Rahu Talking about the much misunderstood Rahu.

The shadow planet is prominent in many charts and its dasha is loong 18years. So about Rahu ]Rahu in hindu mythology RAHU STOTRAM ररररर रररर रररररर र ररररररर रररर ररररर, रररर रररर, ररर रररररर,रररररररररररर रररररररर. (Rahu, Minister of Rakshasa, one who makes Simhika happy, Half bodied one, one who is always angry, Tormentor who troubles Sun and Moon.) रररररर रररररर रररररर रररररर रररर ररररर, ररररर रररररर, रररर रररर ररररररर रररररररररररररररररर ., (Angry one, Devotee of Rudhra, Ogre, One who is near the Sun, one who terrifies the sun, King of planets, one who got nectar, One who desires the moon and the sun.) ररर रररररर ररर रररर,रररर ररररर ररररररररररररर , रररररररररर रररररररररर,ररर ररररर, ररर ररर (One who has death inflicting sight, one who likes death, One who lives in the heart of Shiva, one who made moon dim, One who is the son of ogress Simhika, One who has terrifying form, One who is very strong.) ररररररररररर रररररर रररररररर ररररर ररर ररर, र रररर रररर रररर रररर ररररररर ररररर. (One who torments planets, one who has big teeth, One who has red eyes and one who has a big paunch, If a man recites these twenty five names and prays to Rahu, And as soon as he reads big tormenting troubles vanish immediately.) ररररररर रररररर ररररर रररर रररररर रररर रररररर, ररररर रररर ररररर रर र रररर ररर ररररररररररर (Health, incomparable sons, wealth, cereals and animals Would be given to him by Rahu, to the one who reads this great prayer.) रररर रररर ररररर ररररर, रररर ररर ररर . (The man who reads this regularly would live for one hundred years)



Worship Bhairava or lord Shiva.this font is for hindi it cna never recreate perfect sanskrit. Love him hate him you cannot ignore him. 3.. dramatical anger etc Rahu rules the following 1) Shadow :.Rahu rules hallucination adn all its causes 7) Divine calamities:. When you are called Chandradityavimardana then you gotto know you are one of the unwanted planets. Most important Rahu rules "Chandals" 4) Barbaric crimes:. Its for reference not analytical criticism 11/29/08 delete VibhavIt can clearly be seen that Rahu is certainly no benefic. the absence of light is presence of rahu 2) Black colour:.. smiths.Rahu rules dark arts 6)Insanity.Please forgive sanskrit mistakes. 2. Desribes as "Raudro Rudra" always angry Rahu is the planet of extreme anger rage. Japa of the rahu beeja mantra: . Rahu is the nemesis of sun. Recite the Kalabhairav asthakam. sarp dosh etc 11/29/08 delete VibhavRemedies for people affected by Rahu Its said that after you do certain remedies the uncertainty and the drama Rahu creates is reduced. Such is the fate of Rahu. rahu is inavoidable..KArak planet of dosha like vastu fosh pitru dosh. hallucinations:.Rahu is the wrath of gods. So I am writting it.Rahu is significator of low castes. I have very less belief in these but for general interest and for people who are gods slaves the following remedies 1. But whatever the status of Rahu. he is responsible for apocalyptic calamities 8) Dvine Judge: Rahu is defines as a judge he hudges your previous karma 9) Snakes:.Extremely creul and horrifying crimes 5) Black magic dark arts:. generally the castes which are given names according to their occupation like barbers.Significator of dark Rahu rules black colour 3) Low castes:.Rahu rules dark. Rahu is the tormentor planet of the luminaries ie Sun moon and to an extent venus.Rahu rules snakes 10)Dosha:.

flaming eyes. A brief story about Rahu:. Instead. One of the best remedies for rahu is reciting the first chapter of Durga Saptasati. 6.र रररर रररर ररररर रर ररररर ररर 18000 times in 40 days. The creature rushed at Rahu.You will find repitition of the "simhika" in rahu stotra Simhika was Rahus mother. long arms and a tongue which lolled with anger. Shiva was angry at this message. Ketu. Story of Rahu:. 11/29/08 delete VibhavNote:. This the gana did.(reference "Shiv Puran") In the myth of the Daitya king Jalandhara. Jalandhara sends Rahu with a message to Shiva. 9. It had the face of a lion. Shiva told the gana that if it were so hungry. Recite the Rahu stotra: रररर रररर ररर रररररर ररररररररररर ररररररररर ररररररर ररररर रररररर रर रररर रररररररररररर 5. ordering that it create terror for all wicked people. demanding that he surrender Parvati to Jalandhara.(reference:. 4. and a brother of Maya Danava. the great magician and architect. Donate: Udad dal or coconut on Saturday. and gave it the name Kirtimukha. Rahu was the son of Danava Vipracitti by his wife Simhika. pleased with such devotion. appointed the gana as his door-keeper. Shiva also ordained that the gana be worshipped along with his worship. when we read the story of the churning of the Ocean of Milk in the search for ambrosia . 7. Pooja: Bhairav or Shiva or Chandi pooja. Shiva apparently said something along the lines of "we don't shoot the messenger" whereon the gana pleaded to Shiva that it was tortured by hunger. 11/29/08 delete VibhavRahu characteritistics Rahu stats according to Lal Kitab . and this anger took the form of a terrible creature which sprang from his brow. a body which was dry and rough to the touch. until only its head was left.the elixir of immortality known as amrita in Sanskrit. only seven planets are mentioned. The name of Rahu first appears in the Mahabharata. Wear An 8 mukhi Rudraksha. Shiva. it should eat its own flesh. Fasting on Saturdays. 8. ready to devour him."Skanda Puran") In the most ancient scriptures on vedic astrology we do not find the names of Rahu and its counterpart.

4.Own House : 12 Best Houses : 3. etc. It's eyes are small like that of an elephant or it is single eyed. Friends : Mercury. 11 Time : Noon Day :wednesday evening Disease : Fever Substitute : Mars + Saturn (Supervisor) Sun + Saturn (Inferior) Rahu characteristics according to Lal kitab Rahu is the lord of imagination and thinking capability of the man in the universe. it is very ugly. nape and thoughts. tall and has a gigantic and huge body. Venus. but it believes in ancient traditions. dreams. Rahu and Ketu do not have any mount in palm the palm of the hand but are reflected as net (Rahu) and trishul and swastika (Ketu). Terrace of the house might have been renovated several times but the walls might have remained the same. It regulates conspiracy. black marketing. If it is favourable it is capable of making the world bow before him. [ 11/29/08 delete VibhavRahu according to other sources Rahu is black. Moon Work : Related with Electricity Exalted : 3. The person ruled by Rahu is fond of collecting things but does not take care of them properly. The neighbour living just opposite the house may be childless or no one might be living in that house. Mercury. It helps man in protecting him by vanquishing enemies. There may be an outlet of water just under the main entrance. lying. forming a group. In its favourable position Rahu helps in unveiling secret mysteries. It suffers from ailments related to acidity. Rahu governs the head portion of the body. Ketu . Dirty water might be accumulated just beside the house or there may be smoke emitting from next door. he should give broken lentin gram (Masoor Dal) to the sweeper in the morning. it can harm the person by way of lightening. but if malicious. arms. 7-12 Colour : Blue Enemy Planets : Sun. House of Rahu There may be an unseen hole in the right hand side of the house when the person under the influence of Rahu is entering his house. blue or smoke coloured. Saturn. It is a liar and shameless creature. It has an exalted position in the house of Gemini and is debilitated with Aquarius. foolish. volcano. Ketu Neutral Planets : Jupiter. hypocrite and enjoys speaking ill of others and slandering their reputation. or any kind of deception. Relation with zodiacs and other planets Rahu holds his position in the zodiac Virgo. plot hatching. 2. It is non-religious. Barley can be kept at the bedside and distributed among the animals or poor. 6 Debilitated : 8. It helps one in obtaining justice. Mars.Rahu is pleased by donation of radish and dropping coal in flowing water. 9. It soothes the person on being hurt. terrific. theft. Rahu is the lord of blue expanse of the sky. spreading rumours. it apparently looks like an old person and has a prominent chin. earthquake. chin. deception. Venus Friendly Planets : Saturn. is social reformer. It is as selfish as a cat and always on the lookout for destructive ways. 5. robbery. It is also beneficial to give money as a charity to the sweeper. 6 Weak Houses : 1. If Rahu is weak in a person’s horoscope.

action. Leo (5). Sun conjuncting with Rahu/ketu is an indication of probable eclipse. courage. But if it is placed in the house before Saturn then the natal shall become a king or an administrator. Capricorn (6) while inimical signs are Cancer (4). If it falls under the aspect of Rahu then the effect of Sun is very benificial. etc. Most imp for dhanu lagna is mars and lagna point. Pisces (12). It acts as the assistant of Saturn if it seated with it. It's favourable signs are Gemini (3). Rahu is controlled by mars so whatever results that will depend on lagna mars jupiter(lagnesh) . Sun and Rahu confluence means ecplise either an actual on or an logical one. Rahu behaves like the unruly elephant.UttaraKalmitram by Kalidas Diwakar(sun) when is affected by(stung by) Rahu then it destroys the head. but if Saturn falls in it's aspect. It brings obstacles to the house where it 11/29/08 delete VibhavRahu-Sun relationship रररर रररररर रररररर रररररर ररर ररररर Reference:. obesity. mental problems or even MIGRAINE. In the absence of Mars. trouble. Moon. Mars Neutral : Jupiter Rahu is the friend of the deprived. Rahu governs valour. 11/29/08 delete Flight Cadet Doubt Vibhav then what about Rahu's placement in Mars's House(Mesha) being the fifth house? can you tell me? 11/29/08 delete VibhavMesh gets 5th lordship for dhanu lagna. But if it is placed in the house before Saturn if is seated with it. When the longitudes of sun and moon(kranti) are not in the eclipsable range then an actual eclpise does not occur but it is considered an "logical eclipse" Sun-Rahu in horoscope indicate an injury to head. sorrow. Virgo (6). then Rahu becomes inferior.Enemies : Sun. wrestling. sin. worry. It is a shadow planet and the the lord of Capricorn.

. Then the ONLY control is the jupiter which is karak planet of 5th.then will it minimize the bad effects caused by Rah 11/29/08 delete VibhavIf mars aspects 5th. ..Rahu Home > Communities > Other > Vedic astrology discussion™ ® > Forum > Messages first | < previous | next > | lastshowing 11-20 of 61 11/29/08 delete Vibhav@KArun "Hunterwali " 11/29/08 delete Flight Cadet @ Vibhav Then u say that Mars is more powerful than Rahu?Then if mars controls Rahu . But mars own aspect over 5th is detrimental to 5th place... then certainly yes.. keep it up .. 11/29/08 delete Flight Cadet Thanks Vibhav.. gr8888 info man . If jupite then rahu in mesh in 5th acpected by mars will create problems for children 11/29/08 delete Ashish @ vibhav .

...I heard that the above placement will cause child problems for Women & cause Gastric problems in men? hw far is it true? 11/29/08 delete Ashish @ vibhav I also have rahu in (mesh) 7th house ... and mars in saggitarius 25 degrees ... ?? and what are the general overall results of that rahu .. 2 degrees vargottam . Rahu Home > Communities > Other > Vedic astrology discussion™ ® > Forum > Messages first | < previous | next > | lastshowing 21-30 of 61 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Vibhav@Mehul Guru-Chandal .... Rahu is free and powerful its worried and in gandaant. but since we have mentioned rahu here...... i'm getting sme khujli lets discuss rahu and jupiter in conjunction... Generally speaking it is bad for marriage..... do u think mars has an aspect on rahu ........ ?? 11/29/08 delete Don nice vibhav. 11/29/08 delete Vibhav@Ashu No mars has 4th and 8th aspect apart from the usual 7th......

.... pehele hi bola khujli ho rahi hai 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish @ vibhav yupp I know that . better than the best . nd on the other side of the coin it will burry you in hell. so does by any chance rahu come in 6th house .... but it gives excellent results also...... but tell me one thing my lagna is on 11 degrees and rahu in 2 degrees.... kya kare ..... 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish @ mehul . one side of the coin it will take to to the highs of the sky. ??? I had a very bad rahu mahadasha conjoined by a devastating sadesaati ... do u have anycharts having guruchandal yoga to explains its effects ???? have u experienced the effects ??? 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don @ ashu dont ask abt its effects buddy. ??? or will give the results of 6th house .11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don vibhav. bahot lo .. i knw a person hav this combo.......

It will be andhvishawas and mantrachal ....11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Vibhav@Mehul Battle of moralities== guru chandal yog Jupiter is all pious and goody goody planet while rahu is a incontrollable animal. u will be surprised to know that guru chandal yog can give you a tremendous abount of spritiual experience. jupiter looses out on promises 1)education 2)children 3)spirituality One of the most common casuality is spirituality.... Both create a WAR. brother are not normal as guru in their c placed . 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish that may not be spiritual tendency ... 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don infact vibhav.... if uranus joins the brigade then dotn ask its mayhem for jupiter 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish @mehul I have two gurls chart and a boys with guru chandal . . Guru chandal destroys jupiters promises. but its a myth that guru chandal always cause a deterioration of sprituality... one gurls and one boys . ofcours important.

.. Rahu is master of idiosyncraises and it shows everywhere Rahu Home > Communities > Other > Vedic astrology discussion™ ® > Forum > Messages first | < previous | next > | lastshowing 31-40 of 61 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don no ashu... ONly planet tha can supercede chandal is Uranus. lagnas like kumbh and vrischik. Chandal is very unpredictive(jus ask any Rahu dasha person ).. (fixed stars are also imp... he may not seem r extraordinary spritual. 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish hmmmm right mehul .... placed in friendly sign in natal and other divisional char 9th or 12 th.11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Vibhav@Mehul hmm in that case the other 2 must have suffered.. but i lack knowledge in that space) we can get a spritual wonder.. The charts which I told u are one of makar lagna and 2 of tula lagna . vargotammi etc) is a functional benefic. aghori vidya or such things ???? 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Vibhav@ashu Yes more particularly if jupiter rules 2nd/5th.. he may practcise smething which the normal society in which he resides wont do..... if jupiter gains strength (exaltation.. ... can those pple also practice black magic . It can give ab results....

. and thinks hes performing a religious duty. but this has nothing has only connection with religion........ 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish @ vibhav . Does anything sound similar ??? 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don @ ashu.... I know u are talking abt ur chart there .Also Rahu if placed in 2nd and 5th.. 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Vibhav@ashu Hmm @mehul Dark arts are "tamasic" upasana of kaalbhairav........ I dont say much about this am under 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish @ mehul . aghor vidya etc. a muslim slays a bakra . vruschik lagna and rahu in 5th . a hindu performs a yagna nd offers a bali.... does it come under sprituallity or does it come under dharm. black magic. There are other ways to worship but some prefer this. hey man I meant that pple which have guruchandal yoga can also tend towards learning all these aghori vidhyas ... religion and karma kand ? plz plz plz there's a difference b/w being religious and being spritual.. ....

. a few years back by a very spiritual and a revered person. these means can be tamsic as well. ... batukbhairav.. kshetrapal. 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish @ vibhav .@ vibhav . yaksha. that may be coz of my rahu . kinnar etc however..... I was told to workship kaalbhairav . under which condition are u man ??? 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Vibhav@ashu dont be shocked . gandharva. Its nothing 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form vineet "Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah rahave namah" Rahu Home > Communities > Other > Vedic astrology discussion™ ® > Forum > Messages first | < previous | next > | lastshowing 41-50 of 61 11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don @ vibhav An upasana or a sadhana is never tamsic be it of kalbhairav. there are ways nd means to approach.

what do you have to say abt the above person guys 11/30/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form rakesh. guru in lagna ..11/29/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Anonymous @all one of my aquaintances has rahu.. virgo lagna... rahu in 7 th house 00 degree in chalit its in 6 th house . (singh lagna) 12/1/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Anonymous @above ... As mars is my bhagyesh. 11/30/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form HIMANSHU vibhav VIBHAV U HAVE SEEN MY CHART . and yes here rahu behave like mars or not. As u wrote that mars control the rahu i believed it but somebody told me it's apply only in 12th clear me.. pls dont use the word" hindu mythology". is it chandal yog ? fo be with rahu ? or in 7 th house is also considered ? 12/1/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form pooja @Vaibhav I have mars and rahu in 2nd house.. neech ka moon with sat in 3rd.its hindu history... jupiter along with venus and mercury in 7th house.

10 months (aprox) and rahu for 2 m fair amount of time... I have a few doubts here 1) Rahu transits for 18 months nd Saturn for 30 months. AS sun is related to father .. 12/6/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don @ ashu.. but if u will call him 'vaibhav' in place of 'vibhav'.. I heard for the first time saturn and rahu conjuction means pitru dosha ??? It is Sun and rahu conjuction or sun and ketu conjuction which creates grahan yog and pitru dosha ..... and if ur above statement is true then why not . do correct me If am wrong . various types of poojas are prescribed by of a wrath by your ancestors.. . also second lord's conjuction with rahu and ketu ..(kaly besides there are other aspects which can reduce or overcome the extent of pitru dosha .. I find this a bit difficult to digest..10months and that of rahus 2months can have pitru dosha . baki I don't know u pple are learnt ... even i ws surprised when i heard this. then god knows kya clear karega woh 12/6/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don @ all Rahu in conjunction with Saturn is referred to as 'PITRU DOSHA' by many astrologers... matlab kaaam ya jyada . and i was just scratching my head as to how this is possible.dunno if ur doubt will be cleared or not. So we can say they are fairly together for a long time enjoying e but ofcourse many births take place during this time... regards Ashish. may create this kinda dosha as it a family house .. Itz results also might be seen with resp positions .. Can it be seen from any other varga ? So can a mere conjunction of Rahu Saturn be termed as 'PITRU DOSHA' ??? 12/6/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Ashish @ Mehul . father's family. .... in a sign. so are all similalry inflicted ? 2) If we lay the responsibility on d-9 for the same then wot ? well saturn stays in an amsa for 3.. All pple born 3...

will it be bad for the health of the wife??? is there a chance of her earl death??? pls tell me i am a little worried as i have heard that rahu in 7th house in gemini is exalted and may lead to death of the s Rahu Home > Communities > Other > Vedic astrology discussion™ ® > Forum > Messages first | < previous | next > | lastshowing 51-60 of 61 12/7/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form ♥♥ηιѕнєѕн pls reply to my question 12/7/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form VibhavThis is not a personal question thread. Plz use "general question" thread..12/6/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form ♥♥ηιѕнєѕн @ experts i have rahu in 7th house in gemini with lagn being saggi.... Search if you dont find it.. 12/8/08 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form ♥♥ηιѕнєѕн its not personal buddy i hope its a general query 4/28/09 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form vineet Transit Influence of Rahu .

The tension/trouble starts when the relationship is formed and ends when it separates from the close conjunction/aspect. fifth and eighth houses tak carnal pleasures and love affairs only for physical gratification. The significations of the houses where mooltrikona signs of the troubled planets are placed. I am sure readers will derive benefits from this in delineating the postures of Rahu in a particular nativity 4/29/09 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form NAYAGAN.. 2.. Does Rahu qualify to be an atmakaraka??? if yes. The impact is felt with respect to 1 .. 4. The general significations of the house where the afflicted planet is placed.. third. The impact is greater when Rahu causing transit conjunction is placed in dusthanas and when the planets/houses involved are we transit charts... Rahu's close affliction to both Mercury and the weak Moon in the e makes one a drug addict. 3. The general significations of the house of conjunction and the houses aspected if the conjunction is with the most effective point of a house... I feel dat if rahu qualifies as an atmakarak we should see its nakshatra lord and blend in the qualities of dat nakshatra lord wid rah opinion) . The general significations of the afflicted planet. In the ca placed natal/transit planets... Rahu's close involvement with the most effective points of the seventh.what is his significance as AK?? 4/29/09 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Parth rahu in 12th hi what type of effects woul rahu give if it was in the 12th house in dhanu rasi for cap asc and jupiter lord of 12th in 8th? 4/30/09 Top of Form delete Bottom of Form Don @ nayagan Nice question bro. the longitudinal distance of conjunction/aspect is of only one degree. Rahu's close involvement with Venus gives an urge for carnal pleasures in the early stages of life and enjoyments through smokin through other means. etc..Transit influence of Rahu is more or less indicative of troubles and tensions. Transit relationship through close aspect/conjunction when the longitudinal difference is five degrees and with the grave situation at the time of exact aspect/conjunction..