Education must be organised around 4 fundamental types of learning. .‡ According to UNESCO s Report of the International Commission on Education for the 21st century.

‡ Learning to know ‡ Learning to do ‡ Learning to live together ‡ Learning to be .

. People have to ‡ learn to understand the ‡ world around them.‡ It may be regarded as both a means and an end of human existence.

. It is assessed by looking at a mix of skills and talents. personal initiative and a willingness to work.‡ Learning must transform certified skills into personal competence. social behaviour.

Understanding each other. .‡ Education should help in inculcating a spirit of empathy in students so that it can have a positive effect on their social behaviour throughout their lives. resolving conflicts through dialogue and discussion should be the essential tools of present day education.

‡ The aim of development is the complete fulfillment of man and his development in a holistic way as an individual. . member of a family and community and as a responsible citizen.

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