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Success English) July2010

Success English) July2010

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Published by Rohan Kapoor
Success Mirror(English) July2010
Success Mirror(English) July2010

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Published by: Rohan Kapoor on Sep 18, 2010
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.RRB .. Ilahabad) Train Clerk, 09 • Haryana • . ramln Bank Officers, 09 .' .I.C .

• Assistai"t Manag,er, 08, • State Bank of India Clerk, 09

• Mal.wa GraminBank .Clerk, 1 0 • ChhaHisgarh Sbikshakarmi (G.roup .. 3) I 09: ·U.P.. m:c Lecturer Screening, 09· Haryana School Teachers e.Ug.ihiUtyTest, 09

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AgrN.4adltlra Bye pass. Agta-282 005 Tel. : 25311 0 I', 2531J966, 40S33S3 fiX : (0562)4031570, 4053330 f-mall~

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0:1 'rtSfIGIISIiIIIY IOf '!itIe!nfds and' ~ I .~. by.. 11M, ~'. nor 101 illY clans . madill il fie ~ ~ h!lle


V .. r1 ,"u.1 July 2010

SIII:ce<s IIf ... Caosute

757 758


Current GeneraJ Knowledge

Ec·onomicand Busin.ess Capsule

• MSF'of Paddy and other Kharff Crops Raised

• Manufacturing Growth PUSheS GOP Gro ..... th 10 7·4% In. 2009-1'0'

.NI~e Telecom Services Pay

Rs. 67,719 CfOJ8 rei 3G Spedn.Im

, 74% FDI' Proposod in :Oefenl;:l.l SeoIer

National Affairs

, Mbieshel and Wude' a18 Winner of Sunfeasl Wood Events

• Pa1SV8llalh Commonwealth· Chess Cham pIom:;hlp-201. 0

, Sri La-nke 'Lifl T'n.,series TiUe

• Inter Milan Clinches CtlamplOO5 League Final'

• Frel\Ch Open Ta~n!s ToumOlmenl 2010

786 Worth Remembering Points 187 Success Mirror Abstract


5 port .. Sporter



• •

Presldenl's Rule In Jharkhand 789 Basic Science Questionnaire

• All Pam;;hayats lobe Brwdband 791 Trade: and Industry

Con nElClod In 2 years

• SulabhProvldes Low Cost Tolle!. Tech A rti c I es

In 00 Countr1es Clrrur AniC/~

• Ind:i('l Unvef[s hllndjgenousA(H1Nl) 793 Howro ._--


International Affairs Prepare




• India al1d China Sign Three SI alera' Pacts During Indian ,Presidenrs VISit toCNna

• RUSSia Cond.1.Id.$ 1$1 RoboMssl$led Surgery

• Chin('l Develops Fastest Supercomputar

InI~".ariqlfl" RdmialU Artklc

796 Peace Through Strength

Solved Pape rs,--_89_5_E_oo_plo_.y_m. _cn_t o_p_po_rt_uru_·.ti_es_

R.R.B, (Allahabad) Tn!in Cieri< EQm •• 2009 798

HlIl)'ana Gram In Bank Officers (Sc.ale..t) Exam., 2009:

• General Awareness B03 • Reasoning 805

• EngUsh.t..anguage B 1 0 • Qua ntitaU:ve Aptitude 814

G.I.C.Anlatant Manager Exam.,2008:

• Gene.ral .Awantn&sS 818. 'Reasoning AbIlity 821

• Engl1shLanguage B26. Quantitabve Aptituda 830

State Bank 0' India Clel1l. (SGCOnd Shift) Exam., 2009:

• Reasoning Abi.Uty B35. General Awartln.6SS 839

• Q,uantltaU:ve .Aptitude 841. General English 1145

• Markatlng Aptirud8/ComputerKl'lowledge848 Mafwa Gramln Bank Clill1I. &am'" 2010:

• Re8$Ol1ing Ability 8S0. IEngl!shl.anguage 855

• NulMlical AbUi!y 859. Olel1cal.AptitUde88.3

ChhaltisgarhShlkatulkarami (Group-3) 'Exam., 2009 666

Uttar Pradesh GJ.C·.L&ctunir Screening Exam., .2009 875

Haryana 'SchooJ TlUlch II III Eligibility TQt forLm::tu~ar. 2009881 'PMt OffImI.As.s111an1B (Jhadtl'lllnd CllICla) Exam., 2008 892

Dear Readers,

II. gives us greer satisfactlon and a sense of immense pleasure in presenting 10 you the July lssue of your favourite magazine'Su('('c:ss Mirror'. In a shorl!l~an of ilspublicari~~ Ihis has. ca~ghllhe alte!'tion ~f the readers and is now generally accepted as very useful rnagazlilc for the compennve cx,ammauol15 for which his meant.

Thepresent issue centnins core articles on curreu; issues. lIS most useful section eemalns a number of question papers selected ~i'om various compc:liliYe eliminations, These papers are fully sdl\,Ct!!\",ilhrelevanl hints and shon butto rnepoinl explal'!alion .. In ncc,urnc), of solutions of question and reliabilil)' of statements ;!h,e magazine surp~. any other such mllga2lnc Ilvruluble inthe markel, Its column 'Success l\1I:r'ror Abstrlld' has Widely been. acclaimed by its readers as a power tool 10 remember clear cut facts,

Inlhese forming years of your career .. we wish [0 ndvlse you' [0 make best use of your lime and energy 1.0 lay II solid toundauon of your fmure. Remember hlll'dworkand perseverance have DO alternmlve, If you .ugtee [0 this Success Mirror' gives you all that youre<jllire for your success inanycompelitiye examinadon,

With best wishes for your success.

Sincere1,), yours,

Mahendra Jain ( E~/.;I or}

e Sian Se I'cc Lion Commisston SAS Apprentices in CODA. ;Exa!lI,. 2010 ~ Uu,w Pt.l<ksh I.T.I, ;EI11Il1ACeElt:ll1l.

e UOC NaIionuJ E1igibili\yTesL (NE1)Ju_ne2DIO

~ Sy,ndit'lUeBank Pro~liol!W'}'Cletk Exam •• 2010-11

:lOcUli SSSB ON.lYing Tcadlerand Physical EducatianTC4lcher &run. ::. U.P, Combin«l. Pan.\m«lical EolrMe<: Exnrn. JL!ty'lAug •. 2010

e Vidllrol'm KShclriy.l GT1.1.1TIin Bank OfficerScruc·! R«ruilnlcnt Test :I Can:w.l Bank ProOOLion:tt)' Officers E:lam.

=> M,P. HIgher Judlciul SeM~)C Prelimin:u:)f "EJ::lI1l.

=>, Trndc Apprentices. (or 'fmining in Ordnance and Ordnance Equipment f'3Ct.orics ror 201();...11 ::> Unarakhand I.T.I, Entrance ~:un,

:= Vidarbh~ KShttriy.l. Gr.iminBallk Office ASS! !l1Il1 Reeruitm~nl Te~1

:= Rajast.hmPSC Schoo[·.Loolurer(School Educ~.ion) l!Nam, looS (Hindi & Sanskrit) :I Ma<ill)'tl Bihar Grumin Bank Clerk ec~m,

e Biharl:TJ. EnunnceBxwn., 2010

::> CnnaraBB!lk Probalion;uy Clerk Recrultrmot Exam.

=> Aryavan Gramin 'Bank, LudnolY OmCt'f Senle-I: -Eltrun. = Ccnlml Bank oflndiQ ProbalionaJ)' Officers

=> lia1)'llna VLD Diploma Entronce Test. :WI(l.11

o Ary.3VOtl GraminBank. LucknolV ClmQI.C:1.dre (Office AssistanL) Elmm. :. M.P. TW(alion AssiSlnnl Exam,

:lPurb::mchal Gromin Bank OtTicer Scale-I Rcauitnwnll!xnrn ..

(CIOloing Date: 24 JUnt. 2010) :. Indian.l\irPbret Airman in Group 'Y'(Non·T;xh.) Selection Test. 2010 :I M.P. StatcAlre5t Servlce Exam .• 2010 :I Purbanchal Gramm ;B:l.rtk Office Assi,sU!Jlt Bxam.

(CloSiIlg Date : 24 .Ju!!C" 201.0) Q Civil Judge II (Entry Level) in Hig_h CourtorMaclh~aPrnWl5h. JabnlptJrPl"climlnruy T~t U.p.Sie National Defence Academy E.'mm. (II). 2.010

:llntllnn Bank Crerk Exam.

Uune~27) (June 27) (Iune 21) (J\.mc 27) (June 27)

(July 4) (July 4) (July 4) (July 4) (July 4)

(July 1:1) (July U) (July II) (July .11) (July 17) (July IS) (July IS) (July 2S) (July 25) (July 25) (July lS) (Aui .. 1)

(Au,g,) (Ito Aug. 8) (J\l,Ig, 8)

(Aug,S) (Allg. 22) (Aug,22)

(CIO!'lng Dale: 28 June .. 2010)

(On:tlne CI.osingOate :6 July. 2,(10)

::> sse l\SsislUl'U SuIJ.lnspcctor (~«uli\'e)in CISr Exam .. 2010 (Aug, 29)

(Online losing Dal,t'; 7 JUly. 2010) :> Srupum armada Kshclriya.Gr:nmln Bank rOt om«r Seale-l Exam

(ClosifIg Dale: 30 June, 2010) :> Sntpur:n Nnnn3da K:sllctriyaGr:u.min .B:t!lk Cled,-¢um-Coshic:r ElI.am

(CiOloing Dale: 30 JUIlC. 2010)

.:. Combined De(ence Servi ees EJi::un. (II). 2.()10

=> UPSC Ccnlnd Police Forces (AssiSlml ComnUlndants) Bxam .• 2010

(Closing Date: 28 JLm<l., 2010)

(Closing Dale; 10 Sep.. 2010)

SIJ('Cl~ Mirror _ July 2010

! 756!

(Aug,29) (So:pL 5)

(Sept., 121 (SepL. 19) (Oct, 24)




Most of our IlRIUlllwl oomesa:s a result Conditioning is tha' psychologiesl processwhere.by we get used to speoIfic events, occurring in s:ssocIatJon With each other.

Mind Positively

hegfeatest philo.sopher ·01 al/ tlrne Aristotle has rightly sa/a, "We are WhalWe repeatedly do.

EJccellencsls not aft act, but a hab.it." We are 81/ b.orn to lead a .success(u/ Jives, .bul our ,co.ndmonlng leads ,us 10 fallure. We (lle bam to wIn bur are conditioned fo 10.S8. We often hear comments like "This person i'slu.cky, herouches dirt and ftturns to gold." or "He 15 unlucky •. no matter what h e touches, II tum 10 dfrt. "Believe it or not, Ihese comments am nor true of anyone,

/fyou ware 10 analyze thelivas of the luckyarrd unlucky IndMduBfs be.ing commented on, you'd find thaI the SUCC6{;sful person is doing som9- thing right/a each transaclftJn,end the failure Is repeating the same mIstake time and asain. Practice does not make perfeGl-onfy perfeGl pr'aGtice makes perfect. Pr:ar::lics makes perma· nent whatever you do repeatedly. Some peopla keep practicing thalr mistakes and they beccmfJ pe.rfeclln them. Their mislakes .becomeperfec! and 8.uloma.lfc.

CvJtivalittg a hablt,'s IIka plough· Ing the (Ield. It takes ilme. Habits generate other habits . .Inspiration is What gels us sta.rted, motivation is

Success Mirror. July 2010

what keeps us ontha tra.ck SlId habit ts what mak6S It automalfc:

The abflity 10 show coursge III the face of adversity; showself~(estraint in 'h.alsca 01 lamp la tlO.I1, choose happiness In tile face 01 hurt, show character In the lace of dBspalr and $88 opport.unify In the face of obslaclos are .8/1 valuable ttalts to pOSS8SS.. But Ih8se .trails db nol .sppear suddenly; Ihey ar8 the resull of ccnslant and cons:lste.nl Irainlng, both menlwand pMysicaJ. In Ihe face of adverslly, our .behsvfour, whethar posttive or negalive can only be what we hs'V'O pracliGed. When we practice negaliva fraits suCh as cowardice or dishonesty In smaJlevents., and nope /0 handle major 8vents in a posilive way, it won't happen because that's not what we ha.ve prar:IiGed.

If we permifoIJ/'Selves to tell a fie once, it lsa lot easier to do If a seco.nd and a third time until if becomes a habit. Remember, s.uccoss lies Inlha philosophy of sus lain and abstain. Sustain what needs 10 /)e dl)ne and abstain from what is dalrimen/al until this becomes heb/lual. HoneSty and Integrity ate the resull at both our belief system and pracUce. A person

who/shonest moslo! tMe lime gats caught fha first time he tells alia, ~hereas <I p.ef$Onwhl) is dishonest moslof the time gelS caught the nrst tim6 he tall the truth.

Someone once said, "Our

thoughts lead 10 .aclfons, 8Glions fead to habits, and habits form cIIaftlclet and character le'ads to desliny. We shOuld form 1M habit of thinking right. "

Most of ourbe.hav/our (X)mesas a result of conditioning. COndilloning is thepsychologlcaJ process whereby we get used to sp.ecific events, occurring in 8ssoctalion wlfh each other. The mas: famous example .01 conditioning Is Pavlcw's dogs. The Russian sclem/st PaVfollwou/d ring a bell each time he ted his do,gs. Of course., Ihedogs would sall'vsle al the sIght of their mea/. Pavfov did (hIS fat some timt;}. Thtm Pavlov rang the bell and dId nOl pro.duce the fOOd. TtJe dogs still saIivatad because they had been conditioned fo exp8CI the bef! with theIr food. Simllatly, we are all bein.g conditioned continuously by the environment end media,and we start behaving like robots. It is our re.spon$IblIity 10 co.ndil/on ourselv9$ in positive manner. Remember. good habits are hard 10 come .by but easy (0 live wilh .. Bad habits are easy 10 GQmetM hard rollve with.

How do we get oondiUoned ? An example would solve Ihis problem. How does an elephanl get ccn.d;!loned to slay in o.ne pJaca,. lied with awsak 'ope and a stake. when itcou/(J easily up.rootthe stake and movewhe.rever II wants? In fact, When tIleelephanr was .baby, It had been lied l;Iy asfrong chain to 8 slrongtte9. The baby is nol used to being tied, so it keeps tugging and pulling Ihe dlain, all {nvain: A day comes when it realizes Ihal t(Jgglng and pulling willno.t help. It .sl.opsand stands sill!. Now, ills cotlditlOnoo. And when the b.aby elephant becomes the mighty full grown elep.hanl; il Is fled a weak rope and a small $.Iake, .beIng conditioned, it doesnol go anywhere.

This condilioning is dee,ply

ImplBnted In one's Subconscious mind. The subconsc.lous mind can work lor us or against us. II does not care what we plant If weplani good seeds, we will have a good hSflles!, o.!heIWlse. wewfJlhave8wil(} g_rowth of weeds. In o.rder to suooeed, we need to gel goodharvesl.


Acron.yms/ Abbreviaiio.ns

leGE B-Inte rna 1I0nai Centre lor Genetic EngIneerIng and BlotechnQlogy

leGEB was Innovalive and seems 10 be, the on1VS\I!).unit vaccine: approach In the: wOfld today and 01 relevance to the pediatric population.

COAPS.....(;entre lor Ocean AtmospherIc Prediction Studies

Assocl'a!.e Solrlol'ar Sclentlsl TIm La Row and hIs colleagues at CQAPS sa.vlhere will be an a.verage 01 17 stonns wilhl0 01 those sterms developing Into hurricanes In Ihe Allantlc !his season.

ICAC-J ntematto nal Collo'n Advisory Committee

The ICAC Secretary said In a m.onthly r'eport Ihal ootlonendin9' stocks In .2010-11 WOUld edge lIP only 1,00.;00010nnes from a sbe-yea'r low 0110.5 mt expecled In 2009·10.



Justice K. G. Bala'krishnan

The Government. 01 India 011 June S, 2010 announced the appcintment 01 the former Chief Juslioo of India (OJI) .Justlce K. GBalakrishnan, as the Sixth Chair-

eeeson of the

National Human

K.. G. Bala.Right Commission krllhnan(NHRC).

Justice SalaJnlshnan, 65, irellre<l as CJI on Mav 12, 2.010. He was appointed Supreme COl)rt judge in 2.000 and swom in as CJI onJ.anuary 1'4, .2007. The post of NHAC Chalrperson had beenlyfng vacant for Ihe pa-st one year alter the retirement 01 Jusllce .Rajendra ,Ssbu. Since then,


Ju_sticeG. P. Mathur had been a.cling as the Co.mmlssion's Chairperson.

Nita Kapoor

Smt NIIa Kapoor,an IOAS Olflcer 011973 batch has taken over as new Secretary (Delence Flnance) on May 31', 2010. 8mt. Kapoor was Con!roll.er General 01 Defence Aooounts before, lal(ing over her new assIgnment An aJumnusof' National Defence College,. New 'Deihl, she bring,s wilh her a rich bareaucranc experIence, ola'imosl 37 years to Ihe' Ministry 01 Defence. She is IIie Ilrsl woman officer ever from north-east 10 beoom& $ooretary (Oe1enca Finanee).

Lt Gen. H, L Kakrla

LI. Gen_ H .. L. Kakria has taken overa.s new Dlrector-Genera'i 01 MedIcal Services (Army) on MaySl, 2010 from Lt. Gen. S. A. Mehla. Lieutenant Ge.neral H.L.Kakris, reCIpient of AU Vishisht Seva Medal and Vlshlshl Seva Medal did his MBBSfrom GSVM Medical College. Kanpur and joine<llhe Army Medical Corps on February 14,1972. He did his MS (General $U(9.ery) in 1960 and MS(Q.rthopaedlcs)in 19891rom Puna University a.ndstood lil'St In the University.

Naoto Kan

Emperor Aklhlto has appointed Naoto Kan as Japan's 94th Prime . Mlnrstet on June 4. 2.010. Mr. Kan came into politics from the civil liberties movernent and made a namelorhlm In 1996 when, as Health Mlnlsle.r, he

Naolo Kan le<l a campaIgn to

bring! a scandal ovsr HIV·ta!nl.ed blood product to light

Kan seNed asF1nance Minis!s( and Deputy Prim.e Minister ,in outgoIng Prime Minister Yukio Haloyama's Cabinel. Th.e Diers vole came soon. alter Haloyama and his Cabinet stepped down. Hatoyama announced his resignation on June 2, 20'10.

Dr. R.K. Sinha

Or. A.e.tan Kumar Sinha on May 1.9',,2010' took oyer as the new Olrect.or 01 Bhabha Atomic Research Celll.re(B.ARC) and made a Slrong case lor India to take up globallaadarship ,role, In peaceful uses ·of nuclear energy. Dr. Sinha tookover from Or. S!'I Kumar Banerjee, who Is also the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Chairman., at a simple lunctlonlield al Trombav·

New BARe D.irector RQl.lln Kumar Sinha (L) being greeled by his pre-deCfUIBor SrlkumllJ ,Benefiel! 89 he n8umBsciriargl II Trombay headqUlLnors of :9habh.8 Atomic 'Roscarc:h Centre In 'MumtHIl on Moy 19. 2010.

Success Mirror. July 2010

Vlvek Sallal

Railway 'Board Member (TraffiC) Vivek. Sahai took over as Chairman of the Board following the superannualien 01 S. S.Khura.na on May 31, 2010.

Mr. Sahal will also be !heexofficio Pr'lnclpal Secretary to the Galli. of India, MInistry 01 Railways. Belore joining the ,Board as Member (Traffie)" Mr. Sahal served as General Mana"ger, Northem Railways. He was the Divisional AailwayManager, Mumbai, Central Railways. when the melropolis came under 261111error attacks, and wascmdit.ed with having handled Ille operations of the suburban lrain servlees competently.

UN Secretary General Ban KImoon on May 17. 2010 appointed I hslO it I Costa Rican Ms" Ohristiana. Figuere.s. Deal .. ·.·• buary

as the new head 01 the United Nanons L,. ... _

Framewo.rk Convanllon on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Figueres will suceeed cutgolngex.ecuU:v9 Secre· tary '(vo de Boer.

Ms. Figuares, an Int.emaUona.lly recogn1zedlea.d.er In the globelcllmate ctJang8 Held, has had a 10ngca.reerln the UNiFCCCand beena member 01 the cosia Rican negotiating team since 1995. Figueras has served as a ne9.011810rol the Kyoto Protocol and chalrednumerotls Conference 01 Pal'Ues (COP) decisions. She, was Vice-President 01 Ihe UNFCCC Bureau Irom 200B to 2G09,and a mambaro! the Executive Board ollha Clean .Development Mechanism in 2007.

59-year-old. who becomes Ihe 1'01h Director oltha country's premier strategic .Iab, has bsan oloselyassoc.lated wIth tha daslgn and developmenl.of Indla.·s first thorium-based Advanced Heavy Waler Rea.clorlor !.hepsst 15 years.

Christiana Flgueres

Ravlnder Chaudhary

Tha Athletics Federation of Ind.ia (AFI) elected Ravlnder Chaudhary as its oHiclaling Secretary till the CommonweallhGarnes during their executive council meeting on Junel 2,. 2010.

The' execuliv8 commltteealso appointed live· member p.anel' to be chaired by Supreme Court layer and Vice-President Sushil Salwanlo lake apprepriate action against 10 km &09alore Internation Run 'WIllch has been deemed unauthorized l:Iy Ihe AFt

Yogesh Ag9.rwa

5hri Yogesh Agarwal has taken overas the charge of the Ch.airman, Interim Pension Fund Aegulato.ty and .Development Authority (PFA.o.A) on June 7,2010 .. Agarwal, who was sarlier Chairman 01 Industrial Deve.lop· msnt Bank of ,India, replaces Ohirandra Swanrp, whO' retired from PF,RDA after completing his five-year tsrm some months ago.

James Clapper

US 'PreSident Barack. Obama 1'18.S chosen a US Intelilgenoe veters.n.


retired lieutenant genaral James Clapper on June 4, 2010 as his new director of Nalional Int.emgence. Clapper,. whosenom!natlon comes at a lime, 01 mounting domesllc security threats., would replace :Dennis Bla1r, who slepped down last month amid heavy critJc~sm alter a slr.ing 01 security shertC(lmlngs.

Mustafa Abu alYazld

Mustafa Abu alYazld,tl1e third highest ranking. al-Caeda Commander, outfit's banker and the man who !hreamed India with mora Mumbaistyle sllacks, was klll.ed alol1g With his entire family in Pakistan's tribal areas. Yazld, 54, also 'known as Sheikh Sa'id al Masri. was a close ralalNa, 01 Osama bin Laden.

Bal Ram Nanda

Noted historian Bal Ram NaMa,. the, lounder·director 01 Nehru Memorial Museum and Ubrary (NMML) and the author 01 several books on Mahatma Gandhi. has died a.fle.r a pr¢longediliness on May 30, 2010,.

Handa, a biographer 01 Mahatma GandhI. Gopsl K.rishna Gokhale and Jawahar Lal Nehru, was the first direclor 01 NMML .... a premier research Institution .. He was aWB.rded the Na.tional Fe.llowship althe Indian Ceuncllof Social Science Research in 1979 and the PadmaBhushanin 1988.

Among the numerous books he wrote are, 'Mahatma Gandhi : A Biography', 'The Maklng 01 a Nallon', 'Wltnes.slo Parlil,lon ; A Memoir, Three Slateman : Gekhale. Gandhi and Nehru,and Gandhi and hls Critics'.

Dennis Hopper

Tile leqandarysc(een actor and Hollywood rebel Denni.s Hepp.er,besl known for directing and starring in his 60s counterculture mevle 'Easy 'Rider, has dIed at the age 01 74 on May 30, 2010. He wa.$ $Uffering, Irom proslat.e DennIs Hopper cancer.

In acaree'f.spannin.g fIVe decades ..

Hopper studied at New York's Act.or,.

StudIo, where many 01 America's a.oting lumlna.rles such as James Dean. Marlon Bran do,. Marilyn Monroe and Paul Newman gallba!r start

Hopper was marrlad live limes and had four children, r.anglng in age from4t06.

World's Ugliest Dog Dead

Miss Ellie, a 8matl" bug·eyod!

OhlneseCrGl>lec1 Hairless dog whose pimples and! 100U09 tongue Mlped her win Animal Plane!'s 'Wolld's Ugliest Oog'c»nlestln 2009. has died at. ege 1 '1 aJIef a career In resort 'show bustlass.

Ellie' Slarred In shows al Comedy Bam In Pigeon .Forge. Ellie also appeared on the Animal Planet cable snow 'Dog:s 101'. and was on billboard end 110 a QOm~t

Over tM YeaJ8.eIHe :helped' raise more than $ 100,.000101'1118 &IY1er COUnty Hl.IJl8I'Ie SOCiety.

G. P.Pradhan

Senior Soelallslleader and writer G. P. Pradhan dIed a.t a hospital in Puneon May 29, 2010 .Ionowlng a prolonged Illness. He was 88.

Pradhan, former leader ollhe Opposition in Maharashlre Legislative Council, had been in theforeho.nl. of the socialist movement in, the slate known as a. gentleman politician" Pradhan had participated' In Ille 1942 Cuillndia Movemenl and was Jailed durif\9 lheemergencyln 1975.

He wrOle a number 01 boolCs" including one on Tosloy. ,presentlng' the socialist thought in the Indian context.

Madan Tamang

Tension fan high in Oa.rjeellng 21,2010 a.fter All 'India G.orkhs L.ea.gue Presldenland Gor· k.halaJId proponenl Madan Tamang was killed by some unldenUlioo assarlants while he was supervising a publlc Maclan TamaoSmee1Jng.

.Accordlng 10 IG of follce K. L.

Tamla. miscreants hit. Tamang with Kukris and Swords. wounding him on the 'shoulder and stomach, eensequanUy died .In the Oaljeallng Districi Hospital.

Tamangwas .see.n as a hard liner whO wanted nethingshorl of GoMs-

Success MIrror. July 2010

land, He recently opposed GJM's stand oninlerim sat-upfor .Oa~eeUng hills and demanded Gorkhaland Instead,

John Shepherd Barron

John Shepherd Batton, who Invenled the world's !lrs! 8ulomaUc cash dispensing machine, better known as ATM, Is dead. He ha.d oorne up with the Idealha! after wondering why banks could not operate a system like a chocolal.6"vendlngmach!ne.

John had rea.ched his bank a little late then thought as why there could not, bea .system 10 gel cash on Ihe lines of the chocolate vending' machines. The first product was Installed at Barclays Enfield branch in London on June 27, 1967. He Ihen realised thai hecoul'd still remember

John Shl!pherdBllrron hlsslx-'igure Army number., and, decided 10 lest hIs wife Caroline's memory. But, she could only recall four digits, so thaI became the world standard for pin. number (of the ATM}.


Malayatam !iUeraleur KovHan, weU·known lor bis 'Pattala Kadhakal' (tales from the barracks), died are hospital in KunnamKulam near ThriSSl.lfOn June 2, 2010.

The 67·year-old writer, whose feal name ls Kandanassery Vattom parambll Vals"ppan Ayyappan, had been keeping bad heaUh lor quite some time. He is survived by two daughters and a son,

AwardsIHon.ours I ThaG3rd International film Fe.stlve'l of Cannes Awards 2010

The 6Srd Intematlonal FllmFestlval of Cannes came'lo an end

Success Mirror. July 2010

F'renchaellllSS Julietto Blnocho look tho' Cannos beSI 0(;1(0$5 prize lor hor role as an unhappy art dealer In lrantan Director AbbIlIlKlarolltll.mI'1I film 'CertlfiadCopy' In the aSrd Cennoll Film, FestllllltlnCenrJM,

omoially on May 23,2010, with Thai movie winning this year's most presti. giousawam.

The following is a list of the rnaln winners Palma d'Or (Golden Palm) :

"Uncle Boonmee Who can Recall His Past Lives" by Aplchalpong Weeraselhakul (Thailand).

Grand Prize: 'Of Gods and Men' by Xavier Bea.uvois (France)

Jury Prize : 'A Sc,reamlng' Man' by Mahamal·Saleh HarOUM (Chad)

Best .Olreclor: Mathieu Amalric lor 'On Tour' (France)

Best Actor : Javier Bstdem, ~Blumur (Mexico) and 'Ello Germano, 'La Nostra Vila' (ilaly)

Best Actress: Juliette .Binoche, 'Certified Copy' (Iran)

Best ScreenPlay; Lee Chang· Dong, 'Poetry' {KOrea)

Camera: d'Or (flrs1.-Ume dlrec· tor) : 'Ano Bisiesto' by Michael Rcwe (Mexico)

Best ,short film : 'Cilienna d' Histoire'. by Serge AvediKlan (France)

Janki Amma! Award

Prominent taxonomists v,

JByachandran iNalr and ,Ramakrishna have bagged Ihe E.nvironme.nl Mlnlsl.y's presllgious E.K. Jan'kl Ammal Award lor plan! and a~nrmal taxonomy. They were honoured to mark the World IEnvironment .Day on June 5, 2010. Taxonomy is Iha science which helps in explora.lion,

'idenltllCi!,tion and desc'liptlon of lMng organisms. Nair, who has to htscredil SQveral booss and research papers" ha.s discovered a,nd described two Mwgrass genera and more than 36 species,. mostcl which belong 10 Lhe grass famllyPoaceae.

Ramakrishnan, who had atso won th.e award lortaxon.omy In 2008, has done outsrandlng work on taxonomy and conservation 01 land and fresh wa.ter :Ind an molluscs.

The~wardcatries a cash prlZ(I,. medallion and aclla.Uon.

US-India 'Business Council

Global Lea(lershlp Award

The US·lndlaBuslness Oouncil (USIBC) has presented lis global leadership award 10 ITC Llmll.ed's Chairman and CEO Y. C. Yogi OeveshWDI In r~nltlon al hlseHon.s t.owards empowe.rIng India's rural' agricultural community and conserving the environment

The award was ,presented to Deveshwar during USIBC's851h Annlve.rsary Summll, "A Pivotal ·Perlod !nUS·lndla Relations : Ta.ckllng 'Education .• Inlrasl:nJC1.ure and Inclusive G.rowth", on June 2,.2010.

United Technologies Corpora:llon (UTC), known for manufacturing otis Elevators, Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines; and S.ik.orsky helicopters, leled IhelTe Chairman with the presligious usisc Global Leadership Award.

The award was p reviotJ sly bestewed,upon corporal.e greal$ like' Ralan Tata, Mukesh .Ambanl,Azim ,Premil and SunJi Shartl MinaI.

Indira Gandhi Paryavaran

Purs'sk.ar for 2008

In reverential memory of late Prima Minister 01 India Sml. Indira Gandhi,lhe Ministry of Environmam and Forests, In the year 19671O$lllul.eo sn award called "[ndlra Ga.ndhl Paryavaran Puraskat' 1.0 give recognition to lhose having made or have 'the potenlialto maka the measurable and major impact In the protection 01 envl:ronmenl. The prize money has been enhanced toRs. 5,00,000 .. A1ong with the cash prIZe, each awardee is given a sliver lotus trophy and a citation. Any citizen 01 India or organisation wo.l1king In India lor the case: 01 environment is eligible for the award.


Isha Foundallon,founcled by Sadhguru J. Vasudav, isgattlng tha Indira Gandhi .Paryavaran Puraskar lor the year :W08 In recognition 01 lsha foundation's massNeecological initiaUve, called 'PrOjecl. Graen HandS' to prevent and reverse environmental degradation and to enable sustainable living.

Isha Foundallo.n, headQuart.ered in foothills· of Velliangiri Mountains in the Westem Ghats near Coimbatore, Tamil: Neau, functions through a network 01270 centres worldWide and Is empowered by the dedicated and splr !.ed ·effortsol over 1500 lull lime volun~eers and over two million part.· Ume volunteers In India and abroad.

AnelWork of mobile and stationary health clinics o.llsMa Foun(fation treat 8OOul50.000 patients every month In about 900 remote villages. on a bimonthly basis., across 16 districts in Tamil Nadu, iKerala and South Karnat.aka.. The Foundation has worked In education sector also.

National Telecom Award 2010

Slelille Technologies announced lhat II has received, award lo.r 'Fastest Growing Inlegra10r' at the CMAI INFOCOM National Telecom Award' 2010.

Held annually on the eeeaston 01 WMd TelecomOay .. the National Telecom Awards aIm to Identity and recognize outstanding contributions 10 IhelCTseclor 10f building a National Telecom Neiworkand thus providing an eUeclive means 01 communica.ti.ons.

On receiving the award, Mr. Ra:hul Sharma. Business Head-Integration and Managed' Servioos" St.erlite Technologles saId, "We ,reaHy leel hOnoured 10 havabean chos8l\ .for the award, and thank CMAI,. INFQCOM and' therespecled' Jury for I.his recognition."

Global Excellence Awards 2009

LlC Chai~man T. S. Vijay.an and former AmbassadorT. P. $reenivasan have beense!ected for the 'Global Exoellence Award 2009' ins!ilule<:i by KeralaKalakendran, A. P. Shamsu· dnsan Mtihiyudneen,. Chairman, Regency Group and C. P. Sivare!. Chairman, Planet India Holding,s .. were also givenGlobel ExoelienceAwards.

A jury c~mpr.lslng, Dr. Vlnod Thomas, Olreclor General of World


Bank, IyriclstBlchu ThlrumaJa and K. Anandakumar, former Secretary or the Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Acaoem.y,. se.lected the award winners. The award includes a gold "plate d memento. cnaUon anti 'Ponnada'.

The awards was presented by Ulhradom Thlrunal Marthanda Varma at a nmenon at Kunakakunnu palace on May 29,. 2010.

3rd lOS Lifetime Achlevemenl Award

The Vice· President 01 India M.

Hamid Ansari presented the 3rd lOS UleUme Achievement Award to 'Dr. A. A. Kiowai. the former Governor of Bihar, West Bengal and Haryana. and fonner ChaIrman. UPSC at alunctlo.n organised by Institute 01 Objeclive Studl.es (lOS).

Addressing on lh.9 occaston tll9 Vice-President. recalledthose days when Dr. Kidwai was a Professor 01 Chemistry in Aligarh Muslim Untversity and he was a sludentend said thai what can a student speak 01 a professor.

The aWiI,rd consists of As. 1 .Iakh. a citation and a memento.

After Oalal lama, .Aga Khan gets Ca:nadlan Honour

The Canadian ParHamefll ha.d passed a ~eS(llulionlasl year to confer Ihehonour on Ihe .Aga. Khan who becomes the second religiousligure after Dalal Lama 10 get Ihe Canadian honorary citlzenshlp.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harpe:r bestowed: hO.norary cilizen$hlp on the Aga Khan and laid the foundation stone Of what wOvld be one Of Ihe largest Muslim art. and culture eentres in North America.

Aga Khan is the Imam 01 over 15 million Shia Ismaili Muslims spread around the world. Layinglhe foundation sloneo! the museum with Aga Khan, Canadian PM sai.d, "Canada. is honoured 10 have been chosen as the site for theseimpo.r1anl institutions. They will serve top.romole pluralism. eeaee and lola~anee 'through greater understandIng 01 Islam."

Llretlme Membershp or Portu· gal Football Players' Association

Indian football caplainSaichung Bhulla has been given an honOrary

lifetime membership by thePortuga.1 Football Players' Association. This wasoonfirmed by the F·oolball Players Assoclallonol India WPAI} Secretary Sumi! Mukhe~ee.

Bhulia has

been Instrumental In ..:....-~ getl!ngthe FPA!" Balc:hung Bhulll whera he Is the President., an affiUaUonto Iha 1["terL nallona.lplayers:' body FlFPRO.

Global Green Award

NRIenlerp~eneur Sourabh Sen has been awarded the prestigious Global Green Award in recognition of hisleatlemhlp and success in promoting renewable energy sotunons in emerging markets such as India.

Sen, Co-Chairman 01 the US. based renewable energy major Astonfield Renewables Inc, was presented the award at World Trade Week In New York on May 17,2010 .. Astonfield [s !he largest multi·modality renewable ene.fgy company InSoulh Asla.

The Global Green AW8'rd tsan annual awardillai. acknowledges exemplary leadership In promoting envlronmentalsusla.1mll:llllty and sccnomtc developmenl around tM glObe.

Lost Man Booker Prize

Forty years after II was fl.rst published, Troubles, by lale J. G. Fa.rraU has been announced as the winner of Ihe Losl Man Booke.r :Prize -a one"<lff prize 10 honour the bOokS publisl1ed in 1970. bul nol. considered for the p.rlze when Us rules were changed,. J. G. Farrell died in 1979.

'Troubles' Js Ihe flrst In Farrell's Empire Trilogy, which was lonowed by 'The 91egeol Krishnapur' '(1973) and the Singapore Grip (1978). The Siege of Krishnapur' won lheBooker Pri%:e In 1973. Set in Ireland In 1919, just atter Ihe, First World War, 'Troubles"taHs the tragic·comlc story 01 MaJor Brendan Archer who has gone to vis!! Angela, a woman he believes may be his Rance.

Director 01 the Man Bool<er Prize said, : 'Troubles' is a novel 01 such lasting Quality thai II has never been oul of printIn the 40 years since II

Success Mirror •. Joly 2010

was first pUbllsh.ed. Tha prize was accepted by J. G. Farrell's brother, Richard Farrell, on thea.uthor's behall.

2010 CIF Chanchlani Global Indian AWard

tndia's lop [Industrialist and Chairman of Tata Group, Ralan Tata has recelvedlhe 2010 CIF Chanchlalll Global .Aw8rd for his outsiandln.g glo.bal leadershIp, vision and pmlessional excellence. The award whiCh

RaUm Tala carries US 0 225.,000 •

(As. one crote) and cilallon was ,presented atthe Annual Award Gala 01 Canada-India Foundalion. held In Vancouver !Barj Ohahan, Gala Cha:ir and Co-Chair of Canada-India Foundation said.

Flatan Tala's dream olmanufac· turing, a low-cost and envIronmentally friendly ear thaI more people In India could afford to drive was realised whenlhe TataNano,or a'lsoknown • as the people's cal, with an end-user cost 01 only US'D 2500, wenllnto prOd'ucHon last year 9.nd has since received woridwideaOdla.lm.

RS.I Ra]bhasha Award

Punjab- Nalional Bank (FINS) has been awarded three pr:lzes. under RajbhaSha ShIeld Competition 2008· 09 and one lor .Allindia ,Essay CompeliUonlntroduced by Reserve Bank 01' Inaia (RBI) forptomotional use 01 Hindi in public sector banks and linancial institutions. K. R. Kamath, CMD, flNB, rece.ived the awards and certlIlcales from Dr. O. Subbarao, GovemorRBI.. Om Prakash Gairolta, branch Oillcar 01 8haglr.alhlpuram, Oehradun circle, received f.lrslptize from Dr. Subbarao for his essay In All India Hindi Essay Oompelition 2009'- 10.

UFA Awards 2010

The Miclomax BFA (Inlemallonal Indian FUm .Academy) Awards ceremony W8.S held on June 5, .2010 at Ihe Sughathadasa Stadium In Colo· mbo, Sri Lanka. IIFA stormed Into Us second decade 01 cetebradens willI a .speclacul~H Awards night, with 3 tdlots winning a

Success Mirror - July 2.01012

maJorilyof the lop awards, Including IheBest Film and Best Director AW8.rd.

The legend 01 Indian Clnema, .Amitabh8achchan won the Award' for Besl Actor lor his much acclaimed role in ·Paa'. Best: Actress Award was a lie between !Karee.na Ka!poor (:3 IdiotS) and VldyaBalan (Paa).

Tile winners ror Ihe Mic.fomax IIFA Awards 2010 are:

• 80atFUm.-Vidtlu VI:nod Chopra-3 IdiOts

:80,1 'Performance In al-e8dlng, Role (Melej-.Amlla.:bh 'Bachchan-


B'8' IPerformance In a.l-eec:llng Role CFemale}-Kar(l(lI'IoKa,poor-3 Idlol$ and Vldya~lan-Paa BeslDJreeUo.rt-Rajkumar Hiranl-S


Best ,P'e:rformane'o In • Comic Role-Sal1jaV 'Oull-AlIlI1a ~I BEuJtParformance In I NegaUvo

ROle-Boman 1'l'IIni--3ldlolS BaslParformanco In Suppo.rtlng. :Rote (Malo)-Sharman JoShl--3 :Idiots ,Bell,ParformanceIn Supporllng Role (Famllej-OivyaDUlta- ,D!llhl,6 Debut 01 the year (Male)-Omi Vaidya-Jackle Bhagnan!

Cab"l of Iha year (Fllm8Ie)Jacqueline Femandet-Mahle Gill:

Be81 Slory'-AbhiJat JOShi, :Rajkumar Hlranl, Vldhu VlnodCh0pm--'3 ,Idiots 8all. lyrlc&-$wanandKlrklre.....a


Pllybaok SI"911' (Famalo)-Kavlta Seth-Ek Tara (Wake Up Sid) Playback Singer (Mele)-Shar1l1- Behti Haws Sa Tha Who rs Idlol$) MUlie .Clr'lIclion-Prltam-'love .AaJ


Ol.llStandJn.g A.chlevem.ont by an Indian Intematlonelly-Anll Kapoor IlFA CreenGiobel .AWllrd-'Vivek Ol:teroi

Technical Awards Winners

• Be8lScreenpley"'Abhllat JoshI,. Ra.Ikumar Hlranl, Vldhu V'llIOd Chopra (3 Idiots)

• Belt Clnemetography--C. K. Mumlee<lharan (3Ierols)

.Besl Dlelogue-Rajkumar Hiranl, AbIlUat J03hI (3 .Idiols)

• Beet .Baokground Soore-San]:ay Wandreka.r, Alul Ranlnga. Shantanu Mollm (3IdiOl.9)

• Beat EdIUng.-Rajk:umar !-lImn] (3 IdiOts)

• 'Best Sound ReeordJn9"'Blshwadeep ChaUetjeD, NlhalRanjan Samel (8 Idiots)

• Best Song; Reeorc1lng,.6iShwa·doop Challerjlll'l, SacI'lIK SanghVl (3 IdlolS)

• Belt SoundR&'.reeordln~nup Dev (3ldlots)

• Se .. Choreography"-fIosoo Martis, Ca.es3J Consalvos (Love AaJ: KaJ)

• Beel CO$II.Imll Oeslgntn.g.-Anehlta Sl1mH Adalanla. Dolly AhlllWaUa (love Aaj Kall

• BOlli Art .Dllee(ioll-'5abuCy.r:il (AlQd]n)

• BaSi SpeelaJ EHects(VIsl.lel)Charles Oarby-Eyecl.I'tle lab.$ (AladJn)

• BUI Aellon-Shyam (Kaminer)

• Be&! Mako up Artlst-CluisUen tinsley, Comlnl Till (PIa)


Japan Launches Space Probe to Venus

Japan launched a climate orbfter 'AkalSuki'on. a two-year mission 10 Venus Irom Ihe country's Ta.nega· Shima island 011 May 21.,2.010.

Planet Venus 'Is visible on top 01 the Moon over Ql.luon City, !!Orih 01 Manila. Japanlal.ln.ched I !lew proboF.rlda,y. MI.y 21,2,010011 I,two"year mlislon to ,Il.tldy VenUi.

The H-2Arockel.which will study the climate and $uria.ce of Venus, lilted oft at 6·56 a.m, localUme (2158 GMT, May 20, 2010) from the Tan.e· gashima. Space Oenlre in Kugoshim.a Prefecture .. '.AkalSukj',. which means 'Oawn'lnJapanese, wassw:eessluny delivered Into orbit 2'7 minutes alt,er lilt-off and is expected to reach Venus's orbit in December 2010. It carries live instruments to study Venus' clouds and titel.erraln 01 the planet whlle ottlitlng Venus lrom distance o13ookm to 80,.000 km and the '$uperrOlalion'ollhe planet's atrnosphere, where according to scientists, Wind can driveslormsand clouds ar¢und the: :planet at speeds 01 more than 220 km per hour.

J 7631

Oonde aeeernes First Indian 10 Circumnavigate the World Solo

A naval Ofllc~ron May 22,2010 set a record for the first-avar solo circumnavigation of the globe on a sail· 'boat by an Indian, when hesteered Inlo the Mumbai naroour alter 276 days 01 arduous journey,

Commander Dilip

OIUp Oonde Donde"who em-

barked on the voyage on August 19, 2009 on Indian Naval Sallin.g Vessel (INSV) Mhadel, approaChed Ihe finish line as his boat cere-monlally escorted by la91 attack CJs.fI of the navy along with speedboats andlWo lugs operating their water eaeons, touched base back In India at the Sunk rock UghtHouse In Mumbal.

The 42-year-old Ofticer covered 21 .• '600 nautical miles sailing In the seas to achieve the milestone, as part of the Navy's daunting, 'Sagar Parlkrama Projecl'. Donde, s. NDA alumnus and a trained clearance diver In Ihe Navy, volunleered for 'Project Sagar Parikrama' and alsctralned wilhl'egendary Sir Robin KnoxJOhnston, lhe first man to sail SOlO andl non'stop roundlhe world in 1.968'69,

The wotlel' record Jor the fastest SOlO clrcumnavigallo.n wasaet In January 2008 by Frenchman Francis Joyon al 67 days, 13 hours, 34 minutes and' ,6 seconds.

India and Russia Hold INORA- 2010 War Games

India and Russia will hold a joint military drill nicknamed INDFlA,201C with 1M involvement of more than 150 RussJans8rvicemen from Ihemoto· rlsed mountain Infantry brigade. "The INDRA"2C10 war games will be held onthe Indian oll, in which 150 Russian servicemen Itorn the motorlsed mountain, Inlanlly brIgade will ta.ke pan, Land: Forces Spokesman." oleg Yushkov said.

India and Russia have been holding joint war games lor several years now with the involvement 01 all lhree services olilleir armed forces.

In 2007 a.nd 2008 the paratroopers I'rom the two nations hadca.rried out joint anll·lerrot war games InAgrB and Russia's Pskov region borderln.g on NAio-nember Es\oni.s.

Russia, which ha,s raised independenlmotorised (mountain) brigade in the wak.e 01 military and its

IrollHers rolling back 10 North

Oancasus following lhe Soviet

Collapse, Is keen loleam from India's exPerience 0'1 mountain warfare and Iralning e;q19 111se.

, ,Committee~,


Parliament Committee Submits Cash-1or-Q.uery Report

The Ethics Commllteeof Par'lla· menl 'has submitt.ads report to lok Sab'hs Speaker MelraKumar regarding the presecutlcn of Congress MP Rajaram .Pali in the cash-for·query scam Iha.! rocked Parliament live years 8,gO'.

The Deihl PO'lice had sent its .re·quesl for sanctlon to nroseeute Ra/aram.P·al In July 2009, soon alter Ihe 15th Lok Sabha came InlO being. In 2oo5,lhe Ethics Committee. asked 1.0 tooklnlo the matter, held 11 MPs guilty who were expelle<llrom the l.O'k Sal)ha by then Speaker Somnath Chatterjee. Pal, who was a esp, MP , n the previous l.ok Sabha was among thosee)(pelled from the House bul he managed 10 win lhe 2009 General Elections from A.kbarpur In UPon the Ccngress ticket. While a new L$ membership would have ended the issue, ,8 High Court order for investi· gatiO'n into the scam led 1.0' a criminal case. The DelhiPolica iliad a chargesheet in June 2009 against 13 per.sons, Including 10 former MPs. None ollhe accused MPs was able to rstum to Lok Sabha exceptP·al. This made It mandatory lor tM police to seek Partiamenl's nod to lite a oharge' sheet a.gaiflst Ihe MP. Attorney' G.eneral 0.1:. Vahan.1I811 had also saId II was lhe Speaker's prerogative to dedde on whether a chargesheet should be me(!' agaInst Pal,'OperaUon Dmyodhan', an eXpose by a prlva~e news channel In 2005, showed MPs Oil camera accepting. money to ask Questions in Pal1iam.ent

NatIonal Committee on Commemcratlon of 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand Constituted

The Government 01 India has decIded 1.0 commemorate Ihe '50th Birth AnniVersary 01 SWami: Vivekanand and a National Committee ha.s been C1Jllstiluted under Iha Chairmanship of .Prime Minister Or. ManmOhan Singh. The first meellng 01 the National Commitlee was held in ,Delhi on May 20, 2010 and presIded over by the'Pr:ime Minister. In his opening remarkeDr. Singh satd, Swami Vlvekanand did a lot to Inculcate a na.llo.nal consciousness among Ihe people. His message was unlvarsal and ,based on na.lionaillyand righteousness. It was a message thal appealed 10 people of all eiasses, castes and creeds. His message of unity and brolhem.ood has lar·reachIng appeal and relevance even today.

The 150th Birth Anniversary 01 Swami Villekanend falls In 2,018. Swami Vlvaka.nand was one of our greeles1.splritual leaders and will always be a revel'Sed Ilgurs :In [ndla's history and cull.ure. We should work sIncerely 1.0 celebrate the oommemo· ralive year in a befitting manner. Swami Vwskanand's famous. lectum al the World Parliament of Religions in Chk;ag.Q on 11th Seplember, 189S IS a shining moment In lndla's h!.s!oty.

Considering, Swami V!veka-

nand's lastln.g legacy being lhe'role model oltheyouth,IM National Committ.se loctlssed on the loliowing six areas :.

1. vtv9'kanand as an Icon lor the You1.h,.IOl' :

• Character building,

• Value education,

• Imbibing India's plural and secular IraelJIJo.n

2. Vivek.anandand National eonsclousness :

• Synchronized: both e,lorll;ll Indian and modem India,

• Arouse dormant national consciousness

3. Vivek.anand's relevance in Ihe ztst century:

• Emphasise hIs Ideas In eontemporaryoontext,

• lei us move 101Ward, wilh hls Ideals

4. His service 10 the poor and service 10 Ihe mankind:

• Emphasis on B:PlPQ'Pulation. roraVtrlbal areas and naxams pockels

(CollliJlued 011 1'01;' 776)


Success MIrror. July 2010

MSP oJ Paddy and ether Khar'f CroQPS Raised

Theg.ove.mmenl on June 10,. 2.010 announced [he new Minimum Support Price (MSP) 01 Pac'dy.,.PUlses andother Kharil crops for the crop year 2010-' 1.1119 cabinet commillee went beyond Ihe recornrnenoatlons of CACP in raising! Ihe MSP ror pulses to gi.ve an Incenlivelo.r raising pulses production. CACP had reeommended! an MSP olRs. 2,aOOper quintal 'or Amar agalns1Rs. 2,300 01 2009-10 but the gDvemmen1 raised I! to Rs. 3,000 per qulnlal for the year 2010-11. Government raise MSP for pulses belWeen 14 10 30%. The . Sl:Ipport pnces lor coarse oereals and' ollseeds have' also been raised between 310 5%. In addiUon, govern· ment also announoed 10 proVide an IncentlVe of Rs. Sa kg for IUr, urad

Minimum Support Prices Aslqulntal

crop 2OQ9. 2010·
10 11
Packly (Common) ',000' 1.,000
Paddy (GmooA) 1,030' 1,030
Jowat (HybIIQ) 840 8110
Jowar (Ma.limndij 860 900
i&llra 840 680
MaIze 840 880
'Rag! 915 965,
AItlar (fur) 2,300 3,000
Moong 2,760 3,170
Urad 2,620 2,900
COftOn 2.,000 2;500
GroUtlCtnl!1 On $!WI!) 2.,100 2.300
Sunflower Seed 2,215 2,350
SOya.be.an (Black) 1.850 1,400
SoyQbean (Yellow) 1.890 1 . .440
Saasamum 2 .• 850 2,900
Niger Seed 2,,405 2.450 t 'Inclusive·oI Rs. 50 boIlus

--- ---


and moong pulses,llthayar'EI sold to the procurement agencies: duTing !he harvesliardvaJperioci 01 two months.

Manufactu ring Growth Pushes GDP Growth to 7'4% in .200!J-1·0

Nine Telecom Services iPay Rs. 67,n9 erore far 3G S,pectr~m

Indian economy's GOP g.rowth of 7·4% in 2009·10 has been well supported bydouble-digil lndustrlal growth. The grosS domestic prOduct (G.OP) was: Rs. 44,64,081 erers (at 2004·05 p.rices), be"erlnglhe earUer govemment estimate 017·2% growth over the previous year's Rs. 41,54,973 cro~e ..

Despite the worst droughl In over three, decades .• agrlculturesector posted 0·2% growth in 2009-10, inslead ola decline 01 0·2.% as proJectedin tha advance estlmat.es. Miningand ClU'arrylng 8.150 show robust growth 0110·6% in. 2009-10 against anly 1·6% growth during 2006··09. Construction ~egistered 6·5% growth In 2009-10 whne trade, hotel, transport and communications grew at 9·3% in 2009·10 cernoared with 7·6% In 2.008·09·. FlnsnClng. lnsurance real estate ,and business servloesgrew at 9·7% (it was 10·1% In 2008-00) while community, social and personal ssrvlcesgtew at slower rat.e 01 5·6% compaffld with 13·9% In 2006.()9.

Nine Telecom ServIce Providers Including Sll:1tEHun PSUs Bhairst Sanchsr Nigam ltd. (BSNL) snd Mahanaga.r Telephone Nig·sm 'Ltd. (MTNl) nave collectively paid As. 67.719 crore to the gOl/emmenllor winning Ihe sc $ pacnum's concluded a.ucUon.

Bhartl Alrt.el paid Ihe hlgheslRs. 12,.295-46 crore tOrSG S~ctrum In 13 circles, followed by Vodalone which paid As .. 11 ,.61i7·86cwre lor 9 circles. BSNL aLso paid Rs. 10.186·56 crom circles except in Oelhl and Mumbal .

Th.e SG service will allow mobile subscribers 10 access high speed data serVices on their mobile phones.

All Ihe private teteeorn operators be.rrlng BS.Nl and MTNL, had participated In Ihe 34-day long aullon process· Ihat ended on May 19,2010. No player was able 10 gel hold ·01 pan·.lndla SO Spectr:um.

IBSNL and MTNL were allotted spectrumlast year but they had to match lheWlnnlng bid In the auction.

74glO. FOI. Proposed in Defence Sector

The Ministry 01 Commerce and Indusby proposes to raise Foreign

1<.9Y Economic Indlealors (In. %)

I 2OOIl:.o9 2009-10 2010.11

GOP Growth


2·8 10·4

8-4 1·5

·FIscaJ ~tlciI(% 01 GDP) 6-0 8;..,1 5.5

Elqxlrt Grow1h -4;7 S"4NA

Per CapflaGDP' (AI fa.etor ·COSt.1n Rs.) 145,aog1 I !50,157 NA

Per CapftaNatlonaJ Income (At ftldorCOSl: In As.) 40,141 44.345 NIl<

• projected. Now Estimallld I!.t 6-6%


Success MiITor • July 20:10

l!':odex. 01 Ind'uStrIaIProdudlon IfInll.1io1l (WPI)

Direct Inveslment (FDI) limit in defenoe sector 10 74 pet cent from the present 26 per cent. According 10 the Ministry sources, the urgent upgrade 01 equipment in the armed lorces is essential as bulk 01 them sulfered obsolescence, TI'Ie Oeparlment 01 Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), while proposing the increase in FOllim!t for defence sector, makes it clear that the increase in the foreign direct investment ceiling in defence does not mean any commitment on procuring from companies which has set up faoilities in India.

Exports Register 36·2% Growth ;In April 'to

On May 6. 2010 the Ministry 01 Commerce released the provisional ligures of foreign trade data for the year 2009·10, according to which both merchandise exports and Imports registered a decline as compared to the previous year. Exports and Imports during 2009-10 show 4.7% and 8·2'¥o decline respectively as compared \0 the figures of the year 2.008-09.

The country's total exports reached $176.5 billion in 2009-10, compared 10 $185.3 billion In 2008- 09, down 4.7 per cent. Imports also declined 6.2 pel cent to 5278.7 billion in 2009-10, compared to $303.7 billion in 2008-09. The trade deficit which was $118.4 billion in 2008-09 became $102.1 billion in 2009-10.

Foreign Trade Figures: AI a
On billion dollare)
2Q08..09 2009-10 %
Export 185·3 176·6 -4-7%
Import 303-7 27fJ.7 -1J.2%
Trade 11(1.4 I 102·1 -
DefIcIt 06CD Raises Global Growth Forecast

In its Global Economic Oullook, Organisation 01 Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) PU1S the view that the global economy is recovering faster than expecled from recession wi1h Asia leading the way


Mirror. July 2010

but It Is at the risk from huge debts In developed countries and possible overheating in countries such as China.

In a Iwlce-yea.rly report, th.e Parts-based aECD raised Its foreca.st for global growth to 4·6 per cent in 2010 and 4·5 per cent In. 2011.

In November 2009 it predicted growth of 3·4 per cent this year and 3·7 per cent in 2011, alter a 0·9 per cent contraction In 2009.

India mpJements FTiA with Vietnam and Myanmar

India has Implemented 'Free Trade Agreement (FT A) with two more Asian nations Le. Vietnam and Myanmar by slashing duties on hundreds of products, Inc~uding seafood, chemicals, apparel and tyres. It Is important to recall that an agreement was signed for FTA with 10 Asian nations In Augusl2009. FTA has already been made functional with three Asian members-8lngapote, Thailand and Malaysia. The nofifica-llon putting the FTA with Vlatnam and Myanmar Into effect w.e.f. June 1,2010 makes the number 01 Asian nation having FTA with India goes 1.0 live.

With implementation 01 FTA, Vietnam and Myanmar will also slash import duties on hundreds 01 Indian goods. In line with the agreement, duties on products such as fruits, nuts and seafoods will be reduoed by about 70 per aent.

RA Is also ex,pected to become funclional with the remaining. live members oltha ASEAN (AssocIation of South-East Asian Nations)-Bruni, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos and Philipp·nes.

SHEL ReCOrds Sterling Performance

Bharat Heavy Elec1rica.ls Umlted (BHEL) has registered Its highestever salesllncome from operallons 01 As. 34,198 crore In fiscaJ2oo9-10, registering a growth of 21 % over the previous year. The company has also recorded an ali-time high Net Prolil (PAT) 01 As. 4,311 crore, as against As. 3,138 crore of last year-a quantum jump of 37%. A final equity

dividend 01 123% has been declared In addltlnn to the interim equity dividend 01 110% paid earlier lor IIseal 2009-10, malnlalning the !rack record of paying dividends uninterruptedly since 197B·n. Earnings Per Share (EPS) for the year stand at As. 88.39, an Increase of 37% over that of 2008-09. With a. highest-ever order book position of over Rs. 1,43,000 crore, at the end of the fiscal, the company expects to achieve robuS! growth in 2010·11 and beyond.

Non-Compete Ag'r:eement Between m'lJanl Brothers Stands Caneeled

Mukesh Ambani and Anil Ambani have cancelled aU non-compete agreements signed in 2006. Reliance group was divided inlo two groupsRIL and Reliance ADAG group In 2006. AI the lime of division a settlement was reached between the two brothers In 2006, Mukesh Ambanf gol Reliance Industries which has interests ,In 011 and gas exploration, petro-chemIcals, infrastructure and texllles while Anll Ambanl got the telecom, power and IInanclaJ selVlces businesses. The cancellation of existfng non-compete agreement will now provide enhanced operational and financial flexibility 10 both groups and greater abiHty 10 participate In high growth sectors such as oil and gas, petro-chemical, teleoom, power and finaneial services. Now alter the cancellation 01 non- compete agree· ment, both groups lind no hurdle in expanding their empire In any field and come forward with compelillon activities In the market. Despite of the cancellation of non·compete agreement, as a goodwill gesture, Mukesh's AIL has decided not to enter gasbased power generation arena till 2022.

ORGC Shows 71 % Growth in Profit

011 and Natural gas Corporation (ONGC) posted a 71 per cent growth In net profit in the last quarter of 2009·10 I.B. January-MalCh 2010.

The company has posted a net proll! 01 As. 3.776.41 crore for Ihe


Quarter ended' March 31, 2010 compared to As. 2.206.76 crore for Ihe Quarter ended Ma"rCh 51. 2009. TOlal Income increased fTom As. 15,113.13 crore lor the quarter ended March 31, a009 to Rs .. 16.471.47crore lor thE! quarter ended March 31, 20 W.

The company registered a. net proll! Tiseo! 4 per cent a.l As. 16.767.55 crore for the year ended Mareh 31,2010 compared to As. 16,126.31 ero.ra lor the yaar and· ed March 31, 2009. Tolal Inoom9 01 Iheoompany lell from As. 68,769.2.9 erere for Ihe year ended Ma.rch31, 2009 to R.S. 64,202.44 croretortae year ended March 31, 2010 ..

• RaI(taS8di 0Il'~ 12, 2010

.. ReleUed Of! May 12,2010

Foodgraln Productfon2009-10 Targets Vs, AdVanCflo Estimates

RI~ 100.50 87.56 119.3'

Ylheat 19.00 80.2880.98

.Coa.n;e ooreal8 43.10 34:21 33.13

PulSes IUS 14.74 1;4,.71

Total Foodgralns 239.10 218.85 218.19

was 87·56 million torme in Ihe second advance estlmatas released on FebrvaJY 12" 2010. Wheat producuon has been estimaledal 80.98 million tonne, showing a ,record level and above the targ.ellevel 0179·0 mllilon

'News In Bde!

e 2&% Duty on WhlIQ SugAr !mporta UIce!y

WIth sugar ~prlces rellJmblg to II comlortable leVel,FOod ami AgrIcUlture Mlnlsby Indicated sLapp~up to 25peroenl duty Of! refined sugar Imports lopro!ed.lh.e. domestic .~ustry. OffIdeJsources ravaaJ that thecenatn sections of the IneluSIl)' had; ~sd GO, percent duty onwnHe (relined) sugar, while otherslavour 40 percent

• IndIa, South Afrlca Sign Threa Pacta

IndIa and SoulhAll'lca have siglled Ihreepacts, InclUding 0fI8 oaalr services, as, the "eaders or the two countries dlscussed ways 10 proVIde fresh Impetus 10 bilateral Uea andagraQd to extend suppoAlOQch other for tbo UNSC 'nonpel1l'lal'll.lnt seal forlhe 2011·2012 1lIn'n.

• WorldS ank .t..oanlOl' 41n.ct lIn ProJects

The WOOd 6ari~ h(l.$approve<l a $ 92;2·mllUOil (81OlJIld' Rs. UA1.2erore) loan 10 suppo.rt four PfOIecI$ In the counlly. These· InclUde S450.iGO million, (around ,Rs. 2,070 crore) 10£ the Andhra Pl8.deSh Walet Sedorlmprovemenl Prol.ect. S 300 million lor asuslalnllble mlcrofinance proloot" $ 1'07 mill 100 (oround Rs. 49.2.2 erore) lor strengJhe nlng slaliSliCal~emsol status·,

• 'RBI gives Nod 1.0561, 5111te iBank ollndollt M.rQDr'

Clearing the deCk lor the merger Of State Bank 01' Indla anct lis assoclale., State Bank 01 IndOre, !he Reserve Ban:.k 01 !J1d1a (ASI) hSve.8pp!'Oved ItIo amalQamalion propoaal,a.ocording to 8OIJ'CElS. However, OrnelaleonOrmatlon 1$ yet 1.0 be aMOurlCled tromSBI'.

eSBI may go tor Overseas Bonds

Stalo Bank 01 India. (SBI) Is OOI:ISIdBrlnglo nIlsefunds IhroughO'lerseas bonds 10 tho nox! quartOT Ilmarl<et condlUons tumillvourable and sjlf'oadS narrow 5B.I, wt!.Ic:!I1l'1as80 far raJs&di arO(Jl'ld $2.9 bill ion through modllJlWl&rm nolas, 'WlI! prefer the spreads 10 como down to t 75-185 'basis points over the lI1Id .. sw!!prel.efrom lhecurrenttevel 01 2()O.21 o basis ,poInls.

e F0{8x Relle .... e-e Dip $1.41)1IIIon

A:J lpel official $l:a.tlstIcs rel84ll8d by RBI, In<ia'sloretgn-exchange reserves lell $ 1 A blilioa to $ 271.9 ibnllon ifn the week ended, May ~,2010. Fore!grl<urrenc:y assetsdeereased $ 1 A' :bi1110n loS 241.3 :bI]lioo,.wt1Ue, the value or the nation's gold!

I'8SGMlswere'unchan at $,,-, 1",8",.5:..;bi:;:;I""lion:.:.. ::.... ---'

Foodgraill Produ,ction Estimat.ed at 218,19 MT

The third advance estimates 01 'ooograins for the yea, 2009.10 has been released by the Ministry 01 Agricullure which slands at 218.19 mitlionlonlle. Ministry places rice productlon at ·89·S1 million tonne While it


tonne, Coarse cereals production estimatenes been reduoed to 33·13 million tonne In 3rd advance sstlmatesJrem 34·27 mlilloo{onoe ~Ievelof 2nd estimates forthe year 2009·10. Pulses production estImates have been kepi at 14·77 mililon tonne which ls less Ihan\.he target level 01 16· 15 millionlollne lor the ye~ar2009· 10·.

20100-1 B~m5"wilh 17·6% UPGrowth

Index 01 Industrlal~ Production (liP) shows a rebust growth 01 17·6 per cenl III April, 2010. The April, 2010 Ilgureol liP iis a lour month high and Is close to 1M 2.0-year hIgh of 17·7 percent reoor<!ed In December, 2009. It Is worth noting thai indusl,rlal g.rowth has conslstenllybeen In double digits since October, 2009. IndustrIal growth in Illdiashows Its reViVal afler global reeesslon, Industrial growth as measured by UP, wa.sonty 1.13 per cent in Apnl, 2009 and 13-93 per cent In March. 2010.

A sign ifican I increase in productlon of capital g.oOO'sga\le a strong support to manufacturing: growth WhIch registers. 19·4% gmwtb during April, 2010 against a meagre 0·4 per cent during Aplll, 2009. Mining and electricity also posted strong growth rates 01 11·4 per cent and 17·6 per cent nlspeClivet:y as 8,gainsI1·1 per cenland 3·4 percent during Ihe year· ego period ..

SI\IL Registers 9·4% Growth in Profit

Steel Aulho,ily 01 India. Lid. (SAIL),. has reoor<!ed a prolit 01 As .. 2,084.9 crore during the fourth quarter 01 2009·10 whIch shOws 40 pe(centgrowth over Hs. 1,485.20 crore 01 the cor:respcndln.g periOd In the previous financial yea.r. Total Income 01 the company rose to As. 12.,672.69 crorein the JanuaryMarch pedod 01 {he year 2009·10 marglnany hfgMr Ihan th.e As. 1.2,519,.33 ercra fn the same, qlJarterot the pre\llous. yeaT 2008·09.

For lhe full financial year 2009· 10, the company registered a net proll! olRs. 6,754.31 crate,. up 904 per cent Irom Rs. 6, 110.40crore in 2008-09. In volume terms. sales grew

SUC1:CSS Mirror • July 2010

seven per cant in 2009·10 10 12.11 mUllan lonna .. In theoMira year, SAIL produced 14.5 mHlIon tonne of hot melal, 13.5 million tonne 01 crude and 12.6 million tonne 01 saleable steel.

SAIL, however,. faces a drop of 6 per cenl in its nellumover In 2009·10 a.1 Rs, 40.551 crore on account of lower sales realisation, especiall.y eluro. ing the lirslhall of thelinanclal year, from Rs:. 43,,1 88 crore in200s·OS'.

RlL Re-ent,er's Telecom Market atter s,.years

Mukesh Ambanl·led Reliance Industries Lid. has decided 10 t:my Mahendra NahatB---i'fomoled 1010lSI Broadband Services tor As. 4,,500 croro and gave signal. to .re.anler In teleeorn markel. lntotslls a two-year company in which Rll decides 10 buy 95 percent stak.e.

nls worthnoUng. Ihal Infolel' Broadband Services emerged as the sole pan-.lndie winner In Iheauclion, of broadband wireless access (BWA) spec.lrum. The auction whiCh has now been concluded yielded revenue 01 As. 38.611crare lor the govemment. lnloleeh,. in which AIL hasboughl 95 per ce.nl stake, would pay anamounl ~f As .. t2847·n crore lor acquiring BWAspectrum in 22 circles.

With ils re-entry inleleeom mark.e'l AIL has extended the hope thai lis initia.lives will ushe,rin a wifel(l$Gbroadband revolulion across lhecountry.

FourPSUs 10 get 'Maharatl:iji'Status

Asper the inlollnalion revealed by the government In lhePall!ament the process 01 grantingi 'Maharatna' status 10 lotll slate-run public sector enterprises is in final 81a,ge. Th.ese' lour PSUs .are-ONGC, SAil, NTPC and IOC. The proposals 01 granting 'Maharalna" lag have been teeommended by Inler-Ministrial Committee and I.hese proposals. afa now beIng considered by Ihe Apex Committee. The Apex Committee's recommendallon,s will be placed before the Hea.vy Industries and Public Enterprises Minister for a decision. The Maharalna lag will allow 1heselour PSUs 1.0 takelnvestmen! decisions upto As. 5000 crore withoul the prior approval 01 the governmenl.

Success l\iirror.JuIy 2010

According to the guIdelines" the board of a Maharalna CPS~E will have the power 10 make eqully Investments fore.stabllshlnglinanclal to!nl ventures and Wholly·owned subsidiarIes, besides undertaking mergers and acquisi1ions in IndIa or abroa.d,s'Ubjecl to a oemngol 15 per cent of lis net worth. Theirweslmenl ceiling is limited loRs.5OO0 croreper p.rojeol.

Ban Qf f{aJastban D~ides to Merge wltb ICICI Bank:

Bank: 01 R.aJaslha,n Board has approved lIS merger with country's largesl private sector bank t.e. ICICI Bank.

The move for the, merger comes In the wake of regulatory pressure mounted on the rayals" who aooording 10 Ihe Securities and Exchang.€! Boardollndle (SEBI) hold nearly 55 per cent steM 11'111'19 bank. According to Sleek e)(changedata" al the end of aOM" the promoters held a 28,6 per cent stake in the, 'bank.

The 8.ank 01 Aajasth.anhad a markel capitalisation 01 Rs. 1.,471 crorB anda free float 01 Rs .. 1-10G erore on the day II decided to merge with ICICI Bank. 'it reported a net loss of As. 44·7crore for Ihe quarter ended December 2.009, on revenues of Rs.S44·5S crere, In comparison, ICICI ,Bank has a markel capitansatlon 01 Rs. 99,125 erers on Iha same day.

On May 2S, 2010 Ihe Boards 01 IClel Bank and Bank 01 Aajaslhan ha.ve approved the share exchange lormula. ICICIBank-Bank of .Ra.ja,slhan share swap rauoJs I1)(ed at 1 : 4.7.2 l.e., 'Bank of Rajasthan shareholders will gain one shara of ICICI Bank of every 4·72. shares held by them.

011 India Ltd_lnclu.ded n Navratna. PSU Cub

Union Government hasgranled 'Navra.lmi' status to one more public sector enterprise which look the member 01 Navratna PSUs 10 become 20,. Oil India :LId. (Oil) has become the 20th member 1.0 join tM club 01 Nav:ratna status having public sector enterprises.

Uke other Navratna PSUs, 011 Indl.a lid. will also have the autonomy to ,Invest uptoAs. 1,000 crore without the prior permission 01 the government

Navratna.CompanlesClub (StatuI It on April SO, 2010)

1. BhaJlU Haavy iElectrlcal Ud. (SHEL)

2. BharalPetrolaum Co!pOr8.tkln Ud. rSPel)

3. HtndLdtan PelroleumCorpora!lon LJd .. (HPCt,l

4. Indtan au Ud.IIOL)

5.. MaIlanager TalepooneN!gam Ltd. (MfNLI

It 011 Md· Natural Gas COfponlIJ:on (ONGO)

7, Natlonsl' Thermal Powe'r

Co.rporallon ~NlPC)

8. Steel A1.Ifhorflyol' India Ltd. (SAIl)

9. l3as Aulhorllyollnd1a ltd. (GAIL)

10. 8hatal ,Eleclronlcs Ltd. (SEL)

11. HlnIlustanAercmauHcal Ltd, (HAL)

12. P0W9r FlntmCe COIporation (P.FC) 1'3. Nallonal MlnoralOevelopment

CorporatiOn lNMDC)

14. P·ower GrkI Corporation 01' India Ud.(PG.CIL)

15. RuralElo<:Irllicallo1i Colporollon (REO)

16. NallO.nal AlumlnlumCompatl¥ (I)IALCO)

17. ShIpping Corporation 01 India


18. Coal India I.leI. (CIL)

19. RliShlllyalspal Nlga.mLld. (R1NL)

20. Oillncla Lid. (OIU

74l00(l MW Power Oapac ty EsUmated to be Added in11 tn Plan

Asper o,"olal anneuncement Ihe powergeneraUoncapaclty addition in the 11th Five-Year Plan, endIng 2012, wou!dbe aboul 74.000 MW, close 10 thElorlgln.al' targel 01 78,,517 MW.

On energy efliciancy, off,icia.l sources declare 10 add aOOu112.ooo- 13,000 MW power genera.llon capacity over Ihe IIk.ely addItIon 01 62,000 MW In the currenlFiva·Year whIch would be at. 74,.000 MW" near the original tergel 01 1S,577 MW.

Earlier, in its mid-term review, Ihe Planning Commission i'la.dreduced power genaratlo.n capacity addition target 'by oller 20 per cent tc 62.374 MW lor the correnl Ptan perIod from the Original 78.517 MW.


During 10th plan, the actual achieved Power addition was about 50% 01 the larget

Business Confidence Index Brses 1·5- Points

The Confederation of Indian Industry in its 73rd Business Outlook Survey reflects a boost in India's business confidence for Ihe April· September 2010 perod, competed to the past six months. The Business Confidence Index (BCI) has gone up by 1·5 points lor the period. compared with a 7·4 po nts increase during the second half 012009·10.

The CII survey Is based on a sample 01 458 companies. According to the survey, as the developed part of the world is recovering Irom the crisis, business prospects lor companies in the service sector, especiallY for those Involved in outsourcing. are improving. The BCI ror service sector stood higher at 68·9. compared with overall BCI 01 67·6.

Illdust'rial Park Developer's T:ax Holiday Extended

The Finance Ministry declares to extend the 10'year tax·holiday to developers and operators 01 Industrial parks by two years till March 31, 2011. The govemmenl has taken this step to boost industrial developmen1 in the country. This is a move which became effective according 10 the p.rovlslons contained In the Flna.nce A.ct,2009.

The Centra.1 Board or Direct Tax.es has amended the Industrial Park Scheme, 2008, and Rule 18C of Ihe Income Tax Rules, 1962, 10 provide to axtenslen or Ihe end ng date of operation of the scheme because the Rnance Act, 2009, had extended the ending dale 01 the scheme trorn March 31, 2009, to Maroh 31, 2011.

The Induslrial Park. Scheme, 2008 encourag.es developers 10 creale Inlrastructure facilities for manufacluring units In these z.ones. The scheme extends a 100 per cent income tax rebate lor 10 years to any undertekin.g that develops an industrial park between April 1, 2006.

and March 31, 2011. Earlier, March 31, 2009, was the deadline.

36·2% EN>.'. ort rowtn In April 21)10

Indian export sector showing a good growth gives a good start to the current fiscal year 2010·11. In April 2010, Indian export sector registered a growth of 36·2% to touch S 16·9 billion level. In April 2009, exports had shrunk nearty 30 per cent to $ 12·4 billion in Une with a 9 per cent contraction in global trade as a result 01 a worldwide financial crisis.

Barring roodgra1n and nanetcraIts, all other seotors, such as lexIlles, gems and jewellery and marine products, performed well in April 2010.

Imporls too Increased in April 2010 by 43·3 per oent to $ 27·3 billion from S 19·' billion a year ago. Trade deficit for .April 2010 was $ 10·4 billion. against S 6·7 billion in the period a year ago.

011 Imports Increased to S 8·1 billion in April 2010 against $ 4·7 billion In April last year.

Gem n Jevtellery Sector Registers 16% Expo" Growth in 2009~10

Govt. Announces PRe of Sugbrca'ile for 2(110-11

Though country·s overall exports register a fall of 4·7% in 2009·10, the exports of gems and Jewellery registered 16% increase during the year 2009·10. As per the statistics released by Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC). the exports 01 Gems and Jewellery during 2009-10 stood a128·41 billion dollar while It was $ 24·49 billion in 2008-()9 .. Uke Ihe entire export seelor, Gems and Jewellery seclor also I'aced export decline till October 2009 but since November 2009, this sector started ensuring. posillve growth.

The gems and Jewellery sector continued to maintain India as the tar gel cutting and polishing centre of diamonds in the world both In terms of quantily and value.

Secondary Agrlcul~ ture to be Promoted

'Seoondary Ag.rlculture' concept has been Inlilated by the Pla.nnlng Commission. Secondary agriculture encompasses activities such as extracting medicines from herbs, vitamins from foodgrains, libre boards from rice straw, oil from rice bran etc. The Planning Commission Is working on an ambitious action plan to boost Secondary Agriculture which lnc,ludes value addtUon to form prodUCIS in the coming 12th Five Year Pla.n.

This plan panel is headed by Planning Commisslon:'s member K KasllJrlrangan who extends th.e hope to release draft report on seccndary agriculture in the next four-five months. Plan panel points ou1 the need to tap the potential in the secondary agriculture which has the projected worth of over Rs. 1,00.000 crora. Promoling the secondary agriculture is expected 10 push the country's overall larm growth in coming yeal'S.

Bhartl buys Zaln Afr"ca for $10 billion

Bhar1i Alrtel, India's largesl mobile telecom service provider (umlinlled Off Page 776)

1770 I

Success Mirror. Juty 2010

On April 23, 2010 Govemment has announced Fair and Remu· nerative Price (FRP) 01 Sugarcane tor the Sugarcane year 2010·11 (i.e .. October 2010 to September 2011) on the basis of recommendations made by the Commission lor Agricultural Cost and Prices (CACP). The govem· ment has fixed FRP of sugarcane at Rs. 139·12 per quintal. This price will prevail lor 201(1w11 for the sugarcane having recovery of 9·5 per cent. FRP 01 sugarcane for 2010·11 exceeds Rs. 9·28 per quintal as compared 10 the StalUtory Minimum Price fbeed tor the sugarcane year 2008-09. For every additional recovery 01 0·1 % Rs. 1·46 per quintal will be added in FRP 01 sugarcane.

It Is worthnoUng that till now, the Statut.ory Minimum Price (SMP) was declared lor sugsrc.ane but with the sugarcane year 2010-11, SMP has been replaced by FRP 'or sugarcane.

· .

~~~~) National Affairs

President's Rule In Jharkhand

Jharl(hand on June1, 201 o came un.cler Central rule with President Prslibha 'Devlslngh PaUl a.cce,ptJnga recommenda\lonol the Union Cabinet after Congre,ss and the BJP gaveu,p

JMM; Chief ShlbuSo~en. sU.bmlts his resIgnation aa ,Jhatkhand Chlel Minister to Governor 'M,O.H.Ferooq.on May 30, 2010, The union Cabinet has reeornmendedlha,'. Pr,esldenfa, nIh., be Imposed In tho State.

effolt$ to form en eltematlvegovernmentlollowingthe re$lgnation 01 Chief Minister Shibu Soren. The Assembly will be kept in suspe,ndedanimalion durlngPresldenl's rule" which has bean Imposed for a second time In two years. A meeting or the Cabinet, chaired by Prim,e Minister Dr, Manmohan Singh, recommended to the President Imposition 01 Central rule on the basis of the report 01 Jharkhand G.ovemor M . .o,H.Famoq 10 Ihe Cemre, Mr, Farooq Is understood 10 ha,ve recommended clamp· ing 01 Cenlral rule after he mel leaders 01 major polillcal, parties In 'Ranchl. The Congress and BJP had both Indicated their inability 10 farm an alte:rnal;ive government In the Siale. The Soren government was reduced toa minority on May 24, 2010 when tM BJP, with 18 MLAs and the JD(U) with two, withdraw support from it

Central rule was Imposed atier six m.onlhs of ooalJtion between JMM

Success Mirror - July 2010

and BJP, The ruling; allies tell apart when eM 8hlbu Soran cross voted lor UPAin the opposition-moved cut motion during (hebuoget session 01 Parliament

Congress is likely to seek fresh elecllons in Jharkhand after !he first spell 01 PresIdent's rule,

AUPanchay:ats to be Broad· band Co.nnected in 2 years

Knowledge Commission Chair· man Sam Pitrod'a. on May 26, 2010 send counlry'sall 250000 ,panchayats will have bro<l.dbOlnd connectivity In two years, 'We will have bmadband conneCtivity In all panchayalsln, the next 18·24monlhs: PUrods, whO Is also advisor 10 the Prime Minister on Public Inforrnstlonlnfra.structure and Innovation, said,

PtlTOda said Rs, 9,000 crore fund required lorlhe proposed broadband roll out cculdcoms 11'0m th.B Universal Service Obligation fund, India. has about 10 million broadb8.l'!doonnec. tiOtlS., he had said recen!ly and hoped Ihe number 01 broadband connections wilJreaCh 100 ·mlilion withln (tva years. The broad'band connectivity would enable 10 reap Ihe untapped potential ofth.e youth. Pilfoda said.

Union Minister 01 51.ate lor cernmunlcaticnand Information Technology., Sa.chin Pilot also recenUysaid lhalthe govemment plans to provide all..,magepanehayals wilh bmadi)ancl QOnnectivlty by 2012,

Sulabh Provides Low COst ToUet Tech In SO Countries

SulabhFoundatlon,a leadin.g sanitation :NGO wl'1lch works to promote e.nvironmenlal sanitation, has announced 10 construcllnoovaliv9 'low 0051. toilets In over 50 countnes developing and third world countries 01 the, world.

Bindeshwar Pathak,. head er tne loundation while address.1ngthe World Environment and Water Resources Cong;ress on May 21,. 2010 said. that Sulabh would soon launch its sanitation ".~.!I!I campaign In 50

countries. Mr.. .L'I"""~r"

Pathak appealesto :L-...1Il!"' __ •

civil engineers and Bln.d&SlIwar

technical ex.perts to Pathak

Join hands with his organisalionlo achieve Unlled Nations' Mmennlum 'Development. goal, relating to sanitation and hygiene. ihe American Society 01 Civil Ecngineers had inviled P·alhak 1.0 de.llver keynote· a.ddressa.t Ihe four days congress In which eXIl e rts lro m dIlfe re n I parts 01 th e world have appreciated the eHons of

Sulabh Inlemational. The Congress concluded on May 21, 20,10. Pathak, who won the coveted Stockholm 'WaterPriz:ein Ihe year 2009 for his eltorts ~in the field 01 sannauon to Improve public 'health, said his organisalion would construct public toilets in developing countries 10 popularise India.ntoHelsy.stem In order to ensu~e proper $anilalion In near future.

Sul'abhFoundation has alreadY provided key role In consfruetlonot public toilets In several countries Including Aighanislan, Soulh Africa, Nep.at. Laes, China, :Bhutan,. EthIopia and ether 10 African countries. Along with his team, Pathak has developed an indigenous twin.polnt tollettechne!ogy, WhiCh Is no! onlyCOSl.·elfaclive butcan also be used In producing 'blosas'. Recycling end reuse 01 human excrela for .biogasgen.eratlon

1771 I

ts an important way 10 gal rid of health hazards, Th.e indigenous Sulabh Iwln·polnllollet, costs a mlnlmum 01 USD 15 10 make and can be installed in any Village, house or mud hut. While ooapil is in uss, the other is tall covered.

IndIa. Unveils 1st IndIgenous A ("11' N1') VaccIne

India on June 3, .2.010 unveiled lis lirslindlgenous vaccine against Ihe A (H1Nl') lIu or Swine Flu! which claImed over 18,.000 lives globally and mote than 1,,000 In Ihocounlry.

The country was ,eanier Importing I.he vaccine from French Company., SanofiPasteurs. lor only heaUh workers and other high-risk people. The vaeeme, produced by Zydus Cedilla, was launched on JuneS. 2010 by Union Health Minister Ghulam Nab! Amd,. who look onaol Ihe first sh,ols. The mandate fer devel'oplng the vaccine had been 'given 10 four companles-8erum InsUtute (Pune), Cedilla Hea.llhcare (Ahm&dabad),Bha.ral 8.lolec (Deihl) and Panaoea Biotech (Hyderabad).

Manufactured by Zydus Cadflla Heallhcare, Vax I Uu·Sis available in markets from June 4, 2010. The monovalent single-dosa vaccine, 8vaflab!efor Rs .. S50 on prescription, will be effective for one year. Vaccine produced by Zydus Cad ilia Health· care Is injectable. while IIle one ptOO'uced by Serum Institute would be a. nasal drop.

"'The nasal vacelne would be a de·actlvaled vaoclne whUe Injectable ona 1$ a.ctivated ona," Drug ConlroUer Gene.r:al ollndJa., Suriruler Singh said. Requesting peopla 10 use Ihe vaccine. which is available In Iha market at As. 350 per dose from ·June 4, 2010, Ghulam Nab.iA%ad said he would write 10 the Chief Ministers and Health Ministers of all stales 10 use Ihe vaccine on Iheir health womel5 as

much as they can. The Heallh Minister said t!lough the H1Nl virus had shown a. decline In Ihe country, there might be a spurlin cases in the menseen and winter seasons.

"This technological breakthrough has lor lhe IIrsl lime created a pl.atloml InCOUn11Y which can be used lor production 01 any pandemic influenza vaccine" besides seasonal .i'nfluenza. vaccines, said Azad who, along' with Cadilla. Heahheara CMD PankaJ Palel,.look a shot 01 Vaxiflu-S at Ihe la.uncn.Pointing 01.11 thai vaxnu·S would offerprOlectlon only against A (H1N1 ) Influenza, Mr .. Palel saldl9search was 0.0, to develop by

next year 8_ trivalent ve.ccine that would ~rovide ~rotectiQn froro aJt three types (including H1N1) of inlluonz:a slrajl'ls kn.ownin India.

law Graduates will have to Pass Test before becoming Lawyers

Lawgraduales will have to pass an All ,India TeSl belorelhey can become pra.cllslng' lawyers.

On December 5, 2010, the iSar Council of India (BCI) will conduc1lhe Ilrsl na.tionwide leSI with 100 multiple choice questions lor la.w graduates who want to enroll as .Iawyers. "The All India IBar Council E.xamination will ssrveasa benchmark teslloensura a basic level 01 sklll and knowledg8 among Ihose joinin.g the legal profession, "So1.lci!orGeneral and BCI chairman Gopal Subramanium said. The lest wiI!J be held every slx months and any 'person failing In It can reappear, Accordil'lg.IO Subramanlum, I.here Is no bar on laking! Ihe test. The test will have no grading system,s candidate will either pass or lall In the lest.

A legal consultancy "rm, Ra.ln· mak.er, Will assist the Bat Council 01 India-which regulates legal educa·


!lon in the counlry-4n conductIng and managing th.e test, The lest will 8P'ply to law gradualesol the sssston 2009· 10 and will be held In nine languages for which applications will be avauable Irom July 15 to Seplembet 30. The candida.tes will ha.ve to shell oul Rs. 1 300, .Ior the test,

India has ,., mlmon enrolled advocates and 1,000 law schools Which ehurn 01.1160,,000 la.wgra.duates ann.uaJly .. An expert committee, includIng former Indian Space Research Organlsallon (ISRO) Chlel M.GOK. Menon and raUred Supreme Court Judges, will sst (he paper. CandJdates will be Ireet.o lake their notes and !exi eoeks lor th.e examlnatJon.

AS.k'ed whether the 'Bar OOllne!! of India has taken approval from the Human Resources Development (HAD) Ministry toconducl Ihe test, Mr. Subremaniumsald as a statutory body, the Council was not dependent on .appro·val by the mi.niS11Y. Speaking on the occasion, La,w Minister M. Veerappa Moily relerred 10 the cOl'llI.enllous Issue a! entry of lorelgn law ffrms·in Ihecounlry. He said "'Wh.lielndlan lawyers claim they are afreld 01 rorelgnlawyers., legal refonns could ensure that the world is alrald ollnd an lawyers.~

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Verdl'ct cemeseut

Twenty six. years after the world's worst Industrial disaster thai had !eft over 15,000 people dead, the court on June 7,2010 conVi.cted silihe eighl accused Including' former Union carbide Chairman Keshab Mahlndra (c:urrentchairman 01 vehicle mSlker Mahlndra and Mahtndra) In the Bhopal Gas tragedy case.

Ohlef JUdicIal MagIstrate, (CJM) Mohan P. TIwari pronounced the verdiel in. a :packe<l court room convicting 85-year·o'ld Mahindra, in a case relating to leakage ot deadly m.ethyl; Isocyanate (M1C-C2HSNO) gas In

thenlghllnter:vening December.2 and 31954. They wer'e held guilty under Section 304·A (causing death by negligence), 304-11 (C\llpablehOm.lcide notamounllng 1.0 murder) and 336, 557 and 338 (grQ$$ negligence) of the Indian 'Penal Code (IPC).

Suet s Mirror _ JuIy 2010

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A Recap

The DilUter

Hlghl 01 Decamlwlr 24, 1984

MtlhyllJocyanalo (M Ie) pi lug 110m IJnIan c.bIcIo IndI.

ttdiIUCIL) plan!8RllJIldmidnishl .. BIIoi*~ ~ii~~""

0IIIc:iIII iIgIns ptIIlhI ddfI'IlDI BlabcOl3,.1IOO with IIlOUIIIIIdI r

glllIirIt ~ AI PI!" aitIIf esilmI!ft, ilia 0'IIfII ICIIltcmuc/l~

o ~I ~ICo!pc<lIt!on {BMCIwnsIn 1884:M II Gu..n'.aed 'nIIIs:38

II e.timmdpopWtion of BMC _In 1884:8,94.539

II Etllfl'llledpoplAlIion 01 me 36pwlftaedW1m:5.5~,835

Delayed, Meagre Compen .. tlon

o I ~Cl8mlndfrom UIIIonCarbldt~ CUCC}. USA • the ... ....t o;omparry of UCIL:US $ U billion I

II ~ pIId byUOC In Feb. lm:US$ ~10 million ~ .... _

(/l1li 1.~"011111 orIgitlal deIIIIIndJ

II $COtdiIq"_olf\ll..,._t_(Ra.l.500GRn'with 1nt.c_!ii;hiil,.1f II TaI.II GOITII*IDtIon_1D.29.517

o CaJa _rdecl: 5.1",35Il

ct CaJaI'ljld"' •. 55.15,1

QI TcIa1 ~tiondistuud:lb. ·1.548.93 CCOOI

Cue Hlghllghts __ a..

Hundreds of protestors. many waving placards saying 'Hang the guilty' and "They are traitors of the nation-, tried to force their way Into the court comple.lC as a judgement, for which activists have campaigned for a quarter century. was delivered. The seven lormer employees were also lined As. 100,000 while the former Indian arm of Union Carbide was convicted of the same offence 01 negligence and limed As. 500,000. Those convicted can appeal to a higher court. All Ihe sentenced were granted immediate bail forRs. 25,000.

The verdict applied only to Indian olflclalsolthe former Union Carbide's Indian arm. Separate cases have been filed agalnsllhe company and Us cvarseas officials.

Union Carbide set1led lts liabilities to the Government 01 India In 1989 by paying $410 million before being bought by US company Dow Chemical. Union Carbide issued a

ueee Mirror _ July 2010

statement aller Ihe verdicllo emphasize it had sold lts entIre stake in the company's Indian unit, Union Carbide India Ud. (UCIL) in 1994. The company was renamed Eveready Induslri.es.

~Atlthe appropriate people from UCIL have appeared to face charges. Union Carbide and its officials were nol part of this case since the charges were divided I.oog ago lnto a separale case", "Furthermore, UnIon Carbide and Its officials are not subject to the jurisdiction 01 the Indian court as they did not have any involvement in the operation 01 the plant, which was owned and operated by UCIL".

The lon9,de.layed verdict In the Bhopal Gas lragOOy case will have an impact on the pending Civil Llabll1ty lor Nuclear Damages Bill, Union Law Minister M. Veerappa Moily said. Molly also fel1 that laws relating 10 industrial disasters needed to be

strengthened. In this connection he referred to the fact that while the Central Buraau of Investigation (CBI) had filed the case under Section 304 of Ihe Indian Penal Code (IPC), lhe Supreme Cout1 had ·understood i1 as Section 304 A". This. according 10 Molly, had the Impact 01 virtually -extlngui,ahlng the criminal charge.· but stressed this was because of the limitations 01 '.he current law. He, Ihe-relora, said there was need to 'revlsil the law' on disasters caused by human error".

The judgement on the Bhopal Gas tragedy comes 8t a Ume when Ihe worl.d walcMs how the US deals with an 011. spill by 8P PIC.

Port Blair Declared as Malor Port

Under the Indian Port Act. 1908, Ihe Govl. of India has declared the Port Blair Port with ils territorial jurisdic!ion over all ports of Andaman & Nioobar Islands-as a major port w.eJ. June 1, 2010.

All majorprov1sions 01 the Major Port Trust Act, 1963. has become appl cable to the major port of port Blair from June 1, 2010. With this the Port Blair Port becomes Ihe 13th major port 01 the country. The other maJor ports are Kolka!a (Including Dock Complex at Haldls), Ennore Paradlp, Vlsakhapatnam, Chennal, Tuticorln, Cochln, New Mangalore. Mormaga, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mumbai and Kand.la.

The Port Blair Port. will have terri· torial jurisdlc1ion over East Island Port. Dlgllpur Port (Port Cornwa!ls), Mayabunder Port. Ellohlnston Harbour Rangat Port. Havelock Port, Nell Island Port and South Bay Port A commiHee headed by Joint Secretary (Ports), Ministry of Shipping anel Chairman, Tulicorln Port Trust and four others as members, have been constituted to Identify thee requirement 01 slaff lor Port Blafr Porl Trust and Irartsfar of enUre establishment 01 Port Management Board 10 the Trusl In consultation with the Andsman & Nlcobar Administration and Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour wotks to the trust.


The Chief SecrelalY. A&N Adml.· nlstra~io.n will, InaddllIol'I to his own duties endresponsiblliljes .. hold add 1,tlonal charge as Chairman, P·ortBleir Port Trust till the regular Incumbent lakes charge or unUlluriher orders. It has also been decided to bifurcate Andaman LakShadWeep Hart>our Works into Andaman Works stands merged with Port Blair Port Trust and theL.aKshadweep Harbour WorkS will now function under the dlrool control 01 1M MinlsUy 01 ShippIng, headed 'by IheDeputyChiel Engineer and wilh the status 01 slibordinate office to the Minls!,lY.

PM Announces Sops Worth over Rs. 1,,000 crore to ·J&K

Prime MlnlstarDr. Manm.ohan Singh announced a slew of sops amounting to over Rs. 1,000 Cfore lor J&K. assuring the Stale Ihal the Cenlre would do all It can to sueport H. "Things have Improved cctlsiderabty., fund ulitlsa(lotl is berter, butmuch more remains 10 be dOM," said Singh wInding up his two-day v!sillotha Sta.le during which he held discussions wilh ChIef Minister Omar Abdullah and Inleracted With leaders 01 various political paJlJes.

PM ordered

restoration 01 cuts amounting to about Rs. 400 erere to IheS1ate plan ouUay for 2.009.:10 .. He also announced thai Ihe centre has decided 10 dispense' with the cut-back of As .. 691 crore in the current year's outlay in the reconslruclJon p'lan. Dr. Singh e~pressed his disappointment thai aseetion 01 tha stale govemment employees 'often respond to bandh calls by separatist. gJOUpS and lail 10 discharge their duty in theservlee of people. The Prima, Minister, who had a. oae- on· one meeting wlthth.9 Chief Minister before leaving lor Dell'll, look note 01 complaints relalln.g 10 human rights 01 1M people even When deal· Ing with terrorism. "The secur1ty forces in J&K hav,e been strictly ins[ruCledto respect the r:lghts of civilians" he said.

PM to Head Group on Caste Enumeration

'Union Finanoe Mlnls1er Pranab Mukherjee wIll head Ihe promised G.fOUp of Ministers (GoM) Iha.l will examln.e the modalTUesof enumsra(lonol caste and In Census 2011.

The GoM was constituted on June 4,.2010, nine days afler\he Union Cablnellook a decision to do sc, It.s ten olher mem!).ers are Ihe (epreSfm'alives 01 alt Ihe congrl;lSS ipartners In Ihe United Progressive AllianCe (UPA). The,govemment (Irdermerely say.s thaJ Ihe GoM will look Into the quesUon 01 "enumeration 01 caste, olher thsn Scheduled Casl.es (SCs) and S<:heduled Tribes (BTa). in Census 2011· and adds lhat report must be submitted to Ihe Prime Minister axpediUously.

The seltingup 01 the GoM tetlows the aceepl·anoe. 01 Mr. MukherJee's suggesUon atlhe Cabinet maetrngon May .26, .. 2010. He, had suggested'at the meeting thatthe COmplexity 01 the iSSI,IEI demanded a matt! detailed' discussion, possible only In a meeting 01 the GoM. Altha! CabInet meeting lhesecond 10 discuss the issue afler Ihe meet on May 4, 201O--lhe sense thatemerged was that the mood across the political spectrum was in favour ota caste-based Census andte reslst il would place Ihe UPAontl'le wrong side 01 history ,

Committee for Rajiv Awas YOjanaConstl.tuted

The Planning Commission has OOJlstituled a cornmitteelo' work out a methodology lor Identifying Iheuman poor for Impiam.enlalion of lhe 'Rajlv Awes Yolana' lnhlated by Ihe Union Ministry 01 Housing, and Urban Poverty .Alleviation.

Prolessor S. A. HashIm, former member of Ihe Planning CommIssion, will be lll.e hea.d of the Committee .. The oommlttee Will wcrkout a metnodology by Which the urban poo.ran.d the stum-dwalfers would be idsnlilled for extending: the 'benefits ollh.eAajiv Awas Yojal'l8 to lhe.m. This assertion was made by Union, Housing and


Urbs.n Pove.rty .Alleviation Minister Kumarl Selja.

Th8commil1ee has been consti1.uled even as the centre is unable 10 decide between Ihe poverty esUmaUon melhods su.ggested by the Tendutkar commilles,conSliluled by the planning com rnlssto n and N. C. Saxena Commltteeconslituled bylhe Rural Development Ministry.

The 'RaJiv Awes Yojana scheme (RAY scheme). expected to befina· lise by the end of July 201:0, aims at providin.g assislance 1.0 slates Willing 10 assign pfopertyrights 10 slumdwellers .. II Is eventually expecteo: to creale aslum-Iree India. Supporting Ihe Unique IdenHfica.t!on scheme Ihal. will give a: unique identity number to Ihecitiz.ens 01 India, this would also help the MinistlYin ide.ntilying the genuine :beneficiaries.

According to Kumar! Selja,"Ihe RAY scheme is In Its final stage and we will now hold consultalions althe level 01 Chiel Ministers to take inlo account their conoems". Stele govern· ment will be inoe.nUvised lorinitl.atlng slum-trsa cities. The scheme gives enough flexibility 10 suit IndIVidual stales.

A budgel aiRs. 1 ,.270Ctote has been allotted for the scheme lor 201'0-11"

India iRanks 129th on Peace Index

Th.e 2.010 ranking of 149 nalions plaoos Indiesl 127 New Zealand lops the index as the mostpeac~lul coun!1Y and war· ravaged Iraq has earned the dislinction8.s the lsast peaceful nation and!s k.epl company at thebottom of the list by Somalia, .Afghan lstan , Sudan. and Pakistan.

India haslumbled seven places In (he Global Pe·aoe·lndex-a :ranking of the moslpeaceful nations 01 the wor1d-thankslargely to thelnorease In the numoero! deatlls Iromorg'anizedconlliCI$ ..

Th.e lourthannual Global Peace Index (OPt) has been compiled by Insllluiefor Economics and Peace (IEP)., a globallhinktank that looks at the relationship between economic development, buslnessend peace_ Though India. received goodsoores

Success Mirror • .July 2010

for political stability, low military eXp9nditure per capita and low number of displaced people, It looks a hit when It came to "deaths from organised confliel and a worsening of relations with neighbouring countries". Countries were ranked on levels of organised conlllct, relations neighbouring countries, military expenditure. violent demonstrations, number of homicides, potential for terrorist strikes and political stability.

those with emotional problems caused by defeelive gene In the XChromosome. Research, into the emotional problems caused by lnhe(lUng fragile X-Chromosome, oIlers new hope to those with autism, 'learning Disability attention deficit and after conditions caused by !he Inheritance 01 Fragile X-Chromosome.

Dr. Sumatra Chatterjee, who heads the team of neura-scientists at Ihe National Centre for Biological Sciences (NeBS) in Bangalore, said Ihe researchers mapped the cellular basis of emotional problems associated with Fra.glle X, which is a genel c mutation In !he X-Chromosome. Aceo~dlngto Chatterjee, scienllsls have ldentilled novel synapUc defects In

Blood Test can Reveal Fragile X-Syndrome

A research by aleam 01 Bange- 10r~based scientists gives hope to


........ GtnetIc lriMt1tMce ......, pI 1.1 ...... (tIOIIIPM'*wI!Ii f1OI!NII oentIl

Tnt IAONA .... for

F.X_~ ~ 19$2. Tl'GbIOoi.I ..... " .... 8tId_ d.-IlIcIIh-'n nI~1Il.-d h!MIIlIIIL kI IImMIWI1III hoIIIIy, llhol*l III UMd .. I·-*'\J 1M! for pI'IgNlW


the amygdala-the emotional hub of the brain. Synaptic conneclions are found between !WO nerve cells. Using electrophyslologleal recordings from cells In the amygdala, Apama Suvrathan (a student 01 Dr. Chanarjee) Identified synaptic defects on both sides 01 the synapses. Not only is there a shortage of glut.amate being released. the receptors available to glutamate are also below normal level. In other words, the amygdala neurons failed to communicate and code !nformalion. This could explain why most children wi1h Fragile X and autism are known to have severe phobias and btlhavioural problems.

Shallnl Kedla, who heads Ihe Fragile X Society of fndla, said, "The brain has many en.zymes that acl as lraInc policemen, directing InlormaHon In the right direction. But !his does not happen In children with Fragile X-syndrome as the genetic defect prevents Ihe production of a prolein that helps create synapses·.

Sri Lankan President's Visit to India

At the invitation 01 the President of India, Smt. Pralibha Devisingh Patit, the Presidenl01 Ihe Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Mr. Mahlnda Rajapaksa, paid a Slate Visit to India Irom 81h June-11th June, 2010.

The President, Smt. Prlltlbh1l Delli. singh Palll and the Prime Minister, Or. Manrnohan Singh with the PresIdent 01 Sri Lanka, Mr. Mahlndll Ra]apaksll and his wlffil Mrs. ShlranlhtRalapakSir. III the ceremonial reception, lit Rallhlrllpatl BhllYlln, 'In New 'Deihl on June 9. 2010.

Rajapakse was aocorded a ceremonIal welcome at Rashtrapall Bhavan on June 9, 2010. During the visit, he was received by the President

ucc MJrror - JuJy 2~10


of India, who hosted a. banquet. in his honoer,

Ra]apa.ksa.he.d a meeting wllh the Prime Minister of India, Dr, Manmohan Singh, on June 9, 2.010, whloh was followed by delegation :Ievel talks.

The produclive visil by Sril lankan 'Presidenl has reaffirmed Ihe CQunlr:y's close lies with Iindia and provided both sides theopporlun!ty to Signal areadlnsss \0 lake lhs' bilateral relationship to a new level. This was reflected In the 'Joint Statements by Prime MInister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Sri Lankan 'Presidenl RaJa,paksa.,

It was thellrs! Urns in a quartEH century tha.1 New Deihl played host to Sri Lankan head 01 state Who arrtved without Ih.e burden of a. raSIng ethnIc ,conmc!back home.

The fmportan! points of joint statements are as lollows:

• The President of Sri Lanka and Ihe Prime Minister 01 India a,greed lha,1 Ihe shared cultural and cMti2Btlonal: heritage of India and Sri Lanka provldaclthelounda. lion 10 build a vibranl. and ·mulllfaceted partnership.

• In consonance wilh their vision 01 !he lulure of thelndla·Sri lankan relations, the two leaders agJeec1; 10 further hemess theanormous palanUal available for strenglhenlng the partnership by building

a shared values and principles of democracy and pluralism,

• The Prim.e Minls1£lr 01 India ex- 5. pressed India's cons1rucllve support for etfor1.s Ihal build pe.ace and reconciliation among

all communities In $riLanka.

• The President of Sri Lanka expressed appreciati.on for India's substantial and' generous· asslstance inc.ludlng through a grant of Indian Rs. 500 crore for humanitarian relief, (ehabilitation and raselUement of Internally Displaced p·ersons (lOPs).

.Soth :Ieaclers welcomed Ihe involvemenlol Se.If·Employed Women's .Assoclatlon .(SEWA) In a.ddressing the Issue 01 retiabIlUa.ll.on of war windows a.nd witnessedlha signing of the MOU on sltUng up of Women's Trade Facllllation Cenlre and CommunityL..eamlng Centre at '6atUcaloa,

• 80th leaders expressed sallslaction at the progress of work on the Colo.mbo·MataraRaliway Line bein.g constructed with Indian assistance.

• The Iwolead'ers welcomed the re.centinauguratio.n in Kandy of Sri lanka-India Centre lor English Language Treinlng(SUCELn A distance laar,nlng nelWork.llnkln.g

Ihe .English anCI Foreign Langu·

age University" Hyd.erabadand S:lICEl T will be esteblIshed \0 enable training of master trainers • and tea..chersin Sri Lanka anel upgraellnglheir skil!s.

• R.ecallinQ the deliberations at the 16th SAARC Summit In Thlmpll.

lhe two leadefS agreed 10 work. • towar~lhe f1.J1I realizalionof lhe vision of IheThlmpu Sliver Jubilee Declaration.

Sri Lankan President Mahlnd'a Rajapakse. returned home on. June 11,201 Oon conclusion of his producUve viesll to India.

The Sri Lankan Socla.l Welfare Minister, Dougla~s Devanarcla whO was part or the presidenllal delegation and gol Intollmeltgh\ all.elt a 'petition was filed seeking his arrest on the gr;ound' that he was a proelalmedottender In IndIa, alsoreturned.

(Confililled from Page 764) Highlight his contribullo!llog.em::ler issues:

• Through his wr'itlngsand letters

• Through special programmes for women education and health

,6. VlvekBnanda's Interest in, science • AeM8Jch and re-klndle Intarest

in scientific enquiry.

sana tlieir

• Heanof Ihe Maller

-Emily Giffin

Fever Drearn

• The Uon -'Nelson DeMille

• History 01 Ihe F,tFA World Cup

-Jon Stroud

• Law of Attractlon


• Trust Me _;Peter Leonard

• Dead In th.B .Famity

-Charlalne !Harrls

-DOU9,1&8 Pr·es!onand Uncoln


• SpiritBound -RIche lie Meadi

• Bullet -Laurel K. Hamilton

• The Passage, -JuaUnCromln

• ThaRed Sari -Javier Moro


1 July

-Oocto.r'a Day

• 3 July (First Saturday In Juty) -jnlematlO.nal! Cay 0' Cooperatives 11 July

-Wo.rld 'Populall'onDa.y 18 July .

-Nelson Mandala International Day ~-_£-?-,?,

(Colltitltwdjl'om Pagt! 770)

acquires t.he Alrican asaets of Kuwalt's biggest. mobile phone T81ecommunlcaUon Co.mpan.y, atso known. a Za.ln Africaal an enterprise value 01 S10·7 'billion (Rs. 50,660 crura). this deal makes aharli Alrtel lMllllh largest mobile oompany In the wodd.

lain Alries will now be a '00 per cenI subsidiary of 8hartliniemaUonai and Bhartl wlll have the lull mana.ge. mel'll conlfolln Ze.ln. Sources 01 Bhartl Alrtel expresses the hope (0 have 8 bel1er chance lorenlering the African market through .Zain.

IFe to Invest $ 50 mitlien in EXIM Bank

:lnleMationalFinance Corporati· on (IFq,. a Wor1d B.ank group arm, has come forward: to Invesl around $ 150 mi11ion (around Rs. 660crore) In Export-.lmport 8ank 01 india (EXIM). The proposed Investment Includes Iii 75 millIon (Rs. 331·5 crora) on IFC's own account. The remaining s 75 million will be mobl1lsed lrom another private sector commercfrubank. The investmenl Involves a long·len:nloan to EXIMBank. The proceeds 01 the IFC loan component will be used to nnanoe exports. 10 Afrles from private Seelor exports clients of EXIMBank.


Sueeess Mirror. July 2010

India and China on May 2.7, 2010 signed three bilateral eo-operatlon pacts, Including two Memoranda' 01 Understanding (MOUs) on thesldelines of President F'ratlbha Devisingh PaUl's .slx·da.y vlslt to China from .May 26 to May at, 2010.

Thefreslctonl, Smt PraUbha 00.,,151n9h Patllm.eeUnglhl;l Prime Mlnleter 01 Chln8, Mr. Wan JI'abao, alZho<ng Nanhal, Beijing on MaV 27., 2010.

The agreements weresl,gned after talks belweenPa.til andl her Chinese Ooutuerpart 'Hu Jinlao inlhe Great Hal:1 of People in BeijIng- The tll'9t, agreement Ihal was signed was lor oooperalion on visa. appHcaUon formalities loral11ln.e siaff of 1M two countries .. The second, a Me.moran· durn olUnde.rslandlng (MoU), wa.s signed between Chinese Ministry 01 Human Resources and Social Security and the Indian Ministry 01 Person· nel. Public 'Grievances and Pensions, for cc-operatlon In thefie!d 01 CMI Servlces. The third. and final MoU was s.ignedfor co·operaUon in space teChnology.

Earl!er.Prl3"sident P·at!lmel with her ChlnesaCounterpart President. Hu Jintao In the Great Hall of IhePeop!e. In his opening remarks, Jinla.o said: ',1 extend a warm. welcome on behalf of IIle Ch[neseGovemmenl and peopie on your v!sil. 10 China on the occasion 01 Ihe 601h anniversary 01 the

~'U«~ MLr:ror. July 2010

e$tabllshmentol diplomatic relati.ons between the two countries." ·1 am confident. thaI this visit of YOIJI'S, will go a long way In slriengtheninglhe strategic and bllaters]; relations and ,partl'lership between Il'IelwO eeunlries.

President ,Palll said: "I am very much pleased 10 vIsit China and I I.hsnk you for tile hospitality exlended 10 me. and my delegation. Excellent ar.rangemenls have been made lor the visit and llhank you lor that."

The two leaders, who were accompanied by Ihe.ir fespective delegations, Ihen extended views on issues 01 global, regional and bilateral Importance 10 the two ccuntrtas. Issues bade vllflng Ihe relationship In recent tlmes were discussed. tssues like the Issuanoe of Sl8.pled 'oIisas to Kashrnins by ChIna. and Beijing's sup~rtlor :In(l1a's bid lor a permanent seat in tha United Nalion Security Council (UNSCjflgured in lha di$OU.$slons.

Russia~Co~nducts 1 st .. Ro~tyAiSisted Surgery;

:Russia hasccnducted Its first ever surgery with Ihe help 01 a robot whichdocl.ors said hasexpandeel surgical cap.abilities to 'spa.ce technology' levels. The robot'sihin maniputater arms. which can rotate al360 degree angles, aSSisted in a high-precisionnver surgery. Insleadol Incisions, therobolmakes liny punctures onttreebdernlnal well. which would ensure :18.Sle( :post-surgety recovery. assoelatsd-ccctera said.

'111.9 patient, who underwent liver surgery,. started walking. Ihe very next day atter surgery and! stopped laJdng medications on the third day,' Aadrcl Fedolav. head 01 the V1shnevsky Surgery instilule's science and tech· nology deptlrtment. said. He said the robotic surgeon had expanded sur· glcal capabilities vlrtuaBy lo'spaoo l.ecl1noI09Y' levels. Th.e robot Is a mini-revolution, as nesn perform many oompl catedopera.tlons,lnclud. In.g s'lomach and pancreas. surgery.

China has developed a superoo.mpuler mat runs at more tnan one quadrnOon (one thOusand million) calculations per second, mak.ing It the fastest one the country and second laslestln lila workl.

The SupercOmpl,ner named

'XI'ng,yun' has been developed in TiaJ1pn and works aldouble the speed 01 'Tlanhe·1', tile prevIous lastest machine In China .. The Tianhe·1 was developed by the NatiOnal University of Defence Technology In October 2009. lis peak performance reaenes Inearly 1.hree quadrillion calculati.ons per second. three limes the peak speed o.f 'Tianile·1:'. Ecxperts say one second: of its work may 18k.e a. whole day lor a dval-oore personal: computer.

'Xlngyun' is Ihe server 01 'Dawning 6000: foinUy developed by the oompany, Chinese .Academy Of Sci'9nces Calcula.lion Insti1ution .. and the Sou1h Chrna Superoomputing Centre, lor cloud computing and ONA 5e(luenclng purposes_ By the end 01 2010. 'DaWning 6000' will be deliv· ered 10 lhe Na.Uonal Supercomputing Centre in .$henzhenln Guandong province for use In Informationser· vices in Southem China, lincludlng:

Hong. Kong and Ma.C8.o.Beljlng.·based Dawnlnglnlormallon Industry 00. Ltd


was founded ,101995 and, is Itle country's leading company In Ihe liefd, olhigh-performallCe co.mputers,

~~;2~igln Kamla becomesTnnidati and

.. ,_ .

Tobago's F;irs· Woman

PrIme Minister

Indian-origin Kamla Persad-

Bissessar has been elected Ihe IIrst woman Prime MinIslerafTrinidad and Tobago atter Ihe poliUcal coaUUon 'led by her won a thumping majority and ended Ihe ruling party's 43 years In power,

lrclnldadend TQbego',F'eople's 'Part· nerllhlp leader Ka.ml!l ,peraed·BIUI)$$I.r enervotlng In (he general eletllon, In p·ort 01 Spain, on Mal' 24,2010. P·eraadelaaO'l;ser hasbeon elected, tho Ilrsl women Prlm.e Mlnh.fur 0;11' the country !liter her co.lIIItm won a majority.

Ms, 'Persad·Blssessar's People's PartnerShip won 29 outot 41 pa,rliamenlary seals in the general elecUan held on May .24,. 2010. Ms. Persad· BisseSS8r. a grandmolher 01 two and a devout Hindu, safel:. ~I am greaUul lor the .Immense suppon Irom women and women's groups across the country and to Ihe eldenllhat this helps to break the batrlers so many competent women lace',·

OUlg.olng Prime MinlSI.erPattick Manning conceded delealalter being, In power since 2002.

Ms, Persad'·Bissess8r was a lopperlnlaw school and she did her masters In business a.dmlnlstJalion and dl~!oma ineducaILon from the Universrtyol West Indies. She was Ihe lirsl woman attorney general and; also served as Minister 01 L.egaJ Affairs as well as Minister of Educa· lion, Herlorela.ther was amongs1the


148,.000 Indian labotJrers who were brought 10 TrinIdad and Tobago between 1645 and 1917 10 work on the sugar and cocoa planlaUons. The Indian diaspora comprises. 44 per cent 01 the papulationo!1·3 miUlon peO,ple.

Ms., Persad·Blssessar has become lhellrst woman to lead any political party in oit·rich Trinidad and ioba.go. For the firsltime since lndependencein AugusI1962,a coalition 0110u1 other parties joined I.oconfronl the lunng People's NsUonslMovement whiCh tlas been In ~P<lwer for 43 years,

Nigeria's Palliamenl has approved Ihe appointment 01 Namadl , Sambo,. a northern M~$rim, as VicePresident 01 Alrica's oil-rich natlon, an apparent move to maintaIn ths balanoe 01 power in the '--'------"'---' counll)' where popv· Namedl' Samba laUon Is shared

the Christians and

evenly among MusHms.

Prie,sldenl of Nigeria Mr. G.oodluck Jonathan proposed Sambo's name 10rconskler:a.Uon bylhe two cha:mbers of Senate, and HOllse 01 Represenla· lives. Thec'hambers of Ih.e Africa's oU-rich natloo's Parliament .agreeCl thai Samba, who was govemar of Ihe northern slale 01 ,Kaduna, be made the country's number two citizen.

The ruling People Democratic Perty(PDP) adopl.ed a method whereby powerrolal.es between the prsdominantly Muslim northanc:llargaly Ch~lsllan south, Th.e death of Presldent Urnam Muse Yer'AdlJa in early May 2010 aJ1d t.he ascension of Jonathan as the President threwlhe arrangement Into soma tempora.ry confusion as politioians and watchers sKpecleg a dlsa.gre.emenlbetween the norl.han.d the south.

The slgnIHca_nce 01 lhls oholce Is that the new Vice·Presldenlmay become' Ihe next Presldem during 2011 elecllons II the power sharing is followed but in a sltualion where Jona.than decides to contest, Samba can remain the deputy.

Nigeria is the largest democracy In the African conUnent. though it sulferied years of military take over. Since general elections in 1999 • democracy has been sustained despite threats thathilherto eQuid ha.ve forced lhemlillaF}' to derail the government

The U,nited Nations Security Council (UNSC) has imposed a fourth

Success lirror. Jub 2010

The iran'Pakistan (IP) gas pipe'line sov1;re!gn guarantee a.greement was signed on May 28. 2010. The agreemenl was signed by National Iranian 011 C(lmpany Managing DiractOf S. R Kasaezadeh and Minister of Petroteum and Natural Resources Jolnl Secretary Irshad Kuleemi.

Petroleum and Natural

Resources Minister Navaed Oamar said tha.t th.egroundWor!< oltha, IranPakistan Gas PipelineProjec! would start soon, as the proper wolkhad been completed, He said lhal. the Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement (GSPA) between PakIstan and Iran was lor the Import 01 750 million cubic leel only 01 natural gas with a prov,i' slen to increase it to one on lion cubic leet per day (bold). The Imported gas volume was nearly 20 per cent of Paltlstan's current gas production and Ihe .$upp.ly was lor a contracted period I'll 25 years, renewal)le lor another five years. The ,Imported ga.s volume would suppol1 approximately 5,'0'00 Megawatts (MW)ol .power generation and would resull In significant annuat . savingscompared to all.emative fuels such asH!gh Sulphur 'Furnace 011 (HSFO) .. UQuelied Na.tural Gas (LNG) a.nd Coal.

As per th.e current proJecllmplamentation schedule, me nrsl.gas flow was largeled by the end 012014. The National Iranian 011 Compatly MO said Ihallhis project would enhance the bitateral reletiensbetween bO!.h countries,

roundo] sanciionsagainsl lran, 01 Ihe 15 members In Ihe Council, 12 voled in favour of sanctions. Turkey a.nd Brazil opposed the sanctions, while Lebanon abstained. However, Brazil and Turkey, both of whom had signed a nuclear swap deal with Iran last month, warned thai Ihalalesl sanctions would Impede dlpl.omacy on Iran's atomic programme.

Susan .Rice, US .Ambassadoral 1M UN described the vote as a 'decisive move' a,gainsllran's nuclear programme. According to him, Iran has shunned oppotlunily a.ftar opporI.unity 1.0 varify thepeaoelul nature of lts nuclear programme,

Maria.Luiza Ribeiro Violl~ Brazll's Ambassador 10 Ihe UN said: ''We do not see sancHons as an elfecUve Instrument The spiral 01 sancnons, Ihreats an.dlsol:alion can result In ttagiccol'I$cequences. Th.e concerns r~alding Iran's nuclear programme will not be resolved un Iii dialogue begins,·

Iran's Ambessadorlo IheUN, Mohammad Kbazaee, said before the outcome !he drive lor sanctions meant thai some ccuntries prefer conlrontation, Iranian President wamed in Turkey on May 8, 2010 thai fresh sanctlons would kill all, prospects· of negollatlons on Iran's atomIc programme ..

In Vienna,lran's permanent representative to the lnternanon Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), AIl·Asghar Soltanieh said on June 9, 201Q that

"Iran will not compromise on Its Ina~enable rights under th.e Nuclear Non·Prollferation Trealy (NPT) and the IAEA's Articles 01 .Assoclalion. ~ The Vienna group apparently wants some s.ignilicanlchanges to the Teheran document.

Hours before the UNSC vole, !Russia, France and the Unlled Slates r·espondedto the nuclear swap deal thai Iran, Tunkey and Brazil had signed last month.

The new sanctions include provisions thai prohibit Iran Irom purchasing. weaponry, 01 various types, Including aUack helicopter and missiles.

UK Unveils English Language Test fer Immi.grant Spouses

The recently consututed centreright ooalitlon government in United Kingdom (UK) unveiled on JuneS, .2010 the first of its series of measures 10 curb immlgr8.lion, saying Indl8.ns must pass .E,ngliSh Ia.nguage test if they wanted 10 marry a British citizen or join their spouse in UK.

Home Secretary tMiniS.ler)

Theresa May on June 9, 2010 announced thai qualifying In the compulsory examinations, to be Intra· duced this autumn,. we,s mandatory before Indians could join their partners. OVerall, Britain granted seltlemanIla 2SQ,OOQpeople In one year

Latest Round of Sanclions against lran

Tho UN'sloorth Round ofsancIJons 'Is aimed at fUMhof Presidenl Mal1n1oUd .Ahmadlilajad overlfW!'S nuckar Offi<'!mmrnre.

!he Pl'ogrllJllme Is IDrpea.celuJ needs and it will continue.

Bleele!t$! : Head 01 !ran'SEsJlihan Nucla!!! CenlrQ,Ja.vsd RaIllqi, a4d'(lQ 10 lIat (II 401 ranlan s $l.Ibleet t.o a sset lree.e and· b'avet ban.

Weapons programmes : Ban on dawing with 23 com. panles IlWOIved'ln oocleat or ballistic mlsslte &etMtles-'lneJudlng' ·Kh.alam al·Anblya,Conaltuctlon-and 15 othlJrs linked to Isl4mlc :Aavolutl'onsry Gua_fda· Cor;p9 ..

Anna 'embargo: ReslJlctions on arms selGsto Iran to inc!uoo elghl. flaw categories inCluding. tanks, lighter planes and mIssile systems.

.Forelgnln\leal.ment : Ban 011 Iran InvesUng In Icrelgn Industries related to ufanlumentichme-nl ormle:sUo technOlogy. ean aimed 1I11",n', mining operaUons In Zimbabwe·UId minUlHSevolopmenl with Syria.

stop and SaHch, .: UN ·counlJios enoouragildlo Inleroa];!1 ships and aI~erall su.spoolecl o' .caJIj'! ng goods related 10 Iran'snueleru efforts,

B-anl<S :: CalIon member states to deslsllrom dolng.buslfloss wlth any lra:nlan bank sU$!)eCted 01 sUPJ)Orting nuaear programme.

Mahmoud Ahmad1neJ8d

Success Mjl'r~r • July 20JO/3

uplo March 31, 2010. The Home Sec~elary said around 50,000 Indians migrated ]0 UK. in the past yeiar.

Theresa May, who belo.l\gsto the traditional wing of the Conservative Parry, said: "I believabeing able to speakE,ngllshshould be a pref'equlsile lor anyone who wants 1.0 sente In UK. The new English requrrem.ent tor spouses wfU help promote integration and to remove cultural barriers," As a pilot scheme, all nonEuropean migrants will have to demonstrate a basic command of English that a!lowslMem to cope with every day me before they are granted a.visa.

Remember, one Is not talking aboul Illegal Immigration in UK. Or arguingforlreer borders. This Is about denial of a baste legal rlgntloa couple one ·01 whom has seUle~ Msiden.cy in the UK, II's a fully legal right. So why is being denied ? The simple answer islhat Fortress Europe just raised Ihe drawbridge a. la.d higher. And In doing so. lhe UK autho.rities have squarely lrodinto th.e realm 01 individual, persona'i righls generany and 01 their own cil.izens specWcaHy. The largel, clearly are Asians, considering Ihallhe largest section ollheimmigranl population in Ihe UK consists of people I(omlhis continent-parlicular.ly from South Asia. Which,in ·effecl, ,brings us to the question whether such a move is racially motivated or at least has racial assumptionsbuUl into lt,

I G15 SummitCencludes 1 In Tehran

The 14th Summit 01 the Group of 15 (G15) de"veloping, ceuntrtesended in Tehran on May 17, 2010 with Sri lanka. taking over Ihe group's rotallng pfcsidcn.cyfromlran.

G15, which consists 01 countries from Asia, Africa and la.lln .America, waseslab!ished in 1989 with Ihe aim of pro.motinglhe eco.nomicgrowth and prosperity of member countries. Sri Lank-an president Mahinda !Ra.japaksa, who ·t.ook. over the grou-p's presidency, called lor ·collecti .... e acllon' by all member countries to lace the world's 'current crises,'

I'ndla.'s representative and Foreign MinIster S. M. Krishna sought comprehensive retcrmcllnternatlenal


financial ins.titu[ions 10 enable enbanced capital Rows and Infra· SlfuClureinveSlmenl in developing counlrles. "We need 10 continue our effort.slor a comprehensive retorms 01 the inlemaUona.l financial institutions 10 make Ihem more inclusive, Krishna said addressing Ihe summit. India's voting rig his in the World Sank group, meanwhile, has increased to 2·9\, per cent trom 2·77 per cent, while that of China. went up (0 4·42 per cent f,rom 9'2 per cent, India is now the seven\hlargest member of the World Bank in terms of voting' power, after the US, Japan, China, Germany, France and United Kingdom. Indi3,lhe Single largest borrower from the Bank, has also bono wed an .average S 2·3 billion from the Wo(ld Bank over the tast four II n andal years.

The membership of the G15 has expanded 10 18counlries, but the name remained unchanged. The GiS's stand on commitments comes a month ahead of ['he next G20 Summit wlllCh wrube allended by four 01 the present member countries.

seQ Tashkent Summit Concludes

Leaders 01 the six'nation Shang· hai CooperatIon Organization (SCO) cenetuded their annua! sornmltcn June 11, 20t 0 in Tashkent. agreeing 10 enhance cooperanon and maintain regional stability.

L.eaders during the summit ,excl\.anged views on a wide tangeof r'eg!onal and intefnational Issues. They discussed the seo Security General's report and one on seo regional anti·terrorism ellons.They also sellulure tasks for the organiza· lion.

The Summ t app.rovedtwo Important drat.! documents InCluding the

1780 I

SCQ Rules 01 Procedure, whiCh was deslgnedloanhanCIC the el1.lciency and inlemal mechanisms of the organ lza Ilon. The two documenls, designed to improve the legal basis 01 lhe organization and to raIse ns aulhori'ty and inUuence In regional Issues, are regarded as qune signi1lcant in ths history of the SCQ.

Tne Tasnkent declara1ion Issued arthe eM 01 summit stressed the imparlance of constructive dialogues and cooperation among the SCO member countries. The seo member counlrles reiterated in the joint declaratlon that. the situation in K.yrgyz,stan bears great Influence on regional stability. The SOO members also agreed to furtherenhanee their cooperation in combating the 'three evil;lorces: namely, terrorem, separatism and extremism,as wen as illegaJ dmg trade and organized transitional crime.

To mark the to-year a.noiver· s8ry of the organiz.allon..il was agreed among' Ihe member countries to hOleI a celebration when the next

sca annual summit convenes!n the Kazakh capital 01 Astana.

The sco group includes· China, Russia, Kaz;akhs:lan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and UzbeKistan.

Russla-EUSum mil Concludes

The 25thSummilbelween Russia and European Union (EU) concluded In AOslov-on·:Oon. RUSSia, on June 1, 2010. A.I aposl·summll press eonlerenee, Russian President OmitI)' Medvedav, Euro~an Oounelt President He.rman van Rompuy and european Commission P~esldenl Jose Manuel Bar.ro.so all hailed ihe summit

A joint statement ootha Partner· ship lor Modernization, a bilateral ag.reemanl on the protecuono! classified information and a declaral.ion condemnmg Israel's attack on a. Gazabound international aid Ilotilia were among the issues discussed at the summil."ln a world In which people andeoonomies are ever more closely connected and Interdepen· dent, modernizing our economies ami societies become ever more Important and necessary,· said the st.alemenl. The Partnership lor Modernization which is currently under negOliation, will serve as "a f1exibte 'framework for p.romoting rstorm, ,enhancing' growth and raising compelmveness.~ Usaid. The new iniliallve win also build on results achle:ved Inlhe context ollhe four EU·RlIssfa common spaces. The statement oullinedsome prierity areas for Ihe Partnership lor Modemizallon,

Chinese President Hu Jlnt.ao (Jlh L) and olher parttclpants of the Shanghai Coopera.llon 'Ol'ganlzallon (SCO) surn-mlt pose lor $ group photo In Tashk.en.t, cftplbll. 01 Umeki5ian, em June 11, 2,010 .•

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

including. innovative ;inveslmenl., lrade and economy, technical regulations, energy efficiency and dimalechange,

Boln sides "exchanged concepts within the context of the PMnershlp of Moaemlzation,.'and 'have las ked coordinators or bOth sIdes 10 develop work plan," It salcl. -"'Ir'---'.

Russian PresldentOrnllry Medvedev (C)· poses with European Council President Herman, van, Rompuy (L) and European Commission !Presldont Jose Manual BOrTO$O lor e group photo aheaa th.e offielaltalk:$ bl!tween feadaL'\!! of RussIa. and the European UnIon (eU) In RoslolI-(ln"Don,Ru$5Ia, June!, 201:0.

The Roslev-on-Don summit wa.s Ihe lirst top-level .m.eellng belween Russia and 1M European Union under the Lisbon Trealy.


'- -'

3rd CICA Summit Concludes

The third S'ummll of Ihe Conference onlnleracUon and Conndence·buildlng Measures In Asia (CICA) was held inlstanl)ul, Turkey on June a, 2010. PreSidents and senior officials from about 40 eounlries wrapped up Ine one-day CleA su m mil. on. June B, 201' 0 by endorsing, a 11001 declarallonlna b.id to enhance Irusl and conlldence·building, In lhe regi,on.

Heads of the countries present at Ihe 3rd Sl,lmmil 01 CICAinclude Afghan. President Hamid Karzai, Azerbaijan Presidenl llnarn Aliyev. lranlan Presldeet Mohmoud Al1ma· dlnejad.Kaza:khPreSldenl Nurs.ultan Nazarbyev and Turkish Presidenl Abdullah Gul, Russian Prime Minister Vlad mir Putln was also present.

The lO-page linal' declaration said "'We recognizelhal the current global scenario presenlsgreal challenges in the areas 01 peace. stability and security, ~nomic and social development, environment and cuil.ure.~ It nOleclthal '\veate ceneemee with Ihe siluaUon In the Middle East

The UllrdSummil QI the Conference on Interll(:tlon end C,onlldence-bu1tdln.g Measures In ASia (CICA) 1$ held In Istanbul·., Turkey, June B,2010. Presidenw and ·senlOlotllela1s from about 40 countries startod Aslan.eo.nnden~buH'dlng summit all. JuneB, 2010.

and ·call upon all parties eoncemeo 10 Implemel'll. Ihe UN resolutions to achieve comprehensive, la51ing and Just peace, security and stability In Ihis region by resuming negotiations 10 establish the Paleslinian state according to UN resoJullons with the aim 01 achie-.,lng ;lhe two-stare sototion.~

Sri Anand Sharma, Minister lor Commerce and Industry. led the Indian delegaHon 10 the Srd Summilof the CICA The Summit was attended by

readers ftom 20 existing member countries of OICA. Vietnam and .lraQ joined as new members while 8an9'ladesh became an observer. Several olher countries andintemaUonal organizations also attended Ihe Summit as ob$(lrversig ues IS.

Turkey took over the ro·lallng p.resld'eney of theorganlzalion Irom ;Kazakhstan until 2012. C'ICA was 9sta1)lished in 1993. The first meeting was held in Kazakhsl.an In 2002.


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Mbieshel and Wudeare Winner of Sunteast World Events

Titus Mbieshei from Kenya ane' Ethiopia's Ylmer Wude are Ihe winner In the Men's and Women's Ellie liOK run in Ihelhird EdiUon of Ihe Sunless I

11111'$ Mbleshel of Kenya who won Ihe World 10K Bangaloro 2010 ,Marathon In Bangatore on 23, ,20'10.

World 10K evenl ,In Bangalore ,on May 23, 201'0. Mbieshel finished the race in an impressive Hme 01 OQ : 27 : 54 seconds leaving behind Moses KipslrOol UgaMa while Y'iwer Wude linished Ihe raea In an impre.s,sive Umeol 00 ,: 31 ; 58 second 'leaving behilld last year's champion Aselelech Mergla, Both the men's and wOmen's Elile raea winnerpoclteted S 21,000. In the Indian event section, Sunil Kumar from Haryana PoHoe and Karnataka's PreethiL Rao made lhe ,lndia,nElile events for men and women thefrovm though in contrasting rashi(m.



Parsvana,th Commonwealth

Chess Championshlp-2010

The prestigious Parsvanalh

Commonwealth Chess Championshlp-2G10 was l1ek:lat New Dell1i hom May 9-19, 2010. Flussia.'sPavel Male\in clinched IheCommonwealth Chess Championship following a 31


mOve draw against M. A. Lalith Bilou In New ,Delhlo.n. May 18, 2010. Though Male!in and taxman tied for

From teft : Pavel Maletln, D. Hanka and R. R. Lexman.

theliHe on nine points 11 rounds. Ma.lelin'ssuperi'Or score made him the champion. India'sA. R. Laxman got the gold medal In championshIp. 'R. RLaxman beat Arg.enlinian Pablo Lafuent.e with black pieces to become the besttndtan player. The women's IUIe was bagged by O. Harika who topped three way lie a17'5 points with roommate Tania Sachdev and S. MecnakshL MaJerin received As. 1,60,000 and atrophy.R. R. Laxman collected Fls .. 1,1.5,000.



Sri lanka Lift Tri-series Title Srll.anka. defeal.ed Zimbabwe by nine wickets In the One Day Inlema-

The victoriOus Sri ,Lanka team with Ihe IIthl, 21mbabwlI v $riUlnka, Trl-Serles, Fl nal, Harare, J u ne 9, 201 0,

tlonallri·series (Zimbabwe-Sri tankailndia) final at Harare all. June 9, 2010. Tllakralne Oilshanledlrom the fron\. wittl an unbeaten century as Sri lanka lifledlhe 001 Crick,et tri-series

HUe, hailing Zimbabwe's lairy lalarun in a lop-sided final. 'Olshan struck an unbeaten toa olf 102 balls and lealuredlnan 160-run opening stand wilh Upul Tharanga.72 runs 011 79 balls to script a facile nine wickets victorylhat also avenged Sri Lanka's eight-wicket defeated against Ihe host on June 7, 2010. Put Into bat. Zimbabwe had earlier managed a below-par 199mns, courl.esy Talenda Talbu's deliant 71 rUM, belate they collapsed 11'149' overs at the Harare Sports Club. The Lankans completed the modes! chase with minimum fuss, cruiSing 10 203,uns lor one to compte!.e a comprehensive win with 15·2 overs to spare. T.M. Ollshan was declared 'Man ollha Match' for his all round performance While Zimbabwe's BRM T.aylor was declared 'Player of Ihe Series' for the Iri,series.

India Sets Rec,ord of Playing Most Number ot DDrs ll'ldla sur,passed Au!lralialn playing iha moSI number 01 One-Cay IntamatlonalslOOls) when~y crushed Sr~ Umka In tile, u1·na:LIon crieketserieS at Bulawayo on, May 30, 2'01'0 Ir'I their 74200 matCh.. ThereoonHll'eaking match tume.d cut \0 bo a mamOJable one as Il'l(!la Qv·arllauted the larget ot 243 will1 a·s ovefS 10 5pare at the Queens Sports ClUb, &llawayoon May SO, 201'0. Australia have p.layed· 741 00 IS so lar to hOld the $(!(:(I[1d position, while Pakistan ale In third placewilh 715 0015. Fourth In the Ilst8J& the Wast Indies wllh636, lollowed by Sri 'lank_a 599 and New ZealandS6,t IllI.fIaPla~ed ihelrli(sl 001 on July la, 1974 against EI1{IJand In Leeds. loola had lost lhe match by four wIOkels,

Sahara Bags Team India Sponsorship Hights

Sahara Ineli.a FJnancIal Corpora· uonaas been awarded the Indian team (Seniors) Title Sponsorship Rights lor the period July 1'. 2010 10 DecemberS1. 2013. Subralo Royheaded industrial cenglomerate will payRs. 3'34 ercre per Int.ernaiional match 10 have their fogo displayed on the Team India Jersey. Sahara Groi.lp's or1gina'l contract wit.h Ille BCGI expired last year. The company spent As. 400 crore over alout·year period for learn sponsorship. They came 10 Ihe BCC!'s rescue when no bids were received for the team sponsorship six monlhsago and! eon-

uceess MI.r.ror _ July 2010

linued their support for the period. Their renewed contract was to exp.ire next.mont.h.

Under the existing contract, Sahara was paying Fls. 1'9 erore per Test. Rs. 2'06 croreper 001 and :Rs. "56 crore per Twenly·20Inter· national.

$ou1h Africa Wins 001 Series against West Indies

South Africa compleleda 5·0 sweep' of the One Day lntematlonat series agaInst Wesl Indies with a Ihrillln.g one·wicket win at Ql;leen's Park Oval on June 3,20r10. Last man Lonwado Tsolsobe 01 Soulh Africa hit Ihe winning boundary as the South Africans sneaked 10 its vlclorylargel 259 lor 9' with 11'1'0 balls to spare. Jacques Kallis (57). J. P. Dumlny (51) and Hashim Amla (45) placee! the pursult, Amla WhO hit. three lours and a six ended Ihe series with 402 runs and was declared 'Man 01 the Series'.

The SQUlh Alrlcanllcelebralelhelr saecnc $00 win In the Wast Indlas, Weill Illdlasv South A Idea,. 5th 001,. POrl of Spain, Trinidad, JunJ) 3" 2010.

Earlier, Ihe Wesllndles learn lot.ale.d 252 lor 6 ot! 50 overs With Shivanarine Chandra,paul (67) and Nars'ingh Oeonarlne (53 not 01.(1) leadtng the way .. Jacques Kallis who scored 57 runs wilh (ive tours 011 55 deliveries was declared as "Man 01 IheMalch".

South Af.rlc.a·We.st Indies 001 Series 2010: AI a Glance

1st 001 : West Indies v South Africa al Monh Sound-May 22. 2010

Result: South Africa won by 66 (U-oS (OIL method)

South Africa 2.BOn (4814Bov):

Wesllndies 215 (44·1/48 ov)

2nd 001 : West Indies v South Africa at iNonn Sound-May 24, 2010

Result: South Africa won by 17


Soulh Africa 300/5 (SO ov); West Indies .283 (48· I' ov)

3m 001 : Wesllndies v South Africa at R.oseau-May 28 .. 2010 Result. : South Africa. won by 67 runs

South Africa 224(47'2 ov}: West Indies 157 (38 ov)

4th 001 : West Indies v Soulh Alricaal Roseau-May 30, .. 2010 Re,suU .: South Alrica won by 7 wickets (with 0 balls remaining:) Wesllndies 303/8 (50 ov): South Africa 304/3 (SO ov)

5th 001 : West Indies v South Africa at Port 01 Spain-June 3, 2010 Res·ul,l: Sou!hAlti~a won by 1 wicket (wilh 2 baits remaining)

Wesl.lndies 252f6 (500v): Soulh Africa 25519 (49'4 ov)

Man ettne Match : JHKallis (Soulh Africa)

Man of Ihe Series : HM .Amla (South Alr;ica)

India Wins Twenly-20 Series against Zimbabwe

India. won the second Twenly·20 match agalnsl Zimbabwe by seven wickets 10 win the series 2·0 in Harare

The Indlalls oe'leb!'"8:t.e elt.er bagging the Twenly-20 trophy,. 21mbabweVs. India, 2nd Twanty·20 lnternattonet, Harere, June 13,2010.

on June 13, 2010. Suresh 'Raina struck a quick·lire 72 to guide India to seven-wickel vlclo/y over Zimbabwe. Alter limiling Zimbabwe to 1'10< lor 5, India eased home with 144 for 3 ami

ndle-Zlmbabwe Twenty-20 Series-2010 : At II. Glance 1st T-20: Zfm'ba:'bwe Vs. India a.l Harare-Junlj12,201'0

Rasull :In<Ila 'Won oy 6:wiCkels

Scores : Zlml>abwe 11119, India 112/4 2nd T·20 : Zimbabwe Vs. lodle. al HareJ&-June 13, 20"'0

Result : India won by 7w1C1«1ts Scores: ZimbabWel40J5, 'India. 144/3

IwO overs 1.0 spare lor a second victory in "' ... 0 days. Rain.a's undsleale<l knock-which incrudedSix fours and two sixes came 011 44 balls. whlleopener Murali Vlja.y scored 46 runs 011 39 bails. Suresh ,Raina was declared 'Man 01 the Malch' and 'Man 01 Ihe Series' for his all-round performance.


Inter Milan Clinches Champions League FInal

Inle,r Milan defeated Bayern Munich by 2·() in the Champions

League I1nal on May 22, 2010 in Madrid.. Inler Milan's Diego Milito, who had spent much ot his career as a Journeyman striker, has reached the heighlslhis season with 22 goals in his first'Serie A' campaign for lnler. 1\ was a persenal trturepb for Inter's Portuguese coach Jose Mour!nho whO became only the Ihlrd man to win IheEuropean Cup wilh two clubs. \I may be added here fhai Inter Milan have become European Champions lor Iha third lime, after a. waH of 45 yea.rs since Iheir second Iitlein 1965. Inter Mnan have also become theOrst Italian side 1.0 clinch the Irebleafter winning the series A and cup double earlier in Ihe 'same month.

France Wins Aigh.t to Host Football's Euro 2016

:France defealed Turkey and Iialy on May 26, 2010 for lhe (ignlto host :Foolbail"sEuropean Championship in 201 6. UEFA'sruUingexecuti1Je voted 7·6 forlbe ,French bid over Turkey after Italy was eilminated in a Ilrst .. round ballol. France will be thefirsl country 10 host Ihe Championship Ihreetimes. Thetesull was announced by EEFA's French Preside.nt Mlche! PiaUi'll, who captaIned his country 10 lhe European title in 1984 .. The 2016 championship will feature 24 teams playing 51 matches over


one memh, The nnal will be played in Ihe Capital's Slade de France, which hosted the 1998 World Cup tinal won bylhe Zidane·jnsplred host nation. France staged Ihe inaugural lourteam finals in 1960', and Ihee.ighl nation flnalsln 1984.




llruchl en June 8, 2010. While Punjab defeal.ed Chhattisgarh 6<1-42 10 win the boy's til.!e. Kerala's Jeena KeralaOirls, Punlab Boys scesed 29poklls lor the winner while Clinches Youth National Bas- Presti Kumarlot uuar Pradesh kelball Championship scored 24 points. In lIle third place

Keralaracorded s.n Impressive matches, Madhya Pradesh boys 84-49viClory over Unar 'Pradesh 1.0 deleated T·amfl Nadu 74-44, while clinch the girl's title In Ihe Youth Tamil Nadu girls edgedoul Mana.' Nalional8a.skelball Championship at rashlra64·63.

French Open Tennis Tournament 2010

Nadal' Wine French Open

Aalael Nadal won the 'men's single, IiUe 01 Frel'lCh Open lor Ih9 fthh lima In six yeman June 6,.20'1 ,0 al P IIfls Wilh 8. orush! ng <leJeal to :AoblnSoderling6-4 , 6-2,6-4 10 ,rlWSlabHsll himS(!11 as UHI best on thIlClay .. The Spaniard, beaten In 2009 'by Sooelling In lha loorth round, becomesOtlly the second· man 10 win five Franeh cr"Owns. SW&CIenBjorn Borg ho.!d$ IhB record 01 slx IIlle belwOOl11974 and 1981. Nadal won his S81h career matCh. 8.1 AoIandG.atm5 against the onatoss loSoderllng,

Rafael Nadal's Grand Slam Finals: At A Glance Singl" : 9 (111t1ea, 2runner-u.,.)



Opponent In fl"",t

Seore·ln .flnal

Winner 20(>.5 French Open Clay MariaM 'Puert.a

Wmnef 2006 French ()peJ!,(2) Clay AogerFed.8fef

Runner-up 2006 WimbledOn Grass Roger Federer

Winner 2007 French Open (3) Clay A.oger Fe<lerer

Runner-up 2007 WimbledOn (2) Grass Roger Federer

W1nner 2008 FMnch Open (4) Clay Roger Federer

Winner 2008 Wimbledon Glass A*r Federer

Wlnner 2009 Au$ltaiJan, Open Hard AogerFederer

Winner 2010 French Open (5) Cla;y RQblnSOdelll'ng

&7(6), s-a, 6-1, 7,5 1.s, 6·1, 6-4 7-6(4) 0"';,6-7(5), ].('{Z), 3-6 &3, 4-6" 6"3. trI·

6-7(7), 6-4, 6-7(3),6-2,2-6 &1, B.a., 6-0

&.4,6-4" 6-1(5).6-1(8). 9-1 1,5,3-6,. 7,6(3), 3-6. 6-2 6-4,8'2,6-4

Sch'lavonebecomes FIrst ltaUan Woman te Win GnmdSlam T.IIle

Franeesca SCh1a.YOI'Iebeeame the lits! ever ItBllan woman to win a Grand Slam b't!a as Ole 29·j'Bar-oJd.deleated Sarna.nlha SIOiUrllQm AustrBlia 6-4, 7-6(2) III lhe women's slo91esfinaI at lha Fr(llt(lh Open Tennis on June 5 .. 2010. In11le SElmHlnalS on June 3 .• 2010,lIiIe, 11m seed Sclliawne won Lhe firs! seI1-6(3) balore the ITfth seed SeneOemenHeva Irom RuSSia chose 10 withdraw Iromthe matoh due 10 Injul}', Schla,wna beeame Ihe nrst lIalian woman leaching a Grond Slam finBl.Schlavone claimed hili lou 111'1 and mest pre<:iolJstltle In her 120yearcareer. The best pr·evlous resUl1 at Roland G8/IOS by an llallanwoman was In 1954 Roland GIllfOS ·when SUllia LazzMoo lost II. $eml·noal ,agaln$l MaureenCOnooriy.

Nestor' and Zimonjic Wins Men'a Doubt"

Daniel Nestor Irom Cana,da and Nenad; Zimonnc from Serbia defeated Lukas Dlouhy from !he Czech. RepUblJc and Leanoor Pa.&s, 01 India In siralghlsels lolllke the men's doubles We allhe FrenchOpe:n, en JUI'lEl S. 2010. The second saeds Nestor and ZimonJIc beal l11e third seeds OlouhyandP·aes 1·5. 6-2.

serena Wllliamaand Venual Wlillama.

A'anceaeaSchlavone 01 Italy POSH with her trophy ,alter wInning. the wo.men', Unal agalnatSamantha StOtUI' 01 Australl., during theIr women'. llnatal Ihe French Open tonnls t.ournament al !ROII~ Garrol In Plrts June 5,20:10.

Serena. end Venus Williams Wln8 Women's Doubles Title

Selena Williams end Venus Willlamslrom the UnUed stares won lhe wamen's dO\lbles final at IheFrenehOpen on June, 4, 2010. The IO,p seeds defeated Kvele PasChke trom Czech ,RepubliC and Ke.latina Sreboln!k 01 SlOvenia 6-2. 6-3. The Amerieans wrapped. upv.1cto1}' in 78 mlnUl6S 10 win Ihel! 12111 Grand Slam tltla together. Tl1e'ira only ,Ile, lhlrd women's doubles palr!o Win loutmalor IItie In a. row. Mattina NevralilovQ and Pam Shriver did it in 1983·84, and Gig! ,Fernanda': and NalaSl1a Zverevadid U in199~'93.


Success Mlrro.r • July 2010


China WIns Thomas Cup

enina dele,atedlndonesia Iby 3-0 In Ihe Thomas Cup Badminton Tournament on May 16, 2010 atxuata Lumpur for the fourth consecutive lime .. Olympic Champion Lin Dan 01 China look only 43 minutes (0 over

power TauHk HidayaI21-7,21i-4 with his superb net play Inlhe firs I sIngles. Doubles paIr Cal Yun and Fu Halfeng snalched China's second pelnt, edging Markls K1do and HeMra Setia.wanof Indonesia. ~y 25-23, 16- 21. 21:-1'2 in a three set thriller Ihat lasted nearly an hour, Chen Jin was also slfe1ched 10 lhree sets by Simon Sa.nloso before winning 19-21, 21- 17,21-7.

South Korea Wins First Ever Uber Cup THle

Soulh Korean women clinched Iheir first ever Uber Cup team lille al Kuala lumpur on Ma.y 15, 2010. II Ws.s Ihe first time thai SOulh Kor,ea

SOUlh K.orea's K.yung Won Lee/Jung Elln Ha compel.e dUring Ihe women~s doubles match egalnslChlnfl's Yu Yang/' 011 Jlng In tho Una.!s of tho Uber Cup badmlntoncMmplon$hlps I n I<.ul!la lumpur, Malays!p,. on Mey '.5.201'0. South Korea wo.nS-1 and claimed the tiUo.

won in their six clashes with China!n the llnals ollhe women's Badminton Team Championship.s. South Korea rsached the lina!s rive times ;belon~ and were beaten in aU ;five by China. this lime it suooeded In clinching the viclory. Ba,eSeung Hee gained a morale·boostlng opening point lor the Soulh Koreans by bea.ling China's World No.1 Wang Vlhan in straight sels23·21, 21·11 in Ihe nrslsingles malch belore lee Hyo JungfKlm Min Jung IIIled the learn 10 a 2-0 lead with a.lough win aga est Ma Jil'llWang Kiaoll, t.he leading doubles in Ihe world, in more Ihan one hour. 18021, 21-12, 21-15. China'slourlh Uber Cup debulanl Wang Xinkepl China's hope alive when she 01.11 did Korean youngster Sung JI !Hyung 21-14, 16· 21.21·7. However,it was Ihe Soulh Korean Team thai was determine<! sMugh 10 make a historic record. Lee Kyung. WonlHa J'ungEun clinched Ihe winning point lor $outhKo,ree when they came Jrern behind '1.0 topple Ihe China's Olympic Cham· plcns DuJingNu Yang 19·21, 21·14, 21-19'. So how 1'1 was thai South Korean team emerged winner and created hiSlory.

Saina Nehwal Wins Indian Open Grand Prix

lopseed Salna Nehwat 01 India beat Malaysian Mew Choo Wong' DY 2.0·2.0,.· 21-14, 21·12 and wIn .he YoneK·Sunrise Indian Open Grand Prix Badminton Toumam.ern in Chennaion June 13, 2.010. Workl No.6 Saina came back strongly In the lilleclash af\.er Iosfng'irsl game

Final Results of the Yonex· Sunrise Indian Open Grand

Prix Wome.n'sSlngles;Salna Nehwal ('lIdla) beal. Mew Chao Wong (Malaysia).

Women'sOou'ble·s: lei Y8.0 and Shlnts Mulle Sari (Singapore) beat. Ash"";111 Ponlleppe. end Jwala Gulla (India).

M.en's$lngles.: yun!.!,&: Alamsyah (IndonesIa) baatAMVGurusald'ull Undla).

~n'a 'Doubles: Falruzizuan Mohd:. Tazarl and lakry Abdul lalil MoM. (Malaysia) beat T. Rupest\ Kumar and Sanave Thomas (lndJa). 'M1l(edDoublea : Jwa;la Gutta and .OIJu Vallyantl (Illdla) beatLel 'fao and Chayul Triyacbarl ($i'ngapore).

and slepped up the gas. against. the second-seeded Malaysian III the next Iwogames.


China Ufts· Swavthlln9' Cup

China defeal.ed Germany by 3-1 on May 30,2010 In Mo.scow at lila 50th Table Tennis men's team 01 Swaythllng Cup. China Imed Swaythllng Cup lor Ihe 171h lime. II. was IiIthoonsecutive title claimed Iby the Chinese men~s team in recent years.

Chln£l .men's t"ble te.nnlstealTl members holdlho trophy during, tho awardlll.g ceremony e,lthe SOth World toam Tabla Tonnls ChDmptonshlps, $wsythHng Cup In Mosc:ow, c:epltelol !Russla, on Ma.y 30, 20tO. China clefealed GermBnyS·lln tile men's IInalmlllell,

The opening encounter between Ma Long and rimoSeif' was II close competition, during, which Bollesta· bUshed t1ieinilial advantage with 3~2 win. Ma Un who p.layed'h.e second match, upset DI.MllrijOvtcharov in Ihreeslraight sets. Then, Zhang. J~e won another potnt for China by' bealing Christian Suss 3-1. In the decisive faurlh matCh. Ma Un conquered Tlmo Boll a·1, sealing Ihe victory.

C __ HO_C_K_EV_,, _)

India and South Korea are Joint Wmners of Azlan Shah Hockey Tournarnerrt

India and SOUIIl Korea were named join I champions 01 Ihe 19111 Sullan AzJlan Shah Hockey Tcumamenl on May 16., 201.0 in Ipch, Malaysia. IHeavy rain forced Ihe tournament oommittee to abandon lhe oup IInaland declare Ihebctll learn as the lolnl winners 01 the lournament. This Is the first time Ihal

(C't).IIlill!lod.oJI Page 891)

1785 I

1. Who has taken over as the new director of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre '1

I"'- Dr. Aalan Kumar Sinha

has taken over as the new director 01 Bhallha Atomic Research Centre on May 19, 2010. Mr. Sinha becomes the 10th director of the country's premier strategic lab. He has been closely associated with the design a.nd development of India's first Thorium-based Advanced Heavy Water Rea.clor for the last 15 years. Mr. Sinha look over from Dr. Sri Kumar Banerjee, who Is also the' Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Chairman at Trombay.

2. Who has been awarded the prestigious Global Green Award for 2010?

e- NRI enUepreneur Sourabh Sen has been awarded the prestigious Global Gr$n Award lor 2010 In Renewable energy senntons in emerg ng markets such as India

3. Why Is 'PAN' necessary for

all Income tax payees?

It Is an identification number 01 the looome Tax Department.

4. 'Aman KI Asha' an Indo-Pak peace meet was recently organized by well·known media groups 01 Indla and Pakistan. What are these groups?

Times Group 01 'India and Jang Group of Pakistan.

5. The G-20 FInance Ministers and Central Bank Governor's meetIng was held from 3-5 June, 2010 al-

~ The G·20 Finance ~Inis· lers and Central Bank Governor's meellng was held in Susan from June 3- 5, 2010. This meeting was signifICant as finance leaders of the G·20 member nallons wcrked to oraN an agenda lor keeping the global recovery on track and fending off Mure cri· ses.

6. What was the Theme for the World Environment Day lor 2010 ?

e- The theme for the 201 0 ~ World Environment Day on June 5, 2010 was BIOO1 vers1ly, Eco·sySlems management and the green economy.

7. The wfnner 01 the French Open Tennis women's

singles title for the year 201018-

Francesca SChiavone haswcn the women's singles title 01 the French Open Tennis lor the year 2010 Francesca became the nrst ever lIalian wcman to win a grand slam title as the 29-yearold deleated Samantha Stosur Irom Australia 6-4, 7·6 (2) In the women's single final at the French Open on June 5,2010.

8. The winner of the women's doubles title of the French Open Tennis for the year 2010 ls-

I:> Serena Williams and Venus Williams Irom the United States 01 America look viclOry In women's doubles final, at the Fr:enoh Open on June 4, 2.010. The lop seeds defeated Kvela Peschke from Czech Aepubllc and Katarlna Srebolnlk of Slovenia 6-2, 6-3.

9. The winner of the men's doubles title 01 the French Open Tennis lor the year 201018-

e- Daniel Nestor from Canada and Nenad Zlmonpo from Serbia defeated lukas Dlouhy from the Czech Republic and leander Paes of India in Slralghl sets to take the men's doubles Iltle althe French Open on June 5.2010. The second seeds Nestor and Zimonpc beat the Third seeds Dlouhy and Pa.es 7-5, 6·2.

10. In the l'llh Internallonal Indian Firm Academy Awards, which 111m has won the best film awards?

~ 3·ldlots has won the best film award in the 111h Intemational Indian Film Academy award ceremony on June 5. 2OtO, Aamlr Khan's 3-ldiots has won 8 awards out of 12 nominations.

11. The winner of Best Actress award In the 63rd .Internatlonal Film Festival of Cannes 18-

~ Juliette Binoche has won the Best Actress award In the 63rd International Film Festival 01 Cannes on May 23,2010.

12. R.ec&ntly the man who In .... ented world's I.lr81 ATM

Is dead. Whet was his na_me ?

John Shepherd-Barron, who Invented the world's firS'! ATM (Automated Teller Machine) Is dead on May 15, 2010. He was 64 year old. He had come up with the idea after wondering why banks couldn'l operate a system like a chocolate-vend· ing machine. John had also thought of the lourdigit pin number.

13. Who has won the 'Fighter of the Decade' award In 2010?

- Manny Paoquiao has won Ihe 'Fighter 01 the Decade' award In June 2010.

14. Which country will host Foolball'aEuro201S1 ~ France will host the Football's European Championship In 2016. France will be the rJrst country to host Ihe championship thrfi times.

nee Mirror. July 20 lO

... Who sald "Chandragupta MaUiya trampled the entire India. wilh6 lac soldiers In his arm.y~ ?


- Who were the two participants In

KoppamWar? -WesternChalukya! and:


- Wh.ich Deihl Sultan changed the name of land system and adopted the Galla Batal Syst.em 1 -Gayasuddln Tughlaq

.... Which crop was not chielly culti· valed in 131h and 141h centuries

by Indianpeasanls ?


... Whioh is Ihe first real G.umbad _ (Tomb) buill In India?

- Tomb of Balban

- During whose Governor-General·

ship was Ihe Sindh merged with BrWsh India?

- L.ordEUe.nborough ... In whiCh century did the lnventor Of Silar, AmlrKhusroe, live? -181h Cenlury

- Who w.as the famous palnte.r 01

Kishangarh style?

-Nlnal: Chandra

- Who founded an Independent

kingdom at Malwa ? -Ollwarkhan 1.odl1l

... When did Talmur in.vade India? -In 1'398

Indlan Polity and Constitution

.... What typeo! authority Is attributed 10 the President 01 India ?

-Const.ltutionaland nominal:

..... Whichamenclmentlncludes the _ Fundamental Duties of Indian cili'zens In the ConstltuUon ?

-42nd Amendment

..... Whos'e order can extend the normal term ollne Lok Sabha?

-An O.rder oftha :Presldent of India

Success Mjl-r~r • July 2010

- With which relotmlrelalion was

Sarka ria Commission con-


- Centre-State R.elali'ons

- Who may act as Ih.9 presiding:

ollicer 01 the House without being ilsmember?

-VIce-President of IndIa

- Why shall a Bin pending, In

Parliament nollapse?

-Because of prorogation 01

two Houses of ParHam en I ...

-- The Impeachmenlo! the Presl·

dent 01 tndla can be initiated In

-Either Houseaf Parliament Who is the Supreme Commander 01 Defence Forces 1

- The President of India The Constltullon uses theterm 'Council of Mlnisters'ln p.lace of -CabInet

... The CAG of India gets same amount 01 salary as received by a Judge 01 -Supreme Court

Indian National Movement and ConsUtutionsl Development

- Who was the leader 01 the revolt of 1657' In Bihar?

-Kunwar Singh ... Kumaran Asen Isassocrated with Social Renalssa.nc,eol which state? -Kernla

- DUling session 01 Parliament 'zero hour' means

- Tile Interval between the end

of questIon hour and Ihe - taking up of thl) next. agen.da

... What is the !maximum number of unstarredquesuens for a da.y in

Ihe lok Sabha? -230 Which committee recommended the inclusion of Fundamental Dutles In the Constitution?

-Swam Singh Committee Freedom 01 .lnler·St8113 Tracie and -Commerce Is regulated by Ihe Indian Constilution under Art!cle ?


- Which Ashram was established by Mahatma Gandhi on the bank 01 river Sabarmati near Ahmeda· badin 1915 ?

-Satyagrah Ashram What was the precursor of 1M 1851 revolI?

-Sanyasi Revolt ... In which year did Yelu Thampt, t.he Dewan of Travancore reV(llt ? -1609 When did Cabinet Mission come 10 India? -1946

C",, __ I_"ri_i_an_· _E_c_o_no_m_y __ )

Wha.1 is Ihe urban populanon 01 India according to Census 2001 ? -28-61 crore

- Bhan<lari Committee was related


-Reconstruction olRRB .... 'Big Digi1al TV DTH' is the new broadcasting servic'e01 DTH launohed by

-Ann Ambanl Group

- What ls 'Super301' 1

-American T:rade law

The clly having highest peputalionin the world Is -Tokyo .... The term 'NELP' is associated with

-Discovery of Oil and Naturat

Ga.s A.ccording t.o FlBt's Monetary ;Policy 2010·11, ,Economic Growth Projectlon ts seen at what per cent 1 -8%

RBI In lis Moneuuy Policy 2010- 1:1 announced on .April 20, 2010 raised '!"epa rate and reverse repo irate each by


- In budget estimates 01 2010·11: budget, the lax·GOP percentage for 2010-11 has been estimated 10 be -10-96%

How many countries are there in the .Eurozone, whichl1a.ve euroas thelr common currency?

-16 countrIes


Geograpby and Envl'ronment

-. The time taken by the Sun 10 revolve around the cen'lre 01 our galaxy is

-2.50 mUllon years

-. The clouds floal In Ihealmos-

phere because of their

- Low densl.1y

- wnlch layer 01 atmosphere is

responsible for the delfeclionol radJowaves ?


- In Which regIon Is diamond rJng

phenomenon observed l'

-Only along Ihe peripheral regions aflhe to.tality trail - What Is the name of Ihe biggest shipping canal In the work:! 1 -Suez Canal

- The lirst three leading producer

ecenutes 01 iron ore In Ihe world are

-Chlna,Russla and Auslralla Where are Diamond Harbour and San Lake cily situated?

-Kolka.ta The limit beyond which stars suller inlemal collapse !scaUed -Chandra"shekhar Urnll What does a pyrometer measure?

-Hi.gh tempe:ra.lure

(Agriculture )

"-- __ -----

- Vivek QPM9 Isa new variety 01 which crop?

- MaIze· (Zea mays)

- 'Drip' irrigation is generally

!ollowed In ooun!ri.es H!I.e -Ista.e!

- AgriculMaJ tractors are generally

having horse power (H.P.) -.20-50 H.P. ....Inlndia 'Green Revolution' was related 10 high yields 01

-Rice and wheal

- WhJ.chpianl nutrient. o.relemenlIs

given to iii particular lemon crop, if root nodulaUon in Ihe crop is poor?

-Molybdenum (Mol


- Who proposed Ihe dominance hypolhesislorheterosls?

-Devenport and Bruce

-> What per cent 01 Nitrogen (N) is

present In D.A.P. ?

-2~" ... Why is gypsum used in the productionol mustard?

-For supplylngsul'phur

-> The waler potential in, leaves 01

plants Is measured by -Pressurecna.mber

- What does 'NIANP' stand lor?

-Nationallnslllute fo.rAnlmal

NulrltJOnl:lJld Physiology

( Science and TeChnOlOgy)

- Wherewa.s Slhlntemalional Con· ference on Biopesticides : 'Stakeholders perspective' (ICOB·V) held?

-New Deihl

- What is. tha scientific name of

ool1on ballworm ?

-.Henooverps srmlgers

- The baga.sseof which plants pro· _..

duces ethanol?


..... In an earth·satellite transler of heat by convection not possible because 01

-Condition ot wel.ghll.essness

- Which alka.loidls used in rnedl-

cine to dilate the pupils 01 eyes? -A.tro.plne A cup of hoi t.ea p1a.ced on a metalnctabte loses heal by

- Conductlon,convectlon, radiation and evaporation -+ Which lal derivative .syntnesites all the hormones of adrenal cortex?

-Cholesterol .... Accumulalion o.f which acid causes painful. anaerobic work? -lactic acid .... What dlseasa of stern ,Is caused by Ihe lraceelemenl boron deliciency ?

-Black necrosls

- The term cohesion refers to the

tendency 01 water molecules to -C.IIng.logelher

( Sports and Performance ) - With which game/sport is Samantha SloSUJ associated? -Tennis

- Which learn won Ihe T·20for

women's C~ickel World Cup 2010 ?


What do we call the place where boxing occurs?


- Who Is the present FIFAPresl·


-Sepp BlaUer

- Which player is populatly known

'as 'Black pear!' ?


- Who won the Fr9nch Grand Prix on May 17, aoos v

-Jorge Lorenz.o (Spain)

- Who won the Spanish Grar'ld 'Prix

In Moto GP category? -ValentclnoRosst (Italy)

- Which stale 01 India won Ihe

D.uUa Ray Trophy FootbalJ Championship?


Which $talefTeam registered a win over Bengal In Santosh Trophy Football Championship in 2009 tlnal?


-. With which 'game/sport is Surya

Shekhar Ganguly assoclaied ? -Chess



(paper-III) (Acco1dJng'to the Rttbed Formal)c By : Dr. Anil Kumar Verma

uceess MI.r.ror _ Jul:y 2010


t. Which of Ihe following phenomena istare associated with lighl?

fA) Image formation by mirror tB) Twinkling 01 stars

eC) BeauUlul eoloursot rainbow to) AIIO! the above

2. The largel used lor Ihe produeucn 01 X-ray beam must have-

(A) Low melilngpoinlaJld high atomic 'number

(B) High meHJng polnl and high atomic number

Ie) High melling point andlow alomlcnumber

to) Low melling point and low atomic number

3. The ratio 01 speed 01 'f·rays and X·raysis-

(A) :> 1

(a) <1

(e) 1

(0) Depends on Ihe ratlo of their wavelengths

4. Raindr,ops are spherical in 'shape due 10-

IA) Residual pressure (iB) Viscosity

(e) Surface tension (0) Thrust ollhe drop

5. Thermlonsare-

tA) Photons (8) Positrons IC) Protons (O)Eleclrons

6. To makes rigld body rotate about anads, we have 10 apply-

fA) Torque

(B) Pressure

tC) Momentum

(0) Force In any d recllon

7. The function Of moderator in a, nuclear reactor is-

(A) To abscllb neull'ons

(S) To accelerate neutrons (e) To slow down neutrons (0) To absorb thermalen.ergy

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

B. When sound waves \ravellrom air 10 water which of the foll'owin~gi remains constant. ?

(A) Wave

(6) Frequency (e) Velocity

(D) AU 01 the above

9. Tna maximum amountol radia.lion In the earth'satmosphere is otthe lype-

(A) Gamma ray (B) x -. ray (C)lnlra.·red

(OJ Ultraviolel rays

10. Th.e tllermal conductivity 01


fA) Less than Ihalol wood liB) Less Ihan thai 01 iron

(e) Lass Ihen Ihal '01 aluminium (0) More Ihan Ihat 01 all of the I.h'reeglven above


11. Complete hydrofysisol cellulose gives-

(A) D-libose (.B) D·gluoo.se (e) l-glucose (.0) D·truclose

12. Th.e drug usedagainsl AIDS is-


tC) AZT (D) Envid e

13. Superpl'lOsphale 01 lime is

obtaine<llrom lhe reaction 01-

(A) Bones and gypsum

(S) Calcium phosphate and

hydroChloric ac.id

(0) Calcium carbonate alld phosphoric acid

(D) Calcium phosphate and sulphuric acid

14. Which of the following Is not an ore or mineral?

(A) Slellile {S} Caliche (C) Siderite (D) Anglesile

15. Which of Ihe fOllowing is used as insecticide, germicide and soil lumigant? .

CAl Benzene hexs.chloride (6) Cblotcibenzene

(C) p.chlorQbenzene

(D) All ollhe above

16. Whiehof Ihe fOllowing is most volatile?

tAl HBr (C) HF

(6) HI (0) Hel

17. Peptides arelormed from(A) Aromatic amines

(8) Aliphatie ernlnss

(C) Carbohydrates

{O) a-amino acids

, 8. 6.Gfor spontaneous feaclionis(A) Positive only

(6) Nega:live only

(C) zero

(D) Could be positive or negative

19. Muddy waler can be purified lhrough coagulation uSing-

(AI Urne (B) Sand

(C) Alums (0) COmmOn salt

20. Which ot the 101l.0wln9. melals is! are n:lfinedeleclrolytically 7

CA) Copper (Bl Silver

(C) GOld (DJ All ot tne above


21. Carcinoma [s a cancer 01- (A) Skill

(8) Bone

(C) Conn.ective 'tissue (D) Muscle

22. Which tumour is eapsula'ted? {Al Matl:gnanl

(Bl Benign

(C) 80th (Al and (8) (D) None of theabove

23. ;Birds are-

(A) AmmonoteUc (6) Ulioolellc

(C) Ureotelic

(D) All of the above


24. Which 01 Ihe following is 0$11'10- conformer vertebrate?

(A) Kangaroo (B) Elephant (e) Lanceolet (0) Haggish

25. A mammal excrete in the term 01-

(A) Uric acid (9) Urea

(e) Ammonlum.ions (O) Amino a.crd

26. 8ryophyt.esgenerally occupy habitats Ihal are-

(A) O.ry

(8) Moisl

(C) sally

(D) In lull sunlight

27. Which ollhe following plants contributed Ihe most '0 our present day supply of coal?

IA) Seedles$V8SCular plants (8) Angiosperms

Ic) C(lni.lers

(O) Bryophytes

28. During, leaf·laU In plants. the hormone formed Is-

lA) Cytokinin (9) ABA

(G) G,A,a ('D) 1M

29,. The covering layer otvacccte is callad-

IA) Calyplra (8), Tonoplast

(0) Cytoplasm (D) iProtoplasm

30. The elameter 01 aZ-ONA mole-

eule is(A) 34 A (C) 18 A

(8) 3-4 A (0) 20 A



37. Which ollhe following is not an appliCalional software ?

(A) Spreadsheet

(8) Window XP

{CJ Deskt.op publishing (0) Word proce~lng

38. Which 01 the following is a cornouter software?


(B) Payroll pack.age {C} OOI'\50.le

(0) Impact printer

39. Mouse is useful in-

(A) Application olinplit device (6) Graphicaluserinterfa.C8 (C) Both (A) and (S)

(0) None ·of Ihe above

40. 'LIFO' stands 10f-

(A) Left inside first outside (6) Last :inlin>lo.lJi

(C) Ule Is lasl ofl

(0) Let Insiclelirst. out


31.00.1 rnaulx Inkjet Is Ihe example 01-

(A) Non-impact printer (6) Impact iprinler (C)Bolh (A) and IS) to) Noneofihe above

32. Line primer is an example ef(A) Music

(6) Output

{C) Input

(O) Noneoflhe above

33. Serial, printer is slower !Man(A) Drum

(8) Laser

(OlDat matrix

(0) All 01 tneaecve

34. Types o.f translator programmes are-

(A) Assemblers (8) Compilers {O} Interpreters

10} AU of theaoov9

3S. A number system wiltl abase 0.1 81s rel.erred as-

(A) Octat

(8) Decimal


(0) None 01 the above

36. Which (If tha following is not an input device?

(A) Printer

(6) Keyboard

{O} Voice recognition device (0) Optical scanners

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(Including 'Previous Years' Solved Papers)

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UPKAR PRAKASHAN 'D' Ava 2530966,Dclb.i 232SIS66,Palo:a 2666404t indore 40533331 CbarkhiDadarl (01250)22OUO

1790 I

uceess MI.r.ror _ Jul:y 2010


'lrade and 9n dus try

t. WUh the 'Iatesl Increase in k.ey interest rates by RBI. What Is the current Cash Reserve Ralio?

(A) 5·5% (B) 5·75%

(C) 6% (0)6·50%

2. What Is the cerrent controversy in which the Minister A. RaIa Is Involved 'I

(A) In theallocaJiM 013Gspectrumband

(B) In I.he 2G speclrumscam whioh caused loss 1.0 Ihe government

(0) Because he. Is a dallt minister from the DMK paf1y

(D) He is creating' problems lor the Congress party

3. Wh.y ha.s the Wor,1d Bank lately banned Ihe Indian company Videocon from deal r;g with them?

CA) Because it could notriepay the ex:lemalcommercial borrowIngslaken by il

(8) It. indulged!n fraudulent practices while bidding,for a Wor;ld Bank tender

(e) Substandard electronic goods was Supplied to the World Bank

(Olll m1sreport.ed lacts In lis loan application lor ,International funding

4 Which public sector oil company has been given Ihe status of Navralna recently?

(A) Oillndia

(8) Bharal Petrol'eum (C). Indian 011

(0) Hinduslan Petroleum

5. RBI' has penalized Bank of RaJasthan lor certain Irregularities. What was Ihe natureo! the wrongdoings?

(A) IIMd not complied with Ihe norms lor capRa! adequa.cy ralio 10 ;be maintained strictly by all banks

(8) The recovery agents appointed by lhe bank misbehaved with large number of Ihe bank's borrowers

Success Mirror _ Jllly 2010

(e) II had commnted violations !Ike deletion 01 records in the bank's IT system, irregular prope.rty deals elC

(0)11 had given wrong information about the amount waived under Ihe farmers' loan waiver scheme 01 2009.

6. An Indian NiUn Ndhria has been nominated for Ihe first lime as OeM 01 a well known inlernational business school. Whal is the name ollhe instilution?

CAl Harvard BusIness School

(B) KellOg.g business$Chool

IC) Wharton business school

(0) London SChool of Economics

7. Mr Narayana Muru'IY 01 Inlosys

has !loated a venture capital fund 11. lor promoling new business plans. Whallslhe name 01 the oompany 1

(A) Catamaran Investment .Pv:t Ltd

(8}lnfosys Investment.Pv\ LId

(C) Catamaran SIan. Up Investments Lt.d

(0) Catamaran Privat.eEQuity lid.

8. What i.s lhe dispute between Rel,iance Induslrh3's of Muk:esh Ambani and RNRI.. of Anil Ambani In which Supreme Coun gave ils decision?

(A) The Issue Is regarding Ihe ownership 01 the Dadri power planlinUP

(B) It relates 10 hol'lOuting of a family a,greement regarding shareholdings iingroupoompanies 01 Reliance Industries

(C) It concerns supply of gas for the Dadri power plantacco,(ling 10 an MOU betweenlhe Iwo cortlpanies

(0)11 Is regarding the disl~lbu!lon of assets of OhirubhaJ Ambani

9. Often we hear ot banks offering bancassurance servleesfo its cust.omers. What Is il ?

fA) It Is a written assurance from banks about RBI approved customer service levels

fB) It is seJling 01 iosurancepro· ducts through banks

(C) II Is the subsidiaries 01 banks selling Insuranoo prOducts

(0) OU510.mer relatl.onshlpmanage'rs are provided tc answer customer queries

1.0. Which ollhe lollowlng is notan international la.lln9 age.ncy ? (A)Stanr;lard enoPoors

(8) Moodys

(O) Pilch

(0) Morgan Stanley

Where does HBr mint currency coin,s?

(A) At Murnbaiand AUpore (Kolkata)

(8) AI Mumbai, and Nolr;la (e) AI Kolkats and Nolda

(0) At Mumbai, Mpore(Kol.kale), Hyderabad and Noida

12. What i$the ;financial arrang.emenl 10 provide help to G.reece lor ils crisis?

(A) IMF and the eurozone eoentries have , .. greed to provide Euro 110 billiQn aid IQ Greec~

(8) 11a1y and Germany have decided 10 give financial asslslance 01 USO 143 billion to GI\eeee

(e) All eurozone members to observe austerity measures and provide aid

(0) Gireece 10 cui spending and postpone Indeflnll:ely payme.ntof the.lr debts 10 IMF

13. WhIch Indian autooompany recenlly dissolved its joint venture with Renault cat oompany ? (AlTals Motors

(8) Ashok Leyland

(C) BajaJ

(0) Mahindra.& Mahlndra


14. A group 01 countries commonly known as PIGS is reportedly facing financllal criSis. Which are Inese countries?

(.A) Portugal,ltaly. Greece. Spain (6) Po.rtugal, Ireland, Gold Coast, SOuth AI~lca.

(O) Paraguay. trelsnd, Greece. 20. South Africa

(D) PeN. Ilaly, Greece .. Spain

15 .. RBI has directed banks to cover aU villages with population above 2,000 which presenUy does nol have ·any banking fa.ci1i\ies by 2012. How many such vll.la98.s are there?

(A) 90.000 (Cl 84,000

(6)64,000 (OJ 6:9,000

16. Sending 01 spaJm or unsolicited 8·mail messages through ecmputerresource or communication device Is a punishable oHenoe under Inro.rmaUon Technology Act 21. (amended) 2000. Whal Is the maximum punishment?

(A) Fine 01 Rs 1 lakh

(6) imprisonmenl upto3 year·s (C) 1 year Impriso.nment wilh nne (0) Upto 3 ycarsimprisonmenl with fine

17. Tata Tea lid has recently announeed change 01 Its name in view 01 new marketing slrategie.s. What is the new nama?

(A) Tata Global: Beverages Ltd (Bl Tata Sons LId

(C) Tata (IndialBeverages Ltd (0) Tata Tea. Global LId

16. SEBthas inillOiled proceedings agains!an. audit firm for lis ,rote in The Satyam soam. Which is Ihis audit Hrm?

(A) Sa.\liooi and Co (6) L.ovelock Lewis (C) Price Wate~house (0) L..uthra & tutnra

19. R,Bl has rscanlty signed an agreement with Ihe International MonelasyFund 1.0 purchase notes uplo USO 10 billion. What is Ihe purpose?

(A) II would help India to gel loans Irom the international communlly

(6) All central, banks ofperformIng economies are required to contrlbutam Ihe IMF fund


(e) II is a pari 01 Int.erna1ional ellorl 10 improve the lending capacllyol IMF for financIal

support 10 me m.be r countries. 25.

(O) As per terms 01 lending agreems.nl wilh IMF this is mandatory

Coal India is adopling a novel way of permitting its employees to IparHcipate in ils first public issue. What:is il?

(A) It is providing loans 10 the employees 10 apply

(8) II ls pe.rmiUing spouses 01 employees to putin exira bids (e) It is helping to open demal accounts in the name 01 Iha employees lor subS(:nbing 10 the Issue.

{OJ the employees' assGdiatiOns are being given preference in allOtment

Which mid sized software company has succeeded in getting a Rs 30 cr. contract. Irom UIOAI despite compeliliOn Irom Tata, WiproetC?

(A) Accenlm6

(8) Mind Tree


(0) TeCh Mahindra

TelemarkeUI"IQ hascf'eated probterns lor Ihe average customer.

Wha.! Is Ille apprOVed procedure lor overcoming it 1

{A) To subscribe to Ihe Registrar 01 Companies comptaintlorum (6) To complaint tothe Ministry of Consum.er Affairs .

(e) To. register with lhe 00 not. disturb registry 0.1 the service provider

(0) To subscn1>et.o the Telecom AuthOrity 01 India. registry.

23. Which of the 10110win9is known as a seoured 10BI"I 01 acemmercial bank.?

(A) Pe(sonalloans

(6) Credil card overduas (C) TempOIBr:y overdrafts

(D) EdUCational loans lor As 7 lacs


24. Which commercial bank. is known lor using the lag line The Banker to every Indian'.

(A) 1C'ICIBank

(Bl Punjab NatIona.l Bank

(C) HOFCBanl<

(0) Stale Bank 01 'India MonOpOlies and Restrictive Trade Praclioesh.svebeen substHule<l byanolh.er government body.

What Is the name ollhlsenlity ? (A) Competition Commission 0.1 India

(6) UnlQueldenlHicatlon ,AuthoIi!)' 01 India

(C) Clearing Corporstionollndia (0) None 01 these

Many oompanles have arbitration clause In tnelr c-ommerci.sl agree·ments with other companies. lor dispute settlement How does it operate?

(Al Companies can arral'lQe compromise selUement through courts

(8) There is no scope for appeals againsllower court orders

(C) A mutually accepted third parly ls allowed'!o hear and seule Ihe dispute

(0) 'For lasterselliemenl 01 dtspules Ihrough lasl tra.ck courts

The 3G auclionbid Is in process among lelecom companies. Why is there so much activity lorlhis e'x:ercise ?

(A) The auction process is being: inlrod'uced ,lor thel1rst lime

(8) The 2(3 allocationrestricl.ed lIle number 01 companies

(C) The lelecom mInistry is lacing! ser10uscharges

(D)Jhe growth potential is huge The governmenl. Isser.iously considering inUoduclion 01 mobile number portahility. What would

be the funcNon ?

(A) The mobile number 01 asubserlber need not change with change of service provider

(S) Aoam.lng facility woutd be aHowed on 'every mobile number without any eJdra charges (C)6road band services would be applicable

(0) Concept o'prepaid and :posl paid services would be merged

29. BRIC Is considered to be .an important body ,in inlernalionaJ economic and trade issues. What does i( reler to ?

(A) It is the gmup 01 leading induSlriaUsts Irom Russla. Italy. Canada and Bra..dl

(Cflllfillued cm Puge 802)




Success 1i.r.ror. July 2010



Regional Rural Banks In India are an Inlegral pa.r1 01 the ruralcredi\ suuctureot the ootlnlryslnce Ihe very be9,lnning, when Ihe Regional Aural Ban'ks in 'India were estabfishedln OCIObe.r2. 1975. These banks played a pivotal role in economic development ollhe rurallnd'ia, The main g.oal of establishing Regional Aural Banks in India was to provide c,redit 10 the rural people who are not economlca'Hy strong enough, especially Ihe small and marginal farmers. artisans, agri· culturallabol.lf$, and even smauemrepreneurs.

The history 01 Reg'ional Aural Banks in India dates ,back tothe year 1975. It 'is the Narslmhan Committee lhal conceptuallz.edlhe foundation 01 Regional Rural BMksln India. The commntee leU the need 01 "regionally orlenled rural banks" Ihat would addres.s rhe problems and' requirements ollha rural people with feel, yet with Ihesame level of professionalism 01 commercial banks. FIve IRe.giona:l Aural Banks were set up on OctCfber 2,.1975 with a 1.0100 aulhOrizedcapital 01 As. 1 crere, which rater augmenle<l to Rs. 5 crore. There were five cornmerclal banks, viz ... PunJab National Bank, State Bank 01 India, Syndicals Bank, United Bank 01 India and Unlled Commercial Bank, which sponsored the Regional Rural Banks. The equlHes 01 the Gram!n Banks (Rural Banks) were divided in a propor1ion '01 50: 35 : 15 .among Ihe Central Government. !he Sponsor Ban.k and the concerned Siale Government.

ReoenUy various Gramin Banks have released vacancies fo.rth.e post

of Clerk-cum·Cashier or Office Assi$,' tant, L,et us know, whal will' be Ihe stra,legyfor Ihe preparation lorihe Clerk-cum-Cashier Sxamlnalions.

Scope and Opportunity in


Ih.e banking scenario in India has already gaIned all Ihe momentum, with domestic and intemational banks gathering pace. The locus of" all banks in :India has shifted Ihelr approach 10 cost, determined by revenue minus proUt. The beSI.leatures otihe Gramin Banking Jobs are securlly., good perks. good salary and there ,isa saUsfaclory scope lor premotlons. The Gramin Banking' seetcr provides employment 10 a large number 01 aspirants. A career In !he Gramln 8a.nks has a.lways ,been sought aller. As the Industry is growing there is no dearth 01 opportunities .. Fssclnalion with G.ramin Banking services has never been higher than al present.

Educational Qualification for G ram in Bank Clerk-cum-Cashier

A degr'ee from any recognized university In any discipline, or ltsequivaleltl, or pass with 50 ma.rks (45% for SCIST candidates) in aggregale in Hlg.her Secondaryexam'lnationof 10 +2 ... 3 paUerntXl (1 HI'I) standard 01 XI (11Ih) + 3 paUem/pre-degree or ilntermediate or any equivalent exarnlnation or Dlploma in Banking recog-

Model 0' Objective Test for Gramln Banks

niz.ed by Cenlra.VStale Governments or Union Territory; or pus with minimum 60% markS (56% lor SClSTcandidales) in aggregate in malficulalionf senior school certificate (old panern) or equivalent.

Age Limit

For Clerl<-cum·Cashier tile a,ge limit should be1S-26 years. Relaxa.Honln upper age In case 01 $CI$TI Ex.SMlPWO candidaIes as per GovernmenfsGuidelines.

Selection Prooedure

Th.e selecHon 01 the candidates shall be made on lhe basis 01 wriUen test and Interview. All eligible oandldates wm be called for a wriuen, test which will be 01 ob]eclivetype. The ObieGlive Tesl consists at-Reasoning Ability, Numerical Ability, Clerical Aptitude and english Languag.e.

There will be penally for wrong answers. For every wrong answer, 0·25 marlts will be deducted. Marks obtained in written lest will be reckoned 101 merit ranking. Accordingly, candidates will be caliedlor interview based on merit Depending upon Ihe number 01 vecanciesonly those candidat,es who ranked sul~i· cienUy high in Ihe wrillent.esl win be called for the In'ts.rvlew In the ratio of 1 : 4 (lour time 01 Ihe number 01 vacancies). F.lnsl selection wll! be on


S. No. ObJectlv(I Type Tell

No. ·of Ql.lesllol\S Max. Muks, Duration

1. Reasoning Ability

50 50

2. NumeriCal.AbI!i1y

3. ClariCal/l.Ptftooe

5050 120 mioutes


4. English Langll(lge

so 50 SOmlnul.CS


lhe basis ollhe ranking accorded aner adding Ihe marks obtalned in Ihe writtenles! and Interview. The les! 01 English Language nor to be counted for merit/ranking. The candid ales must have oblained minimum 01 40% miUks (35% lor SClST) in each paller.

How to Prepare ?

Undoubt.edly. exam-orienled hard labouT wilh right app.roa.ch will make your goal achieved. In other words, 10 be successful, regular practice in ali Ihe sections is essential. II is advisable io do lhe basic Ifrst. Aller this, start doing secUon tesl form Aea.sonlng, NumeriCal Ability., Clerical Aptitude and EngliSh 'language. The willlen sections 01 Ihe Reasoning Ablll!y, NumerIcal Ablli!y and Clerical Aptitude can beptepared by solving, !he pr'aviou$ papers. Try and attempt IhoS8' quesUons l.h81 you are 100% sure 01 Ihe given questions. Do no! lea.V8 anything lorll"le lasl minute.

Get Voursell Ready to Answer Ihe FollowIng. Sections .Ac~ura.tel.y:

• Reasoning Ability Test

Regular pra.ctice is Ihe key to crack Reasoning Ability Tesl. Queslions on Reasoning would be based on .... e~bal and non·verbal both. The question may be likely so:

1. In a certain code 'CROWNED' is written as 'PSDVeFO'. How is 'STREAMS' wriUen in thai code ? (A) SUTDTNB (B) SUTDBN" (C) SUTFTNB (0) QSRDTNB IE) None 01 Ihese


2 .• If' 'P' denOles "0(', 'R' denotes '+'. 'M' denOles '-'and 'W' denotes

• + ·(hen-

20R5W12.M3P4 =?

(A) 28 (B) 16

(G) 52 (D) 4

(E) None 01 lhese Ans.

• Numerieal Ability Test

Numetical Abililylesl deals wilh basic Malhe.matics-AddiUon, Sub· traction 01 decimal, Simplification, Profil and' Loss, Percen!age, Ralio. Average. Time and Distance, Time and Wort: etc, The question may be likely so:


Olrectlon-Wbat should come In place 01 question mark (7). in the fOI\l)wlng queslion 1


(A) 13·5 fB) 15

{CllS (0) 14·5

(E) None ollhese


2. II the compound interest on an acecontotas. 14,.500 in, two years is Rs. 4676·25. whal is the rate ot lnterest p.c.p.a. ?

IA} 9 (9) 11

IC) 15(01 18

(E) None 01 Ihese


• Clerical Aptitude Test Regular practice is the Key 10 crack Clerical Aptitude Test. The questions may be likely so :

Dlrecllon-Inlhe glvenqueslion below a. combinaJlon 01 Name and Address is glve.n in Ihe I1rsl column at Ihe left followed by four such cometnations on.e each under lhecolumns (A), (B), (C) and (D). You have to 1100 OU! Ihe oombinali.on which is,exa.cUy Ihe same as the comelnatlon in Ihe firslcolumn. Thelener of th.at column which contains mat combination is lhe answer. If all Ihe combinations are differen!, the answer is (E)

1. 'KCF' Appa. Rae 91 Bara Sohta 'P' Bare,lIy 573

(A) KGP Appa Aao SI:Sara Battis. 'P' Baremy 513

(8) Kep Appa Rao

91Bara Bohra "P' 'Barelily 513

(C) KeF' AppaRa.o 91 Bara Boh:ra 'P' Barelly 573

(OJ KCV Appa 'Rao 91 BaJa BohTa 'P' Bareilly'573

(E) None of these Ans.

TipS for Gramln Bank Clerk.cum· Cashier

• Try lPatiomplOloso questlonstnat you afe 1111"drO(l! per coni sure or.

.00 nolleavoanylhlng I'or Ihtl' last lime. WOlkon a little bit 01 overy thIng "very day. Lasl minute stucly will not help you.

• YOll!t3vC 10, aUllmpt2QO qUD$tiO"S In 150 mlnutas, Try to ,keep your goal al aJound 160·1.70 questions correctwiOl nonegatiYe m ark'ng,

• You must baaccustomcd to the exam paper $0 Ihat you do not waSle art~ p r'lIclo us lime under· standing Ihelormal or the lnstruc· !ions ..

• Try 1.0 pracllso ooncon1ration and medilaUon regularly.

• Go ahead and prepare a stucly planner :and c:alellC!arlor yourself and ons\! ro that you stlck to II,

• Time ma:.nagemenl rs very Imper. t3r1L

• Selecting the right study m.aleriall.

• 'Practlso as many modi lests as

poSSible. .

• Always use a SlPp watch to track the lime while solvif1gor answerlTl9 any

Success 1i.r.ror. Jul:y 2010

Llsi. 01 Gram!n Banks In India


Andhra Pra.cleshGramln Vlke.s 'Sank. Andhrs ~rQgathl Gram!" aa~nlt. Deccan Gramin 'Bank, Chairanya Godavari GramlnBanll, Sapta,giri GfamlnBal!k


Kamataka.V1kas Gramln Bank,Praga'lhl Graml" Bank, ca.~.eryKalpathal1J Gramln BMk,KlislmaGram'lIl :Bank, Cillmagalu,· K.oda.9u' Gramln Bank. Visvesl;vata.ya GramlnBank

Baroda RaJasthan Gramln Bank. Marwat Ganganagar ,alkanet GramlnBank, RaJasthan Gramill Bank, Jalpllr Thar Gramlo Bank, Hocloll Kstlelrtya Gram!n 9an!<. MowaT AJK:hal.k Gramln 'Bank

ArunaehalPflIdHh Arunachal ,Pradesh Ru rslBal1k


Oh~ttl$garh Mllnlpur

Chhattlsgarh Gtamin Bank Surguja ManipuI Aural·Ba.nI!:

Kshe,lrlyaGrs.mln Bank. Ourg· RaJnandgaon 'Gramln Bal1k

Gulal'lll Meglla'ly.

Dena Glljarat Gremio .Ballk, Baroda KaBank Nogl<yncl()r.g RI Khasi.Jalnlia Gularal GramII'lBa.nk. SauraShtra

Gramln 'Bank.

"aryan. ~ram

HatyaMGramln Bank. GllrgaonGramln Mlloram Aural Bank Bank


Assam 'Gramln Vikash Bank. t8llgpl Deh8n!ll Rural Bank


Madhya Blhat Gramln Bank, Bihar Ksl:letriyaGramin Bank, Uttar Bihar I<sl':I6trlya Gliamln BanJc, 'Kosi Kshalrtya Gramr" Balik, SanlQSrlpur KshOUI.ya Gramln 'Bank.

Karell Narmada Malwa.G~amln Bank, North Pandyan Grama B.ank" PaUavan Grama

Malabar Gramin Bank Bank

MIII(;I.IIYI. PHldesh Tiipura

Narmada Matwa Glamln Bank, Satpllra 11tpura Gmm!nBanlc ,i(shotrlya 'Gre.mln Bank, Madhya Bbara.t

GramlnBank, Cllambal-Gwallor Kshelr~a

Gramln BMk, Rewa~Sldhi GramlnBank.

Sharda Gre.mlnBank, RaUam·Mandsaur

K~hotrlya Gre.mInBallk, Vldlsha.BhopaJ

Ksholtf'la Gramln BanJ:c, MahakaushaJ

KsMtrly.a Gramln Bank .. Jhabua Dhar

Kshetriya Gramln :Bank


Marelhwada Gramln Bank. AurMSllbad' Jaina G,am!n IBan\(, Wainganga. Ksh&triya Gramln Bank, Wdharbha Kshetrlys Gramln Bal'lk, Solapur Gram!" Bank. Thane Gramln8ank, Aal.na.glrl·Slndhudurg Gramlo Bank

Hll!TllIIenalPracldh Himachal Gramlo Gramln :Stank


Bank. Parvatlya NagalandRulal Bank

Jammu Rural Bank, :Ella.qual Deha!! Kallnga Gramya Bal1k, 'Ulk.al Gramya Bank, KamrazRural Ba_nk 'Bank, 'Ba.ltaranlGramya 'Bank, NeelaChal GramyaBanli;. Rushlkulya Gramya Bank

.J lun:kl:l andPunl1d)

Jh!ukhand Gramln Ban'k, VanMCIla!Punlab ·Gra_mln 'Bank,Falidkot'Bha~ncIa GraminBank Kshatrlya GramlnBaIlk, Malwa Gre.mln


Direction-The leUer group in rhe given question Is to be codified In 1M lollowing number cedes :


HOAPGBALFZ Number Coele : 2964758013

Success Mjl'r~r • Jul)' .2010/4

You have to IInei out whteh 01 answers (Alor (8) or (e) or (0) has Ihe correctcoded ,Iorm otthe given leUefsand indical.e it on your answer sheet If none of the coded forms is correct mark (E) as the answer.


tA) 510364 (9) 51063·4

Ul.hr Pra~'h

P,lJrvantl'lal Gramln .Bank •. K&$hi Goml! Samyul GfamIn Bank., Ullar Pr.adesh 'Gramln Ban'k. Shreyas Gramln .Bank, Lut;kllOw KsherriyaGramln iBank. Ballla "'helnya Giamln 'Bank, Ttivetll 'Kshe'lriya Graml":BIInk. Aryavart GramlnBarlk, Kisan GramlnBank. Kshelriya Klsa.n Gram!n Bank, Etawah KsheLfilya GramlnBarlk, Ran! wm Bal Kshetrlya Gramll'! BanJ<,Baroda Western Ut\arPtuclesh Gramln, Bank, [)eyj. pal an 'KShetriya Gramlo Bank, P,ralhama Bank. Baroda sastern Ullar Prad9sh GramlnSank.


Uttar,ancllaI Gramlo :Bank, Nainllal AlmorEI Kshotrlya Gliamln. Bank

West Bengal

8angl.y8 Gramio Vikesh Ba.n~, :Pasdhim Bafl98 Gramln Bank,. UnarBanga. Ksl'Ielriya GtlIl'I'IlnBank

(C) 513064 (0) 516034

(E.) None of these .Ans.

• English language Test Test·of EngliSh wiUhave questions on grammar, vocabulary, synonyms.

(C().IIlill!lod.oJI Page 809


( lnternatlonal Relations Article J



Publius Flavius Vegelius RenaIus, ill wrileror later Roman Empire once wrole,'SI vis pacem, para bellum: This maxim which means 'il you wanlpeace, prep·are for war', Ihough does nol seem to be true In 1010, yel 11 gives strength to whalis called min mum credible deterrence. Candi.dly, mili\ary slreng\h is a prlmary or necessary component 01 peace. II, In tact, jusliflesmlnlmum del,errence, As we know, nucfear deterrence is .8 doctrine Ihal 'Inlends 1.0 deler other stares Iromal1acklng. with their nuclear weapons, It also says Ihal a country must preserve ils second strike caPability.

A year after hisgroundbreaklng. pledge to move toward a 'world without nuclear weapons',lheUS President Barack Obama unveiled Ihe new nuclear policy in April 2010 prior 10 Ihe rnueh-talked about Nuclear Security Summit. The policy has been dccumentedas Ihe .Nudes.r Posture Review INPRI. The new documenl sets the framework for deCisions onUS nuclear polley for live 10 ten years. This covers the size of Ihe stocKpile and inveSlmenls In submarin.es, mlssHesand nuclear laboratories, The NPR says thaI tM lundam.entalroJe of nuclear weapons is 1.0 deter nuclear attack onlhe US and Its allies aM it rules outtne use of nuclear weapons agalns1 non nuclear countries even if they aUack Ihe US with unconventional weapons. However. Ihis assurance only goes 10 countries lhatare in compliance with Ihe .NUClear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which leaves OuJ North Korea and kan. Departing from Ihe Bush admlnistra.lion'sapproaeh 'he new nuclear doctrine primarily reeuseson lerrorisls, and rogue stales as the main nuclear threals narrowing the staled scenarios in which the US Government would use nuclear weapons.

The NPR ouulnes the approach lopromOling the Pres ide nrs agenda for reducing, nuclear dangers a.nd pursu.ing thegoel 0.1 a world without


nuclear weapons, while slmutI.aneouslyadvancing broader US securHyco.ncerns. Hig.hlighting. Iha following live major objectives. Ihe poHcyreview reflects thenalionat securily priorities. These objectives are:

1.Prevenling nuc.learprollfer.allon and nuclear terrorism.

2. Red.ucing the role 01 nuclear we'apons in security strategy.

3, MaintaIning strategic deterrence and sta.bility at reduced nuclear forees level.

4. Strengthening regional deterrence and rieassuring US allies and partners ..

6. Sustaining a safe, secure and effective nuclear arsenal.

By all means Ihe .NPR mskss the prevention 01 nuclear tencrtsm and proliferation a central st'ra~eglc prtorily.

Changing Faces of Oisarmament

The lirsl ooncrete step fOlarms cont.Tolwas taken as early as in '676 when France and Ihe Roman iEmplre signed the Strasbourg, Agreement pre.veming the use 01 poisonous cartridges. In 1817,. the: US and the UK signed an agreement. for darnllltarization, of the regions. 01 Great La.ke and Lake Chapman. The Agreement was sig.ned by the then US foreign minist~er 'Richardi Rush and Ihe British Minister f.or WashinglonSir Charles Bagot, hence tt was termed Rush· Bagol. Trealy. This pavedihe way for Ihe Washin.gton Trealy 01 1871. The motivational steps la'ken by Tsar Nicholas II 01 ineRussian Empire 1M 10 the first Hague Conference. One 01 the most imporlanlsteps althe conference wa.s the setting 01 the Permanent Court 01 Arbitration.Caspi,te tll.e efl'orts made in tha nex.1 two conferences held at Hague in 1899 a1ld 1915 respectively. \he Fi.rslWorld War virt~ally destroyed the entiree-dilice 01 disarmament created so far. Tile crocess of disarmament and ccmrorling armsgol a fresh lease of a life

after Ihe second World War by the United Nations and In 1946 Ihe U.N Ge.n.eraJ Assembly adopted lhe Prlnclp'les Governing G.eneraJ R"egulallon and Reduction 01 Armaments. To recall here, Article' 11 01 Ihe UN Charter empowe.rs lhe General Assembly (0 consider various prinCiples 01 disarmamenL Moreover. under Artlcle 26 01 Ihe Charter the General Assembly may make a plan to regulale ine steps rela.tingto dlsarrnament Likew.ise the UN Security Council may also such recommendations. In 1952, Ihe process· gal further impetus with the s9tting up of the UN Commission all Oisarma.menl. which mandates the processes of r'egula1ion of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

Bathlhe US and Russia" Inherited mascslve nuclear arsenal Itom tha Cold War era of bipolar mlmsry eonfrontation. Thlsi.s now poorly sulled: 10 addressth'e challenges posed by suicidal letrorisls and unfriendly regimes seeking nuclear weapons. II ts, therelore, lnevilable 10 beuer arign nuclear policies and posture to Ihe most ufg.enl priorltles·preventing nuclear t.errorism and nuclear proll· feration.

Issues in NuclearProliferaUon

Proliferation 01 nuclear weapons andlhe penchant of deve.loping nudear capabflilles have been a ma!or challenge across the world since 1945. On occasions, It has also contributed to the changing power equalions. Albell, the Nuclear Non·Proli· feration Treaiy(NPT). 1968 recog· nlses lila US, RUSSia. China,Britain and France as tile nuclear weapon states" In taet, about 13 countries have so far successfully developed fhe CQ,pab.iltly of enrich men I 01 uranium. In the lasl. couple of decades. the regions flk;e Soulh Asia, Southeast .Asia. West Asia etc, have become nuclea.r OashpoinlS.

In Ihe 1980s the conoopt of mlnlmum ,credible deterrence came 10 the fate which also contributed 10 proll-

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

feralicmof nuclear weapons. A general perception was developec:l thaJil was due 10 Ihisminimumdelerrence which had pre v enteda direciconlllcl betwee.n lhe SU.per·powers during the Cold War period. A peninenl question remains is Ihal w1"lo is responsible for such a proliferation. A number ofiXI'i· lieal sclemists "ke S8;gon and Waltz ha .... e opinedlhal mostly the protifereUon has been horizontal, that Is to say thai mosttylhe P5 nanons have been engaged In nuclear proliferation. However,it wouJdbe ,apposite to ,say that the enUre global stale system has contrlouted to II. As the concept 01 mlnlmum credible deterrence provides a sense of security par1icularly to new and emerging ,nal'ions, they desperately tried 10 developlhis ca,pability, however, withlhe approach 01 'no-fiml use'.

Otl1er ,contributing factors, inter alia, Include availability 01 nuclear technoloqlas and skilled 'manpower and domes1ic poli1ical policies. During Ihe Cold War period, a general nonon was Ihat no'. only for security, nuclear weapons are also required for lmprovIng the intematlonat reputatlon of a country .. 01 tare, nuclear proliferation and fncreasinglygrowing greed of acquiring nuclear capabilities have led 10 the growth 01 nuclearlerrorism 100. A number et teeorlst 'organizations may acquire such weapons which would pose serlousthreals 10 Ihe erulre inlernallonal security syslem. The apprehension was also highlighted In the recenUyconcluded Nuclear Security Summil at Washing,· Ion (April 12-13, 2D10) which aimed' 10 ensure thai nuclear weapons and weapon·grade male rials were put under lock and key 10 prevenl terrorists gelling them. According, 10 estimates, al:lOull-6 million kilograms of Highly Enriched 'Uranium (HEU) and about 5,00,.000 kilograms 01 Plul.onium are stock-piled presently across the world at different tocaitons, II takes only abo 1.11 25 kilograms HEU or B kiiograrnsPlulonlum 10 make a crude nuclear bomb. The Summit also highlighted Ihal Ihegrea:lesl Ihreat camelrom Pakistan which possessed about 1 ton of Plutonium anti some amoumsct HEU. Terrorist groups like AI·Casda, Asm Shinrlkyo (Japan), La.shkar·e- Taiba. and Ohechan rebels., all are 'eyeing' on such weapons or matertals, The Summil also focusseO

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

on controlling IissilemaleriaL Coun· Irles like Ukraine, Canada, Malaysia and MexlC{l have already agreed' 10 either reduce or Ilghien controls on their stores af HEU.

So far as the US approach towards nuclear pr'oliletallon, and nuclear terrorism rscencemec, II includeslhree keyelemenlS. FirSt, the US seeks 10 bolster Ihe nuclear ncn-prollteratlae regime and its center-piece, the 'NPT,. by reversing Ihenuclear ambitions 01 North Korea and tran, strengthening International Atomlc energy Agency (iAEA) sale' guards and:enlorcing compliance >vilh them. Second, the 'US intends to' acceterate ellortsta Impl.ement the InitiaUves of President Qhamato secure aU vulnerable nuclear meterials worldwide in four years. Third. lt Is purSuing' arms controt elforts inCluding Ihe new Stralegic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), tatilica· Ilo.n and entry Into force of !he Comprehensive Test. Ban Tr'ealy (Glen and negoliation of averillable Fissile Malerlal GUlo!! Treaty as a means of streng.lhenlng its ability 10 mobillse broad International support lor 1.l1e measures needed 10 remtcree the non-J)rolileralion regime and secure nuclear .mat,erials worldwide.

New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START)

A major landmatk in the direcli<)n 01 arms control was Ihe STAHT I signed between Ihe US and Russia in 1991, (II expired in December 1991). In taet, tne Treaty was originally eonceived belweenthe US and the erstwhile Soviei Union in 1981 but unfor1unately ilcould not be enforced. Following this, the US launched its Strategic Delence Inil1allve Programme in 1983 which led 10 increasing Ihe pace 01 nuclear proliferation. Finally. alte( Ihe dismantling 01 the Soviet Union the ;Russia. as Its successor sgned the trealy wi'h Ihe US in 1991. In January 1993, thetwe nauons signed STAAT ;U but. il also could not be brought into loree .. As the US wilhdrewfrom Ihe Anti-8amslic MiSSile (ABM) Trealy, Russia also withdrew from ST.ART II. Th.e Obama admlnlstrallon alter Us commitment lowardsmaking the world ffee lrom nuclear weapons agreed with Russia 10 new START which was signed l1na,lIyon April 8,20,10. The new pact

stipulates. Ihal the number of nuclear warheads Is 10 be reduced 1.0 1550 on each side. while the number 01 deployed andnon·dep1oyed delivery vehicles must not exceed 800 on each side. Thelrealy which is valid for 8. ,period 01 len years sa.ys thai strategic offensive weapons will not be used on Ihe leftitory 01 any third counlry. Although diss.greemenlsslill remain between Russia and Ihe US over missile shield plans, it is expected Ihallhe new treaty will bring nelY level ·01 cooperatIon In the areas 01 nuclear disarmament and arms control. IHowever, II would be advisable lithe two work logeth.er for creating a global missile defence system. The two countries have agreed 10 contlnua dialogues to resolV,e eonflicts on missile defence. The pact certainly reflects new positive trends in lhe US'Russia relatkms advancing 'bila:t.eral cceperatlon to a new level. Another Imporlanlleature altha deal is thai Ihe two ccunntes have a~reed 10 decommission some 01 their InlEH Co.nlinental, Ballislic Missiles (ICBM) and to converi them to space la.unch vehiCles.


1111111111 bll .......... _.

By: 0/. B. B. Jain

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RRB (AUahabad) Train Clerk Ex,am.,.2009

(Held on 15 .. 3~2009)

Correct Spelling

1. (AI Comilmenl (9) COmiltmen! (C) Commillmenl (D) Commitment

2. (A) Fuillil (9) FUlfil
(C) Fulfill (0) Fu!!fill
3. (A) Delendant (6) Delende"l
(G) Defandent (D) Defandanl
4. (A) Va/s!fle (9) Versfi1e
(C) Versatile (D) Vors:lyle 5. (A) Recoman.d (Bl Recommend (C) Reconand (0) Recomend

6. I alwayslaU old Friends in

Urnes 01 need.

(A) over (6) Ihrough

(C) baok on (01 of'

7. The party decided to lake the shortest, ..... 10 its destination.

CAl root (B) route

(e) distance (OJ direction

8. The girl was very pleased ......... herself.

CAl in (C) over

(9) on (D) with

9. Beca.use of deloreslallo.n birds

are Iheir netllng places ..

(AI cooking (9) oonserving eCI searching (0) demanding'

10. The thieves broke the

museum 10 steal ihe painling.

(A) up (B) side

(C) olf (D) lnto

11. Where was the batHe 01 Plassey loughl?

(AI Kamal (B) Haldighati

(C) Mysore (D) Bengal

12. Who was the firsl Vice·President ofl,ndia?

(A) Dr. S. Ftadhakrishnan (B)Ot, RaJendra Presael (C) C. V. Raman

(D) Jawahar Lal Nehru


13. Wha.l was the reason behind tile mutiny 011857 '{

(A) Carlddge cOnlaining fat (B) FrYslration in soldiers

(C) Falture 01 ;Bri!lsh Government (O) Admlnlsttative research

14. Which of lhe 10Howing is UHF?

(A) 40 MHz (9) 400 MHz

{C)400KHz (0) 40KHz

15. Mass 01 a. particle Is m and its momenlum Is p. Ils kinetic energy will be-

(Al mp (e) trIm

(9) p'lm (D) (ill2m

16. 5.1. unit of power is ·walr. II is equtvatent to wl'lich ollhe follOWIng?

(A) Kgms-2 (9) .Kgm2s-.2 (C) Kgm2s...(l

tD) None 01 these

17. Who among the follOwing cricketers scored the hlghesl runs{A) Brien Lara

{B) Sanal Jaystlrya Ie) Sachln Tendull<ar

(D) Virendra Sehwag

18'~. 9 ..

11 so 7


(Al3S (C) 27

(6)32 (D) 14

19. Which is the oldest. Veda? (AI SamvMa

(6) Rigveda

(0) Yaiurveda

10) AlhsN3.ve<ia

20. Who was the lounder 01


(A) Mohammad Ali Jinna (B) Uyaqu8t All Khan

(C) Gallar Khan {O)Benazir Bhuuo

21. Who Invented television? (A) J. LBalrd

(8) Lawrance

(C) Frederick TrechRhic (D) King Gillell.e

22. Who invenled wireless ? (A) Marooni

(6) Charles Gaterin (C) George Cayley (0) Zenobe Gramme


(A) 32 (C) 22

(B) 18 (D) 28

24. WhiCh 01 Ihe lollow.ing was the bailie slralagy of Shiva!i against Mughals?

(A) Aler1 army (6) Large army

(C) Political monopOly (D) Gue~lIla. warfare

2S.Find 01.11 the next lermo! the serles-

1.2.4,7,11, ......

(A) 16 (B) 12

(C) 9 (D) 4

28. Which 01 the .Iollowing cities is termed as the Pink city?

(A) Jaipur {B) Jodhpur

(C) Ajmer (D) Delhi

'l7. WhO wrole Ihe Meghdoot?

(A) Kalldas (9) Vatsyayan

(C) Chanakya (D) Premchand

28. Find out Ihe .missing term 01 Ihe ser.les- 11,13,17,19.23,29,31.37,41...

(A) 43 (B) 47

(0) 53 (0) 51

29. Which of IhefoUowing ,is aerealion 01 Mailhill·Sharan Gupta?

(A) Sakel (S) Urvashl (e) Prempachisi (D) G'alha

uceess MI.r.ror _ July 2010

30. WhiCh Is the longest railwayllne 01 the world?

(A) Trans-Siberian

(6) Trans-Canadian (e) OriMt Ranway Une

(D) Railwayline from L.ondon to Paris

31. Which 01 IheloUowlng slates has Ihe higheslnumber or voters ? (A) Uttar Pradesh


(e) Rajasthan (D) Gujara!

32. Garaba folk: dance belongs to wh!chol Ihe following stales? (AI iManlpur (6) Assam

(C) Gujara! (D) Orissa

Nearest Meaning:

33. Addicled-
(A) wnd (.8) enhaneed
(e) sentenced (D) Incline
34. Bewilder-
(A) Cross (6) Seile
(e) Puzzle (OJ Annoy
35. Deslitute-
(A) SloK (8) Poor
(el Ihin (DJ Angry
36. Genteal-
(AI Clever (8) Ponte
eel Hopeful {Dl Lovable
37. Camouflage -
(A) Deject (B) Disappear
(C) Drown (D) Conceal 38. A thing liable to be easily broken-

(A) BreOlkable eBl Ductile

(Cj B.rlUle (D) DaUoate

39'. Animal Hving on land and in waler-

(A) Ambiguous (e) Pacify

(e) .Amphiblan (D) AmbiValern:l

40. One who does not care lor literature or and-

(A) Batbari:,m (BI Philistine (CJPrimillve (D) Literate

41. The lOll owIng. counLry Is the winner ottne laslthree wor'I'd crleket coups-

(AI Pakistan (BI India

(e) Australla (D) Sri Lanka

Success Mirror. July 20JO

42 .. Find the odd man oul.- 1,.5,14,. 30,50,55,9'1

(Al 5 (C) 55

{B) 50 (OJ 91

43. Find out wrong. number in each sequence-

582,605,588,611. 634,617, 600

{A) 634 (9) 611

(e) 605 (0)600

44. A My was asked 10 mulliply a number by 25. He inslead multi· plied lhenumber by 52 and g.01 the answer 324 more than the correct an swer. The number to bemullipUed was-

(A) 12 (B) 15

CC) 25 (0)32

45. Inoorllhe missing number-

16,39,65, 131,261. ( )

(AI 523 (S) 521

(C) 613 (D) 721

46. 3251 .., 587 .., 369 -1 '" 3007

(A) 1250 (6) 1300

(e) 1375 (O) 1200

47. 112 tables and 30hairs cost As. 3500 and 3 'tables and 2 chairs cost Rs. 4000,then how much does a table cost ?

{AI Rs. 500 (B)Rs. 750

(C)Rs. 1:000 (OJ Rs.1500

48. The sum 01 flrSI r!v·e prime

numbers Is(AI 11

(C) 26

.(B) 18 (D) 28

49. Three numbers are inlhe ratio 1 : 2. :3andlheirH. C. F,. is 12. Th.e numbers are-

lA) 4. 8, 12 (B) 5, to. 15 (C) to. 20, 30 {OJ 12, 24, 36

50. Income of a company doubles alter every o.neyear. It the initial income was Rs .. 4lakhs. what would be the income aUer 5 years ?

(Al Rs. \-24 ereres (9) Rs. 1·26 erores (O) Rs. 2·52 ereres (D) Fls. 2·56 crorss

51,. Water bolls al 212' For 1OO'C and meilsat 3Z-P or O·C. II the temperature ota particular day is 3soG, ills equivalent 10-

(AiB5"F (6) OO°F

(0) 95·F {OJ 99'P

52. A Bazar has an average 01 510 people on Sundays and .240 on other days. The average number 01 people per day in a moruhot 30 days beginning with a Sunday is-

(A) a50 (C) 280

(B) 276 (0) 265

53. Kumar Is older than Vishnu who is younger than Ashaka. Harsha. is older than Anll but younger than Vishnu, Ashoka. is young,er than Kumar. Who is Ihe youngest?

(AI Kutrlar (B) Ashoka

(G) Vishnu (D) Anil

54. A station director starts from Iha radiO statiO"n Ja:tandhar and drives Hi km towards west, turns, leN am;! covers another 10 km and again uims, right. and covers 18km. In Which direction is he driving.?

(A) South (B) Wesl

(C) Seulh West (0) North West

55. If TOM = 46 and OICK = 21, wool is HARRYequaJ lo?

(AlSO (B) 44

(e) 70 (D) 60

56. II UNDERSTAND is coded as 1234567623, how will START be coded?

(A) 56761 (C) 73652

(B) 83243 (0) 67657

57. Foot. is to hand as leg. isto-

(A) ELbow (Bl Toe

(C)F.lnger (D) Arm

58. Daughter is to falher as niece is 10-

(A) 'Nephew (6) Cousin

(e) UnCle (D) Mother DIrections -(0. 59-62) Read lhe

following fnforma.lfon and give the answers . .II you start running lrem a paint towards North and alter covering 4 kms you tum to your ilen and run 5 km and! then 3gain turn to yOur leU andrun Skm and then [urn 10 fell again and run another 6 km and before finlsh!ng you lake anOlh.er .11311 lurn and run j km, Ihenanswer Questions based on this information-

59. How many kmsare you from lhe place you started?

(f.) 1 km, (B) 2 km

(e) 3 km (0) 4 km


60. In which direction will you be running while finishing?

(AIEasl (6) Wesl

(OJ North (D) South

61 .. After taking Ihe secondtern, In which direction will you be running? {A)EaSI (0) North

(6) West (D) South

62. From Ihe ftnishin.g point II you have (0 reach the point Irom where you started In which direction will you have to run ?

(A) East (6) West

(C) North (OJ South

63. Introducing a lady, a man said, ~Her lalher is my mOlner'!; only son .. " How is the .Iady relat.ed to themsn?

(A) Sister (6) Oaughter

(0) .Aunl (D) Mother

64. ft.;fr ~ .fmI:I if R ~ ?

(A) ~ (6) iPr-r

(e). qfm (D) ~

65. ft=t'r if f<5iR l<f!: ire i?

(A) 11 (B) 9

(0) 10 (0)8

66. 11ll1il ~ ~ ~ $~ ~ mi?

(A) 4 (C) 3


67. ,AI ~ (C) ~

68. (A) ~ (0) ~

69. (A) ~ (0) ~


70. ;mG"-

(A) ~. (0) ~

71. ~ (A)~ (0) ~

72. ttn'(A)~ (0) «Hr~'1

r 800 I

(B) 8 (D) 6

(6) ~qcn (O)~

(B) fari (D)~ (B) ;ffin;rr (D)~

(B)~ (OJ ;;ffit;ft

(6)~ (D)~

(6)~ (.DJ~

73 .. 'iJItr-

(A) ~ (e) fiN

74. ~(A)~ (0) '<irmr-ff


75. ~(A)·~ (C)~

76. ;;!n:-

(A) '<lhl (C) '<i'Ivft

77.. ;:ftfit-

(A) ~ (C)~

76. "'il-

(A) lifu;t (0) mq

79. trfiJ-

(A) trmiI" te) tfa.ari

(B) iifm (D) 'ffrQij

(B)~ (D)'<i1~·

(B)~ (Dl~

(B)~ (D) itt?t

(B)~ (O)~

(B) 1ft,Jir (OJ :1ft:tT

(B)~ (0) 1tfi:ra1

60. In WhIch 01 the following years. was 1he India.n National congress founded?

(A) taos (C) 1693

(B) 1885 {OJ 1870

81. Chooselhe inc{)(fect one- 36,54, 18,21,9.18'5,4'5

(A) 18 (6) 18·5

(e) 4'5 (D) 27

82. Unit 01 Which of the following has been derivedlrom ohm's 'law? (A) ResIstance

(B) Current

(C) Potential dilfmence (0) Allltleabove

6S. A:Janta caves are famous for which of the fcllOwlng-

(A) ArtlsHc painting

(9) Caves

(0) Carving

(0) None 01 these

84. WhIch oounlry awards Nobel Prize?

(A) Sweden rCI Norway

.(B)France (DJ Spain

85 .. WhO was 1he litsl IndIa." to be honoured with Nobel Prize?

(A) Mother Teresa

(9) RablndranathTa,gore

(C) Subhash Chandra Bose

(D) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

86. Which 01 the followIng is an odd number? 385,462,572,396,427,671,264

(A) 462 (6) 396

(e) 671 (D) 427

87. FInd OUlihe an odd number- 835.734,642.751,853,961,532

(A) 751 (B) 853

(C) 981 (D) 532

68. Average 0150 numbers is 30. II two numbers 35 and 40 are deleted, wha1 would be tM a.verage 01 rest numbers '(

(A) 28·32 (B) 2a'78

(C) 29·27 (D) 29'68

89'. rroc slands lor-

(A) Indian. Trade :Oeve:lopment Corporation

(8) Indian Trade DelenceCily Ie) Income Tax Deveiopmeni Corpo.ralion

(0) Indian Trade Design Corpo. rallon

91l. Sri Harik.oI8.is famous lor whIch 01 the forrowing?

(A) Space progr.ammes (9) Sate1litelaunChing

(C) Nuclear Rasea.r¢h Centre (D) Missile launching Centre

91'. m ~ lift "IfilR <5l~

(A) ~ (B) .m

(Clit (0) :];

92. Polnllng towards a woman, a gill said, ·She is Iheonly da.ughter· in· law of lhegrandmolher of my lalher's son: Who Is Ihls woman ofthegltl ?

(A) MOlher

(6) Aunt

(C) Mother·ln·law (D) Sisler·ln·law

9'3. 7569 - ? = 3434

(A) 4242 (S) 11.23

(C) 11023 (D) 4155

94. Wh.o was the founder 01 SH<h re[{glon?

(A) Guru Nanak (8) GuruAamdas

(C) Guru Govind Singh (0) Guru Arjundev

uceess Mi.r.ror _ July 2010

95. Cnanakya was IhePrlme, Minis· ter 01 whlc.h 01 Ihe following emperors?

(Al Ghandragupls Mewya (B) Chandra,gupla II

(0) Ashok

(D) 9imbl.ssr

96. L .. O.M. of two nu-mbersls 4284 and their H.C.F. is 34. One 01 these 'wo numbers 15204. then what is second number?

(A) 714 (6) 720

(C) 700 (01 715

97. <Iil"'Q!l if fiI:KA tl:r:qR ;mff t ?

(A) 6 (9) 7

(0.)9 (D) 10

98. Which of thefo1!owin.g is odd ? - 3, 9,21,34,45,57

(A) 34 (9) 57

(C) 21 {OJ -3

99. ~9f~ftlIit1 if ",q\il"gH <r>i"'lll1 w:rra % ?

(AI ~'{fI'I'RI (B)~~ (Cj ~ \'fllTQ (D) <Il"li<mlf 'If'IRt

100. Whal. is full form of INTERPOL? (AI International Police Organi· zation

(B)lnlernall.onai Public Orgs.nllati'On

(C) Indian Police Organizali.on (D) Indian Police Oltiee

Answers with Hints

Success Mirror. July 20JO


(Colllimu!(llr(JIII PaRe 792) (6) The eemralbanks 01 Br.azll, Russ:l:a .. lIal.y, China

(C) The countries Brazil, Russia. India .. China

10) Ills an Important. organ ·01 the United Nat.ions

30. Direct Tax code is being debated in the Parliament lor lntrodueuon in the coming financial year. Which areas 01 laxali(ln and IInance does il cover ?

(A) AU aspecrs of the laxatIon !X)Hcy ottne g.ovemment

(8) 1\ seeks 10 amendme costoms and Central Excise Act

(C) II is meant 10 replace Ihe Income Tax ACt

(0) The laxallonpollc'l is being changed k.eeping International taxation practices in view


t 8021

uceess MI.r.ror _ July 2010

iGeneral Awareness

(Heldon27 .. 1~2 ... 2009)

1. Who .among.s! Ihe fbllowing is Ihe c80plain of the Indian Orlckel Team Ihesa days?

(A) Sa.chin TendU:lkar

liB) Hart)hajan Singh

(C) M. S. Ohoni

(0) Saurav Ganguly (E) Nooeo! these

2. Saojay LeeiaBhansali is a well known film personality. He is

associated with .

tAl FUm Acting

('8) MusicOirecllon (e) Direction

(O) PlaybaCk: Singing le) Screenplay Writing

3. 'Midnapur'ls a city in .

(A) Orissa (B) Hary.ma

(C) Punjab (0) Bihar

(E) None ·ollheS(!

4. Mysore is in which 01 :the followingslales ol indla ?

IA) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Kerala

(O) Maharashtrs (E) None of these

5. Which 01 thelollowingl ,is a good source 01 Vitamin A?

(A) Yellow fruits (6) Milk (e) Pulses (0) Fish (E) None ot these

6_ Who amongst Ihe following is not a cricket player?

(A) M. S. Ohoni

(6) Sachin Tendulkar IC) Sha.n.e Warne

(D) Mu"iah Muriliharan (El Vlshwanalhan Anand

7. Selection lor Indian AdmlniSlra.Hve Servioes and tndlafl Foreign

Services Is done by .

IA) Siall Selection Commission (SSC)

(8) Shori Service Commission (SSC)

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

{C) Union Public Service commission (URSC)

(D) University Granl.s Com-

mission (UGe)

(El None oft,hese

8. 'Irani Trophy' is associated with which 01 the following; games?

(AJ Football (B) Hockey

(C) Cricket (D) Badminton

IE) None 01 these

9. Which of Ihe fOllowing is an Asian country ?

(A) lsrae] (B) iAjl

te) Argentina (0) Portugal (E) llaly

10. Head Olfice01 Ine Reserve Bank 01 India Is. irl; •.••.••••

{AI New Delhi (B) Kolkats (e) Hyderabad CD} Chennal IE) Mumbai

11. Sanla Mirza is associated wilh the game 01 ••.•...•.

(A) La.wo Tennis

(8) Table Tennis

Ie) Ba.dmlnlon

(D) Golf


12. Who .amongst lhefonowlng Is t!'le Finance Minister in Ihe Union Cabinet 01 India 8.1 present?

(A) Dr. Manmohan Singh

IS) Mr. P. Chidamba-ram

eel Mr. Arjun Sifl9h

(0) Dr. e. Aangarajan

(E) None of these

13. Which 01 the lollowing books is wnUen by V. S .. Najpaul ?

(A) A Traillio Pakistan

(B) A. House for Mr. BIShw3S (C) A. Tale 01 Two Cities (O)lale of Two Sislers

(E) No.ne or these

14. Which 01 the l.onOl'lln9· taxes Is nolcoHect.ed by Ihe Union Government?

(A) Income Tax

(9) Service Tax

tel Custom Duly (O) Corporale Tax (El Octroi

15. 'Surtny Days' Is a book wrluen

by .

(A) Kapil Oev

(B) Sachin Tendulkar (e) Sunn Gavaskar {OJ Saurav Ganguly (E) None oflhese

16. Leander Paes Is a famous .

(A) :6admlnlonp!ayer

(6) Golf player

(Cl Rmeshoater

(D) Swimmer

{E} Tennis player

17. Which of the following is nol a planet?

(AI Mercury (:6) Moon

(e) Venus (D) JupUe.r

(E) Satum

18. Which 01 the 'oHowlng clUes in India. is known as 'Silicon Valley' ?

(Al Hyderabad (B) Kolka.la

(Cl Ml.lmbal (D) New Deihl

(E) Bangalore

19. 'The God 01 Small Things' Is a

book w~rilten by .

(AI Arundhall Roy (8) Salman Rl.lshdie (C) Khushwenl Singh (D) AnltaDesal

(E) None of Ihese

20. Whiohof Ihe following oar companies manufacture 'Scorpio Cars', a popular brand of carsin India?

(A) Tala. Molors

(B) M'aMiUdyog Lid.

(C) M'ahindra 8: Mahindra lid. (D) H!nduslan Motors lId_.

(E) None ollhese


21. WhO amongst the following ISlhe Union Minister lot Petro[ellll1 In India?

(A) Aqun Singh

(B) Prana.o Mukheljee (e) 'Ram. VII.as Paswan (0) MurH Deora

IE) None of these

22. HamldKarzai is the ..... ,.

(A) Pr!ime Minister


(S) Presidenl of .Afghanlstan (e) President 01 Kuwail

(0) Presidenl of Uganda

(E) None 0' these

23. Which of the lollowing is the Reverse Repo Rate al present?

CA) 4% (.8) 4·5%

(e) 5% (0) 5·5%

IE) None or these

24_ 'Thimphu' Is the capital. of.

(A) Bhutan 'is) Sikkim

(e) China (D) Nepal

(E) Myanmar

25. 'Operation Flood' Is associated

with Ihe production 01. .

(A) Wheat (81 Rice

(C) Milk (D) Oil

(c) Iron and steel

26. Who amongst the loll owing issues the 'oortincates to the films released in India?

(A) Children's RIm Soclely (8) Films Division

(C) Censor Board

(O) Mlnlstty 01 HRO

IE) None ot these


90. Wnlch 0' Ihe following is computer lan.guage ?

(Al Java (S) MicroS(lfl

{e) IBM (OJ 'HCl

IE) None 01 ~hese

31. 'H' In 'BHEL' represents which 01 the following?

tAl 'Hindustan

tal Heavy

tC) Historical

(0) Hydrological

lE) None 01 these

32. A company having alffces at different places in foreign ccen-

tries is eaUed ..

(AI Mum Nallonals

(8) ForelgnAssoclat.es (e) Si'slerConcern

[0) Subordinat.e Office (E) None 01 these

33. AIDS Is caused ioy a .

(A) Fungus

(B) Bacteria

(C) Virus

(D) Either (A) or (8) IE) None 01 tnese

34. Which 01 the lollowlng is zare major rivers of I,ndla?

(A) Ganga (6) Kaveri

(C)Krishna (D) Narmada

(E) AU 01 "hese

35. The Head Quarters clthe Aslan Development Bank Islocaled

in ..... ".".

(A) Manama (e) Kuala lumpur

(C) Seoul (D) Manila

(E) Bangkok

27. Which 01 the lollowin.g is a 35. Which 01 the lollowin,g Is Ihe

private sector bank In India.? abbreviated name 01 the organi·

(A) Slate Bank. of India zauon working for the weltare 01

(S) Bank of BarOda Ihe children?

(AI CII (8) ere

(C) Punjab National Bank (e) CRY (O) PAC

(0) HOFC Bank (E) None 01 these

(E) All are privale banks


28. Which of the fo11owing Is known

as the 'Pink Cily 01 India' ?

IA) Kollcala (Sl Jaipuf

[e) Lucknow (.01 Bangalore (el None ollhese

29. Booker Prize is given 'or conu-

ibution In the field 01 .

(A) UI.eralure (B) Sports

(e) Politics (0) Cinema

(.E) None 01 these


The World Environmenl Davis observed on Which otjhe 'loHowin9·days?

{A) July 5 rB) June 5

(C) Ap,rlJ 5 (O) May 5

IE) None of these

38. Who amongsl the 10Howlng Is NOT a member ,01 SAARC ?

(A) India (B}Pa.kistan

(C) Nepal (D) Sri Lanka

IE) Myatlmar

Nee~a Bnan.ol Award. Is given for which ot the lonowlng' causes? (A) Promcting.llleracy

(B) Excellance in the neld 01 l1ieralure

(C) ExceUence in lhe !leld of Cinema

(D) Working 'or empowerment of Women

(E) None ollhese

40. WhiCh 01 the lollowlngls Ihe nama oltha organizalion associated with the lieldo! Science and Tech 110 logy ?



(E) None o'ihase

41. Whi.ch oltha following is the narneotme programme launched 10 boost up prosperity in rural areas?

{A} 108MT (B) MPLADS

(e) CAPART (0) RGNDWM (E) None of Ihese

42 .. Who amongst the following, is lhe author 01 the book. 'Srideless in Wembley' ?

(A) Sanjay Sun

(B) Gaulam Bhimani (C) Kiran Nagarl(ar (O) N. GopaJaswaml (E) Non.e oflhese

43. India Is plajlnlng, to build a 608 km. road link which will pass through Jammu and' Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, UUaranchal, Sikklm and Aruna.chaiPradesh etc. The facilily will help In dsvelop.ing Inlrastructureandlrade links maInly with which of followillg coumrtes ?

(Al PeJdslan (9) Nep.a1 (C) Myanmar (D) China (E) Bhutan

a 39.

44. Dada Saheb Phalke Awards are given for showingexceUence in Ihe field 01 .........

(AI Journalism (8) literalure

(0) Spons (D) panties

(E) Cinema

45. Which of Ihe lollowing instruments Is normally used by the medical professionals?

(A) Strobos.c-ope

(B) Stethoscope

(C) Pholomeler

(0) Thermoscope

(E) None olthase

(Ctlll/inl!etIOII Plige 813)

uceess Mi.r.ror _ Jul:y 2010

1. Mohan walked 25 metre towards Soulh, look aright turn and walked 15 melre. He Ihen!ook a len turn and wa.'l,ked2S metre .. Whi.ch direction Is he now from his .Slartingpoinl 'I

(A) South·E,ast. (8) South

(C) Soulh;We.Si CO) NO.nh-We.sl (IE) None ot these

2. Among M, N, 0, P and W, 0 is taller than Mand W. P is lallef than 0 and N. Who among: them Is the shortest?

tAl M

(8) W

(C) 0

(0') Oatainadequate IE) None or these

S. In 'M' denotes '-!ot 'K' denoles'-t., 'R' denotes '+' and 'T' <lenoles .,,'; then 12 T 8 M 12 R 1'6 K 14:;;; '1

{A) 48 (B) 38

(C) 10 (0) 20

(El None 01 these

4. Four ollhe following five are atike ina csrttan way and sofom1 a group. Which is lhe one that does 1'101. belong totbat group?

IA) Building (B) Toy

{e) Vehicle (0) Mounlain

H=) Machine

5. If 'grey' means 'yellow'; 'yellow' means 'while'; 'while' means 'blue'; 'blue' means 'red'; 'r·ed' means 'black'; and 'black' means '1IIolel'; Ihen what is theoolouf of c~earsky?

(AlRed (C) Violet (E) YeIIO\'''

(B) White (0) iBlack

6. Theposllion(s)01 how many letters In Ihe word PAODUCTwili ramatn unchanged, when the letters within the word are rearranged a.lphabe:Ueally ?

(A) None (S) One

{C) Two (0) Three

(.E) Morelhan three

Success MJI'r'Or • July 2010


(Held on 27~12--2009)

7. Fourofthe following rIVe are alike in a oertaln way and so' form a group, Whichis lheone thaI does not belong to that. group ?

(A) Wheal is) Paddy

(e) Jowar (0) Com

tE) Sesame

8. In a certain code BROUGHT is wrltlen as P$CTVJI. How is HEARING written in lhal code? rA) 'BFIQIPK (B)IFSQIPK (C)BFI.QKPI(O)BFIQHOJ tEl None of these

9. Whicho! Ihefollowing.is the middle digit 01 Ihe second hlg.he5\ number among lhe live numbers ·glven below?

51'2,839', 415, 984,748 fA) 1 .(B) 3

(C) 1(0) 8

(El 4

10. How many such pairs of leiters are there In the word ENABLING, each 01 which nasas ma.ny letters between them Inlhe word as in the English alphabet?

(A) None (B) elle

(e) Tw.o(O) Three (E) Mo.re than three

11. II it is possible 10 maJ<e only one meaningful En.glish word with the Ii rst, lh a lifth, 1M sseve nth and I he eighth le1te~s of I.haword ORGANISED, which ollha following will be Ihe third; leUer of thaI 'Word? II no such word can be made give 'X' as the answer and ilmore than one such word can be made, give 'Y' as the answer-

(A) N (B) 0


(E) Y

12. In a class 01 forty-elghl student.s Anyjl is nineteenth from the lop and Jeevanis twelfth Irom the bojtorn. How many students are there between Jeevan and Anuj ? (A) 17

(9) 16

(C) 18

(O) Cannot be delermin.ed (E) None of lhese

13. Four olthe!Ollowing Hve are aIike In acerlain way and so form a group. Which 01 I.he following doasnot belong to that group?

(A)HJ (B) PA

(C) N P (0) BE

(E) VX

14. In a c'erta.in code lang:uage 'pik na he' means Is there', '!na 18 ka.' means 'wha.! is Ihal' and 'ha ja. pa.' means 'here and ihsrs', Whlcl10f the following means 'here' in Ihat code language?

{A) ha (6) pa

(el ja (0) pa or [a

(E) None ennese

Dlrectlons-(O. 15-19) Study

Ihe 10110wing lntormation carefully and answer Ihe queslions gillen belOW U.

P, Q, R, S, T, U .and V are travelling In three cars Indica, Esteem an.d Indigo wilh at ,Iea.s'l two In each car. There are Ihree lemal'e members among them ..... ithalleasl one In each car. T lsnet travelling' In Indica. R Is travelUng in Esleemwith only his best friend V. a isnol Iravelling wilh either P or S and his besllriend U is travel· ling in Indica. Sis nollravelling in Indigo.

15. In which oltha 'cHowing' cars are three olthom travelling?

(A) Indigo

(B) Esteem

(C) Indica

(0) Cannot. be determined (E) None ollhese

16. Which of Ihe following definitely represents a group 01 male members?

(A) Rap (,B)RQU

(C)RQUP (0) RaPS

(E)Oala Inadequale

1805 I

17. In which car is a travelling? (A)IMlc:a


Ie) Esteem

(OJ Cannol be determined fE) None of these

18. WhiCh 01 the following represents the three lemale members?


(8) PTV

(e) UTV

(0) Data inadequate (E) None of these

19. In which car is P travelling ?

IA) Indica (8) Esteem ie) Indigo

(0) Cannot be determined (E.) Noneorthese

20. II in t.ne number 6394275, each digit is rep'acedby the previous digit and Ihen au the digits aTe arranged~ In ascending, orderlrom left 10 righi, which digit. wil'lbe third 110m Ihe right end?

(A,) 4 (B) 7

(G) 5 (0) 3

(E.) None 01 these

21. PRT: KMO:: JLN:1

IAl .oFI (B) 'EGI

(Cl DFH (0)0<31

tE) None ollhesa

22. II'P' means ',,', la' means '+', 'R' means 'of-' and'S' means '_', then what ,is thevs:lue 01

'544Q32AI3P7S18' ?

(A) 108 (8)90

Ie) 118 (0) 192

IE) Noneo! these

23. Four 01 the folloViing, fIVe are alike In a certain wa.yan.d so form a group. Which. Is !he one thaI does nOI OOlOn9to Ihegroup?

IA) Leal (8) Flower

(C) Frui1 (C)8ud

(E) Root

24. II tile letters 01 Ihe word HeXAGON ate arranged alphabellceUy Irom lell. 10 right How many letters will remain at the same posillon?

IA) None IS) One

Ie) Two (0) Three

(.E) Morelhan three


25.. II In a c9,rtaincode COUNT:ER is wrilian as VPDMSFU. How ts DIALECT wnUen In that code? (A) BJEMWOF(B) BJEKFDU (C) 'BJEMFDU (D)BJEKUOF IE) None 01 Ihese Dlrectlons-IQ. 2~O)lneach

qusstlon below are three statements followed by rwo conclusions numbered I and II. You have 1.0 take the Ihreegiven statements to be true even 'ilthey seem to beat variance from commonly known taets and then decide whiCh ollhe given conClusions logically 101l0ws from the three statements disregarding commonly known facts. Given an.swer-

(A) I! only conclusion 1101101'1'5. IB) II only conclusIon II 10110wS. (e) II eilher I or II lollows.

(0) If neither! nor II follows.

(E) If both I and II follow.

26. Sta.tements:

Some pins are clips. Some clips are slickers. All slickers are labels. ceaetustens .

I. Some clips ar$labels. II. No pin Is label.

2.7. Stat.ements:

Some erasers are sharpners .. Some sha.rpners are blades. No btade Is knife. Conclusions:

L Some sharpners are knives. II. No sharpner isknrre ..

28. Statements;

Some books are files. Som1;l mesare folders .. , Some folders are drawers, Conclusions;

I. Some books are folders. II. Some files are drawers.

29.. Statements:

All doors are windows. All windows are roofs. No rool islloor. Conclusions:

L No door is lloor.

II. No window is lloor.

30. Stateme.nls; Alilack.als are shIrts. Some shirtssre coals. Allooals are suits. Ooncluslons :

L Some jackel$ are suits,

II. Some shlns 8resuils.

Dlrectlons-(Q. 3H35) Ea.ch of the questlons below consists 01 a ques'llon B'nd IWO staternents numbered I and II are given below it You have 1.0 deokle whether the dala PIOvlded in the statements are su.fffcient 10 answer the question .. Read both Ihe statements andgi.ve answer-

(I\) II the data In Statement I alone are sufficIent to answer lhe qU9sUon, while the data In Statement II alone are not sufficienl 10 answer the qu es1i on.

(9) II the data In Slatemeni II alone are $ufflclentlo answer !he question, whfle the data In Stalemenll alone are not sufficienl to answer the question.

(e) If the dala in Stalement I alone or inStatement II alone are suWclenl 10 answer th.e question.

(0) If the data In both the Stale~ menls I andH are not sufficient to answer the queslion.

(E) Illhe data In bolh Ihe Stalements I and 1\ together are necessary to answer the question.

31. How Is Shee.la related to Nlnad?

Sla;temenls :

"- Nlnad's lather is Ihe grand· father 01 Sheela'S son.

1'1. Sheelehas only one brother ..

32. What Is Ihe code lor 'marker?


L 'do not go' is coded as 'ka ma tek'.

II. 'go 10 markel' is coded as 'majota'.

33. Village 'X' is In which direction wiIh respect to village 'Y'? Statements:

I. VUlage 'x.' is to the Easl of village 'iR' which is to tha South 01 village ·Y' ..

II. Village 'X.· is 10 Ihe North. of vlllage'F' which is to the Smtlh·East 01 village 'Y'.

34. How many emp!oyees ate there In the institute?


I. II arranged in descending ordero! their seniority Mr. Jadnav Is tenlh lrom the lOp

uecess ~nr!'or.Jlll.)' 2010

and lour posilions above Mr. Karnik who l,s twenly nlth from Ine bonom.

u, II arra.nged In descending order 01 their annual Income Mr. Moghe is IUteenth from Ihe lop and six. positions below Mr. Mane Who is thirtieth Irom the boltom.

35. Who Is !he youngest among T. F.

L .. 0 & A? .


L F Is younger than L & Q but not as young as T & R.

II. T Is younger Ihan :F bUI nOI the youngest

Dll'8cUons-(Q.36-40j, tn the lollowing questions Ihe symbots @, N, S. % and & are used wilh different meanings as loilows-

'p @ O' 'P is neUl:Ier smaller lha.n nor

aquatlo Q'

'p II O' 'Pis not greater than Q'. 'P S C' 'P is nol smalterthan 0'.

'P %0' 'P h. neilher greaterlhan nor smaller lhanO',

'P & C' 'P is neither gre.ater than nor equal 10 Q'.

In each of the fOllowing ques· lions assuming the given statements 10 be lrue,findoul which 01 the two concluSions I and II giVen below Ihem isfare delinilely true. Give answer-

fA) II only conclusion J islrue. (Bj II only conclusion II is true. (e) II either ccnciusten I or

conclusion II is true.

(OJ If neither conclusion 1 nor conolusion II is true.

(E) II bolh conclusions land II are true.

36. Statements:

e % H, H$ M, M 1/ a

Conclusions: I. H s a


37. $Ialemenls.:

o 8; T, A II T, R S M

Conclusions: I. M & T


38. Statements:


Conclusions; L L & A


Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

39. Statements:

R& M, MilL. l $0 ConclusiOns :1. M % a II. M@Q

40. Statements:

FSO. H" M, M%O Conclusions: I. F SH II. F@H

Direclions-(O. 41-45) The:;;e qUEI$lions are based on Ihe followir'lg arrangement 01 numerals. symbo.ls and felters :

WT 0 15MK % is 37 F EB /I 1GHAC@JUV2'1

41. II KL : $7,thenBI : ?

(A) GA (B) H@

(C) GH (OJ ©J

(E) None 01 these

42. Fourolthe lollow.lngfive are alike in a certa!n way on Ihe basis 01 Iheir ;posilion in the above arrangemenland so form a grOUjil. Wl'lichis !haona Ihat does not belong 10 Ine group?

(A) 0 5 W (6) l 3 K

(e)En {OJ HOG

(El U2@

43. How many such vowels are Ihere In Ihe above .arr.angement which are Immediatelv preceded as well as lmmedialelyrollowed by a consonant?

(AI Non.e

(8) One

(C) Two

(0) Three

(El None ollhese

44. If allthe vowels are dropped from Ihe' arrangement. which 'elemenl will be IiIlhlo, the right 01 the Ihil1eenlhelamen!lrom Iho righl? (AI H

(8) G

{Cj A


(E) None oflhese

45. How rnany sueh symbols are Ihere in Ihe above arrangement each of whlehi$immedlalely followed by a numeral and also Immediately preceded by a leiter?

(A;) None (Bl Two (C) Three (0) One

(El None of Ihese

DlrecUons-(Q. 46-501 In each of Ihe questionS give!'! below which one 01 the live answer ligures on the r'ighl should oome afler Iheproblem figures on thelelt, if Ihe sequence: wefe continued ?

Problem FIgures AMwer FlgllJfe.$

(Al (8) (e) (D) (Ej


tBl (e, (D) (E)

50.1 A I$I$I~I~II~I~I~I$I~I

(AI IS) (G) (D) (E)


Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

(Comilll/ed/rom Pag« 795) antonyms, ntl in Ihe blanks. 'question from the passage and sentence sl1angement. The quesllon may be likely so:

Direction-Choose Ihe word which Is most opposite In meaning 10 the word printed in bold.

1,. TerrIble

(.4,) Beltet (C)Extreme (El Fearlul

(B) Wonderful (D) Awful


Olreellon-ChOOse Ihe word which most similar in meaning 10 the word printed!" 'bald.

2. InlUaled

(A) Withstand (B) Worked (Gl Stopped (D) Slarted (E) Culminate


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,English Language

(Held on 27 .. 1'2--2009)

Olre.clions.-(Q, 1-1i5) Re:adthe following passa,ge carefully and answer .he queslions given below lt, Certain words are given in bold 10 help yOu 10 locale lnem while an.swerIng some 01lhequesl1ons.

energy Is neither created nor des'royed.;. lt Is only .recycled a.nd recast In dillerenl torms, Even t.he human bOdy is a form 0.1 energy. Call II pranaor jivatma or simply vavu, energy sustains the g.ross body and expresses itself through sensory perceptions and lhe basio phvsic.al elements.

The three fundamentall glJnassatvik, rajasik and tamaslk-whleh characlerise ,the nature ol\he human being., very otten In a combination, are further sub-dividedinio many basicqualltles commonly known as human vaf:ues.LovG, affection, inlegri.ly and Irulh,. lor instance, are value.s Ihalare asimportanllo life as breathing. or eating. These. values are poslHve ·bul in the course 01 p.racUce and because they emanate from a mind thaI is susceptible 10 negative 'l'Iou9'hts, Ihey gel. corrupted, They generate negativity and manifest in lhe form 01 lying, cIlealing or causing others harm. The very fact Ihal humanciviflz.BUon has $ulVlved over centuries shows thai de.s,plte all lhe neg:alivily,. the 10 roe 01 positive energy within all 01 us continues \0 expand and enrich.

According to thelheory 01 karma, every action generales a correspon<!ing reaction. good or ba<:l as the case may be. The processmighl laka place In this liIe or Ihe nexl., but take place, n will. The Iheory prompted ;gages 1.0 exhort humanity to be good and do good, This way, the .result of a good deed wiff Inva~iably be good which will add to the collective good 01 Ihe human species. This is whal Sri Au(oblndo called the GoOdness Quotient. Swami Vivek:ananda firmly believed that human nature is basically good. II 1$ only 10 be peroelved

1810 I

as such ami having been aware, to lollow 1III'Iroug.h, for Ehegood 01 oneself so Ihal II ;muUiplles for social good. Goodness will help Improve the Quality of liIe 01 not justIhe indiv.ldual but an entire society .. Th.ere Is no such Ihing as 'negative· energy,. all energy being positive aoooonslanlly recycled. Negativity Is therefore a dyslunet'ionollhought or o IJllO¢k , This has to be resisted from within by reinforcing the positive qualities inherent in human nature.

The 'instant graUflcaUon 01 the senses mIght be the driving force in a society driven .by censumerlsm but realiSing Ihal al' Ihe male rial success and prosperity you have acquired over a lifetime means nolhlngonce your body lies Inert, life lakes on a new meaning.

I, What did Swami Vivekananda believe?

1. Peroeiving, goodness In humannarure Is imponanl 2,0010g good' deeds bene'fils 1.ha fndi\liduaJ

3. Individual good mufliplies

inlo social good

(A) Only 1 (8)80:11'1 1 & 2 IC) All 1, 2 & 3 (D)Bolh 2& 3 IE) 'None of these

2. Which of the following is suggested by the Iheory of Karma? (A) Humannamre is basically bad

(B) A pe·rson is rewarded or punished only in his metime

{C) Human civilisations will continue 1.0 survive over lhe years (0) Every acnon has a corresponding reaction

(E) Energy Is recycled

3, Thefaci Ihal human clvifiz,alion has survlvedlndica!es Ihal.-

(J\) posiUveenergy within us !nCfeasas despite negativity

IS) too much positive energy is not haJTT11ul

(C) negatwe energy usually

overpowers posilive energy

(D) negative energy gels destroyed

tEJ positive values do nol gel corrupted if Ihey are pr.acUs.ed

4. Which of the following should be the tilfe 01 the passage?

<A) The Role Of Negslive Energy tB) The Theory 01 Gunas

(C) Consumerism and the Goodness Quotient

(0) The Teachings of Sages (E) None of these

5 .. What Is Ihe GOOdness Quotient? (A) Human nature though basically bad can be trained

(B) Goodness need not Improve Ihe Qualllv 01 life.

(C) The chance that. Ihe reaction to every action canenner be good or bad

(0) The outcome 01 goOdi deeds Is goOd and adds to 'hecommon good

(E) Nona of mese

6, How does energy ex,pressilseir? (Po) Throughnegalive emotions (B) Through sensory perceptions anolhe basic physical elements

tG) Through the human body (O) Th.rough Pranaand vayu tEl None orlhase

7, What is Ihe drtving force ota soclely driven by consumerism? (Al .Improvemeniol society

(B) Underslandlng the .meaning ollile

(0) Searclllor posifTveenergy (0) ,Fulfilling all desires immediately

(E) NOfle oflhese

6. Which 01 the fOllowing characterises human nalure?

(.A,) A.cllons such a.Sbreathlng and ea.Ung

(Bl Good deeds

(C) SaMk, rajasik,. vavu

ueeess Mirr~r. Jul.)' 2010

(0) Negative thOughts and


(E) Three basic gunas. cornprlsing basic human values

9. Which of IhefOllowingis not true in the conlextof the passage? (A) Energy helps 10 suslain our physical .bOdy

(8) NegaUvity Is manifested In Ihe form of lying and chealing

(C) The Iheory 01 Karma

believes in punlshmem

(0) Negalivilyis Ihe result 01 pOSitive values gelling corrupted (E.) A person's good deeds can improve anenlire society

10. Which 0' Ihe lollowing Is TRUE about negallvlly ?

(A) II exisl.ed before posiUve energy

(8) Negaliv.lty comes from a deviation of our Ihoughls

(e) Negatlvny cannot be lough' (0) Negative energy Is slronger than positive energy

(E) None of these

Olreellon.s- (Q. 11-1'3) Choose Ihe word w'hich Is m.ost nearly the same In meaning as Ihe word printed In bold as used in Ihe passage.

11. exhort

(A) Ihrealen ('B) show

(e) encourage (D) alert (E) force

12 .. sustaIns

(A) supports (e) ccmtorts (E) deSlroys

(S) delends (0) holds

13. emanele

(A) express. (C) invent (E.) expect

Dlrectlons-(a. 14 and 15)

cnccee the word which Is mosl opposite In meanIng 01 the wo.rdpr;in'.00 in bold as used [n Ihe passage.

14. acquired

{A) grabbed (8) freed

(e) stopped (0) leave

(E) rost

15. enrich

(A) poor {e) dimInish (.E) change

(8) originate (D) enl.er

(B) courage (0) porson

Success Mjl·r~r • July 2010/5

Dlr~llonS-(O. 16-25) Read each sentence 10 lind out wi:lelher Iher'e Is any error In It Theerror.il any. will be In one patio' lM sentence. The ~Iel.ter 01 thai pari. Is '.he answer, If lhere is no er.ror. the answer is (E). (.1gnoreerro.rs 01 punctuation. if any.)

16. The report slat.es lha! I India (AI

needs 10 I invest heavily in in· (S)

Irestructure I to ensure economy

(e) (D)

No error (E)

17. Unfortunately many lin. rural

(A) (a)

areas I are still deprived' 01 aceee)

quate healtneare racinUes .. (D)


No error tiE)

1B. Inspite 01 Ihe many' challenges (A)

laCeQ by themseJve$' the cern(Bl

pany has made! a prom this year

fC) (D)

No error fE)

19. Traditionally sources 011 en.ergy (A)

must be uti!ized 1 rather Ihan



oQtrngl for nuclear l1,.Iel. (0)

NoerrOf (E)

. 20. The government has vowed to I (A)

achieve lis goalot sending I a (B)

chIld '10 school! In Ihe neXet !WO

ee) (D)

No error (E)

21. The media can !play acruciaJ

(A) (B)

role I ensu res 1M et ordln 81)' I


(e) citizens· gel justice. (D)

Ne erter (E)

22 .. The RBI Which monil.ors I (A)

banking operations do not I have (8)

Ihe resources to I cafry out (e)

Investigations also. (D)

No error ('E)

23. After a delay in I more Ihan five

(A) (B)

months llhe project is likely 110 (e)

oomm.ence ne)(1 week. Nosrlor



24. The mlcrocredlt move me n.1


should J be promoted In slales/ (8)

when access to I ba.n.k credil is


No error (E)

25. The Board has no1 approved I (AI

the proposal because much 101 (B)

the rates quoted 1 are very high.

(e) (D)



No error


Dlrectlons-(O. 26-30) Pick out the most effective word! phrase from Ihagwen words to lill in Iheblank to maJ<e lhe senlence meanlngluUy complete-

26. Thelesllval must be perceived as an, ellort 10 ....... " relations between bolh nalions .

(A) confirm (el pave (E) Improve

27. The morning was sna-

tiered by her lenilied screams. (A) rouline (8) services

(01 tranquility (0) prayers.

(E) excitement.

(B) evoke (0) .$wap

28. Our team to make every

effort to clinch Ihetme.

(A) practised (B) vowed

(e) ;beHeved (0) try

(E) decide


29. . by \hefemale anopheles

mosquhe malaria is common during the monsoon.

(A) Typicall (8) Aggravated

(e) Intlk:led (D) Acquired

tie) TransmiUed

30. The Government tailed to ...•..... the sleep rise in prices of essential commodities.

fA) e~amina (el check

(B) debate (0) delend

(E) decrease

DJrecllons.-(Q. 31-35) In each sentenoe below four words have been printed In bold which are lellered (A)., (8). (e) and (10). Ea.ch 01 Ihese words may be misspelt or fnapprop.ria\e In lhe conleXl Of lhe sentence. 'F1nd oul

Ihe wrongly spell or Inappropriate word. The letter 01 thai word Is the answer. II all lOUT words are correclly (5) spell and appropriate,lheansweris

(E) i. e. Alloorrecl.

31. Thosaunfortunata' Cl'lildren are


sl09gIn9 !welve hours a day to (8)

eam a livelybood. AU cOrlecl

(el (0) (E)

32. The Olrect.or decldedlnlavour

(A) tB)

01 raising Ihe salaries 011'111 (G)

e.m,ployers. (0)

All correct (E)

33. It Is ,my flrmbelleve Ihal he will (A) (8)

emerge vlc'lorlous. All cerreet

(e) (OJ (E)

34. The Natlona'i Cadel Corpse ale

(Al (8)

used to dealing wllhcaJamlUes.

(C) (D)

All correct (E)

35. He promised to give me


permission if I complied with

(8) (C)

his wishes.

An cenect




DlrectIons-(O. 36-~to) R.e(lrrsn,ge thelollowing six statements (i)l, (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6) In the proper sequence to lorma me8JlLngful paragrapl"l'j then answer the questions given below them-

(I) There are various ways to reduoe this gap.

(2) However as the success of the lelecom. airline and banking industries shOwS, II Is no! these but. compeUlion among, educeIional InslllUlions whlch ts the solution.

(3) Today, Ihere Isa hug.e demand in Industry for talented youth with Ceria; n skill set s.

(4) Feedback Irom industry Indicates Ihalthe reesen for this lFenciis a huge gap between Ihe skill sets requlre.d In. the market

and Iheeducation svstemoulput; Many recommend' priva.liza!lon or corporatlsallon ottneedueatlon


(6) OespHe this there Isa trend 01 manygraduales including' engi. nears being unemployed.

36. Wh ctl of tile lollowlng shoutd be IheSE.COND statement alter Tl;Iar:rangemenl?

{A) 2(8) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5 (E) 6

37. WhiCh 01 the 10llowrngshould be the THIRD slatement aller rearrangement? (A) 1


(E) 5

(8) 2 (D) "

38. Which 01 the follOwing should be Il\eFIFTH statement alter rearrangement?

{A} 1 (B) 2

(G) 3 (0) 4

(E) 5

39. Which 01 the followIng should be IheSIXTH (L.A.sn statement. alter rearra.ngemanl ?

(A) 2 (B) 3

(C) 4 (0) 6

(E) 5

40. Which 01 the 10110wing shaul" be Iha FIRST statement aner rearrangement? (A) 1

re) 3

(E) 5

(8) 2 (D) 4

Dlrectlons-(O. 41- 50) In the fOllowing passage •. thete are blanks. each 01 which has 'been 'numbered. These numbers are printed betow Ihe passaqa andagalnsl. each,five words are suggested,Ol1l9 01 which fils the blank appropriately.F1ndoul Ihe appropriate word in each case.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Palel was born In GuJarat on 31s'L of October 1875 inlo a family of pamors. His father was a farmer and ... (41) •.. lor India's freedom Itom IheBrillsh. Vilhalbha.l, VaHabhbhai's elder broIher ... (42.).. also a well-known patriot. He was the Chairman of the Indian Legislative GOllncl1. From a young age itself ValJabhbheJ was very ..• (43) ... and ,raised hIs velee {44} injustice. His ... (4:5) ... was to become a barrister l11<e his brother. He studlecl very hard aodlravelled 10 England and passed the Barrister-al·Law Examination. . .. (46)... he returned 10 IMIa he set up a practice in A.hmedabad which was veT)' success> ful and he .... (47) ... a lot 01 money. Around this lime the sl.ruggl'e tor freedom was gaining a 101 01 •.• (48) .... Gandhiji attended a conference in GuJarat. whete he mel. Vailabhbhai an" they ... (49) ... friends. 'In 1918, Vallabhbhal look on Ihe ... (50) ... 01 leading the larmers 01 Gujeral. He was very suceessful In his strug9.le e.gainst the British and became a prominent leader In the freedom strug.gle.

41. (A) argued (8) condemned

(e) encouraged (0) decided (E) lought

42 .• {A} mel (e) was {El whO

(8) been (0) had

43. (A) (C) (El

44. (A.) (e) (E)

dependent (8) sympathetic annoyed (0) courageous submissive

amidst shouting with

ambition (8) inlellig.ence

vigo u r (D) an~iety


(8) agalosl (0) lor

45. (A)
46. (A)
eEl However After

(8) Although (0) Belore


uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

47, (A) offered (B) earned
(e) wasted (O) paid
(E) demanded
4S, tAl people (B) assurances
(0) criticism (0) momentum
(E) money
49. (A) became (B) suppo.r:ted
(e) consulted (0) mel
fE) assembled
50. (A) burden (B) suggesllon
(0) aclion (0) duty
tE) r,esponslblilly
Answers with Explanation Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

(CfJIIlilllll!d/nmr Pcrge 804 )

46, 'Won' ,is the currency 01 whioh of the foHoViing countries 1

(A) China (B) Js"pan

(C) Indonesia {O) Ma.laysia lE) Morlh Korea

47. 'Mumba Gold Cup' is associated with the game 01.. .......

(A) Cricker (B) 'Football

(C) Hoakey {O) Badminton

IE) None of these

46, Which of the following isfare componen'ls 01 the National Socia.1 Assistanc,eF'rog;ramme (NSAP),?

1 , Old Age Pension Benefll 2, Family Benefit Scheme

S, Maternity Bene'ltl Scheme (A) Only (1) (8) Only (2) (C) Only (3)

(0) Both III and (2) IE) AU (1),(2) and (3)

9, Which ollhelollowlng countries Is assoclaled with the supply of 'SoOTpene' submailnes 10 India?

(A) U, s. A. (B)Aussia

(C) Britain (D). CaJ1adEi

(E) None of these

0, SaJne Nehwal whO was in news recenUy Is aSSociated ,yUh the game 0[ .. " .....

tA) Basket !Sall (6) Tennis (C) Cfi¢Kel (0) Chess (E) BadmInton

Answers with Hints

(By: Dr. B,.8.J011n) As the latest and All Comprehensive Books for Competitive



Quantltative Ap'titude

(Held on 2742,,·2009)

Direclions.-(Q ... 1 10 20) Wha1 should come in place of the question mark (?) in Ihe lollowing questions? 5

1.66% of 350 + 1", a 011.256

(A) 521(8) 496 Ie) 5'S4 (0) 568 (E) None 01 these

2. 4172 .. 593 -7 = 3069

IA) 1666 (BJ 1669

(0)1996 (.ol 1959

[E.) Noneorthese

3. 2817 x.? = 626

1 3

(Al a "B) 4

(e) ~ (D) ~

(E) None of these

4. 83","162x4~=?

(A) 32 (C) 256

(B) 2048 (D) 124

IE) None of these

5. '11&225 +5 x 56",?

fA) 1512 (8) lass

(e) 1738 (0) 1636

IE) NO.neof these

6. 39%01 835 .. 72% of ? '" 545.25 (A) 315 (B) 295

(e) 300(.0) 290

(E) None 01 Ihese

7. {72)~ .. (61)2 '" (199)2 -(1)2 - 420

(Al 165 IB) 19B

(e) 182 (0) 174

IE) None of Ihese

8. 22528 ... 176)( 12 .. 1", (4l)!

IA) 14B IS) 145

Ie) 155 (D) 140

(E) None of these

1·8 x: 5 - ,,5 )( 4

9. "5 =1

IA) 3·5 (S) 2

(e) 0·2 (D) 3

(.E) None of these


10. 99·9 .. 9'·99 .. 0·99 ... 99·09

+9·09 +999 =? (A) 1123·06 (8) 1218·06

(e) 1345·06 .(0) 1440·06

(E) NOIli! of these

11. 18-06)< 4·5 ,;.0·6 =1

IA) 132·55 (B) 1.35'35

(C) 132-45 (OJ 135·45

IE) No.n.e 01 these

12. 98'786 + 8978 - 7758 '" 1 [A) 1000008 (6) 100004 (C) 10004 ro) 100008 IE) None o.!these

13. ~ 01 ~ 01 4895 '" ?

(A) 1958 (B) 1947

(e) 1928 (0) 19'38

IE) Non.e 01 lhese

14. 547'26 - 126'16 + 14'59 '" ?

IA) 453-58 tB) 436·6(i

(e) 433·69 (D) 458·69

IE) None of these

15. 53 .... 27 x 0·35 "'?

fA) 62·45 (6) 78·90

(C)4S'67 (.0)83'43

(E) None 01 these

16. 9·348 -2·563 + 3,884 ... ,·673 "'?

{Al 18'454 (8) 16·786

tel 14·500 (OJ 12·342

IE) None of Ihese

17. (4·75% of 240)- (0·85% of 356) ",1

(A) 8'374 (B) 9,456

(C) 11·346 [D) 13·892

(E) None of these

18. 36,' )(?)! 11 '" 428868

(A) 105 (8) 107

(C) 109 (.oj. 111

tE) None ollhese

19. {(144j2;. 48)<?) +22 =216

(A) 23 [S) 16

(C) 11 (O) 32

IE) None 01 these

20. (19):19 )«19)~1 = ?

{Al 2 (S) 381

(e) 19 (D) 6859

(E) None oflhese

21. The COSI 01 15 kgl 01 sugar Is 'Rs. 240" the cost 01 9k9 01 wh.eal is Rs. 162 and the COSI of 1;3 kg 01 rlee is Rs. 273. Wh.atls the lolal cost of 12 kg 01 sugar • 14 kg 01 wheal and 15 kgl 01 rice ?

(A) As. 719 (.B) Rs.765

(C) Rs.759 (D) Rs. 735

{E} None ollheSe

22. The average age 01 30 boyslna class Is 16 and Ihe average age 01 20 gIrls In the class Is 14. What Is tbe aver.age age 01 aU Ihe boys and gIrls log.etl1er ?

(A) 15'2 (B) 15

(C) 14-5 (0) 14

(E) None ollhese

23. In a sale, a pair of trousers Is avallable et 15% discount on the selling price. II the irouserseest Rs, 803 .. 25 in the sale" what is lha original selling price 01 Ihe trousers?

(AI RS. 1 .. 015 (B) RS.985 (el As. 1.005 (0) Rs,945 tE) None 01 lhese

24. Abusoovers a distance of 472 km In a hours and a carecversa distance of 312 km In 6 hours. Wha~1 Is the difference between the speed ot ihebesand ihe car?

(A) 2 km/hr. (8) 10 km/hr,

(el 5 kmlhr. (0) 4kmlhr. (El None o( Ihese

25. The population 01 a slate lncreases by 10% every year. II its population; In Ihe year 2003 was 15 takhs, what wasils population in lhe year 2005 Qn lakhs) ?

(AI 16·5 (9) 15·5

(C) 17·25 (0) 18'25

(E) None ofthese

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

26. Heman! started a business with a sum 01 As. 50,.000. Sandip Joined him a months later with a sum 01 As,70,000,. Al whslrespecti.ve

ratio wililhe two share Ihe prolll stler8 years 7

{AI 45: 49 (,6) 43: 45

(e) 51:49 (0)53:51

(E) Noneotlhese i; 3

27. 6 Ih 01 '1 Ih 01 a number is 294.

Whalls 400/0 ollhal number?

(A) 1536 (B) 1646'4

Ie) 1588-3 (0) 1636

(e) None 01 these

28, What wilt be Ihe compound Irl1ereSleamed on an ameumor Rs. 12,500 in 2 year.s @ 6

p. .. c.p.a. ?

IA) As. 2,050(6) Rs,1,5oo (G) iRs, 1,600 (D) Rs, 1'.545 (E) None of tnese

29. KelakJ can complete a piece 01 work in 4 dsys and Meenal ean complete Ihe same pleoeo! work.

in 12 days. In howma.ny clays

can Kalaki and MeenaJ together complete Ihe same prece of work?

(AI 5 days (6)6 days

(e) 3 days (0)2 da.ys

(E) Noneoi lhese

30. What should come in plaoe 01 Ihe 35. quesiton- mark. (1) inlhe 101101'1-

ing number series? 17,16,36,117,472, ?

IA) 1655 (6)2355

(C) 2.210 (0)2050

3l. The 10lal quantity ·of Food Hems consumed by Hot.el C 1$ a.pprolll· malely what per cent of Ihe lolal quanlityof FOOd lIems· consumed by Hotel E?

{AI 128 (C}93

(E) 117

(6:) 101 (0) 136

32. The qua.nlity of Aice consumed by Holel .A Is app.roxlmately whal per cent ollhe quantity of Rice consumed ;by allthe Hot.els together? (A) 12 (0) 15 (E) 27

(6) 19 (0) 23

Directlons-(O. 36 1(40) Study Ihe followingg.ra,ph cllrelully and answer the quesnons given below il :


Number af Students AppearIng for sse ExamlnaUon from Various Towns (Number In !hcnJS8nds)

:IS ... ~ .... -.- .... __ _ ...... _ ....

~ 30 : :::::::;::;::::: ::: :::.:: : .. :s;;.:;::"

u ~ r •• ·.·.~.~ •• r_ •••• ~ •• _ •• ~ .~.~~ •••••••.••• ~ •••

'E 25 • ..

iii 20 ::: :::::::: .. : •• ::: ::::::::::::.: ..

Q - &~. & •• ~~.. ..~ ~.~& ••• & &&&&.&& •• & •• &&.~.

.. IS •••••.• _ .

~ 10 :: ... ::::::::::::;:::::.::::::::::::::: ••• ::

::J _ ••••• ~.4' •• ·' •••••••••••.••••• ~ ~ •••• ~

z: 5 _ _ _ .• _.

33. Which Hotel consumed Ihe highest quantity of lhe lotal fOOd 36. lterns over the month?

(E) None 01 tnese

(A) A IC) C

(6)6 (OJ 0

Direcllons-IO. 31 to 35) Siudy Ihe lable carefully 10 answer the quesuens thai lollow-

(E) None 01 these

34. What Is Ihe respective ralio of lhe ave.rage quanltty 01 Wheat eonsumed by alilhe Hotels together to Ihe average quanHly of Vegelabillsoonsumedby all the Hotels together over Ihe monlh?

tA) 316: 167

(6)2-3 : 16

Ie) 167: 328

(0) 326: 165

tel 2: 3

What is the respective rSlio 01 quanUly 01 Sugar and Colfee oonsumedby HOlel 0 10 HOlel F?

(A) 9: 11 (C) rt : 9 IE) Noneolthese

(6) 9: 13 (OJ 13: 17

Quantity of Food lIems Consumed by Varl.Dus Hotels over a Month

(In kilog ra:mIIltresj


- Hotel I
A B C 0 :E F
Oil 4&) 524 490 887 266 842
VegC!ablos 434 887 625 432 375 987
Sugar 4S6 512 4SS 416 449 SS3
Tea 120 100 78 94 108 114
COffee 66 54 78 28 6S 83
FUoo 800 rosa 690 960 764 69B
Wheal 756 882 785 907 668 99B
Success MJI'r-or • July 2010 o A

What is the average number 01 students .appearing for Ihe SSC examination from all the towns together?

(A) 25000 (B) 30000

(e) 32500 (0)22.500

tE) None otmese

37. What ts the respeClive ratio oltha number 01 sludents appearing lor the SSC examinatlon. fTOm Town 6 10 Town 0 ?

(,A,) 4: 7 (6) 6: 17

(e) 8.: 11 (0) 7: 13

(E) None ollhese

38. The number 01 students appear· Ing for the SSC examinaUon from Town A is approxImately what per cent 01 the number 01 students ,appearing lor Ihe SSC examination from Town D ?

(A) 58 (6)67

(C) 62 (0) 54

(E) 64

39. The number 01 students appearIng for the SSG examination trom Town E Is whal per cent of Ihe 101al: number of sludents appearing for [he SSC exanunauon from ailihe towns tog.ather ?

(A) 32 (6) 24

(C) 16 (,O)e

{El None orlhese

40. What Is lhe respecuve rauo 01 the number '01 students appearing lor Ihe SSC examination from Town A and B together to the number of students appearing lor the SSC examination from lown G. Dand 'E logether?

(A) 3:8 (6) <I: 7

(C) 5: 11 (0) 3: 11

(El None ollll.ese


Dlr~llons-(Q .. 41 1(45) What approxtmale value should come In place 01 queston-mark (1) In the 10Howing questions 1 (YOIl are nOL expected to calculate I.heexactvalue)

41'. 53864 x SS", 1 x 41548

tAl 76 (B) 64

(C) 52 (.0) 88

(E) 102

42. {632'46)2 "'?

(A) 410000 (B) 400000

(C) 405000 (0)395000

(E) 380000

43. (629'715 - 238'9(8) x 8·451' = ?

(1\) 3825 (S) 4175

(e) 4500 (0)2950

IE) 3300

44. .JS40OO ",1

(A) 253 (C) 231 (E) 274

(B) 2.67 (0) 244

4S. (563% of 808) + 129 = 1

(Al 63 (S) 19

(e) 35 (0) 47

tEl 51

Olrection,s-(46 to 50) What should come in plaoe 01 Ihe quesnonmark (1) in Ihe lollolving number series ?

46. 3600,725, 150,35, 12,?

IA) 8 (B) 7·4

(C) 10·5 (0) 10

(E) None 01 these

47. 14,16.35.109,441 .. l'

(A) 2651 (;B) .2205

(C) 2315 (OJ 2211

(E) None otthese

48. 1331,2197,4913,6859.7,24389

(A) 12167 (,B) 13824

(e) 9261 (.0) 15625

(E) None a! Ihese

49. 104, 109,99. 114.94. 1

(A) 69 (B) 124

(C) 120 (O) 78

(E) None 01 these

SO. 980, 392, 156'8, 1. 25'088,


(A) 65·04 (B) 60·28

(C) 62-12 (0) 63,85

(E) None of these


Answers with Hints

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

Ge.neral Aware'.ness

(Held on 10..a .. 2008)

I. The Foreign Trade Policy

announced In lhe year 2004 was

announced for a period of .

(A) Two yes'rs

fiB) Three years

(C) Four years

(0) Five years

(E) Ten years

2. As per 'reports in the newspapers ihelndlan Rupee Is appreciating ihese days. What doesil really msan ?

t. The value of .he Rupee has gone up. It is ,now 110 paise and 110' 100 paise.

2. The Ex.change Rat.e 01 Rupee hasgoMup.

3. Now we can purebasemore inane rupee Which was not ,possible earlier,

{AJ Only 1 (,B) Only 2

(C) Only 3 (D)60tl:l 1 alld 2

(E) None 01 thsse

3. As per newspaper reports Ihe inNation in India and China was at a very high leveL In such a siluaUon Ihe Central Banks of Ihese coentries are (equired 10 fdllow-

(A) A more liberal credilpolicy (B) A very tight credit policy

(e) Oreate an atmosphere of easy liquidlly In the market

(0) Raise the limits 01 personal and corporate income taxes

(E) None of these

4. The US Federal Reserve had recently reduced lhe interest rates by 150 basis points lntne la.SI lew months, This was done because-

(A) US was going into recession {B)lnUation was high in countries like India and China neneea correction Ineconomio policies by ailihe countries was needed.


{C) ,Euro had become mote attTactive currency, hence US wanted 10 save dollars from further depreciation

(D) Iraq had become a ve.ry lucrative destination lor !oraign investment US does 1"101 want it tohappe.n

(E) None 011l1es9

5. The stock market index 01 London Stock Market Is felerred

as , .. , .....

(,A) Sensex

IB} ,Footsie (FTSE) Ie) NIFTY

(0) Bumsh

(E) No.ne 01 these

6. As we all know Ministry 01 Finan.ce every year prepare Union Budget and present II 10 the parliament, Which ollha following isfare Ihe elements of the Union, Budgel?

1, Esllmates 01 revenue and capital receipts,

2. Ways and Means to raise Ihe


3, Estim'alesol ellpendilure.

(A) Only 1 (B) Only 2

(e) Only 3 (OJ All 1,.2 and 3

(E) None of these

7. Which ollhelollowing. is 1'101 useees .raw malerialfor produolion 01 nuclear power 7

{AI Uranium


{C) Zirconium

(OJ SodIum

(E) AlIlhese are used

8. As per ngures released recenlly .• IheSDP growth in Ihe rast IWO years has been In Ihe range 01-

(A) 6%-7% {BI7%-8%

(C) 8%-9% [D) 9%-9,5%

(E) 10%·11%

9. Sri tankan Monitoring Mission (SLMM) has Nordic Monitors Irom live nanons, Which of the follow.ingis not one of !hem?

(AI India (6) Sweden

(C) No.rway (0) Denmark.


10. Many a limes we ~eada tsrm in financial newspapers GDR What Is the luU form. of the same 7

(A) Gross DomestiC Revenue (5) GlObal Domeslic RaUo

(C) GlObal Depository Receipts (0, Gross Depository Revenue (E) None ollhese

11. The Gov\. of India has fixed some largelslor various programmes lor the enUre plan period/or a part of it. Whithol the following is/aretrue about the Sharat Nlrman Programme?

1. The plan envisages irrigallon 01 10 million hectaresaddrtional'land.

2. It Is p:lann.ed that about six hundred km, of new roads will be developed every month.

3. Ab~Ul 1000 new telephone oonnectlorrs will be given to rvral areas every month so Ihatby the end ot tne plan an villages in In<liaare brought under telephone services network,

{AI Only tls lrue (e) On!y 2is lrue (C) Onry3is lrue

(0) All 1, Zand 3 are true (E) None is true

12 .. Who played Ihe role of Ihe Hockey C<lach In Ihe 111m Chak. De India lor which he was given Ihe Award for Besl Aclor?

(Al Snanrukh Khan

(B) Abhishek Bachchan (C) Aamlr Khan

(D) Salman Khan

(E) None ollhese

uceess MI.r.ror _ Jul:y 2010

13. India has sIgned 8. Memorandum 01 Underslanding (MaUl Wllh which of Ihefollowlng countries which says Ihey will create a 'Multi Polar World Order' based on Ihe rule of law, sovereign ,equality and non·lnlerlerence In internal alfaIrs of Slates?

(A) USA (8) Nep.al

(C) China (0) Britain

(E) RU$sia

14. RecenUy one Indian C~rfcket pl'ayer has become Ihesixth batsman to scor'e 10000 runs In TeSI Crickets. The name of 'Ihe player Is-

(1\) Virander Seh.wa,g (8) Sachin Tandulkar (e) Sourav Ganguly (0) AnilKumble

(E) RanulDravid

15, VousufRaza.Gilla.ni who was elected the Prime Minister 01 Pakistanis from which polillcal parties 1

(A) Jamiat-e-Wemalslami (8) PakislaTI Peeple's PMy (e) Awami National Party (O) Muslim l.e'ague

(E) None (If these

16. As per Ihe Gov!. Notifications/ Ad\<ertisements given In various newspapers lhe wheal procure' meat thls year was ola reeord 01 210 lakh MTs, Which 01 Ihe following was/wera Ihecontri· bulory raetcrs In such a record making procurement 1

1. Minimum support price was kepi as Bs, 1,500 per quIntal.

2. Wheal was also procured Irom non·lradillonaI state like Guj'a.rs.1 and Maharashlra,

3. Slate Govts., were also

InvolVed actively In the


IA) Only1 (e) Only3

IB) Only2

(iD) Both 2 and :3

(E) None 01 these

17, Very olten we read :In newsj:)apercs thaI soma SPQrls perscns have \0 go lor a Depe Tesi. alter their performaoce In the field. Why Dope t.8sl is conducted ?

1, To know the general health 01 Ih e sports pe rson,

Success Mjl·r~r • July 2010

2, To know Ihesugar level In theIr blood,

3, To deteel whether they have

taken any performance

enhan.cing drugs.

(A) Only 1 (9) Only 2

(e) Only 3 (0) AliI, 2 and 3

(E) None of these

18, Sanlosh Trophy Is aSSOciated with Ihe game 01-

(A) Cricket (B)Badmlnlon

(e) Tennis (D) Chess

Ie) None 01 these

19.. As per Ihe newspaper reports some economically developed states enly hOld about 60% of Ihe lotal'Demal Accounts' in India. A Oemal Account is-

(A) An account which is opened' by Ihe people 01 the lower income groups ofsociel.y

(B) An accountin which tradil"lg' 01 the shares is done

(C) An account which can be opened only by minors

(O) An account which can be operated by big corporate houses and are mainlybusmess accounts like cUffenl accounts

(E) None ot these

2.0. Federal FI.eserve Is thelinanciaJ ,organization 01 the-

(A) USA. (Bl Brita!n

(C)France (0) Japan

IE) Germany

21i, Which of Ihe fOllowi1lg0rganiza.· lions is 'known as Market Regulator in India?

(A) IBA (~) SEBI


(E) None of these

22. Which of Ihe followIng pheno· menon OC(:urredfsurfaoedi reoen.tly associated wilh the economy 01 USA has put a cataSirophic influence on the economy of lh.e World?

(A) Increase in the oj] prices (e) High level 01 Innalion

(el 'Huge and mQuntingexpendllure due 1(1 alls.ck on Iraq by USA and allied lorces

(D) Sub-prime crisis

(E) None ol th ese

23, The Reserve Bank 01 India keeps on changing various fellolrates IrequenUy. Why this Is done?

t To keep Inflation under


2, To ensure thai lndlan Rupee does not loose Its market value.

3. To ensure thai banJ<s do not earn huge p.rolits. at the cost 01 public monoy.

(AJ Only' (8) Only 2

(0) Only 3 (0) All 1,.2 and 3

(El None 01 Ih~se

24. Which 01 Ihe following Is true about the National Rural Employ-

ment Guarant.ee Act 1 .

1. II I.sap,plicable only tn 100 rural districts.

2, u gives a guaranteed employment ot 100 days to all [nose whoafe eligible lor the same and are also wilting 10 lalcei\.

3. This act Isappllcab!e only for men between the age of 21·65.,

Women do not gellhe benefit 01 Ihe same,

(A) Only 1 (B) Only 2

(e) Only 3(0) .All 1, 2 and :3 (El None ollhese

25, Many limes we hear about SEZ In newspapersfmagazines .. What !sthe lull lorm 01 SEZ?

(A) Small Economic Zone

(5l Social Economic Zone

(e) Special. Enforcement Zone (D) Servi.ce and ~Eoonomic Zone (E) None ollhese

26. Who amongst the 'oll.0w:1n9 is the author altha book 'Namesake' ? (A) V1kram Selh

(6) Jhumpa Lahiri

(C) Klran Desai

(D) Shobha De

(E.) None oflhese

27. Which of lhefo!lowing is not a laxJduty levied by Ihe Gov!. 01 India?

(A) Income I.ax

{Bl Education cess (C) Service lax

(D) eusl.om Duty (El ToU lax.


28. WhiCh Of lhe lollow.ing schemes was launched 10 promote basic education In India and aUrael children in schoolgoln9 age to attend the classes?

tA) Pulse Polio Abhiyan (8) Operation Floocl

(e) Mid Day Meal Scheme (0') Ope,ralion iBlacK Board (E) None of these

29. Which of the following. awards is given by UNESCO to lhose who pul.lheir efforts 10 popularize use of science In lile ?

(A) Mags.aysay Award (8) BookerPri2:e

(e) Kalinga Award

(O) Kalida:;! Samman (E) None of Ihese

30. Which ·of Ihe following Is India's Nuclear capable surface to surface missile?

(A) Agnl·1

(8) Dronaoharya·n (C) Edusal·IV

(0) Atjun·1iI

(E) None of these

st. 'Common Wealth Day' is

observed on which 01 the following day,s 1

(A) May 21(8) May 24 (e) Aptil25 (0) .Aprll 21 (E) May31

32. Which year will be observed as 'Year of India In Russia' ?

IA) 2008 (C) 2010

(8)2009 (0)2011

(E) None or these

33. Which of Ihe following is nus aboul expartslromlndia In Ihe beginning althe year 2008 ?

(A) 'It came down by 15%-20% IS) It was up by 35%

{C) :It was same as 01 2007

(0) It carne down dras!lcaUy because 01 depreclallon of dollars

(E) None ol these

34. As per Ihe news published in me newspapers Ihelnlema.Uonal Monelary Fund (IMF) praised India's performance an tts economic fronL Whieh of the


lollowing is not true In Ihis respeel?

1. IMF lavoured the cuts in fuel subsidies as part. 01 expendi,· I.ure measures to creatseaee for spending on priority sectors.

2. fMF was nolin lavour of huge foreign fundllow to India as It has created a" imbalance at regional level. IMF wants India 10 do somelhlng for the same.

3. IMF wants some more struclural reforms to be Implemente-d quick'iy.

(A) Only 1 (6) Only 2

(C) Only a (D)Bolh 1 and 2

(E) All 1 , 2 arid 3

35. The Govl. of India recen!!y provided a reliel packag.e 01 As. 5,000 crote 10 help lexllla Indus,. try. Why this special pa,ckage was required for lexlila induslry?

I. Texlit.eindu6Iryinl'ndials at a very poor siage. Gov1. wanlS It to develop to the inler· national level.

2. Texlile expo.rts were In great loss due 10 appreCiation In Rupee's value.

3. Due to abcllsnment of the NaUonal t.exUle CollloraJlon w.e.!. April. 2008. Ihemills coming under its conlrol are in severe crisis.

(A) Onty 1 te) Onty3

(8) Only2

(D) Alii. 2 and 3

(E) None of Ihese

35. Rabul Oravld compteted his 10,000 runs in Iheleslcrickel while playing wilh which of the following leams recenUy ?

(A) Banaladesh

(8) fleldstsn

(Cl Australia

(0) South Africa

(E) None ollhese

37. Many times we read a term'EOS" In financial newspapers. Whal Is ihe full lorm or ECB? (A}essenlial Commercial Borrowing

(8) Essenlfat Credit arid Batrowing

{C} 'External Credit and Business

(D) External Commercial Borrowing

{E} None allhesa

38. A group 01 students from Tibel recently was on aprolesl and slag.ed dhama at. some places In ;Indla. These Tibetans have some dispule with which al Ihe following countries?

(A) India (B) Nepal (C) 'Pakistan (D) China (E) Bhulan

39'. In the Supreme Court of India the number of Judges !Including the Chief Justioe is 1101'1'-

(Al 20 (C) 2S

(8) 21 (0}28

(E] 'None ollhesa

40. Name 018. S. Ve-ddyurappa was recent!yin news as he has laken over as the-

(A) GovemorolKamalaka

(6) Chief Minister 01 Kamataka (C) Governor ol.A:ndhraPradesh (0) Chief Minister 01 Anclhra Pradesh

(E) None 01 Ihese

41" Defenoe Minister frorn 27 nations recently gathe(ed al which of the following places 10 discuss security emongsl 'Ihe counlrie"5 01 Asia !Pacificreglon ?

(A) Beiling

(B) New Delhi

(C) Singapore

(0) KuaJaLumpur (E) None ollhese

42. Who amongsilheiallowing is not a lawn Te.nnls Player ?

CAl Serena Williams

(B) Katarina Srebotnik

eC) Andy Murray

(0) Niootas A!ma.gro (El RickyPonting

43, Many limes we read in newspapers about the GM Crops. Wlmlls the 1'1111 formol'GM' ?

(A) Generally Mark.eled

(6) Genetically Modified

(0) Green and Moistorious

(0) GlObally Matketed

(E) None oflhese

(Ctlll/inl!etIOII Plige 829 .

uceess MI.r.ror _ Jul:y 2010

Reasoning Ability

(Held on 1()..8~2.008)

1, In 8. class 01 '60 students number of boys and girls par1Jclpsting in Ihe annual sports is in Ihe ralio 01 3 :.2 reslWctively,lhe number of girlslrom the class nOI parl.tolpat.Ing. in the spor1s Is 5 more Ihan Iheboys ,[rom the class who are not parlicipallng in the sports. If Ihe number 01 boys perllcipaling in Ihe sports Is 15, how many girls are there in the class ?

CA) Oalainadequale

(6) 20

(C) 25

(0) 30

(E) None of these

Dlrectlons-(O. 2-S) A'ea.d Ihe

following Informalion and answer the Clues!ions given belOw-

(I) P, Q. A. Sand T finished the work, wOr:king from Monday to Salurday, one 01 the days being. !lOUdey. each working. overtime only on OM ollhe days,

(II) Rand T d'1d nol work overtime ontbe first day.

(Iii) a worked overtime Ihe next day after 'the holiday,

(Iv) The overtime work done on 1M previous. day 01 the holiday was by R.

(v) There was a two days' g.apbetween Ihe days on which 'P and a worked overtime.

('II) Pwotked overtime lhe ne'XI day 01 the overtime day 01 S.

2, When did T work overtime?

(AI On the day previous tothat on which S worked overtime.

(8) On the next day of the day on which Q worked overtime

(e). Two days alter Ihe day on which S worked overtime

(0) Cannot be determined

(E) None of these

3, How many days' gap was there between the days en which P& T worked overfltne ?

(A) Three

(B) Two

Success Mirror. July 20JO

(C) One

(0) cannot be determin.ed eE) None of tMse

4, On whal day did R wOlk Over, lime?

(A) Monday (6) Tuesday

(C) Thursday (0) F'rlday (E) None of these

5, Which ol Ihe following is the correct statemeru ?

(A) 'P workl;dovertime, ,1'aSI among'them

(6) ~p worked overl!me earlier thanS

(e) The hOliday was on Friday (0) S worked, overlime earlier thana

eE) 'None of tnese

6, In a certain code 'acquiSition or conSlruction shou'" be completed wllhin three years" is written as 'three be or within should years construction compleled acquisi. lion', How will 'interest paid on loan wl!l be allowed for deduction' be wrillen Inlhal. code?

(~) lor wlll paid allowed loan on deduction beinleresl

(8) lor will allowed paidl loan deduction on be interest

(C) lor will paid allowed 108n deduction on beil1leresl

(0) lor will paid allowed loan deducllcn be on interest

(E.) None orillase

7, Wl1iCIl or the following will be tile changed form of the word 08.LIQUE when the word is wrilten again. by subsli1uling each vowel by Ihe2nd lellerfollowing II in the English alphabet and each consonant Issubstilut.ed by Ihe 3rd letter fo1iowingil in Ihe English alphabet?





(EJ None 01 these

8, If a meaningful word can ee formed using Ihe live leUers NWROO. each onl:y once, Ihen thefourlh letter 01 that word Is your answer. :II more LilaI'! one such word can belormed then Y Is your answer a.nd if no SUCh word can be formed then ·.Z' is your answer,

(A) 0 (C)R (E) Z

(8) W (D) y

9', Polnllng towards a girl In lhe picture Sunlta said, -She is the moiherot Renu whose (,alher lis my son: How Suni\a is relaledlo Ihal gIrl In the picture.

(A) Mother

(S) AUi'll

(G) Cousin

(0) Dala Inadequate (E) Nona of I.hese

10, P's father [5 a's sen, M Is Ihe patemat Uncle 01 P and NIs the brOlher 01 O. How 1.5 N related 10 M?

(A) Brolher (.6) Nephew (e) CousIn

(0) Dalalnadequate

(E) Non.e of.hese

DlrecUons-(a, 11-15) Aeadthe

following info.rmation and: answerthe questlonsqfven below-

(I) A, B. C. D. E. Fand G are sitting along a circle lacing at t.he centre and are playing cards.

(Ii) E is neighbour of A & 0

(iii) G is not between F and eand is the neighbour of C and O. (iv) F Is 1.0 the immediate right 01 A

11, WhO are IhenelghbOurs of B 7 (A) e and 0

(S) F and C

(e) A and F

(0) Data Inadequale (E) None ollhese


12. Which pair give.n bel(lw has Ihe second person slUIng immediately 10 the rlghl ollhe (jrs!?

(Al C8 (8) DG

(C) EA (0) AS

(E) None otthese

1S, Which of lhe lOIlowi9n 'has Ihe persons sitting adjacent 10 each other Irom lell 10 1191'11. in, order as given?

(Al COG (.8) EDG

(Cj BGG (D) Fee

eE) None 01 these

14, Whal is the po.sllionol F?

(Al To Illelmmedlale lefl 01 A (8) To the immedlalerighl 01 B (0) 2nd to Ihe right or 0

(D) Stdto Ihe lell of D

eE) None 01 these

15, Whicl'lol the following does n01 have Ihe pair siUing adjaoentio each other?

(Al BA

(9) CB

(C) DE

(0) GO

(E) AHare sl\llng adjacent to each other

Dlreotlons- (a. 16-20) To answer Ihese quesllons study Ihe follOwing anangemenlJY2",S£6EG M 'III: 7S H P9 K L jl@Wa13.#CD@

16. How many such symbo.lsare there tn the above arrangement each 01 which Is eilherImme· dialely followed by a number or immediately preceded by a leller, but not both?

(A) Nil (G) 2

(8) 1 (OJ 3

(E) None of these

17. How .many such letters are there eacn 01 which Is ellherimmediataly ronowed by a number or Immedi'ately preceded by a symbol, bul nO'1 bolh?

(A) 4 (8) 5

(OJ e (D) 7

eEl None 01 lhase

1a, How manyslJch numbers are there each of whlchIs eUhe'f immediately lollowed by a symool or immedialely preceded by a letter. but 1'101 both?

(A) 2 (B) 4

(0) 3 (0) 5

(E) None of these

t 82.21

19., '2VS' is 10 '·EG£'ln Ihe same wa,y as 'PHK' is to ".,.,., ..

(A) @WL (C) @Ila

(8) WQj1 (D) @WK

(E) None 01 these

20, Four 01 the following [IVa are alike in a certain way based on the posilions 01 the elements il') the above arrange.mentand 'hence form a group, Which one does not belong 10 the group?

(A) 2YCD ('B) £813

(C) ·JS@3 (0) £E1W

(E) ",#'2C

Dlrectlons-(a., 21-25) Below in each question are given twoslale· ments (I) and (II). These statements may be eiiher independent causes or maybe effeClsollndependenl causes or a common cause. One 01 Ihese sialemenlsmay be Iheaffecl 01 Ihe other statement. Read both Ihe statemsnts.and decide which of !hefollowinganswerchoica correctly depicls t.he relationship between these two statements.

Ma.rk Answer-

(A)llstalemenl (I' is the cause and statement (II) is ils effect ..

(8) if slatement(lI) Is Ihe cause and statemen1 (I) is lis eifeet (0) llbolh the S'lalemenlS (I) and (II) are independent causes. (D) ilbolh!he s'lalemerlts (I) and (U) are ellects 01 independent causes,

(El libolh the statements (I) and (II) are effects· of some comm.on cause.

21. (I)

Huge tidal waves wrecked

the vast ooasUineear1y in th.a 26, momlng killing thousands of people.

(II) Large number 01 peo.ple gathered along the OO8slllne to enloy the spectacular ~lew of sunrise,

The Gov!' has suspended several police olnoers in Ihe city.

(II) Five persons. car:rying huge quantlly 01 illicit. liquor were appreh.ended by pOlice,

22. <II

23, (I)

The treJlic police remvoed Ihe signal: posl al Ihe Inter· secucn of two roads in a qulellocalil.y.

(II) There have been many accidents al the inersec!lon InYolvlng vehicles moving, al hJghspeed.

24,(1) The local sleel oompany has takenover the task 01 deveklpmenl and malntenance 01 the civic roads In th.e town,

(II) The JocalcMc body requested I.hecorporale bodles 'to help them maintain the civic facilities.

Majority ollhe students In the col!egeexpressed their opinion against the college amhorily's decision \0 break away hom the university and become autonomous.

25, (I)

(!I) The university aulhodly has expressed its Inability to provide granls to its conslIluenl coll:eges.

DirectionS-la, .26-30,) ;11'1 each question below is gi,ven a Slalem.enl followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumpnon Is something supposed' or taken for granted. you have to consider the statementand the lollowln.g assumpUons and decide which 01 the assumptions is implicit in tha statemont,

GlvB .Answer-

(A) if only Assumption is
CB} if 'only Assumption II is
Implicit (0) (D) IE)

II eilher tor 11 Is ,implicit.

i 1 neilh er I nor Ills .impfic.il. If both I and II are Implicit.

SI.alement ; The Qeneral Adm1- nislra,lion deparlmenl has issued a circular 10 all lhe employees Infor.ming Ihemlhal henceforth lhe employees can avail their lunch break steny 01 the hallhOur slol between 1 ,00 p,m, to 2·30p,m.


L The employees may welcome lhe declslon and avail lunch break at. differenllima slOts.

11. There may not be any break ill the work of the Ofganiza\lon as the employees wtllhave their lunch break at different tlmesIOI$.

Success 1i.r.ror _July WIO

27.. SI.8Iemef;lt.: The Gel/emment has decided against reduction 01 pdces 01 petroleum. products lhough there is a signi ,cant drop In Ihe crude oil prices In Ihe Intema:lional markel, Assumptions:

1. The prices of crude 011 in, tile lntematlenal mark.el may again Increase In tile near future.

II. The ptesenl prlee dlfferen.oe ofpelroleumproducts will help lhe govemmenlto WlthstanCi any possible price rise in future.

28. Statement.: The Govt.llas made an .appeal 1.0 all Ihe cil.izens 10 honestly pay income lax and file returns reflecting Ih.elrue incom.e level 10 help Ille Government to carry out developmental acllvl· ties.


l; People may now start pay.ing more taxes In response 10 !he appeal.

U. The totallncome lax collection may consld'erab'ly Increase In the neal' future.

29. Statement: The Stale Government has decided to appoint lour thousand primary sc.hoollea.Chers during tile nexl financial year. Assumptions;

I. There are enough schools In the stale 1.0 accommodate four thousand additional primary SChool teachers, .

II. The eligible candidates may not be fnleres'ted to apply as the Government may not finaJly appoinl such a la'rge number of prtmary school teachers,

30. Statement; Th.e school authOrity has decided 1.0 increase Ihe number of students in each classroom 1.0 seventy Irom the next academic session 10 bridge the gap belwe,en Income and expenditure to a larger extent, Assumpllons:

I'. The income generated by way 01 lees or the additional students will be sufficient enough to bridge tM gap.

11. The school wiUgel all Ihe additional studenls Inea.ch class from the next academic session.

Success Mirror. July 20JO

Dlrectlons-(O .. 31-35) In maklng-decisions aboul Important quesaons. II is desirable to be able to dis, tlnguish between 'Slfong' arguments and "Weak' arguments. 'Slrong' arguments are those which are bolh Important and directly related 10 lhe question. 'Weak' arguments are those which are 01 minor imporlance and also may not be direclly relaled lolhe question or may be f'elated to a trivial aspect of the question.

Ea.chquestion below I!> followed by lWO argumants numbereo I and II. You have 10 decide which of lhe argument is a 'slrong" argument and which is a 'weak.'argument.

GIVe Answer-

(AJ If only argument I Is slrong. (8) if only 8fgumentl1 is strong. (e) if 'either lor Ills strong.

(0) if neither I nor II is .slron9. IE) il both r and II are slrong.

s,. Should the parents in 'Indira. In future be forced to opl for only one child as againsllwo or many al presenl?

A,rguments :

I. Yes, Ihis is the only way to check the ever-increasing populalionollnClla.

II. No, this type ot pressure tactic Is not adopted by.any olher country in Ihe wOlld.

32. ShOuld Ihe sex determlnatlon l.eSI during pregnancy beoompletely banned 1


I. Yes, lhls leads 10 indiscri· minate female foeticide and eventually will lead 10 social imbalance.

II. No, people have aright 10 know aboullheir unbomcl'lild.

33 .. Should all the slums in bfgcilies be demolished and lhe people living in such slums be relocated outside the oily limits ? Argumenl.s ;

I. No, all these people wlillose their home and IwelihOQd and hence they Should not be relocated.

u Yes,. [he big cities need more an more spaeeste carry Qui developmental aclivites and hence these slums should be removed.

34. ShOuld mere be complete ban of mlllingooalin. India?


I. Yes, the present stock. 01 coal will noliasl long. 11 we continue mining at lhe present rate.

U. No, we don.ol have allernale energy source 01 suUiclenl quantity.

35. Should there be uniforms for students in Ih.ecolleges in India as lntnescnoels ?


I. Yes, Ihis will Improve the amblence ·01 the colleges as all Ihe students will be decenlly dressed.

II. No, college sludents should not be regime.nted and they should be lel110 choose theIr clothes for coming to college.

Direclions-{O. 36-40) In the follow.lng questions. the symbols @. II, %,. * andS are used with the following, meaning as Illustrated below-

'P @ Q' means 'P is not smaller IhanO'.

'P II Q' means 'P is 1101 great~r thanO'.

,p %0' means 'P Is neilher greater than nor aqua I 10 0'

'P * Q' means 'F is nellher sm¢iJler than nor g.reater than 0'.

'P S Q' me<tns 'P is neither smaller than nor equal to 0'.

Now in each Of IhefoHowlng

questions assuming Ihe g~iven statemellls \0 be true, find whleh of 1M three ccncluslons I, !land I'll given belowlhem !sIare deflnltel.yIIueand give your answer accordingly.

36. Statements :

M %R. A It T, T * N Conclusions : I. N * R


(A) Ailiollow

(S) OnlV either I or II !ollows

(C) Only either I or II and III follow

(0) Only eilher I or HI and II follow

(E} None ofthese


37. Sta.tements .:

J# N,. K @ N, T S K cenemstens ~ I.. J % T II. TSN III. N@J

(AI None follows

(B) Only I and IIloliow (e) Only land IUfol!ow (D) Only II and IlIloliow (E) All follow

38. Sla.tements :

B * 0, O@H,H%F Conclusions: I. B *;F II.BSF III. DSF

(A) None ro!lows

(B) Only either I orll follows

(C) Only either lor 11 and UI follow

(D) Only III follows eE) AU fol.!ow

39. Statements :

TS K, K fJ R, A * M Conclusions : I. M * K II. M%T III. MSK

(AI All follow

(8) Only either lor III lollows (C) Cnlyeither loriliollOW5 (0) Cnlyeither Ilor 111101101'1 (E) None of these

40. Statements :

V@ M,A$M, R 11 V Conclu.slons : I. R /I A II. V@A m. ASM (AI Only I follows

(S) Only II foNows

(C) Only 1I110!lOW5

(D) Nonelollows

(E) AU follOw

OI~ecUons-(Q. 41-45) Each of the Questions below contalns three elements. These three elements may or may not have some linkage. Each grop ollhe elements may minto one 01 the diagrams al (A)., (8), (C), (0) and (E). You! have 10 indicate groups 01 e!emenl.s in each 01 Ihe questions III. lnto whleh of Ihe diagrams given below. The nurnbr of the diagram Is the answer.

t 8241



41. Cloth, Cotlon, Shirt

42. Paper, Sta.tionery, Ink 43 .. lron,lea.o, Nitrogen

44. Classroom,Bla.ckboard, School

45. Hockey,. Football,. Crleket

Dlrectlons-(O. 46-50) Below is givne a passage lonowed by several possible Inferences whic~h can be drawn from Iheiacls slated In the p'assag;e. You have to e,xamine each inference separately in the context of the passage and decide upon ils degree ollrulh or falsity.

Give .Answer-

(AI II the Inference ,is 'definitely true', I.e. It properly follows from thestalemenl oflacts given.

(8) II Ihe inference is 'probably true' though nol 'definItely true' h" the light of the facls given.

(e) If ItIe'data ere Inadequate', i.e. from Ihe facts given you cannot say whether Ihe inference 'i,slik~ely '10 be true orlalse.

(0) lithe Inferenoe is 'probabl.y faJss'. theug!"! nOI'dellnltely false'ln Ihe light of lhelacl.s given.

(E) IIlhe inference ts 'definitely false', J.8. it cannot possibly be tjrawnfrom the lacts given or :iI contradicts the glven facts.

Economic liberalization aad globalization have put pressures on Indian industry, particularly on t.he s e "",,ice sector, ,10 oller q ueltt y products and services at low costs and wilh high slJeed. Organizations have 10 compete wilh unequal partners from abroad. II is well recognIzed lhal developing countries Ukelndia are a!(eady behind olher countries teehnolog cally, In many areas. alll10ugh some of them. particularly India, boasl 01 huge scientific and technical man-

power. In addition 10 Ihis, il an entrepreneur or Induslriailsl has to spend a 101 of his lime, money and energy in dealing with unpredictable services and in negolia.1ln9 wilh Ihelocal bureaucracy.It can have a significant dampening eflect on business ..

46. No ether developing counlry ex.cepl India cla]ms thallhey have hignly [rained teehnlcal manpower.

47. Foreign, companies are more equIpped, Ihan domestic companies 10 ,provide quali1yservlce In good lime.

48. Ollicial formalities are less cumbersome in almost all the counlries, except India.

49,In.dian service industry was more cemrortabte beJore econcmtc libera.llzallon.

50. India al. presenlis ttl some exlenl on par with developed countries in terms 01 technolog.ical deNe- 100men!.

Answers with Hints

Success 1i.r.ror _July WIO

English Language

(Held on 1 Q..8,,2008)

Dlrections-(O. 1-10) Read each senlenceto find out if there is any error in it The ,error, it any, will be In one parto! Ihe sentence. Theleller ollhat part is Ihe answer. II there is no error Ihe answer is (E). (Ignore errors In punclualJon. If any)..

1. In spite 01 IheeXlreme cold I she (A)

lnslssed oo/l.aking a trip 10 Shimlal

(B) (C)

where Is her biT1hptace. No error

(0) (E)

2. The government deCision I will (A) benenlailithesoltwareoom·

{Bl (e)

panies registered I under lfle (0)

No error (.E)

3_The trustee has agreed 11'101 only (A)

to lundlne construction lof the (8)

auditorium I but also Ihe new

(e) (0)



No error (E.)

4. Keeping in mind the rivalry I (A)

between Vinod and Saenin Ilh.e (6)

manager has assigned him 110 (e)

differenl\eams. (0)

No error


5. In recent limes ecmpanles ha.ve (AI

found I Ihe interne I 10 be ideal (B)

place Ito hire personnel I and (C)

form business paftnershlps. (,0),

6. These rules were created I 10 (Al

protect Ihe interests 01 the sill' (8)

dent I who live away from home I (e)

and 1'18ve 00 local guardiao. (D)

No error (El

7. OOn cern ed over I the 105$ of

(A) (S)

revenue I the Govemmenl plan I (eJ

10 review Ihe policy immediately. (,oj

No eH'or IE)

8. Ha.ving heard all the evidence I (A)

Ihe Chairman should now J be (8)

able 10 arrive 110 a lair decision.


No error ,(E)

9. There are very fewer notels I pro(A)

viding' laciUUes lor I guests who (S)

wanl to bring their pets I along(e)


with them. (D)

No error


10. The reportstates Ihal f in several (A)

partsctthe COuntry I there has (8")

1'101. been I adequately rain Ihis 15.

(e) (D)


No error (E.)

Dlrectlons-(O. 11..,25) Whithol No ertorlhe phrases (A), (B), (C) and (0) given

IE') below each sentence shol,JI'd replace

182.(i I

Ihe phrase printed [n bold Iype 10 make Ihe sentence grammallcally correcl111lhesentell¢e Is correct as I, ts mark (E) i.e. 'No correction required' as Ihe answer.

11. The meeling Is attempted 10 mend the siramed relations between t.l1e mana,gementand the employees.

(A) was allempleQ lOf mending (8) Is an. atlempl to mend

(e) is aUe-mpleQ al mending 01 (D) will be auemptecl by mending (E) No co.rrecl(on required

12. He' arrIved atlhe hole'l, which a reception was held in his honour.

(A) in which a reception Is (8) While a reception being (e) Whe.re a. reception was

(0) since a recepliongoing on (E) NocorrecUon requited

13. Since his college days he has been standing up with Ihe tights of the weak and the oppre·

ssed, .

(A) Siood up along wllh

(8) Siandingin lor

(e) lor standing beside (O) slandlng up for

(E) No correction required

14. Unless a man with plenty 01 money can arlord a house in this locality.

(A) unlit a man has

(9) when a man possesses (e)except aman Of

(0) only a man with

(El 'No correction requir,ed

They lost Ihe VOle because they could 'not expres·s clearly.

(A) express themselves clearly (8) express each other clearly (e) crea~lye)(press

(O) be clearly expressed (E) No correction requlred

Success 1i.r.ror _July WIO

16. Ramesn must be punished for actin.g In opposite to my wishes. (A) opposing 10

(B) in opposlte with (e) opposileagain.s\ (D) in opposition to

(E) No eorrecuon required

17. India is a diverse and breaU:11.akIn9 counl.ry with many places worthwhile to see.

(A) (B) (e) (D) (E)


worlh seeing wol1hwhl1e scene worthy se.eing

No correctlon required

18. The sales conference cannol be, began 1111 Ihe lesUve season 1524.


(A) (B) (e) (D) (E)

cannot have beginning unable 10 begin

cannot begin

has no beginning

No cOllection required

19. n was su~prisinQ' to note lhal she enjoyed Ihe game of crIcket 25. same as her brother did.

(A) (e) (e) (D) (E)

as much as

with Ihe same liking, as alike

same like

No correction required

20. They are very muchenterpris' lng, 01 all Ihe other students I ha.VB taughl.

(A) so muchenlerpfising like (6) more enlerp.rislng than

(0) ve.ry much enterprising Ihan (D) much enterprising' at

(EJ No correouen required

21. Takeneverylh.lllgintoconslderation, we feel Ihal lhe principal was jus\ifiedin suspendIng lhesludent

(AI Ta:king all things Into oonsf. de ring

(8) To take everything with consideration

(e) TaIling everylhing' inlo consideration

(D) While taking everything for conslderaiion

(E) No conecnon required

Success Mirror. July 20JO

22.. He succeeded In getting the promotion as he performed well ihan Ihe other candidates In the wriuen lest

(A) perfor'med best 01 (9) performed better

(e) performance was ,beller (0) performing very well

(E) No conecflcn requlred

The Inquiry found lnal both the secretary and thelreasurer had been ne911genlln Ihe:lr duUes. fA) nB{llecling his duly

IB) negl.ected by their duties (e) neglecting in their duty (0) negligen.ce for their duties (E) No co.rrection r'equlred


I wUh my famUy have resided in a sma.!1 vlJlag:e near the sea for Ihe pasltwodecades.

(A) My family along with I has (9) My family and me have (C) My family and I have

(D) I together with my famity has (E) Nocorr8clion requlred

The channel has .brought the rights to Ihe cricket series for a huge sum of money.

(A) paid the rIghts for

(e) boughllhe tightS for

(e) been paldthe rites 10

(D} boughl 011 the r.ighlS

(E) No ccnecuon required

Direcllons-(O. 26-.35) Read

the 10110wing passage carefuny and answer the questions given below H. Certain words/phrases are given in bola to help you tolocate them wllil.e answering some of the questions.

Aviallon Is an essentlal link for travel, trade and connectivity. While lull service carriers allmcl passengers wIth Ihe overaU quamy 01 Ihelr services. low COS! alrdnes compete on cost, Theyolfer bare-bone services, lI.y more sectors a day and operate from smaller secondary airports thai have lower cha:rges. Th.ese may be very lar from the city centres costing passengers more lime and money to g.81 lntotewn, Some servic'eslike L.ondon'sLutonare aimed at etiminaling the problems 01 connecting flights. They tend 1.0 avoid head-on competition with each olher and prey on lull services airlines. Sl.affare usualty

tess well paid. more intensivelY used and in snorter supply as compared 10 full ,servioe airlines. There are numerous 9'Xcepttons though In other counlries.EasyJel operal.es from major aIrports and JelBlue offers live programmes for free.

In Ind'is 70% 01 the oper.sl.ing costs 01 low cos! airlines are the same as thetol ,lull serv.ioecarrlers,lealfing just 30% to jU99le with to' gain an overall advanlageCl'ver full service carriers. Mally ollhese COSI.S like fuel are above global levels. Exorbitanl Staie and Cemral g.ovemmenl taxes and duties are I.he main culprils. Air Deccan envisions Ihat their airline lares will match Ifallfares-unattainable because 01 the economies 01 scale thai the railways enjoy. Few secondary air,l)Orls and fares lalllng fasler Ihan I.heir costs have hurl low cost airlines mare than olhers.as they have 10 achieve higher Ileal ulilization. A'lIow.ing low cost airlines 1:0' ulilize non-metro airports al It)wer charges durlng,ofi-peak hours while providing full service alrunes peak hour slots bul al higher rates could help.

Low cost airlines can aid seonomic dovelopmenland the current economic boom has been Iherighl lime to launch India's 101'1 '(:(lSI revolution thQugh in their effort.s to achieve economies a! scate and greater markel share lhey have been reckless and have gone deep 11'110 the red. India has toawail seconclcgenera1ion low COSI airlines to delive.r the gOOds.

26. The primary purpose 01 low cost airllne.sis ta-

lA) pr·ovide connectiv.ily allow rates

('B) enhance economic development

(0) do away wllh the inconvenience of connecting !lights

(0) reduce cong.estion at

crowded cily air~ports

(E) reduce the pas.senger prsssure on \he ,railways

27. The author's view 01 Indian low cost airlines is Ih81.-

IA)they are based on glob.d models allowinglhem to compete with .railw.ays

(S) ,they benefit from certain exemptions on tax afld dulles

(C) with only 70% of the operat· ing cost be.ing the sameas lull service aiir:lines they nave a m<lior advantage


(D) Ihey are loss-making enterp rise s a $ Ihe! refforts loexpanc:l have been hasty

(E) None of thesa

28. Which 01 Ihe foHowing islare TRUE in l,heconlexl ollhe passage?

t. Indian 'low eest carriers though launched attherighl lime have been mismanaged.

Jel Blue is one of the premleJlull: service air

carriers in Ihe world.

3. BusIness lor lOW cost carriers Is good enough to aHow them 10 compete with railways.

(A) Only 1 (B) Bolhl and:3

eel Only 2 (0) Both 2 and 3 33.

eE) No.neof these


29. Which ·01 tha loll:owing measures can beost Ihe low cost carrier business?

(A) Increasingrai1 lares to allow low cost carriers a chance to compete

(6) Govemmenl should own a stake in low cost airlines

(C) Preference for low cost carriers during peak hours 81 major ajrports

(01 Developing adequate seeondaryairports

(E) Equivalenl charges for 11.111 services and low cost airlines at metro airports

The growth 01 'low costalrUnes in India has been hampered by-

1. inadequate airport infra· struCture.

2. auracting and retainIng stall in sp.ite 01 tdgherpay packages.

S. costs 01 providing additional

quality services.

(A) Only S (B) Bolh 1 and 2

(0') Only 1 (0) 6olh2 and S

(E) AU 1,2 and 3



Which of the following ts NOT TRUE In t.he eontext 01 the pa.ssage?

(.A) The low cost airline Industry has very recently come 10 India (B) Full seNiee airlines operate Irom secondary atrocrts to meet t.he costs 01 flee serv ices

t 8281

(C) Indian low cost arrlines have not been able 10 make even a marginal profit

(0) Staff 01 low cost airlines has longer working hours as compared to lull ssrvice airline

(E) Nonso'ihese

A benell! 01 lOw cost airlines IslA) they operate away from crowded dties

(91 'their fares are mare reasonable than raillaries

(C) decrease In lares despite a rise in costs

(0) efficienl baremlnlrnurnsesvices ataUordable rates

IE) ullllzin9 seeonda.ry airports despile Iheir higher cha.rg;es

Why are IDW ,eDS! airline India cu~renUy 9.xperienclng dif[icullies 1

{A) Over ambitious plans lor expansion

(9) Recession in globa.lairline Industry

(C) Monopoly 01 gOIl\. owned lull service alflines

(D) Lack olfallourableeconomic oonditlans

(E) None 01 Ihese

Choose [he wordfphrese whi.ch ts most ,nee.rly the same In meaeIngas Ihe word intensively used In the passage.

(Al Severely (B)Exoessively (C)Powetiully (D) Strongly (E) .Harshly

35. Chooselb.e wo.rdlphrase which is Ihe most opposite In meaning to the word Aid as used in Ihe

32 ..



(A) Igoore (C) Protect tE) Conceal Dlrectlons-(Q.36-40} Pick out

the most eHec'llve word Irom the gwen words 10 fin In lhe blank 10 make Ihe sentence meaningfully complete.

3S. You must. ensure Ihe correctaess

of the inlorma'Hon before ,.

10 conclusion.

(B)Dlsrega.rd (0) Obstruct

(AI drawing (e) leanIng (E) ex:amlning

(B) enabling (D) Jumping

37. Therockel Ihe largel and

did nol cause any casually.

(A) sensed (B) reached

(e) missed (D) exploded

fE) aimed

38. II is desirable 1.0 lake in

any business il you wanl 10 make profit. IA) advice (C) loan

(B) risk

(0) recourse

(E) perseverance.

39. They waSled all the money Dn

purchase 01 some lIems.

(AI e.:<cel1enl (9) Imperial'll (C) significant (0) quality

IE) trivial

40. When he 'found I.he wallel his facs glowed bl,ll SOQn it f a ded as Ihe wallat. was ..•......

(A) Empl.y (B) Vacant

(e) Recovered (0) storen

(El ElC.pensive

Dlreell.ons-(Q. 41-50) In the foHowing passage.thera are blanks. each of which has been numbered. Th.ese numbers are printed below fhe passage and against each, live words are suggesled, one of which fils the blank appropriately. Find oul the appropriate word in each case.

Jamshedji Tata ,is (41) 10 bethe

path-linoerol modern industrial builders. He is known as the grandfather 01 Ihe lndlan 'industry for his acumen and enthusiasm. Nobody else could have (4,2) 01 the new industries

started by JamshedJI 81 thai tlrne when Industria.! (43) a.nd revolution

was yel 10 come to India.

Jamshedji's lalher Nasarvanl] Tala. used 10 usda In JUle wllh China and ,Britain. He started (44) from

ilndia. Jamshedji started acloih mill In Nagpur mora than hundred years 8;90. AI that time almost all the .(~~~

used \0 come from lanca.shire In England. What Jamshedji .(.4~-'. was


Jamshe<lji ~~~}. very well Ihal an Induslrlal revolution can only be brought in Ihe oountry by selling up lron and steel, industry. (48) he dl.d

nottille 10 see Iheln.dUSlry he had In mind, he had done all (4$) work. In

tact, he laid lheground work lor It. He

Success 1i.r.ror _July WIO

had planned Ihe entire steel city now known as Jamshecpur •. complete with streets, roads, schools, parks, play grounds, temples, mosques, chur6hes.et(:. His (50) was JuU1Hed·

by his sons, Sir Ootabjl Tata and Sir :RaUan Tata, when th·ey started Ihe Tata Iron and Steel Facto.ryln 1907 jusl after three years of his death.

41. (A) rewarded (9) agreed

(C) empowered (0) determined (E) considered

42. (AI absolved (S) lhought

(C) ventured (0) set

(E) planned

impOrlS is) acts

machinery (0) awakening laotories

43. (AI
44. (AI
(E) (S) Industries (OJ. trade

e·xport import dispatch

45. (AI goods (C) Clolh

(E) industries

46. (AI did

(Cl agreed (El meant

4i'. (AI fell

(el pla_nn.ed (E) knew

is) Impol1S {OJ m2.chlnes

(S) dreamt (0) lold

(S) advocated (OJ thought

48. (AI because (6) allhough
eC) surprisingly (0) luckily
(E) even
49. (A) insignificant (6) oomplete
(Cl lrMal (0) preliminary
(EJ eldemal
50. (A) need (6) la.sk
(C) dream (O) industry
(E) sentiment
Answers with Hints Success Mirror. July 20JO

(Comrmledjrom Poge 820)

44. t.ate Vljay Tendulkar who died recently was a feJ'nous-

(A) Social work


(e) Sportsman

(0) PI.ay wright

(E) None of these

45. Bruack Obama whose name was In news re.cenUy Is rmm which 01 the 10 I lowing countries ?

(A) UK (B) USA

(C)France (0) Ualy

lEI None ollhese

45. The Govt. 01 India is planning to put up a.SlU in Ihe parliament to ensure free and compulsory education lor allihose who are 01 the 1'19001-

{A} 3 years (B) 5 years

(C)&14 years (O) 12..:20 years (E) Upl021 years

47. Which 01 the following is Ihe book written by Shobha. De?

(A) Name Sake

{Bj MyUfe

(C) Speed Post

(O) Long WaJk 1.0 Freedom (E) None 01 these

48. The first ever General .Electlon look place in which 01 the following. eoontrtes in Indian SubC(lntinenl ?

{AJ Bhulan (8) China

(e) Pakistan (D)Bangladesh tE) Sri Lanka

49. 'Oscar Awal'ds' are gi,ven lortne excellence In the field 01-

(A)FHms (6) Uterature

(C) Spons (D)PolilicS

(El Starus

50. UnionSudget Is always preseoted firsl in-

{AI The Lok Sabha (8) TheFlajy:a Sabha

(C) Joint Session 01 the Parlla.ment

{DJ Meeting ottne Union Cabinet (E.) The State assemblies

Answers with Explanations

By : Dr. L. N. Koli

COde No. ! 682 PrIce :.Ik 601·


• f.1nIIl : ~bUsberC!l~*.io

• W~hW : _.....upkEm


QU,8,ntit:ative A,ptitude

(Held on 1'0-&-2008)

Dlrections-(O, 1-.5) What

a,pproxlmale value shoufdcome in placeD! the quesnon-mark (7) in the following questions?

1. 724·996+ 24·046 + 14·954 = ?

(A) 8 (9) 13

(D) 2 (D) 10

(E) 15

2. (848'999 + 274'052) + 3'OO~ = ?

(A) 940 (6) 836

(C) 1 S4 {Dl 298

(E) 374

3. ~84~OO=? (A) 56

(C) 67

(E) 21

(9) 44 (D) S3

4. 18'5% 01425 + 16·2"'" 01 388= 1

(A) 141 (B) 224

(e) 116 (D) 183

(E) 21,5

5. 18'345,.. 19'068" ?

= 1 1538'93375 (B) 61 (D) 33

(A) 46 (e) 27 (E) 55

OlreClIons-(Q, 6-10) Study the foUowingPie-charl careloHy and answer lhe questions given below:

Statistics of 8 Survey on the lood item's preference of the people conduetad on a sample 0130000 people.

6. What is the lolal number of people prelening vegetables and 14. those preferring sprout.S 1

(A) 11900 (6) 12300

(ej 1.2500 (OJ 11' 500

eE) None of these

1830 I

7. What is the dilterenoe between 15.28100 990 6970 55832502350

the lotal number of people prefer- (A) 160 (9)990

ring meat 10 the total number 01 (C) 5.5832 (D) 6970

people preferring !ish?

(A) 150 (B) 200 IE) None ollhese

(e) 300 (OJ 350

(El None of thesa

8. People preferring Irun's are

approxlmat.el.y what 'peI cent 01 Ihe people preferring: vegetalJles?

(A) 46 (6) 35

(C) 46 (D) 37

(E.) 30

9. Out oithe tOlal sample populalion, how many people have given preference for fish?

(A) 1600 (,6) 1800

(C) 1,600 (D) 1400

(El None of these

10. What Is Ihe respecnve ratio 01 the number of people prelerrin.g me.at to the number of 'Pfloplepteter. ring salad?

(A,) 2:5 (6)3:5

(C) 2:3 CO) 4 : 3

(E) None 01 these

Dlrectlons- (0. 11-15) In the lollowing. number series only one number Is wrong. Find out the wrong number.

11. 529 641 961 1296 1681 1849 2209

(A) 1296 tS) 841

(C) 961 (D) 1681

(E) None 01 these

12. 13 1427 4568 109 177

(AI 27 (B) 109

(C) 45 (OJ 68

(E) None or these

13. 1422 34·5 56·5 87-25 135·875 209·8125

(A) 55·5 (6) 34·5

(C) 135·875 (D) 67-25

tE) None of these

274 301 5026

(A) 301' (e) 769

426 769 149B 2824

(6) 426 (0) 2824

(E) None of these

:Directlons-(Q. 16-2,0) What shOuld come In place of Ihequestlonmark (?) In the following questlcns 1

lR 89 4 x 412•8 ,>: 64!1-1 '" 1.61

CAl 41·e (0) 1,8-·4

(6) 16·2 (D) 25·6

IE) None of these 8 .. 7,.3·5

11. = 0·7


(A) 2 (6)6

(C) 10 (0)3

IE) None 0.1 these

16 11 L .. , 18. 4n]( '16 + 38" .

3 IA) 1.217

(e) 1~

(8). 45~ 8 (.0)36'1

(E) None ollhese

19. (15)2 .. (10)2 .. (6)2 = (1)2

IA) 130321 (B) 361

(C) 103041 (0)17

IE) NOne oft.hese

20. 120/0 of 840,.. 0·25% of 148"" 1

IA) 37-296 (ElJ 101-17

(C) 68·432 (D) 97·046

(E) None ollhese

21, A shopkeeper sells 200 ,metres 01 01011'1 lor As .. 9000 at prom 01 Rs .. S per metre, What. Is lhe cost priCe of 1 melre 01 clolh 7

IA) Rs. 45 (8) Rs. 40

(e) As. 35 (D) As. 30

IE) None ollhese

22. The area 01 a circle is 1386 sq .. ems. What is the circumference 01 Ihe circle ?

IA) 142 em (8) 160 em

(C) 130 em (D) 13.2 em

IE) None ollhese

Success 1i.r.ror _July WIO

23.11'1 a college a tOlar number 01 27 professors are appointed :for all the /a.culUes viz. Arts. Oommerce and Science. If 'equal num'ber 01 protessors are, appointed lor each O'f thelscullies. how many professors are assigned' 10 each faculty ? (A) 9' (0) 6

(6) 12 (0)3

(E) None of tnsse

24. II (11)2 Is SUbtracted trornthe square ota number. lhe answer so obtained is 135. What is the number?

(AI 12 (6) 18

(01 17 (OJ 13

(E) None 01 these

25. II the cos! 01 7 kg. 01 rice is Rs. 168, whal is the eost of 105 kg. of rice?

(AI iRs. 2580 (6) As .. 2,530 (C) :Rs.2S20 (D) Rs .. 2500 (E) None of these

26. Seema and Meena divide a. sum 01 As. 2500 in theralio 01 3 : 2 respectively. If As. 500 are added to each 01 !helr shares, whal would be the new ralio formed?

(A) 2:3 (9)3:4

(0) 5: 4 (0)4 : 3

eE) None of these

27. Sridhar invests Fls. 3750 in shares. which is 25% 01 his monl.hlyincome. What Is his monlhly Ineome?

(A)Rs. 12000 (9) As. 15000 (0) ,As. 10000 (OJ As. 16000 (El None of these

28. Find the .average ollhe following set of scores.

302.152. 132, 122, 112

<AI 184 (B) 165

(Cj 152 (D) 176

(E) None or these

29 .. A bus covers adlslance 01 17'2 km In 4 hours. What is the speed of \he bus ?

(AI 52 kmlhr (9) 47 krnlhr (0) 43 kmlhr (0)38 kmlhr (El None or these

30. The tOlal number 01 students in the school are 4800,Oul of which 60% are gIrls. What Is Ihetolal number 01 boys lmhissctrecl ?

CAl 1920 (6) 1934

(0) 1980 (D) 1910

(E) None of these

Success Mirror. July 20JO

Directions-(a .. 31-35) Each of the questions below consists 0.1 a quesnorvand two statements numbered I and n. You have to decide w,hether Ihe data provided In the statements are surliei·enl 10 answer the Queslion.R.ead both the stalernsnts ancl, Give answer-

(Alillne data In Statement I alone are surficlenl 10 answer Ihe queslion, while the dataIn Sialemeni II alone ara net suffICient to answer the Question ..

tBl if the dala in Statement II alone are suffiCient 10 answer the queslion, while the data In Slatemeni 1 alone are not sufficient to answer the question.

(0) il Ihe data eilher In Statement I atone or In Statement II alone are sulllcient.lo answer the question,

(0) lIthe data in both lh.e Sla.tements tand II togelh.er are nol sufficIent 1.0 answer Ihe ques~on.

(E) ilthe dala in both the Statem.ents I and II toge'lherareneoessary ,10 answer the question.

31. What is Nidhi's age ?

I. Nldhl is 3 times younger 1.0 Rani.

IL Surekha. ISlwlce the age 01 IRani and Ihe sum 01 lheir ages Is 72.

32 .. What is Ihe ratio 01 Ihe 10lal number of girls to the total numbe.r 01 boys In Ihe school?

L The rauo 01 thelOlsl number 01 boys 101l1elolal number 01 girls, lasl year 1'185 4 : 5.

II. There are 3500 siudents In the school out 01 which 50% are boys.

33. What Is the speed, 01 the bus?

1. The bus covers a distance 01 BO km In 5 hrs,

IL The bus covers a distance 01160km In 10 hrs.

34. What Is the ratio of the number 01 freshers to Ihe number of seniors in a college?

I. The ratio 01 maJesand females in Ina oollege is 2: 3 ..

II. There are "25 female freshnersin Ihe college.

35. What is Mr. Mehla's present income?

L Mr. Mehla's Income Increases by 10% every year.

n. His income will increase by As. 2500 Ihis year.

iD.lrections-(a. 36-40) Siudy Ih.elollowlng, graph carelully to answer these quesuons,

ox ElY ~P(CduClIOll of Commodltle$ XG V over tlte years



~2~r-----------------Tr-----''-;;e2ODr---------"rT------1 .5:'50 c:

,g 100'

g 50 1 O~~rL~rL~~+L~~~~~~

a: 1997 1998 1999 20002001 2002 2000


For whiCh 01 (he following pair 01 years Ihe lotal production allhe Iwo commodities together Is equal ?

(A) 1997 and 2000 (8) 2002 and 2003 (0) 2001 and 2003 (D) 1998 and 1999 (El 199B and 2000

37 ... What is lhe respective raUo between total produclioncommo' dilies X and Y Irespeclively for aU the seven years logelher?

(A) 26:27 (91 13: 14

(0) 27: 26 (D) 14: 13


(E) None of these

gB. OudngwhlCll year lhe percenla.ge ,increasefdecrease tn produclion 01 commodity 'X' Irom the previOUS year was the maJCJmum?

(AI 1998

(.6) 2000

(e) 2003

(D) 2002

(El None ollhese

39. App.roxlmately,what wasthe avera.ge production (in lalth lonnes.lofcommodity 'Y'?

(AI 225 (9) 216

(e) 195 (0) 185

(E} 205


40. What Is the taUO be!ween!o!al production or the 11'10 commodities together lor years. , 997, 1998 s 1999 aM the lOtal production of Ille Iwocommodit!es together for year's 2001, 2002& 2003 respecllvely ?

(AI 9: 13

(6) 13: 18

(C) 18: 13

(0) 10: 13

(E) None etthese

41. The owner 01 a turaitura shop charges blscustomers 12% more than the cost price. II a customer paid As. 14056101 a dining, lable, what Is the cost price 0" the dining fable?

(Al Rs. 14000

(B) Rs. 12500

(CIRs. 13540

(D) Rs. 11550

(E) None a! these

42. The difference between 55% ,of a number aM 25% ollhe same number is 11" O. What Is 75% of thai number?

(AI 27·75 (C) 21·25

(B) 37 (D) 45

(El Nonao! these

43. The product of two successive numbers Is 1'980 .. Which Is Ihe smaller number?

(A) 34 (Cj 35

(9) 44 (OJ 45

(E) None of these

44. Whiohol Ihe following smallest number shou'ld be added to 4111610 make it 9'xaclly divisible by8?

(AI 8 (B) 5

(C) 4 (D) 12

(E) None of tnsse

45. ltIe difference belween~ Ih 01 ~

<I 1

III 01 a number and 5 th 01 "4 1M

of the same number Is 5. What is the number?

(A) 25 (C) 45

(B}40 (D) 50

(E) Nona of these

t 8321

Directions-(O. 46-50) Study Ihe lollowlngtable carefully 10 answer these quesllons-

Marks Obtained bv Six Students In Different Subjects at School examInation

~ MaJb ObtalnedOutol
Histoty GeograPhY Sdenca Maths English
("?;S) (75) (120) (160) (80)
P' 45 53 100 117 .!ll
Q 56 Ell !Ii 132 46
T 48 Ell 112 100 52
0 ·62 51 Ill· 11ll 48
G a> 55 9! 140, 6)
F 54 $I till 116 53 4S. What is Ihe average percentage 01 marks obtained by aHthe sludents In Science?

(Rounded off 10 two (jlgils aller decimal) (9) 82-78

(D) 16·88

(A) 99 (e) 88·72

(E) None of Ihese

41 .. W,halls the overall percentage 01 marks 'obl.alned by 0 in all subJeCts?

(Rounded off to two digits alter decimal) (B) 16,.26

(DJ 72·88

(A) 72·88 (C) 73·17

(E) None of these

48. What are Ihe average marks obtained by all students in English?

(A) 52·5 (0) 56·38

(6) 64·36 (D) 60·5

(E) None otthese

49. What is the ralio between 101.at marks oblainedin a\l subjects by F and Q.respecUvely 7

(A)S7 : as (6) 89: 67

(C) 67 : 69 (D) 69 :67

(E) None of these

50. Which sluden! has scored in Malhs closest to the average raarks in Mall\s ?

CA) P (S) Q

(C) T (.0) IF

(E) None of these

Answers with Hints

HI'ndt (60)

Success 1i.r.ror _July WIO

1. How many such paksol letters ale Ihere In the word PREAMBlE each 01 which has as manyleUers between Iham in the word as In Ihe EngUsh aJphabel ?

fA) None IB} One

(C) Two (0) Three

(E) MOlelhan three

2. Ina certain code MEADOWS is written as RVNENFB .. How is PRIESTS written ln lhal code ? (A) RSRFQSJ




tEl None of Ihese

3. In aoer'lain code BAKE Is w,lllen as'3@I/1' and BIND is wrillen as '342%'. Howls DEAN wrilten In Ihat code?

(A) %@72 (e) 117@2

(8) %7@2 (D) %7#2

(E) None of these

4. The positions of lhe !irsl and the sixth digits in Ihe number 531069472,8 areinlerchang.ed. Similarly the positions 01 Ihe second and the seventhoigits are inlerchangedand so on. WhiCh of the following will be the Ihird from Iherlghl endafler the rearrange· menl?

(A) 1 (8) 3

(e) 1 (D) 0

tE) Noneolthese

5. Fourollhefollowillg rive are alik.e in a cerlain wa,yand so torm a grou,p. Which is Iheone Iha.1 does net belong 10 that g:rouP?

tAl Hut (BIBulkllng

(e) Tenl (D) Mansion

(E) Cave

6. In acertain codllla~nguage, 'when did you come' is written as 'ha na ta pa'and 'did you go lhefo'is wrlUen as 'sa (8 ta he'. 'How ts 'come'wrinen in 'lhat codolang;I,I' .age?

Success Mjl·r~r. July 2010

Reasoning Ability

(Held on 22 ... 11 .. 2009)

(A) na (9) pa (C) ha

(O) Data Inadequate (E) NOIli! of these

7. How many meaningful Eng.lish words can be 'made wUhlne leiters 'EPRO using each leller only once In ea.ch word?

rA) None IS) One

(e) Two [D) Three

(El More than (.hrae

B. Four 01 the folloYiing five are alike in a c'ertaln way and 50' ferma group. Which is the one Ihat ,dees not belong 10 that group '1

(A) 10B (9) 72

te) 96 (0)36

tE) 168

9. In a row of 'Ihlrty~seven boys laoing South. A is eighth to the rlglll 01 T who Is ,founeenth to the left 01 D. How m.any boys are there between 0 and R in the row '1

(A) 4

(9) 6

(C) 8

(D) Data .inadequate (El None 01 these

10. The positions 01 how many digits In the number 3514,82987 will remajnuncha~llQed .after the di;gils are rea~ran,gedin ascending order wilhin the number?

(A) None (6) One

(e) Two (D) Three

(E) More than three

Directions-Ca. 11.15) StlJdythe

fOllowing arrangement carefuny and answer [he questions given belowF@3 9 H©A 0 I % 4E * SM K2U'RP5Wb81 TJV7

11. How many such symbols are there in Ihe above arrangement each 01 whIch is Immediately pre.-

'ceded by a number and jmme~ dlalery 'ollowed bya ,letter?

(Al None (B) One

{Cl Two (OJ Three

(E) More tnan three

12. FO[Jr or the lollowlng nveare alike ln a certain way based onthslr poslllo nsl n the above arrange· menl and SO form a. group. Which Is Ihaone that does not belong to that group?

(AID % C (9) 5 ~ R

(G) TV 8 (E)E%S

13. II all lhe symbols in the above arrangement are dropped. which ollhe lollow.lng, will be the twelllh Irom the len end 7

(Al 4 (6) K

(C) 2 (OJ U

tEl None ot these

(D) A IH

14. How many such ccnsonents are Ihere in the above arrang,emenl, each ot which is immediately preceoeo by a number and not !mmedialely followed by a feller?

(AI None (B) One

(el Two (D) Three

(E,j More than three

15. Which 01 the following is Ihe lenlh to Ihe left 01 Ihe sixth Irom Ihe righl.end of Ihe above arrange· ment?

(Al % (8)$

(Cl K (D) P

(El None ollhase

Dlrectlons-(O. 15-20) In each

elihe questions below ale g'ven lour statements followed :by three concluslo.nsnumber I,. II and III. You have to lake Ihe give.n statements 10 be true even iflhey seem to be at variance Iromcommonlyknown tacts, Read: all th.econclus!ons and then decide which ollhe given conclusions logically follows lrom Ihe given statements dis.regarding cornmonlyknown taets,


16. StatemenlS:

Some' sKies are rains. Some 'rains are stars. AD stars are ptanets. All planets are clouds. Conclusions:

L Some clouds are rains.

II. Some planets are skles. III. Some ptanets a(e 'rains .. (A) Only I and II follow

(5) Only I ancl III follow

(C) Only II and tliiollow

(0) Allt,lI and 111101101'1'

te) None 01 these

17. St.atements:

All birds are 9,03.1.5. No goal Is Hower.

Some nowers 8fBmaunlalns. Some mountains ale nets. Conclusions:

I. Some nets are goals.

It No nat .Isgoal.

III. Some mountains are bitcls.

(A) No.ne lollows

(iB) Only I follows

(G) Onlyeilher lor II follows (0) Only II lollows

(E) Only IIIlollows

18. Statements:

All speons are bowls. All bowls are pans. All pans are stIcKs .. All sticks ara 'l<I1i11es. Concluslo.ns :

I. Some knives are pans. II. Some slicks are bowls. III. Some pans are spoons .. (A) Only I and II follow

(S) Only II and iii follow

(C) Only I and III follow

(OJ AliI. II and III follow

(,E) None of these

1,9. Statements:

All threads are VffiHs. All lamps are wails. Some Idles are lamps. Some lamps ate rays. Conclusions:

I. Someklles are threads.

II. Some kil.esare walls.

III. Some I'amps are threads.


{A) None foHows (5) Only IloliOWS (e) Only IIlollo"ws (D) .only III lollows

(E) Only I and III tollow

20. Statements:

Some lables are chairs. So.me chairs are wheels. Some wheels are boards. Some boards are chalks. Conclusions:

I. Some chalks are wheels. II. Some boards are chairs. III. Some wheels are lab'les. {A) Nonelollows

(6) Only 1101101'15

(e) .only 1I101lows

(D) Only III fallows

(1;) Only II and III follow

Dlrections-{O. 21·25) In each

question below Is given a group 01 teUer.s !ollowed by lour combinations of digils/symbols leltered (A), (8), (C) and (0) .. Vou have 1.0 lind out which 01 Ih.e combinalions oorrecUy~epresents, Ihe group 01 leUersbased on the lollowlng coding system andll.he condllions lhallollow and mark the letter 01 that. combination asyour answer. \I none 01 the eomblnatlons correclly r,epresents Ihegroup olleUers,ma.rK (E) Le., 'None 01 lhesa' as your answer.


o FAMZEOOU IOV KN DigiVSymbolCode :

II * 1324@5·@6%7S 8 Conditions:

(i) II Ihe Ilrslletter Is a consonant and the lasllet\er Is a vowel, therr codes are to be ,Interchanged.

(1I) II both Ihenrst and lhels.slleuers are vowels, both are to be coded as Ihe code lor lhelirStleUer.

(111) If both the nrst and the last I attars are consonants, bolh are to be coded as 'a'.


(A) 6I25@7 tS) 7125@6 (e) 62#5@7 (0) 6#25@6 (E) None ollllese


(A) 32146$ fB) 521463

(C) a2146li (D) 321463

(E) None 01 these


(AJ @546*3 (9) 0546*3 (C) 9546*@ (D) @546*@ tEl None oflllese


(A) ®*457% (9) ®*451@ (C) %*457<tl (0) %*457% (E.J None ollhese


(A) 843#16 (8)843678

(e) M3I7li {OJ 643l1a

(El None ollhese

Dlrectlons-(O. 26-30) Study

the following lnrormatlen careluny and answer Ihe o,ues'Honsglven below-

A. B, C, D, E, .F and G are Il'Ie ,only seven members 01 a family. There are three females among them. There are two rnanledeoeples in the la.mily. ;Each of them has a dl!1erent profession Irom Architect Lawyer, DOCIOT. Teacher, Engineer. Manager and Musician, not necessarily in the same order.

'6 Is Ille Lawyer and he lsmarrted to F,lhe Manager. A Is brother of G who is the Architect CIs IheOoclor and is an unmarried lady. DIs th.e Teacher and Is slster 0113 .. E ts not an Engineer.

26. Which ot me fallowing combinations is delinitely correct ?

(AI 6 - Male - Manager

(B)B- Female- Lawyer

(C) C· Female - Musician

(D) E- Male - MUSician

(E) 0- Male - Architect

27. Which 01 thelollowing combinations represents the husbands of the two married oouples·? (A)BG

{Bl A:F


(D) Oatainadequate (El Non.e o.flh.ese

28. Whalls e~s profession? (AI Doctor

(B) Musician

(C) Teacher (D)Oatalnadequale (E) None of Ihese

29. What Is A's profession? (I\) ,Engineer

(6) Musician

(Cl Engih.eer or Musician (D) Dala inadequats

(E) None ollhese

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

30, Which 01 the following pairs is 8. married couple?

tA) BG

(8) AE

(0) AC

(0) Datainadequate

(El None 01 these

DtrecUons-(Q, 31,35) In the

following questions, the symbols S, ii, @, ~ and % ale used with IheloHowtng ,meaning as illustrated below-

'P @C' means 'P is not smaller than C',

'P S C'means 'Pis not grealer than


'P "loa' means 'Pis neither greater than nor equal to C',

'P Ii C' means 'P Is neither smaller than nor equal 10 Q',

'P @ Q" means 'P is neither smaller than nor greater thanC'.

Now in each 01 the I'ollowing questions assuming lhe given slatements 10 be true, find whtchof the two conclusions I and II given below Il:Iem iSfare definitely Irue? Give 8nswers-

(A) II only Coneluslon I is true, (8) [I only Conclusion It is true, te) II either Conclusion I or Ills


(D) [I neither Conclusion I nor II is true

tE) II both Conclusions I and II are true.

31, Statements:

H@ M, MSO, O%N Conclusions: I. N D M II, NOH

32, Slal.emenls:

R # T. T @ J. J @ B

Conclusions: I, B S T

II, J% R

33, Statements:

M SK, K# W, A@W

Conclusions: I. M % W

II, R 11K

34. Statements.:

Z OT, T %0, OIK Conclus.ions: I. K % Z II. DI2.

35. Statements:

A%F, FCR, ASS ConclusIons: I. A %9 11.6@F

Success Mjl·r~r. July 2010

Directlons- {C, 36-40) In each ollhe questions given below \vhichone 01 the five answer flgureson the right should come aller the problem figures on the 'lel1, If the sequence were continued 1


Answer Figures


IQIH +.-n I ~Q; cl ~ 0' n I pn~1

{A} (5) (0) (0) (E)

Answe'rs with Hints


General Awareness

(Held on22",11~2009)

1, Which clthe following Trophies! cups is not assoeiarad with the game 01 football?

(A) Durand Oup

fiB) Santosh Trophy (C) Federation Cup (0) Subrolo Cup

(E) K. D. Singh Babu Trophy

2, The Govt, 01 Ir:ldia is planning 10 provide an Identity card to each one 01 ns citizen with hisfher personal. delallsandidentily marks, Which of Ihe lollowing agencies/organiZation Isgoln9 to impl'emenllhls huge task?

fA) 8ecllon Oommlsslon of India (8) Peoples' Union for Civil Liberties

(C) unlqueldentlflcation Autho(ity of India

(0) National Committ.ee on

Science and Technology

(E) NOnilOt these

3,. Who amongst the following Is the present spea'ker otlhe l.oR Sabha?

tA) Somn.ath Chaleljee (B) Mamla Banerjee (C) Manohar JoshI

(0) t, K Advani

(E) None ·of these

4, The Indo Gull Conference on Current Economic Scenario, was organized afew.monl.hs back in(A) New Delhi (6) Channai

(e) Cochln (0) Hyclerabad

IE) Luckoow

5, Which 01 Ihe lollowingorganiza· lions/agencies has sanctioned a loan 01 US S 225 million 1.0 India 10 renovate and modemila Us power plants at various places ?

(Al Int.ernatlonal MonelaryFun.d (IMF)

(S) Bank olA'medca 8: BrUish Bank 01 Middle East jointly

(e) Energy Research & Oeve.lop· ment Organization ·01 ;Franoe

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

(0) World Bank (E) None of these

6,. Indian Govl .. has decided 'recently 10 upgrade Its neel 01 transport a.lrcraft AN-32. This upgradation will be done by which of lhe 10110 wi ngOOlJ nlrles?

(A) France (8) Ukraine

(C) Israel rO) Egypt


7, Michael Jackson who died a lew months back wasa lamous-

IA) Politician

(S) .Pop Slnger

{C) Tennis Playaf

(D) Author

(E) None .01 these

8, As per the reports in vanous neWSpapers Ihe Govt, has allowed 2200 diUereni types 01 items 10 come 10 India. from Singapore as OutyFree imports, ThiS Is being done under which of Ihelollowrng agreements with Singapore?

{A) C.omprehensive Eoonomic Cooperation Agreement

(B) 'Look Eesl Policy 01 the Go'll,ollndia

(CJ Focus .Africa Programmeo! India

{O} Own your cargos hlp scheme of the Shipping Oo.rporat.lonOI India lid. (SOIL)

(E) None orillese

9. Oil and Nalural Gas Commission Vldesh Ud.(OVl) Is planning 10 Invest US S5 bimon in produclion of gas from 'Farsi Blocks 01 Gas Deposits', Th.e Farsi BI.ocks are located in-

(A) Russia (8) Iran

(GJ Kuwait (OJ UAE

(E)60mbay, High,

10. ihe Govl. of India recenUysignad an agreement with the Govl. 01 Bahrain so Ihal Indian worker

going there are well protected, lndians go 10 Bahrain mainly 10 wcrkas-,

(A) ConstrucUon wtlrker (B) Medical Professional

(C) iecaches and Educationisl (D) DlillingOperatorsat on wells (E) None of l.hese

11_ Asper Ihe Budget speech ·01 1M Railway MinIster some specIal trains named es 'Duronto', are launched. Duronto Trains wi'll be Inlacl.-

(.A,) super 18sllra.in$

(B) local or Short dlstancelralns (C) extremely low fare IraJns

(OJ trains running 10 connect Kolkats with rest 01 Ihe West Bengal

(E) trains specially for people II,ving below poveHy line

12. As per the ibudgeI2009-10 the GOvtlstrying to achieve Ihe annual real growlh 01 agriculture al which ollhe loll.owlng levels of IheGDP?

(AI 2% (C) 4%

(B) 3% (D) 5%

(E) None ollhese

1S. Which ollhe lollowlngcannol be called a hOl1icullural crop ?

(A) Apple (8) Coconut

(C) Moong (OJ Sunflower

(E) Lealy Vegetables

14_ Sunil Miltal who was awarded by the Globat.Economic Prize 2009 by a German Inslitul.e 01 the CEO and cheirman of-

(A) MiUal Slee'ls

(8) iBha rati Enterprises {Cl Sat yam Mahilldra (O) Touch Bionics

{El None ofthase

15. As we all know now every child in lheage group 016-14 years can demand thai he/she should be adrnlued '10 a school 10 complete


his/her primaryJbasiceduCB.!ion. Enactment of whioh of IhefoIlow· ing acts has made itpossible? (A) IAI.ghl to Informallon Act

(8) AboliUon oj Child LabourAcl (C) Equal Opportunities, Protection 01 Rights ami Full Participa· lion Act

(D) Competition Act IE) None of these

16. Which of the following taxes was levied on the buying/seiling 01 various oommodities on .recog· niZed exchanges in todta ?

(It is withdrawn now) (A) Fring.e Senen, Tax:

(8) Value Added Tax

(e) Central Sales Tax

(O) SecuriHes Transaction Tax (E) CommOd~y Transaction Tax

17. Who .amongst the following won Ihelndlra Gandhi Prize 200Slor Peace, Disarmamenl and Deve· lopment?

(A) Aung San SUIl Kyl (B) De6p Joshi

(G) Bill Gales

(0) Hillary Clinton (E.) None 01 these

18. The Govt of .Indiahas deoided feeenily 10 develop anaddilionaJi irriga.lion capaCity 01 10 million hectares by 2.000; Ihrough major, minor and medium projects cornplemented by groundwater deveIopment. This Is one of the objee' lives 01 which 01 the lollowlng progammes ?

fA) Shara! Nirman

(8) Nallonal Aural Employment Guarantee SCheme

(C) Pradhan Mantti Adarsh


(D) Nati.onai AClion Plan on oUmatechange

(E) None of these

19. The 18th Maccabiah Game,s which are also called the 'Jewish Olympics 2009' were organizedi in which 01 the lollowing countries recenlly?

(A) 'Israel (.B)E9¥pI

(e) Syria (D) Turkey

(il::) Nona of these

20. The Govt.of India recently ralsea the total allocatton to which of the

1840 I

lollowing schemes by 45% so that infrastruclura'ilacillties can be developed; in the country are a laster pace '}

(A) Pradhan Manlri Gram Sadek YoJane

(8) BharalNlrman Yojana (C) Rajlv Awas Yojana

(0) Swarna Jaya.nU Gram 5INa· rozgar VOJana

(E) None 01 these

21. Which 01 the follOwing Is not a banking related !,erm?

(A) Credito.r

(8) Outstanding amount {e)8enchmark Prime Lending RaIe

(0) Explicit Guarantee IE) Cellirs Pass

22. RIcky PonUng who was in news recently Is a famous crickeler lrom-

(A) New zealand (B) Wesllndies (C) AuStralia

(0) England

(Ei None 01 these

23. As we aU know Govt. is commilled 1.0 provide emptoym.ent of 100 days to the nJfal people In India. WhiCh of Ihe sets is enacted lor the same?

tA) Competition Act

(9) Minimum Wages Act

(C) National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

(0) Righ1 to Information Act (El None olt,hese

24. When a bank is f.inancing an 'International Business'. il in fact, is involved In which 01 the 101l0wlng?

(A) MicroFinance IS) Retaili Banking Ie) Core Banking (0) Trade Financ~ (E) All of these

25. Whoamongsl Ihe following won the Men's sll1gles Wrmbledon Open 2009 held in JunelJuly 2009 ?

(A) Mike Bryan

(8) Daniel Nestor (e) Andy Roddick (0) Roger Fede.rer (E) None 01 these

26 .. Which ollhe follOwing repre.senlS Ihe Cash iAe.serve Ralio at present?

(A) a% (8) 6%

(C) 7% (D) 5%

(El None of these

27. Who amongst Ihe fOllowing actresses was awarded [[FA Award 2009 for her role in 'Fashion' ?

(A) Celina Jaitley

(B) Alshwarya. RaiBachchan (C) Asln

(D) Pliya:nka Chopra (E) None ollhese

28. Who amongsllhe lollowing Is lhe author 01 the book 'Small is Beaulllut'?

(AI Ben Okrl

(B}Emest Schumacher

(C) DomInique Lapierre

(01 Gunter Grass

tEl Sidney Sheldon

29. Which of the lollowingawards is, gIven by an Indian organization? tA) No.n:tJon Sorlou9 Award

(B) OSCAR Award

(C)Ramon Magsaysay Award (D) PUill2:er Priz.e

{El Man ~ker Pri<::e

30. Which ot ihe lollowing SChemeSi products launched bylhe banks to provide inslanl loan lacility t.O Ihe fanners "1

(,4,) Kisan Credit Card (B) Krishi Bima Yolana (C) Crop Loan Schema

(D) Corporale toan Scheme (El None ollhese

31. Which ollhe foflow.lngl.erms Is used in the game 01 Hookey "1

(A) Love (B) Tee

(C) Spin (D) No Ba[1

(E) Penalty Siroke

32. Which of Ihe following crops need plenty of waler 10 grow?

(A) Jawar (B) BaJra

(C) Tea (0) Padd;r

(E) All of these

33. Insurance service provided by

varJous banks Is commonly


(A) Investment Banking, (BIRisk Mana"g.emenl (G) Merchant Banking (0) Bancassurance

(E) Micro Finance

(C().IIlill!lod.oJI Page 844)

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

Quantitative Aptitude

(Held on 22-11 .. 2009)

Oiteclions.-(Q. 1·15) What willi come In place of the queslion mark (1) in the lollowing, queslions 1

1. 3·05% of 1ZlJO -+- 6·4%01 BOO: 1

(A) 36·6 (B) 51·2

(C) 67·8 (D) 14,6

(E) None 01 these

2. 14" 4·5 -7·4,,3·5,. 1

IA) 44·5 (,B) 35·'

(C) a8·9 (D) 37,'

(E) None 01 these

2 11


(A_l 81 (S) g5

3 '_':3

IC) 65 (D) 11

3 '3

IE) 'None 01 these

4. 7995.;. 123 .;f 5 = 1

I.A) 325 (8)65

Ie) 13 (D) 70

(E) None of these

5. ,62·18 -+- 169,35 + 3046·81", 'I (A) 3305·34 (B) 32n·44 Ie) 3638'34(.0)3278,44 (E) None or these

a.V? + , ~ =212

IA) 6400 (B) 4

(C) 64 (D) 16

(E) None of these

11 3

7. 62:+54:' 11'=?

(A) 14~ IS} 13§

(C) 14 (D) 15

IS) None 01 these 35 2

8. 5' 01 '7 01 9" 01630 = 'I

(A) 90 (8) 75

(e) 45 (OleO

(E) None 01 these

9. 125% of 2.00 + 36% 01 350 <0 'I

IA) 451 (8) 126

(e) 221 (.0)325

IS.) None 01 these

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

26:.5-14,,4 10. 82 +.J225 -+- (14)2


(A) la') .......:..

63 275

~ 42

tCl 285 (D) 275

IE) None 01 these

3 2 __

11,. '7°1413 + 5: 01615 = 'I

(AI 541 (6)423

(C) 792: (D) 433

(E) None of these


(A) 2095 (B) 2905

(C)1915 (0)2005

IE) None of these

13. 45% 01240 ... ?% of 360 :: 234

{AI 45 (6")35

{C)30 (.0)40

(E) None of these

14.7986 ... 165 .. 7=1

(AI 338·8 (8) 55·4

{C} ,6,91 (0)302·2

(E) None 01 these


(A) 1312 (B) 72

(C)0·76 (OJ 0'41

(E) None of these

D.irections-(Q. 16-20) What

should come In place of Ihe quasllan mark. (1) in the, lollowlng number series?

16. 4,6, 16,54, ? (A) 280

(C) 228

fBI 23.2 (D) 224

IE) None of these

17. S, 39, 272.1631. ?

(AI 4692 (6) 6523

(e) 8154 (D). 9785

(E) No.ne or these

18,. 768. 192.48, 12. ?

(A) 2 (B) 3

IC) 4 (OJ t

(E) None 01 these

19. 12. 16.32,68, ?

(A) 84 (B) iee

(C) 104 (0) 128

(E) None 01 these

20. 7, 15.32,67, ?

(A) 138 (8) 198

rC) 137 (D) 264

(E) 'None 0lthes9

21. A sum 01 money felches :As. 408 as compeundlnterest at the rate of 41l,c.p,a .. at lhe end Of two years. What is the sum 'I

(A) Rs.6,OOO

(Bl Rs. 5;000

(C)Rs. 4,000

(D) Cannol be detelll1ined tEl None oflhese

22., A train funn[ng at a speed of 60 kmph crosses a. plalform double as length in 32·4 seconds, What Is Ihe lenglhol ,the plallorm ?

(AI 160 metres (8) 240 metres {Gl360 metres (D) 90 metres (E) Cannot be delelll1ined

23. Three-seventh of a number Is eq,ual to 45 per cent 01 ancther number, What Is 1he respective rallo between the first and the second nurnbers ?

(A) 21: 20 (8) 20: 21

(G)4S.: 100 (D) 45.: 300 tEl None ollhese

24. V1shal sold an artiCle for Rs, 1840 and made 15 per cent prom on Ihe discounted price he bough\. It the discount was 20 per cent, what was Iheoriginal price 7

(A) Rs. 1900

(B) As, 1600

(C) Rs,2l1oo

(Dj Cannot be determined (E) None ollhese

25. The sum althe a.veragEl ollhree consecutive odd numbers and three consectnlve even numbers


is 21. II the hfglhest even number 31. is " 6, What Is t:he rowest odd number?

(A) 5 (G) 9

(Sl 7 (0) 11

(E.) None of these

26. The ratio between the male and 32. remaleexisting employe.es in an organlz-allonls 7 :. 3. The railo between the male and female

new ,recruits 01 240 is 5 : 7. What

will be new ratio between male

and female employees after Lhe recruits Join Ihe organization? (A) 6: 5

(S) 5:4

Ie) 3:2

(0) Cannol be determinea (E) None 01 these

27. The lotal COSI 0145 pens and 24 pencils is Rs.67S. What Is the

lola I price 01 8 pens and 15 34. pencils?

(A) iRs. 225 (S)Rs .. 245 (C) Rs.357-5

(0) Cannot be determined (E) None 01 these

28. Which 01 the foltowingl has the fractions in ascending order?

(A) g,~. 5 ,.B....

7 5 11 17

2 6 5 3

(S) »: 17' 11' 5:

(G) _§_. g • .§_ • ~ 17 7 11 5

2 6 3 5 (0) ']' 17 . 5" '11

(E) None 01 these

29. The a.ver.age 01 live conseceuve odd numbers is 84 per cent 01 Ihe highest number. What is the sum 01 the first two 01 these numbers?

(A) 64 (B) 32

(C) 35 (0)44

(E) NOne of Ihese

30. Nikhil spent 450/., 01 his monthly stipend on food and transport, 20% 01 the remaining on books and hall 01 the remaining on other expenses. II he Is .Iefl with Rs. aao now. now !lIuchis his monthly slipend: ?

(A) As. aoeo (.B) Rs. 4,500 (e) !As. 3,000 (0) Rs. 3,600 (E) None of these


What Is the average 01 the loll.owlng ,numbers?

42. 34, 56, 58, 60

IA) 38 (6)45

(C) 55 (0) 52

(E) None ot tnese

65%01 a number Is more 'hani!s 36% by 58. Whalis 2.3%01 thai

number? 37.

(AI 66 {C) 48

(S) 69 (0)46

(E) None of Ihese

33. li8 women can oOmplete a work In 12 days and 12 men can complete the same work In 9 days. In how many days willa man and 8 women complete' lhal work?

(A) 9 (B) 6

(C) 12 (OJ a

tE) Non.e oflhese

The raHo between the ages 01 a lather and his son lour years ago 39'. was 19 : 6. 11 Ihe dinerence between the ages of Ihe father

and son Is 26 years. what will be

the ralio of their present a9.6$ ?

(A) 21: 8 (8) 23:8

fC) 23: 10 {OJ 27 :14

(E) None 01 these

3.5. The digit In the tenth's place In a two-digit number exceeds the dlgilln Ihe units place by3. If the sum 01 tho dlgUs is 7. what is derfnilely Ihe number?

(A) 2S

(51 52

(C) 43

(0) Cannot be determined

(E) None of these

Dlrecllons-(O.36-40) Studylhe

following table carefully and answer Ih.e questons given below-

No. 01 Mal1<s obtained by Five Students In Five Subjects nan Examinal:ion

(Tatal mar1cs In all Ihe rllIO subJec!s!n ellch life ,2(0),

Sid. SUb.JecI
Eng. Math Hlslory Geo. Sci.
A US 180 120' 90 1.40
e 1.70 105 t50 135 lOll
C U)2 loa 132 no 90
0 98 106 162 14S 120
e 1.63 125 136 12,4 115 36. The lotal marks obtained by Bin EngliSh and Hlslory together was approximately what percentage 01 marks obtained Iby E in English?

(Al'SO (Cl 200 (E) 175

(B) 100 (D) 250

Marks obtained by Cln History was appro)(irnat.ely what. per cents.geof marks obtained by A In Geography?

(AI 167 (6) 67

(Cl 133 (0) 33

(E) 150

3S. WI'lO among Ihem secured

high&s! total mark'S in English, History and Geography 1

(A) A (.8) B

(C) C (D) 0

{E} E

II the minimum pass percentage is 50 in each subject to be declared pass In Ihe examination. how many olthom failed Inlhe examinallon?

(Al None (e) 1

(E) 4

(6) 2 (D) 3

40. Who among them secured hignest I.olal percentage of marks ?

(A) A (6) B

(C) C (0) 0


Answers with Hints

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

35. India Is a member 01 wllien ollh.e following organizations?




36. Te-acher's Day is celebrated on{AI 15th September

(B) 10lh September

{CJ Sin September

(0) 15thOcIober

(El 10th October

37. Which 01 Ihe ronowing organiza.lions orgsnlz.ed IIsfirst-ever summllwlthPaklstan in Brussels In June 2009 1


(BI African Union (C) COmmonwealth (D) .European Union (El None of these

~",:I'_n, , 38. Which ollhelollowing ceumries

(CQl1IbIllC(/ jlYJm Page 838) Is providing anald 01 US S 7·5 billion to Pakistan lor the nexllive ye.ars?

(AI Iran (C) China (E.) US.A

(8) IRussia (D) England

39. India and Japan reeentlyagreed 10 expand their canvas of cooperation inbilateraJ and internaHonat domains. Who amongst the 101· lowing represented India In this strategic dialogue w~.h Japan? (AI S. M. Krishna

(8) Pranab Mukherjee (C) Kamal Nalh

(D) Kapil Sibbat

(E.l Manmohan Singh

40. Which of Ihe following is Ihe bookwrilten by V. S. Naipaul? (A) Higher man Everest

(B) A Passage 10 England

(C) Affluent Society

(OJ All my Yes1er Years

(E) A House lor Mr ... Biswas


(C(1IItimul(lftom Page' 840) Who amongst ma following Indians is a wor:ld professional, BIlliards champion?

(A) Subrolo Paul

(8) Pankaj Advani

(C) Parimarjan Negl

(D) Baichung Bhutia (E) Vijender Smgh


uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

Gene'ral English

(Held on 22-1'1 .. 2009)

DlrecUons-(Q. 1-15) Read the following passage carefulJyand answer the questions given below it. Certain words/phrases have been printed in bold to help you locale them While answering serne 01 Ihe questions.

Once upona. time a clishoneSI king had a man called Ihe Va.luer in his court The Valuer set Ihe price whicnoughl to be paid lor horses and elej)hanl$ and Ihe other animals. He also set the price on jewelle.ry and gOld, and things 01 thaI kind. This man was honest and just, ami set Ihe proper price 10 be palo! to theown.ers 01 the goods. The king, !'Ioweve(, was not pleased with Ihls Valuer. because he was hon.est"1f I had' another sari 01 a man as Valuer. I might gain more riches," he lhough!.

One day the kingsa,w a stupid, miserlypeasanl come into lhepalace yard. The king sent lor the lel10w and asked him if he would like lobe the Valuer. The peasant said he would lilc:elhe position.Solhe king! had made him Valuer. He sent the honest Valuera.way from Ihe palace.

Then the peasant began to set the prteesen horses aM elepnanrs, upon gold and Jewels. He did not know their value, so he would say anylhing he chose, As Ihe king had made him Valuer, the people had 10 sell \heir goods for the price he set. By and bya horse-dealer brought. live hundred horse,s to the tour! 01 Ihis king. The Valuer came and said Ihey were worth a mere measure 01 rles, $0 the king, ordered Ihe herse-deater to be given, the measure 01 rice, and the horses 10 be put in the palace slables.

The horse-dealer wei'll then 10 see Ihe honest man who had been the Valuer, and told him what had happened. "What shall I do 1- asked the horse-dealer, ~I think you can give a present to the Valuer, which will make him do and say whal you wanl h1m to do and say,' said the man. "Go

Success MJl'r-or • July 2010

to him and give him a fine present, Ihen say 10 him: 'You said Ihe horses are worth'a measure 01 rlee, but now lell whala measure of rice is worth! Can you value Ihal slandingin your place by the king ?' II he says he can, go with him to thaklng, and I will be there, loa,"

The horse·deaTsr thought Ihis was a good Idea, $(:I he took a fine present to the Valuer, and said What. the other man hadlold him 10 say. The stupId Valuer t.ook the present, and said :

"Yes, I can go belore the ;I<ing with you and tell whata measure of rice is worth. I can value Ihal now." "Wen, lei us goat once: saId the horse-dealer, So they went before Iheklng and his ministers inlhe palace.

The horse-dealer bowed down before Ihe king, and said: ·0 King, 1 haveleamed Ihal a measure' 01 rice Is the value of my live hundred horses. Bul win the king be pleased 10 ask Ihe Valuer what Is Ihe value 01 Ihe measure 01 rice 1'The king" nOI knowing what had happened, asked, 'How now, Valuer, what are rive hundred horses worth?' "Ameasute of rice, 0 King r said he. "Very gooo, then I II livehundr,edhorses are worlh ill measere of rice, what Is Iha measure of rice worth l' "The measure of rice is worth your whole cl\y," replied the foolish fellow.

The ministers clapped their hands, laughing, and sa.ylng, ·What. a loolish Valuer '! How can such a man nold Iha.! office? We used 10 Ihlnklhi$ greal city was beyond price, but this man says 11]5 worlh only a measure of riee," Then Ihe king was ashamed, and drove out Ih.e looHshleHow, "I 1(led \0 please the king by setling a low price onthe horses, and now see what has happened to me r said the Valuer, as he ran away Irom Ihe laughing crowd.

t, Who did Ihe IheKing appoint as Ihe new Valuer?

(A) A minister

(9) A horse merchant

(e) Himself

(0) A slingy peasant (El None of Ihese

2, Why was Ihe King nol happy wilh Ihe old Valuer?

(A) As Ihe Valuer was not good at his work

(B) As he had dishonoured the King

(C) As the VallJef had been dishonest with Ihe King aboul tile prices thaI he sat tor goods

(0) As the King believed thai he was not earning much because ollhe Valuer's honesty

(E) None of Ihese

3, Which 01 the following words can b-eused to describe the King, ?

(I) Smart

(2) DIshonest (3) Cheal

(A) Only (1) (6) Onty(2)

(C) On!y (2) and (S) (O)On!y( 1) and (3)

(E) Ailihe three (I.), (2) and (3)

4, What can possibly be the moral of Ihe story ?

(A) Slow and sleady wins Ihe race

(B) Change is the only pennanent thing in lile

(C) An honest answer Is Ihe sign 01 true friendship

(D} Haste makes waSle

(E.) No legacy Is so rich as honesty

5, Why did Ihe MinisletS laughal Ihe new Valuer?

(AlAs he had s.old 'the King's elty at a very lowpriee

tBI As !'Ie had displayed his Stupidity by quoting a abysmally low pr:1ceon the King's city

(C) As he had cheated Ihe horsedealer


(OJ As he had nat calCIJlated the price allhe live hundred horses correclly

(E) NOM of these

6. What did Ihe new Valuer do when he gOl Ih.e presenllrom the horse·de,al'er?

(A) He accepted the present and resigned from his pastas was reQ.u9sted by thehOrse·dealer tBI He accepted the present and agreed to state Ihe worth 01 a measure 01 nee In the presence 01 tMKlng'

(C) He accepted the presenland immedia.t.ely returned Ihe horse" dealer's hOrses

(O) He refused to accept Ihe present from the horse-dealer and asked him to leave the premises

(E) No.neol these

7. Which 01 thelOl!owing can be said about. Ihe old Valuer?

(1) He was hanest

(2) He was inlelrigenl.

(3) He wasrevengelul.

IA) o.nly (1)

(8) Cnly (3)

(Gl Only (1) and (2) (0) Only (l)ancl (3)

(5) AU Ihe three PI,. (21 and' (3)

a What was Ihe worth 01 a measure of ri.ceaccording 10 the new Valuer ?

(A) TheKing'sentirecity (S) The Klng.·s lite

(C) Two horses

(0) Not mentioned in the passage

(E) None of these

9. Why did the horse-dealer go 10

meet the old Valuer? .

fA) As the new Valuer had set a very 'inappmprist.e p.nce lor his fi.V9 hundred horses

(8) As his I!ve hundred horses were sielen Irom him by tM King (C) AS he was a very good friend '01 'Mold Valuer

(O) As Ihe King had requested him to do sa

(E) None ·01 these

10. WI'laI adv;iO(l didlhe old Valuer give 10 the horse-dealer ?

fA) He asked, Ihe horse-dealer to inquire with the Kirl9 about the wonhot a measure of rice


(8) He a.sl<ed the horse-dealer to bribe Ihe new Valuer and get hiS horses ba.eII

(C) 'He B<sked Ihe horse-dealer 10 forget. about his horses and go on wilhhis life

(O) He asked Ihe horse-dealer to publicize his ptighlBnd Ihus get his horses back

(e) None of these

Directions -(a. , 1-1.3) Choose Ihe word/g1roup of words which is Most Similar In meaning 10 the word/group of words printed In bord as used in Ihe passage ..

11. MERE

(A) MuCh (C) Costly

(8) Feeble (0) large

(E) Meagre

12. SET

(A) 'Placed (C) Adjusted (E.) Trimmed

13. GAIN

(A) Prolll (C) Acquire lEI Result

Directions-(O. 14·16) Choose

the word/g.roup 01 words which is most oppo.slle in meaning 10 the word/group of words printed In bold as use-din the 'passa,ge.


(A) Allnoyed (8) Wrc.ng Ie) .Reques1 (0) Satisfy (E}Force

(B) Designed (0) Cecided'

(B) Sell

(O) Money


{A) Majestic (C) Bold

(E) Ounce

OlrecUons-(Q. 16-20) Rearra-

nge the following six sentences 1,2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph; lhen answer the Queslions give.n below Ihem-

(8) Intelligent (0) Angry

1. The woodcuUer thankfully broke off from work and sat down 1.0 eat the del clous maallhal his wll'e had senl lor him.

2. He was III good mood Ihal partlcutar mor:nlng and soon started singing as he swung his axe at Ihe log, 01 wood Infronlof him.

3.. Aller he had eaten his meal and taken resllor a while, the woodcutter gOI back to work.

4. The hours passed and the sun became hoUerthan ever and very soon perspirationSlarted breakIng out on the woodcutter's hands and laoe.

5.. one hoi .. summer's morning a woodcutter was, hard at work, chOpping woo(! Into small pieces, setnat he ooule! seilihem in the marke\.

6. As II neared afternoon, his wife sent Ihelrliltleson to him wllh food for the afternoon.

16. Which ollne lollowingshould be Ihe FOURTH-sentence after rearrange.menl? (A) 6

(C) 4

(E) 2:

(8) 5 (0)3

17. Whieh 01 the following should be lhaFIRST sentence after rearrangemenl? (A) 1

(0) :3

(El 5

(8) 2: (0) 4

18. Which of the lollowing'should be the SECOND sentence aller raarrangernenl? (AI l'

(C) 3

(E) 6

(B) 2: (0)4

19. Which ollhe followingshoultl be 1he LAST (SIXTH) sentence after rearrangement?

(Al 1 (8) 2

(O) 3 (Dl 4

(E.) 5

20. Which ollhe following should be lhe THIRD sentence afterrearrangement?

{A) 1 (8) 2

{O} :3 to) 4

(E) 5

OlrecC1Ions-(Q. 21-25) Which of lhe phrases IAl. (e.), (e) anti (0) given betoweech sentence should replace 1M phrase p.rinled in bOld in Ihe sentence 10 make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as It Is given and no cerreetlcn is fequlr-ed. marl< (E) as the answer,

21. As il was already anemoon, Rohan decid.ed to Check out of Ihe hotel and go home.

(A) lor check1ng out

(el 10 Checking out

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

(C) 10 check OUlir'lg (p) to checked out

(E) NOOOrleclion reqvired

22. Five people which Ignored an evacuation order were Irap!)Eld in a, mounl.aln region ,encircle by a wildfire.

(A) who Igno.red an (8) lhose Ignoring an (C) who Ignores a (a) Ihal igno.red a

(E) No ocnecuon req1Jired

23. Since she was the most popular model on Ihe ramp ... she Ihought noend to herself.

(A) no endin910 hersell (B) no ends 01 herse1l

(C) no end 01 her'sell

(D) no end wnh herself tE) No cenecuon required

24. The a.clress says. Ihal she is not comfortable walk into 1M ramp in designer.wear.

(A) 10 walks on

(8) walking down

to) walking wilh

(0) walkslo

(E) No coneenon required

25 .. Nolmany bank on the power of realism and comedy to make an impression and so, when one does it makes head turns.

tA) maKing haadstum

(8) make head turnings

(e) making hea.ds turning

(0) makes heads lum

(El No correotion req:uired

Oirecl1'ons-(Q. 26-30) In each

question. below, a sentence w1lh lour words printed 'in bold type Jsgiven_ These are lelteredas (A), (8l, (C) and (D). Oneo! Ihese lour words printed In bold may be either wrongly spell. or Inappropriate in Ihe oonl.e:>:1 ollhe sentence. Find out Ihe word which Is wro.ngly spell or Inappro pri ale., If a.ny. The letter ot that word is your answer. II all Ihe words prlnledifl bold are correclly Spell and also appropriate In lhe conte.1[1 of the sentence, mark (El/.8" 'AUcorreCI' as your answer.

Success MJI'r'Or • July 2010

26. TMetty'S fashion-consclous

ladles came tog.ether at. a.c:ity fA)

holel 10 ch.eok out an edbllion (B)

by varteus (C)

designers and


AJtcorrect lE)

21. TIl.e ministry's proposal foran (A)

Jabals ..




aulho.rlty for higher education (C)

and research approval.


was nnally

AllcorreCI (El

2B. Silense is torelreat in wordless

(A) (6)

pra.yer, gazing oul lhe window (C)

of your hearl, and goIng for slow meandering walkS in a garden. (D)

AU correcl (E)

29. A majority of Army tanks continue to grope in lhe dark. (A)

stricKen as IMy are wit" an (9)

ecute case of night bnndness.

(e) (0)

All correct tE)

30. Back home, the ever affable (A) Bollywood singe.r shares the e.KcUement olha.ving performed

(8) (C) (D)

at the Royal Han in london.

AU correct (E)

DIrections-tO. 31.....qO)In lhe feHowing! passage 1hetaera blanks, each 01 which has been numbered. Theenumbsrs are p.rintad !below lhe passage and against each, Hve words are suggested, one 01 which Ilts the bl'ank appropriatelY. Find OUI the approp.rial,e word In Bach case.

There was once B. gardener who .... (31) .... care 01 the :KIng'S garden. In the garden, Uved a family 01 monkeys. Seeing Ihe gardener al work,the monkeys s.oon ... (32.) ... 1.0 Imitate him. As lhe garden.er landedlhe plants and weeded and watered lhe garden., he was amused to see that Ihe monkeys also did ... (3S), ... whal he di<l. The gardener was happy Ihat he had so much unpaid help.

OM day Ihe gardner wanted to .... (34') .... a lair In lhe cily. He had an idea. He caned Ihe chief 01 the monkey and said io him, "I have to go out for Ihe day. Can you and your lamlly water myp'lanls Uke you • .. (35) .... do ? I promise you Ihalll you help me I will ., .(3~) ..... sweets for you lrom Ihe fair." The monkeys agreed. aUt atter Il1e gardenerhaCl left, Ihey had a ... (31) .... How much water were they 10 pour for each plant. ? Then one ollhem said,'For plants wilh big mots, we musl pour ... (S8) ... 01 waler ano lor Ihe ones wilh small mots we pour on'ly a lillIe water: So,the monkeys ... (39). .... out each plant and Ihen pushed it back 8g,ain aUer looking' at IherooL AS a result, many plan IS ••• (40)" ... and died. On his return, Ihe gardener reali.zed thai he had beenveryfoo!1sh to trust a bun.ch 01 mere monkeys ladO hIs job.

st. (AI t.ook (6) was

(C) greal tD) handle

(E.) mended

32. (AI lry (8) told
(e) ware (D) Pent
(El leamt
33. CAl maIn (6) exacUy
(C) many (0) because
rE) too
34. (A) CSJI (8) make
(C) stall (D) go
(E) visit
35. (A) forcefully (8) hardly
(O) usually (D) costly
(E) lruly
36. (AI aSk (9) bring
(C) gol (0) throw
(E.) create
37. (A) partly (8) lIme
(C) answer (0) d.oubt
(E) water
38. (A) body (6) many
(C) lois (D) weigh I
(E) quantity
(C().IIlill!lod.oJI Page 854)
18471 Marketing Aptitude/Co.mputerKnowledge

{Held on 22 .. 11 .. 2.009)

1. The InSlructions Ihal tell a corn- 7.
purer how to Carry OU\In.e preee-
sslng 18.sks are referred to as
(A) Programs
(9) Processors
(C) Input devices
(0) Memoryrnodules
IE) None ollhese
2. RAM can be thoughl of as tile 8.
....• ~. for the computer's proces-
(A) Faclory
(8) Operating room
(e) Wailing room 9.
(0) Planning room
(IE) None of Ihese 3. C •. BASIC. COBOL and Java are examples 01 •••••• Iangua.ges •.

(A) Low-leva I

(B) Computer

(Cl System programming {OJ High-level

(E) None of these

4. An area 01 a oomputer lhallemporarily holds data! wailing 10 be processed is-

(A) CPU (C) Storage

(S) Memory (O}File

(E) None ollhese

5. A .•.... tsa microprocessor based computing device.

(A) Personal computer (S) Mainframe

CC) WorkstatiOn

to) Server

(E) None of Ihese

6. You usa a(n) , such as a

keyboard or mouse, 10 Input inlormaHon.

(A) Output device (B) Input device

(e) Storagedevlce {D) Proceslng device (.E) None otthase


The terrn designates equip·

mentlhat might be added 1.0 a computer system 10 enhance iiS functionality.

(A) 01911al; device {S) System add-on (C) DiSk. pack

(0) Peripheral device (E) Nonee! Ihese

An email aeeoum Includes a storage area, often ca,1!e<la(nl(A) Attachment (B) Hyperflnk

(C) Ma.ilbox (O) IP address

IE) None of thess

Data becomes when it is

presented In a lormal.lhal people can understand and use.

(A) Processed

(B) Graphs

Ie) Information (o)P~e,sentaIIOn IE,) None of Ihese

10. Asel 01 computer programs that helps a computer monitor Itself and luncUon more efficiently Is alan-

(A) Windows

(9) SYSlem Software (C)OBMS

(D) Application Software (E) None otlhase

11 ••.•... is thea.bili\yof a device to 'Jump' direclly 1.0 Iherequeste<l data.

(A) Sequential' access (8) Random access (C) Oulck access

(D) All 01 the above (E) None 01 these

12. The Is the amounl 01 data

lhat a slorage device can move from tM SI.0(8g.9 med urn 10lhe computer per second.

(A) Data migration rate

tBI 'Data. dlg!tlzing rate

(C) Data lransferrale

(D) oalaaccess rate

(E) None of these

13. A converts all the $1.8112'

rnenrs In a program in a single batch and lheresulling. coll.ecllon of instrucLions is placed ,in a new file.

(A) Converter (B) Comp11er (C) Interpreter (O) ilnstruction (E) No.n.e of these

14. One thousand bytes Is a-

(A) KilObyte IB) Megabyte

(C) GigabYI.e (0) Terabyte (E) NOMOI these

15. . Benchmark' means -

(A) Benches lor cestcmers to' sii (Bl Benches tor salesmen to' sit (C) Products displayed ona bench

(O) Sel. standards (E) AU of the above

16. A Call Centre is-

(1\) A meeting place lorOSAs (8) A Training Centre lor OSAs (e) A meeting place lor customers

(D) Data. Centre

(E) A.Bacl< oitloe set up where customer queries are answered

17. The sequence ola sates process. is-

(AI Lead generation. Can, Presentation and Sale

(Bl Sale, 'Prese.nlation., Lead generation and Call

(C) Presenlation, lead genera· lion, Sale and Call

{OJ Lead Generation, Call, Sal·e and Presentation

(E) There is no sequence required

18. 'Value-added seNices' means(A) Bell.er value at a premium (8) Cosllier services

(e) Additional services

(0) Beller value a·, a discount (El At par services

19. To 'Close.a Call' means(A) To end the conversation (B) To put the phone down

uceess MI.r.ror _ July 2010

(C) To close Ihe doors (P) TO clinch the sale

(E) To close the business

20. A ...... is an additional set of commands Ihat Ihe co.mputer displays after you make a selection 'rom Ifle main menu. (A) DlalogOOlC

(IB) Submenu

(C) Menu selection (0) All 01 the above (E) None of Il'Iese

21. Information kepi aboul a liIe includes-

(A) Print settings (Bl Deletion dale (e) (A) and (8) only (0) Site

(E) None 01' lhesa

22. ...... provides process and memory management services Ihal allow two or mote lasks .. job'S. or programs 10 :run simuUaneously.

fA) Mul1i1as1dngl

(8) Mullithreading

(C) Multiprocessing

(O) Mul.licompuling

(E) NO.ne ollhese

23. The AlU performs ...... operations.

(A) Arithmetic (8) ASCII

(C) Algorithm-based (0) Logari\hm-based (E) None et these

24. A(n) Is sol~ware IIl.al helps a.

ccmpuler control ilsellto operate ,efficielttly and keep track. 01 data, (A) AppllcaUon system

(B) Hardware system

(C) Software system

(0) Operating system

fE) NO.n.eollhese

25. 'CustomisaUon' means-

(A) Tailor-made products lor each customer

(8) Cusl.omers seiling goods

(C) Tailor·made products lor eachstarl

(0) A selling process ('E) Noneo! Ihese

26. A 'Call' in Marketing laog.(.Ia.ge m.eans-

(A) Calling on a salesperson (B) Calling on acustomer

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

(e) Making a. pho,ne-call (0) Telemark.eUng

(e) None of these

.27. Computer.s manipulate data in many ways, and this manlpulalicn is caUed-

(A) Upgrading (8) Processing (C) BatcJting (OJ Utilizing (E) None of these

28. A Markellng Survey Is required lor-

(A) Deciding marketing sirategies

(B)Oeciding product strategies IC) Oecldlng .prlclng strategies (0) AU ot these

(E) None ·of these

29. The Target Group lor E(lucatil,m Loans is-

fA) All (;0Ile9·es (B) AU parents

tC) Research scholars

(0) MeritoriOus students seeking higher education

(E) AU or these

30. Cross-seiling: means-

{A) Selling with a cross lace (8) Crossoounlly markellng

(q Selling ot.herproducls to, existing custcmers

(0) Se1llnglo friends

(E:) Se1lJng toemployeecs

31'. Markel Segmenlalion is useful lor-

(A) Preferential marketing (8) TargeUng.exlsting clients (C)ldentilying prospects

(0) Knowing customers'tastes (E) All 01 the above

32. The Target Grouplo,r Savings Deposit Accounts le-

(A) Newborn babies

(8) Students

(C) Parents

(0) Businessman (E) Allor the above

33. Markel SegmentatiOn can be resorted to by means 01-

(A) Segmenting Illy age

(8) SegmenHng by income

(C) SegmenHng geographically (0) All of these

(E) None of these

34. The Targel Group lora Car Loan ls-

(A) All auto drivers (8) All auto dealers (C) All C,aJ owners

(0) Any Individual needing a car (E) A'II of these

35. Mark.et Information means(A) KnoWledgeollnduslries (8) KnQwledgeol househOlds (C) Knowledge 01 peers

(D) Knowledge 01 customers' tastes

(E) All ot these

36. Bancassuran.oe means-

(Al Banks promising 10 give loans

(8) Bank promising 10 pay


(CJ Banks selling Insurance products

(0) Assurance 10 repay loans {E} None of these

37. Th.e TargelGroup for .Agricultural Loans Is-

(A) Anylarmer (B}Farm labOurers

{CJ Any Individual de,aling In a,gricullural or related acllvily

(0) Farmers' socielies

(El All otthese

38. The Targel Group lor Credit
Cards is-
(A) Exist,ing cardhdlders
(8) A'll graduates
(C) ~llmlnors
(D) Individual's with laxable Inoome

(El All of lhese

39. Market Segmentation means(AI Segmentation U1esalesmen (Bl Segment.auon the emp.toyees (Cl Seg.menl.alion the customers as perlheirneeds

(D) S{lgmenting the prOducts (El All of these

40. A 'Target. Group' means(~l A group 01 sellers

(B) A group 01 buyers

(C) A group 01 products

(0) A group 01 persons to Whom sales should ;be focused

(E) A'il at tMse

(C().IIlill!lod.oJI Page 891).


1. In a certalncode OMNIBUS is wrillen as SUBINMO. How is TROUBLE wriHenin that code ?





('E) None 01 these

2.. How many suoh parrs or rellers are there in Ihe word CORPO· RATE each ot which has as many leHersbetween them In Ihe word as ,In ihe English alphabet?

(A) None (8) One

Ie) Two

(D) Three

(E) More thanlhrsa

3. In acertain code80NDis written as '9@3S' and 'DAZE is writ.ten as '5@72'. How is ZONE wtillen in lhal code?

IA) 2C73 (.8) 7@23

(e) 7<CS2 (D) ens

(E.) 2$37

4. If II is possible 10 make only one meaningful word with fhe firsl, second, fifth, and sixth lenemol Ihe word 'EDUCATION', which would be Ihe tastletter 01 Ihe word? If more Ihan one such word can be formed, give X as Ihe answer. :If no such word can be formed, glveK as your answer.

(A) T (8) X

(C) A (D)E

(E) K

5. How many such digits are there in t.he number 5.269183eaoh of which is as far away from the beginning 01 the number as when Ihe dlgllsar"e arran.getl In descending order Wllhln lhe number?

(A) None (B) One

(C) Two (D) Three

(E) More ihan three

1850 I

Reasoning A.bility

(Held on S1~1 .. 2010)

6. Rohan walks a distanceo! to km lowaJds Nonn, lhenlumsto his left and walks 20 km. He again turns teft anel' watks 10 km and then, he lakes arlghl tum and walks 5km. How far he Is from Ihe sl.arting poInt?

{A) 10 km (6) 2£l kin.

(C)30 krn (0) 2~ km

(E) 15 km

7. II 'Q' means '''';', '9' means 'x', 'A' means ',jo' and 'F' means '+', then-

12 B 20 A 4 a 10F so'" ?

IA) 60 tS) so

(C) 70 [0) so

(E) None of these

6. The positions of the Il'sl and eighth digits 01 the number 9.2:753481 are Interchanged. Similarly, the positions 01 second and the seve nIh dlgltsare inlerChanged and so on, whiCh ol·lh.e following will 'be the fiflh digit from the tell 01 Ihe second digit Irom the rlghl end after tne rearrange· ment?

(A) 6 (C) 4 (E) 3

(S) .2 (OJ 1

9. Whal should come next ·11'1 the IOIlQWlng.lener series 1 ZYXWVUTZYXWVUZY XWVZYXW

(A) V (8) Y

(C)Z (0). U

(E) None of Ihese

10. 'GJ· ~s related 10 'MP' in. the same way as 'aT ISrelaled 10 •••.•.. , .•

(A) WZ (Ei) WY

(0) VZ (0) VY

(E) WI

DlrecUon.s-{Q. 1 1-15) Siudy Il1e following ;inlormallon carefully ami answer the Questions given be'low.

P, Q, R, Sand T are "ve friends whO traveHed 10 live different cilies - Dehradun, Jafpur. Chandigarh,

Raipur, and Bengaluru by three different modes ot uanspert -train,aero· plane and car from Deihl notneeessarlly in me same order. OUI 01 the three modes of transport. two modes have been used lor by at most two persons.

Aeroplane hasbeen used as a mode 01 transport only by the person who tmvelled 10 Bengaluru.. T went to Jaipur by car and P wei'll to Chand!gar;hby Irain. One whotravellad by Irain didn't 9.0 to Dehradun .. Q travel1'ed by train whereas A travelled by car.

11. Which of Ihe following combinations Is true for Q ?

(A) Chandigarh - Car (6) Jaipur - Train

(C) Dehra.dun - Train (D) Jaipur - Car

(E) Ralpur - TraIn

12. Which 01 the following cornbtnalions 01 person and models correct?

(AI T -Ttain

(B) p-ear (CIR - Aeroplan.e {.ol Q -Car

(E) S - Aeroplane

13. The person Ifa.velling to Dehradun went by which 01 the following modes?

{AI Train

(Bl Aeroplane (el Cat

(D) Dala Inadequate (E) Tratn or Car

14 .. Who among thelollowing

travelled 10 Dehradun ?

(A) T (B) S

(e) A (D) P

(E.) Data Inadequate

15. Which oflhelollowin~g combina· nons ofpla.ce a.nd models not corre<:! ?

(A) Chandigarh - Train (8) Raip.ur - Car

tC) Jalpur - Ca.r

(D) Bengaluru - Aeroplane (E) Dehradun - Car

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

16. There are seven persons up on a ladder A, B. C, 0, E, F and G. A is above E by three steps but is lower than only C. B's position ls exaclly In the middle. G Is In between A and 8. E is in between Band F. Who Is on Ihe boUom step of the ladder?

tAl 0 (8) B

(C) F (D) E

(E) G

Directions-Ca. 17-19) Each of the questions below consists 01 a ques1ion and two statements numbered I alld II are given below it. You have to decide whether the dala provided In the statements are suUicient to amwer 1119 question. Read both the st.stements and give answer-

(Al II the data In Statement I alone are sutncientlO answer the question. w11ne the dale in Slatement 11 alone are not sufficient toanswerlhe question,

(B) If the dala in Slatement 11 alone are suHicienl to answer Ihe question, while the data In Slatement I alone are not sullicient to answer the question.

tC) If Ihe data In Statement I alone or in Statemenlll alone are sufIicienl to answer the question.

(0) If the data in both the Statements I and II are not sufficlem to answer the question.

(E) If the data in both I.he Slatements I and II togelher are necessary to answer the question.

17. How many children does L have?

I. E has only two sons.

II. E, wile 01 L has only one daughter.

1B. On wh ch day 01 the month is Asha's birthday?

I. Asha's brother correctly

remembers that Asha's birthday is aller 20th but before 25th of Ihe momh,

II. Ashe's stster correctly

remembers thai Asha's birthday is only alter 23Jd 01 lhe month.

19. What will be the total 01 numerical values ot the letlers 01 Ihe word 'FADE'?

I. A Is substituted by r, B by 2, C by 3 and so on.

MiI'ror .JuI 2010

II. B, D, F. H and so on are subsliluted by even numbers starting with 2. Also, A, C, E, G and so on are substiluted by odd numbers starting with 1.

20. In a certain code language, 'singing is appreciable' Is wrillen as 'col tip mot'; 'dancing Is good' is written as 'mol nik min' and 'singlng and dancing' is written as 'lip mop nik', How is 'good' written in thai code language? (A) mot

(B) min

eC) nik

(D) Dala inadequate

(E) None 01 these

Dlreclions-(Q. 21-23) Study

Ihe lollowing information carefully and answer the questions given below.

There are seven books, one each on Psychology, Hindi, English, Sociology. Economics. Education and Accountancy lying on a lable as a stack. Sociology lies on lOP of the slack. Accountancy is Immedlalely below Education. wh ch is Just below Sociology. Economics ls Immedlal.ely above Psychology, but is nol e.xa.clly In the middle. Hindi Is immediately below Psychology.

21. Which three books are between Accountancy and Hindi?

(A) EnglIsh, Economics and


(8) Econom CS, Psychology and Educallon

(Cl Econom cs, Psychology and Hindi

(D) Dala inadequate (E) None o. Ihese

22. Economics is in between which 01 the followIng books ?

(A) Accountancy and Education (8) PSYChology and Hindi

(C) English and Psychology

(D) PsychOlogy and Sociology (El None of these

23. II only Ihe positions or SociOlogy and English, Acoountancy and Hindi and Education and Psychology are interchanged, wh'ch book wUl be between Psychology and Sociology?

(A) Accountancy

(8) EngHsh

(e) Hindi

(D) Economics (E) None 01 these

DlreCtions-(O. 24-29) In each of the quesllons below are given four statements 'ollowed by three conclusions numbered I, II and III. You nave to take the gIven statements to be true even if they seem to be, at vartanee from commonly known laols. Read all the conclusions and then decide which 01 Ihe given conclusions logically follows ItOm Ihe given statements disregarding commonly known facts.

24. Statements:

All flowers are petals, AD petals are boxes,

All boxes are oUi1dings. All bui.ldings are trucks. Concluslon.s:

I. Some truc!<..s are boxes.

II. Some buildings are petals. III. Some boxes are flowers. (A) Only I follows

CBl Only I and 1I101iow eC) Only I and III follow {D} Onty II afld III follow (E) Alii, II and III follow

25. Statements:

All penciLs are pens. Some pens are erasers. All erasers are desks. Some desks are bottles. Conclusions:

I. Some bollIes are pens. II. Some desks are pens.

III. Some erasers are pencils. (Al Only Iiollows

(B) Only II follows

eC) Only III follows

(D) Only I and II follow (E) None oflh.ese

26. Statements:

Some raincoats are dresses. Some dresses a.re uniforms. All uniforms are clothes.

All clothes are materials. Conclusions:

I. Some matertals are dresses. II. Some clothes are raincoats. III. Some unllonns are raincoats. {Al Only ffollows

(B) Only II lollows

(C) Only III lollows

(D) Only I and II 101 low (E) None of these

18SJ I

2'7. StatemenIS.:

Some' stem are !mes. AIII.r8es are loresls. Some forests are roads. All roads are petals. Concluslo.ns:

I. Some pelels aTe trees. II. Som.e roaes are trees. III. Some roads are sterns .. (A) Only I follows

(B) Only 1I101l0ws

(e) Only I and II tallow

(D) Only either II or III lollows (E) None fonows

2B..St.alemenls :

Some clocks are walches. Some watchesare waJls. Some waUs are houses. Some houses are rooms. Co.ncluslon.$. :

I. Some rooms are wails.

II. Some houses ate clocks. ilL No room Is wall.

(A) Only I follows

(8) Only II 101l0W$

(e) Only IlIloliows

(OJ Onlyeilher lor III follows (E) None of these

29. Slal.smenls:

All la.bles are beds, No bed is boat.

Some' boalS are takea. All lakes are ponds. Conclusions;

I. Some ponds are tables. II. Some lakes are beds. 111. Some ponds are boats. (A) None 10Uows

(8) Only I follows

(e) Only II follows

(0) Only Iliiollows

(E) Only I and II follow

lJlrectlons-(O. 30-35)11'1 each question below is given a group of lellers followed by lour ccmblnatlons 35. or digits/symbols numbered (A), (6).

(C) and (D). You have 10 lind cui which 'Of Ihe combina.1Jons correcUy represents Ihegroup orlellers based

en the fOllowil1g codIng system and Ihecondilions and mark Ihe numbers

'01 thai combinallon as your answer. If

none of the f'Our combinationsoorreclly represents Ihe grcup 01 lellers. give tE) i.e .. 'None 01 lhese' as your



(E) None 01 these


(A) 34M7@2 (B) 32@7#4

Ie} 2417@3 (D) *4i17@*

(E) None 0' these DlrecUons-tQ. 36-40) Study Ihe

foHowing, arrangement carefuHy and 42. Ulheposillons 01 the second and

a!'lswer the questions given below. the third digit.s within each nurn-

38 S Q R # T 4 S 7 @ ,I J U % 1 ;6 5 F ber are interchanged, which, of

A C 9 E G* H W ,K2 £ the 101lOwingwfll be Ihe difference between the rirsl and Ihe second dlgls ollhelowesl number?

{Al 1 (6) 3

(el 4 (DJ 2

(El None ollhase

43. Whal islhe difference between Ihe Ihird highest and the lowest 01 these numbers?

(A) 358 (6) 360

(el 323 (0) 421

(E) None ollhese



6938$247 # 1@5'O:O@ Cendlt.le.ns :

(i) II both the nrsl aodlne last I ene rs 38. are consonants, bOth areto be coded as the code lor the flrsl leUer.

(il) II both the I1rsl and the last letters are vowels, both ale 10 be ceded as *.

(Ill) \I the first lener Is a consonant

and thelaslletter is a vowe'!. their coees ate to' belnlerchanged.


fA) #%42Brto (8) 00/04'28# (C) "'.be42@> (0) #%428# IE) None 01 these

31. AMPwau

(A) *#6'l'o®* (8) *6W,,"5 (e) *#6o/0@5 (O) 8It6o/d$5 lE) None 01 these


(A) 8I@79S(B) @II79$8 (C) 8117.9$@ (D) N79SB@ Ie) None or these


(A) 711@683 (6) 7#@687 (e) .3ft@687 (D) *7#@683 (E) None olll"lese


(A)~6359 (B) ©S635®

(C)9$635® (0) $@635,9

How many such numbers are there in the above arrangement, each at which is immediately preceded by a consonant and immediately toUowecl by a symbol? (A) None (e) Two

(8) One (0) Three

IE) Mote than three

37. Which ·01 Ihe following Is Ihe eighth t.o ihe tell ollhe thirteenth

ITOm the lefl end ollhe above arrangement? (A) R (C)O (E) $

(6) II (0) T

II all the symbOls and numbers in the above arrang.emenl aye dropped, whloh of Ihe following wlll be Ihe lenth from the ,fight end?

(Al I (e) u

(9) J' (D) S

(El None olthl;lse

39. What should come in place of question marle(?) In the following. series ba.sed on Ihe above arrangement?

OIT 11J i5F ?


(e) E*H (01 GHW

(El None 01 these

40. How many such censonaetsaee there In the above arrang.ement each of which Is immediately preoeded by a vowel and Immediatety followed by another eeesonant?

(A) None (6) One

(el Two (D) Three

(E) More than three

Oirec1i.ons -(a. 41-45) Follow· ing questions are based on Ihe five three-digit numbers gIven 00101'1- 973 825 461 592 789

41. '1IIhe posil.io.ns 01 the Ilrsland the second digits within each number ere Interchanged, which of the lollowing will be the third digit of the 'lowest nUmbel?

(A) 2 (9) 9

(e) 3 (.oj 5

(El None 01 these

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

44. Which of the lollowlng is the sum 01 the nrst and second digilsof Ihe third highest number?

(Al 11

(8) 15

(e) 17

('01 13

(E) None of lhese

45. If the posillons of the lirstand the third digits within each number are interohanged, which 01 the 1011l0wln9' witt be Ihe second digit 01 the second lowest number?

(A) 9 (8) 8

IC) 7 (a) 6

(E) None 01 these

Dlrectlons-IQ. 46-50) In each of the quesUons given below whloh one 01 Iha lollow.lng answer ligures on the righ!shouid come after Ihe problem rlgures on the ilefl, illhesequence were continued?

Problem Figures

(A) (8) IC), (0) (E)


(Al tBl (C) (D)

50. In 1:3 IT ul ~ J~ ~II:J ~ In ~ Ju -< J:3~ ~!c -< ~I

(Al(B) IC) (O)(E)

Answers with Hints

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010


(Cmlli'lI/u:d/mm Pagl" 847) 39, (AI thrashed (8) saw

(0) SliCk {!OJ pulled

{El 40, (A) (OJ (E.J

s pta Shed

withered !clUed


(8)crushed (0) grew

Answers with Explanations

I SS.! I

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

E.nglish Language

(Held on 31 .. 1 .. 2010)

Oireclions-(Q. 1-15) Re:ad the following passage carefully and answer .he queslions gllo'sn below it. Certain words/phrases have been printed in bOld to help you ;joca'.e

• hem while answering some of .he 'lues' Ions.

Once upon a. lime. there was a royal elephant which used to reside In the premises oltheking's palace. The elephant was very dear 10 the king, so he was well-fed and well treated, There was also a Dog who lived near theElephanfs shed. He was very weak. and ·skinny. He was always fascinated by the smell 01 rich sweet rice being fed' to the royal elephant

One day, the Dog could no lon.ger resist the aloma 01 the rlee and somehow managed to sneak InlO IheElephanl.'sshed,. He atethe grains of sweet rice Ihal leH Irom the Elephanrsmouth. He I'lked thence so much, that he started gojngthe~e daily to eallhe rice', For days, the huge Elephant dldn'\ noilee Ihe small dog; as he was busy enjoying Ihe delicious food. GraduallY,lhe Dog grew bigger and stronger ealillg such rich 'Iood. Finally the 'Elephanl nolice<! him and allowed him eocessto the food.

TheElephanlenjoyed the company ollhe Dog and started sharing his food with him. They atso slatted spending time wilheach other and soon became good Iriel"lCls. They ale 1.09.ell'l.er, slept together and played logether .. While playing, the Elephant would hold the Dog In his trunk and swing, him back and forth, Soon nelll'ler of them was happy without the other, They became greBI friends and didn't want 10 be separated from each other.

Then one day, a man saw lhe Dog! and asked lheE:lephant-keeper, "I wanllo buy this Dog, What price do you wanlfor It ?' The Elephant·keeper dldn'l. own Ihe Dog but. sold II. and extracted a sum 01 money Uom this deal. The man look Ihe Dog 10 his

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

home vma.ge, which was quite lar away. The King's Bephant became very sa.d aUerthis incident .. He missed his 'fiend a lot and sla.ned neglecting everything. He didn't want to do anything without his dear Iriend, so he stopped ealing, drinking and even bathIng,

Finally, Ihe :Elephant4keeper r'epon.edthis to Ihe King; however he didn't mention anything about Iha Dog. The King had a wise minister, who was known for his keen understandmg 01 animals. -nhe King ordered Ihe minlsler, 'Go 10 tM E'lepnani shed and Und out the rea.son lor the Elephant's condition". The intelligent minisler wenl \0 the Etepham shed and found theElephanl very sad. He examined lhe Elephant and asked the Elephant·keeper, "There Is nothing wrong with this E1ephanl'S body, then why does he look so sad 7 I Ihlnk this Elephant isgriel stricken, possibly due 10 lhe loss of a dear friend, Do you knowilthls :Elophant shared a close friendship wiLhanyo.ne?

TheE1epha<nHkeepersal<l. "There was a Dog who usedlc eat. sleep aM play with th.e Elephanl. He was taken by a stranger Ih~ee days ago·. The minister weI"!! back to the King and said,·Youf majecslY,inmyopinlon, the royalElephanl is nat sick, bul he I,s tonesome without. his doar Inend, Ihe Dog". The ~ng said, ·You'reright, Iriendshipis one 01 the most wonderlullhlngsolli1e. 00 you' know where thai Dog Is 7"

The Minister roplied.,·Elephanl. keeper has Inlormed me thai a stranger took him away and he deesn't know his whereabouts". The Killg asked, "How can we br.ing back my elephanl's fl'.lend and make him happy again l' The Min.is!er sugges.ted, -Your Malesty, make adeclaralion Ihal whoever has Ihe dog fha.! used 10 live al the royal Elephant's shed will be penal1zed", The King did Ihe same andlhe man who had taken Ihe dog, InSlanUy turned him loose when he heard'he prOClamalion.

As soon as he was Ireed" Ihe Dog ran back as last as he could 10

theElephanf's Shed, TheElephanl was so delighted to see the Dog Ihal he picked his friend up with his trunk and swung him back and lo.rth, The Dog wagged his fail, while Ihe Eleph ani 's eyes spaflded with happiness • The King was content to see 'he elephant happy once again and rewarded the Minister for his wise j,udgment.

1. VYha.1 was Ihe Minister'S diagnOSis ollhe Elephant's condition?

(A) The Elephant hat,ed his keeper

(B) The Etephanl was lOnely

(G) The Elephant was starving (D) The Elephant had hurt his legend as in parn

(E) None 01 these

2. What method did Ihe Minister suggest 10 thO King 10 gel back Ihe Dog?

'tAl To declare ihat whoever had Ihat particular Dog would be punished

(6) To keep a bowl 01 rice lor Ihe dog In Ihe Elephanl's shed so thai he could be tured back to the palace

(C) To command the Elephantkeeper to took lor the Dog! In the Village

(0) To persuade the :Elephanlto calloul 10 the Dog

tEl None oflhese

3. Why hadths Elephant become very sad ?

{Al He flO longer gal his dail.y bowl 01 rice

(B) He was unhappy wilh the ~ng for having sold Ihe Dog

(C) He missed hls frlend Ihe Dog

(O)I-Ie was sold to an unknown man by his keeper

(El None or these

4. Wha.1 drd Ihe Elephant·keeper do 10 tMOog?

(Al He so'ldthe Dog to an unknown man for a price


(9) He hit the Dog as the Oog was eallngllha Elephant'slood (e) He killed the Dog

(D) He cornptalned toihe King about the Dog

(E) None o[ these

5. Which 01 Ihe [ollowing would be Ihe most appropriate tiUe lor the passage?

(A) Friends and Enemies (9) The P.layful Dog

(C) The King and the Minister (0) The Elephant.keeper

Ui:l The Bond of FriendshIp

6. Wtly was the 'Elephant 'la_ken care ol?

(A) He was a very speelai Elephant as he couletalktc Dogs fB) He was a very loyal E.lephanl (C) He was the strongestElephanl in Ihe Kingdom

(0) He was weak and Ihe King had a 101 olsyrnpathy lor him

(E) None oithese

7. Why did !he Dog slartgoing 10 Ihe Elephant's shed everyday? (A) He Ii~ed IheElephant a 10\ and wanted to become friends with him

(S) He was being fed by Ihe Kirng everyday

(C) He was fond ·of Ihe Elephanrs shed

(0) He liked the laSI.e oltne rice beIng; led to the Elephanl

(E) None ·of th.ese

8. What did Ihe Dog do once he was set fr,ee?

(A) He ale rioe 10 his heart's content

(:8) He Ihank.ed IheKlng lor his kindness

(e) He ran away from the Kingdom 10 a place faraway

(O) He ran back to his friend tne Elephant

(E) None of these

9. What ollhe following can dell· nitely be said about Ihe Elephantk.eeper?

(11 He was greedy

(2). He w8sinsensitive (3) He was brave

(A) Only(1)

(8) Only (2)

(C) Only (1) and (2)


(D) Only (2) snd(3) (E) AJI (1), (2) and (3)

10. Which 01 the following can definite'ly be said about Ihe King? (1) He was compassionate

(2) He was deceitlul

(3) He I.oved animals.

(A) Only (1)

(B) Only (1) and (3) rC} Only (1) and (2) (OJ Only (2)

(E) All the Ihme (1), (2) and (3)

Dlrections-(O. 11-13) Choose the word/group 01 words which is most similar in meaning. 10 the worrjj group 01 words printed in bold as used ,in the passage.


(A) Pulled (C) Wing

(E) Recielved

(B) tnserl.ed (D) Dugout


(8) Praise

(el Announcemen! (D) Writ

(E) Resolve

13. KEEN

(A) Shallow (8) Urgenl

(C) Concentrated (0) Deep (E) Eager

DIrections-(O. 14 and 15) Choose the word/group 01 words which is most opposite In meaning to the word/g.roup 01 words printed In bold as used In the passage.


(AI Give in (B) P·lease (e) 81ruggle (0) Try oul (E) DeIII'


(A) Stuck (B) United (C) Eslranged (0) Bound (E) Joined

DlrflCUOnS-(Q. 16-20) Whi.ch of Ihe phrases (A). (B). (C) and (D) given below each sentence should replace the phrase printed in bold in Iha senlGnce 10 make !Igrammatioally correCI ? "lhe sentence is correct. as It is given and 'No correctlon Is required" mark I~as the answer.

16. Trishacould not solve the problem at all and was at herwI!'s ending.

(AJ her wit's end (B) lhe wit ends (C) her wilt l' end (0) lhe wit end

IE) Nooorreclion required

17. II's a srnalltheatee and !h.e seals are uncomtorteble. but the savln.g grace is that the air eondilioningls good.

(A) grace to save

(BI gracing save

(e) saver grace

(0) sa.ve 109r.ace

(El Nooorrectionr,equirecl

18. Tarun had 1.0 prepare the eocumentfor his meeting urg.enUy but he was hardl:y pre.ssed for tlme, (AI hard pressed lor timely

(SI hard pressed lor lime

(el hardly press 10 lime

(0) hard pressing to timety

(E) Nooorrection required

19. Suraj 'lied from his teeth to gel oul 01 lhe tense situation with his boss-

(AI lies lor his leeth (S) lie 10 his leeth

(e) liedlhrough his leeth (O) lied {rom his tocih

(E) No correction required

20. Salish lay in bed wide awaken as he was worried about his exams Slar1inglhe next day-

(A) widen awakening

(Bl widely awake

(e) wide and awak.e

(0) wide awake

(E) No oorre<:tionrequirecl

Olreet,lons.-(O .. 21-25) In each

question below, a sentence with four words printed in bold lypesis given. These are numbered as (A)., (9J. Ie) and (0). One 01 these lour words prlnl.ed In bold may be either wrongly speltcr .Inapproprlate in the comext ollhe sentence. Find out Ihe word which is wrong.ly spelror inappropriate, if any. The number 01 thai word is yOur answer. II aJI the words printed In bold are correolly spell and also appropriate in the context 01 the sentence, mark fE) I.e; 'All eoneor as your answer.

uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

21. People went cnuy when the (A) musioianatong wHIl hlsfr'lend, (6) look totne staging an.d belled (e)

out popular traoks. (0)

All cerreet (E)

22. For a. growing number 01 cou,pals, adoption Is nota (A)

helpless compulsIon but also (B)

deliberate" and often noble.

(e) (0)

Alloouecl (E)

2'3. Onlwo eonseeuttve nights Ihe

choice ..


11'10 greatest Icones 01 show (S)

buslness were honoured with unprecedented aff·ectlon.

(e) (D)

All correct (E)

24. We are so busy looking 81 mediocrity ihat when truly (A)

outstanding achievement stares (6)

us in Ihe lace we resort 10 Ihe (e)

same terms of 'praIse. All correct

(0) (E)

25. The unlikely mlgratlo.n was (A) offlclally explained as a move (B)

10 meelellpanding business (e)

oportunltles. (0)

All correct (E)

Olrecl1ons-(O, 2,6-30) R:ear' rangelhe following, six sentences (1), (2), (3), (4},(5) and (6) in the proper sequence to form a meaninglu!1 paragraph; then Bnswer the ques!lons given belOW Inem,

(1) He Immed.ialaly ac:knowledg.ed Moha.n's good work and invlled him to 'Ills homeror dinner.

Success Mjl·r~r • July 2010

(2) One day a. wealthy merchant 31.11'1 about five mlnute.s.they

sent his sea's bicycle to the shop (A)

lor repair. would I covet the dlstance lrorn

(3) The nexl day Ihe merchant came to claim the bicycle and noticed Ihal it was shiny,

(4) Aller repairing the bicycle, Mohan cleanedilup and made II look new.

(5) Onoe upena lime,. there wasa boy named Mohan who work.ed as anapprenlice in a bicycle shop,

(6) Other apprentices in the .shop laughed at Moha.nlor doing unnecessary work.

26. Which 0.1 the loll'owlng should iDe the SECONOsent.ence alter rearrangement?

(A) 1 (8) 2

(e) 3 (OJ 4


27. Whi.Ch 01 the lollowing should be Ihe THIRD sent,encealter rsarrangement?

lA) I (e) 3

eEl 5

(B) 2 (D) 4

28. Which 01 the lollowlng should be IheFIRST sentenoe aller rearra.ngemenl ?

(A) 1 (B) 2

(C) 3 (0)4

(E) 5

29. Which of 1M 10110wlng shourdee the LAST (SIXTH) sentence alt.er rearrangement?

(A) 1 (8) 2

(C) 4 (D) 5


30. Which of the following should be the FOURTH sentence alter rearrangement? (A) 2

(e) 4

(E) 6

CS) :3 (D) 5

Dlrectlons-(O. 31-40) Read each sentence to lindaul whelher them is any grammatical. eHor or idiomatic error In it. The error. if aJly, witt be In one pari of the sentence, The numberollhet part is lheanswer. If there Is 'No error', !he answer is (E), (Ignore errors 01 punctuation. il any.)


Iheroad to Ihe point /Where the (el waves would I begin fick their (0)

No error lE)

32. The devastatlngex;peliences lof (A)

many wars laugh\ some



countries I Ihe neoessaryof (el pursuing peace I at the expense (0)

'No 'error


33. Th.e former superstar 'recently I (A)

vls1t an otJilhanage, I fuelling (8)

SpooJlation thai I she is planning

(el (0)

of nationalist egos.

10 adopt a child.

No error (E) 34. Accordance toa new study I (AJ

t.eking steps 10 remain healthy


and young I may he.(p delay llhe (C)

onset. 01 Allheimer's disease.


No error (E)

35. A day alter he was diagnosed (A)

wIth /' swine 111.1, prevenllve (6) measures were put in plaee 110 ensure Ihatathers were not I (e)

aHected by Ihe dreaded virus. (0)

NO error

(E) 36. The administration hasconclu(Al

slve I Ihal it Is I'f3talfers who (6)


are I responsible for upselling I ee)

the Oily'S household budget (OJ

No error IE)

37. The assvrarn:es. unfortunately, I (A)

remained on paper, as Inelther (6)

the Cen1Te or the slate initialed (e)

steps I lor the developmenl 01 (D)

lheba.ckward region. No error


38. Sediment deposit along lhe coasll {Al

may be 'Ihe primary reason for I (B)

ll1e cl:lange Incondilions. I but a (e)

lot more remains 10 be under' (0)




39. A committee will be set up 110 (A)

elCplOre pros and cons by I a (6)

common fee structure, and willI


lake a final decision onil within (D)

a week.



40. The in!eclion which causes (AI

gvms \0 bleed and teeth to fall (6)

oull results from lfie bulld·upofl (C)

a pa,rticular bacteria that is com(OJ

man to most mouths.

No error (E)

Dlrectlons-CO. 41-50) In Ihe following passage there ale blanks, each 01 which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below Ihe


passa,ge and a,gainsl each, Ave words are sugges'ted, one of which fils the blank appmpriately. Find oul. Ihe approprial:e wold in each ease.

Once upon a time there IVQS a prince who wanted 10 marry a prinC9ss·;bul she would have 10 be a. real princess. He .... (41) ... all over Ihe world 1.0 lind one, but nowhere could he get what he wanted. One evenillg during a terrible storm: 'there was Ihunder and li9hln,in9, and Ihe rain poured downlntorrenlS .. Suddenly a knocking was ... (42). .. allhe palace door,and me old king went to open it. II was a princess standing, outlhere .. 6ul.good gracious! What a sighllhe rslnane! the wind he.d made her look. The waler fan down her hair and <::Iolhes.;illio Ihe tess 0'1 her shoes and oul againal Ihe heels. And yet she insisted (ha1she was a real princess. Well, we'll soon ... (43) ... our. thoughl theold queen. But she said nothing, went 11'110 Ihe bedroom, lOOk aU the bedding off the bedstead, and ..... (44) ..... a. pea on the bouom: lhen' she I.ook.\wenly mattresses snd taid them on Ihe pea, and then Iwenl.y Quilts 01'\ ••• {4s:) .... or themaUr9SS{ls. 00 this the princess had 10 He all night In Ihe .... (46) .... she was asked how she had slept, ~Oh, very badty I" said she .. -r scarc.ely closed m.y eyes all night. Heaven only kflOWS what was In the bed.Bul I was lying on something hard, asa ... (47) ... I am bla.ck and blue all over m.y bOOy. II's horrible '" Now they k.new that she was a real princess because she had .... (48) ... ,Ihe pea right through Ihe Iwenly maUresses and the [wenly quilts. Nobody but a real princess could be as .... (49) .... as lhal. So Ihe prince took her for his wile, lor now he ... (50)... that he had a real

41, (A) called (6) lour
(C) selll (D) saw
(E) Iravened
42. (A) made (B) lell
(C) heard [D) seen
lEI sounded
43. (AI assure (B) rind
(C) judge (0) mark
(El try
44. (A) drew .(~) flung
{el placed (0) oooKed
(E) stitch 45. (AI top (B) hea.d
{C} botIom (0') between
(E) middle
46. (A) moming (8) dinner
(el room (0) fields
(El daJ:"k
47. (A) vengeanoe
(6) price
{el cause
(0) resull
(E) lime
48. (A) slept (S) lell
(C) local.ed (D) carried
(E) lound
49. (A) worried (.B) rough
{Cl krita.bJe (0) sensitive
(E) pretty
50. (A) Irust (,B) assured
(Cl W8l\led (0) think
(El knew
.Answers with Explanations uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

Oireclions-(Q, 1--5) What should come In place 01 the queslion mark (?) in the following, queslions?

1, (95-6 I< 910'3) ... gz,se '" 91

(A) 13"4 (.B) 12-96

IC) 1N3 (0) 13<'14

IE) None of these

2,(486% 0(6500) .,. 36 : ?

fA) 857·8 (B) 792'31

{q8n5 (0) 799·83

(e) None of these

3. {12'11)2 + (?)2 = 732,2.921

IA) 20·2 (B) 24'2

(C) 23·1 (0) 19·2

IE) None 01 these


(Al 8 (S) 7

{C)6 (0) 9

(E) None ot Ihese

5. (1024 -253 - 233) + (986 - 764 -156) "'?

(AI 9 (B) 6 tCl 7(0) 8 (E) None 01 these

5.. --J625 + 5)( ? =6265

(A) 1253 (8) 1250

(C) 1245 (0) 1550

IE) None a! these

7. (42)2"-, 6'3 ><26 =: ?

(A) 7182 (B) 7269

fe) 7260 (0) 7240

(E) Noneo! these

8. SS4 I< 12 >< 2 '" ?

(A) 9024 iB) 9216

(e) 6676 (0) 6814

IE) None of these


(A) 3'06 (8) 5·25

(e) 4·82 (0)6'12

(e) None 01 these

10. ·-12704 II ..J2209 '" ?

(A) 1996 (8)2444

Ie) 2452 (0) 1983

(.E) None of these

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010

Numerical Ability

(Held on 31 .. 1 ... 2010)

11. 2536 ... 4851 - 1 '" 3450 ... 313

(AI 39S1 (6)4532

IC) 3624 (0) 4058

IE) None of these

12, (25SO x 1'4) ... (7400 x 0·6) '=? (A) 7512(8) 9746 (C)6S23 (D) 8024

IE) None of lhase

13. 36% 01 850 T 7% 01 592 ;;; 750

(A) 73 (6) 89

IC) 82 (D) 75

IE) None of U'lese

14. 64% 01 2.650 + 40% of 320 '" ?

(A) 1824 (~) 1.902

Ie) 1829 (0) 1964

(E) None of these

15. 486 +32~' 2·5 - 59 .. ?

(A) 514 (8) 528

ee} 599 (D) 507

IE) None 01 these

16, 1827 +36><? '" 162·4

(A) 4'4 (S) 3'2

tel 2·1 (0).3'7

IE) Norte 01 these

17. 1008+36=1

(A) 28 (B) 32·5

(e) 36 (OJ 22·2

rE) None of these

18. 56·21 +2·36+5·41 -21·4.., 1·5=1

(AI 40'04 (8) 46'18

(el 44·08 (D) 43·12

(El None of these

19. 65% of 3.20 .... ? ",686

(A) 480 (8) 452

(Cl 461 (D) 475

lE) None 01 these

20. 83250 + ? "" 74 .>(25

(A) 50 (S) 45

tCI 40 (0) 55

lEI None 01 Illese

21. ";7744 "'?

(AlBa CB) 62

(C) 58 (D) 78

(E) None 01 these

22. 35% of? '" 242·55

{AI 729 (8) 652

(C)693 (D) 759

(E) None oflhese

23. 1256 .... 4813 .... 765 '" ?

(A) 5642 CBI 5B76

(C)678B (OJ 6878

tEl 'None or these

24. 22 x 4 + (1)2 = (13)2

(A) 81 (B) 9

reI 27 (0)64

tEl None 01 these

25. 432 .. 2170 ... 35",?

(AI 494 (B) 475

(Cl 481 (D) 469

(E.) None of these

26, Three .numbe!s are In t!'!eralia of 3 : 4 : 5 respecllvely. If Ihe sum of the IIrsl and third numbers Is more than the second number by 52, then which witt ibethe largest number?

(A) 65 (C) 79

(8) 52 (D) 63

(E.) None oflhese

27. T!'!e compound Intetest on a certain amounllo( 2 years al lhe rate of 8 p.c.p.a, is Rs. 312. Whal will be Ihe simpteinteresl on tile same amount and at the same rate and same time?

(,1\) Rs.349·92 (B) Rs. SOO

(0) Rs. 358·92 {O)Rs. 400

(E) None ollhese

28. Th.e length 01 a rectangle exceeds Its breadth by 7 ems. 'II the tength Is decreased by 4 em. and the breadth is increased by 3 ems., then Ihe area of the new .rectangJe wI!! be Ihe same as the area 01 Ihe original rectangle. What wm be the perimeter of the original rectangle?

(A) 45 ems. (9) 40 ems.

(e) 50 ems, (0) 55 ems· IEJ None otthese


29. The sum ·01 Ihe dlgils 01 3. two digitl1umoet Is 12. II the new number formed by 'reversing the d.igltsls greater than the original, number by 54, then what will be

the original number?

(A) 28 (B}48

Ie) 39 (0) 93

(E) None of these

30. In a fraction. twice the nIJmeralOr is two mo.re than the d'enomina.-

lor. 1.1 3is a.ddedto the numerator

and the denomlnaloreach,. then

the resultant fraction will be ~. What was theoriginallTaction?


(A) 18 (6) 13

. . 13 1

{C)e (0) f2

(E) No.ne of these

31. Four·mlh 01 a number Is '·0 more Ihan two-Ihirdol Ihesame number. What Is lhe number?

(A) 70 (S) 75

(C) 69 (D) 85

(!E) None 01 these

3.2. A shopkeeper pUrchased 200 bulbs for :Rs. 10 each, However.

5 bulbs were IlJsed and. had 10 be 39. thrown .away. The remaining were

sold at As. 12 each. What wi'll be thepercenlag,e prom?

(A) 25 (S) 15

tCl 13 (D) 17

(E) None of these

35. AJ:ay spends 25% 01 his sala!), on house rent, 5% on lood, 15% on irave:l, 10% on clothes and the remaln.ing amount 01 As .. 27,000' Is saved. What Is AJay's Income ? (A) As. 60,000 (6) Rs.80,SOO (C}As.60,700 (0) Rs.70,.5oo tEl None of these

37. In how many diHerenl w·ay.s, can theletlers 01 the wOld 'CR.ISIS' be arranged ? (A) 150

(e) 120

(S') 240 (OJ 200

42 .. '1113 men can complete a piece 01 work. in 36 days, then In hOw many days will 18 men complete the same work?

(A) 16 days (6) 20 days

,Cl 26 day.s (0). 30 days

(E) None ollnese

43. If Ihe areaot aelrele js 75·46 cm2,then what ISlne clreumferenoe ollne circle?

,1\) 29'2 cm (6)28·9 em

(Cl 30,8 cm (0)40·2 em

(E.) None of mese

44. Glrish started a buslne$sinvesl· lng Rs. 45,000. Aller 3 months, Vijay joined him with a capital of Rs. 60,000.. Afler another '6 months, Anltush joined them with a capital al As. 90 ,GOO. Atlheend 01 lhe year,lhey made a prolll of As. 16,500. Whal Is Glr.lsh's share 01 prom?

(AI Rs .. 5,500 (B) Rs. 6,,000 (C) As. 6.600 (Ol 'Rs. 5,900 (El None of these

45. What Is the average age 01 a family ·01 lIve members, whose ages are 42, 49, S6,S3 and 35 years respectivel.y 1

{AI 60 years (6) 49 years (C) 45 years (0) 58 years (E) None of Ihese

A andS are two taps. which CM IiII a tank .individually In 10 mlnutes and 20 minutes respeclively. However, there Is a .Ieaka.ge at Ihe bonom which can empty a fillM lank In 40 mlnutes, If ine lan'k. is empty In11ially, how much lime will both the tapstake 101111 the lruik (leakage is stlillhere) '1 (A) 8 minutes (8) 7 minutes

(0) 10 minutes (0) 15 mlnules (El None ollnese

WhaJ is 50%01 40% olRs. 3,4501

(A) As. 690' (S) Rs.520

(C)Rs. 517·5 (0) !Rs.499·2 (E) None oflheSa

41. Thepresenl ages 01 Chalna and 48.. II an amounlol As. 5.,86,700i5

Shlkha. are In Ihe ratio of 5 : 7 distributed equally amongst 25

respecllvely . .After 7 years, their persons, then how much. wouJd

BaaS will be In the raHe of 11 : 14 each per·son. gel 1

respectively. Whal is the difle· (A) Rs.2,54,S76

renee between ,Ihelr .ages ? (8) As .. 2.34,68

(A) 9 years C61 <I years (C) Rs. 3,74.20

(e) 5.years {OJ 7 years (DIRs, 1,95,62

(E) None 01 these (E) None ofthese

33. Whal should come in the place of question mark (?) In Ihe number seriasgiven below '1

25,34',52,19,115, ?

(,A) 160 (B) 140

(e) 153 (0) 190

(E) None 01 these

34. Whal number should replace boih the queSlion marks(?) in the following queslion?

? 49


(A) 95 (B) 76

(C) 82 (0) 84

(E) None 01 these

35.. The sum 01 Ihree consecutive even numbers Is 252. What Is the sum 01 Ihe smallest and. the lafflesl 'numbers?

(Al ISB (S) 148

(C) 168 (0) 19S

(E) None 01 these

18(i0 I

(E) None 01 these

as. A:t each comer 01 8. square park with side aquatlo 40 m. there!s a nower bed tnthe lorm 01 a sector 01 radius 14 .m. What. Is Ihe area otthe remaining part ollhe park '1


(f\.) 984 m2 rB) 789m2

(C) 1014 m2 (0) 1024 m2 (E) None 01 these

The length 01 a rectangular neld is Ihrioe its breadth. lithe cost of cultlvs.tfng Ihelield at As. 357·20' per square melerisRs .. 27,.540, then what Is 'Ihe perimeter ollne

rectangle? 46.

(A) 47 m .(6) 39 m

(C) 52. m (D) 4() m

(E) None of these

. . 8 7 9 5 !

40. "the fractions 5: ' "2' "5' 4" 5

are arranged in descending order of lhelr values, which one will be fourth?

(A) 4 (~) §:
5 <I 47.
(e) 9 (0) ~
IE) 7
2 uecess ~nr!·or.Jlll.)' 2010

49. Anum co nl.all"ls9 blue,? while and" black balls, If 2 ba1ls are drawn at random. then what Is the proba.bJlity tha!only one ball Is white ..,

L!. {A) 190

(C) ~ 190

(B) 121 . 190

93 (.0) 190

(E) None of these

50. If t.he price 01' 5 transistors and 2 pen stands Is Rs.81D, then wl'lal will be the price 017 transistors and 9 pen stands?

(A) Rs. 1,320

(8) Rs. 1,500

(e) As. 1,150

(O) Cannot be determined (E) None of lhese

Answers with Hints

Success Mjl'r~r • July 2010


C.lerical Aptitude

(Held on 31 .. 1 ... 2010)

Oireclions-(Q. 1-35)11'1 each question belOw a comblannon of Name and Address is given in lhe first column at Ihe lett followed by four such eomblnatlens one each under the columns (A), (6). (e) and (D). Vou have lo~ind out the combination which is exacl!ythe same as Ihecombinalion in Ihe I1rsl column. The latter oflha! co'lumn whichconlains thai combination isthe answer. Jlall the combinations are different, Ihe answer ts 'E'.

1. Alok Marwal Rajpur Nagar-K Bhlwanl.'()4

2. Sunil Ver.me

10.2 Vasant Kun] Delhi -36

3. Veena. Shakya 47-0, Seclor-2C Chandimandir·43

4. Oitya Bhall E.C.Road. 41, A Dehradlln-12

5. Aeedhlma Diha 571 "M, Z-S'lreel Kaithal-136027 ,6. Bhawna Rana 36fD, RX Road Vasista-46

7. Nandan Seth K.V. NO.-1, AMC Lucknow-22600.1

8. utsav Singh '6-.Radha Nagar Mathura-23

9. D.ipesh Lal

A-1413, M. G. Road Kale9aon-52

10.. Abhishek Rai 10.2913, Ramgarh P·alna-8flOo.14


Alok Ma.rwal Aajpllra Nagar-K Bhlwanl.a4

Sunil Verrtla

lfl2 Vasn!. Kunj Delhi -36

Veena Sha'kya, 47-0, Sector-2C Chandimadir-43 Dilya Bhalt

E.C. Road, 41 A Oeradvn·12 Aeedhlma Ojl'ta SH-M. Z-Slteel Kiathal-136027 BhewnaAana 36fD, AX Road Vaslsta46 Nand.an Seth K.V. No.-l, AMC l.ucknow·226()01 UlsavSingh

S-R, Adha Nagar Malhura·23


Alok NaMal Ralpur Nagar-K Bhlwanl·04 Sunil Verma

102 Vasal'll Kunj Delhi -36

Veena Shakya, 47-0, Sector-2E Chandimandir·43 OithyaBhaU

E.G. Road, 41 A Dehradvn·l,2 Aeedhema Djha 571-M, Z-Street Kaitha.I·136027 Bhawana Rana 3610 ,R.K.Road Vasista46 Nandan Selh K.V. No .. -l,. AMC Lucknow·226021 Uslav SIngh 6·AMha Na,gar Malhura-23

(C) AlokMarwal Ra!pl.uNagar-K Bhiwanl·04 Sunil Verma

102 Vasant Kunj Delhi -38 VeenaShakya 47-0, Seclor·2C Chandimandir·43 Dil.yaBhali

E .. C. Road, 42 A Dehradun-12 Reedhlma Diha S71-W. L-Slteel Kailnal· 1 36027 Bhawna Rana 36'D ,R.LAoad VasiSla·46 Nandana Seth K.V. No.-l, AMC LuCknow·226()01 Ulsav Singh 6·RadMa Nagar MalhlJra-32

(0) A10kMarwal Aa.)pur Nagal-K Bhlwlni.Q4 SlJnelVerma

10.2 Vasalll KlJnj Delhi .;36

Veena Sakhya 47-0, Sect.or-2C Chandimandir-43 Dilya Bhad E.C.Road,41 A Oehradun-12 Aee(lhima DIM 571-M, Z-Street Kailhal·1360Z7 Bhawna Aana 3610, .RX Road Vaslslha·46 Nandan Seth K.V. N.-t. AMC Lvcknow·226001 Utaa ... Singh 6·Radha Nagar Matura-23

Dipesh Lal Dipesh Lal Oipseh Lal Dlpesh Lal

A-14.13, M. G. Road A-1413, M. 6. fWad A-141S, M. G..Road A-13/4., M. G .. Road

Kalegoan-52 Abhishek Ral 102913, Rajgarn P.alna·8flo.o.14

rr. Bhanu Peatap Bhanu Pratap

16·30, A.S. Colony 16..30, A.S. Co[ny

Jodhpur-1S Jodhpu~-15

12. Neeraj Dayal 23-Mllltary Camp Garh! Canlt-1.:! 13.. Gurm1l. Kaur 96-A, Ohar Point Sonepur-841 101;

Success Mjl·r~r • July 2010

NeeraJ Oayal 23-Mllllary Camp Garhi Cantt·14 Gurmeet Ka.ur 96-A, Ohar Point Sonepur-S41101

Kalegaon-52 Abhishek Rai 10.2913, Aamgarh P·atna-8o.OO14 Bhanu P.ralap 16-30,. A.S. Colony Jodhpar-t5

Neerag Dayal 23-Mi1i!ary Camp Garl1l Cantt-I" GurmilKaur

96-A., Darh Point Sonepur-841101

Ka leg aon.S2 Abhisek.h R_aii 102913, Ramgarh Pall1la-$00014

Kalegaon-52 AbhishekRai 109213,Ramgarh Patna-800o.I4

Bhanu Pratep Bhuna Pratep

IS-3D, A.S. COlOny 16-30, AS. Colony

Jodhpur-IS Jodhpur-IS

Neeraj Daya! 23-Millilary Camp Ga.,rhi CanU·14 Gurmi.1 Kaur 9S-.A, Ollar Poinl Sonipur-8,41101

Neeraj Dayal 23-Milltary Camp Garhl Cant-14 Gurmil Kau, 96-A. Ohar Point Sonepur-814101

(E) None














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