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Puppy Farm Speech

Puppy Farm Speech


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Published by Trish Burke

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Published by: Trish Burke on Sep 19, 2010
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Opening I really cannot believe that we need to be here today, having a puppy farm rally; puppy farms should

not be in existence; Puppy Farms need to be abolished, increasing penalties for puppy farmers is not the answer, abolishing the cruelty these farmers inflict is the answer. I hope and pray that our Government understands that they are accountable for the mass cruelty and suffering that these animals endue. Our Government is the only one who has the power to abolish Puppy Farms. As the saying goes if there is a will there is a way; serious discussions need to occur within our Government [Federal and State] addressing that the Australian public loves our domestic dogs, we do not accept or want these barbaric farms in operation Please hear our voice What is a dog? What is a dog to you and I, its a an extension of our family, we love her, we play ball, we go to the park, we go for walk, she our Childs best friend, she is your best friend, she loves you unconditionally, when you’ve had the worst day and come home to those loving understanding eyes she is your life saver without you even knowing it For me the first time I understood the meaning of love was due to my first dog, Sally, she taught me the meaning of such a powerful emotion – Love

When our dog leaves this earth, we cry we are heart broken; we have lost a cherished friend. What is a dog to a puppy farmer? It’s an industrial breeding machine, it has no feelings, its life is not cherished, the dog is only seen as income, the lack of veterinary care these dogs receive is appalling, the physical suffering they go through is unspeakable and the psychological scars are the worst. As there fertility weans, breeding dogs male and female are killed, abandoned or sold off to another puppy farmer for a cheap price in the hope they ‘can get one more litter’. These dogs live and die a life of being a prisoner, a prisoner for profit. How do these farmers sleep at night, knowing of the poor conditions they have these dogs in, having big brown eyes looking up at you, searching souls desperate for the hell that they are living in to end? Yet the cruelty which is inflicted upon them is forgiven – a dog is a master of forgiveness, if you did this to me there would be no forgiveness. What is Dog to our Government? I really don’t know ..Only time will tell Please hear our voice. I just want to briefly talk about 4 ex puppy farm dogs. Three days ago a ten month old Maltese female dog was rescued from a puppy farmer, she is so badly matted, she looks just like Oscar if not worse. She gave birth to three puppies; two of those puppies died at birth.

On collection of this dog I immediately took her to a vet, we had to clip in rear end as she could not stand up properly; we also had to clip her stomach so the puppy could reach for food. Here is a piece of her matted body. We cannot fully clip her for another two weeks as she will need to be sedated. We have made this dog as comfortable as possible. Her emotional scars are seen through her eyes, I only hope in time we can her give eyes back the life she deserves. There is another female dog also rescued, we had to sedate this dog to clip her, as the Matts were so badly embedded into her body, that we had to cut into her skin, she has several stitches all over her tiny body. Hope is 8 years old; she is a Caviller x Tibetan spaniel she has a grade 4 heart murmur, mammary lumps, rotten teeth and cyst all over her body. We tried conducting surgery on her, but due to her poor condition her breathing was declining whilst she was sedated. Hope is 8 years old in a 16 years old body. Hopes daughter is 7 years old. She was born and breed in a puppy farm, apart from having mammary cancer, which we have since removed and rotten teeth, her emotional scars are so daunting, Faith hardly looks at you, she is so scared. In an ironic twist Pregnant dogs and puppies are killed in pounds and shelters every day, so we have Puppy Farms over servicing for greed and we have laws in place for healthy animals in pounds and shelters which state that these animals are to be killed. Something is terribly wrong here. The current legislation for our high euthanasia rates for pounds and shelters is another issue and no doubt will be addressed in another forum.

Can you imagine forcing your pet dog to live his or her entire life in a small wire cage with no human companionship, toys or comfort, and little hope of ever becoming part of a family? That is what life is like for breeding dogs at Puppy Farms. We need this cycle of cruelty that contributes to pet overpopulation, suffering of countless dogs and the land fill of animals in pound and shelters to also stop. Please hear our voice.

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