RECIPE NAME: Kek Gula Hangus QTY 9 9 18 32 9 9 9 9 UNIT cup cup tbspn nos cup cup tspn tspn INGREDIENT Sugar Hot water Margarine Eggs Sweetened milk Wheat flour Bicarbonate Soda Vanilla Essence PRICE RM 4.80 RM 6.80 RM 9.00 RM 4.00 RM 6.00 RM 0.90 RM 0.60

METHOD 1. The sugar is fry with medium heat. No oil added. When the sugar is melts, turn off the heat and add in the hot water. Then, add in the margarine, mix until the margarine melts too. Put aside. 2. In a mixer, beat the eggs. Add in the sweetened milk. Mix well. 3. Then add in the vanilla essence. 4. Add in the wheat flour and bicarbonate soda that has already been sieved. 5. Lastly, add in the caramelized sugar from before. 6. Put aside the mixture for about 1-1.5 hour (closed). 7. Then, steam the mixture in a steamer until the cake is ready. Comments: As this is the first time the recipe is made, the outcomes are vary. Using the stove steamer is better than the combi oven one. The texture is different from one another. We were using too much eggs, because afraid for the changes in the original recipe. The original recipe is only for small pax and not suitable for the buffet pax. The sugar must be fried until it is dark brown and not until it is blackened. The outcome is a bit bitter, and the texture is a bit different from the original, but the overall taste and smell are there. Suggestions The amount of each ingredient can reduce to acceptable amount according to the taste. Must be careful when put in the hot water to the caramelized sugar, as the sugar will pops. Make sure the eggs are beaten well and cover the mixture to get nice holes to the cake.