to all the people in the your Family by just clicking on "Family". click on File. such as Microsoft (MSFT). or an email from me you can left click and drag it to the Family or Computer folder. Misc. The Stocks you are following. Baseball. but it is worth it. I try to keep my Inbox empty. Then scroll and highlight their names by holding the control key down and clicking on each name that you want. After I read my emails. and NBA teams. then click on Add Sender to Address Book. Computer. and any Mutual Funds you wish. PORTAL.) Advanced !!! This is great. Portals let you make a Web page on the Internet with the information you wish such as: 1. (the new contact will also be automatically added to your folder and your main email list. I use it every day. As you start typing in the address the program will complete the address as soon as you type in enough for it to recognize. ====================================== If you email to groups of people: Open the address book. Type in the name of the New Group. etc. Folders.) To add names to the Family Group that you already have in your address book. such as UK Football and Basketball. New Group. the Dow (DJIA). 27 .

HOW TO SET UP YOUR PORTAL: (Please do this. Once you've done your personal page. Lexington Weather. PRINT SCREEN. It is best to put an Icon on your Desktop. etc. Choose what news you wish to read. Control V to paste it into Word. make sure you can see your Desktop and the My Yahoo page. or put it is your Favorites so you can access it anytime. Return to Previous Page 26. just type in their Zip Code. STOCK PORTFOLIO. click on CHOOSE CONTENT. sports teams. or Paint. go to Start. Health Sports. After you install Print Desktop. WEATHER. at the top of the menu will be PrintDeskTop. or any other city's weather. You can edit Print Screen in Paint but only to a limited degree. click on the EDIT portion of each section and add the stocks. Now your personal newspaper has come up. Click on a movie and it will tell you what it is about and who is in it. THIS WILL).yahoo. Print Desktop This is a 771K download that works like the old Dos Print Screen. if you have a child or grandchild in another city you can see what kind of weather they are having. etc. List the stations numbers you watch and it will list the programs on from 8 pm until 11 pm. The nice thing about this tv schedule is that if you click on Biography. TV LISTINGS. (If you can't copy what is on the screen. Bookmark it. then drag the little e in the address bar to you desktop. When you hit Print 1. PLEASE CLICK HERE 28 . on the left top click on MY (personalize). 3. this is great. there are a lot of choices. It's great. BASIC: There is a keyboard key after your F-12 key that reads Print Scrn. that you want. Control V to paste it into Word. WordPad. ADVANCED !!! If you hold the Alt key down and hit the PrintScrn key the clipboard takes a picture of the active window only. tv listings. SPORTS SCOREBOARD at the bottom of the page click on FINISHED. Near the top. 4. You Click on it and your printer will start printing. Please take you time with each section. You should use this in a very limited fashion when copy and paste will not work.3. 2. 4. it will tell you who is on. click on Finished after you choose. the clipboard takes a picture of the whole monitor screen. or Paint. I put a check mark in HEADLINES. it is so great) Go to: http://www. 5. LEAD PHOTO. After the Yahoo page comes up. Technology. TV SCHEDULE.

(How much do you have?) How much free space do you have? Click on MY COMPUTER. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel and click on Folder Options. How much RAM. To find the size of your chip like 1. select Windows Classic 5. WINDOWS XP OPTIONS !!!!! WINDOWS XP IS THE LATEST AND THE GREATEST WINDOWS OPERATING SYSTEM EVER. move the slider bar from the 10% down to 2 or 3% on computers with more than a Gigabyte of hard drive. Click the Appearance tab 4. 2. Instead. For instance.) 1. click on New. So. and find the new one confusing.27.8GHz Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > System tools And click on System Information and on the right side look under Processor In Windows XP. That is. the colors and displays are fantastic. you can go back to that. Right click an empty area and click Properties 3. hold the ALT key down and click on the Recycle Bin. high light the file you want back then click on File. Right click Start and click Properties B. Go to the Desktop (the opening screen) 2. then Shortcut Copy and Paste this line in: 29 . To resize your recycle bin and free up more of your hard drive. Deleting a file doesn't really get rid of it. here's how to step back in time in Windows XP: A. they might be used to the old Start menu. then empty it. Select Classic Start menu C. Hold down the Alt key and click My Computer. Click OK To shut down XP with a single click: Right Click on the Desktop. In the Windows and Buttons drop down box. the file doesn't really disappear. go to File and click on Empty Recycle Bin and it is gone forever. type of chip. and version of Windows do you have? Hold down the Alt key and click My Computer. it heads to the Recycle Bin -which is great if you discover later that you want the file back. Hold the Alt Key down and click on the C drive. too: (On this options I prefer Windows XP style. If you wish to empty the Recycle Bin.RAM & HARD DRIVE. 29. If it does. Ram and chip size are all on the first page. under the General Tab select Use Windows classic folders 3. then click on Restore. RECYCLE BIN: How to empty and resize. If you prefer the Windows 98/ME look for the Desktop and open windows. To get the file back click on the Recycle Bin Icon on the Desktop. Caution: After you delete a program or a file leave it in the Recycle Bin a week or two to see if your computer runs OK without it. 28. Click Customize to select favorite Start menu items. Microsoft's tendency to change things that already work well irritates some users. 1.

which can only be upgraded to the pricier edition. click on finish.80 GHz and Ram like 512 MB RAM ========================================== Windows XP has a built in Firewall." 4. and then click Performance =============================================== Windows XP: Hard on hardware. Here's how to access a program's Compatibility Mode in XP: 1. Shields Up https://grc. 128 MB OF RAM OR MORE RECOMMENDED. point to Settings.EXE -s -t 00 Name the icon. you're not out of luck.Right-click the icon and select Properties. Compatibility Mode allows you to run a program using the shell of the original program it was developed for. Microsoft built Compatibility Mode into XP.You may need to fine-tune the three fields under "Display Settings" if an older program requires 640x480 resolution or 256 colors. 3. and click on Network Connections. and then click Control Panel. they are mostly for business. You can use the web page below to check your security when you are on the Internet. you'll need: 300 MHZ OR HIGHER PROCESSOR CLOCK SPEED RECOMMENDED. click Administrative Tools. There's no reason for home users to spend the extra money unless they have been running NT or 2000. Now you can leave it on your Desktop or Drag it into you Quick Launch. In Windows XP: To open Performance. CPU Speed . 5.dll?bh0bkyd2 ============================================ "XP PROFESSIONAL" HAS ALL OF "XP HOME" PLUS: REMOTE DESKTOP ADVANCED ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS AUTOMATED SYSTEM RECOVERY ROAMING PROFILES MULTI-PROCESSOR SUPPORT Most home users do not need these extra features. go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.Hold the Alt Key down and click on My Computer and XP will actually give you the chip speed like Pentium 4 1.Click Apply.5 GB OF HARD DRIVE SPACE NEEDED. 6.Find the executable or program shortcut icon you'd like to run. Good web site to explain XP ========================================= If you're having trouble running older programs originally developed for previous versions of Windows.Click the Compatibility tab and place a checkmark next to the text labeled "Run this program in compatibility mode. To see if XP's firewall is enabled. Luckily for consumers. 1. click Start.C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SHUTDOWN. 30 .com/x/ne. 2.Select the operating system that the program was originally intended to run on. and they cost $100 more.

and then press ENTER. and then press ENTER. It also reserved a cluster of 4K. ====================================== Windows XP came out with NTFS. Or. etc. you'll open the new site in a second browser window. continually tap the F8 key until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears. but you don't want to leave your current Web site. Microsoft Word. point to All Programs. type exit at the blinking cursor in the command prompt window. New. in the left-hand column there is a link to "Extract all files". Well. or if it is running. A menu will open from which you can save individual files to your computer. 3. This will open a wizard to guide you through the extraction process. Using the cursor keys. ====================================== TO CREATE A ZIPPED COMPRESSED FOLDER: 1. It's that easy! Also. controls access. To switch between a full screen and a window. You can choose where you want the files to go. Type the name of the installed MS-DOS-based program you want to open. Just depress Ctrl and turn the wheel. ====================================== --> CHANGE THE FONT SIZE WITH THE WHEEL If your mouse has a wheel. Just double click the zipped file. encryption. scroll down to the appropriate Safe mode and press Enter. and then click Compressed (zipped) Folder. change to the directory where the program is located and type its name there. You can set file and folder permissions only on drives formatted to use NTFS. To quit a command prompt session. but also has other advantages. click Start. Open My Computer. Double-click a drive or folder. Cool! ====================================== WINDOWS XP HAS ITS OWN BUILT IN UNZIP PROGRAM. and you must be the owner or have been granted permission to do so by the owner. hold down the Shift key. To open command prompt. and then click Command Prompt. The original window will be open behind it. this issue is easily resolved! When you click on the link in the original site. Notes: 31 .====================================== Windows XP: To open an MS-DOS program from a command prompt window Open Command Prompt. ====================================== To start Windows XP in Safe mode: 1. 2. Click on File. Type a name for the new folder. As soon as the BIOS has finished loading. which stands for New Technology File System. That way. 2. Just click & drag or copy the file you want and drop it in the desired location. point to Accessories. press ALT+ENTER. shut it down and restart it. 4. Start Windows. better compression. 3. ====================================== --> KEEP YOUR ORIGINAL WINDOW OPEN AS YOU SURF I'm sure this has happened to you: You want to try a link in Internet Explorer. you can use it to change the text size in Internet Explorer and even.

Files or Folders D. 5. You can identify compressed folders by the zipper on the folder icon. drag the file or folder from the compressed folder to a new location. and then click Delete. Notes: 1. When you extract a file from a compressed folder that is password protected. When you extract a file. and then click Extract All. If you share compressed folders with users on other computer systems. and then locate the compressed folder. you may want to limit the compressed folder names to eight characters with a . right-click the compressed folder. Icons B.1. double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop. You can also create a zipped compressed folder by right-clicking the desktop. You can identify compressed folders by the zipper on the folder icon. right-click the file. System icon. you must provide the password before the file can be extracted to the folder you specify. specify where you want to store the extracted files. file name extension ------------------------------------------------------------------TO EXTRACT FILES FROM A ZIPPED COMPRESSED FOLDER: 1. Click OK. 4. ====================================== CONFIGURE WINDOWS XP TO AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD UPDATES: Click the Start Menu.) A. 4. pointing to New. (Saves Time and Money and Your hair. The next time you're online and there happens to be an available update. If the file is protected with a password. Control Panel. Automatic Updates tab. To extract all files or folders. and then clicking Compressed (zipped) Folder. the extracted file is no longer protected. To open My Computer. and install them on the schedule that I specify. ====================================== Troubleshooting Windows 98 and XP PLEASE CLICK HERE How To's for Windows XP PLEASE CLICK HERE Troubleshooting Windows XP PLEASE CLICK HERE ====================================== Return to Previous Page 30. double-click the My Computer icon on the desktop. Taskbar C. a compressed version remains in the compressed folder. Click the radio button next to the text labeled: "Automatically Download the updates. Open My Computer. Do one of the following: To extract a single file or folder. Desktop E. double-click the compressed folder to open it. 3. In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard. 2. RIGHT CLICKING. To open My Computer. 2. 2. Then. Empty space in Windows Explorer 32 . To delete the compressed version. It will install automatically.

Used space. If you have several windows or programs open. and click on Enter. Please use this to save valuable documents. Want to know the total size of any folder. then click on change icons you will see other icons and you can change your present one. G. click on Cascade Windows and it will show them all. You can drag any of the shortcut icons (the ones with the little white arrows) on your Desktop into the New Folder. Copy. Go to New > Folder and a New Folder will appear on your Desktop. Details is best. 31. Click on Line up Icons and it will put them in the right space. C: Files or Folders: Right Click on any File or Folder in Windows Explorer and with this new menu you may Open. the Auto Arrange and the icons will stay put. including all files and folders within it? Locate the folder in Windows Explorer rightclick the folder and select Properties. Sizes. Small Icons. My Computer: Click or Double Click on My Computer then hold the Alt key down and click on the C drive and it will show how much Free Space.1998) How much RAM you have and type of chip. Cut. This way your Desktop will not be full of Icons.A. Desktop: Right Click on the Desktop (the big space with all your icons on it). Icons: If you right click on any shortcut icon (the ones with the little arrow on the bottom left corner) then click on Properties. Details. D. file. It shows not only the size but the number of files and folders as well. to restore click on Undo Minimize All. you will see a split screen with both programs on them and you can work with them like copy and paste or delete or insert. Move Here 2.10. B. and if you have 2 programs open. F. Rename. and Formats. and follow instructions. Click on Arrange Icons. and Total space you have on your hard drive. or Tile Window Vertically. Delete. SIZES AND FORMATS SELECTIONS. SAVE YOUR COLORS. Taskbar: Right Click on an empty space on your taskbar on the right side of your Taskbar but to the left of the tray icons. M O V I N G ! ! ! To move an icon. Name it Misc. General Tab shows Operating System (Windows 98 4. and when you let it go it will ask you do you want to: 1. or program RIGHT CLICK and drag. E. To restore click on Undo Cascade. click on Tile Windows Horizontally. Cancel Select "Create Shortcut(s) Here" If you wish to close a program that is on the Taskbar RIGHT CLICK on it and select close. Create Shortcut. Paste. H. Create Shortcut(s) Here 4. click on Shortcut and Browse until you find the file you wish to make a shortcut out of. Click on Minimize All Windows to see your Desktop. The Send To feature allows you to send the file to a Floppy for safe keeping. and Properties. Send To. List. RIGHT CLICK Folder shows size. Copy Here 3. ADVANCED !!!!!! To change the Colors. My Computer: Hold the Alt key down and click on My Computer. Go to New. Right Click on your Desktop. RIGHT CLICKING Windows Explorer: RIGHT CLICK empty space on right side for view: Large Icons. click on Properties > Appearance > use the down arrow and change any Item (write down the original settings so you may go back to them) then click on apply 33 . To restore click on Undo Tile.

It is like the Mailman needing your home address. click on the B. it wants to know the PATH or if you're saving a file you need to know the path. Scroll down the left side of your C drive and click on My Documents. go to the right of Scheme click on Save As.each time when finished click on OK. when. use the down arrow under Item. You may also configure Microsoft Word to save you work. To save the setting. and Formats get messed up you go there and click on your name and it's back like it was. Under that. and OK. Right Click on your Desktop. and in the Save in box at the top of the page should be My Documents. well that is what you will be doing if you don't save your documents. and where. If this document is very important. it will not ask you about the Save in box or File name box because it remembers it. This is basic. This is very very basic and I wish everyone would please try it. do Control C. is Save As: Word Document (*. (Notes) or (Stocks) or whatever. also save it to a floppy. Now move to the right and click on save.DOC 34 . and Stretch. look on the right side for the name of your document. Control A and to copy the items. Go to Start > Programs > Windows Explorer and click on it. Right Click on the document go to Send To and click on 3 1/2 Floppy (A) and in a few seconds remove the floppy and your work is saved no matter what happens to your computer. type the name you want. The first time you Control (Ctrl) S. now do Control V to paste and Control S to save the document. click on Properties > Background and select the one you wish. Do it a few times and it will become second nature. Tile. I know this sounds confusing but believe me it will become second nature to you after a few times. Do the same for STOCKS file. While here. SAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS. Now as you add paragraphs you can do Control S and it will save anything new you have added. I continually do Control S so if something happens that work is saved to the hard drive. Now when you want to add items to Notes: To highlight the items do. click OK. To the right there is a down arrow with the options of Center. If it is not there use the down arrow and scroll until you find it and click on it. 32.doc) should be there. Put a floppy in you're A: drive. but long. While you are working on a document go to Tools > Options> Save. if you wish to make your Menu BOLD and easier to read click on the Appearance Tab. If it is not there use the down arrow and scroll until you find it and click on it. If someone messes up your background (like clouds). Sizes. do Control End (the End key is just above your arrow keys) and this will bring you to the bottom page of the file.) You've heard of "Crying in the Chapel" by Elvis Presley. then click OK. and middle way down set the time in minutes. the Ctrl (CONTROL) key is at the bottom left side of the keyboard). Near the bottom of the page is the File name box. like Susan) in Save Scheme. (How to. Now when your Colors. You'll love it and wonder how you did without it. When you are typing a letter you can Save anytime. Click on your NOTES file. When I am writing a document. type (your name. click on Menu and to the right. MAILMAN: KENTUCKY > LEXINGTON > SOUTHRIDGE > 565 COMPUTER: C:\MY DOCUMENTS\COMPUTER CLASS\TOP FIFTY. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAVE YOUR WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ======================================== PATH: A PATH tells the computer where to find programs and files If Browse comes up.

The Disk CleanUp is a handy tool. too. B. your icons and screen will look different. Here. -. To use the Disk Cleanup tool. you can remove Windows components that you do not use. Computer Class is the Sub Folder and Top Fifty. It does quite a few things to free up hard disk space including: -. Scan Disk.Emptying the Recycle Bin. In Windows 98 and Me: Close all open programs.Removing installed programs that you do not use. On the More Options tab.Deleting downloaded program files.doc is the file. DISK CLEANUP. select your hard drive and click Analyze.Compressing old files on the hard disk. press the F8 key. -. ScanDisk: (remove errors from your hard drive. (Then for a pretty display click on Details and then click on Legend (so you will know what is going on. You'll see the Windows Startup Menu text menu. How often should you defrag Windows XP? When you access the Disk Defragmentor in System Tools. and Power Management before running Scan Disk or Defrag. On the Disk Cleanup tab. Still better. Disk Cleanup (put a check mark in all boxes. The older operating systems lined up data on the disk during defrag.C: is the Drive. -.Removing all but the most recent Restore Point. click OK. -. click Properties. Disk Defragmenter: (rearranges your data for faster access) As you add programs and files and delete programs and files your hard drive becomes fragmented (your data is scattered all over the hard drive) So you have data in different places and empty spaces between data. Recycle Bin. My Documents is the Folder. WinXP's utility is a little smarter. it starts Scan Disk and Defrag all over and you'll never get through. your anti-virus program. (There should be a Check in the box labeled [X] Automatically fix errors). Or every time your one of them kicks in.) 3. etc. -. then do A. Defrag rearranges your data so there are no empty spaces and the programs and data you use the most are put into the fastest accessible portion of your hard drive. Be careful here.Deleting files from your temporary folder. you can also remove installed programs and restore points. It reorganizes data optimized for your system. When you are done. click Yes. Disk Cleanup: This utility cleans up unnecessary files on your computer.Deleting files created by other Windows 98 or Windows Me tools. but in this mode no programs will interfere with running Scan Disk and Defrag. such as Temporary Internet files. WinXP's defrag tool differs from the one in Windows 95 and Windows 98. click to select the check boxes of the files that you want to remove. C. right-click the hard disk on which you want to free space. and then click Disk Cleanup on the General tab.) The Disk CleanUp is part of all versions of Windows 98 and higher. and then OK. then click OK. click the More Options tab. After you hear the beep. For example. Select Safe Mode. Temporary files.) 35 .Removing optional Windows 98 or Windows Me components that you do not use. -. This normally happens in about 10 seconds. -. in that order. Downloaded program files. SCAN DISK & DEFRAG: (Makes your computer run better and faster. click Defragment. Disk Defragmenter. the MSN software takes about 13 MB on your hard drive. -. If it says you should defrag. Accessories. reboot your computer: Listen for the "Power On Self Test" beep. Go to Start. This makes it harder to read and slows down your computer. disable the screen saver. 2.) 1. 33. This is why you may see that data still isn't lining up when you analyze the hard drive. System Tools.Deleting temporary Internet files. double-click My Computer.

release the mouse.) At night shut down your computer. Once you find the program you want: Right click and drag the Program you want to the Desktop. then Properties. Computer watts: Hard Drive 5 to 25 CPU 20 to 45 17 or 19" Monitor 80 to 150 A well-equipped PC running at full steam will burn from 200 to 300 watts. When that is done. Then Click on Disk Defragment and follow instructions. (If you have a problem with Standby. SHORTCUT: Put a shortcut on your Desktop or Start Menu. If you DO NOT use Power Options. then put your screen saver selection to Blank Screen (if it is an option). Right click on your Desktop. then left click on Create Shortcut. this is much better than running a screen saver. click on Power Options Click on Standby and set it on 15 minutes or so. OR drag to the Start button on the TaskBar and turn loose. click on Tools. To set your Screen Saver. Return to Previous Page 34. put a check mark in all boxes. To save time always install a shortcut of the program you use a lot on the Desktop. You cannot leave the monitor on all the time without some safety device to prevent burn in and ruin your monitor. (Do not use None is this case or you'll get burn in. and it will put the shortcut icon on your Desktop. or Quick Launch. after that it will put the monitor and hard drive to sleep until you move the mouse or use the keyboard.) You may always use those other Screen Savers as long as you know they lessen the life of your monitor and use more electricity. then Error Checking and follow instructions. then click OK. click on the tab Screen Saver. The best choice under Power Options is to set your: Turn off monitor: to 15 minutes more or less. Click on disable Scandisk after bad shutdown. Start Menu. 35. You'll conserve most by setting your monitor to power down. Use Standby during the day.This procedure takes an hour or so depending on the size of your hard drive and the amount of fragmentation you have. if not there. If you don't want to go through ScanDisk every time you have a bad shutdown: Start > Run > msconfig Now go to bottom right hand side of the dialog box and click on Advanced. set your wait time to 10 or 15 minutes and then click OK. Turn off your hard disks: to 20 minutes more or less. Right click on the C drive. In Windows XP: Click on My Computer. and it will be in your Start Menu. 36 . use the down arrow to see the options click on one. click Accessories or any other folder it might be in. set it to never. Right click the Start Button > Open > Click Programs. then down on the right click on Disk Cleanup. Set your screen saver to none. SCREEN SAVER and Power OPTIONS: Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel.

Then click OK. Programs. An . then name the shortcut Shutdown and click on Finish. type the location and name of the program you want to start. RUN: Click Start. Stand by Before shutting down your computer close all programs Then use Start > Shut Down > Shut down. The Last line should be selected and click on Settings. SINGLE CLICK. and wait until the computer notifies you that it's safe to shut Open.) On the left side of the Taskbar is the Start Button THE START MENU: SHUT DOWN: l.EXE User.for Highlight. Settings. (Shutdown. in the bottom section click on Single-Click to open an item. before you turn your computer off. sol. In Open. Right-click the desktop and select New then click on Shortcut. and then click Run. 37 . Also click on Underlined icon titles only when I point at them. click Browse. Notes · To select the location or name of the program. notepad. Click next. (Why double click !!!!) (This Is Really Great !!!!) In Windows 98: Click on My Computer > View > Folder Options. Improper shutting-down can leave messy file fragments that can clutter up your hard drive and confuse your system.exe file can be opened buy just typing its name such as wordpad. Make a point of always using your computer's shutdown command. C:\WINDOWS\RUNDLL32.EXE -s -t 00 This puts the Shortcut on your Desktop. In Windows Me and Window XP: Start > Settings > Control Panel and click on Folders Options and do the same thing. Run. Help. In Windows XP: copy and paste this line: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SHUTDOWN. Shut Down 2. SHUTDOWN your computer with a SINGLE CLICK. to put it into Quick Launch.ExitWindows into the Command line. · You can connect to an Internet or intranet site by typing its address . calc.) 36. copy and paste the line below. www. Documents. 38. START BUTTON. Shut down . just drag it down to that part of the Taskbar 37. Restart 3.(Caution: DO NOT LEFT CLICK AND DRAG or it will disappear from your Programs Menu.

then click on Create Disk and follow instructions.HELP: Contents: Touring Windows (everyone should do this) And there are several other options. SEARCH OR FIND: Type in the name of the file or folder you are looking for.Click on any icon in this Window. Add/Remove programs. then it removes the oldest shortcut first. etc. This is one of my favorite things. click on What's new in Windows XP. A few you might try are Fonts. Right click on it and select disable). click on properties. Settings. then click on Taking a Tour or Tutorial. If there is no Icon on the Taskbar. This opens the file and the application program. This is a disk that allows you to restart from the floppy drive if there's a problem with your hard drive. go to programs.wav file and it will sound off. 98. If you have trouble starting Windows 95. click Properties. You wish to clear out all the items in Documents? Right click an empty space on the Taskbar. the files and programs remain exactly in the same place. Make an emergency Startup disk. SETTINGS: Control Panel . If you wish it back. go back and uncheck the Auto Hide Box. you should disable your screen saver ( Right Click on your desktop. Display.DOCUMENTS and click on the file you want. run diagnostic programs (scan disk). do the reverse of the above (You must undo the above after you install your program. then your anti-virus program and Double Click on the first line which is Real -Time Scanning (Auto-Protect) then click on Yes to Disable.wav for your sound files. To enable. type *.doc for your documents or *. Control Panel. Modems Mouse. and fix many problems. Double click on a . Desktop. Look in [ C : ] Click on Find Now If you are looking for a group of files with a certain 3 letter dos extension. then click on Take the Windows XP Tour. It will hold 15 shortcuts to your files.. To create a Startup Disk go to Start. When installing new software or running SCAN DISK or DEFRAG.exe for your program files or *. Mouse. Index: Just type in the word that best describes your problem. put your mouse pointer at the bottom of the page and it will reappear.) DOCUMENTS: THE EASIEST AND QUICKEST WAY TO OPEN A FILE: START . Such as Clock. System. Printer. PROGRAMS: 38 . In XP: Go to Start. Help. click on Screen Saver click on the down arrow and select None) And also disable your anti-virus (I use Norton's 2001) (if there is an anti-virus icon on the right side of your Taskbar. or Me you can use a Startup Disk to start your computer. It will ask you for your Window CD-ROM so have it ready. etc. click on the tab Start Menu Programs and on the bottom portion click on Clear. While you're there click on the tab Taskbar Options then if you wish your taskbar to disappear click on the box Auto Hide then click OK and it will be gone. If you do not like this option. Icons. click on the tab Startup Disk. Only the shortcuts are removed. PLEASE USE THIS OFTEN.

2. Click the B button to make menu fonts bold. Right click on an empty space on the TaskBar. If you don't know how to use utilities such as MSConfig or SysEdit. New. and color them. click on the Format bar at the top of the page and increase the size from say 10 to 24 or whatever. The following article is based on many sources. 4. Click OK when you've finished. Go to Word or WordPad and Control V to paste. At the top click on File. that way you have only the most used programs easily visible. Shutdown problems in Windows 95 and 98 can be caused by many factors including. then click on Copy. To shorten your program menu: You can make a folder A-M and a folder N-Z and put the programs you use the least in them. If you see a small triangle after a Name it means there are submenus. Give Windows three minutes to 39 . Strain Your Eyes No More Do your eyes strain to read the tiny words in your Windows program menus? You can make them easier to read with the Windows Display Settings tool as follows: 1. repeat this until you have all the wingdings you want. depending if you want separate menus for each person logging on. (For proper troubleshooting. including Microsoft Knowledge Base articles and input from individuals in the Microsoft news groups. Click Advanced. SHUTDOWN PROBLEMS. into the A-M or N-Z folder. If you're the only one who uses your computer and you're not on a network. Then Highlight the wingdings.This is where all your programs are. Click on Properties. FIRST STEP: DISABLE FAST SHUTDOWN (Skip this step if you are using Windows 95) Launch MSCONFIG. Right Click on the Desktop.) Click OK. incorrectly configured or damaged hardware. 3. Test Windows shut down by restarting the computer. Folder and name it A-M and then do another File. click Start | Shut Down | Restart | OK. New. Choose Menu from the Item list. but not limited to. Wingdings: Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character map Click on a wingding and click on select. 39. you can reduce the clutter on the Start menu by removing the Logoff item. Folder and name it N-Z. This is in XP others may be similar: Right Click on the Start Button. Now just drag the programs you want. Place a check mark in the box next to "Disable fast shutdown. 6. damaged. Click the Appearance tab. or conflicting device driver. click on Properties. then OK again. click on Open or Open All Users. go to STEP TWO. This article can be used to troubleshoot the possible causes. THIRTEEN STEPS TO TROUBLESHOOTING WINDOWS SHUTDOWN One of the most common complaints by Windows users involves problems with shutting down Windows." (NOTE: If the box is already marked. In XP: You click on Advanced after step 3. see notes at the bottom of the article. Removing the Log Off item from the Start menu in Me. click on Advanced and unclick Display Logoff. conflicting programs or an incompatible. 5. a damaged exit sound file. You can also change the font style and size here.

then OK. go to STEP SIX. THIRD STEP: RULE OUT DAMAGED EXIT SOUND FILE In Control Panel.INI file and exit SYSEDIT. FOR WIN95: Restart the computer and hold down the SHIFT key until Windows 95 loads. one of the disabled program entries may be to blame. Click OK.BAT and CONFIG. but if it doesn't. then the program that remained is not causing the problem.BAT nor remove the semicolons. Click OK. Otherwise:) Rename AUTOEXEC.) at the beginning of these lines if they have entries following the equal (=) sign. go to STEP SEVEN. go to STEP TWO. FOR WIN95: Manually remove all but one of the shortcut icons from the Startup folder.asp You can try this as your next option. If Windows continues to hang. After each program is enabled.Process the system registry . FOR WIN98: Use MSCONFIG. click Exit Windows. double-click Sounds.Load all Windows drivers 40 . If it hangs. SECOND STEP: STARTUP/SHUTDOWN TROUBLESHOOTING WIZARD Microsoft has an on-line Startup/Shutdown Troubleshooting Wizard at: http://support. Restore another startup program per the appropriate method above. If you did not make changes. test Windows shut down. Click Selective Startup. In the Events box. go to STEP FIVE. test Windows shut down. Remove the check mark from in front of "Load startup group items. Save the changes to the WIN.DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.TMP and test Windows shut down. or if both are empty.DEVICE=C:\WINDOWS\IFSHLP.complete the process before concluding that it is hung. place a check mark next to the first program item listed. save the file and go to STEP SIX.BAT OR CONFIG.SYS .SYS to AUTOEXEC. Choose "Step-By-Step Confirmation. If the system doesn't hang. FOR BOTH SYSTEMS: Test Windows shut down. If Windows shuts down properly. click None. reboot and then test Windows shut down. rename the files and proceed with these steps: Restart Windows and bring up the Boot Menu.Load the Windows graphical user interface . manually remove the shortcuts from the Startup folder. re-enable them one at a time by removing the semicolon and resaving the file. Place a semicolon (. If Windows hangs. (This Win95 method doesn't work with some OEM installations.) After doing one of these procedures.INI window and look for any lines beginning with LOAD= or RUN=.TMP and CONFIG.SYS .") Disabling fast shutdown may solve the problem. otherwise." Restart Windows. Click on the WIN. On the Startup If Windows does *not* hang. the problem may be a corrupt sound file.INI COMMAND LINE PROBLEMS Launch SYSEDIT. If that happens to you.Load Doublespace driver . determine the culprit by ruling out the programs one-by-one: FOR WIN98: Use MSCONFIG. If Windows shuts down properly. This same procedure is referred to in the following steps as. Test Windows shut down. FIFTH STEP: RULE OUT WIN. After each program is restored. Save them to restore later. Continue re-enabling programs until you either find the problem program (there may be more than one) or all programs have been restored. Restore the file from your Windows disk or wherever you obtained it and then test Windows shut down. SIXTH STEP: RULE OUT AUTOEXEC. "Test Windows shut down." Press Y at each of the following prompts if it occurs (press N for any other prompts): . FOURTH STEP: RULE OUT PROGRAMS LOADED FROM STARTUP FOLDER Restart Windows without any Startup folder programs loading. rename the files to the original names and go to STEP SEVEN.SYS file.SYS COMMAND LINE PROBLEMS (If there is neither an AUTOEXEC. To determine the problem program. If Windows does *not* hang. test Windows shut down. It does overlap with some of the following steps. In the Name box.

a virtual device driver may be causing the problem. Click the Settings tab. Contact the driver's manufacturer for assistance. Click the hardware profile you are currently click Close and click Yes. Reboot and test Windows shut down after each change to identify which item is the problem. Reboot. Click the Hardware Profiles tab. the problem may be caused by APM. restore the SYSTEM. Repeat the above until the shutdown problem occurs.exe is not loaded from the CONFIG. If it shuts down properly. bringing up the Boot Menu as before. then click the Test Configuration check box to clear it. follow these steps: Restart Windows.BAT or CONFIG.SYS and close SYSEDIT. When you are prompted to restart Windows. in Win98.SYS If it shuts down properly.SYS file to its original configuration.INI PROBLEMS Launch SYSEDIT. test Windows shut down. If the system hangs. Repeat this step until you have disabled all devices but DO NOT disable any system devices. Click File System. after Windows finishes loading. Click the Device Manager tab. If Windows shuts down properly. then test Windows shut down. If the system hangs.SYS window. the problem is related to the File System settings. Disable APM from Control Panel | Power. Double-click Advanced Power Management Support in the device list. (NOTE: If you 41 . (NOTE: In Win98 you can use MSCONFIG and merely uncheck such lines in the [386Enh] section. If Windows hangs. If Windows shuts down properly. Click the Performance tab. the problem may be caused by a command line in the AUTOEXEC. and click the Device Manager tab. Double-click the System Devices branch to expand it. you have identified the command causing the problem." Save the changes and exit SYSEDIT. Type "Test Configuration" in the To box. then test Windows shut down.' Screen" http://support. Click on the SYSTEM. and then click Copy. see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article: "Locating and Excluding RAM/ROM Addresses in the UMA" http://support. Press N for all other prompts. launch SYSEDIT.) Reboot. selecting a *different* additional command each time until you have gone through them all.INI file to its original configuration. When the shutdown problem occurs. test Windows shut down. MSCONFIG to remove the check mark in front of the problematic item).. Disable the command (using SYSEDIT to edit the file containing the command.SYS file. or. SEVENTH STEP: RULE OUT EMM386-RELATED MEMORY CONFLICTS A memory conflict sometimes exists when Emm386. go to STEP TEN. select NO.After Windows finishes loading. restore your CONFIG. Click the Troubleshooting tab.. Right click on My Computer and select Properties. Click the Enable Power Management check box to clear it.) at the beginning of each line that begins with "DEVICE=" and ends with ". To determine which line is causing the problem. make sure the following lines exist in this order: device=c:\windows\himem. see Microsoft Knowledge Base article: "Shutdown Hangs After 'Please Wait While. Press Y for each of the prompts listed above. NOTE: For additional information about shutdown problems with APM enabled. Reboot.) Each time. (You will cycle through the additional lines. so contact the computer's manufacturer for assistance.SYS file. If Windows does *not* hang during shutdown.) Reboot.asp TENTH STEP: RULE OUT WINDOWS FILE SYSTEM SETTINGS Right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Otherwise:) Right-click on My Computer. then test Windows shut down.INI window. go to STEP SEVEN. Examine the section [386Enh] and place a semicolon (.com/support/kb/articles/Q136/6/51. Click the CONFIG.SYS file.exe noems x=a000-f7ff If you do not have a CONFIG.sys device=c:\windows\emm386. Mark all the check boxes. NINTH STEP: RULE OUT ADVANCED POWER MANAGEMENT (APM) PROBLEMS (Not all computers have APM features. Double-click any device. Click OK. (NOTE: This box doesn't exist in Win98 SE. In the CONFIG.386. then test Windows shut down. plus one *additional* command. create one with these two lines. Click OK until you return to Control Panel. If yours is one of them. Go back and uncheck each box one at a time. To test for this. ELEVENTH STEP: RULE OUT WINDOWS DEVICE DRIVER PROBLEMS See if a Windows device driver is causing the problem or if an installed device is configured incorrectly or is improperly functioning. select Properties. click OK. Save the modified CONFIG.asp EIGHTH STEP: RULE OUT VIRTUAL DEVICE DRIVER /

WARNING: Do not try this step unless you know what you are doing -. THIRTEENTH STEP: OTHER SOLUTIONS (1) Manually deleting the TEMP folder contents. You may also need an updated video driver. PCI hard disk controllers cannot be unloaded dynamically. When you restart Windows a second time. Terminate=RIT: Possible timer-related problems with the sound card or an old mouse driver. These entries are located at the end of the file and may provide clues as to the cause of the problem.SYS file. Terminate=Win32: Problem with a 32-bit program blocking a thread. If Windows continues to hang on shutdown after you complete steps the above steps. your computer may have faulty hardware or faulty system components including RAM. click OK to open Device Manager. go to STEP TWELVE. bringing up the Boot Menu and selecting the option to create a boot log. Terminate=Reset Display: Disable video shadowing. as Windows restarts.TXT file is "EndTerminate=KERNEL.TXT file by restarting the computer. go back into Device Manager. choose Yes to restart Windows. Select one of the following:" Choose Test Configuration from the list of configurations. When prompted to restart Windows. the drivers associated with the device are removed from memory and the shutdown problem does not occur. removing the device from the current hardware profile will correct the problem. the Plug and Play device will be detected automatically and installed in the current hardware profile. Test Windows shut down.mistakes in this step can result in your computer not working at all! 42 . As Windows starts. then click the Test Configuration check box to select it. TWELFTH STEP: USE BOOTLOG. If the last line in BOOTLOG. WARNING: Before you reset the computer's CMOS settings back to the factory defaults.TXT for "Terminate=" entries. For information about changing CMOS settings in your computer. and the contents of other temporary folders.TXT is one of the following entries. may solve the shutdown problem. Let Windows load fully and then reboot normally. consult the computer's documentation or manufacturer.TXT TO IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM If Windows still hangs during the shutdown process." To correct the problem. you will receive the following error message: "Your Display Adapter is disabled. After you remove the device from the current hardware profile and restart Windows. Double-click a device that you disabled in step E above." Windows shut down successfully. Examine C:\BOOTLOG. If Windows hangs. NOTE: If the shutdown problem is being caused by a Plug and Play device that is configured incorrectly or isn't functioning properly. If the last line in the BOOTLOG. check the listed possible cause: Terminate=Query Drivers: Possible QEMM or other memory manager issue. reinstall Windows to a different folder to rule out the possibility of damaged files. If Windows still hangs during the shutdown process after you reinstall it. Test Windows shut down.disabled a PCI hard disk controller. the problem may be caused by a Windows device driver or a device installed in your computer that is configured incorrectly or is not functioning properly. When the Display Properties dialog box opens. the drivers associated with the device are again loaded in memory and the shutdown problem returns. To determine which device driver or device is causing the problem. make sure to write down the CMOS settings. If the problem recurs. Contact your computer's manufacturer for assistance. the motherboard or an internal or external cache. Repeat this with each device until the shutdown problem recurs. you have identified the device or device driver causing the problem. create a BOOTLOG. click Yes. If Windows shuts down properly. Terminate=Unload Network: Possible conflict with real-mode network driver in CONFIG. (2) If the previous steps do not resolve the problem. However.) Restart Windows and you will receive the following message: "Windows cannot determine what configuration your computer is in. reinstall Windows using the "setup /P I" command to rule out a defective Plug and Play BIOS. If your computer has a Plug and Play BIOS. Possibly Microsoft Visual C for Windows. try resetting CMOS settings back to factory defaults. the CPU. click Cancel. Each "Terminate=" entry should have a matching "EndTerminate=" entry on a successful shutdown.

double-click System.asp WIN98 SECOND EDITION ONLY SCENARIOS: (I promised a few. Although this still consumes server storage. Also see Windows Startup and Shutdown Issues: http://support. Restart Windows and let it detect the card as new hardware. but this problem is far from solved) (1) Check with your computer or BIOS manufacturer to see if there are any BIOS updates available for your Often (but not always) a clue will bed that the floppy drive light comes on during reserve IRQ 12 in Device Manager. On the Reserve Resources tab. double-click Computer. [-OR-] It's now safe to turn off your computer. To work around this problem. but instead has a software-configurable hardware device (such as a Plug and Play adapter) using IRQ 12. To disable the PC Speaker driver. It has not been fully regression tested and should be applied only to computers experiencing this specific problem. then you may receive one or both of the following messages: Windows is shutting down.) To reserve an IRQ with Device Manager: In Control Restart Windows. and then click Add. Windows can hang on shutdown. click the Interrupt Request (IRQ) option. In the Value box.asp for details on a supported fix that corrects this problem. WINDOWS WITH INTERNET EXPLORER SCENARIOS: (1) If Internet Explorer 4. this can result in various symptons including the computer hanging on shutdown.asp (2) If you are using Norton AntiVirus with the Auto-Protect feature enabled. see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article at: http://support. and one or more network drives are mapped on your computer with the Desktop Update component installed. Physically remove the network card. (3) If your computer hangs at shutdown and it either uses Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) and the Fast Shutdown feature is disabled. all user's cookies are stored in the same ey. use any of the following methods: METHOD 1: Empty your Temporary Internet Files folder each time you quit Internet Explorer. For step-bystep instructions. (4) On a computer with a BIOS that expects IRQ 12 to be in use by a PS/2-style mouse port. If you BIOS is out of date. while attempting to shut down Win98 SE may hang. this does not allow a user's cookies to follow the user to other stations. On the Device Manager tab. (This has been known to work in at least one case in Win98 SE.) (6) If your antivirus software is set to scan your floppy drives on shutdown. or it contains a Matsonic BIOS and the "USB Function for DOS" option is enabled in the METHOD 2: Maintain each user's temporary Internet files in the user's Home directory.01 is installed. Shut down Windows.drv" line in the SYSTEM. Shut down Windows (observe whether it shuts down normally). it does not require that the files be copied to the server when users log off. and install file. However. The solution is to disable this particular feature in the antivirus METHOD 4: Maintain each user's temporary Internet files on the local drive in a location other than the user's profile folder. or change the IRQ for the softwareconfigurable device in Device Manager. See http://support. do the following: Remove the network in Device Manager. Click OK until you return to Control Panel. Reinstall the network card. (2) If IE (any version) is installed and your user profile contains a large Temporary Internet Files folder (cache). update to Internet Explorer 5 or apply the IE4. This is the most efficient method. or may restart 43 . WIN98 ONLY SCENARIOS: (1) If you are using Cisco TCP/IP Suite 100 as your TCP/IP then obtain the latest LiveUpdate for NAV from Symantec's Web site. To work around this behavior. and should be tried for other versions of Windows9x also. disable Auto-Protect.(3) The PC Speaker driver (SPEAKER. Windows can hang on shutdown. click the IRQ you want to reserve. disable the "wave=speaker. remove it and install Microsoft TCP/IP. METHOD 3: Maintain all users' temporary Internet files in a shared common folder. (5) If a network card is installed in the computer. (You may also want to consider upgrading the BIOS in your computer to a later version.01 Service Pack 1 from http://www. Note that if you use this method.DRV) can cause Windows to stop responding at shutdown or startup. then restart the computer.

In the computer's BIOS. in Device Manager/System Settings/PCI Bus Properties.10. Adjust or disable the settings under the IRQ Steering and/or the Settings tab to get the desired results.1998. in other cases it has worked only in combination with other actions. 125. this has not been widely tested and its results are therefore unknown. (C) Contact the manufacturer of your motherboard to inquire about an updated BIOS for your motherboard.) For example.665 bytes in size. The Win98 SE copy will be version 4. OnNow. leaving the machine hanging on 'Please wait'. then experiment with enabling or disabling all the combinations of possible settings to try to get the desired results.SYS waiting-to-shutdown message. Click the IRQ steering tab. (b) The setting in MSCONFIG | Advanced to 'Enable Pentium F0 workaround' causes the system to hang on the 'please wait' screen when shutting down to a restart.) (3) On several Win98 SE machines. and Advanced Power Management (APM) and may require the latest BIOS upgrade. P12 or later. (These settings pretend that Win 98 SE is not a PnP operating system. commenting out either of two DEVICEHIGH lines in the same file).1 Call. 2. At times. (9) At least one person has solved this problem by enabling Fast Shutdown from the disabled default. MS advises one of the following resolutions be used: (A) Check your computer's BIOS for a setting to assign an IRQ to the video adapter. (6) A similar solution that has worked for some people: Right-click on My Computer and select Properties. BUFFERSHIGH=10. but your computer's BIOS does not assign one to it. PnP Aware OS. (For information about how to check your computer's BIOS. shutting down and discovering this didn't work (causing the computer to restart instead of shut down). Upgrading the BIOS may be an important first step. Expand System Devices. If this doesn't solve the problem. The Win98 Original Edition copy will be version 4. turn OFF "PnP [Plug-and-Play] Operating System". the solution is to obtain and install an updated driver (contact D-Link http://www.instead of shut down. note how you found these settings before you attempt to change them. even though the shutdown completed so that scandisk does not run after a reset.SYS. this problem is known to exist with the Intel AL440LX motherboard using Phoenix BIOS version were resolved by the following: 1. set Device Enumeration to BIOS and turn off IRQ steering. Click the Device Manager tab.VXD is the Windows configuration manager virtual device. that IRQ steering and device enumeration issues were the cause of these shutdown problems: Right click on My Computer and select Properties. (2) Microsoft has found that this issue can occur if your video adapter requires an interrupt request (IRQ) in MS-DOS mode. independently. Double-click on PCI bus. is needed.dlink. as well as several IRQ conflicts he was experiencing. Raising the number to 15 cured the problem (as did. and also to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM folder. Clear the checkmark from the last box. the file should be extracted to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32 folder." (7) Bill Snyder has reported that the shutdown problem in SE. 115. also has a bearing on these settings.) Make sure you do a full reboot after every change while testing. This time. you may be able to shut down properly. Click the Device Manager tab. (a) A line in CONFIG.) (8) Clayton Burton has suggested that replacing the Win98 SE copy of CONFIGMG.VXD with the copy from the pre-SE (original) version of Win98 will solve the underlying problem. it worked and the computer shut down properly. in some cases.) FIRST try changing the Device Enumeration under the 'Settings' tab from Hardware to Bios. Similar problems occur with a D-Link DFE 530TX network adapter installed. CONFIGMG.) (B) Contact the manufacturer of your video adapter to inquire about an updated BIOS for your video adapter. contact your computer's manufacturer.2222. Click "View Devices by type" and open "System Devices" found at the bottom of the device tree. (As a precaution.057 bytes in size. "Get IRQ Table From Real Mode PCIBIOS 2. 44 . If this approach is used. (This is because Win98 SE includes updates for Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). disabling Advanced Power Management (APM) and enabling Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) has solved the problem. (5) MS-MVP MrScary found. (See below for more info. and then enabling Fast Shutdown again. results in the "Now Safe" screen (the LOGOS. a new BIOS version. Highlight "PCI bus" and click on the Properties button. (NOTE: If your computer is configured to use multiple monitor support.10.SYS graphic) not being displayed on full shutdown. (4) Alex Nichol found two items that in combination cause Win98 SE on his computer to hang on the LOGOW. Sometimes this solution was worked on its own. the BIOS setting that you may or may not have. Please note. and in still others it has not worked at all.

=========== HOW TO USE UTILITIES =========== USING MSCONFIG (WIN 98 ONLY) or SYSEDIT (WIN98 or WIN95) Click Start | Run (or. 4. (Contains Start Button. The Start button. Its purpose is to make switching among multiple applications simple. anti-virus icon. Quick Launch. Cascade Windows: arranges the windows on top of each other. 6. FILES and SETTINGS TRANSFER: Migrates files and settings from one computer to another. 7. 4. The taskbar has five sections: 1. 41. A button for each application you have open. 45 . ScanDisk. Tile Windows Vertically: allows you to arrange the windows next to each other in vertical lines. Press the Ctrl key as your computer starts up. 5. etc) The Taskbar is the bar at the bottom of the desktop. Defrag. SYSTEM TOOLS. To do this Right click the vacant area of the Taskbar. etc. 3. There are 4 options for displaying windows: 1. 2. ScanDisk. Programs. System Tray. DISK CLEANUP: Clears your hard drive of unnecessary files. 40. all the windows will reappear on the desktop. SYSTEM RESTORE: Restores your system to a previous date. Quick Launch. leaving the top and left-hand side of each window visible. As soon as the message "Starting Windows 95" appears. 5. digital clock. etc. CHARACTER MAP: Selects special characters and copies them to your documents. If your system resources are low. FOR WIN95: Restart Windows. 2. Minimize All Windows: Clears all the windows from the desktop and places them on the taskbar. SCHEDULED TASKS: Runs Tasks Automatically. The sound volume. System Tools: 1. 3. BRINGING UP THE BOOT MENU FOR WIN98: Restart Windows.) For Disk Cleanup. holding it until the Boot Menu appears. 3. Type MSCONFIG or SYSEDIT (whichever you intend to use). type Win+R). SYSTEM INFORMATION: Tells you all about your computer. TASKBAR. System Info. DISK DEFRAGMENTER: Puts files in a central location for faster access. An empty space. 2. the best remedy is to reboot. Accessories. Tile Windows Horizontally: Displays the windows in horizontal lines. If you select the Undo Minimize All option. (Disk Cleanup. on an expanded feature keyboard. Defrag See Tip #33 Go to Start. 4. press and hold the F8 key until the Boot Menu appears. Click OK. (system tray) The Taskbar allows you to choose the way in which the windows are displayed.

Then you drag it to a larger or smaller size and then release the mouse button.On the Volume tab. 1. put your cursor on an empty space on the Taskbar Left Click and drag it back to the bottom of your Monitor. Select Properties from the taskbar shortcut menu to display the Taskbar Properties dialog box. 2. The Always on top option on the Taskbar Options makes the taskbar visible at all times and places it on top of any open window.Single-click OK. Know your system's model name and number and the serial number. Reboot your PC and see if the problem goes away.Single-click the Start menu. and only appear when the Cursor moves over it. The taskbar will then disappear when you move away from it. Return to Previous Page 42. 4. If you select the Show small icons in Start menu checkbox. =========================================================== Sometimes your Taskbar may wind up at the top of your Monitor or on the left or right side. You do this by clicking a vacant area(or the digital clock) and dragging the bar to a new location. 3. 3. To move the Taskbar. or on either side of the screen. 46 . follow these steps: 1. 6." 6. You can choose where you want to position the taskbar. The Auto hide option allows you to hide the taskbar. 3.You can reverse any window arrangement by selecting the Undo option.Single-click Control Panel. 2. make sure they are seated properly. and Audio Devices.Single-click Sounds and Audio Devices to launch the Sound and Audio Devices properties. Use your PC's diagnostics. the size of the Start menu is reduced. You can display it along the bottom. and record the error message.Single-click Sound. and place a check mark next to the text labeled "Place volume icon in the taskbar. top. drivers or system configurations. Check your cable connections. =========================================================== To place the volume control icon in the taskbar. To do this Right click the vacant area of the Taskbar. 2. TECH SUPPORT: Before you call tech support. Keep a record of hardware or software changes you've made such as settings. 1. 5. You can change the way the taskbar if displayed to suit your needs. follow these 9 steps. You can change the size of the taskbar by moving the cursor to the top edge of the bar until the double arrow appears. such as Scan Disk and Defrag. Record what you were doing when it occurred. 4. The Show clock option displays the digital clock. locate the text labeled Device Volume. 4. 5. Speech.

or a FAQ (frequently asked questions). Or bring a disk to class and I'll give you a copy.. TWEAK for XP may be downloaded from: In Windows XP: You can download Windows XP Powertoys (TweakUI.etc. 43. If this doesn't work. You can download TWEAKUI 1. THREE FINGER SALUTE.) B. TWEAK (Allows you to make changes without going to the registry) This Tweak works on Windows 95. Midmorning and early evening are busy. Advanced !!!!!! To Install !! The last Tweakui file is usually Tweakui. The next time you boot up you will get a screen.7. you must have all 3 keys depressed at the same time. 9. Go Start > Run and type in msconfig and hit OK. you may find a diagnostic tool. TRAY: Remove unwanted icons from your Taskbar tray. All the icons in your tray are running and using up Ram and making your computer run slower. or anything to do with your antivirus like Norton. tray. Me. (If your computer freezes up. just turn your computer off at the switch. 98. It will ask you if you want to Restart or Exit without Restart. 10. Avoid peak times. Symantec. 47 . select: Don't show this message. A screen will come up with the offending program highlighted. These icons are put there by the StartUp menu or by the programs them self. Don't mess with any item that has. 2000. Sometimes you have to open the program itself to find the culprit. (Be careful here) then click OK. right click on it. If it doesn't. first try the three finger salute. Do Control > Alt > Delete and you'll see what programs are running and using your resources.exe..) Control + Alt + Delete If your computer freezes up. Go to the Vendors Web site. 8. or even email you a copy. You will lose any unsaved data. close the help file and it will finish installing. Now click on the Startup tab and unclick any offending programs. do Control + Alt + Delete twice to turn off your computer.. Click on End Task and it may resolve your problem. and click OK. C. Go to Start > Programs > StartUp and see what is in the StartUp menu Right click the offending program and select delete.. That is the space near your clock in the Taskbar. Control + Alt + Delete. then click on Install. This one is for Windows XP only..inf. Lunch and dinner hours and wee hours of the morning are slower.exe).. A. If you may have caused the problem.33 from the Internet. (this only deletes the shortcut. Half way thru it will show the help file. 45. if this doesn't work unplug it from the wall. admit it. if you make a mistake you and always go back and click on them. 44. Rundle32. and NT. Have your system up and running when you call the technician.

select the Repair tab. remember the previous settings. wait a bit. Open Tweak UI. the mouse. it can try). Plus numerous other tweaks. 1. do not change anything. Tired of seeing that cloudy logo screen whenever you start Windows 98? There's an easy way to keep this image out of sight. select Explorer. or anywhere else for that matter) suddenly look nothing like they're supposed to-in other words. Clear items from Install/Uninstall list Is there an item on the Install/Uninstall tab of the Add/Remove Programs Properties dialog box that shouldn't be in the list ? Either because you've already removed it or because selecting it and clicking Add/Remove doesn't accomplish a thing. type in tweakui.hlp when it comes up click on it to open. 5. select an item you'd like to remove from the list. All those startup details are more interesting than Microsoft's advertising anyway! 3. Rebuild icons Do one or more icons on your desktop (or your Quick Launch toolbar. It gives you control over animation. Click Apply or OK. and uncheck Prefix "Shortcut to" on new shortcuts. One at a time. you can hide (or show) these folders at the click of a button. Be careful about changing things. If your computer is like you want it . Open Tweak UI and select the IE 5 tab. Deselect Display Splash Screen While Booting.REG 48 . 4. for a logo-less startup. they're the wrong icons? Tweak UI can rebuild them (or at least. Open Tweak UI and click the Boot tab. and you'll find a list that's clean as a whistle. click Remove. 2.) .) Don't open executable attachments. Open Tweak UI and select the Add/Remove tab. check out the real-life version. Hide Documents or Favorites on Start Menu With Tweak UI. Remove prefix "Shortcut to" on new shortcuts. you may want to go back.Now go to Start > Setting > Control Panel and Tweakui will be there. and you'll see Rebuild Icons selected. desktop icons that you otherwise wouldn't be able to modify (such as the Recycle Bin and Network Neighborhood). To find help for Tweakui. TweakUI allows you to change desktop settings beyond the basic. 46. then click Yes to confirm. go to Start > Find > Find or Folders. Explorer windows. and other desktop features. Click Repair now. Open Tweak UI. When you're finished. TWEAKUI (UI stands for User Interface)is a Microsoft utility that lets you change settings on your computer without going to the Registry. V I R U S E S: ! ! ! (Woe is you who gets one. and those icons should be good as new. then click Apply or OK. Scroll to the end of the Settings list and deselect Show Documents on Start Menu and/or Show Favorites on Start Menu. Which of these extensions are safe and which aren't: . Hide logo screen. Click on it to open it.VBS .EXE (EXE is the worst offender. Find out what extensions are executable.

. so be careful.ZIP . If a virus will not let your computer start up. Right Click on the Norton icon on the right side of the Taskbar.EXE extension. even if you know the sender. 2. 3. Go to Start > Programs > Norton AntiVirus > Rescue Disk. email program. It only takes a few minutes.Norton AntiVirus. worms.SCR . Most items that need checking. then click on: Enable Automatic Live Update Apply update without interrupting me (recommended) How to manually update your Anti-Virus Protection Program.PCD .COM . Be sure to check Live Update.ASP . and on the right select: Enable automatic Live Update. this may save your life. Be wary of all email attachments. It's crucial that everyone follow the four golden rules of computer safety: 1. Start > Programs > Norton AntiVirus > LiveUpdate . ================================================= To configure Norton's Antivirus.PIF . it does this automatically. Apply Updates without interrupting me. Install a good anti-virus program and update it weekly or whenever you hear of a new virus going around. Get on the Internet. 4. and operating system regularly to patch security holes. With my new Norton 2002. It's no longer safe to blindly open files attached to your email.XLS Guess what? They're all potentially dangerous. 49 . should already be checked by default.BAT . These are executable programs that may contain viruses or worms that could plant back doors on your computer. Never open a file sent to you with a *. Most viruses. click on Live Update and follow instructions. Update your browser. Go to Options on the left side. Opening files attached to an email is the computer equivalent of Russian roulette COMPUTER SAFETY RULES. click on Configure Norton AntiVirus. You can do this for each item. click on Live Update. Now go down the left side and click on a subject and on the right side make your choices. select Basic Rescue and your C Drive (5 or 6 floppy disks required) and follow instructions. and Trojan horses are spread via email.

Now you will see the following: Main Component Components Accessibility 2 Accessories 6 Address Book 1 Communications 10 Desktop Themes 16 Games 10 Multilanguage Support 19 MultiMedia 9 50 . This includes deleting files. You can select some of the other downloads. and even overwriting the BIOS. and they can do virtually anything that any normal program can do. A little bubble will appear over the Norton Icon and tell you. HOW TO ADD OR REMOVE 87 WINDOWS COMPONENTS: I'm using Windows Me. This will work with most programs about finding out the version. when you are online. then About Norton AntiVirus and it will give you the Version of the software. Save Your Data Save your Data: Email Addresses. but over 90% of the list below applied to Windows 98. WINDOWS COMPONENTS: These are 87 small programs. click on Help. it will update you every 4 hours. completely disabling the computer. =========================================== What are Viruses? Viruses are programs that spread by attaching themselves to other programs on a user's computer-What Kind of Damage Can They Cause? Viruses are computer programs. at the top right. critical or not. Go to Start > Windows Update and download all critical updates. Important Documents. Please do this also: Windows Update. Quicken Data.) See Tip #13 SAVE YOUR DOCUMENTS: See Tip #32 Return to Previous Page 47. etc. Go to: EMAIL ADDRESSES AND BOOKMARKS: (How to save them. Bookmarks or Favorites. To find out your version of Norton.In Norton 2002. Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs >Windows Setup In Windows XP you go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and click on Add/Remove Windows Components. This will help save you from crashes and hackers. formatting a user's hard drive. Right Click on the Icon on the Right Side of you Taskbar. click on Open Norton AntiVirus. you are updated.

Dial-Up ATM support: Provides support for making Dial-Up Networking connections using ATM devices such as ADSL modems. an accessibility wizard. 3. Imaging: Image Viewer. Direct Cable Connection: Provides a connection to other computers via a parallel or serial cable. Accessories: 1. display and mouse behavior for people with mobility. hearing or visual impairments. Then highlight it and under description it will tell you its size and what is does. Scrolling Marquee. C. to remove a component you uncheck the box.Online Services 4 Microsoft Outlook Express 1 System Tools 7 WEB TV for windows 2 Highlight a Main Component then click on Details to see what is included in the component. 2. Accessibility Tools: Includes a magnifier tool. If you are adding a component it will ask you for your Windows 98 or Me CD-ROM. Screensavers: Displays moving images when your computer is idle to prevent damage to your screen. 2. Calculator: Performs mathematical calculations. Mystify Your Mind. ActiveX Custom Controls. OpenGL Screen Savers: 3-dimensional screen savers. Dial-Up Server: Provides a connection to your computer via a modem. modifies. 2. and TWAIN support. HyperTerminal: Provides a connection to other computers and online services via a modem. sound. A. and high visibility mouse cursors. and Blank screen savers. B. Communications: 1. Document Templates: Supplies layouts for new documents in your most common programs. Paint: Draws. Curves and Colors. Accessibility Options: Includes tools to change keyboard. Additional Screen Savers: Includes Flying Through Space. 1. or displays pictures. Accessibility: 1. Desktop Wallpaper: Provides background images and pictures for your Widows Desktop 3. 51 . Flying Windows: A screen saver that displays flying Windows logos. an On-Screen Keyboard. 5. 4. Dial-Up Networking: Provides a connection to other computers via a modem. 4. To add a component you put a check mark in the box. 6. Address Book: Contact management and directory service.

Croatian. Lithuanian. Sound Recorder: Utility to record and play sounds by using a sound card. Leonardo DaVinci. Nature. Macedonian. Underwater. Jungle. ONLINE SERVICES: Adds support for America Online. You can see if people you know are on the Internet when you are and exchange instant messages with them. 4. Hearts. Inside Your Computer. Classic Games: Solitaire. The 60's USA. Science. and Earthlink Internet online services. 52 . Phone Dialer: Enables you to use your computer to dial a phone through a modem. Macromedia Shockwave Flash: Plays Flash Files. Outlook Express: Easy to use Internet e-mail and newsgroup reader. AT&T WorldNet Service. and Turkish. share applications. Prodigy. Universal Plug and Play: Enables seamless connectivity and communication between Windows and intelligent appliances. 10. GAMES: A. Mystery. Audio Compression: Provides audio compression for recording or playing back multimedia. 9. Virtual Private Networking: Provides secure connections to private networks across public networks such as the Internet. Internet Connection Sharing: Allow multiple computers to share a singe Internet connection. Macromedia Shockwave plays Director Files. 7. 6. Sample Sounds: Sample sound for playback on your computer. While in a call you can talk to someone. 6. Includes Spades. Desktop Themes Support. Slovak. and Windows Millennium. and send files and messages. Internet Games: Lets you play multiplayer computer games with other people on the Internet. Russian. Belarusian. 5. Media Player: Utility to play audio and video clips.5. Multilanguage Support: Adds Albanian. Syrian. Sports. Polish. Latvian. Ukrainian. MULTIMEDIA: 1. Greek. Backgammon. Romanian. NetMeeting: Enables you to call people on the Internet or a Lan. and Reversi. 2. 9. Video Compression: Provides video compression for recording or playing back multimedia. Hungarian. Checkers. Bulgarian.Plus! Games: Include Pinball and Spider Solitare. The Golden Era. Volume Control: Adjusts volumes controlled by sound cards. 8. Dangerous Creatures. 7. Czeck. Desktop Themes: Baseball. Slovernian. Hearts. and MineSweeper. Travel. Freecell. Space. Multimedia Sound Schemes: Provides Sound Schemes to enhance Windows system events. 3. MSN Messenger Service: Helps you stay in touch with people you know on the Internet. B. Estonian. C. draw in a shared whiteboard. 8. OUTLOOK EXPRESS: Easy to use e-mail and newsgroup reader.

save files. Click on the Folder instead of the + and it will show you the Subfolders and all the files on the right side of Windows Explorer. 6. To copy to a floppy: 53 . such as A. System Monitor: Provides tools for monitoring system performance. and all your Folders which contains all your programs and files. Programs. SAVE. move. then Shortcut. To delete these highlighted files (BE SURE BEFORE DOING THIS) hit the delete key on your keyboard. D. Return to Previous Page 48. Net Watcher: Monitors your network server and connections. (With single click you only have to hover the I bar over it. there are subfolders present. and follow instructions. Clipboard Viewer: Displays the contents of the Windows Clipboard. Click on the shortcut and Windows Explorer comes up.C:\ in the command line. then right click on the 3 1/2" icon and then click on Copy Disk. Windows Explorer. 7. go to Start. click on Next. which is the File Manager for your computer. WINDOWS EXPLORER: (Copy. Right Click on the Desktop and select NEW. To put a Windows Explorer shortcut icon on your Desktop. Right Click on the Desktop and select NEW. WinPopup: Sends and receives popup messages on a network. 3. then Finish. 4. delete. WebTV for Windows: Installs WebTV for Windows. type Control in the command line. then Shortcut. Compressed Folders: Integrates the ability to view and create ZIP files with Windows Explorer.SYSTEM TOOLS: 1. Now that they are highlighted they act as one as far as copying and deleting them are concerned. Click on the + and it will show the Subfolders. (In Me it is in Accessories) On the left side of Windows Explorer you will see all your drives. to COPY. To put a Control Panel shortcut icon on your Desktop. Double Click on My Computer icon on the Desktop. To get to Windows Explorer the old fashion way. MOVE or DELETE files or folders you must first highlight them. To do this you must put your pointer on the file and click on it.EXE /n. 5. 2. after you highlight the first one you must hold down the control key while you click on the others. click on Next.) If you wish to highlight several files. To make a copy of a floppy: Put the original floppy in the A drive. etc. C. If the folder has a + sign in front of it. System Resource Meter: Displays system resource levels. make a folder) SAVE TIME WITH SHORTCUTS. then Finish. copy and paste: C:\WINDOWS\EXPLORER. In Windows Explorer. Character Map: Inserts symbols and characters into documents./e.

For My Pictures or any . pick what you like. In Windows Explorer when you are in your My Pictures Folder Right click on an empty space on the right side. If Browse comes up it wants to know the Path. click on it to high light it.doc is the file. go to View and click on Thumbnails and it will show you small photos of your . HOW TO MAKE A FOLDER: To make a new folder to put your files in: In Windows Explorer on the left side highlight the C drive. then click on Yes. The best view of Windows Explorer is Details. click again and it will arrange them from the largest to the smallest. click once and they are in chronological order. In Windows Explorer. you highlight the My Documents folder and do the same as above. if you want to copy a floppy to your hard drive you need a Folder to put it in. For all others I use Details. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order. go to Windows Explorer. and it will copy all highlighted files to the floppy. New. Same with DATE MODIFIED. It is like the mailman needing an address: Mailman: Ky > Lexington > Southridge > 414 Computer: C:\My Documents\Computer Class\Top Fifty. In Control Panel and My Computer only I like Large Icons.doc C: is the Drive > My Documents is the Folder > Computer Class is the Sub Folder > and Top Fifty. This is a superior way to look at your files because it will show the NAME. This will save you a lot of time. type in your new folder's name. click on NAME and they will appear in reverse alphabetical order. Now go to the new folder. files will show up on the right. then click on the 3 ½ Floppy (A) icon. Click on TYPE and it will arrange like files together. conversely. On the right side of your screen you will see a pulsating bracket highlighted and reading [New Folder]. Now do Control V to Paste. scroll up until you see 3 1/2 Floppy (A:) icon. if you want all the files. TYPE. put the floppy in Drive A. SIZE. click again and they are in reverse chronological order. Click on SIZE and it will arrange the files from the smallest to the largest. do Control A then Control C to Copy. 54 .jpg folder I use Thumbnails. Now. To delete files from a floppy so you may use it again. click on Folder. While here you may click on any of these headers: Look under NAME if the files appear in alphabetical order. Now highlight the files on the floppy by placing your cursor on the left side of the files. Left Click and drag straight down until you have highlighted those you want or hold the Control Key down and click on each file you want. Then go to File. These are personal choices. and DATE MODIFIED. If you want a subfolder under the My Documents folder. do Control A to highlight All and hit the Delete Key on your Keyboard. right click on an empty space on the right side and select View.jpg files. A Path tells the computer where to find programs or files. Now you can use the floppy to save something else. click on Send To.Right click any one of the highlighted files. say 2000 backups and hit enter and it will show up on the left side of your screen. then Details. click on it.

If you wish to hightlight separate files. After you hear the beep. etc.) 512MB RDRAM 40 or 80 GB Hard Drive 19" Monitor 64MB Graphics Card 55 . hold the Shift key down. If you wish to highlight a group of files that are touching. Go to Start. press the F8 key. move. deleting. Ctrl + D: Adds the current web page to your Favorites or Bookmarks. Home: Jumps to beginning of page. then click on the last one and all in between will be highlighted. Return to Previous Page 49. This is used if there are any problems starting Windows. These shortcuts work in both Internet Explorer and Netscape. Listen for the "Power On Self Test" beep. p> ====================================== Sample Power Computer: Pentium 4 Processor 2. Ctrl + R: Reloads the current page.bat and Config. Say you have 30 files and you wish to highlight all the files except 4 or 5. bypassing your Autoexec. hold the Control Key down and click on each file. (this is tricky) then highlight the 4 or 5 files you don't want. your icons and screen will look different. but in this mode no programs will interfere with running Scan Disk and Defrag. then C. go to Edit and click on Invert Selection. first do A. Accessories. End: Jumps to end of page. they will act as one for the purpose of coping. ====================================== WHAT IS SAFE MODE: Safe mode of Windows. A few basic shortcuts will save time while you are surfing the Web and will give you more browser control. saving. System Tools. This normally happens in about 10 seconds. you click on the first one. This allows Windows to start with its most basic configuration. Ctrl + B: Opens the Organize Favorites or Bookmarks window. in that order. Esc: Stops loading of current page. SOME GOOD STUFF: Browser Shortcuts Use keyboard shortcuts to perform common browser functions and give your mouse hand a break.sys files and using the VGA driver for video and not loading any networking software. Ctrl + H: Opens the History folder. F11: Toggle between full screen and regular view of the browser Ctrl + N: Opens a new browser window. Select Safe Mode.4GHz (Faster than a speeding bullet. You'll see the Windows Startup Menu text menu. then B. after they are highlighted.

3rd number is Read. ====================================== How fast is your Modem working? Test your Modem speed here: PLEASE CLICK HERE ====================================== To download the 3 free programs below go to: PLEASE CLICK HERE Then on the left click on Downloads. NoteWhen will put sticky notes on your Desktop on certain dates. scroll down and you'll see Diskpie 2. 2nd number is ReWrite. You need Winzip to unzip the programs. 2.44 MB ZIP Drive holds .. Diskpie 2 makes a pie chart out of your hard drive. All CD's must be formatted before use. 3.. dinner dates. 1.. ====================================== 56 . or Write. When buying a burner notice these numbers: My new CD-RW Drive is 32X 10X 40X The 1st number is Write.. and Read You must buy the CD blanks with a high enough number to record at the close to the Burner's write speed. 650 MB On your next computer be sure to buy a CD writer (burner) so you can make CD's.16X DVD-Rom Drive 32X/10X/40X CD-RW Drive Microsoft Optical Mouse Speakers with a sub-woofer Service 3 year Surge Protector Cost $2300 ====================================== SAVE YOUR DATA!!!! 3 1/2 Floppy holds 1. Rewrite.. etc. Then on the left click on Utilities. Middle ways down click on: more Utilities >> and you'll find NoteWhen. If you have kids or grandkids in different parts of the country or world you can keep track of their time. 100 MB (a Zip Disk looks like a fat floppy) CD-R holds .. ClockRack shows 3 or more clock faces across the face of your computer with times around the world. Keep clicking on more Utilities >> until you find ClockRack. They just pop up on the screen and you can add music to the notes. It is great to remind you of Doctor's appointments.

Sunday 3 to 6 pm on 840 am Louisville KY Kim Komando.0 Service Pack 6a includes every change made in Service Packs 1 through 5. we know that customers have things they'd rather be doing than installing patches. they are mostly for business. 6. performance. ====================================== Fix the Computer Yourself. Hold on. This can be measured in three ways: Service packs address a wide variety of bugs.) ====================================== Dial-up modem: 56Kbps ISDN: 128Kbps Satellite: 700Kbps DSL: 1500Kbps Cable Modem 3000 Kbps T1: 1544Kbps T2: 6312Kbps ===================================== Computer programs on Radio: Bob's talk show. 7.Consult a knowledgeable friend.Wiggle the cables to ensure that all devices are properly attached.Make sure your software drivers are up to date. proper operation of product features. 3.Try a diagnostic tool such as Scan Disk. 4. Before you resign yourself to hiring a professional. make sure the problem isn't something you can solve yourself.Service packs are better than patches. so we only develop patches for issues that warrant the disruption they cause.Reboot the machine. but also bugs affecting stability. 5. and they cost $100 more. Service packs are cumulative. In contrast. Every service pack addresses not only security bugs. or other areas. but you need them both. Service packs resolve minor as well as major bugs. Service packs have a significantly larger scope than patches. we always include it in the next available service pack.Reinstall Windows. On the other hand. Windows NT 4. Sunday 5 to 8 pm on 590 am Lexington KY 57 . Every service pack is a "roll-up" of all previous service packs for that product – for instance. Moreover.Uninstall anything you added to your machine around the time problems arose. a patch is tightly focused on one and only one issue. ========================================== "XP PROFESSIONAL" HAS ALL OF "XP HOME" PLUS: REMOTE DESKTOP ADVANCED ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS AUTOMATED SYSTEM RECOVERY ROAMING PROFILES MULTI-PROCESSOR SUPPORT (most home users do not need these extra features. 1. 2. whenever we release a patch.

etc. Can you see your FILE EXTENSIONS.doc or . Database. Spreadsheets. you can left click and drag the web address to the Desktop and then all you have to do is click on it. Make a selection from both drop-down boxes. Windows. You type in a sentence and the program will talk. If you wish to access it you must be a member. our Web specialist has put the Windows 98/Me/XP Tips and Reviews we sent out by email since Jan 2002 on the CKCS web site. You also will receive our Newsletter.jpg if not let's: Click on My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View: Check "Show hidden files and folders. gnat." (it's checked by default). ====================================== Set your computer so you can see your file extensions. such as . membership has its advantages: John Newsom. It has tips and tricks and the latest computer news. PLEASE CLICK HERE ====================================== JOIN CKCS.ckcs. and Email Address. click on Member. Phone Number. Our Editor is Alice McCormick and she does a fantastic job. It lists their Name. ====================================== 58 . click on Joe's Tips and Reviews. and you must Sign Up by giving a user name and a password. child. etc. He will add to it every month. Digital Photography. "The Computer File" every month except August and January. Internet.) and on the left side. It will read the sentence orally in different tones." Uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types. woman. Then click on the "Select" Button. click on JOIN CKCS. Investment. now on the right side click on Signup. coffee drinker. At the bottom of the home page of programs On TV: Computer Chronicles Sunday 5 to 5:30 pm Cable Channel 15 Friday 11:30 pm Cable Channel 12 ====================================== This site does not work all the time. This is a fun thing. After you access the Members page: On the left side. I suggest you make it short and simple. PLEASE CLICK HERE (After you access this web page. This alone is worth the price of joining CKCS. Such as: Man. Many thanks to John for his hard work. (Central Kentucky Computing Society) It is only $24 a year for Senior (over 50) and one tech call costs more than that. Word. Another membership advantage is that you have access to 32 SIG (Special Interest Group) leaders for information on Accounting. The way John worked out the way we can select the Tips or Reviews was just short of genius.

all the songs you ripped are here. move it to where you want the text. click on Playlists then New Playlists. 1. The Version 9 download is free. On the left side of this window (Ver 9) click on the songs you 59 . and Control S to save. it comes with Windows 98/Me/XP. 3. If you are not on line it will just read Track 1. On the left side. Next best is Microsoft.What are drivers? A: Drivers are mini-programs (instructions) that tell your computer how to use its hardware. 1. TO RIP AND BURN MUSIC CD'S. Click on the Media Library. if you are on the Internet it will show the name of the song. 2. I'm using Version 9. 5. your hardware won't work. if you click on it will check all the songs or uncheck all the songs. If you're having trouble with a particular hardware device. Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint. So if you're using Version 7 or 8 there will be a slight difference. Put another CD in and do the same thing until you have all the songs you want to put on your one favorite CD. chances are that you may need an updated driver. Where can you find them? Best bet is the web site of the manufacturer who made the component. ====================================== Windows XP has 45 million lines of code! It costs $90 so that is $2 for each million lines of code. the artist. Go to Start. need to be installed when you get a the new hardware device. Go to File > Open and get your photo. WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and ROXIO Easy CD Creator 5 WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER and ROXIO Easy CD Creator 5 To Rip means to take a song from the CD and put it in your computer. 2. composer. Others. Type in your text. Without the proper driver. Some. ====================================== Add text to your digital photographs. You should uncheck and just check the songs you want. then left click and drag to the right and down to get the size text box you want. which is the best and latest one. 3. 4. On the top left side there is a check mark. 4. ====================================== 50. etc. Open Media Player. Control Z will UNDO. Like taking 2 or 3 songs from each of our best CD's and putting those best songs on one CD. on the right. Window Update. Unknown Artist. To Burn means to take a song from your computer and write it to a CD. When it finishes copying it will eject your CD. like video card drivers or modem drivers. like drivers for a keyboard or mouse. Click on the "A" button and you will get a cross hair. etc. Put the music CD in your CD Rom Drive. Tract 2. then at the top middle click on Copy Music. (it takes a little practice) You can also set the text size. click on Copy from CD. Each hardware device has a driver. are built into the computer itself. name this playlist like Mary's Favorites. At the top left.

or rewriting data to a disc. Now on the left. 3. Now at the top right. if not use the down arrow at the top and get to the C drive.7 GB Single Side/Single Layer DVD. then near the middle. so a CD drive that reads data at 48X actually reads at 7. right click on the folder and click on explore. your software may be similar. such as reading. Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 and click on Project Selector. 2. There are also up and down arrows at the bottom of the page. Each time you do this. DVD holds 4.9: 8. ====================================== What are some of the capacity differences between common DVD formats? DVD-5: 4. click on the down arrow and click on your playlist like Mary's Favorites and it will show all the songs you selected with check marks. Put a blank CD in your CD write drive. Programs. 6. You may put them in any order you wish by click and drag. Highlight the file and click on ADD. Then click on OK. then in the middle click on ADD. the X indicates a speed of 150KBps (kilobytes per second). so a drive that reads DVDs at 4X actually reads at 5. 1X is the speed of a regular music CD. click on Copy to CD or Device. the bar at the bottom will tell you how many Megabytes you listed so far and you can see how much you have left. If you wish to get into the folder for certain files. ================================ What does the X mean in terms of speed? A number followed by an X designates the speed at which a CD or DVD drive can accomplish a certain task.7 GB and up. On the next page read the options. then click on Start Recording. Go to Start.350KBps. click on the red RECORD button on the right. you can still uncheck a song if you made a mistake. the X indicates 1. For DVDs. writing. 4.400KBps. If you are done. We're using Roxio Easy CD Creator 5.want to record. click on COPY.4 GB Dual Side/Single Layer DVD-18: 17 GB Dual Side/Dual Layer ====================================== ====================================== How to save your data to a CD: 1.200KBps. Roxio has many options. CD holds 650 MB. just highlight the song and use the arrows to put in the order you wish. For CDs. 60 . the click on "make a data CD" this will take you to your C drive.5 GB Single Side/Dual Layer DVD-10: 9. Find the folder or folders you want to save to a CD and highlight them.

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