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  • Top 10 Tea Companies in India
  • 2.f . PRODUCT MIX:
  • 2.h. HR POLICY:
  • Quality Control
  • Head:
  • Members:
  • Segmenting:
  • Targeting:
  • Positioning:
  • 4.e. Marketing Mix for Silver Mist Tea
  • Product
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  • Price list of different tea grades:
  • Dust grade:
  • Leaf grade:
  • 4.f. Promotion




Tea is cultivated widely both in North and South India. Cultivation in India its roots when Robert Kyd experimented with it first in India ground the year 1780. In 1823 Robert Bruce discovered tea in Bhramputhra Valley and it was only in 1834 that large scale planting started in North India. In South India it was Dr.Chirsty who experimented in Nilgiris in the year 1852 and it was in 1859 that tea planting actually started in Nilgiris. Presently in India tea is grown in an area of 482 lakh hectors spread mainly over Assam, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Kerala. Besides these states Tripura, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh also grows tea on a limited scale. Manipur, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Orissa are same of the non traditional tea growing areas which have taken up tea cultivation. The phenomenon growth in tea productivity of over 60% in the last two decades suggests a dynamism unknown in other core in agricultural and Industrial sectors and what is more, is what tea is on the threshold of yet another major break through in productivity. Tea is grown in different countries or even in different parts of same country, vary in last flavour and quality. To obtain the best tea each tea company employs tea teasters who select only certain teas for purchase. These teas after being bleaded by the company have a flavoured for which the firm is known. Every company sellers of blend of tea under etc. own brand name



In 1931, Mr.William Kerecher¶s designing the C.T.C (Crush, tear and curl) machine at Tocklai. It was only after 1950 that it gained popularity. Today 75% of Indians production constitutes CTC manufacturing and 94% of are domestic consumption is of this variety. The main features of CTC Tea is that it gives their the cuppage offered through the conventional orthodox manufacturing. Also this process has gained popularity because of the simplicity of manufacturing ability to handle coaress leaf and capacity to produce stronger braw. Quality is the ultimate objective in manufacturing technology. The quality of black tea beings in the field, where the leaves accumulate the necessary substances, however biochemical changes that develop during the course of processing the tea leaf and process condition complete the formation of quality of manufacture tea. The great popularity of tea as a beverage may be due to the presence of its remarkable content of polyphenols and methylaxanthine (Caffine and other purnies). There to groups of combined which are mainly responsible for the unique taste of tea, in addition to various compounds associated with tea aroma. The chemical composition of the tea short varies with the plant variety, cultural practices and the conditions under which the plant is cultivated. Proteins are significant constitutes of the tea plant. However, since proteins combine with oxidation products of fermentation and load to insoluble product. A high protein content in the leaf is a undersirable factor. Amino acids from aldehydes and brown red pigments in the course of their oxidation during fermentation. This is very important for the formation of aroma and colour of the infusion.



Growth of tea productivity over 60% in the last two decades suggests a dynamic unknown in other areas of agricultural and industrial sector and what is more is that tea is on the road to get another major break through in productivity presently in Indian tea is grown in 507196 hector spread mainly over Assam. Tamilnadu, West Bengal and Kerala. Besides these states Tripura, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh also grows tea on a limited scale. Indian tea has a district presence in the world market with its Assam tea and Darjelling boards commanding a significant position. India is the largest producer, consumer and very recently the largest exporter too. In the present situation high prices of coffee lead to shift in consumption pattern. India is said to the largest producer consumer and exporter of tea in the world. Though the share of India in global tea production has declined over the year, it is still retains its status as the largest tea producer with 45% of the world output. Besides no other country can be the best of producing so many varieties of tea Nilgiris, Assam, Darjelling are well known for their different but distinctive characteristics. India is also the largest consumer of tea nearly 24% of the global production and 75% of the India¶s total production is consumed in the country. There has been a significant increase in productivity in the last 15 years. The number of gardens has up minified registering and increase of 522 percent over 1951. Bulk of this increase particularly in the small grows segment in Assam and North Bengal.


Tata Tea Ltd. Hasmukhrai & Co Girnar Food & Beverages P ltd Sapat Packaging Industries 8 .Top 10 Tea Companies in India y y y y y y y y y y Hindustan Unilever Ltd. Duncans Industries Wagh Bakri Ltd. Private Label Goodricke Group Ltd. Golden Tips Tea Pvt.

More than 50% of Nilgiri tea is exported. further South in Kerala state. It is grown in the hills of the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu. headquarters in Coonoor. UPASI is the peak body representing plantation owners in South India. who typically own less than one hector each. This was at the first ever tea auction held in Las Vegas. After processing. fragrant and flavourable tea grown in the southern portion of the western ghats mountains of Southern India. Coimbatore and Cochin. most is sold through regularly scheduled auctions in Coonoor. In November 2006 a Nilgiri tea achieved top honours and fetched a world record price of $600 per kg. The expensive hand-stored . plantation only account for around 30% of tea production in Nilgiri district. though there are numerous other tea district in South India as well including Munnar and Central Travancore. a local community of agriculturists. The vast majority of production is undertaken by small growers. Nilgiri Tea plantation are represented by the Nilgiri planters Association. which are independently owned. The majority of Nilgiri tea small growers are Badagas people. Tea plantation in Nilgiri district typically own and operates their own processing factors small growers sell their tea as green leaves ³bought leaf factories´.P) are highly sought after the International auctions making it unafforable for most locals. and usually finds which way into blends used for tea bags. which is an organizational member of the united planters association of South India (UPASI). However. 9 . full-leaf versions of the tea like the Orange Pekoe (O.NILGIRI TEA It is generally described as being a dark intensely aromatic.

Darjeeling Tea Research and Development Center. Siliguri. Kerala Agriculture University. Darjeeling Tea Research & Management Association. Jorhat. Himachal Pradesh Krishi Viswavidyalaya.LIST OF ORGANISATION S ASSOCIATED WITH TEA PRODUCTION . Coimbatore. University of Agricultural Science. Trichur. Guwahathi. North Bengal University. y y y y y y y y y y y y y United Planters' Association of Southern India National Tea Research Foundation National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Assam Agricultural University. Vellanikkara. Tamil Nadu Tea Plantation Corporation Limited 10 . M/s Neoland Technologies Laborotory. Siliguri Tamilnadu Agriculture University. Palampur. Bangalore.

CHAPTER 2. 11 .

Name of the factory : The Frontier Industrial Co-operative Tea Factory Ltd. Munnanad.10. The factory was constructed in government land in S.N.e.1981 12.Kottur.157/1 to extent of 6.. Cherambadi.. 1.COMPANY PROFILE.83 acres and remitted a sum of (i.1981 27.06. Thalur.72 lakhs during august 2004 and requested for the alienation of the land to this factory. The frontier industrial co-operative tea factory limited was started with 98 numbers of small tea growers residing in the area of operation to improve their standard of liking by paying an economic rate for he green leaves supplied by them. Date of Registration 3. Date of starting 4. 2. They formed an association and approached the Tamil Nadu government authorities in 1981 in order to implement their ideas.1986 12 .06.Kayyuunni. During 1980¶s where only coffee plantation in Erumad and 5000 people understand the advantage of tea against coffee which gives regular income than coffee. which gives only yearly yield. and Kolapally revenue villages. The cultivators become aware of the need of the factory in this locality which may solve their difficulties.4. capital) Rs.Manavayal. Date of commencement of Production : : : 23. The government supported the association and the factory was registered under the section 9(1) of the Tamilnadu co-operative societies act 1961 on 23/06/1981 and started on 27/06/1981 but it commenced its production from 12//10/1986 because of the lack of a factory building. The area of operation of this factory is Erumad Ayyankolly.

2. 4. The land layout is as follows. Land Occupied by Factory Building Nursery Garden Fertilizer Godown Mini Health Centre Government Staff Quarters Factory Own Tea Plantations Area Covered 2.0 0. plant protection Equipment etc.0 1. 1.to the members tea garden along with latest technical guidance for proper usage and implementation for harvesting quality green leaf. TABLE SHOWING LAND LAYOUT S..83 13 . 5. No.3 0. the factory is distributing Agricultural inputs like fertilizers.83 acres of government land for its functioning.3 0. 6.4 2. LAYOUT OF THE FACTORY PREMISES The factory got 6.SERVICES RENDERED BY THE FACTORY According to the seasonal needs. plant protection chemicals. 3.

2.a COMPANY VISION Almost the target of The frontier industrial co-operative tea factory limited is To promote. y y With continued service to employees Company is pressing ahead to machine its ambition of attaining the highest position among the top tea factories. 14 .a COMPANY MISSION y To provide job opportunities to people in backward area and thereby increase their standard of living y Maximum exploitation of opportunities for growth and to generate optimum returns y y To contribute for the overall well being of the society To reduce information time 2.


3. 4. OWNERSHIP PATTERN The frontier industrial co-operative tea factory Ltd.47 16 .77 123. The share capital structure of the factory(Government & Members) is as follows S. YEAR 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 (upto FEB`10) GROWTH OF MEMBERSHIP 2098 2108 2108 2108 2098 2090 SHARE CAPITAL (in Lakhs) 93. 6. 2 .90 93. 5. The performance of the factory for the past five years is furnished below..88 93.90 93.was started with 98 members and have gradually increased and as on the date there are 2090 members on roll.NO 1.89 123.2.c.

Kottur. 17 .d. y Kolapally revenue villages. Munnanad.AREA OF OPERATION The area of operation of this factory is in the Nilgiris district which include the areas such as y y y y y y y y Erumad Ayyankolly. Manavayal. Thalur. Kayyuunni.2. Cherambadi.

Green Tea It is made by steaming the leaves in large vass. PRODUCT MIX: . Black tea Green tea Oolong tea Black Tea To make black tea. The products that are generated from tea are classified according to the processing methods.2. 2.such as 1. Next the leaves are crussed between the rollers of a machine to release their flavourful juices. Tea in the fermenting room the leaves change chemically under controlled humidity and temperature centill they turn brownish in colour finally the leave leaves are dried in oven and become Brownish-Black. Air is blown over the leaves to remove excess moisture leaving them soft and flexibile. workers first spread the leaves on shelves called withering lacks. Oolong Tea Oolong tea is made by partially fermenting the leaves. pekoe and pekoe souchang the smaller or broken leaves generally used in teabags are classified as broken orange peoe. 18 . The steaming prevents the leaves from changing colour. they are passed through a class screens with different size holes. This gives tea leaves a gerreish-brown colour. The largest leaves selected for packing a loose tea are classified in order of size as orange pekoe. broken orange pekoe funning and funnings. 3. To sort the processed tea leaves by grade.f . The leaves are then crushed in a machine and dried in over.

00 12. Year 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 (Upto feb 10th ) Profit /Loss (-)10. 6.47 48.83 403.00 10.51 38.02 14.65 12. 3.86 onwards and the production and sales details for the past five years are as below S.00 12.00 9.07 (-)31. 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 (Upto feb 10th ) Production Target Achieved Fixed 11.2.61 7.08.00 12.03 36. 3. 4. 2.09 57.62 6.00 9.No 1.g.00 12. the factory commemced its production only from 12.44 772.45 1. 2.74 11.47 439.82 19 .18 (+)45. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE The financial performance of the factory is evaluated on the basis of stability between the production and sales As far as the business turnover of the factory is concerned.98 Value of Sales (in lakhs) 484. 5.72 (+)20.46 4.03 300.76 39.12 (+)50. 6. 5. 4.23 15.No Year Green Leaf Purchased 50.09 Leaf Cost Paid 6.11 The profit and loss made by the company in last five years is also listed below which help us to evaluate the financial performance S.45 878.08 (-)21.24 12.21 11.

20 .h.2. love and dedication in producing tea. HR POLICY: All HR or personal initiatives are undertaken to organized the HR policy of enabling the employees to be the part of a family of work class professionals by establishing entire HR about the relevance of empathy.

The quality assurance methods such as advanced product quality plan. quality does not come on the way. It¶s a commitment that should be laid into hand work to attain the land mark. Quality Control The frontier industrial co-operative tea factory limited they resolvedly trust. assurance.2. preventive maintenance etc.. Control techniques. process capabilities ladies. QUALITY POLICY The frontier industrial co-operative tea factory limited an industry is committed ³to supplying products to the agreed requirements of customer to achieve customer satisfaction and quality improvement is the responsibility of energy employee´. effective tool management system. from the basis of its quality management system. It¶s this credence that router the company¶s approach to quality 21 .i.

CHAPTER-3 22 .

Analyzing the rate. To procure materials economically at a cost consistent with the quality and service required To promote source development To develop and maintain good buyer-seller relationship. Issue of Purchase Orders. Inspection of items . DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF DEPARTMENT HEAD AND MEMBERS: PURCHASE & FINANCE DEPARTMENT : Head: y y y y y y y y y Analyzing the climatic changes as it would affect the cultivation which inturn reduces the purchase of green leaves.3. Members: y y y y y y y y y y Negotiation with supplier regarding the rate Prepare comparative statement for approval Generating purchase order Maintenance of purchase records. Follow-up of purchase orders for delivery in due time Development of reliable and alternate sources of supply Issuing enquiries/tenders and obtaining quotations Selection of suppliers for issue of enquiries Receiving items from supplier against purchase order Receive quotation from the suppliers and forward it to the Head of the department 23 . Provide funds to their members for purchasing fertilizers and equipments that help the company to increase the purchase and production Maintain the stability between the production and purchase.a.

software applications and information to perform their functions Ensure employee safety training is conducted as required by Company policy Members: y y y y y y y Meet all customer commitments through the production of timely. when necessary. schedules and operating problems.PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Head: y y y y y y y y y y Maintain a professional appearance that reflects the company¶s commitment to quality. customers and management with regard to delivery ‡ dates. plan and conduct Morning Production Meetings Prepare. Schedule. and communicate the production schedule Oversee all staff scheduling. efficient and high quality products Assures all work entered into production follows the order entry standards and procedures Organize workflow according to workload to meet delivery schedule and to complete assigned jobs Ensure the completion of all duties with a minimum of waste and abuse to equipment Initiate hiring when needed to cope with expanding workload or for replacement of substandard employees To help the department in taking actions to manage production costs and improve profitability Inform the department head of about some production problem 24 . update. continuous improvement and respect for individuals Supervise the Production Team to produce and prioritize jobs and. reorganize to meet deadline changes and updates Update and maintain production schedule Maintain production control records and provide information to sales representatives. time off requests and overtime Manage the coordination and control of all jobs/work orders Assures all staff has the resources.

area wise sales performance of own and purchased products for providing information to management on achievement against the target on a daily basis. Submission of monthly performance report of the division to the department head Ensuring product availability. y y 25 .MARKETING & SALES DEPARTMENT Head: y y y y y y y y Preparation of product wise. month wise annual sales plan for each area. analysis and compilation of region wise. Members: y Collection. dispatch monitoring and inventory Control Submission of various statements to the department for publication in their Tea statistics yearbook. Publication of annual report of division Monitoring and reporting of competitor's sales as per Performa Prescribed Aggressive promotion efforts to establish brand name and gain market share Create effective marketing mix Establish company image of high quality. supermarkets in India Try to gain market share of competitors by converting their royal customers. great value for money Find distribution deal with main tea shops.

b. y Raw material & Intermediary materials y Package items involving design. and commissioning 26 . supply. y Equipment and spares. y Capital items (For project and other purposes). DEPARTMENT OPERATION PURCHASE DEPARTMENT: Purchase Requisition Bid evaluation Entering into Contracts Purchase order Raw material requirement Raw material Transporting Raw Materials Department Raw material Storing Payment Inspections Production Plan The purchase procedure covers the following areas of procurement of all needs & wants for the company.3.

Production planning department receives data from all the plant and other interfacing departments and compiles them. The production and consumption ratios for the previous years are duly considered.PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT 1. A copy of the production budget is sent to the finance department for preparing finance budget.Monitoring production y y y y y y Annual production targets for the next year are prepared based on installed production capacity of the plant and production data for the previous year. Based on the production plan. The production plan and budget are then presented to the govt. Plant Maintenance 2.Approval of production plan 5.Raw Material Availability 4. All the data are compiled to form the production budget. for approval.Checking Deviations from plan 3. Necessary feedback is also taken from marketing department while fixing the production targets. 27 .Production targets 6. purchase department initiates action for procuring raw materials.

analysis and interpretation of data relevant to tea market and preparation of product wise.MARKETING & SALES DEPARTMENT 1. month wise and annual sales plan for each area. analyzes and compiles region wise and area wise sales of performance and purchased products for providing information to management on achievement against the target. y The distribution department finds out the various depots as per the Infor mation given by sales and sells the products and subsequently sales Report is prepared. y The sales department monitors and reports competitor's sales and collects. Calculating Requirements 3. Sales Report 2. Market Research 5. 28 . Distribution 4. Selling Product y Market Research department takes care of collection.

3. SKILL SETS FOR EACH DEPARTMENT PURCHASE DEPARTMENT y y y y y y y Excellent negotiation skill Tactical skill Analyzing and evaluation skill Sound technical knowledge on equipments Quality assessment skills Monitoring skills Sound knowledge on raw materials ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT y y y y y y y Good management and accounting skills Ability to forecast financial prospects Observing skill on changing financial trends Skills to prepare financial statements Corporate planning Statistical skills Tactical skills in meeting financial commitments 29 .c.

PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT y y y y y y y y y Efficient decision making Excellent communication skills Leadership ability Analyzing skills Skills on Time management Skill at procuring items at affordable cost Better interpersonal skills Wide knowledge on production Ability to provide quality items at minimum cost MARKETING & SALES DEPARTMENT y y y y y y y y y Creativity skills for product promotion Advertizing skills Interpersonal skills Excellent social sills Analyzing skills Skill of predicting corporate move Excellent knowledge on current market trends Ability to identify needs and wants of customers Skills to maintain a healthy distribution channel 30 .

CHAPTER-4 31 .

Sales function deals with all aspects of selling to customers. 4. everyone in the organisation is trained to put the customer first ± from the production worker. To establish as market leader in tea industry To enable silver mist Tea to satisfy. retail outlets and customers To offer consumer best health advantage through silver mist Tea. fulfill the consumer¶s personality & lifestyle To increase silver mist Tea¶s popularity as an icon in Tea market.ORGANISATIONAL CHART FOR MARKETING DEPARTMENT MARKETING & SALES MANAGER ASST MANAGER SALES MANGER DISTRIBUTION MANAGER AREA MANAGER (TAMIL NADU) AREA MANAGER (KERALA) 32 . Many Businesses consider this so important that they are said to be marketing led.a. who must respond to a customer enquiry promptly and accurately. who has to produce high quality goods.PROPOSED IDEAS TO MARKET SILVER MIST TEA 4. In this case. Introduction Marketing is all about identifying and meeting customer needs. organises advertising and product promotion OBJECTIVES y y y y y y Monitoring of sales & distribution Liaison with bulk buyers. the marketing function carries out marketing research.b. to the accounts clerk.

c. MARKETING DEPARTMENT FUNCTIONS y y y y y y y y y y y Sales Market Research Preparation of sales report Processing and sending replies to audit queries at the divisional level Liaison with bulk buyers. TV. sponsorship and trade shows or exhibitions Obtaining and updating a profile of existing customers to target advertising and promotions appropriately Producing and distributing publicity materials. retail outlets and customers Sales force motivation through internal and external training Carrying out market research to obtain feedback on potential of the tea Analysing market research responses and advising senior managers of the results and implications Promoting silver mist tea through a variety of advertising and promotional methods. such as catalogues or brochures 33 .4. e. press.g.

34 . TamilNadu as it is easily accessible. They are: y y Sales Department Distribution Department SALES DEPARTMENT The sales department is headed by a Sales Manager who is responsible for sales coordination of function across various depots. Distribution Manager should be entrusted with planning.. conduct an effective market research for analyzing market and calculating the demand and finally promote the sales of tea. monitoring and implementing of tea distribution and co-coordinating the movement from the factory. Preparing quotations or estimates for customers Negotiating discounts or financial terms for business customers Providing technical advice Keeping customer records up to date DISTRIBUTION DEPARTMENT Physical distribution of tea is a major function of the marketing division.The Marketing department consists of various sub departments organized on the basis of their function. SALES FUNCTIONS: y y y y y y y Organising sales promotions Responding to customer enquiries Selling the Silver Mist Tea to customers. The marketing network of Frontier Indico Tea factor can spread over the states of Kerala.

STP FOR THE SILVER MIST TEA Segmenting: According to buying power and purchase patterns.labour etc. accounting for 10%* of the total.d.this segment accounts for almost 70%* of the total market Middle segment : This includes middle upper income households in the urban areas.4. the market for tea can be classified into three major segments Lower segment: This includes tea consumed in the rural areas and in the urban areas in the lower households like office staff. Positioning: The firm can position its product in various ways to develop or enhance it¶s value to the consume in according to  Product Characteristics / Consumer Benefits  Price Quality  Use or Application  Product User  Product Class  Culture Symbols  Competitors *Estimate based on field observation 35 . Targeting: The company targets the whole family ie anyone in the family can drink the tea. It accounts for about 20%* of the total market Upper segment: This includes the tea consumers in the upper income segment of the society.

150 bags. 40 bags is placed higher than the ones containing more bags. 80 bags for couples. Contents of Silver Mist Tea can be of : 40 bags. Price Silver Mist Tea is also competing against the main player on the Indian Tea Market like Hindustan Unilever & Tata Tea. 40 bags for singles. Various promotion activities. Marketing Mix for Silver Mist Tea Product y y y Silver Mist Tea is a high quality product offered as specially blended black herbs tea..e. Please refer price list of select tea brands given in the next page. Place in supermarket: y On the middle and lower levels the Silver Mist Tea may be placed according to the content of tea bags. 36 . 80 bags. 250 bags (Family pack) The amount of bags refers to different target groups.4.150 bags and 250 bags are Family Packs Place y y y The final product may be distributed to Supermarkets Retail shops Miscellaneous shops so the end consumer has easy access to it. The company may adopt an appropriate pricing strategy supported by further research. giveaways and advertising on local television channels will help the brand to gain market shares in rural and urban markets.

O. (s)he will get a free cup or a spoon or a little kettle. During two months. they get a present which represents the brand image.O.Rs 70/-Rs 75/. Promotion Silver Mist Tea has to set up a stand in the supermarket in order to make tasting to the supermarket¶s customer.P.F (Broken Orange Peco Finish) .S( Broken Orange Peco Super ) B.Rs 210/. they win some points and with certain numerous of points.Price list of different tea grades: Dust grade: SRD ( Super Red Dust ) SFD ( Super Fine Dust ) FD ( Fine dust ) RD ( Red Dust) PD (Pico Dust ) . they can organize a game: when the customer buy Silver Mist. The stand should be placed between the fresh food and the food with the aim to attract all the consumers.P. y Promotional offers during the year: If a customer buys a box of 150 bags.Rs 68/- 4.f.Rs 58/-Rs 65/-Rs 60/-Rs 60/-Rs 55/- Leaf grade: BOP (Broken Orange Pecos ) BP ( Broke Pecos) B. y 37 .

CHAPTER-5 38 .

39 .Colgate tooth paste 2. 6. Pollution control measures should be adopted. MRP for effective material management.. 3. in the organization. eg: Vim dishwash bar. in order to reduce the sound pollution and dust. Company should take more interest in creating awareness about the products for the rapid increase in sales. Necessary technical training to the supervisors in the organization are needed so that they can effectively lead and guide the organization. 4. Modern techniques of production can be adopted. 5. Company can distribute free sample packets through public distribution system (PDS) of the state government as it is observed that various company is distributing soaps and toothpaste. Appoint techniques such as JIT.SUGGESTIONS There are certain suggestions. which can help to improve the productions and sales of the company in future. 1.

CHAPTER-6 40 .

The training has helped me to interest in business side of this factory. On the whole. In this factory raw materials are collected from the members of the firm.CONCLUSION FRONTIER INDCO Tea factory situated in Nilgiri district of Tamilnadu has distinguishing sales policies. During this period of my training my knowledge about the practical side of the business was boosted to a great extent. So the company can maintain a stable demand from various carriers of the world. It is recommended that the proposed ideas to market Silver Mist Tea would be of great help in future for the company to increase the market potential of the this product Further it would be advantages of the company would broader its sales distribution network. It was a pleasure for me to do training in this field. The factory locations of Nilgiri are mainly helpful for its growth because in here raw materials and Labour force are easily available. Various departments are functioning under this unit. 41 . This will help in the smooth running of the factory. the sales activity¶s of frontier tea factory producer on smoothly will boosting up to the sales as years pass by the factory has steady and sustained growth.

CHAPTER-7 42 .

co.teaandcoffeenet/resource www.BIBILIOGRAPHY Annual report HRD Register : : The Frontier Industrial co-operative Tea Factory Erumad The Frontier Industrial co-operative Tea Factory Erumad Websites www.in 43 .niteaauction.com www.tamtea.

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