Barriers to Communication

Preeti Shirodkar

Format of the discussion  What are barriers?  Types of barriers  Means to overcome barriers .

What Are Barriers?  Problems/ disturbances that hamper effective communication  Barriers can either distort communication or result in its complete breakdown .

Types of Barriers  Physical  Cultural  Psychological .

Physical Barriers: Meaning and Characteristics  Physical barriers are barriers which form a part of the environment  Their effect is rather superficial  They are therefore fairly easy to overcome .

Physical Barriers: Types  Noise ± Physical/Semantic  Distance  Fatigue ± Physical/Mental  Attention Span  Defective Sender/Receiver  Time .

Means to Overcome Physical Barriers  Careful choice of time/place of communication on a mutually convenient basis  Avoiding excessive jargon  Careful coding of the message  Summarisation/repetition of important aspects of the message .

Means to Overcome Physical Barriers  Use of audio-visual aids  Awareness of the Receiver  Neutralising peculiarities .

b) they have an emotional string attached to them.Cultural Barriers: Meaning and Characteristics  Cultural barriers arise due to peculiarities/ variations within and between cultures  Their effect is deep set as they are deeply embedded in a society. c) their effect is often not realized a)  Often they arise as people presume the existence of µuniversals¶  They are difficult but not impossible to overcome .

Cultural Barriers: Types  Visual barriers  Traditions .

Means to Overcome Cultural Barriers  Careful study of the culture  Willingness to move with the times .

Psychological Barriers: Meaning and Characteristics  They form a part of the individual¶s mindset  They are most deeply embedded  Often people deny their existence/ are not aware of it  Can be rarely overcome .

Psychological Barriers: Types  Prejudices/Preconceived Notions  Allness/Closed Mind  Halo/Horns-or-Tails Effect  Status  Marginal Reception  Defense Mechanisms .

Means to Overcome Psychological Barriers  Acceptance/acknowledgement of their existence  Willingness to change  An open minded approach .

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